The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 2
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Wlbben Reunion ' fhe'Wbbeft family, .._ was held at the fairghmndrWe "p&Uy. with^m iafld Mrs. John Willreti aid Deanne, Britt, „„. ahd-Mrs. A. R. WillretV M!Y and Mrs: flen-Wibbentand family, Mr, ,and, .Mrs. ,,DaV,e , n H<ankins and Kiirt Mr..and Mrs.' Albert Wlfjb<&, •Jlnfa'nd' Ellcrf, &nd Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Taylor and fahi- ily7 '"Argfona'," -Mr. ; and Mrs. fcrnie - l-laaok_'!and Mr; 'and Mrs, Allan Foth,' LlvebnordfvMr. .and Mi-s. Edwin-Wibben, Elrtiore,.Mr. and Mrs; Louis PritS*r and family, La kota,. Mr, • and Mrs.- Rudy >WI11- rott and „. Duane, Burt, Roger Fox,, frvirf&tdn, fylr, and Mrs. Gerfild, .Wibben^'Fehton.' Mr* ano Mrs. 1 d.<B.' Wibterf.-m'lCtomofe, artd Klaus Wibbcn, Titonka. Mr. and Mr?. Bcfii|Wibl?efi ,Will«T)e hosts for the; everfttneikt/year.', M-D Luncheon A K,.,Eugene "kurtagfilalhd hei- irfhtftf M*-Q'- 'fiis,£at.a' 1<»,«^U.™ . tt , w f',*^*»O^-.»*' *»Al*4. I>U{,1X <CU1U J.CU daughter :Mr s :- ;RicKard: Thoresdn gaVfe' a luncheon Mbnday at tHe Country Club for the mothers £)'nd daughters, the former of whom have been schoolmates and ^friends of ' long standing. Present were Mrs. Wade Sulli- Van and daughter Sheila, Mrs. Claris Kresensky and daughter Alice, Mrs. Roy 'McMahon ana daughter Mrs. .James" Chapm&n, Eagle Grov,e, Mrs. Harold Fris- tcdt and daughter Mrs. James McLaren, Iowa City, and Mrs. G. W. Stillman whose daughter Mrs, Pan Jones, of Mount Vernon, was unable to be present. 0 — 6d from Fort Worth, Texas, af- visit Vflth his pa/ents, V.IAI.0, ATAl. UJ1VA ^, . _ .._ sons. A picnic dinner was held for .them at Call Stete Pftrk last week. Attending ,were the Ralph Parsons () Robt., Hutchinsons, Gordon Irelands, ^Kenneth Nemmers, all of Algona f Richard Parsons, of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings of Sexlon, and Evansdale 'and Des Moines relatives. Shdwer Honoree Jan Bode and Cheryl Immerfall held a miscellaneous bridal shower in the Immerfall home Aug. 24 for Zulabel Ankenbfiuer. Tiiose attending were •, 'Connie Arndorfer^ Mrs. .'.Linda Becker, JoA'nn ^Klemm, JUdy" Marlow, Diane 'Marfcli, { Mrs. Duane 'Pric'b, Donna Reefer, Gloria Reefer, Ann Srtilth and' Miss Ankenbauer's niece, Laurie. Court whist was 'played and lunch served. ' ''• ': '•' : ':." •'.'.' •' : Inner gun- I Mr. and lerrilee euiu xiiuubujr, wnu " nuvd be€r living at Maywood, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hutzell, Cedar 'Falls, Mf. "and Ma" LaWrlheie 'MUfeell and Mrs. Floyd ! HUtsTell, Steven and Mark. • fn r i f ownsend Club Hosts ^Mfe^JV&iihe: AUgi? ?F^ to tn£ A - rqt -— ^i,- -, v -- send'CTub. Reports were given and discussions led by .Mrs. Wiltey, Mrs.l^ndersdn and lla Bils-* il2 *at cthe 1 Wiltfui" Hold?en S towfl guests at ttie.Weddlftg 3 of Sandra ShUmway wlfeding, in M-D'CfuH'M^eis "* The Four Corners Mothers nnd Daughters club will meet Sept. 1 with 'Gladys 'Eiserib'ffrfh. who F '• 'v 'V H'-'rvX^Ci E.J_rfl^.^J..l. t ^ *~" I*!' fc* f£.Kfc*^*i*MB,£i.'', JiLiKlfitlrt * bpfe ' B'liwswawairft*'!!' " itf and eorilifc >H6&te& Shumways. Poiluck Dinner • Mrs. Anton' Didriksett Vlr hostess at a poMuck lunch'eow Monday, a, birthday observance for Mrs. W." C.'llfWlah'"ahd 6 farewell for ' MrsV' W.'. C,' Dougall. The ufterhoofl t spent' at 'bridge. .' ' tftirie Levtrffliyftf tftta^'EVem ^VSeisell |tt4JSOto%jWi p&ective Sl^iSpa'isXWlt* i-to attend..' ifm&mmm w j> reservation^ call; LtiefflS Na- ftfehfek, ey ^**"' "• "\HS%'%^ St, Cecetta's Cathoifc church as the scene of tf weddltig Aug. a^ in Whlai^fi^elfili^, 'CalTdll became the Wti&'tt &6&ld Dale .j..^..J.^..'«fc^..^,-~i.~A.n_...a.. . . bl-id&'s rf!S&^ ,li|tep6ni if ' 'Both- the brfde ^ *', .V;* *£ -; '' > ! ' '•'','.' - ' «a . iFrencn* unantilly ove* &<te 4ftd tulle, "tt haa>a fitted bodice 'erffflihS to* & pelnt in -iffcSrit) tiny 'btittdii's 'M bafek afld th&, Bodice sleeves and seal- labed- neekllftg were gmbfdlder- :d ,W'ith segtilfis and £€aris.> The •""-' of-the-skiruwas tlered'ln pitted tulle ruffles. kji>nbw i si/iLJi v^-i aiitjr TS 3 we* college of^en'gihlerjrtgi, i continulrigi his stu"" After A W'eUdirtg western.. states> r thi liV6 lii low^a.Ciiy. ,- Hi. C». AMen Jgd I? ton. -»• tfpp«r DM Moines Publishing Cat,, Algorta. Hosts Visitors ". ' Mrs. Carrie St. John gave a party last Thursday evening in honor- of her 'son-in-law ana daughter Mr. and Mrs. William Klnsey,, Columbus, Ohio. In at, tendance were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lauritson, Camarillo, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. Durwood St. John and Mr. and Mrs. John Schuller, West Bend,.Mr. and Mrs.-Wilfred Lauritson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred. ./'-St. John, Mr.,and Mrs. Larry St. JoJin, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boeckholt and Cherrie. Miss Ukeria Honored A miscellaneous bridal shower was , given .Sunday at Mrs. Wayne Hanson's ^br Judith Ukena, who is to be married Sopt. 10 to Jack Rube, Sheffield. The ceremony will take place at eight o'clock in- the Presbyterian church. Among; "the: guests were the bridegroom-elect's mother and aunts and- several relatives of .the bride elect.. ., Tom Muller. 7 The seventh birthday of Tom Muller, son of Mr,,and Mrs. Eugene Muller was celebrated Sunday with a family picnic at Mr and Mrs. Harold Elbcrt's at Whiltemore. Birthday Honored A' family reunion i\fl'as held Sunday, at; Mr. ! and Mrs. H. W. Miller's in honor of the eightieth birthd&y of Mrs. Miller's father B. E. Kuchenbecker, Owqtohria, Minn. In, 'attendance Were.' his wife, Mr. arid Mrs.' Ed Kuchenbecker, David .. Moffitt,' also of Owatonna,' Mr. arid Mrs. Harvey Kuchenbecker, and Kay Cprnm, Rochester, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. G.W.'Teed, Webster City! Guest Honored Mrs. fHarpld ; Colwell gave"-,-a coffee' last Thursday for Mrs. George Stewart, former resident here who has lived in Phoenix, Ariz, the • past. several years. Other guests were Mrs. Bernard Briggs, Mrs. Mike Elbert, Mrs. Wendell Jergenson, Mrs. Ray Mertz, Mrs. 'Clarence "Metzger Mrs, Grady Phillips, Mrs/Clause Ruark, and Mrs. Eleanor Burns of Everly. Wed 25 Years" . The 1 twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert was observed Tuesday evening by neighbors at a coffee. Present were Mr. and' Mrs. Elmer Cook, Mr. and Mrs. OrviHe -Duncan,- Mr; "and Mrs. Don Hemmingsen, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Miller, and Virginia White. . . ? ' Farewell Luncheon Mrs. Joe Tschetter entertainec her bridge club Tuesday at, ,a pot-luck luncheon. It was also i farewell for Mrs. W. C, Me Dougall who has moved to Ma son City. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Holt. Betty, Lou Ann and Alan attended the wedding Sunday at Nevada of Mina Hertz and Rolland Ja cobs. Can't Beat, Tfiat \HATIONAL ,T.nd.r FRIED CHICKEN ; CHICKENS; \ i^F f>£p.'( tt • in^ A rci\ LO« •• « * * •* it Stamps FREE J WltH'THI^COUPON WHEN YOU BUY 3 Lbs. far more) GROUND BEEF Ai Your NATIONAL FOOD STORE COUPON jEXPIHES SEPT. "2, 1961 ALL MEAT GUARANTEED at NATIONAL. «. - MRS. WILLARD STEFFAN, ALGONA CANDIDATE FOR DIRECTOR OF ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Fnecn ^ and s «PPoners have nominated Mrs. Wiliard an of Algons as a candidate for director on the Algona Coinniunity School iioard. We believe she will ably reore. sent the people of Algona because: y • She is a co ||Mf graduate with a 4-year degree in Elementary Education. " • She is a wife and mother of three children, one of whom is a fourth grader in the Bertha Godfrey grade school. • She is interested fn community affairs, a member of the First Lutheran church and active in Girl Scout work, She has S'/a years teaching experience. She and her husband are property owners in Algorw. She has been a resident pf this community for over 9 years. VOTE SEPTEMBER 11th Between 12 noon & 7 p.m. This ad paid for by supporter* j»f MM. Willard Steffar. • • t • SO FRESH FAMILY^SIZE'PKG, i PK&* *»*t»***til*"** 4 79 ( SO STAMPS FREE EXTRA KING KORN WITH THIS COUPON WHEN YOU BUY Vi GAL. TOP TREAT *m: EXPIRES SEPT.- 2, 1961 * ^ * , I *** » LABOR DAY COOKOUT .^•.SPECIALS' AGE£^ Lnscldlis, FROZEN SLICED •""••ir'..—- -• '<• They afe quiet Iroien af their peak in? juicy ripe flavor. Wonderful witk<siMirr"V * *• * "^/^' arfd cream or as topping for ice. cream'i and angel food /JUMBO ANGEL FOOD i ?V i ir *_ •-!' j«*«t MB j.'. * i i ft* I *.. - , Fresh Crisp; So Fresh w T"-! i>. x* il? ' SO FRESH' POTATO " S ~~ ~~~*~ Shoestrings, 5 CA°N Z KRAFT 4W. •Iliefaffl HORSERADISH mUSiara OR SALAD NATCO •* * • ' ,. 0«ffAO DR| P OR RES. ® VUllCC I-LB. CAN '.AMERICAN DELUXE' : „ ' DRIP OR RES, •'?* I-LB.'CAN'., •Lb- Box ^CAL GROVE FROiEM^-:-^. '- ^ Lemonade/4 SNS^^A NATCO SPARKLING * Rpuoraooc NO DEPOSITS 24-oz. DeverageS BOTTLES L SIZE CANADA DRY Star /--""" •, Canned Pop c5f......;..^ Siim.R.Aiii ? „!'' ... 25c Ovin .Fresh Ligh> Fluffy • 'j and Delicious JUMBQ SIZE : R BACH ! .V= another KING KORN STAMPS ITEM OF THE MONTH {fee! .FOOD STORES 100 King Korn Stamps FREE ;WITH THIS, COUPON WHEN YOU BUY ^Buster/Mixed * ai:...^ I4,*oz. Can Nuts,,, :, l»4| «Vf 4. <£»*.„!£ 2^25c 20c FINEST «*%*%' _ ' , ' ' V T- - ^1 PORK & BEANS, ..51 !1 Fhick and Richji, 14-oz. Bottle • e pNj- FJUto, K/NG r fOR'Ki' •M/Jft 5AVf R * • 0(ff 6O EXTRA KING KORN STAMPS NATIOJWX FOOD S 50 King Korn Stamps . WftH TH^,qo,UPON WHEN YOU BUY ( PllUfeury CAKE MIX< •i ' »* "a^ftiS'te.''^*.- *»««! • >»' •-T-TI W"-»- *vw>| r rtpptv 0»w«» Eiplxi J^,t, fc' \1H fazfjfffa'' Fln9T Pro face! t* ^ i Bean with Bacon Cream of Vegetable Vegetarian Veg. •Vegetable J. 8. C,.OYSTER 1 FINEST SANDWICH ' OR VANILLA, / ' « Lbi, hi,' 50 King Korn WITH THIS ,COUK Klear FLOOR ^ FOOD STORES N I mi lYdiri Jfr-OZ. SIZE C^p«* &Flr« Sipt, J, \ri\ .: Tomato Juice RUSTIC Lemon Juice 46.QZ. ... I HEINZ BABY FOOD ' i « • >b. Pure. Wfcolwpini $<r«ia«4 Food* F9f !*t»y In Tfct SCREW TOP JARS 67 With GRASS SEED! USE THI! SOFTIE' "^ •w Aw Klml - Any 51« I CWM faBim SiRt, i I«M i WjfTfMTMQ ^^ ' ^^^^p for ft Krispy ^rocherj Cherry, We M!« Hltes.Bleach * PriMn lt_ C. I. * •^J'——^— ^k ^ UATIUCBKAkm <• i ^ d tf i .^& .^ ^> ,.,.— ,—_... Af^\ 1_, * _• . » f 36c NATIONAL :N -, FOOD STORES

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