The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Page 13
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THUMBAY, AUGUST 2, 1951 'BLYTHEVI1.U!, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J R Williams SHAW EKPLORIW6 ANCIENT CAM6RM5 INi ME6- CX"OTAMl*,T SLEPT FOR A FOKTN16HT ON A, CLUSTER OF I'M GLA CAME ON THIS 6HUCKS.X AIM'T <sieepy.' RECK I'LL GO TO TH' LAK6 RA5SLE ME L)P WG-MOOTH FRfWSS fOfi COTS Like A PAflOf 1 MlLti SLEPT OUA VJAFFL6 6TIO41WG UP FBOM THE FLOOP OPtH6 CAVE AS SHARP A6 BAYOMETS WHO'S TALKING looked at him "1 don't sn't so very smart of a girl :now when she's been tilled." For economy* sake. For our family's health, Buy Meyer's Bread, And conserve your wealth ~~ Douglas Kent shook v '- V,V GRE/XT OUTDOORS &UY:*' ? t7<>'V/ L1W.6 VOJ GIVE ME A S3C, FAT UAUOH/ S'OU COME CUT TO GETAWAY FROM IT ALL, AM' HERE YOU ARE IMVITIM' AN' SEaeiM'THAT cunrTERiMl OIATTERIM; FLUTTERI/s!' MOB TO DIME WITH MOU.' «yf PF^ **>^ &*r*-/n ;7/^T* ^Sr«£fc£^> ^^f^XV-J'' &$^M'^?*titjte*?®. ^--^a^K &" •".^^Skte^ . >;%2g ^ ; ;-<^>^cLSlMl,;/:-- '"Kx-'~£^ OHTH1S» [£> PIFF'RUMT/ WILD WEST CHARITY STANDISti BY CHARLIES JUDAH to "Alas lie lost it at dice lo Mr Rogeis Jhaj'iiy's .eyes narrowed J Lel rnt- eei mis surau^u." she *aiu slowly 'IJoup ?amc- nere uor- rowco S50UO Irom vou an« (ost H to you: Mr l-togers Sc now Mr Honer? no? me SSUUti and you nave Dons If Uiai 'nght?'" 'Thai is riRht though 11 is per mo? toe simple and I do not nke the ivay vou »av \1Y Mi Holers 'Why ts it tor simple'-" "Firsi Drniffiaf lost 5200 or a ini]e "CS5 of ni= iwn. I was not paying Attention Towards morn?aim' lo me He was vcr> tie IranK neavily which blacker ihan Jharityt jwn. ner-Douelas does not rio He told mi straight nait gleamed wuh -lark i ne necdeo money We are olr She nad TIOVCO to meet; friends J Know mm to oe a mar hanty without pausing think nad uistinciivci> ou-iuned Angel as «arse ana curved and wiih yclJou, naii iKin toe [smooth and toe white and 3 :nina j doll's blue eyes ' She was none oi tiei name *'a? Ati- gelee Jortez Hei skin -waF warm i ] "P otive nor syes -were jarue ^inrl sad OQFH 1JS1 BY KE* BE^VICI^IMC. I- M. PEC . V. S. PUT. Off. 'Regular practice is wonderful—she runs htm a better race every day!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL Run, Anyway NITWITS' IMORCWS/ T SAVE i I'LL SAf AtJD RUN WILL fOR YOUB. / BUT ITS LIFE. MRS. .the lilhe nonor grace that is ihe ncntage ot those little at first Sho* Repair Helps You Look Your Best Hfl LT€RS L'qL' T V S^O€ SHO! II' W M ft I N S T, - o I e m n I y "Mustn't say that. Mustn't think it." "What am I to think?" "That 1 love you." "I suppose that's why you don't. .-ant to marry me." "Do want to marry you. out ou'd never be nappy — gambler's vife — now Tin not even a s»am- j[er — just a neon— Angel's peor^ she satd so herself — wouldn't want to marry Angel's peon, would vou?" It was his Last effort. He lumped to the Boor Charity '^oked down at him He was no) tandsome now. nor well groomed, ioan mm money * HP loses. I «ive tiirr people whose forebears nad lived more So it went all day ann Mediterranean shores Her through 'he tirst menl Fhis att- oice way liquid she spoke with < ernoon I was forncd to tell him nly a tsmi trace of accem winch! thai already ne owed me ion much le manipufaied with itudied ef-^ When I told mm ne was ovcr- ect Only ncr mouth, wilh HF red • whelmed I took pity or hi? rms- ps stretched tqc Thinly over sharpl er y 'Jnce DRtore I nad SUK- -haT we open a casino In Santa Fe He nad refused then Now I would again'make the olfcr: 1 would loan him more money up to SnQOQ- if ne won he coutd repay me if nis oad tuck continued ne musi open the place in '.or s a i'- brown hair was un- LAWN MOWER & Washing Machine Repair Service For prompt icrrlc* and expert irork, »lwayi Call 6738 Herbert Graham 721 Jamison ;empt, his skin was gray, unheal- hy circles underlined his eyes' an uUliing hand was grimy from the lice table. He had admitted he was Angel's icon. She supposed that was the iuanish way of saying a man wa nfatualed with a woman, he ;lave. Charity looked at, I packed trunk. The train left little past midnight. There wa slill time. But there was not time. Perhap there would never be time , to Charity to caich a train t>oun back to Ohio. It was past mid night and she was still sitting a a table in Duke Rogers' place, talk mg to Angeles, the angel wh drove men crazy and who. cording 'to his own confession owned Douglas Kent hite teeth, betrayed her A small louth, M .gave little promise of a enerous flowering However. Charity doubting if a man would e as critical as she. grudgingly drnUted that though Angel miRht a -iark angel, she was oeauti- uL She was self-possessed too 'Santa Fe Perhaps it was throw"You nave misunderstood, \ltss I Inp ^ ood money afler Dad - DUt PIUSCH.I.A'S POP BY Al, VEUMEER A FELLOW HASN'T GOT A CHANCE WITHOUT AW OUTBOARD MOTOR... ^ LUCKY GtSY/ HE. CAN GET OUT WHERE THE FISHING IS REALLY GOOD If VIC FIJNT Rendezvous BY MICHAEL O'MAl.I.RY and RALPH T.ANE Slandish Doug la j- is not a? you Innk a slave of love 1 did call] urn my peon, yes It was only a! it tie joke Of course he is not. "'eons are bound by cru^i laws; is only t>ound to me by what he so beautifully calls a debt of honor." "You mean he owes you money?" "Five thousand dollars." /"'RARITY gasped tn dismay, and ^ rallied weakly. "1 don't Oe- lieve it," ! Angel's lips parted In their thin, cruei^ smile >-"You call me a" liar? If 1 were a man. we would light about that. Men arc tools. Did you not tell me that Douglas, nuns-elf, admitted lhat he is my peon?" "Yes. I'm sorry I said I didn't believe you. Bin S5.UOO! What could he have done with so much?" am very tender hearted, so I wa. c pleased wnen ne agreed It wat ihen I made the little ioke aboui the peon 'Bui you will not be m> partner I (old him. "you will b( my peon. His lurk was very bnd " • • * A NOEL'S story was straightforward and it agreed with Douglas's own confession. "1 suppose it wili lake a long time to pay." Charity said unhappily. "A long time. yes. 1 cannot al- Eord high wages, and. of course. ne cannot credit quite all oi the little He will receive against whnl he owes me.. Some-he must keep for food, clothes and, since I cannot be cruel to our poor Douglas, a little fun." A tail man Charily hadn't noticed moved up behind Charity -"Did i hear you say Doug was drinking?" he asked AngeL (To Be Continued) -STAY wmi TtfEC/.K— you ill PAYKOLI—THEy'LL EE FilT- TIM6 IT tJPJN ENVELOPES. CAPTAIN EASY Wash Is Out •BY LESLIE'TUKN^H PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Uest Prices Kirby Druq Stores Now Open: iMusick CABINET SHOP 421 Easi Davis i; • Cahinrts Built • Screens Made Expertly! Russell Musick. .Owner "She used to belong to a citizen of Btytheville. All day long she just brags about the loan service at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION.'" FOR SALE Concrete cmlTcrti, 12 Inch le tK inch, plain or recnfnrccd Attn Cone 1 re I* Ruildmf; Blncks cticap er th;in lumber fnj harns rhirkcn tiau*e». painp hawses, tenuni hou^ei, lool slirils We deliver Call «• for free cj,Liuiatc OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Check Your Speedometer! It Will Save You. Mane} Are vou sure your speedomeiei reads correctly? It's no excuse lot speeding Come In tomorrow one day service (or all cars atiu Tucks. T. I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Oirysltr-Plf mniilh Dealer 121 R M^ln Phone WHMT ^ BREAK! MV SUITCh5E'LL HOLD THE PLfcNT FUMD5...MOD THE NIGHT WJWCHIWW KNDWSICAKAB THE OFFICE TO PICK IT UP! HE L6FT THE CIRCUS X HO DOUBT LOT WICK VW5H TUBBS \HE'$OOfJS TO PT.OP DY THE.'Ac.KEB /BV MOW.6UT i £\M'. ^-',IF WE HLRRV WE CAN'T SHAKE COKER'S &TORV CHIEF I MOB WcTlfifl HASU'T 6HOWKJ UP HERE LIKE He PROUI5EP TO! HM«...BETrER. PICK HIW UP QUICK. HBKUOWSMUf WOUTIt VJ1LL H1U !H THE RDBBERVi Akit) WAV TR.V TO BUGS BUNNY I CAN'T SEE Thf' eCK= IE KEH'LL-' PUT TOP POWN IF [ H1AA / A Tasty Dish for Termites < .. N'ol if you c.i 11 Superior Tcr- mile Co.! We'll put nn cm) In OiHr fca,s!iiiK in jig-time: Prn- lect your hnnic! C^Il us today I No Charge for inspection All Work Guaranteed Superior Termite Co, r THAT'S A (AV^EIG«T,W.VHiGHr.' CKACK AI-I'l'MV THISI5 NOTIMc TO C,O TEMPERA- MENIAL.' DO WELL.W.U RIGHT. 1 LOOK.TOUGH I GUESS...YOU'Rt COIN'OKA.Y WITH D«I=SSED-UC WHAT Y'GOr LIKE A ROMAN ( TO DO WITH.' SUARO ' MJRt: ITUL=, "CAIJ BE TH' ROMAN YOURSELF, DYGtEi ""tVE GOT TO KU3n.t?j$f V/HM" KtMDA RIGS up'oOMu r^nvE / f)O nr nwivreGv,i;A«? CLOTMiKf] 'oOS I f 1 HAVLN'rSbENAMY cAfj Ar i liAGr LOOK I IKf: YOUR MAMA SET , REAL-KILL 8V6 KILLER ' (OOKCHCMIUl REAL-KILL SIJG -fc-' *\ A ^&— ^L ^^ <^S> ^^ <rffc ^Jfif ^r PREVENTS MOLD AND MILDEW GROWTH, TOO MOTHS SUVERFISH ROACHES ANTS CARPET 6EEHES FLIES SPIDERS WASPS FLCAS THOTSVvHAT I'M OOlNaTOFiNO r KKiHT r :OW-. '\\ r

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