The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1949
Page 13
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' FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1349 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 1 *\ ^ it te rest «Price Declines In Ninth Month Farmers Receiving 19 Per Cent Less Than in Maich, 1948 LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 1. llPi — Prices received by Arkansas Farmers have shown Hie longest dec-linn since (he period Immediately following World War one. the U.S. Crop Reporting Service suid yesterday. Prices on March 15 averased two per cent lower than those of a month earlier. This drop marker! the ninth consecutive monili (lie (armor's receipts have gone down. A price decline which started in June, Sawdust Used In New Feed For Livestock MEMPHIS. Trim,, April 1 -oi'i— .Si'ici ice is uelluIK ulotiR rig hi well In its effort to convert h;iy-buniinn t'ou.s to u s:i\ukisl did. Dr. II. K. BcMison, chemist. I old the NaUoiuil Farm CtH'tmirgic Council yc.sH'rday .some cows in the west lire the guiiu'n pi^.s hi ibis exptn'imfMit. They tlevi'iopi'd a likinu for a molassc.s in title from yeast and sugar, prodiu-ed from. ,sa\vikist, Thfy appear to lio Ihriving tin it. Tho diet has to be tested n while lon before .scientists decide it could become a big business, using n great proportion of snsvdust ami wood products lhat now are mostly waste. Or. Benson, retired head of I he Orchid of Orchids 1D20, conti..ned for r, consecutive Department of Chemistry at the months. ' | University of Washington, said the 'file reporting service *aid [lie yeast contains vitamins and the price level of farm procUic:i:> Mi[;ar is a Iii^h energy fooil. lie is 10 [)er cent lower than a year aso and 24 per cent under (he nil-time high established in October. 1040. hopes it will cut the cost of pru- dlK 1 )!!;; beef. The government is building pil'jt Lint- cotton on M ; ,roh 15 this i ' )lants to Mc wllat lhp cosl ot > )r °- <l«cl»>" will be in laipe quantities. The mol »s«es is mixed with other animal foods. Dr. Benson said the idea of changing old hassle's diet to -sasv- was horn in plants the govern- Vienr was quoted at 28 3 cents [>cr 4|>nnid. a decline of three-tenths of on cent In one month nnd five nnd three-tenths cents under the average for March. 1048. Soybeans Show Cialn Soybeans weie up 10 cents bushel over February. 1949, «... , ... .. down $1.2(: from the March, 1943 "ceded for rubber. figure. Cottonseed was down S3 per ton for the month, and down 543 per ton for the year. The March 15. 1949 quotation was S46. Unit prices listed in the report comparing March 15. 1948, and March 15, 1949. figures included: Product. Unit Corn, Bn. Wheat, Bu. Oats, Bn. Hlce. Bu. Potatoes, Bu. Sweet Potatoes, Bu. Lint Cotton, Lb. Cottonseed. Ton Soybeans, Bu. Cowpeas, Bu. Peanuts, Lb. Hogs, Cwt, Beef Cattle, Cwt. Veal Calves, Cwt. Milk Cows. Head Chickens, Lb. j^ffurkeys. Lb. •Eggs, Doz. Butter, Lb. Butterfat, 1.b. Milk- (retail) Qt, Apples, Bu. Peac.ies, Bu. Pears, Bu. Lespedeza Seed, Cwt. ' ' Alfalfa Hay, Ton Lespedeza Hay, Ton Prairie Hsy, Ton •48 S2/.IO •>.-«> 1.29 2.83 2.30 2.55 .310 89.00 3.30 3.95 .120 20.60 18.50 24.20 113.00 .310 .319 .400 .670 .130 .176 1.75 IB.10 26.50 25.00 13.80 its per [ " lc ' 11 b "' It dtiriiiK the war to make 9 but ! alcohol from wood. The alcohol was ' ' "oeded for rubber. The new livestock feed has been produced in pilot plants at Madison. Wis., and has been ted to cows in Oregon. Washington and Idaho. '•In time we may make the timber industry so efficient, by u.sin^ all its by-products, we will he utilizing everything but the SOUK of the bu/./. saw." Dr. Benson said. '48 S1.36 1.99 .88 1.9D 2.15 2,40 .203 4B.OO 2.10 3.15 .130 18.80 18.50 24.60 140.00 .288 .370 .374 .590 .590 .160 2.70 13.10 23.20 16.50 1050 Washington's Famed Cherry Blossoms Get New Life with Hormones WASHINGTON. April 1— l/l'i — The capital's famed cherry blossoms, supercharged with hormone* for the first time, hit their peak yesterday. The hormone treatment. In the form of an inexpensive spray 1> designed lo keep the blooms at thcii shiny best through next wcek-end'i Cherry Blossom Festival. Irving C. Root, parks superintendent, said the blossoms started opening by the thousands last Sun day and normally would [all of! within five days. This speckled lady slipper orchid, named Ihe Clementine Churchill after Mrs. Winston Churchill, is on display al Now York's 33rti Intel-national b'lower Sdou 1 . Grown from seed and raised by L. Sherman Adams, of Welles ley, Mass., it is valued from SI50 lo S20Q Farm Clean-Up Arkanson Killed - , _ _ * Uf MAM A •« LM.M«IIM. Week Is Set For Apr. 3-9 Five Movie Producers Stop Academy Award Aid HOLLYWOOD, April 1—(A>>— Chances increased yesterday lhat the coveted academy award "Oscars/' symbols of excellence In the motion picture art, soon will become a collector's Item, Five top movie producers have come out flatly with an announcement they are stopping their con- j tributions to the awards. Robert Montgomery, secretary of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says without their support, the Oscars are a thing of the past. The producers, in a Joint statement from New York, indicated they are withdrawing finahcial nid to the awards to remove "any suspicion of company influence." You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME When you have an Equitable Society FARM LOAN This famous Farm Income Privilege U written into your loan agreement to save you money and lo help you own your farm free and clear, sooner. See us lor low'Cost, amortized loans. TERRY Abstract & Really Co. 213 W. Walnut Flinnc 2.181 Three from Blytheville On U. of A. Honor Roll Three University of students from Blytheville arc anionj those listed on the honor roll for the. College of Arts and Science, ac- oording to an announcement received today from Dr. G. D. Nichols, dean. William H. Stovall, Jr., a senior; Be'.ty Frances Woodson, a Junior; and Donna Wunderlich, a sophomore were tjiOf.e listed on the honor roll from Blytheville. Readers' Views With the Rent Control Act. expiring mill a ncu 1 one coming into etfect. i have been reviewing its operation in Blytheville for the past year. One thing that impresses me most is the fine way in which you have helped Icnnnls and landlords to understand their rights and obligations under the law passed n yc:ir ago. At that time the Congress ivrale several principles into Rent Control, and the new law went Into effect within 48 hours of finnl approval. This presented a great problem of education, not only to those of m in the Area Rent Office, but also to the landlords and tenants affected by these new provisions. Fortunately, your pnper offered its columns to discussion of the new Kent Control Act. and your readers were able to find out immediately how they were affected. And you continued to report all news offered respecting Rent Control throughout the ycnr. 'The public response to these news stories showed that people in Blytheville read the Courier closely. For example, you had an item In January ndvishrg prospective buyers of rental property to check its Rent Control status before closing the deal. As n result, we had several calls and Icllers traceable directly lo that Courier article. This great public service on your ! part has helped to create good 1 compliance with Rent Control and j establish Blytheville in the OHE I records as a community where ! landlords and tenants cujoy a -satisfactory relationship. Very .sincerely, Chester A. Cunningham. Area Rent Director-Attorney U'lTI.K ROOK. Ark.. April Arkansas farmers and farm oi'gau- yatiuii-s were urged today to aid In | Hie animal observance of National' Farm Cleanup Week, set this your lor the week of April 3 lo 9. Purpose of die project Is to reduce livestock and poultry losses caused by disease, parasites and injury, the American Foundation for Animal Health announced here. "By taking ii liitle time for a cleanup of lots and buildings now farmers can add materially to their livestock and poultry profits." the Foundation said. Heading Ihe list of cleanup measures were: Clean i.nd disinfect livestock quarters, particularly Iliose where young animals or birds are to be, born or house. Clean out refuse In barnyards and feed lots, old piles of manure and rubbish may be heavily Infested with livestock parasites. Drain or fence off low. muddy spots In yards and pa!\ures to protect .-.lock against the genus nnd parasites that Ihrlvc In stagnant water. Remove or destroy old straw stacks thiil harbor parasilcs nnd germs. Scatter the straw or plow it under. Pick up and remove nails, glass and other sharp objects which might cause skin wounds and Infections, or might be swallowed bv livestock. Move young animals to fresh clean ground as early as weather permits, nnd around weaning Mine have pigs vaccinated against, hog cholera. Check also Jh the advisability of vaccination against other diseases which may lie problems In the men. In many communilies. (he Foundation said, It Is being suggested that fanners nnd veterinarians organize Farm Cleanup Week as ft neighborhood project to rid the entire community of these disease and parasite hazards. Organized or not I these measures were uiKcd us wise I precautions for every farmer. When Air Force Transport Falls KOHT 11RAG, N. C., April 1. («!•) —An Alv Force c-47 transport plane crashed near !>o|ie Field here yesterday killing three oflleers. The Fort l)rur,K Public Inlorma- llon Ottlcc- said the plane crashed and burned as It attempted ail emergency landing In a (li'ld near I he Pope base oltlceis club. Victims, nil bused at Pope Field, were Idi-nillk'il as First l.t. Allen A. Hall, Jr.. Pilot. KI Dorado. Ark.; -Second t.t. Kenneth W. Thompson, ro-pllul. Route 15. Milwaukee. WIs., and Kmind 1,1. J. M. ivtrii' o( Chevcrly, Md. amam 1 irrnses The following couples obtained marriage licenses al the ofltce of Miss Elia/be-th VUyihc, county clerk, ye.steiday; Grow Henry Van of Wa.ilcll, Mo., and Mrs. Bertha Ix'd- botH'i ot Hayll, Mo. M. S. Holilimer and Mrs. Colin Milhciin. iKilh at .Mallllx. Highway Department To Begin Work on Six Road Projects Soon UTH.K HOCK, A|)l'll 1, M'J- Wurk rn Ihe $91.500 Mnnlrosn ovi-r- pnss on Illgliwny 82 will bi^lii Im- mi'cllulcly. Aikiinsus I Midway Dl- i'ior Jny linker snlil yeslcnlny. Tin' pi-ojiTl Is i>iH' or .six Ten- wlildi the siiuc hlKhwiiy ilcpiirtiiicni Is- ii'd wurk (ii'dois. .!. I- l.ciokiuloo will b<- ri-stdcnl cn- KliX'i'i' on lli<> prnji'd. for M. Uixon, Wiirrvn. Is thr con- Clyde L. Dew Receives "Traveler" Commission LITTLE HOCK. April 1— i,f> Veteran iiewstnnn Clyde L. Dew has been commissioned an Arkansas Traveler. Dew, a member of the- Arkansas O.izettc stuff for riff years and former managing editor nf thut newspaper, plans to leave soon for his native Michigan to make his home. The commission was presented to him Wednesday by Revenue Commissioner Dean Morlcy on behalf of Governor McMalh, who is out of the state. Since leaving the Gazette last year Dew has been news editor of the Arkansas Network. Read Courier News Want Arts. RADIO i j REPAIR i I 1 and '.'-Day Service on Anj ! J .Make or Model i ! Reliable Workmanship \ j Phone 2642 i • We Call For <intl Deliver ! I Fred Callihan j i Eleclriral Appliance Co. ! ! Authorized Motorola j I Sales Service ' • inr. So. 1st. st. • AUTOMATIC HYDRAULIC OVERLOAD PROHCTION HYDRAULIC IMPUMINT CONTROL FROHT WrUU TRUD ADJUSUW • * * Ni tliier ti«tM < ALL lb< K A KM 1C US, wi(h «i Ferguson Tractor you can work lotla.v in (lie fields! The Kcnuinp Ferguson System will supply increased traction automatically when you work in soft, muddy ground, lint that's only one of many advantages you'll get wilh Ihe Ferguson Tractor which offers you so much more for your money in flei>emliil>)o. (rouble-free performance. Come in ami see tl (his week . . . ask for a free demonstration. JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 500 East Main Genuine Ferguson Deafer Blythevill* Phone 2371 OIluM- iirojevls for wlUi'li work urdc'i.'i \vt-i-o Issurd HIT: Culiai Hock-Knsl llontl. liny u. Mm-|>tiy, ri'.Hldcnt <-iiKJnct>r, Oiiiniilwll (Junslnicilon Co., l.llllc litu-k. «in- Irnelor. Duwr-Koresl Dixinitury u«n<|. ,|. K. McCllnlon, fi'sldcni oi)|tlnn>r. Ucyiinlds niul Wllllnms, Tyli'i. 'I'cx., coiilviu-tor. lloxli' riiiiniic'llon, John F. Price vi-sldcjit i>iii;liu»!r, Unuly Cinuns, l.itlli- Kork. fonlriirliir. Moiii'oo County I,lno-Mui vol. S. M. Newnmn. roMdcnt ctiKliicrr, Onivi'i Ilrnllicrs, I'lnc J!ln[(. coii- tvftclor. •loroinc-MuHlrosa Ilonil, O. M. MiiUlu'ws, ii'sldrnl c'liKinoc. 1 !, Graves Hiollicis, cotilraclor. Accidents to (ormer C»UM enouih lost time In t. year to produce mor«; limn half tlie nvcrnge a*nu»l whe»t c-iup in Die United Statu. A useful implement for your ford Tractor M»r» farmtrt Irnrn boutthii lovl! DEARBORN FIELD CULTIVATOR S» miiiiy uses! If tills, fHlln«s, inulchos unit <f|iRlLnw cnHl- va[o»t»rclinrds. Fine for lunsvii- litff top soil, ye I leave.* snme surface Irasli in ictant erosion. Nnrrnw xhankn make K • dcxirftliie Inol for lircnkinff plow pan nr rermvHting pss- iitrc.i. Special points are a\'«ll- ablo for killing nuKiuu* grau And weecix. Quickly nltiiched to Ford Tractor, tl«plh hyilrnuUr»11y conlrnllcrl. Inveshuale (hit Versatile tool now! ring Irlpt a(/t>u> thnnh* putt or«r nbtlrnctitntt if r«trt autnmaticailu. r* tltnttkt at dtttrtd. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hordin, Mgr. S. Division SI. Phone 2171 NOW-Even / can MOW the LAM * Powered by quick-starting 4-cyclt Kii>olm<M'i»jii>« ( ) Vi li|> or 3 lip). I* Hull luljmtiibli! governor guaran- U't'i acairaU 1 , dependable ftpeed com riil. 2'i" hliujc cms rtfjlit up to tre» trunks, slirulvl, fences, etc, * Seamless seed tuhin£ throughout frame insures li^lll rllKKt'tlntsi. [ A Precision construction safeguard! ugainsl fiuihy operation and uuni- mi/cs rrn;iirs . . , insures trouble* trcu |>criormi«MCC. • * XfASIKH MOW- blt ciiti «uhi IB rnalnliLnlni bom* Inwni, tnlt eo»(M«. cfQl*E#Ikl, Of U1T- Vlltto th*l "kMp- See I he MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor WHAT MAKES THE STARTENA? PURINA CHICK STARTENA I Have At All Times For Sole snviTiil 11 actors nnd eiiLitjuhunl. liolh new urn) usnl I h.ivc John Heere, Farinutl, Kind and other tn Liken. I now have new Ford Iriuitors and e<)ul|'nirnt rend) for delivery at clcnlrrii 1 price. I will Unite for most nn.vthlnft ynu have. 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