The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1961
Page 2
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to Champion r guest ** -I ^r <» V r — y 1 i W** * The Heldorfer boys, Phillip, left, and Don, right, from Bancroft competed in ithe 4-H and adult tractor rodeos, respectively, at the State Fair alt Des'Motoles recently — and did right well. As* | rebuilt of his driving ability, Phillip, who won the county 4-H crown at the Kossuth County Fair here, will travel to the , national contest at Dallas, Tex. during the week Of Oct. 14 where r- he will attempt -to win the national title. He won the trip by taking / ,secdnd at the State Fair. ' , ,*"' • jDoh iplacod tenth in the adult event at the State Fair. Jini Nitchals [and Jim AbboW of the Union 4-H club and'Chris Nygafcrd 'of ' the J Wesley Boys club, Won blue ribbons for their senior demon-" stratiofts at the State Fair. (Extension Photo—UDM Engraving) State Fair Awards Won By Kossuth 4-H Entries ...j. M mH, fJ&y Graham df Buft"and,Ms,.Evelyn Ofa hafti of Denver, Stole, wefe Wednesday visitors in the Bernard and Chas. Phelps home. Mrs. Evelyn Graham came up from Lebanon, Mo where she had been visiting the Dell Fitchs and Avery Fitches. Mr. ,and Mrs. fed Rush of Lyle, Mirui|. frere Labor Day Weekend guests in the Lloyd Bartlett home. Mr. and Mrs. tlush and Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett were Saturday evening visitors in the home of Mr.-and Mrsi Andrew Harisen at Swea Cityr Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young were Sunday evening visitors in the home of Mrs. Elvira / ,i. j< Christensen, "You caft of treble- any." Give Beef Contest, Fair Torti Henry of Algona ed the champion,, on r carcass steer .at' thfe ' Count Fair aiKl'lt the champion, car c&6s *ln.' tnf cooler. The Angus steer ed 960 Ibs., dressed 60.8"%, graded choice and had a"li.6 oin eye. _ ' Richard Redhlg of Whltte* more placed second-^ Angus steer and De: bert of Whittemore thlfd on Algona ?a!id .' 1"* JBan 'f and Jlftf Gleri Kossuth 4-H members an livestock exhibits won manj hifh honors at the Iowa Stat Fair in Des Moines last week. Virgean Bierstedt of Whitte more won 'first place on her me dium weight Angus baby bee,, and second on her light heavy weight steer. Virgean also showed her Angus heifers to seventh and twentieth in the junioi yearling class and 20th place in the summer'.. yearling class. ' l Tom Henry of Algona won .;, third place on his medium weight Angus class: -Gary Priebe won fourth place on his Angus • heifer in the junior yearling '; class. Both .Tom,and Gary were candidates for lowla's Outstanding, 4-H Angus club member. Boys Team Gels "Blue" The boys' demonstration members won blue ratings on their presentation. Jim Abbott and . James Nitchals of the Union Soys' Club demonstrated "Good , Grooming Does , Count" and • Chris Nygaa'rd of the Wesley Club, "A Pressing Trend.' 1 The judging team placed fifteenth out of 87 teams. Members on the team were—John' Cordes of Lakota; Ronnie Lindc and Terry Johnson of Swca City and Gary Priebe of Algona. Philip llcldorfcr of Bancroft placed second in the Slate 4-h Tractor Hodco and won himself a free trip to the National Tractor Rodeo at the State Fair in Dallas, Texas. Don Heldorfer of Bancroft placed tenth in the adult tractor rodeo contest. Crop Judgers Tenth Four boys, all from the Greenwood Boys' 4-H Club, Bancroft, represented Kossuth County in the slate crop judging contest recently at the Iowa State Fair. The team placed tenth oul ot 28 teams entered by different counties in Iowa. The boys on the learn, coached by Dc«an Barnes, Algona, Kossuth County extension director, were — Donald Heldorfer and Richard Droessler, Bancroft; Rotter and . James Mcnke, Swea City. Girls Get Blue Ribbon Two Kossuth County girls demonstrating at the Iowa State Fair last week received a blue ribbon placing on their whole- wheat b r e a d demonstration. They were LeOla Ann Voss ana Ratsmn Brink from the LuVerne Live Wires 4-H club. Besides demonstrating the girls acted as hostesses in the 4-H club exhibit. They were accompanied b> their leaders, Mrs, John Voss, Jr. and Avis Lettow, county extension home economist. Portland Twp. • i. < , • , i i' • i ; i .T: By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dimond of Britt'were Friday visitors in the \ Howard Sparks home. Stuairt Goldman of Titonka was a Friday and Saturday quests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sparks. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larsen went to Silver Lake, Minn. Sunday where they enjoyed fishing and were picnic supper guests of the Godfrey Geil- nfeldts. Mrs. Richard Rasmussen and Cim of Fairmont and Mrs. lose- i Rasmussen of Albert ,ea rjwejp Mpnday dinner ;ues^ in the -Lloyd Bartlett lome. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Larsen ook her father, Mr. Dwinell, to 4del after spending last week with them. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse md Leroy were Saturday sup- )er guests in the Billy Orthel ionic. . Mr. and Mrs. Paul Krominga, Shelly, Sharie and Paul, Jr. came Friday night from Rockford, 111., to spend a couple of weeks visiting relatives hero. They are now visiting in the homes of her parents, the Bernard Phelps. and his parents, the Amos Kromingas in Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stow of Davenport were overnight guests in the Bernard and Chas. Phelps home Tuesday. Jim Phelps of Denver, Colo., a grandson of Chas. Phelps visited in the Phelps home from Tuesday till Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen and family of Swea City were Sunday dinner guests in the Uoyd Bartlett home In honor of Lloyd's birthday. Dennis Hanson spent a week with his grandparents before school started. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Champion Jr. and family spent the Labor Day weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Champion Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harms of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Champion Jr. and family and PRINTING The best..for less AT THE Publishing Co, 111 E. eall St. ALOONA Ph»ne CY 4-3J35 sjdtog. C6fflmltte& " ,'Mr< aind Mrs. Albift Kayser evening will; ,, . and family from, Lakota ' ,Sit.>j'6e;\Mj';.efid ,. . . BuWiafhe 'BdlhMe 4 ily am mdVint/Mm 4 liouse to &pencer Tom McKeown reiturned home and family move(l\M;6hday fn>Jn a M T. Mc<3uire"fa'rm±!r!;t6"a '^ Friday nlghit from QuinCy,' 'HI.' Where he attended a sales meet' ng., Pelter Beckef-has Kramer, and.Mrs Artdf gical pa T tierit In Merty - Hospital Verne;* ualen mci^gci, , wmnu* more; BoB foristow, Irvlngtonj fleiwi Thoresofif Swear cityi met Alt, Btirt;' ,'HoWa^d- Kofil- haas, ;lrvington,'''Jim . Pingei, Algonar,Eug£!tte A iB6i i mbittn. Ban- I *< * »* I 4 W ' 1 d**f » **<.*- . _ ' __ croft; Donate croft; ( Mlk% s r: NitcMals," Vxi Thilgesj '^tt-igvua., * ( . < if The seVentee^"' animals ";in the contest averaged 955 Ibs., yielded 63.7%- and the average price was $25.15 per hundred. 1 James • Richardsoih'' 6f Ledyard-showed the,, champion »- i— ..A * I*-^ ** i it Siv;«u. L/a.uiotiif in ausjL'vy Jiu»uJtuai carcass pig at. • the . KossUth „ Foft Dodge sdnce" last TUBS- County Fair as -graded In the day. ' ' r, Mfs. > Oordain Jackson of : Olfenn EUy'n, lll., ; '. tod'- two feathers, Frank cittk 1 6f , ' George A 6f ;Wesley,T'i I '"£"• : "'" ' -j-r ' "j-.Jja-j ( Plump, Young Government Inspected _^iMliate. ^^^ ^——^^ _^ __^i - i^i ' " -• fa fta Pepufer 6- to 10-Lb. Size$ Trv One Stuffed $* ' And Leliurety Roasted • on the Outdoor Spi* PERLB. ...1.. r _. COQKED,, .W $A49 Boneless CANNED PICNICS CAM . 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In hlfh tchool and callafa tomarrei/, and iz::,.. DD4 tucciu In th* uroniiy wmpatlUva qurM a( OTHt«l !|5|«ua his future. : ^wafUHi BUY A BOOK A WEEK Orchard Fresh FRUIT COCKTAIL Cubes of Choices! Fruit NO. 30} ; CAN . TIP TOP CENTER <il,rf A ^ AAft C Asparagus.^....,,..-Lo 3 a°2,^y ' DOLfe, CnmSi Cru.»(aJ or Tidb8» A " "'^ !•''•• • •&• * f" ' ' S •*' ?" ' ' • ' ' f £ Pineapple ......,.,,4. JK- '..^...-v "TT".. ' . -. ;• ROBB-ROSS 3-LB. PKS. Pancake Flour..... ! PANTRY PRIDE <?UART Pancake Syrup .... •^ ^ . - NATCO R!cn FuB Ravor ' mm ** . 39 C COFFEE 50 ( ^T W Drip or R.g. I-U. CAN ^T W CAfff MIX ALOHA" ,.">,,•.•.:- , , ' ' V'jj -||A| Pineapple Juice &„;., 29 DQLLARfANftED GOODS VALUES f CYPRESS GARDEN. CHUNK HIGHLAND Swans Down & No. , FUDGE COCONUT DEVILS FOOD WHITE • LEMON FLAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP YOUR CHOI6E M "r»--usy , _ _ /• *. " A.. : ; Mountain Grown Colorado Freestone ELBERTA ........... S127 | . ** /»t/y?5£ SAVER SPECIALS 7e OFF ON Spiy 3.U>.Can,Nat.,,.f ec OFF ON WicL * WW I9K Otfari^Siie. Naf Uc OFF ON WlSK Half 6aL Sit*, I lOc OFF ON afMI 3fLb., l-Oi. Kg., NJ I5« OFF ON / Liquid Swa.7. I0e OFF ON / Liquid Swan Sc OFF ON ' KldSO R»S. Pig., l/Iar ,.,., 5c OFF ON *9. Pig, N*» .., ic OFF ON ' Handy Audy ™ wr!. JB o«eAiittir W9f« A A — s>op ,w..8 la 63 55 28 28 34 AT THEIR PEAK OUALfTY OF SWE6T JUICY 6OODNE5S. PERFECT FOR _ , , EATINS, ^Im, ^^. FREEZING OR 16 IBS. NEW CRPP JONATHAN Criip and Snappy PER LB. Con'i Bvy Frethtr, finer, $149 6ARPEN FRE5H CREAM STYLE Golden <porn .... GARDEN FRESH Early June Peas COCK-O-THE-WALK, UNPEELEO 'M Whole Apricots .,4 ORCHARD FRESH CRUSHIP M ' Pineapple ...;. ......... 4 ft PRIMERO BROKEN SLICE ,.**, M '«4 Pineapple ..... ... ...1.4 & *1 COCK-0-THE,WALK •*'«•• Apricot Halves... 5 1£*1 Stamps FREi WJH THI5 COgpQN WHEN YOU IVY :; Y^NATICMAL FOOQ " 5»T. ?, IMI Stamps FREE & Sanb^rn Cpffte ' ' " ' BUHER FINGER WITH THIS COUPON WHIN Y<?¥ IUY Any Pkg. GRASS SEED : ANY KIND - ANY SIZE Al Tow NATlONAt FQOp STQIi •*.«••»••••. SglM,i,liBy PINK. miOW OIVW'Ti J _ _ AAft A§ST, TOLCP5 jyMBQ / Northern Tissue, A *°*W Nopftern Towels CANNON FlLTHJN A MILD 1 CANNON FlfLfTHJN »..„ ..... ,,»„„ Lux Liquid » -* r* REG. SIZE . r 'ft'- Aie WTHSIZf, 1 Lux Tftiift'Seap ...g *• .-.HI* Lux Toilet ,

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