Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas on May 9, 1930 · Page 21
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Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas · Page 21

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1930
Page 21
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I- I I • / "! I THE 19SO. " t, Iff ARD TRENDiTO MARKET AS SELLING ENDS r ACCl»IULATION OF FOOD SHARES PROVIDED LEADER- m? FOR STOCKS FRIDAY YORK, May 9.—{#)—Ac- ilation of the food shares, advanced one to three points leadership that turned, of stocks upward In the, "forenoon today- 1 after a spasm had driven many leaders one.' of two points under ^Jrsday's close. • , pools, well fortified with cheap ' began to push up their fav- an*d high-priced issues, as ,««-, tiegan to cUmb vigorously. J I. Case rose 10 points, American Tobacco "B", and Eastman gqdak 5, and Border^ B^trlo; Oteajnicry, General oaoie A, American Machine & Foundry a>^ Oliver Farm Equipment preferred between 3 and 4. Two point advances included I*owes, Westing- houB'e Electric, Irlternatlonal Harvester, Loose Wiles, J. C. Penny and Pacific Gas & Electric. . ; _ Call 'money, renewed unchanged at 8 per cent. Cotton Colotn ^^^^^^H^^^ta^ff^V^^^^^ » Local Markets . • • « ........... ........ 10 oo seed .... ......... ..... 53-i.OO Cotton - Texai 'Spot Marhots. on old. new * • . * old. now fiiffh 15.25 14.9? 16". 12 16.61 15.01 14.74 15.17 14.80 York Cotton Table Low 14.08 14.73 14.88 16.26 14.70 14.53 14,93 14,01 ClOBO 15.13 14.84-n ] 5.00-07 10,42-45 14.91-tH 14,65-60 13,06 14.74-73 p. a 15.18 16.08 14.4M 14.06 14.70 15.13 14,81 Orleans Cotton' Table. Jan. Mar. May July Dot. Dee. High is.oi 18.00 lo.u 14,77. 14.87 Low t • » • 14,92 15.BB 15.80 14.52 14.03 Closo 14,81-b 15.06b IS.OBb 16.07-11 14.80 14.7& Grain and Provisions CHICAGO. May 0.—(AP)—Unexpected strength shown "by Liveronol Quotations led to snrly upturns today ol whoftt vnJnoB here. In somo n«artora tlie I/iverpooJ advance was' ascribed' to unavailable crop news from Italy and France, aa well aa to ovenine up top reparo tor a poaaiole Burprise in the' United States ffovernraant crop report. . , _., Opening 1-4 to 1 l-8c higher. Chicago wheat afterward reacted somewhat from initial top fipurea. Corn, oats nnd provisions were relatively easy, corn slarimff 1-8 to 6-8c up nut later Biggins- to below yesterday* finish. * . . -«,.,, AVhaat cloBsd-unaettled 1-4 to 7-8c hieh- er 'than yesterday's finish. Corn cloned 1-tt to l«B<j rtown. oats 1-8 to B-Bc on. and provisions unchanged to 10c docliiie. May 1.015-8 Juily 1.02 1.043-41.003-8 TESTIMONY OPENE FRIDAY IN MURDER HAL JUDGE BRADY CONTRIBUTIONS TO RELIEF For Sale BERRIES FOR SALE — Como and pick them at 36c per gallon, Phono 73. Mrs. A. Q. Holmes. FUNDS COMING IN FATHER SLAIN GIRL FIRST SOME OF STORM. STRICKEN FOR SALE — Home. Location Pork, Dallai, Ovcrlooldn? Countrr Club Two itorr- Turnl^hod. Plastered throurh- out, Threa bed rooms, One large drfififl- inff room. Sleculnp Porch, Two Baths, Gas, hot find cold water. All canveni- Owner Icarinjr* Lot 100' x 200*. and Drivowny. Servant houw. Garden Sain, SJ 0,000. Address "A 1 ' Daily Sun, Corsicana, Tnx. 1020 1012 1517 003 For kent FOR RENT. TScaton, fir., mod. con Beaton. Or, mod., con.. • • • Vf. lllh Ace, or. ffai * ™ ec E. 2nd Avo, 4r, STBS & elcc N * () City" water furnished with 1012 and 10SO N. Beaton houses* Apply Dr. Polk over lat 31al:a__ Bank. TOR RENT—Nice Jlvo room cottage, newly papered and painted, bot and cold water, EOQCi neighborhood, paved street, closo lo school. 3ft07 Vest fith avenue. .WITNESS FOR STATE IN 'DALLAS COURT DISTRICTS STILL BURYING THEIR DEAD FRIDAY Sapt Dec CORN 1.003-8 J. 00 3-4 1,03 1-4 1.08 1,01 1.01 B- 1.04 3 1.00 8 B stc no- Brady blO.14 14.74 X+.8S Is'cw Orleans Spots Quiet. NEW ORLEANS, May 9.— (AP)—Spot cotton closed quiet, 6 points down. Sales 337: low middling 14,18; middling 1568; good mi eld line 13.33; receipts 2.035; stock 413,680. Juiy .. Sept. * * Dec, .. OATS- May .. July '' . . Sept. .. Pec. .. •.. 703-4 808-8 81 I • 41 7-8 ,40 7-8 &97-R 771-2 777-fi 70 1-8 737-8 411.. 40 1 301 42 781 787 797 733-4 8 8 4 413 403 so a 42 1 8 8 '8 •8 "May July !.•*>•• Cotton CHICAGO. May Dec. (AP)—Co loin' v ^^^^•^mnr^^^^-^ Sales '(in hundredls), hlg^h, low d .closing quotations: Ahumada Ld 2, 1. ' Allegheny 99, 26 7-8, 25 5-8, 36 M. Al C&D 12, 307, 300, .307. Am Bo^ch Mag 3, 40 1-2, 38, 40 Can 48, 188 3-8, 135 1-2, 137 ."Amera.da 17,.26 5-8, 24 5-8,-851-4. - -Arh&Fb'r, Pow 190, 78, 75 1-4, 77 3-fi ' Am'lnt 27, 43 1-4, 41, 42 3-8. Am. Metal 4, -44, .42 7-8, 44, Am Pow&Lt 19, 102 1-2, 99 1-2, S °Am N Rad Stan San 44, 33, 32, 32 ' "Am Rol Millie, 74 3-8, 73 1-4, '^Anf'Sm Ref 12, 70 1-2, 684-2, '°^j^ 2 ^- art* ™ Wat WkB 81, 112 1-4. 108 1-4, 110 7-8. Anaconda Cop.' 309, 60 1-4, 58, turee cloeod: May 1B.20; July .16.14; Oct. 14,13. I _ . L Liverpool Spots Higher. .LIVERPOOL, May.D.—(AP)— Cotton- Spot bJfher; American strict good middling 0.48; good mlddlinET 8.13; strict middling: 8.8.3; middling 8.03; strict low middling. 8.28; low middling 7.73; strict good ordinary ,7.03: good ordinary 0.63,~~-Sales 3.000 bajea, Including 1,600 American. Re- ce^pts 8,000, American 4,000. Futures "closed barely steady: May 8.07;' July 8.00; October 7.83: December 7.83; January 7,85; March 7,00; May 7.03.. 577-8 as 1-4681-4 70 10.25 10.40 571-4 61 1-8 05 60 10.30 10.? 7 10.47 July Sept 10.60 BELLIES— May .. > • July n.• .v •»*'•• • • dty Ca*h Grain. o77-8 B21-4 G6 1-8 607-8 10.20 10.27 10.47 14.QO 13.55 KANSAS CIT May 9.—(AP) WHEAT: No. '2 dark hard, nominally, »5 3.00; No. .2 hard 05-96 1-3; May 3-4: *,. 70 3-i t-3 5-S No. 3, uomlnal low 7fl: May 74 3-4;- S °OAT5: No." 3 whito 43 ly, 41 to 411-2. Attant Ref 33, 3^, 28, 281-4. 3-4, 115, 115' 38 5-8, 40. 7-8, 93 1-8, 95. 42 3-4, 40 3-8, 42, Loco 12, 29 Balto&Oh 8, 115 '3-4 . 'Bend- Aviat 46, 41, ' . Beth-^tl 25, 95 "" Bur Ad Mch 3, •;. Cal&Ariz 2, 63 1-2, 63. : - Cal&Hecl 2, 19 3-8, ,1«1^8, 19. . "Canad Pac 43, 2085-8, 201, 206 : ; -I Cannon ..Mil 2, 273-4. 1-2. : Cerro De Pas 5, 541-A -1-2. Tork Cotton Steady. NEW-YORK,, May, 0.—(AP)— Cotton opened steady at an advance of 1- to 8 points on overnight buying orders and some 'buying ot new crop months on reports that recent storms had caused damage or delay in crop preparations in the Southwest. Liverpool cables were lower than due, however, while there was a renewal ol scattering 1 liquidation in July and further undoing 'ol straddles between noar and now crop, months. This based the market as soon aa th,e early buy in p orders had been absorbed and there was probably some aelffn? or hope of relief from droughty concUlioriB in the eastern belt. July fcold off to 10.20, or 22 pointa net lower while tho now October, contract declined, to 14.03, or 7 points below yesterday's closing* Quotation. Tho early decline extended to 10.30 for July and 14.50 for the new October. Old crop months showed net losses of about 10 to 28 points and the now crop of 7 to 13 points. Otlerinss tapered oil at these flgrures and there were rallies dur- Intr the middle of the raornine 1 on covering". They-were checked by further sell. : ing on expectations that the eastern belt dotails would show a numerous showers, however and the market at mid-day was barely steady within S or 3 points of the early low*.. Chicago Cosh Grain. „,„_._ CHICAGO, May 0.—(AP)— M'HBAT: No; 3 red 1.00; No. 8 mixed 88. CORN: No. S mixed 80; No. 1 yooow. 80 OATS: No. 3 "white 431-2 to 43i-3; No, 3 white 40 1-2 to 41 1-4. ** — i Poultry Steady. CHICAGO, May 0. (API—PmiHry aJiro steady; Jowls 101-2 to 33; broilera 3*;)8: raofilcm. 13 l-£; .turkeys. 20; heavy .. ducks 18-20; spring: ducks 20-22; spring gceso 25; old ecese 14, Butter and E«f8 Steady. CHICAGO, May 9.—(AP)—Butter and eggs steady, unchanged. Livestock (U. Fort Worth Livestock. TORT WORTH, May 0.— (API S.D.A.)—HOGS: 000; steady to 10 lower; rail to 0.80: medium to choice 180-230 lb rail Uutchers fl.70-9.80; truck top 0.1&; buJk hotter grades fi.00-0.16; BOWS 8.00-8,25. . nnn CATTLE: 1,000. Including 600 Bteady, no - pood fat atecra or yearling; plain slaughter yearlinKB 8.0ft; pood fat cows 7.25: calves unchanged, SHEEP: 1,000; six decks ehorn led wethers, all ages at 5.50 or steady; practically nothing else oflered. CbURTROOM, DALLAS, May 9. —(ff)—Taking of testimony in the second murder trial of former Judge John W. Brady of Austin started with the Opening of court today. A.'G. B. Highsmith of Baytown, father of Miss Lehlla Highsmith, the young Austin grapher in whose death was charged, was the first state's witness. District Judge C. A- PIppen interrupted the interrogation of Mr. HIghsmith to tell the jurors he was going to install a radio in the jury room for the pleasure of the jurors when .the trial was not In session, ' He also named 'Al- vln O'Brien, printer and former publisher of the Walnut Springs Hustler, foreman of the jury . Highamith sobbed long and audibly when District Attorney William McCraw asked him whether he had ever seen his .only daughter since she visited him in August of last year. The snow-haired defendant rested his chin on his right hand, took off his glasses, and dried his eyes with a large handkerchief. • He did not answer the question and McCraw turned the examination over to Maury Hughes, defense attorney. • The. \vitnesg admitted that when Brady was sober, .he was an.ele- gant, polished man. He described his daughter as 28 years old/ five feet, four inches tall arid weighed about 90 pounds. District Attorney Henry Brooks of Austin, made a forceful opening outline of the state's case. As ;he delineated the state's theory of H;he actual stabbing, he pulled a long knife from his pocked and showed the 12 men where' spare stenographer allegedly cut. "Your -honor, how about" theatricals?" Hughes interposed. "That's all right, we'll,prove everything I'm saying, the youthful Travis county attorney countered. District Attorney McCraw read the indictment and the defendant plead not guilty, "!~ ^ Camp Fire Girls Assisting Sufferers '<By'Associated Press) Contributions to a $150,000 tornado relief fund soagnt by the Texas chapter, American Red Cross, were accumulating today as communities scattered across Central and South Texas continued preparations to bury additional victims of Tuesday's storm wWch took 70 lives, and injured more than 100 persons. Frost, Navarro county, joined en masse yesterday in holding funeral rltos for 12 victims of the tornado which demolished the entire town. Funerals .were set for today at communities near Hlllsboro, Hill county, near Rungc and Nordheim in Karnes county, and in DeWitt and Gonzales counties. Order was rapidly being developed out of chaos in the stricken areas. At Frost, a corps of nearly 100 carpenters was at work on temporary business structures. Tents, clothing and food were bee distributed to homeless. Contributions to the relief fund yesterday had mounted to nearly $4,000 in Dallas, the Red Cross chapter at Colorado, Texas, sent In $100 and funds were'being collected .in other cities. FOB TRADE — Duplex Apartment Houut. Four rooms and two story Bleeping- porch each , with every city convenience. Separate entrances and meters. Givo or lake difference. What hava you In tho city to offer? — Cal E. Kcrr. FOR SALE — Four room house on lot 50 by 160 at 1418 West llth avenue, garage. 51050. Apply 5th. water;-, pas nnrt next door to this placr. FOR SALE TO NEGRO—Good two utory house on corner lot near school. Ordered sold by tho court and cheap for caah.'^- Cfll E, Kerr. HOMES FOR SALE 1118 Summilt—Price $3000, cosh $300 070 S. 14th St,—Prica $27SO, cash $275 1115 W. 18th Av,—Prico 917RO, caah $175 1206 W 14th 9t—Price 520000, caah $200 Balance monthly like rent. Chas, G. JOB* ter. Cl09C r— ----- --Permanent renter only, J- M. Kfrr. Phone asp. , FOR RENT—My homo 1104 Weal 4lh avoune. R. B. 3tolloy t 318 Or 072. __ FOR RENT—7 room house, BulUblo two iamilica in 1500 block \Sost Small buslnnu houw, 100 E, 3rd. al -apartments furnished or unfurnished. L/. B. McCormick, with Homo Furniture Co.. 100 S, Beaton. Phone_ MO. FOR RENT—$15 monuTTo steady tenant with ffood rolorenco. half of duplex houm conaiatln? ol a rooms and ecrencd tn back porch, suitable to ba used na sleep- InK porch. Located In gnod part of town amonc homo owners- Hiffh nnrt conl at nights. Half o! double pnrafffl furn- tshocl and place fnr pardcn, Cnll in son at Womack Bros, 114 S. Beaton ACKEAQE at attractive prices, from ono acre to thirty on Highway and 1 adjoining Highways. Chaa. G. Jpaler. • , J«E ALLEN TO WEB NEW YORK L EARLY DATE the was the NEW YORK, May 9— (SFI/>.— Ben Dave -Allen, 26. sports writer and cartoonist, formerly of Corsl- cana, Texas, where he was born, and Miss Gladys Parker, 21, artist of 32 West Forty-seventh ' street, this city, obtained a marriage li^ cense at the municipal bureau today and announced they would be married here later by the city clerk. ' * . Mr. Allen Is the son of Guy and Rena Shirley AUen and lives at 42 West Fiftieth street, this city. Misg Parker is a native of Tono- wanada, N. Y., and the daughter iof Wilbur and Caroline Phillips 1 Parker. SALTS—Wash and Greaainir Station, oulpprd lor etcam cleaninRr, bigh prcsauro washlnK machine, hiph lift proaso rack, air ffrcaHO prun electric sroar llusher. Located w!Gi ol Post OtficQ, Seo O. W, ^Vilson^ 214 Went 6th ATenue» FOR SALE OR TRADE—A 12 family apartment houae ,brlck Tcnescr, corner lot, private batn, aoparata garaRca, cas. and liprhta, meters separate, only two years old, rontlni? lor $480,00 por month; srood in- veatrnent ptirlns: more than 10 per cent. "Want to trade equity lor Coralcana grocery or city property. This house is located al Houston* Tfixna—a littlo Kew Tork. Ace R, P McEntire, Help Wanted—Male A GOLDEN OFPORTOKITY. WANTED—You tip men and ' rounff wo^ men, who having 1 finished tholr general education, to avail themselves of the op* portunltiea offered in tho printing industry to earn high gaffes under tha most favorable working 1 conditions existing in any IndusUal tradao. A good trado is tho most vaUiivblo aasct & youni? person can have. Then riming trade hns' various branchoa. There Is a branch that wHl be acoptablo to you and in which you can qualify to do tho work s in from 0 to 10 months by taking an intensified training course at Mia Southern School of Printing, 1514-16 South Street. Nashville, Tcnn, This school has trained hundreds of young men and young women during the pa«t ten years to become earners of -exceptional wages as monotype operators, both key- bparcl and caster, pressmen operating most modern presses, linotype operator** and hand compositors abovo the average workmen, A card or letter of inquiry gad to entrance requirements will be mailed you on cqucBt, - This school is io constant operation 1G months of iha year, eight hours a day except Saturday- Students may enter at any time. Full information as to tuition rates, living expanses. 1 etc., on request. Address South- orm School of Printing 1B14-1B South St Naashvllle, Icon, - - HOUSES FOR RENT—715 N. Sard SV-, rooms, all modern, 937-fiO. 1020 >orth Bon ton, 5 rooms, mondcrn conveniences, 1517 Vf. llth avenue, + rooms, and electricity, §tfi. 000 N. Main St,, 4 rooms, iras and* olcrlrlcily^ SIK City water furnished with ]0!JO and 000. Apply Br* Polk, Dentist, offico over First State Bank. ' FOR RENT—Nicely furnished ffva mom uottago* all modern conveniences, also Ruraw. 31B N. 24th slrool," Appli' at l-U5lWost 3rd avenue. Phone BB4, FOIt RENT—Sovon room hnuso, all COT vftulrnccs. garage, corner .fitti nvcnun and 32nd strflrt, lions Dlidge Ransom, 3P5 or or 520, ' FOR RENT. 120G 14th avenue 1107 Oth avenue , 1116 Summit 312 North 13th St CHAS. G, JESTER. t 23.00 OFFICE FOR RENT — First State Bank Building. Chaa. G. Jester. FOR RENT — 2S It. two-story bulhllnr same block with now Dyer department store building. Will remodel to suit desirable tenant, Parties interested address Store Building, cara Daily Sun, Apartments FOR RENT—Two unfornlshcd npnrtmcntfl, nil modpvn \vllh n rooms encU i\m\ Bleoji- Ine porches, nnJ parades, hocntcd at 100 South Cf>th Btreet. hot ween ^pst Colin 'stroot and West Glh avcnuo. Only Sln.OO n month each. Just tho place for 2 couples or families. Sco J. E. Skinner. Phones 700 or K1I5-W. FURNISHED APARTMENT for rent. Two room furnished apartment, nowly papered and painted, all modern conveniences, connecting bath, close in. Phone 721. Ap- uly 6S3 West 5tli avenue. • FOR RENT—Four room unfurnished apartment: private bath, oil conveniences. Phono 1170-W or 44H. From Frost Storm 33 !• ^C. M.&Std.Pfd 5,.34 3-8, 327-8, 5 "chgo Nor.Wes 6, 821-4,, 801-2 8 VChrysler 107, 33. 30 7-8, 32 * -Colo Fuel & I 13, 58, 561-2, 57. iiCaluia-Gas&Elec 96, 747-8, 731-4, 74 Colum Graph 122, 181-2, 27 3-8, Gas. 162! 1263-4, 1221-2, ,126 63, 631-2. 79, 26, 241-2, 25 Can 2, 64, Cont Oil of DoL , Du 126. Elec 841-2. Prod 175, 1051-4, 1031-4, 104 De N 40, 1283-4, 1231-2, Pow&Lt 620, 851-8, 815-8, Ut Gen Fds 180, Gen Gas&Elec 20, 147-8, 14 3-4. Gfen Mtrs 390, 473-8 453-8, Goodyear. Tire 46, 811-2, 80 1-4 • WT 14. 44 5-8, 32 l- Houston OU 166, 96 3-8, 8-4 Howe Snd 3, 31, 30; 1-8, 31. 92 Inspr Cop 34, 19 7-8, 18 1-8 19 3 : 8. IntComV Eng 24 t 10 7 ; 8 1-81-4- intl Harv-118, 105 1-2,102 Q 5-8 105 Intl Hy<lr Elec A 96 ^5 1-2. 44, 46 Intl Mat pfd 15, 83 7-8, 80 o-4, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 9,— {AP)—Cotton had a slightly easier opening 1 in sympathy "with lower Liverpool cables than due. Firat trades showed IOBSGS of two points. After a slight rally on covering-, the process of soiling July and buying October was resumed and July cased off to 15,80, down 35 points from tho previous close, while- October dropped 14 points below yesterday's close to 14,60. At tho ond of the first hour tha market was atcndy but near tha lows. The market ruled rather quiet most of the mornlnfr with tho July position apparently steadier, trading- at 15.02. or 3 points above the low -whereas there he* been pome selling: of .October and other new crop months duo to good rains reported in the central and eastern portions of the belt where needed. October traded down to 14.52, or S3 -points do-wn from the urerioila close. This decline in Octo- •bor widened the discount under 'July to 140 points. At mid-session the market .was-quiet and.eteady and near the Iowa. Panh Pro&Rf 10, 10 7-8, 10, 10 7-8. Faramt Publlx 364, 69 3-4, 67 1-2,: 69. * Perms RR 15, 78, 77, 78. Phillips Pet 178, 41 1-2, 40, 411-8. Pub avc NJ -5224, .111, 107 1-4, iio 5-s. Pure Oil 26, 23 7-8, 1-2, 7-8. Rad Cor of A 2Q50, 48, .45 3-4, 48 3-8 \ N Rad Kth Orph 350, 43 5-8, 41 1-4, 41 1-2. Reading 1, 114 1-2. Remg Band 29, 35 7-8, 34 3-4, 35 5-8. , Rep Iron & Stl 16,. 54, 52 1-4, 53 3-4. Rio Grande Oil 16, 22 1-4. 21 1-2, i21 3-4. |. Stl & Sf Ry 7, 114 1-2, 114, 114 1-2. . Sears Bo 23, 82 3-3, 81,. 81 1-4. Stone&Web 24, 96 3-4, 95 1-2, 96. Senec Cop 8, 2. Chicago CHICAGO. May A.)—HOGS: 14,000 top 10.45; packing medium to choice 83 SI S ifcll'Union. 21, 23, 225-8, 227-8. ms Ptr 4, 27. • ' Nick Can 260, 33 7-8, 32 5-8, 33 * ntl Tel&Tel 280. -631-8. 61 7-8, 63 J MansviUe G, 108 3-8, I05 t 108. Kroug & Tol 72, 33 3-8, 33 1-8, 3.o Loft Inc 3, 4 7-8, 43-4. . Mack Trk 23, 68 1-2, 66, 67 7-8. Mag Cop 3,, 37, 36, 37. _May Dept Sirs 5, 54 1-8, 52 52. Mckeespt Tin 15, 80 3-8, 78 7-8. 8 °MHuni Cop 14, 20 1-4, 19 54, , 201-4 Mid St Oil Ctfs 9, 1 3-4. 1 1-2. 1 o-4 MKT Ry 24. 54 1-2. 53, 53 1-4. Mis Pac Rr 5, 80, 79, 79 1-4. Mont Wd 122, 42 5-8, 41 1-8, 5-S. Nash Mtr 8, 42 1-8, 40 1-?. 42 1-8. Nat Cash Reg A' 16, 57 3-4, 1-4, 3-4 • Nat Dry Pdts 197, 57 1-8, 55, 56 3-8.' Nat 45 1-2. Nev 20 1-2 NY'ctl R-B 7, 174 1-2, 171, 174 1-2 NY'NH & H.Rr'-2, 113 1-4, 112 3 ~Nonh Ani 37.-417 3-4, 115. 117 1-8. Pac Gas&Elep 29, . 68 1-4, 66, 66 1 PT Q > ;j Packard Mtr 55, 18 ITS, '17 1-2, IS Pan Am Pet B 10. 59 1-4, -58 1-2, 59 1-4. Sine Cbns Oil 90, 27 5-8, 26 5-8, 27 3*8 Skeny»Oil 21, 353-8, 341-8, 35. oSuthern Pac 2, 122, 1211-2. 122. •oSuthern Ry 18, 1153-4; 114, 115. Std Brands 148, 241-2, 233-4. .Std as & Elec 90, 1153-4,-113, 115 1-2. Std Oil Calif 19, 69 5-8, 68, 69. Std. Oil NJ 393, 763-8, 741-2, 75 Liventock. _ 0.— (AP) — (U.S.D. slrons to 10 higher: BOWS H.S5-D.OO; pipa .00-10.25. CATTLE: 1.000; Calves: 1,000; very alow Q most killing: classes; best mixed yearlings 13,50; most steers and yearllnffs 10.50 down lo 0.25: slaughter GlaB |° B steers good and choice 050-1500 IDS 1J--5S" 14..75: Jed yearlings grood and choice 750»50 Itos 11.00-14.00; heilors. irood and choice 850. Ibs do\vn n.75-12.05; cows trood and choice 7*25-0.75; vealera (milk- fed) pood and choice 0.50-13.00; BtocU- cr and feeder stcra good and choice 10.0011.60 * SHEEP: 15,000; very Blowr t*^*"* n.75-10.10 on shorn lambs. 10.50-U.OO on strong weight woolskins; lat shorn owes mostly B.75 down. Kansas City livestock. KANSAS CITY. May 0.— (AP)— U.S. D.A.)—HOGS:. 8.000; steady to weak; top D.OO on 100-203 Iba; butchers IflO- 050 Ibs 0.25-0.00; .pmcking sows 8.00-0.10. CATTLE: 000; Calves: 300; market alow, steady; slaughter classes, steers, good and choice 050-1500 Ibs 10.50-1,1,75; com- mbn nnd medium 850 Iba up 8.00-11.26; fed yearlings, pood and choice 750-DfiO Ibs 10.60-13.35: heirors. good and choice R50 Ibs down n.00-12.00: cows, good and choice 7.50-0.50; vealers Mnllkfed) nie- dium to choice 7.00-11.50.: stoclser and feeder steers, good and choice 0.25-12.00. •SHEEP: 500; shorn lambs and odd lots native springers steady; top nntivo spring lambs 11.75; shorn lambs 0.00;: slaughter classes, spring lambs, good and choice 10.50-11.75; medium 0.50-10:50: lambs, good and choice (02 Iba uown); medium 8.25-0.00: medium to choice (92100 Ibt) 8.25-0.75; C«-CB. medium to choice ,150 Ibs) down 4.00-535. Oklahoma City Livestock, OKLAHOMA. CITY. May 0.— CATTLE: 800; Calves.' 200; • active; year- Jitifra 10,25-10^85": pood to choice srruin fed cows 7.75: butcher cows 6.00 to 6-Vo; heifers 7.00-0.00; beat veals 8.00-D.OO. AILY SUN TO BE SENT TO RESIDENTS FROST AREA FREE Announcement was made Friday that among the most active local .agencies in providing relief for the Frost tornado victims in so far. as it lay in their power were the Corsicana and Blooming Grove Camp Fire Girls. The Corsicana girls aided in gathering clothing and other supplies and provided the layette for the little babe' born to Mrs. Jack W. Fletcher in the Navarro. County hospital Wednesday. It was stated that the Blooming Grove Camp Fire group aided the storm suffer era in various ways by dispensing assistance on the scene of the disaster. Poultry and Livestock FOR SALE OR TRADE—Jersey milk cow. French. Holler calf. 503 Enat lllh avenue. FOR SALE CHEAP—Ono Shetland Apply Powell poBtoillcc. Powell, - Texas, for information. _ WANTED TO PASTURE your stock; have two hundred acres nl good crass and plenty of .water; good shade treos; |Cloao in, two milns northeast ol Coreicana on G. W. Walton farm. . FOB SALE—Chicks for salo 7 1-3 weeks old. Sen Mrs. 'Klscr, 31-3 Blocks eaat Zi o n a. _ __ R c_st_ fich o ol. "WHITESELLE JERSEY BULL for HCrvice. At IVilson Wagon Yard, Eaat 6th avenue. RoFiatcrod GOwa $3.00. plain cow $5.00. FOR BALE—Jersey cows, fresh, part cash, balance on easy terms. Chas. G. Jester, » Radios •• ^^"~ ••• ™ ' — ^ ^^^V^^^^^^^^^»^V^^«^W^^P^P^^^^H RADIO—Good battery set complete with all jicccBUorica $20, Save $ftO on this. Good powor speaker priced rierht. Let ua modernize your present radio. If it played onco It wi]J play again. Don't srlra U away. Moctern Radio Service, 1507 "West Collin street. Phono 1030-W. Factory data ior repairing standard radioe. ot experience. Try us. •* Pow&Lt 158, 46 1-4; 44 3-8, r Cons Cop 54, 21 3-8, '20; 1-4, The Weather ^ ^ ^ • -^ -—• • •East Texas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Saturday with scattered thundershowers; cooler in nortn- west portion tonight and in nortn portion Saturday; fresh southerly winds on the coast, increasing somewhat this afternoon. West Texas—Mostly fair tonight and , Saturday; cooler in -north portio'n tonight Oklahoma—Mostly cloudy;.probably . thundershowers , in east and central portions tonight and Saturday; coojer in west portion to- Std Oil NY 43, 36-8, 355-8, 361-8. Stwt War Speed 2» 27 7-8, 271-8, 27.7-8. Studr Btrs 27, 361-2, 357-8,' 36. Tex Corp 23, 57 7-8, 57, 57 1-2. - Tex Gulf Sul 16, 607-8, 591-2, 3-4. Tex&Pac Ry none.. Tex-Pac Coal & Iron 9, 10 5-8, 1-2, 5-8. Tex-Pac Ld Trst 435, 273-4, 25 3-4. Timkin Axle 1, 173-4. Traris-Cont Oil 90, 21, 20, 201>-2, Union. Carb 109, 83 7-8, 741-8, 86 1-4. . Union Pac Ry 2, 225, 24 3-4, 25. United Aircvft 700, 683-8, 63, 64. United Corprn 802, 451-4, 1-4. United Gas&Imp 298, 45i 43, 45 US Freit 2, 87, 86 5-8, 87. US Real&Imp 5, 63 3-4, 62.1-8, 63 US Ruhr 12, .29, 27 1-2, 28 US Steel 578, 170 7-8 169 3-4. Util Pow&Lt 37, 40 5-8, 68 7-8, 66 1-4, 179 180 3-8 Westghs Air Brak'2. 43, 42 5-8, 42 7-8. West. Elec&Mfg 184, 176'3-8, 172 1-8. 174 1-8. Woolworth 7. 63 1-2, 1-2. Yelo Trk 378, 27 1-2, 24 1-4, 27. 5-8. 167 1-8, .Warn Pix 455, 'WU 2. 181 1-4. 39 3-4, 40. 3-4. 62 1-8, 63 Arkansas ~ Cloudy, occasional showers and thunderstorms tonight and Saturday. , Louisiana — Mostly cloudy with occasional - thundershowers tonlgnt and Saturday. Moderate to fresh southeast to south winds on the coast. ... Mother's Day next Sunday—Send her a greeting card or motto—book —fountain pen—Name and "Mother's .Day 1GSO" In fifold free—Cfty Boole Store. ^ • & Bedding Plants Two varieties of the June Fink. New Stone tomato plants, 20 cents hundred, two varieties. Pepper plants 10 cents dozen, two varle* ties. CORSICANA FLORAL AND NURSERY COMPANY. i Protect Your Property —with sound insurance against windstorm, tornado and cyclone. —GABE GOLDBERG, 218 N. Beaton Street. Phone 06. Beginning today CFriday), the Daily. Sun will be sent free to every family' living within the" corporate limits of Frost for a period of six 'months. The Sun will be delivered to every home the same evening flie paper is published, thereby (rlv- lng the citizens of Frost the first news from 12 to 24 hours earlier than any other source, 'Representatives of the circulation department o£ this paper were in Frost today io make arrangements for the. distribution of the Sun direct to the homes of the citizens. In this manner the people of Frost will not only have their paper with all of the "county, state and foreign news, with other attractive syndicated features, but will also have a medium of contact with their own affairs every d,ay- The people will be kept posted of the dal]y v progress of the rebuilding of their community to -where it was before the storm hit them. Since the great Frost disaster the Daily Sun has been supplying free of charge all extra editions, as well as the- regular* edition of the Sun, and In 'the future the distri- button will be made to the homes direct for the next six months -free of all cost. Made Fresh in Corsicana Good bread—that's what they all say about American Bread — and there Is a reason why It is always good. We use nothing hut the very best Ingredients nnd employ none but high class, efficient bakers. Call for American Bread at your grocery. AMERICAN BAKERY. Paint Your Roof Bexnember the roof, too, when 5'ou plan to repaint your home. There are many different Ideas as to stains, color, paints, etc. . An old roof can be made to look new and given a harmonious color scheme. Faint your roof too, when 1 you paint your home. AS HMO HE BROS., . STORE. ' f hone 131. PAINT cloth dona wish who Those to peopl fortunate to uig and cleaned them have may Bring FREE pressed ant at deliver and them to Commerce Chamber them to head designated been which these collecting quarte gar merits phon Tele Dep eaners Beaton Miscellaneous USED FURNITURE WANTED Will pay highest cash price Try us. I ' Miles Furniture Exchange* Phone 2126. FOB BENT—UnlurniHhod duplex apart ment, llvo rooms at 1737 Wcst Snd av- cnue. Thono IBSOtMV. FOR BENT—Two room furnished apartment with ntholninff bnth; earncn il need- cd< Apply 81L "West 7th avenue. Phono 1040. _____ FOR RENT—A three room apartment, bodroom, kitchenette, and living room, also a lour room apartment, bedroom, living room, brakfait room and kitchenette, a 1 complotely lurnlBhed. Apply W. w. Walton. 410 N. 13th street. Phone 433. UNFURNISHED duplex Kiarlmom, lour rooms and two story eleepln* porch, J07 West 3rd avenue. Hot and cold water • Separate entrances nnd mo- Rent reaaonublo and to atart on 15th If taken now. Call aud »ee or phone 403—Cal E. Kerr. APARTMENT—Newly 'furnished with electric Ian. three room upstairs with provato bath, in my brick Homo, 3011-2 West Urd avenue. Hot and cold water Inrniahcd. Secinsr ia bcllcvinr. the most dcslrablo and reasonable in tho city lor sorvico lurnlfihed. Now available. Phone 41)3 or coma _and mto Cnl B, Kerr> FOR BENT—-Modern live room unfurnished upstairs apartment, pnra^e, cloao in at 314 \Vcat 3rd avenue. Prince Apartments. Also live room cottage, leaturus, an West 6th avenue and 20lh St.; parade, TiRvcd street. Apply Mrs. D. P, • Prince. Phono 2.178. . FOR RENT—3 room apartment, nicely furnished with modrrn conveniences, to couple without children. Garajro incluri- rd. About May 1. Phona 008. 1105 Wast 7th avejiue. FOR RENT—Two-room furniutwd apartment; all conveniences. CaJl at 803 West 7th avenue. i — 4 Announcements FOB COUNTY ClEKK The Corsicana «Dally Sun is authorlied to announce Pol Gcr,iu?hty as a candidate. , for tbe office of County Clerk of Nararro ! county sublet to tho action ot tho demo* ' cratlc primaries, * „;-. The Coralcan* Dally Sun Is authorUed ' to announce L. 0. (Bridffe) Morgan as & candidate for the office of county dork of Navarro county, subject to the action ot'. the democratic primaries. The Corslcan.i Daily Sun ia authorized to nnnonco Felix DeLafosso ns an candidate lor tho offico of County Clerk of Navarro county subject to tbo action ol tbe democratic primaries, Tho Corslcana Dally Sun IR authorised to announce Lonnio Ij. Powell as a candidate for the offico of County Clerk of Nararro County, subject to the action ol tha doni- ocratlo primaries. FOR COMMISSIONER PRECINCT XO; 2.' The Corilcana Daily Sun is authorized to announce 0. M. Fitzgerald as a can- ' didato lor tha offico of Commissioner' of Precinct No. 3 of Navarro county subject to tho action of the domocrattc prtmayiet.. r For County Treasurer. ' The CorBicana Daily Sun Is authorized to announcn W. H. Dodds as a candidate for tho offico of county treanurer ol N»* varro county aubject to tho action o/ tha democratic primaries. Tho Corsieana Daily Sun Is authorized to announce Molvin Penney as a candiUata for the office of County Treasurer of .Nararro county sublet to the action of'lbe democratic primaries, .;•The Coralcana Dally Sun Is authorized to announce W. O. McDonald as a Candida to for treasurer of Navorro county, subject lo tha action nl tbe democratic pri* rnarloa. ~FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY "~" Corelcana Dally Sun in authorised to amiounce H. B. DavJes as a candidate for re-ejection to tho offico of county, attorney of Navarro county, subject to'tha action of tho democratic primaries, • Tho Corstcnna Dally Sun is authorized to annoiinco John R. Currinerton as a candidate for the offico of County Attorney of Navarro county subject to tha action or tha democratic primaries. Tho Corsicana Dally Sun la authorized to announce Cleo G. Miller as a candldata-Ior the officn of County Attorney of Navarro county subject to tho action ol tho democratic primaries. Tho Corslcaim Daily Sun ft authorized' to announce Chris L. Knox ns a candidate for tho offico ot county attorney of Navarro .county subject to tho action of tho democratic primaries. . ; • FOB COMMISSIONER PRECINCT NO; 1" The Corslcaua Dally Sun la authorized to announce Qaorca W. Boyd as a candidate for tho office of commiestonor of precinct No. 1, Navarro county, subject to tlio acllon of the democratic primaries, Tho Corslcana Dnily Sun is authorized to announce Jack Meg-arlty as a candidate for rolGctlon to thn office of Commissioner at Precinct No. 1, Navarro county, eub- joct to the action of tha democratic pri- marica. Tho Coralcana Dnily Sun Is authorised to announce R. S. Reid as a candidate for Commissioner of Precinct No. 1 subject to tho action of tho Democratic primaries. Tho Coralcana Dally Sun is authorized to announce Mack Fouty as a candidate for tho office of commissioner of precinct No. 1. JTavarro county, subject to tha action ot tho democratic primaries. • j •; FOR TAX ASSESSOR. " ":' • The Coraicuna Dally Sun la authorized to announce Rufus c. Loyd as a candidate for the off ICQ ot Tax Assessor ot Navarro county subject to too action'of the democratic primaries.. * Tho Corslcana Daily Sun U authorized to announce Dock J. Martin as • a candidate lor the offico of Tax Assessor of,Navarro county subject to tho action of-tha Democratic primaries. _ FOR SHERIFF. The CorBicana Dally Sun Is authorized to announce Bufua Pevehouse as a candidate for re-election (second term) to- tba office of Sheriff of'Navarro county, subject to the action ol tha democratic -primaries, \ FOR DISTRICT CLEBK. . > Che CorBicana Daily Sun is authorl«ed to announce Mrs, Louisa B,-Honey•-.»» a, candidate lor re-election (second term) to the officn of district clerk of County subject to tho action ot the ocratlc primaries. COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR. The Corsicana Daily Sun is authorised to announce Mrs. (Kalie) Joa Woods M » candidate for re-election (second torm) to tho offico of Tax Collector of Nav.arro county subject to the action ol the demo* cratlc primaries. '_._ ~~FOR COUNTY JUDGE. rT ""~ The Corsicana Daily Sun is authorized to announce Clay Nash aa a candidate ttif reelection (second torm) to the o: " County Juilg-o of Navarro county to tho action of tho Domocrntic primaries. Lost Rooms STRAYED—niue mare mule about 16 l-'2 linnda hlrh, Thursday nlffht. H. p. Wooloy. Routo 3. CorsicanH. LOST—LaxlloB jmrso containing petition to Governor Moody lor 00 duy lurloupli for Marvin Dyer. Finder plcaeo re-turn to Mm. Dyer his mother at 401 East First avenue. ' J^OST—A German police dop about thn.-o wnnka ago. Do? is subjects to fltn; brown color. Reword.. Notify Will Coleman. Phone 1170. LOST—Will tho party finding $21.00 or *:i'J.OO iu curroncy at Dr. Ham's revival Thursday uiffht please, call J. E. PopoJoy, FOR RENT—-3 "furnished rooms a part- mont, all convcnineccs; private cntrancn; ndjolnlnff bath: closo in. at 614 North Main sti'pot. Phono 15B7-J. • FOR RENT—..icely furnished bod room or apartment. Close in. 531 North Beaton St. Phono 2073-J. Automobiles MODEL lltrhl delivery Dodpo truck for , or will trudu lor milk cow. John T. Jackson. Phono 180. SELL my practically new Plymouth Sedan; amnJl clown pni;r..ent. bnlanco monthly, or will trado for cheaper used car. Can bo enen nt 807 West 7tU avenuo, or call 771 utter 11:30 p. m. FOR KENT—South bnclrootn next to \>ath. Phonn T 1 ' 10 nr CftU at U2B Wcst 4th avtfnuo from 1 to 10 p. m> ; VQH RENT—3 or 4 attractively furnished rooms in my live-room cottapc -wltu op- nional on 1 nr 2 rooms lor mynoir. All ntdern convenicncca. built in features; nl- ao X'-cflr safitgc. Bent yrry reasonable. Prnlcr bufilncats counle ot KenUp.mcn. AV-l primaries. ply at 807 West 7th avomia or call 771 after 3:80 P- ro. _____ FOR R?:NT—Nicely furnished south bed room. Private entrance. Close in—015 N. Beaton St. Phone 1832-W. FOR RENT—Larpo bed room, private entrance, adjoining'bath. Garafffl If desired. 414 VFoal FOR nOUNTY StI PK RI N Tho Corsicnna Daily Sun ia authorixad to announce John A, Sands as a Candida to for tho ollico ot Superintendent ot «-Na« varro county, subject to tho action ot tbo democratic primaries. Tho CorBicana DaKy Sun Is authorised to announce E. P, (Mose) Walls as a candidate, for tho Offico of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Navarro county,'subject to the action of tho democratic primaries. • ; Tho CorBicana Dally Sun Is authorized to announce Henry G, Cbnndlnr aa & can- rlldatn for the office of Superintendent of: Public Instruction of Nnvarro county subject to tho action ot the dcmacratio primaries. . FOR JUSTICE OF THK PKACB PRECINCT 1. PLACE 1. ", The Corsicutia Daily Sun Is authorized to announce S. 11. Jordan as a candidate, lor rc-oleclion to tho office of Justice of tho Poaaco Precinct No. I. Place 1. anhjocfi to tho action of tho democratic primaries. Tha Corslcnoa Daily Sun ts authorized to annoiinco J. L. Cox, us candidate for Justice of tho Pancr, Precinct One. Place One, subject to tho action of the Democratic FOR JUSTICE 01* THE PRACB PR1SC1NCT 1, PLACE 2. Thn Corfilcapa Dally Sun ia authorize*d to announcn Vf, W. ctopton a» a candidate, for re-election' as Justlco of tho Peace. Precinct 1. Place !i. subject to,tho action of the democratic primaries. . that coi WANTED—Yountr man to sha.-« Janre. and delightfully cool ^bedroom nnd^jii'.vato bath, with two ftuntlameq. All beds rtfp* arato. Bent very tcatsonabje.. Rlns «it during 1 day or 2300 in ovenimr. Call 058 West Stti avenue. Mrs. S. C. Borby. FOR RENT—Furnished room downstairs ndlolninff Imth; with or without BamRo; threa blocks frnm InulncMS flection, across from Navarro Clinic. 408 West CollLn St. Phone £383 or 875. -• ••* B. W . ELLIS & CO. Our Store on Main and 7th avenue and our Used I2ar Lot on North Beaton. Open evenings to 8:30 p.m. Phone 1248. V Wanted WANTED— Position by liunent boy ffraduatlnir from 1 . 0 . 0 . F . homo litM-o* This boy's father was a MUBOH anU Ofld Fi-Uo«'» If IntcrcatoU call and htm, it. FOIt CON8TARLE TBECINCT NO, The Corslcnna Dally Sun IB to nnnounco C. P. Brooks ns a for thfl ulllco of constablo of 1. Navnrro county, subject to tho action ol tho domocr.ttlu primaries - * • Tho Cornicnnn Dnily Sun la atithorlxed to announce £1. B, Hafia as a candidate tha offico of CouRtablQ Precinct Na, Nrvyarro county^ nubject to tho action of tho democratic primaries- Tho Corsica n a Daily Sun IB authorizad to announco John W, Stewart as A candidate [or tho offico of constablo of Prcdnct No. 1, Navarro county, subject to tbo ftC- Uon of the democratic primaries, Tho Corslcana Dally Sun is authorized In anno unco J. H. Harris ai a cnndldato. tor thus otfln nf Constnblu of Prcctnct No. 1, Navarro dtiutily, fiuhj^ct to tho action of tho domneratic prltnorles, ;* _ WANTED to buy wire h»ng<?rs. Phono Cloanlnff nnd PrcsslnFr Shun, 113 W Collin. Phono J20> ChuB. Ptmk. Help Wanted—Female WANTED—Moid at once, AppJy Marion Hutcl. North Main Street. ADDRESSING ENVELOPES—AT HOME, Bpnrc lime. Subntaiiilnl weekly pay: experience unnecessary. DpliKhtful work for honest, ulnwm i>orfionfl, JSmpIoyninnt Box USB, Et\at, Chicago^ Indiana. opening our Weal 2nd Horrry and Plants and Seeds ROSES OR MOTHERS, DAY— 10 varie- tips, very reasonably priced. Mrs. R. *"• Petty, south of Cotton Belt Y. _ FOB SALE — Tomato plants, Ifi cents per hundred. Phone 0028. Professional Cards C. F. Bryan, M. D. DISEASE OF SKIN AND RECTUM ELECTRO -THEROPY 21454 North Main Street Phone 862. DEPENDABLE PLUMBING- and repairs at very vcuaonnblo pricrn, All work Brunr- anleerl eatlafactory. I'hono 2-100. J. Lee Keller. DRESSMAKING—Wn """ if,' fllmp nt Mra. W. E. Smith. Dreanmaklnp, Llono, etc. . Ucsl of work. reasonable pricpR. Satisfaction guaranteed. Phones UU4-J or 2271. SUMMER SCHOOL JUNE, JULY, AUGUST . t Day and Night Corsicana Business College S. Main. Phone 801 FOB KKTURSRNTATIVIS SBtn ( Composed Navnrrt> County.) ' Tho Corslcnna Dally Sun ia authorized to annnunco CoL A, N, Ju^tifis as a candi- da to fur Ropreswutatlvo from tho 68th District, nubjcct to tho action of tho democratic primaries. B . _ _ _^L_^_____. __ _ _ _ _ _ ___ fr FOB AHHOCIATR Jl'STICR CO17HT Of CIVI1- ArPKALS. Tim Corslcann, Daily Sun is authorized In nnnotincn JUIIIPR P, AIc^iinricT us iliikitA Inr tho nffirc of Associate of ihft Oourf nf Ch'il Apn* i ;iJ*f fiubject to tho action of Ihn dtMiionratic primaries. Lodge Calls Navarro Camp No. 5. — Woodmen ot tho World meets every .Friday nlffhl W. Q. W. Hull, cornur Beaton and Third. Erneat Palmer. C. C-H K .Sle w art, clerk. t'omleana Lndeu No. (W, I. O. 0. Muottt every Thursday nlsrht at 7:30 o'clock In the I. O. 0. P. Hall, comer North Beaton and West Third avenuo. brothers always welcome. Roy •WANTED—1000 second hand suits. Pax- her Tailoring Co. Phonn 1323. TERRACING AND DITCHING—I hare tho tractors and graders. Good work by experienced man. Phone or call Ed Wood Uarapo at Rouna ur como to Heater, Texas, Guy Wood. Itouto 6. CorBicana, WE DO CLEANING AND PRESSING—Up to dato machinery. Uand Pressing" and Steam Dyeing-. Alternations marie by er- pert'tailors. Any suit can be altered and finished up to dato styles. Rcp&irlnff And rip or bad tear can be JJxed by expert. Suits cleaned and pressed $1.00; Pants 50c. -Wo mako eults hero If you wish. Phono 120. Chaa Pioek. 113 W, Collin. \< F. J. GREEN, M. D. General Practice s Special Attention to Female ^ Chronic Diseases and Piles. PHONE: Residence 1578. Beaton Hotel Bldg., Corsican*. Agents Wanted RELIABLE LOCAL MEN Auto Accessory Concern. Full or apart" time. Our men earn rood pay. Experience unnecessary. Majno, (i Beacon St., Boston. Mans. __ _ ___ __ ^_ LAHGE Nationally Known Manufacturers will start you in busings* lor youraclf. Wo Inrninh newly tveryihm*. Many make S50 to $76 wrkly profits. Steady repeat G. C. Hcb**r- Blooming. JU. lock, uoblo k*nmd; L. M. Jones, ' Tlca grand; W. J. Luun. secretary. _ !!„, Corslcana Clmuiher of Co mm/rea,— Membership meets on call of officers at of- flfo 114 West Fifth avenue, acres* •treat from Ideal Theater. C. L. Jester, preii- dent; W. O. Harwell, •ecretary-treaa- urcr. Phono_7Q6. __ TorjicUna I.odie No. 430 KnlghU of Py» thlai.— Meets every l^uebday nignt In K. of P. Hall, third floor of Hardr P*dC duildlnf. VlaltUiR member* stway* -'welcome. Gabc Golilberv. C. C.; C. B« liuley, K._oJ_R. A_8. __ rraetorl»n» — Sleet every second and fourth Monday niplita io tho month at .8 o'clock K. of I J . Hall. J. L. Hanson. 3. S.; Fred_While. Rfcnrdcr. Nnvarru Knramjiinrnl No. -11 — Meota 1st and .'Ird Monday and Canton meots 2nd and 4th Monday nUhia in tho moth at 8 oclock. Be sure ad be on hand. Joo Rehdern, C. P.; R. L. BeneflcW. H. P.; H. E. Traylor. Scribe. Bus Information Write quickl lm« Company. Depl. 2272 BUS LEAVES FOR FORT WORTH At 7;yo, 0:30, a. m.. 13:30. 3:30. 6:30 p. m. Faro 52.25. 10 per emit off on all round trin ticket.*. BUS LEAVrS FOR MEX1A At 7:16,10:20 t.. ,m.. 1:4o. 4:15 ti;*5 fin J'l 1 I ** -•*• J* i

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