The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1930
Page 6
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"'AGE'SIX i!l.YTHF'A'LLLK. English Array Honcful of . Upsetting Tradition ; Will Have Hard Time. To Defend U. S. Polo Honors RV WILLIAM NEA Srvlec S perls Editor NEW YORK.— The British have challenged America tor the International Polo Cup tills year nnd they are sending over some very • Iplcnted young chops with nljout 5250,000 worth of horws for the chaps to ride upon, so they mils: be in earnest nbout it. • .Though the BritWi linvc failed in Iheir last three ntlempts— over :i nine-year period— to wrest ilie trj- phy from the Hilchcocks, Mllbiins. et. al., American polo people ;j'e ver>} much up in turns and in stir- nips determined to si'c what, sin! 1 he done nbout it. Lo:ig which is the heart ol the horsej croquet industry, has been ngoi with preparations Tor the big ruckus that begins when the riders tee up on .Sept. C at International Field. Polo players and followers from all ; parts of the world have been gathering at the Long Island clubs, whirling Iheir mallets in the lest matches. From Argentine- comes Jack Nelson, leader of South American polo. Asia, oddly enough. Is represented by (he dashing Cuptaln Roark; Australia has sent the picturesque A'htons. Others are arriving from day to day, participating in one of the world's most expensive snorts nnd trying out the caliber of the American candidate. At this date it seems fairly ccr- lain that Captain Tommy Hitch' cock, wearing sundry bullet scnvs us badges of his courage as n World . War flyer, will ride ns one of the American four. When I say ride 1 don't mean merely ride, I mean RIDE. Since Devereanx Mlllnmi broke his shoulder two years ago when he was thrown in .1 drag nt Aiken, Tommy hns been the greatest polo player in the world. This year,- as captain, lie has full charge of the American defense. In Ihk ••' case the Word defense Is. spelled f-i-g-li-t. The official announcement of the American team is t<* be withheld. I understand, until the eve of the clash with Britain. But the makeup of the Yankee team is likelv to produce no such surprise as Connie; Mack's selection of Howard Ekmke to pitch the world series opener at Chicago last fall. Polo players are rated accovdiiij; to their potential scoring ability. 'THURSDAY, AUGUST M, I MO Robins Are Hostile: Macks Gdlnm Safer E v e r y Day; Nats Out Ark-Mo 'IVani Defeats Parma Mini; Thursday The Ark-Mo Power team of Bly- thcvlllc defeated the fast, Parma, Mo., team here yesterday at the Chicago M,l)V'park by the score of R to 4. .;'•,•• \ Spot need^ace of ilio Ark-Mo stafT, hiirlttl.. : n fine game against, the Mlssourlnns. striking out 12 during the ganv?, Parma's scoring was confined (o iwo Innings while the locals counted in five different slnnzas. Score by innings: R II Parma 200002000—4 7 Ark-Mo 102 030 llx—8 12 .2 PEDLEY ana BOESEKE GUEGT HOOKS W| ANO My Hall 1'Iayir Lewis Robert Wilson is up to Ills old tricks again. Time nftor time we have remonstrated with I.ewls and he has promised to do better. But just as he seems about, to prove he has mended his ways, there he gcos again, kerflop! We weep with him, nnd (lieu he sets out bravely again, his jaw squared, determination in his eye. and via .go along right with him iixaln. I Lewis Robert WiLsmi Is our fa- |vorlto ball player, lie plays twn- The defenders will be men who [ tcrfiftlil fo r the Chicago Cubs and have the most goals written after his real name is Huck. His their name:. The stalwart Eric Pedley' and Winston Ouesl sc<<in assured of places on the team when Uncle Sam. kicks off to John Hull. The other post probably will develop a three-covnercd fight In which Elmer J. DoreRp. Jr., Cecil Smith nnd Earle A. S. Hopping are battling. The names'Bosekc and Hopping have bobbed up frequently in polo affairs, but to many of the easterners and poloists from foreign parts, the monicker of Cecil Smith will have n strange ring. Smith is n seven-goal player from Austin, Tex. and h\slead of chasing the pill around on n pony. Cecil used to ride some> very harsh "herd on various bevies of Longhorns in the Lone Star'. Stale. Smith is one of the southwest's outstanding players. The fad that the great open spaces, which launched at |>olo as has nil the graceful lines of :\ brick kiln. He fights, with umpires, lie nt-Ritcs with fans In the stands, sometimes with his lists, for Lewis has a lcni|)?r. lie Mickf homers far over (he mill, and swills ball pliiycrs on the misc. In pinches, sometimes lie lets the third slrike waft lazily across the dish. In other pinches sometimes lie loses fly balls in the sun. and usually when Lewis loses Vin. they cost the Cubs ball sanies, lint In- Is our favorite ball player. sometimes, and whenever Mack makes 'i?in, .somehuw they .seem in be butter catches than Trls Speaker ever conld make- chunky piano lei;s of his fairly spin under him as he races to the outer wall for a long fly. He leaps, and oli, boy. what n catch! Then again, .'(mutinies he Just stands there In center vailing for a nice easy fly, mid when the ball gets close to him, he waves his arms ovc r his head in bewilderment and the stuff's off. lie has losl .1 in th.; sun. liul just the snmc, lie's our favtinlte ball player. He's battling Babe Uulh this year for home run honors and lie isn't bo many behind the Bambino. Old Hack was basking In sunshlni; and [dory the other day. with the Cubs ahead in the ninth, when nnolher one of (hose terrible things happened, the same thing that happened In the wolrd series lost year. Hark lost one In the sun iind it went for a home run. The Cardinal* won n battle frnm the Cubs. tarcuglH them, defeat. Yon never know Juv. wral Hack Is going to do, and thnl !•. another-one of the ic.vcns why lir:'s our favorite ball player. He's always in earnest; always trying, but he's just 'hii- ma:i, nfter nil- Some el the lads In the press box say he gets his name by his rescmbhncc to an old-fashioned nack. Olhcrr say they call him lint bi'Cttiitc lie hns the physical proportions of Hackenschmidt, the rid wrestler Either reason is authentic, but fc r all thai he remains our iiivorile ball player. Hack criti' make the greatest caIclics In the world. He can hit the ball as far ns Ruth and as of'.'.M. And he can make the greatest mistake.-* you ever saw. One day he gets the razzbery and it seems everybody in the stands,is against, him: The very n'exl day he belts a home,- over the fence rt they're all his friends. No matter whul he does he re 1 s my tall player, t think he's ondcrful. MAJOR LEAOUEfl-30 W YOm<.--The Brooklyn Rob n?. kicked oni of the National eague nnd thr-n forced to la? fur- li"r in Hie rear linned savagely on he C):ii.ii{o Cubs veslPrclay and flefe:ili>d ihe Bruins to race al«-n»! Catteries; Blylhevillc. Reed am! inly twn percentage (mints lx?hind 1 Phillips; Parjim, Root and.Watkins thr- Iradcrs. Or urge Farnsliawl' marked up his I8lh victory as the I Athletir.s, Aincrlcnn pace setters, v, on. Defi-ulcd in their last five uiune.s, the Rubins walloped tile CulK 15 t» 5. Tin 1 Dodncrs put off 10 a five tun skirt in Ihe third inning. They "cored three times in the I'hrlilh and six la the ninth to «ul fur uhead. Phelps find Ray MOM he-Id the nnilns down. Tlic New York Giants foncht their w:iy in n steady rally to finally emeriif victorious over the Cinrliiiiali Reds, 7 to 0. The Giants tied the score in the ninth and thr-n won in the extra inning on r'lvddip I.indstrom's home run. liny Kramer won his 15th victory of the season as the Pittsburgh Pirates swept ovcr the Phillies, 9 to -1. Four iiits in the first inning including a homer by O'Doul sent Kren'.cr off to a slinky start but he rallied and yielded but four hits the rest ol the way. Gc-orpe Earnshav/ limited the Cleveland Indians to eight hits and the Athletics walked away with 7 to 2 verdict. The Macks broke n 1-1 tie in the sixth inning aftei a rookie pitcher, floxic Lawson.hac hurled effectively against them for five tilings. The Yankees got off to a fas' start, picking up 10 runs in tlv Memphis Birmingham cw Orleans ;lanta ttle Rock . nattancoga nshville ... ohlle first five innings and made It straifilit over the Tigers, 10 to 8 Earl Cooms did the heavy stick wcrk fcr the Yanks. The Washington Senators defeat id the Chicago While Sox 7 to n a game in which ihey were out nil N to 11. liracton started agalns ills former mates but was uncffcc live. Ilndley went the route fo Washington. He .ley makes Snrruw catches a'fad for dudes and ricii men's sons not so many years ago. are now furnishing a cowboy for the international tests, shows how the game -has grown In popular favor since the turn of the century. Harry Payne Whitney. Devcreaux Milburn and Tommy Hitchcock I have done much to change the pub- j lie-mind to an admiration for one , of the most speclaciilsr and siren- 1 uour. games on the long list of I sports conlests. WWtney organized the international expedition of 1909,the first, to beat Great Britain. It coil him millions but he did plant the seed of polo widely. Milburn's magic on the polo field never, will be forgotten; the change he brought, to polo was as great TVS Maurice McLoughUn worked in the tennis game. He was the first to regard his position at back as not m*ely a defensive post, but carried his fight to the shadow of the enemy's goal. - Then, last but not least. Hitchcock—riding horecs since he was three years old—marching to the wars in France though only n— shot to earth by German marksmen of the air—leaping from a speeding passenger truin to escape his Hun captors—liockcy player, golfer, boxer— today at 30 one of America's fiijesl specimens ol ath- leiic manhood. The British may lie very much In earnest about challenging a hell- for-lcallier battle of mallets. I don't see how they can win! McOriiw Shipped Him He's a castoft, you inlglu say— miL- of those McGraw castolls. He was with the Giants three years, but in 192G John decided he didn't wnnl Hack any lunger, so he sent him away. The Cubs resc.uc'd him from Toledo. Hack Pghls and works every niniil,:. His bat hns brought the Cubs victory lime after time, but sn have liis Inglorious failures R1TZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday A 100"; Talking Drama Piick cd wilh Tin-ills! HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Tho Dynamic Exploit* Bntvi' Ailvenliirer! of Misadventures, Jlirlh. Melange of' Mixups and Sioulbern League V/. 80 .... 08 .... G7 .... C5 .... S?, .... 54 .iitie Rock Trying Hard to Crash First Division Southern. Pet .07 .50 .55 .528 .51C .450 .443 .273 National League W. liiladelphia 80 Vashinglou 09 York :.... G9 Cleveland 58 Detroit 5G t. Louis 40 Chicago 45 Boston 40 Pot .018 .005 .595 .490 .483 .391 .395" .348 ATLANTA, Ga.—Tlic hard hiu!ii<> Chicks of Memphis, who arc leading the Southern rate by sevcia laps.- nnd rclaps, walloped the Nashville Vok yesterday with ense. Tlie Chicks pounded a trio of Nashville hurlers for a total of 10 liils and ii'SO to 8 vlctory.'Shcpherd of tile' 1 Chicks was toii.qhttl [or H hit's! buU'had an ea^ii,ifi'e due to the/; slugging leniencies of his males. McDaniel anif-- Eft/ill wit! three hits each mclii'ding a four ply swat apiece, Jed the Meinphi hitlers. The Pebbles or Little Rock nosed out the Chattanooga Lookouts ; Chattanooga but scoied the on! run made after the first inning wa completed. The Travelers score two in their half of the first and the Lookouts matched the count in their half. The run pushed across in the .sixth spelled the winner. Eckert was the winning pitcher. The New Orleans .Pelicans slugged their wa yto victory over the Atlanta Crackers, 15 to 10. The nirds started off v:itn six runs in ihe third frame while the Crackers were fighting desperately to catch them. •* Two home runs by Winsett coupled with a two hit performance by Lindstrom, Bear hurler. gave the orphans of Mobile a 4 to 1 wir. over Tojchstonc and the Birmingham Barons. Read Courier News Want, Ads. American League w. . . GC Brooklyn York ... St. Louis Pittsburgh ... Brston Cincinnati .. Philadelphia 37 ... G2 . .. 58 ... 04 ...50 ... 4U PCt. .595 .5!)3 .569 .527 .495 .450 .434 .333 You're missing a lot, if you don't use Games Today One uf the most Interesting of lis summer's pastimes hns been niching the While Sox tryini; In eat Ted Lyons. The rumor went about, that Sntn- .y Mnndell. who was knocked out y Al Sinerr WHS dniuged. That re- tiiuis us of the time Dempsey was uppos«l to IK drugged "' Phila- clphia. Cherry Valley Plays at Osceola Thursda OSCEOLA, Ark.—The ^sceola Indians meet the fast Cherry Valley, Ark., club at Osceola Thursday. The Cherry Valley boys have defeated Helena, Tim-ell, Brickcy and held the Monette BufTnlocs to a 3-to : score in 10 innings. ' Henry Kelly, Parkin. Ark, your.g- stcr with the Cherry Valley club, is slated to pitch Thursday's came. The Indians added some strength this week in Happy Foreman, who came homo to finish the season. Happy has been with the Denver club of tlic Western league where he hit well over the .SOU mark. The Indians play Mouctte at Monelle Sunday. Southern League Memphis at Chattanooga (Iv games.) Mobile al Atlanta. New, Orleans ul Birmingham. Little Rock til Nashville. Budweiser Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT OR DARK RICH IN BODY _ NOT BITTER A headline says. "Evans eliminated lU 19lh hole." Not the first gqlfer to be eliminated there, brothers, no not the first. ''Sailor's Holiday" witli Alan Hale and Sally Ellcrs Also Review anil Conii'dy Admission Jlatinoe am! Niirlit lOc and 2;ie FOR SALE 50-Gallon Steei Oil Drums, 75c Each At Our Warehouse Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. Phone 233 Samuel' CJolcwyti RONALD LjOLMAN ^^^ in' Bulldog American League Chicago al Washington. St. Louis at Boston. Detroit at New York. Cleveland at Philadelphia. National League 1 Boston at St. Louis. Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at Cincinnati. Philadelphia' nt Pittsburgh. A brnr cub is eight or nine inches long when born and weighs about j fourteen or fifteen ounces. I REAL FORD SERVICE at low cost OUR shop is as clean and sweet-running us tlic new Ford itself. It ia up-to- <!atc in equipment anil maimed by specialists in servicing and repairing new or old. Fprtls. Our purpose ig to save .you time and mim«y here. (Jet our prices for repairs, periodic' inspection service, accessories, washing and polishing. Genuine Ford parts and flat rtitea. Cars always ready at the appointed hour! Phillips Motor Co. Jilythcville, Ark. -GENUINE FORO PARTS Dress Fashions for Fall •A f .niC-HAflD -JOMES. < r A o o w e T »_• • • UNITED'ARTISTS' Ronald Colman at his best. / Our Gang Comedy and News Admission Matinee 10c-'30c Admission Night 10c-3i)c "That Ooodyenr is made to give you extra service: it is oversize and extra thick*' If you regularly make long, hard trips over bad roads—i£ jnu've hat) considerable trou- hlf with punctures, blowouts or getting mired— Come in and see the latest (InocJyears for super-service nnd super-protection! The new Heavy Duty All- \Yeather — and the famous Double Eagle—are the two greatest endurance tires ever built. Also we have a uew 6-ply Heavy Duty Goo<3ycar Pathfinder. S.ow Summer prices—NOW IS THK TIME TO GET YOUKS! Out stylists hire selected these modej to stirt off the sawn because they arc fashion-right in every dcuil ... authentic adaptations of the fjshions sponsored by designers Ivcre and abroad. As usual, our prices are moderate. 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