The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 16
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i*AffioHo (le.) Upper 0«* Mdtott Unintidy, Auduif,24j ^•ufgaaaujf-i^j..-^..-.!.....-^.,.^^.. - | -|- | r ..^_^. TT ||fJJ . -''•^•'Y-tAftli^sMlM^rjIllillOafattliilillljfahlriirtirN-itii • r r ll ONE OP t«E MOSt ftftEftESTINC3 displays at the fair ias Week'was that of the KoSSuth Historical Society in the floral hall Members and friends brought .their treasures, and keepsakes for display,and many of <the items gave glimpses of what life was like here a hundred years ago. .7—.-v- CHAIRMAN MILTON NORTON sdid several hundred people registered. People from out-of-state mode the booth a place where they greeted old friends. A reed organ, belonging to Dr. and Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler,'was set up and many pebple tbok the opportunity to sit on Ithe old-fashioned turn-type stool and play a tune from ithe old SOhg books, Leota Geigel was there much of the time, an'old-ltime 'dregs arid bonnet. She played the organ and several' times groups broke into "Faith of Our Fathers", "Rock of Ages" and other old hymns. . " • , • • * • * ' OtHER TIMES, MELODY CAME fHOM the hundred year old music box owned by Orville Thoreson of Swea City. It is hand wound and the music comes from 14" metal disks with oblong perforations. ,. , F» . were sev eral records with several, tunes — all of them delightful.,, The ifistrumenlt is in perfect condition. » V <f AN 1856 MAP OF IOWA HUNG ON THE WALL. Only the south part of what is how KosSuth county is labeled by that name; the northern pant is Bancroft county. A crescent range of mountains is shown at the -lower part of the Bancroft area with the inscription water .running from both sides". One visitor remarked that it must have been drawn by a mixed-up map maker or that there had been a lot of erosion in the past hundred years for there aren't any hfflls in the area now. ' * » * «n A r T ^? LE WAS SET WITH IRONSTONE luster dishes in the Tea Leaf -pattern. The set belongs to Mrs. Joe Bradley of Algona and Maude Do'rweiler had some homespun-looking place malts that were perfect for them. The old-timers had huge appetites, judging frpnj the size of the six soup plates and bowd belonging to Mrs. Rose Kraft of Lone Rock. A bowl and pitcher set, once found in every bedrqpm, was on a commode but the third piece to the set, also once Very necessary, was not displayed. The original hot water boltltle, an awkward-looking affair of stone crockery and stoppered with corks, was shown as was the flowered China spittoon (that graced Dn Sar- t&r's office in Bancroft in 1896. -'.'•''•/,:•:• •,-''•;• ., '•'•' ' .;*,. * * AN D ANCESTOR OF LEOTA GEIGEL'S moulded a caslt-iron cake pari about 100 years ago and it was in ithe booth. It is roughly in a flower shape and very heavy. There is a coffee roaster that belonged to the Carl Thiele family in 1850 and another cast-iron item was e pancake griddle brought to Iowa from New York in an oxcart The doubilerrGiller,,rolling pin .belonging to Mrs: Fred Pluml • • • • teresting bull;!couldn't'figure out just how it was used. '.':''•'-'.'• : ;l : .-'•.'!'•>' ..,-,', .'*..'•.* , w >J NTE S EST] ! N G.-OLD .BOOKS INCLUDED an original copy 1 of Watsons Reader published in 1868. It was compiled by a brother- ol Harvey Watson who rain Algona's first general store and thus was used in Kossuth schools in preference to the then popular Mc- Guffeys Reader. There was a catalogue „ of the. short-lived Algona College of 1875-76 which is thought to be ithe only copy to be in existence today. ; ' r:. -' . * * * ,v THE GRANGE FLAG OF GAHFIELD township was on display J 1 .l da , t . e ,2f *£ origin is noit known but it has only 42 stars. A pair of ^Garfield s Cml War soldiers were pictured and the gun Used in the conflict by the grandfather of Dr. D. O. Dorweiler displayed). The Civil War discharge papers Of Kjjssuith pioneer Charles C. Chubb were displayed and there vwas-an early quit-claim deed signed by one of the founders of Algona, Judge Asa Call. it •' ; ; / * . , * + ' . ' ' . . .. . : ;< A ROMANTIC TOUCH FROM LONG AGO was in a Watch chajn. It was labeled, "Made of Nellie-Thieles" hair and presented ro her beau, Dave Mitchell in 1885". Three hats, fashionable in 1880, were shown and a piair of 400 year old shoes belonging to OrviOle Thoreson and made with wooden pegs. Another lovely item was a cameo brooch. Maude Dorweiler bought i't in Edmburg, Scotland and she knows-it is over 100 years odd because she didn't have to pay any duty on it. * * * THERE WAS FRACTIONAL CURRENCY, 'about 2" by 3" in size and in denominations of three to 50 cents issued from 1863 to 1876 and paper money designed with a Hungarian theme honoring Louis Kossuth, but never issued. There were several charcoal skeitchea of the barns on the August Slagle farm drawn by the late Kmma Zahlten. * * * A CHINA-HEADED DOLL IN OLD -fashioned clothes rested in the child s wooden cradle belonging to Mrs. Joe Bradley. On the side is draped a homespun doll blanket. It was made 150 years ago m New England by the great-grandmother of Carrie and Margaret Durant. * * * EVEN THE ALGONQUIN INDIANS, who were the county's only residents prior to 1854, were represented in the display I talked with Glen Jenkinson and although I didn't, know our editor was an authority on Indian lore, Glen said Russ Waller told him the strange looking stone object was used by the Indians for grinding meal That and a stone hatchet head were found on the Jenkinson farm in Union township. » * * SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. THE Historical Society hopes to have a room or building in which items of our heritage from the past can be preserved and permanently displayed. I love old things and 1 have several things of long ago which are not valuable excepting to me I mean to pass them on to any of my children or grandchildren. Meanwhule, we are busy making antiques out of the rest of our furniture by hard wear. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Blueberry Graham Cracker Des- scrti I 12 graham crackers, crushed very fine Vi cup sugar Vi cup melted butter 2 eggs Vz cup sugar 1 — 8 02. pkg. Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 1 Can blueberry pie mix Combine the crumbs, butter and first % cup sugar and pack into a 9-inch square pan. Beat the eggs, add .the second half cup M ar and soitened cheese. Beat until smooth. Cool and then pour the blueberry mix on top. Refrigerate over night and serve topped with 'i ' a HCt. XOOu._.^.*»M, jT*. — T-•,»,.,-,.«^*w* and StattM^JO^Sr^paWP wood, CW^akfi 1 ' fltedby 1 ' -- 1 -Girl Sec The lw*&'t!ir$fli girls —-*—'*"-- .:. „ ,,-•-,— —-— .. ParK hospital, -. > Meso'ri City, Wednesday. ' fJ1 tfto>a -Kto A fl ; their M" find, family, AUguste, Wls6., spent "g SeVefSl dflys 'Visiting relatives ift .„,.. ,'Burt fihd vicinity. .°y. ln | ' Br< and Mrs. 1 Robert Melville is', anu i»iamuyv ,iowa fiily)'- vlsltjSd fjast.wegk wiih htt,,«i8thfef> W& fleleti 'Vctel, • l ' Mr. M .*««,• Otte . -. -Jint and -tfoMan, Roland, visited Sunday at the 1 h6ffie df their son and brother and faniily, the Hat-lev Hansons^, Mr, 6hd Mrs. Walter SarertSdn stfettt several days- at Iowa City* Walter had a check up .-at the hospital there. ' , SHAPING TAGS, - If* pet Des.Molnes Pub. Co., Al« Ex-Hesideni Weds f^/;, .p>\ '' • -A wedding 6f*}fttiir$V,to 'Burt folks was performed'a£ thg Presbyterian church, fis'tMrville,? Jrt an evening .ceremtftM'fAugV 12, Marcia Kay. .TostenrUd^«'dXughter of. Mr. and" -Mrs. .EWbhicTos'ten- St. Joe — Joan Reding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Red ing, became the bride of Gerald Girres, son of Mr. and Mrs. C L. Girres of West Bend, in a douMe ring Ceremony, in St Joseph's church at 9 a.m. Aug 5. Rev. Leo C. Schumacher officiated. Acolytes were Richard and Edward Girres Ronald Plathe and , Larry Mergen. The men's choir sang with Mrs. Adeline Wagner as organist. Sharon Frieden . sang, accorripanied on the organ, by Judy'Wagner. The bride, given in marriage by her father, was attired in a chapel-length gown of imported Chantilly lace over a foundation of nylon net and taffeta, basque lace .bodice design* with a rounded scalloped lace neckline adorn' ed with irridescent sequins. The long lace sleeves ended in a bridal point at the wrist. The bouffant skirt of lace deeply scalloped at hem edge. Flounces of scalloped lace cascaded down tne back of the gown from the bodice and flared out into a rounded chapel train. A finger tip veil of imported English bridal illusion-lace edged in a scallop design and sprinkled with sequins, was attached -to a double Queen Crown of lace ornamented with pearls and sequins. She carried a shower bouquet of pink roses with rose bud streamers and a crystal rosary, a gift from the groom. ; ..'.... Patty Reding was maid of honor and Ronald Girres was best/ man. Bridesmaids were Carol Girres and Norma Becker, groomsmen were Gerald Redin, and Raymond Girres and Gar; Mergen;. and Don Girres wer ushers... Following the ceremony, ; dinner and reception were heli at the Plantation at Whittemor with rel'atives and friends at tending. In charge of the gues book were Gloria Joint and Caro Reding. Mrs. Roger Thul, Mrs Ronald Girres, Maxine Thilge anw Mrs. Berhard DeJong as sisted with the gifts. Mrs. Ed ward Besch and Mrs. Clai Reding cut the cake, with Mrs Joe Mergen and Mrs. Marvin Clark pouring at the reception. The bride'is a graduate dfSti Joseph's^ high school : (arid -Mr.' Girres is a graduate of West Bend high school and both have'-tfefen working at home. Following a" trip through western states the couple will be at home on a farm, east of Bode. (Nels Isaacson to—UDM Engraving-) : ; Two Changes, Burt Hurt — Vern Shipper is ; busy hese days remodeling, cleaning! and painting the former Woltz furniture store, preparatory ip' moving his., 'dry goods store across the street. Shipler recently purchased the building ".-frariv Wilfred Woltz and hopes . to have it ready for business ,b'y,! the end of Septeftiber. V '"' Bob Engstronf'is now ' business in the former Neelj? Hatchery building he recently] purchased from the Vu-gil r-Scih4 raders. Engstrom has opened ari: electric motor repair shop th'ej'&E He was formerly an employee 01 the Mitchell Electric. . :i--'!\ v % ___ .' ' "*• ";•* At Scout Camp - < — Six Girl Scouts, their leadeH) rud, Royal, formerly of ,l\irt/ became the bride of DarreU K'erce Rodger, son-, of Mr. •arid'Titrs. Frank P. Rodger, Esthervllle. Rev. Gerald' Johnson officiated at the double'ring ceremony. v.Mr.. and Mrs. Al -Hinckley spent Sunday 'and Monday at |.Oakdale where they visited their daughter Marilyn, and Alfhad a check up. They were,'accompanied to Iowa' City by Mrs,-Helen Vogel and her granddaughter, Margaret Melville, who spent ,two days at the home of her daughter . and family, the Dr. ;Melvilles. Margaret remained .at her home. Mr. and Mrs. De&n Andrews, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scott left early Friday morning for a five day visit to Denver, Colo. Supt. Harold Martin, Fred Hilton,. David .Brown, Cliff Ab! bas, Howard Batt, and Ernie ijuavrenz, enjoyed a last fishing trip before the beginning of tht. school year. They spent from Friday through Monday fishing at -Woman's' Lake- in Minn. Mr. and. Mrs. Walter Klamp, Ajgbna, visited in the home of Lottie Isenberger Thursday evening. , Sunday, Mrs. Isenberger accompanied the Klamps to an Isenberger family reunion at, Clarion,;., .; • Dr. and Mrs, Gene Bechtol. Stratford, ;Mr.. 'and Mrs. Larr> Gisch 'and three children, Mrs. John. Geesman and Earl Geesman, .returned home'the first ol the weeky after a week's fishing near • Bemidji. L- •;*.. . Mr. '• and .Mrs. 'Louis Riedel were hosts at a family ^picnic at- their, home Sunday ,in -honor' of Mr.': and Mrs.; i C. B. Coats ' 01 Winterpark,' Fla. Guests were Ernest Riedel, Zelda:-and Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Walt Riedel, Mr. and Mrs. R.; Riedel and Curtis of-Ringsted'and Mr.-and Mrs. Art Riedel, Algona. ' HOT COLO — GRACE. BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICK HOMiS AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) luVerne (Home Office) m Appiox. tott ol tollinlng' 2S groin hard wafer' WATER SOFTENER So *conomical, you can >9ften both HOT and COLD CALL CY 4-4240 ALGONA PLUMBING AND HEATING E. NttaKfea Algona, la. New Frigidaire FROST-PROOF with exclusive frost forbidder FROST FORBIDDER ENDS DEFROSTING! DRUDGERY FOREVER • IniUnt tee servlcs. Flip-Quick Ice Ejector pops cubes out at a touch. Ice Server holds 80 cubes, e Back-of.*h8lf food, at ypyr finj«rWpl with two Roll-to-You, Full-Width Selves, • Store 150 pounds of frozen feeds in bfg ?ero zont Freezer ... two Roll-to- YOIA . Freezer Baskets; In Flowing Celd ?, ool ! 1 T for 9l8 lbl< of ' f ««h Meat Tender, S hplc ? , ofcfour color * cr Porpelain-Enamal, tool Whitf ONLY limn per wijlr,, with imall BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE Your RUSK Check List Of VACATION NEEDS MEDICAL: THERMOMETERS - SUN GLASSES - SUKlTAN LOTION - ADHESIVE BANDAGES - FIRST AID' KIT - HEADACHE REMEDIES - VITAMINS TOILETRIES: TOOTH PASTE - DEODORANTS - SHAVING CREAM - RAZOR BLADES - SHAMPOO _ BOBBY PINS - HAIR NETS - FOOT POWDER SPECIAL NEEDS: CAMERAS - POLAROID AND KODAK FILM FLASHLIGHTS - VACUUM BOTTLES - TRAVEL CLOCKS - SHOE'POLISH - BATHING CAPS - INSECT REPELLENT - INSECTICIDES SHOP RUSK'S FIRST AND JEWELRY CY 4-2349 117 East State Algona Most Spectacular Night Show Ever Presented by Fair, Closing with Gorgeous Fireworks, Other Big Features ores .•Hug* O|*en Class Cattfe, Swine, Sheep and Draft Hers* Shew*, First 6 Days, .• 80-Acr0 Farm Machine*^ A Home Appliance Shows. .• Auto Race* AH 10 Doy»5 Speedway Car M*ets; £ Laf* Model Stock Car Races; Two Thrill Show*. .• FFA * 4-H CUb livestock Shows, CaHle, Swino astd ,. Sheep, Last Fowr, Days. • Hugo Farm Crops, Flow**, Fruit« VogotaMo Shows. . • 8 NHoHorso Shows, AM* 26 thru 31 * Sept 2 * 3. Matinees Aug. 25,: 26 A 27 and Sept 3 A 4. • Royal America* Shows osi , World* t Laraert Midway. • Two Children's Days, Avg. 28 A Sept. 1. Girls, Boy* mdof 15 Admitted Fre* Outside Gates; 50c MM* .Show General Admissio* rBuy t *Mtir«r nchfe bjr Mat.- Grandtland, $2 A $2JO (Cxnpt , Sunday Afornoonf, *2.50 < Ut J I -end labor Day Aftwmooit, <3 A ' $3.50). Horn Show, $1 JO A 12. Send Chtck or Monvf bnkr to Mlnnttolo Statt fair, SI. foul 13. 1961 Ouiadt Goto AUG. 26-SEPT. 4 •me MSWER K jus 1 We are proud of an alert, progressive and efficient corset and bra department. We feature a complete line of the newest models in GOSSARD bras and maintain at all times, a complete 9tock of oil popular styles, Avail younelf of this service; you'll be pleased and 1

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