The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 16
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, Mttnftttiin i'i*M<?iiu . inia»exiBiian cngsovB i wie wuenius v and family ;.sbift&, Sunday ,<ft ,-LOU Vitzthum , toirmMAt Minn! where'.they viS'-l^dintiac, lii.} f VitathuMS^Att cairmoni, Minn, wnere.tney vis* Mrqnuac, in.; J.OIJH itetLMf's; Doris, Mordeh and SM S fLaurens; deorgC'WHz aft^ ' / , ,.:,'{. ff« pvlHgtonj the Lukfe Y *&< vMn-j'f^llii, -*M-»fVlt«thunM.tfi fc.JIffiS'E J&'ijf'iVj&ti-a * &V& * t ££1 . _„ I Tfira/*-.*.. L. _,,.. .1 *» . "Uituhi •\tt Mr, M*« and Mrs. Richard Mullin are -ftaitmts of ' pound, , 10 ounce boy botn Tuesday at St. Ann hospital. Mr, and Mrs*, Martin KolIaSeh are parentt o'i£?a four 'poim^ ten ounce spiybdrh Aug. 24 at St. Ann hospital. J? _K>— "( « W.'i'arfd Mfs. 4 P; O,-Darw6iler are beteg;>visH0fc%>thc'' former's brother, Marry Dorweilcr and daughter, tttarridt of Miflncapol- is. •".VM-^-'fcW 1 ' f * •" '' i _ a*,.? *-i ';_.•.' ' .. < v 'jj j find family were Sunday attending county fain &ll v flWk at Fairmoht the Martih , w Mr, and MM.-;Cra!tf Vinidn >|nd family of Bticti Rapids spent Sunday here with' Mi*,- VinsonS* anil. "~ ' ioon the, University of Valparaiso. Mrs; A. b. Lehman and daugh' |5arefttS, Mr. fthum, also tholhcr, Mrs. Milton" Dahl other relatives, ' i? —""?: , ' Mr. and Mrs. Jart'Gardner ate .the parents of theft first child! a daughter, K&rltf J J«SnY b'&rrt Aug. 22 at St. Ann hospital. She "weighed "silt pounds, one ounce and is the first -.grandchild for Mrg.HCHfford Johrisbn. Paternal grandparents are' Mr. and Mrs* ,QrvilIe, Gardner, , I * ' ' , *ii|5 a\j\jiL A.U* AiiuJYUioci. WIIGJ.C im | _^ - r will begin his freshman year at OMduaM - - • • • ' James W. .. .... Gardner were • aitteftg -oUr ««, r ._„.. . graduates of ttam'iltori Busiiieilf ter, Mrs. Don West, baffle from College, Mfcsorf Cify, SUffday'ltf" Des Moines for, the SMth-PlUhi- 'ternbon, Atig. '20-at the Meflfd mer. jvefldlng'' Saturday, Mrs. dist church there. 'Lehma* i *xo£<*&u-i - n--- -«._„--1 ' -*fcUi , . + Adt < 'n^altes JherVhome he^Westfe'* iff Bake Sieve Millef ending a ~, -,—"-• :•- , «».»«™««ia " josepns pansn <nau alter tne i eave from the tiavy*-h(4re with and 9 o'dlock' masses Sunday A bake sale field in St, '' parisH 'hall ftftef the 7 3 • JpJ ffiiM ts ' nard Miller. iL . - Mrs. May : |Sept. 3. Coffee "and "rollJJrwili the'end of the| Also be served. V The iaffaW is Will It Have ELECtftlC i ( 5, \ ,r H E AT ? luu« i»jiHu, j-it me cuu ui uit-iaiso oe served. 1 ,' me -affair is 12 days he will go to -Memphis, sponsored by Circle *2 and 'fl of Tcnn. to electronics 1 school. - the Guild.f. - ( " Mrs. G. WJ Siillman has *eJ Mr. ; and' Mrs. Oscar Erickson ^'"^j . m MwVerrioii'where of Pequot -Lake, Minn, visited town nan m uvermore, iowa. She- had. been ;witn Mtf.and Mrs. friends and relatives here'sev- .'. A Director at Large will be elected Dan Jones. Mrs, Jones, is the for- eral days last week Thev were i9 r a 'SV? 4 : 01 * hr ee years to succeed mm. Maiv,i, <i*lHw.h^ ' -uj iu_.J L. -T * ., . T_./ -i were ontn OU»h whose term expires Sen* »» »t i r"'"-"i' 0 •*"• «»-i ciut uaya tusi weeK. iney \v mer Marcia Stillrn&rt, ahd they houseguests of De Etta Hall, have a new son, Matthew. The! .The item in last weeks"t>aj«a other children are Brad and should have read Mr. and Mrs. Martin. I Elof Pearson instead. of , Mrs. . Women _ circles'will have their first mee*.1 Vernon" Where" they, visited hW YES! ALGONA'S FIRST ALL-ELECTRIC 'GOLD MEDALLION HOME' WILL BE HEATED ELECTRICALLY — the carefree, trouble-free push-button heat of the future that is here now ings'-of'the'fall. Season Sept. Circle A' will riieet^with Mrs. A. F. Agena, Circle.- B;*'< Mrs. Onan Hudson,; Circle C, Mrs. William Funk, and' Circle'D, Mrs. John I Grotte. —o— WSCS of ihe Methodist church will have its first fall luncheon Sept. 7 at 1 p.m. The September circle, Mrs. Elizabeth Post and Airs. Stanley Gardner, chairmen, will serve and Rev. Newton Coughenour will give the pro| gram.' Pally Price was honoree al a slumber party _ Tuesday evening 1 at the home of Kendra Seely, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Seely. Patty is the daughter | ;of former Algonans, Mr. \ and Mrs. Lee Price, now of Imperial Beach, Calif, arid the family had , been visiting in Iowa for the past month. —o— Capt. and Mrs. Donald L. Ev-' ans of Edwards Air-Base, Calif, and Mrs. Blanche Osborne, Redwood, Calif., were guests of Carrie Durant Saturday. Capt, Ev- .ans is a test pilot at Edwards Air'Base, f flying the U-2 jet plane. Mrs. Evans, a forme* grade school pupil of Miss Durant, is secretary for Major Roberts. The trip here was in their private plane. COMING SOON! Algona Municipal Utilities AMU Means You Own It! Relative Dies In So. Dak. Wesley — Mr. and Mrs. J. 'T. Meurer returned home Sunday, On Aug. 20 they had taken their granddaughter Janelle Vogel to her home at Lohrville. The next day they went to Ollie to visit an -aunt, Mrs. Mary Mallingcr. On Tuesday they received a call from her sister, Mrs. Ed Bramble of Jefferson, S. D. saying that her husband, 66, had died suddenly of a heart attack. They •attended his funeral Wednesday at Sioux City. Mrs. Bramble is Mrs. Meurer's twin sister, Sue. Viizihum Reunion A family reunion was held Aug. 27 at the Jack Vitzthum home. Those who attended were CONTINUOUS SUNDAY SUNDAY & MONDAY WHAT A PLEASURE..,and it's ail yours! Paramount pfgxnts . J FRED ASTAIRE DEBBIE REYNOLDS LIILI PALMER TAB HUNTER J parents Mr. arid Mrs. Jerome Gallogly and baby of Des Moirtes spent several days over the weekend at the parental Leo Bleich home. The annual turkey dinner will be served Sunday afternoon, Sept.' 17, in St. Joseph's parish hall. Much volunteer repair and redecorating work has been done in St. Joseph'se parochial-school Mr. and |Mrs. Tom Wirigerl and their Son Larry and wife of McAllen, Tex., and Mr. ahd Mrs. Lou Wingert and their daughter and children of Marshfield, Wise, were houseguests of the Lawrence Wingerts and the Ed Johnsons over the weekend. ..Mr. 'and Mrs. Alf Studer and their houseguest, his daughter, Mae Studer of Santa Fe Springs, Cal. spent the weekend, in the home of their daughter and sister Mrs.'(Phyllis) George Kelch and family at Postville. Sunday, Aug. 27, guests in the Bill Koppen home were her father and sister, A. J. Renger and Mary Lea of Bancroft and Mr- and Mrs; G. A. Osmus and family of Lake Crystal, 111. Mrs. Josie Gauge accompanied Mr.: and Mrs. Bill Spangler of Britt to Carroll Aug. 20 where they spent the day with relatives. A food,and grocery shower foi the Sisters was held Tuesday evening when the; St. Jos'eph Guild met and completelj^plans for" ; the annual turkey ^dififter' which will be served to the'pub-' lie Sept.: 17. • ; Mrs. F. H. Wessel and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Durham and children were guests at the Wilfred Becker and Josie Gauge home Aug. The Jack, John, Urban, Den nis and Lou Lickteigs attende the wedding of . Joan , Waldsch midt, and Richard Thompson a the St. Mictiael Catholic churcl at Whittemore Saturday morn ing Aug 26. Joan Js, a daughte of Edna Mae (Lickteig) and El Hot Waldschmidt of Whittemore Mrs. Ted Worsley and daugh ter Lynn of El Monte, Calif came Aug. 25 to visit her father Oliver Young for two weeks Jack Worscly has just complete his boot training in the navj and is now at Pensacola, Fla. Dennis Potthoff, son of Mrs Albert Lickteig, suffered a frac ture of the left arm above the wrist. He is a fourth grader In St. Joseph's parochial school. Mrs. Josie Gauge had as the! Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bentcle of Swea City and Mr. and Mrs. Wil Houptly, Charles Price has sold hi.< K & H Oil truck to Bob Lick teie, a former Wesleyan. Price had operated the truck about 25 years. Lou Vitzthum and children o Pontiac, 111. and Mr. and Mrs Floyd Dolan of Alexander, S D. spent several days last week at the George Vitzthum home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Studer of Canogo Park, Calif, visited his aunt, Mrs. George Ricke lane family Aug. 32. On Friday Mrs Valerian Johnson of Junction City, Kans. came for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Ricke. On Satur- dfay ™ M r i i, and Mrs ' Tom Wingm of McAllen, Tex. called on the Rickes. Sunday the George and Dean Rickes and the houseguests joined the f pur Leo Studc-r daughters and their families at Mr. and Mrs. Arden Lov'land^of Minneapolis joined them for the family gathering. lots.* engaged ig \JJWMSjfof itlM ttnlttUHtt- pfalli uniiw t shear ........ ...l.aHd it Was moVed tad at final plans and specif! iCqunty, Ibwa, ahd'thfe^toWff 6f }H.HumboWt CoitrttS 1 , 'I6»a, 'fl It the schoolhouse In Ottdsen, 1 o ,. emu* me town a o£ le. lit .HumboTdt County, Iowa -and Riverdale Townshif) ' "in ,'VKosauth' hty, Wwa will yotfcntihtf aity hsai , , and in the town or tivertnore, HUJn*i boldt County, Iowa, Will Vbte -at the' , , town hall in Livermore, Iowa. rorswarart* j.ut c* »«-• ••• • w. nii^.G jicaio wj auuuccu Orren Olson whose term expires September, 1061. >.A Director at Large will be elected lor a term of three years, to succeed Erling Malmirt, whose term expires September, 1961. • • /-• The above notice of election is given by the order of the School Board of «_I^ t*it»l*« t)t«r^iTKt /^d*M*v»«h4t*4* < aAl»«.w) days in Chicago, and »at Mil a? ld ^'J 1 Rlvers community • sehool non Where the- - strlcti m the couttU =» Municipal j<? f5r* jr ^tt"[ ,, UTILITIES PBOCEEDIMOS , A' mcetlflgjof th6;Boafd 6£ Tnistees of the Algona'MutHo'ipal Utilities Was leld-in the Cl(y Hall,-City of Argona, " "ftAat A i30-o'clock P.M, , ., len Buchanan, O. ay, T. James Pal' KOhl, Sec. „. Harmes, MeLVlh Ba mer, Supt., ahd Ira Horn, sec. The minutes of the meeting of July 1, ,1961, were read and approved. Motion by liarmes, seconded by Bay", tat the,vouchers payable be approved nd authorized paid as audited. Boll all, voting "Aye". Buchanan, Harmes nd Bay. Voting '"Nay", none..Motion arried. •.?/••:.. ' ' 4^4aL ff ie«tiH&f£k;s' iit |f ^-»P«- ; « |Bbr-j.i- I _JSasfc« Vff«.*>' .. labor *.^.u , labof i^.— ,,i..j.C.Ji..^ .„.,.«,- elrteYS, tabor ^»'.K.^. Max HelmgrS, labor — ... ^..L — Edwin Hcltners, labor .-...•—-» i bwft Talc k Jw.wC.'^.'.*.Uj*.^wi«- see. See. Fufla,,s6t 1 ;s6<s. ux Redlng's CtraOal,! Sarvy North Gen; Pjjfi. Sfef; Coi /j > r . t 'DEPOSIT ro Jack al, refuhd Next meetfert aste .was.set fdt ' 19911: 81 ' 41.49 3w *- 20 / .00 Tom* boy And The •CMnip"' 7:00-10:00, "Morgan The Pirate 1 ! 8(40, Saturday Matlneej.At i!3<5. ^h*n • Suridayi"The Pllifertirl-O* Mis Company" l:30-3:20-5:i5-7:2B-9t '• Monday triS^ Miatinee,at 1:30. ;<,.,., 6.'~ M'o'ii'ct a y , Tuesday .'and Wednesda ""Sanctuary" 7:00-10:00; '"* Story" 8!30./v VR '-' "i 1 . '-' n«n,\,.A,!-,l i i nil If i i t _____ M. St. p. at P.&..R. Co ' Humboldt , Frei^it j..-'-- t ^.JL-.'.—--j $ 40.25 HAIL Mr and Mrs. Cleo Siglin of Evansdale recently had their greenhouse damaged by hail. ineir loss was about $8,500 in gl'ass and crops. About 2,000 panes of glass were broken during the hail storm. ... ,. TBBB An apple tree ihsti is centered on the properlly line between the larnum ancl Sehinadeke resi dt-nces in Stunner has so many apples that they are growing in bunches like grapes. CARETS. 2. 3, 4 ticin fit- i n v» r . Pub. Upper De» o., Alyyad. Moines THURS. . THRU- SATURDAY 2 NEW FEATURES HIS NAME AND FAME RA6E OVER THE JOSEPH EtEW* "^ """ ER THE SEAS M • EASTUW Color ••CINEMASCOPE SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY ' i i '•< _•< it \f : ! „".*•»" L* . t ' " . t«t< II ;;• Wl« Ikfinw 1W H»Mm«»M»Bi^;wwB/ mmfwwim ...IT WIU BE REMEMBERED FOREVER! - J X *« „ ( v +**-*#«».» . * a i '*, \ 2nd NEW FEATURE IN COLOR — ^1-heart: story IM«IP"9 CANDY MOORE BEN JOHNSON |jESSEWHITE«CHAMPY,lheA«us SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1;30 TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY WILLIAM .FAULKNER'S PLUS SECOND BIG FEATURE •. thaii College girt who can't, , help JoVi'ri Tallboys!... anthonyperkms Jane-fbndq REMEMBER Tie Vast Annies Avalanch- Ing Across Mountain And Rain! - f. YOU'LL REMEMBER The Awesome Siege Of The Cannon! "" * .. STARTS AT 8:15 YOU'LL REMEMBER; TheStandOfThelSBMen Against ,7.000! ' ' J, YOU'LL REMEMBER ' Davy Crockett Standing On The Ramparts! ' YOU'LL REMEMBER The Daring Raid Into! The Heart Of The Enemyj' Camp! ' '* JOHN WAYNE /RICHARD WIOMARK/UURENCE iper ' •imViir MTRICKWYNE/UNDACRISTXl ,,„ : : A /VALON JOAN O'BRIEN/CHILI WIUS/.S5 RICHARD BOOSE PLUS Coior'Cartoon 'nowKouiir 10 ^* 1 '' 1 '' SUN. PRE-LABOR DAY MIDNBTE SHOW ATOMIC MUTAJION OF HUMANS AlHEDISON-PATRICIATOWENS VINCENT PRICE-HERBERT MARSHALL STARTS BOX OFFICE OPEN UNTIL 11:30 — Come Early:Stay Late! THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY BROUGHT BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER ELIZABETH TAYLOR BEST ACTRESS! METRO-GOIDWYN-MAYER p f | W i» ELIZABETH TAYLOR LAURENCE HARVEY EDDIE FISHER JPHN Q'HASA'S W IUTTERFIELD glqmgrgirl Viho wakes up ashamed! THE BEST-SELLER IS ON THE SCREEN WITH ALL ITS INTIMATE EMOTIONS INTACT! THUB80IY NI6HT18 BUM HITEI THE WHOLE DABLQAO FOR 81.00!

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