The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 10
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$AN wnw COMMON:*fN^ i Mb PUBLICITY ALLOWED ' A&rbntffn RlElceff, See^tjw.ef, Healthy Ed** i Abuse of government charity/ atef* Cation aftd Welfdrte In the % eablrte» of President pdrfdent diildrtn, and similar form* of rtlwf (jtertrisdy;, InheYlWd a job, trfat had-all the ear* has reached, the point where it is a scondol fft mafks of "the w«lfare state'' in full bloom. many eortimunlties. good/ common Fdr example he wants the law changed to permit hiring: of young people under 18 to "they can get a'valuable taste or useful, gainful tm* This well-Intended gesture to save 1 the "poor" from embarrassment has resulted In a mono mental fraud in many places*,, v;', j " This simply /proves th«t theVe! is no form a job delivering for a drug store around the store corner.' Present laws were enacted year* ego Id protect children from abuse as underpaid, child laborers. But these laws as we all know are pretty, much behind the times and the outcome now Is to coddle the children too much. , It Is sort of reassuring to find a man in Ribicoff's position with his feet on the ground, and not floating around in the wild blue yonder. * * * . 15 YEARS TOO LATE One thing that we understand better than .we did before is that we are 15 years late in endeavoring to solve the problem of East and West Berlin, and that the residents of East Berlin ,are 15 years late in deciding that they would like to move to West Berlin. Perhaps if is undue optimism, but it hardly seems possible that another catastrophic world i/var should develop over this problem. It hardly leems possible that the nations involved — any 6f them, including Russia — could be so stupid •'As; to let the matter go to an attempted settlement by force of arms. ' We must share at least one segment of the blame for the present situation; We'have been in a dominant position for 15 years, since the end of World War II, witb a stake in the Berlin setup/ and we have done, very lUtle in the way to bring about a permanent solution. True, we indicated'a fortitude and a refusal to be bluffed, during Truman's administration, when we airlifted supplies into embargoed West Berlin. But while we did exhibit a toughness then in a military sense, we did not-achieve any.comparable success on the diplomatic front. ;.-.-'•. • , Khruschey;and ; Russian, leaders before him,; ,' have managed to keep us,:off balance ,on\Berlin i ' and on otheir,trouble sppts.tIf hardly^seern.s.liltely , , that they actually want a fu|l scaleS^ar ovjSiany * of these trouble spots. ; j ;<-.•" -wr-j.;,.,-,•> 'I Yet, unless we can negotiate a solution/' whereby some of .these "adopted" areas return' to running their own country, we. will find our»selves to continue to be spread all over the wortd with men and money and repeated international crisis. If we can calm down the immediate trouble, let's them throw every effort into working out a solution that gives' Germany bacV to the Germans.' • It is supportediby government money, EXPENDED. IN SECRET...'< * ^" THE WORK STARTS 'AT HOME , ; (Brrtt New^Trlbune) V,, .,.-'", We ha'd me, honor of beirt$' the Only JrtteK i ested person'i'n* the county attending the. annua budget he'aring.of the Hancock county board a supervisors Monday morning at 11 a.m. : Lack of cjtteVidance by residents in, Hancock can only indicate a sflejpf Vote of confidence in the board and-other county .officers. Perhaps they deserve thfe compliment.'They have managed to hold the line on county expenditures despite rising costs in many areas .of county government. .One fact can levy up asking just over not come under the requirement^tOisJhare in state road funds on the basis of )ieed. You have to levy the limit 1 to qualify. ; This low levy is desirable. ~The board is constructing several miles of aSphaltic concrete roads each year. We now have about 8% of our rural roads in this-surface. It would hardly seem feasible to speed up the program by raising'taxes another-2^ mills, when the harder surface's have hot had an effect on total maintenance costs in the county. One reason may be — according to the board — is that people are expecting gravel roads to be kept in better shape. Higher speeds, heavier trucks and farm equipment and a higher traffic count create more care oh the roads. The board seems to be doing' a good job, but .the taxpayer can never,relax his vigilance in getting the^most,fbr his•tax:dollar. We do a good job on i the local level, but Washington spenders make {our .efforts; look like peanuts^,.•>-.; ;. i-:j t ' s ^ •! *fi j. *. ; * • ' "-. * - , '•'.• ', ,\'^ • WANTS MORE CANDIDATES *" : ^ " flStejp, son. of \1iM&aajMl^M&&y®i* ..r ****•••¥* T gram to her parents, Mr. and donors for „*>,„*/ sfii, Jamw, Slack, .announcing the Thomas OArrys. Phil under* 'tfiM Ihe Md trrty&t safely 6Vef- went his second operation on his fiMi.te^waift Hef l 'dutle'Si > , lung. ^ f enton ilne'd in hbj" w, «*• — f --.-..^Jrpftry* «j Total flfitGa as toastrYiist*.-^ »*•—. -»•--was IP .fentz gave* thi welcbtfe, ;Eft« * 'tfi t|ftamment wls ^ furnished B^ Tfess'lhif^My^recea^IiraflJfi ?, ftfifel /and '.; Ben-ota ,;' while^S&fBeeeuVs. Mitchell.,Mrs,,Hetfry fobfVtoUft- Academy wad. 80 in, .high, schoo» ty, chairman, and Mrs. Will aA'd^oQ 1ft tM-^adeV'ana *rte* Weisbrbd, 'former leader for 21 ity Lutheran parochial .' school years, spoke .briefly to the group. In my bplntofi were the Dem- _jfflM in this-district to'norhfrt- 4W Lo^drinfe of p ° st Ma TiMmoeven. He has teffittve experience! Wide 1 Mllir^^hpublio affair* ft. Board of R> 1 known and wdii 'thdtigKF^ef' everywhere,«re- gaitdl'eas'.ofi-eairty. And he knows farming and 5 'farmers. , JUSt"a mMiht., " v 't, G. W. Patterson " * Burt, Iowa ;had 13 students. * lebraied-' Us ,. . ,'wfth a atte'n'ding. ; TK&;'1 ^ u^How longJia* Argyle been manager of the ; ' Poultry Departmeat?!' * • - . Upper jies Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY^. 4-3535-^Algona, Iowa Second class pontage paid at Algona, lowrj . Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISH/HI G CO. R, B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Edit/jr MERLE PRATT, Ad vertigines' . JACK PURCELL, Fore/nan NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, T/hc 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. V, ' SUPSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year. In advance ........ .. " SUBSCRIPTION RATES One Year, in advance ....... , r _____ „____ Both Algona papers in combination." one~Vearw 00 No subscription less than 6 months. " QFPICIAL CITY ANP COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON If EQUEST Rock Rapids Reporter — The election of directors for our various school systerns is a very important responsibility for all citizens- — and very shortly We will be called upon to exercise that responsibility. Without in any way questioning the competency or performance of the men whose terms are ending this year, we hope that there are several other candidates for the offices. Elections lose their meaning, when the vor ters have no choice of candidates — there should be contests for'every political office. Locally we have had a very sorry record of voting in school elections. Time after time the vote of the teachers in the school system has been enough to decide the elections — only much of the time there hasn't been a choice of candidates, so there was little to decide. Let's have several candidates for every vacancy this year — and then let's all get out and vote. * * * WHY DO THEY RUN AWAY ? Grundy Register — All countries have restrjq- tions to limit the number of foreigners to be granted admission. Few if any countries have restrictions to forbid any of their people from leaving their country as long as they are not guilty of any crime. The Communists in East Germany are now enforcing a rule to forbid any residents of East Germany from leaving that part of the country and they threaten ta start a war to enforce the rule, The Communists have been telling' the world that their way of life is the best. It must be embarrassing to them when they have to shut the gate to the many who want to get away from the kind of life the Communists have for them. People don't run away from a country that treats them well. * * * Vacations are a wonderful tonic to one's I )3aJth, although tiring. The tiredness is, how- etver,. of a different nature than that resulting f rom one doing his regular work. In addition tlhey provide an interesting outlook on life as otne meets from one's local habitat. There Is No GUESSWORK In Newspaper Advertising! \ • You don't "guess" - you know — how mqny fq^ilies will get the paper^-with your ad messags, and where they live. And they'll be fceceptive; they pay for their newspaper, welcome it, and preserve it for ' You don«t "suessl' whether someon e is home with a gadget i, either. The newspaper Mi left in a mqilbox to be and absorbed gt leisure with the eye. Newvpoper advertising LIVES long aftW it U printed. TQ SWEA CITY, from AlOONA UJ?PtR MOINIS ' * v ^ i&ashfnhton Highlights ie*fretfoft*f * * ies set to show .here during'the Despite-the tense struggle flp- But the point will come home week, ing on between the United Sta't- to him:quickly that while all «... es and, Russia most Americans these achievements are taking what was the latest in hair ,are Jiot« moved to the point place ;the Russian agriculture styles? The Pompy coif was rat- where .they Will examine the program is failing miserably, ed tops for soft, young hair (who system under which we have the those five-year programs'for im- wants old hair?) And they even good fortune to live. proving everything from soup ,to had a Pompy Vat that was de- I have given this a lot of nuts '**e slipping .behind _and signed to go with the Pompy thought since I read about this those vast promises pfVa: better co if. 'Supposedly, if , you put l»11*...,. :— /-*U!_ _..!-_ :_ J.-J . llfo 01*0 nrtf Kalvtrr f*.lf;t1n^ * .. . c . . ^' ^ **»*>• > fellow in Ohio who is fed up llf e are not being fulfilled." them together you had a com. 1171 i V» tVltt A W%/»flrto*% iirnvv r*.t 11 fr* * " ' *_ l_; i*___ il i .. _. with the American way of life . wants to move himself and ^ es » he will learn soon enough that-there-is a tremendous dif- $12; no, 4 White corn, - Ae> t ,69 tbtt hi^K School iband with" their c"ents| -hd/ra/^whitS'" bltsj 33'Mi instructor, L6lrM BarKefy fur- centsk-nofJi' -yellow' soybeans", nished the music for the day. $1.451 no. 3 barley, 45 cents; ti^e*. The American, Legiori, ahd Wfclt- jtniurriV eggs," 33 cents; 'Sweet, terttore firemen tyere all in' dress cream, 37 cents'; hens, 15% cents, foiv the i parade, and the Seneca with no. 2. poultry' three cents Saddle Club arid fiave* Lyneh, less. , , , Lone Rock, with his two team ' ' *'«;,«, - palomino mules, added to the' The second annual reunion of splendor of the day. > pupils, parents and members of- ' the district of Oarfield township . ' no:' 8, 'school was.,, held Friday,' 'with 1 a picnic dlnner-at noon, A. H. Bonnstetter was named presK dent for! the' coming year. Community singing highlighted a program that followed the meal. . * * * N WHICH M<5S"T IMPORTANT? Ronald Colman and Anna Lee " „ ' „.' „'*,, in "My Life With Caroline" and Editcjr, Upper Des Moines: 'Phm^^ee^^afherine "DeWMle ' Peoples of ^ wor1 ^ h 3 d bet " n 1 J a -rJ' yr S i lfw V c" ri » n ^ " Aloma another 11 anl S pay m more bttenUon Of The South Seas" where mov- to . fi g htln g the; forces of nature, such • as' insects', water shortages and diminishing resources, things' that'have the : final say about how we 'live. •At, le&t .31 •ect one were killed ' iS inslde and ForBuilcfing or Modernizing., Wm.' R. Sullivan Los Angeles, Cal. BOOSTS LESTER GILLETTE i Editor, 1 Upper, Des Moines: <_ his. family to Russia. Think about it for a while and ference between the" American see if you could make a decis- and Russian ways of life. Some '--- " ' of the faults with the American system that annoy him so will ' Lloyd- Reich is a former war- be forgotten and replaced by a time Marine and must be of ay- yearning for all the benefits that erage intelligence. He certainly far outweigh the few disadvant- is aware, if he is ab all inform- a S es - And, above alii one thing ed, that life isn't a bed of roses wil1 stand out in .sharp contrast—the freedom of the indi- iori'like that. * in Russia. With our own Congressman is another Iowa Congressmiari from an adjacent district, and a mem* ber of the "Opposite party. ' Poker, playing doesn't seem to be confined to any one political party. We in Kossuth County will be in a new congressional district in the next election,, H ,district that goes to the Missouri river in an area where Hoeven' is nbw > congressman. Hoeven seems . to be one of the leaders fighting riussia. • . . •'",'; "aoi-—me ireeaom 01 ine incu- / According to Mr. Hatch, he's vidual - This freedom is' difficult ' had it in this country. "I want to sense when it is taken for ** to get out of this rat race where granted as it is by so many of , FROM THE FILES OF THE °- -o everything is money, money, " s - But the moment it is lost— ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Freeman's farm bill, and if we money," he said. : that is when it is appreciated. . August 30. 1951 Hatch has been unemployed • » • » * • P'ahost ;M the past two years' 4 Only a few days before Mr. Grand opening of the new and that, is'mdeed, unfortunat^ Hatch announced that he wto^CviJ'.enney store in Algona will So now he has convinced himself fed up with the United- States talce' place Sept.- 6, It was an- that Russia is the land of oppor- and wanted to taste the joys of nounced by E. E. Cook, manager, tunity and that .even living un- living' behind the Iron Curtain First personnel in the store are der'a dictatorship'won't be nearr a dramatic series of pictures ap- Mary Ami Hauptly, Mrs. An[y as bad-as living in the United peared in the newspapers. They nette Copeland, Mrs. Vivian States. , were taken in Berlin and show- Kuhn, Joann Hagen, Dolores * * * e d th e Communist system in its Bormann, Mrs. Norma Smokstad, Well, let's see how this works crudest form. Barbed wires and Mrs, John Tomke, Betty Ann out for Mr. Hatch. stone walls were being erected to Parkins, Frit* ' Neilsen, Melvin Jobs. Sure,, they are plentiftd se P arat e one world from another. Pepper and Jane Hutzell. (Mann Soviet Russia. Unemployment IIere was the Damer between ager Gene Cook is now in Se- Here's BATHROOM EXCELLENCE by Kohler of Kohler Add fcto'uh/ end vof«/« fe your honie with durable, flrtt quality KohUr flxturti, Tfm* paymertf* arranged. | Sfi»* and slyttt te (it every preference arfd budget -IN *ix colon and white. . let lit h«Ip you plan your' new bathroom, washroom of kitchen. Algona Plumbing And Heating Algona, Iowa - j Profession T. y-n* T 111 e e • • » » e e » » »w V *Vbl>?h»ia» U lit JI1JJH_»¥ llItTJII, --------- -- ...—-,.. v«^i_*. v^ v,**^ WUJh 4t) A1V/VV 111 »J\5~ A w « i a. problem. But perhaps Mr. freedom and slavery for all to dalia, Mo. where he manages the • *• '=>tate ' - INSURANCE A. J. (Arnie) fllcklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire,— Hail- Chiropractor . . , . Hatch won't have much sayso see ' AIr - Hatch must have failed Penney, store.) CY 4-452U about what kind of work they to see tne newspapers that day. will give him or where it will " w ° ul d have convinced him ------------ ---- , ------ , „ be. In the United States no one t ? at ne had made the wrong de- Seneca was awakend about mid- The Francis Foley family ot could force him to move from Akron to San Francisco or take a job he didn't Like. ,* * • Mr. Hatch won't have to worry about doctor bills, dentist bills, hospital bills, that's for sure. The State will pay for all of that. He may not have too much choice when it comes t to picking a doctor or a dentist, but that's allright, too. Relieves him of the responsibility of having :o make a decision. cision. night to hear a continous sounding of an automobile horn. The sound came from their yard, and they looked out to find their car in flames. Evidently a short circuit caused the fire, and also started the horn sounding. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J..R. (Jim).KOLP Surety Bonds' —All Lines •of -Insurance' T 4-3176 ,206 E. State FROM THE FILES OF THE BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance , , Automobile - Furniture Loan A considerable , amount ot 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 "face lifting" is going on in Al- — — gona. Street widening is under- BOHANNON INSURANCE way in several sections. The out- SERVICE er portion of sidewalk adjacent 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 IP the side of the Druggist Mu- Home \ Automobile v Farm Insurance Building was be- There's one thing about being ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES in 6 removed, thus widening the issatisfied in the United States Se P*- 4 - 19*1 street. Construction of the new Polio Insurance di over the way the politicians are running our affairs. You can go The equipment of the Lakota _ ,L,,, _._i|_ i • ... V ** D «»i«»fMiBM« wi itie LiflKoia to the polls and eject them from theater had been sold to a Hum- s just an exercise in futility,. day n There isn't much challenge in re n ~ to opcr- Fri- War- sim- and to move his family to Kent Motor building is moving along, the new Algona theatre is ncaring completion, and as elsewhere, the J, C. business; Oak moved Hatch has been .vailing himself £to£ » ^ „ he cou d'find '„ A . n 3S£ if this great American privilege, living ""»-•-— is aniicipatea but if he has he can expect J» find a somewhat difterent pic- A record-breaking enrollmeni i anticipated in the. Algona schools, both public and paro-' CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life. General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force, CY 4-3756. Lola Scuftham, Sec'y ture in Russia. Bowling, winter sports in this area, of got one week ™ an enrollment of Let's talk about this business of being informed. In this coun- ed for business. Chan Dailey'was uj you can pick up a newspaper president of the Kossuth Bowling sia isawssfjjarti ™ •*• - bo "™" a other. People can criticize th§ the regular league season. A wo- government, they can lam baft inen's loop was also being than ex- 350, HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household • ~ and Many Other Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbst Dr. D. D. Arnold . , Chiropractor Over Pfcnney's Office Phone ~ CY 4-3378 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Monday — Wednesday — Fridaj ~ Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 B. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat. 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-3469 DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CV 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227? J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. P. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence 1100. ex- T» '"•' vocatt just aboul Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail * Tractor ten years Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mar. rjast fnw i. i ° baby s .. . ,, was gone. Now m Russia there is a wide * selection of newspapers—exactly 1 .-.L- 100 percent. The people of ^Russia are permitted to know what their government ,, them to know. This must be terribly frustrating when you nnnciri,.,. lne Russians certaWy _ , they are being deceived md obviously yearn for knoiy- Icdge of the outsidf; world lljls » safe bet to predict that ')$£? • « » M« i. Thomas Garry Bancroft A f ,h f the people were exposed to the i-acts of life. Th n . * * i* ,.,,,. i t | u " 1 ^ s hav « made *ji tLpuonai strides m man's TI Mr H ? t , con( J" ei ' w ^ * • ^ ""^ re f»Uy goes to Rus sia ne will have an opport to enjoy with th^ Soviets tlu-Ul pf victory in this to smoke. Now, many' inerj enjoyed the same satisfaction—a good pipe, good tobacco and -u relaxing smoke now and then, but Mr, Iferms had good reason His pipe was something extra special. It had the date and plaqc., of, Mr. Harms' ,,birth (in •Cipi'niany) inscribed ,'ph ^he bo^l 3n4 had been used two yours earlier as a sort of birth eertifl- catc after his real birth certificate had been Iqst. Hjs natui'al- ization papers contained only the 4ate pf his arrival in the U. S., so it was up to the pipe tp come through—and it did. iff BJflcJf Of Jntljeliy Wm. McNeitney drove to lowu The Equltable'Life M Society Of The United State* 'hone YOU READ IT \H THi Mm DES MOINES Andy Grawfoid AH ^Vfies Of Intjurance ! CY 4-2270 Farm Mqnqqemeni JOHN M. SCHUTTER. H P. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN P. KOOB, M, D ( Residence Phone CY 4-4017 x, No. Dodge, Afgons ' Office Phone CY 4-4400 OPTOMgTRISTS PR. JL L, SNYPBB WOmettfjt 113 East State ^ o Telephone CY UosedSaturdsy. Alteroo Byes Examined: Contftct Lenses

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