The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 11
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.W^*..^ iSVitfwWWS. •«»,v JK , I passed Aug. ° f fHends - Thank you lT 1 : ^Margaret Pann- 1W Vinnie Godckrd, Ethel Doe Dorothy Campbell, fevalyn Me* Mabel Rcn A110n ' Esther -Benson, Ed and Velnia Haefi SiUh Cook, Mabel Livingstfn Max ;and. Nona Miller and LeoS el, >o hit the nail on the •"» est «9t.lyi- 1 must quote n u^ n ? ther caildle °n your cake, That's no cause to pout Be glad yotl'Ve, still got strength « Jo blow : the\ darn things ^•', And "^t's not HAVING a . birthday that makes us so mad Itls the DAMAGE they brinjus that makes us so mad." Louise Malpne Turner informed me her anniversary was Aug., 18. 'It coincides with Margaret Pannkuk's Dorothy Young .' Campbell .men^ tioned the Seattle World's Fair tWat opens April) 1962 ^ ^ Doping some Algonans will be attending and Will look her up at Edmunds. ' • • . * * '• • , A lovely bouquet ofl, glads, a , plate of fruit and 'a tray mit were added to make my; day happier. Thank; you .again donors. One present was a tray mat.' It was made .by Cynthia Lone, daughter of Mrs. Howard Long who is leader- of Girl : Scout troop 23. The nine..glrls, arc, given projects and 'one- is to'Vemem- ber residents of -Good Sam'ari- tan on their anniversaries. » ' * '*.,'_,•• .' Climax of the day was a phone call from my 'cousin Mel- vm Henderson at Upland and a talk with each .member, of the family. How wonderful to talk ij/f 5 /-! 8 * 6 " 6 / membrance-lovely gkds I ^ a *°l Lusby. It wtis hice ,.ov.,, e them to carry on from where the other bouquet left off.-Two spikes were of very unusual coloring and one was a prize winner-Mar offspring, I should say, of a' prifce winner. Mr. and Mrs. D, K, 'Chiquel returned from a vacation, ia part of whicH was spent In Chicago. They saw the .Tommy Bartlett Water Carnival in froht of the McCormick buildihg and^voted it very lovely. * * * '. ' Many of you will remember Fred Cotterell, Whose wife was the late Verba Morgan. In a chfat with Mrs. Bertha Bilsboroughi a relative, I learned he is in a nursM. ing home at Ottawa, 111. Since I am so content here, I was gted to know he is equally so at his home. * * • Alice Condon was at ihe Oko- .bojis .with her. brother-in-law and .sister when the Elm-Brook* Country club'--burned .recently. Her relatives trted ftj*. coax Her to go see it at r close range'but she declined; ,They Had to go 'th6 long way around via Spirit Lakfc to get back to their cdttage' due to dense traffic of :onlookers. I've been told the arear is still very congested" Sundays Vby those who wish to view the ruins. . ' '• . * * « ' There is Indian day at' Tilonka and Hobo day at Britt land Sauerkraut day at Lakotia, and now I've heard of andther "day". Pfeaiiifft'Of His Cdmpany" coming td the Algoha Theatre Sunday and Monday. BRIDAL PARTY: Fred Astaire and Lilli Palmer, right/are the ?St * °* Debble Reynolds, bride of Tad Hume* irt Perlberg-Sealon's The Pleasure of His Company," playing aMhe-ALGONA Theaita. .o.stairfng Gary Merrill and Charlie Buggies, the romantic s a Paramount release in Technicolor. \ t over miles of distance and 11 seemed as 'though they Were right in my room. *• * Thanks to .Ella and .Can Hutchins I have been, enjoying sweet corn on the cob and cucumbers. I hope corn on the cob isn't confined to, Americans. It is so delicious', I hope it has been iastituted in other countries. I doubt it. It seems :to me it is traditionally American, though perhaps not-as much on the west coast as in the midwest. i', ». • . ..' I haven't been down by Chris's but I-am told by neighbors his yard., is beautiful beyond . description. I saw many pretty yards in Humboldt on'the trip I'men tioned last week. For, some unknown reason the corn day at Schaller,'which place I have been told is the popcorn center of the world. Sauerkraui day. would suit me perfectly if served with baked; . spare-ribs. .... --------- ------- ., ..„ for a few months^ was my com- Popcorn day would come second. Ray and Lila Potter were at Schaller for the recent celebration and Lila told me about the various activities. It sounded like a good whing-ding. * , * * •'.-... We are having some curb arid gutter work done in preparation- for blacktop out north of Good Samaritan?West College street. I am very glad, for the street has been very dusty. You'd be surprised how much traffic there -is on this end of the street. * * . * . . • . i It had been a few months since I had seen Leora St. John due to her hospitalizlation following a back injury and her long period of convalescence, hence her inability to get "over here to 'tties $[cWhprter > and to see . nas now' recovered sufficiently to be brought here he message—"Wfc got home from.our Alaska..trip Thursday and left Saturday in' airplane getting to Tucson Sunday for the. National, Flying farmers convention. We.spent today with Dr L. W. Fox who' took us to this park and ,museum (Sonora Desert) and" other places of interest It was 1560 air miles and through mountain • passes." • * * Everybody will agree—"For fixing things around the house nothing beats a man who's handy with a check book.'' . .' ' . * * * Four months from now—"Albert says he , saw some women chasing Jimmy with a.bunch oi mistletoe and Jimmy says What's better, they caught him." » • * * It seems only day. before yesterday Judy Volentine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Volen- :ine, Burt, would drop in every now and then to visit with Esther Benson when she was my companion. And here she is grown up and married Aug. 12 at Omaha, Neb. Esther and Eliz- .beth Wolfe went there Sunday to attend a family reception. They accompanied Paul Hudson, Fenton. Mrs. Hudson had gone to the wedding. . * * * Zelba • and Russell -Maxweil have been- here from Ontario, Oalif., visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Patterson and his parents at Eagle Grove. Zelba is compiling data for the Patterson geneology and we have one thing in common; ancestry from 'Ireland. "Her family got here in the 1700s and 'mine in the 1600s. Her mother remeih- bers my great-grandparents, the John Heckarts, and told me of little amusing incidents, times when she went there to use the big swing and play with Julia Schichtl a neighbor about her age. Will Walker, her grandfather Charley 'Walker's brother, married May Cblburn, a cousin of my .mother, both granddaughters of the Heckarts. '•'/*'* * Other ex-Algonans who have been here are-Mr. and Mrs. Art Sorensen. A family reunion was held at, Marshalltown at which the sisters Edna, Mrs. Harry Malloy, Evelyn, Mrs. Warren Reese New Providence, and Dick, Houston, Tex., were present. They are' children of the - well-remembered Mr. and Mrs. Lars Sorensen. While Mr. and Mrs. Jewel Patterson and flieir daughter, Mrs. Russell Maxwell, were on a trip to Wisconsin, the Patterson's fifty-sixth wedding anniversary rolled around Aug. 16. Both attended Cornell college, Mount Vernon, from Which Mr. Patterson was graduated and he [ater attended the University of towa. Except for a few years at Iowa City, they have farmed icar Algona but have been re- ired for some time. Their son Verle and his family vacationed n northern Minnesota and- Canada and willsee a classmate of *w. M *\. y» ...vAivito^ wua my uuiu- ^iiAAii-iciin.y tw uc uiuugiii jiere panion before I came to Good rand when I heard' her on the Samaritan. She left Algona to porch, I went out to-say "Hello". . live in Chicago and make a home for her grandson, Jonathon Sanford,, whose parents Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sanford have for the past five years, been in the missionary' 1 field in South America and also taught in the elementary schools. Since there tvere no' high schools, Jonathon came here to enter high school. His parents, brother and sister have now been returned to Minneapolis on a year furlough after five years in South America. The local aspect is that Mrs. Sanford is the former Dorothy Da ken, a Kossuth County girl of the Lone Rock area. • •' • • Another belated birthday re- , . Mrs. McWhorter had. joined her there as Mrs, St. John could not climb the stairs. It was good to see her and she looks just fine. *-.**_ I mustn't, forget to add the birthdays of Anna McQuade and Ethel Gilles were also remembered by Girl Scout troop 23. Both were given; very pretty tray mats with different decorations, most attractive and original. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhorter sure get around. I had a card from them recently when they were in Alaska and' now came a card this morning (Aug. 16) from Tucson, Ariz. It will be of interest to Algonans so here is P&xKs&asB^^ BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICK HOMES AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) Save like sixty on'6ls..Join the big TRADE PARADE RAMBLER! Right now is the right time to make the move to Rambler—during our dollar-roving Trade Parade to Rambler Sale! Thousands are doing it—why not you? Come in! 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Owners Tud|-lB Hjurw lurnllhod ty IM'"! «utomotin lUtKUcil MBLER-World Standard of Compact Car Excellence / DADS GARAGE, 125 South Dodge, Algona, Iowa •Vorln's whom ha ftiet wh<*n at• tcnding the Dunwoodio sehool-a {Seven footer; which makes him a ,'spccial friend-Size as well as klrfl Wred spirits. lmagine-$even feet! jWcll, a good, .thing, .when, in a frrowd and the parade goes pfest! |lt must he kinda nice always be* 'Jng "looked lip" to. '•' * • '*.' * i A belaied birthday card ttom Drusilla,;; Grartd Island, Neb., welcome nevertheless, and Jhank you.: She says she will' be nere for the Wedding of her niece, Sheila Hansen and Charles gTippen Septi 9. | , • * ..*...•> f,.It iS; never loo old to learn, bnd this information comes fr6m >fhe 4-H girls' exhibit at the Kos- |uth County fain It makes a groat difference in muffins what Itind of a pan.; is used to bake them. Glass, ligHt; metal or dark. Light colored metil is the favorite and gets the best results,. » * * . ,. I am sure tyrs; Kale'Annis has ,the' distinction ifffi being 1 the oldest visitor at Hhe fair. She is 97 ;years and four months old. She covered the ground very well with her daughter Beth taking ;her in the car !to the 4,-H and. education halls, floral 'hJall ;and even down to the stock bairns. Supper at one of .the stands top- J ped the day, a s pleasant two hours or so. It is wonderful having some one, of her years having such an interest, compared with so many of much younger age evincing only indifference. Algona Scouts At Regional Fete In Kansas Explorers of the Prairie Gold Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, had a wonderful experience in democracy in action according to local delegates who attended .the Regional Confer-' ence held at Manhattan, Kansas: Aug. 6-9. .. . . . Five hundred and six explorers and leaders from Region. 8 were in attendance at this first Explorer's Conference which was organized, planned and conducted by the young men, under guidance of a few' adult advisors. Two nationally-known sprnk <?rs, Thomas J.. Keane, U.S.N. (retired) and Elmer P. Warnkin, were featured. Two local boys, Bill Bartlett and John Schutter entered the free , time competitive .sports events and: won.secdhd place-in swimming in competition with about 30 .teams .over the entire five-state' area. • Advisor to the Prairie Gold Area Contingent; was Wos Bart- Felt of Alg6na. ' . ' •• - '- ?.'.'• r ''"'- .'. . •''"•Portland News •' . •'-..••. * •'• Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks and Doryl were Sunday visitors in the Guy Dimond home. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lampe of Bancroft were Sunday supper thtmdny, Augusf 3t, !96t ftlgana (fa.) Upper Pet Me»ne»*3 guests in the Tony .Inndl home Mrs. Bill Trenary and Doyle called at the Tom Trenary home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. P. VV. Marlow and fnmily were Sunday evening visitors in the Jimmie Gifford home, 'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harms 'and boys were Sunday evening visitors in the Jesse Harms home. Mr. and Mrs. James Honkon were Saturday evening visitors in the Stanley Ruse homo. Mr. and Mrs. Joim J. Von Bonk and family of Algona were Sunday evening visitors in the Robert Wood homo. Mr. and Mrs Robert Wood and Joan will bo guests Tuesday evening for a pot-luck supper at the Harold Von Bank homo at West Bond GET&MTON in honor of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tureeck and family of Iowa'City. "Profnmtv advertises a vulgar mind, a weak vocabulary, and a vacant soul". 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