The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on June 18, 1939 · Page 11
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
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Sunday, June 18, 1939
Page 11
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iff fr SOW! Morn 40.04)41 (Irrulatinn! 4 The People's Open Forum ut(Pi nn thla nnri iri from render nf tv t- uai... In lcllcl" w r o . - - 4W IB Register. The views expressed may differ widely from The Reg- , 1 ister's own views. Short letter are the most Interesting. THEY WILL BE SHORTENED FURTHER IF LACK OF SPACE REQUIRES IT. You must give your complete name and address, street number, postof-fice box or rural route. Write only READ THIS BEFORE YOU WRITE on one aide 01 uie paper, a icrano jeuer cannot be used If received within 30 day of publication of a communciation. Thera are times when. In order to permit less frequent contributors to express their opinions, a second letter cannot be used this soon-Poems and verse ara not acceptable for the page. LETTERS CIXNOT BE RETURNED. , DES MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER. jr NOW? Mora Than 84Q.(HW Circulation? -fr "Free speech is to a great people what winds are to oceans and malarial regions, which waft away the elements of disease and bring new elements of health; and where free speech is stopped miasma is bred, and death comes fast-" Henry Ward Beecher. Deplores Plans to Drain Green Bay Pleasure Area Writer Calls It South ern Iowa s Only Resort. ij tha Open Forum Editor: , 4 Congratulations to The Sunday fepgister for its informative story frf June 4 with facts and figures Waining to he Green Bav arefl 1' . mw-Jl o 1. - ipar fori maaisun. oucu nn fsrticle was perhaps slightly over-flue as it is doubtful if more than Is very small per cent of the Leople of this state have ever been I.,... that stirh nn unusual dace as contained within the state's loundaries. While the article was based for he most part on the present ef fort to drain the area, a great Stieal could have been written and shown of the various activities. fwhich have sprung up there during fthe past few years. Boating Facilities. A mere summary of drainage troblems does not in any way do Justice to the outstanding fact that the area has already, without liny publicity or ballyhoo, become recreational center for thou sands. It is the ONLY place of .j kind available to residents of he entire southern half of our itate. With its many thousands of meres of water it has made out- ioard motorboating available to hundreds of owners, who could lot otherwise enjoy this sport ex- fept in our muddy, rapidly changing southern Iowa rivers, where it js practically out of the question. Hunting and Fishing. Likewise, there is no comparable f shing grounds In the southern f.alf of the state. Without aid from state or national sources, it abounds in game fish and many of the record catches from Green Bay would compare favorably with Minnesota or Wisconsin statistics. Within the past several years a cottage building boom has been started which would be nullified by the present efforts to drain the area for farming. While it has no bathing facilities, even a small amount of tha money and effort expended on other state recreational areas could easily make bathing available. "Plundering for Profits." It would seem that rather than sell out a recreational spot of such potentialities for the sake of an obscure and questionable tax in come, the Lee county board could well have made some constructive effort to get the area improved and made into a. greater attraction for local residents and visitors alike. Many of us who know and .appreciate Green Bay sincerely ' believe that it is an outright Im position on the citizens of this en tire southern half of the state to allow a few individuals to destroy such an irreplaceable public recreation spot, in their plundering for scavenger real estate profits. Paul B. Smith, Columbus Junction, la. "SAME OLD RIDICULE." To the Open Forum Editor: When the Townsend bill was introduced on the floor of the house of representatives we really expected to hear some real arguments against it from its Opponents but what we heard was the same old parroted slurs and ridicule we have heard for the last five years. C. H. Cammack, Rad-cliff, la. 'Advocates Signs Warning Against Hilltop Dangers Reader Would Have Installation Performed by WPA. Jj Ui Opto Forum Editor: The Register of June 5 carries story of "Four Hurt As Autos Collide Head-on at Crest of Hill ?ar New Virginia, Iowa." The unday Register of about two f eeks ago had a front page ac count of "Seven killed or severely Injured in a hill-top collision on In Iowa country road." These news stories indicate that loo high a per cent of Iowa's fatal Into accidents are occurring because of extreme carelessness Men driving Iowa's gravel and mi roads that have abrupt hills. Center Driving. It is strange that most drivers f ho stay on their own side of the Fad when travelinr naved hitrh- f ays will take a chance on gravel F dirt roads with less traffic and go charging up over sharp hills In the center of the road in a track made by the first car along after a rain. In my own experience in Polk county there have been at least two occasions where I would surely have been rubbed out if I had not developed a super caution against the possibility of cars coming over such hills in the center or on the wrong side of the road. Signs Advocated. It is my belief that many lives could be saved if signs were put up, emphasizing that sudden death lurks beyond every hill on country roads unless the driver stays on his own side. Slow signs should warn where sharp hills obstruct the view of farmstead entrances. True, it would take thousands of low cost signs, but what would make a more practical and worth while WPA project in Iowa and other states than the making and installing of these warnings on country roads. Robert M. Clark, Mirchellville, la. An Amendment Plan popular Vote on Basic Law Changes Sought. ?' Un Open Forum Editor: I Would it be any threat to dem-l Tatic eovernmenr if normle Rested a slight change in the "thod of adopting or rejecting a rP0Sed amendment tn th oHorol institution? Under the provisions "'vicu m me original constitu-on, any proposed amendment "USt be llWmitte v.. ;llr to the legislatures of the 'Ates or tO KTie-riol ivtntrentinng tnerein. Sme people feel that It would ! n keeDinr? with Hnv..atir Besses, if congress submitted 1 Proposed imj, J: I of the People of the forty- - - ior aecision. Charter of Authority. Th . , uiuuon, rjy most, is ie charter of authority Clve, Judicial and executive KwM. f the government, fron; Pople set the Uniita-is Th Pwer uPtn their servants Fot m branhe8. Why is it ,e and proper that the peo-xsn M themelves directly Schartny PrPecl change in said 1 I authorty.' ha. s about auch a chanSe jCorThm60"1 of 'ending the mstiiT, ConereM- "bmit a new putioaal amendment under one of the present methods, either by reference to the legislatures or to special conventions In each state. It would then be necessary that three-fourths of the states ratify such an amendment. In case of such ratification, all future amend ments would be submitted by congress to a direct vote of the people. Petitioning Congress. Congress in proposing such a new amendment to the legisla tures, could suggest that In case of ratification, they also provide the necessary machinery for tak ing a vote on future proposed amendments. By retaining the three-fourths requirements as the number necessary to ratification, the union of states is preserved. At the same time the people them selves set the limitations of power upon their servants. A few of us are trying to do something about it, by petitioning eone-ress to submit such a new amendment to the Constitution in the belief that very few of the politicians in the legislatures would dare to vote to refuse the oeoDle the right to make their own decisions, concerning changes in the charter of our liberties. W. K. Currie, Wenona, EL LETTER ABOUT RESERVE BANK Version of How Loans Are Made Given. To the Open Forum Editor: I noticed recently an editorial stating that our economic difficulties are too complicated for explanation. ' Please let me try to explain in a very simple manner how the Federal Reserve Banking system works. Suppose you are the Federal Re serve banker. You have an office and $30,000 in cash. How Loan Is Made. Mr. Roosevelt enters and re quests a loan of one billion dollars for the government. I "Certainly," you answer, "I will lend it to you, provided you give me security." "Yes," Mr. Roosevelt replies, "I have brought with me one billion dollars worth of United States government bonds which bear interest at 2 per cent." "Very well," you say, "I will make out a check for one billion dollars and credit you on our books for that amount." Printing Costs $30,000. The exchange is made Mr. R. gives you the bonds and you hand him your check. He takes the check over to the treasury and you take your bonds and your $30,800 over to the government printing office. You approach the printer: "I have here one billion dollars in government bonds and I would like to have some currency printed to represent them. The printer agrees, adding: "That will cost you $30,000 for printing." There upon you pay him the $30,000 and take back to your Bank the bonds and the currency. Cashing the Check. The next day Mr. Morgenthau drops in at your bank. He says "I have here a check for one billion dollars which has been en dorsed over to me by Mr. Roose velt and which I would like to have cashed." You take out of your safe the one billion dollars in currency that you had printed and you cash his check. Nov what have you left for your $30,000 and your trouble? Why, you still have the one billion dollars worth of bonds which pay you 20 million dollars per year interest. Of course, the taxpayers will pay you your interest and they will also redeem the bonds when they come due. The commercial banks "work a good deal on the same principle, i.e., lending to the public millions of dollars they they do not have, and collecting interest on same. F. W. Schmld, p. O. Box 112, Dubuque, la. JXrVEN GEXERAL Governor Wilson's Campaign Pledges Are Examined Former Legislator Thinks State's Executive Has a Score of Only 23 Per Cent Up to Date. He Wants All Oi Kipling's Line Quoted To the Open Forum Editor: "Bishop Brenton T. Badley, of India, disagrees with Rudyard Kipling." So says the reporter, covering the bishop's address at Indianola. And we say, the bishop "done him wrong." Curious, isn't it, that good, and presumably wise men, will lend them selves to careless treatment of other good m e n even of the dead. kiplino. in order to prove something or other about "east and west" many other speakers and writers have used that same quote from Kipling; "Oh east is east,' and west is west, and never the twain shall meet," and all of them stop there, ignoring the rest of Kipling's statement. Thus, they all make his words mean something he did not say at all. Why do they not let him finish? For the lines go right on to say "but there is NEITHER east nor west, border nor breed nor birth, when two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth." Bishop Badley says, "India is a meeting place for all the best in both the east and west." And that seems about what Mr. Kipling was trying to say, when he was interrupted in the middle of his sentence. Albert E. Coe, Dysart, la. FRUSTRATION. To the Open Forum Editor: Regardless of the personal well being of individuals it is impos sible for the sensitive to have a life completely satisfactory in a frustrated nation. Russia or Ger many are examples of what hap pens to a nation when a large section of its population becomes frustrated and prevented from living a normal life by reason of economic conditions. Similarly, our unemployment problem is an indication of our national frustration. Carl Peterson, S542 Carroll ave., Chicago, 111. To Um Opea Forum Editor: I was surprised to note that the Wall Street Journal just after the Iowa legislature adjourned gave Governor George A. Wilson credit for carrying out a large part of the program promised in his campaign. Now, it is well remembered that Governor George had what he called "Wilson's Ten Point Program." This ten point program was) printed in pamphlet form in heavy type and distributed far and wide. It was the basis on which whxon. he asked for the gover nor's office. To fulfill the pledges made required the co-operation of the legislature; but the governor can't complain on that ground for he had a preponderant Republican majority in each house, and that body set a record by staying in session for 110 days. Tested Point by Tolnt On the basis of a score of 100 for perfect, or 10 for each of the ten points, how does the governor rate for making good on his promises? Here are the 10 points and what Re has done about them: Point No. 1. "Elimination of useless bu- reaus and commissions at the state house in Des Moines." It was promised that this would save the taxpayer 25 per cent In taxes. The record: Only one bureau or commis sion eliminated, and this a minor one, known as the state planning board. And how much reduction in taxes? No reduc tion, but a very substantial increase was made in the appropriation to run the state government The plain truth Is that the appropriations made for the next two years are considerably larger than were ever made for any previous biennium In Iowa history. Governor Wilson la not entitled to any credit for keeping Point No. 1. The score here is zero. Home Rule Point No. 2. "Home Rule Return of government to local authorities." The assembly passed only two acts of a general nature affecting home- rule. One permits municipalities and school districts, if they so desire, to employ private auditors in place of the state checkers. The other makes a nine month school term mandatory. There is no more home rule than there was before Governor Wilson was elected. Again the score is zero. Point No. 3. "Elimination of farm tenancy, with a program that gives every farmer an opportunity to own a farm." No problem in this state is more in need of attention than la that of tha Increase In farm tenancy. Yet, recognizing the need and promising a solution, the only thing done was to appoint another committee to study the problem. The score here is def initely zero. tV Fromlse Kept Point No. 4. "A farm member on the state board of assessment and review." This promise was kept. Score 10. Point No. 5. "Industrial use of farm products." The only proposal before the recent assembly to further this idea re ceived little consideration and nothing was done. The score is zero. Point No. 6. "A sensible conservation program." Such is long overdue if future generations are to live and prosper in Iowa, But the governor didn't register on this point either. Score again zero. Point No. 7. "Keep schools out of politics; maintain a high standard of school efficiency with indirect tax support." How this problem was to be solved was never made plain, but it is certain nothing was done about it. Score zero. Point No. 8. "Protection for home owned merchants." Support for this point turned out to be a joke, but the local merchants couldn't see the Joke. Score zero. Old-Age Assistance Point No. 9. "Adequate old age pensions not just half a loaf." The Inference here f i 1 - -I was that tha old folks could expect ap proximately double what they had been receiving. The record: an annual Increase) of one and one-half million dollars In the pension fund appropriation. Because of in creased numbers on the roll and the drying up of another fund the pension ers will be lucky if they average more perl month than they have I been receiving. As one leg islator remarked: "Meres nearly half a slice tbant t half a loaf." Of course jH L this promise was in direct f ' S f conflict with the prom ise to reduce taxes, everyone knew that both promises could not kept However, we will be bpeidel. liberal and allow the governor a ecor of 3 here. Point No. 10. "Farm to market roads." A farm to market road bill was passed. It has been estimated it will provide for tha surfacing of 12 to 15 miles of road per county per year. This ia nothing to ahout about, but since a start ia made a score, of 10 1 allowed. Total score 23. Is this a passing grade T. John Speidel, former Washington Co. rep-reitentatlve, Box SI, Mitchellvtlle, Ia. WA HATLEY TELLS , WHAT HE SAID Writer Repeats Statement to Emphasize Exact Words. To the Open Forum Editor: I have been asked by letters, if in the Open Forum, I said, 90 per cent of mankind are riffraff. The statement that I said 90 per cent of mankind are riffraff is a red riffraff falsehood. This is what I said: "Experience teaches experience teaches noth ing. More than 90 per cent of mankind follow the lines of least resistance drift with the ebb and flow of the tide. Less than 10 per cent of mankind stands up and takes it on the chin. These rugged individuals keep the wheels of industry in motion and keep the ships of commerce on the seas, These ruggeQ Individuals always have been and always will be the objects of envy and of hatred from the red riffraff among the 90 per cent who drift with the tide." Famine and plenty, smiles and tears, joy and pain, life and death are alike to nature. Nature forms, transforms, and retransforms forever, putting the best out in front. Nature abhors communism. It is as natural for mankind to worship as for sparks to fly upward. Communism makes God a' myth and success a crime. Nature wants the churches open. Nature puts the sky the limit to human achievement. Nature gives every round in the ladder of fame to the foot that gets upon It first. George T. Hatley, Orange City, Ia, Domestic Barter Plan Proposed Farm Leaders Declared 'Asleep' to Opportunities for Mutual Aid. Ta the Open Forum Editor: Our farm leaders must be asleep! Don't they realize that their Job is to help the farmer? With all tha talk of barter with foreign countries, none of them has advanced a plan for barter within our own country. A large percentage of our farmers do not have enough cotton work clothing" or pork and dairy products. Many farm wives spend too much time mending clothing which is not worth the effort. (Even on your Grade A land, which after all will not support a very large percentage of our farm population, the profits are not so great.) And it is known by every one that millions of southern cotton farmers do not have enough to eat. Government In Business Now Secretary Wallace has started & plan to dump our farm surplus into the stomachs of our own underprivileged people (within our cities) and still the farm leaders are not there to grasp the opportunity for the farmer. Why not let the unemployed In the city earn their food certificates by processing farm products and transporting them back to the farm? Of course, that is getting the government Into business but since it is already in it to a certain extent it is up to the farmer to go after his share of the help. There Is no use complaining about the city representative giving his people too much. We should see that our leaders get help for us. The well-to-do farmers should realize that It is to their interest to help the poorer farmer. Already the southern farmer and laborer are being crowded onto the better land in northern Iowa where they compete with local people. Can at Least Ask In theory it is better for the corn and cotton farmers to branch out to other crops, but in prac tice there are many difficulties. The raising of corn and cotton takes a maximum of labor and a minimum of capital for seed and machinery, which makes them ideal crops for the small farm, and nature provided a corn belt and a cotton belt. Why not exchange the products of these terri tories to the advantage of both? And any barter plan for dairy products will help the family aized farm. If our leaders cannot get help for us, they can at least ask for it. Wilbur I'frimmer, Lucas, Ia. HONORING THE FLAG. To the Open Forum Editor: People who today do not want to honor the flag of the country whose liberty they enjoy and whose confidence they violate will see the day come soon when they will be glad to wrap themselves within that same flag for the pro tection its folds afford. R. B. Rail, 814 W. Fifteenth St., Sioux Falls, S. D. ( A Drunken Driving Check Doctor Reports Success With Blood Tests. To the Open Forum Editor: I have been very much inter ested in the news comments con nected with the trial of Dr. Shaw in wnicn ne was acquiuea oi driving while intoxicated. In the past few years I have been closely connected with prosecutions for this same condition. A very simple procedure at the time of arrest will give substance to or disprove the arguments always advanced in cases of this kind, namely, that some subance other than alcohol was the cause of the accused's conditidh. I refer to an analysis oi the individual's blood or urine for its alcohol content Blood Tests Used. Two tests run In my laboratory this morning have shown the following results: A pedestrian killed last evening in a traffic accident had 190 mgs. of alcohol in his blood. A driver In a neighboring town accused of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated had 440 mgs. of alcohol in his blood. Since anything over 150 mgs. of alcohol per 100 cc. of blood is considered conclusive evidence of intoxication, you may draw your own conclusions in these cases. Mason City, I understand, has the highest rate of convictions for offenses involving driving while intoxicated. The test here is used almost routinely and the specimens from the accused are obtained voluntarily. ! Successful Prosecution. In over 200 cases tested by me personally, we have had a plea of guilty or conviction is 98 per cent of the cases disposed of. There have been only eight court trials. The monetary saving in court costs is considerable. The ' assurance that the obser vations of the police officers were confirmed by the test has had considerable bearing onJthe weight or tneir testimony in court. Intoxication Known. The average alcohol content in the blood of the 200 individuals tested has been 240 mgs. This means that the average individual has six ounces of absolute alcohol or the equivalent of 12 ounces of whisky absorbed at the time the test was taken. He may have had considerable more to drink as only the absorbed and unburned alcohol is analyzed in the test. By such a test then, it is eas ily detertnined whether or not alcohol is present in sufficient quantities to cause intoxication. II. W. Morgan, M. D., Director, Druartment of Pathology and A Question of Americanism Treatment of Refugees on Ship Results in a Letter. To the Open Forum Editor: We Americans believe this world of ours is for every human being to work and live in peacefully with his fellow men. Hitler and others have evidently forgotten this. And we, it seems, aren't big enough to take in their victims. 'We've a surplus of food and room, yet we Americans who believe in freedom allow the Jews on the "St. Louis" to be sent back to Germany, where tortures horrible beyond words will be inflicted upon them. Are we murderers? I ask you, where is our Amer icanism ? Clara M. Farrell, R. F. D. 2, Jefferson, Ia. PLEA FOR REFUGEES. To the Open Forum Editor: Free America. What laws were here to keep the Pilgrims from landing? Nothing but the savages. And now we have the greatest civilized nation in the world, supposed to be a Christian Roentgenology, St Joseph's Mercy nation, and yet we let a shipload hospital, Mason City, Ia, 'of humans, who have been driven out of their homes with no place to go, be started back. To think that anyone who claims to be a Christian has not tried to help these suffering peo ple. Americana should stop and think. Any one of us could be in the same kind of a boat I am a Dutch-Irish American and I love my country and the ideals for which we are supposed to stand. I do not belong to any man's church, but I believe the Bible. Are we, as a nation, Christians or savages? It looks to me as If the gold and precious stones are more our god than the true God or Christ All we have to do to shun our duty is to go to church on Sunday and say, "I wish I could do something but the laws that I help make will not permit me. May the great loving God have mercy on us and overlook this for our laws will not permit us." John S. Cohoon, Box 144, Agency, Ia. PRAISE FOR CCC AND ITS EFFORT) Reader Thinks Training Better Than a College Education. To the Open Forum Editor: Iowa's most valuable news me dium. The Sunday Register, can always be relied upon to supply its 340,000 customers with dependable and interesting news, and the news story in the Issue of June 11 captioned, "Graduates of CCC Are Making Good," de scribes the advantages, unbiased. fair and to the point. The value of this organization and its establishment stands on merit regardless of partisanship and should be made a permanent fixture to meet existing dgmands. In my opinion, it is superior to a college education, as it Includes practical experience, coupled with discipline that commands rigid accuracy. Enrollees, that possess the qual ity demanded In responsible positions of the CCC, are perfectly competent and dependable to assume duties demanded by shrewd business men. Men, 100 per cent experienced In bringing out the best and discarding the misfits, are depended upon as their superiors. Posies to The Register for extending1 proper credit to the kids. J. Sara Rowley, Pershing, Ia. MURDER ON HIGHWAYS. To the Open Forum Editor: ' Our newspapers of today are mostly filled with advertisements and murders on our highways, so called automobile accidents, which could well be avoided if the prop er laws were enacted and enforced. E. E. Sisley, Palo, Ia. Chiropractic Cited As a Diabetic Cure To the Open Forum Editor: I noted In the Open Forum two letters on diabetes and where they had been using Insulin for so many ' years. After having been a sufferer with diabetes mellltua I waa advised by our medical physician that I would have to go on insulin, which jneant that I would have to be an Insulin addict for the rest of my life. This was back in 1924 and I was then only 23 years old. Rather than submit to a needle puncturing process which was the only hope the medics held out for 1 me I then turned to chiropractic and after trying several chiropractors I finally found a chiropractic-physician whom I discovered very efficient. Although it did take manywwnths for him to cure me, yet one must realize the severe diabetic, also anemic condition I was in It was almost miraculous that chiropractic could cure me. Since 1928 I have been free of diabetes and during that time I have taken but very few chiropractic treatments. Mrs. Fred Tesch, Atkinson, Neb. A Priest Objects to Linking Church and Democracy To the Open Forum Editor On Sunday, June 4, Willard Johnson, local secretary of the Christian-Jew conference, in the Open Forum, unconsciously, I believe, uses words that jar Catho lics. He says: "Anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic propagandas are the devices of those who oppose de mocracy." Catholic Church in Italy. Why tie the Catholic church up with democracy? Has she not to live even in Italy, where Mussolini despises democracy, yet Is at peace with all the churches, whereas Loyalist Spain, socialist Mexico communist Russia, tireless praters about democracy, would kill God? Let us look a little closer to home. Protestantism is democratic here, and hardly friendly to the Klan, though some Protestant clergymen were. But the Klan battled Catholic and Jew in the name of Protestantism and democracy. On the score of race and creed some Protestants would bar Jew and Catholic from every office from school teacher to president. This attitude is not charged to de mocracy. But it makes it hardly true that "anti-Jewish and anti Catholic propagandas are the devices of those" only "who oppose democracy." A Flimsy Reason, But are not Catholics anti-Protestant? They constantly vote for non-Catholic neighbors. So it should be; there Is no union of church and state; democracy Is the social bond. But are not Catholics anti-Jewish ? In the past and even today in some Catholic countries Jews have fared ill. The flimsy reason alleged is that some Jews had fared too well. But on Jan. 10, 1937, did not the New York Jewish paper, Frei-hcit say: "According to the Jewish religion the pope is the enemy of the Jewish people by the very fact that he is head of the Catholic church"? Catholicism, like every creed, is a doctrinal protest against all other creeds, a social protest against none. Religion and Race. Jewry is a religion and a race. The greatest threat to Jewry as a religion may be from within. In Russia "the attack on the old Jewish religion, the demand for the Wrjter Thinks College Man Overlooked Some Facts To the Open Forum Editor: I heard some college man In Des Moines give us a lot of new science, in which he said these are the palmiest days of all time for this good earth. He stated that since we have more youth in school today than ever before he calculates that civilization was never so prosperous as today. r He failed to tell us that not one in 25 of the graduates can find a Job. He overlooked also the fact that our prisons are filled with young men under 23 years of age. He forgot to mention the simple little fact that crime is on the increase from year to year and that the human mind la in such a depreciated condition that it is difficult to get a Jury to convict the worst of criminals. He also forgot, or floes not know, that children are at the peak of disobedience today, and that few men like himself believe we have a God or a Christ or a resurrection. He forgets that 71 per cent of the race has syphilis in some form and degree and that divorce is expected in the great majority of marriages, and that 25 times as many foetus formations are murdered and never see the light of day than ever before In the history of man. He overlooks that birth control has been civilized into crime on all sides, and gets the approval of ministers of the gospel today. He also overlooks the fact if he ever discovered it, that civilization has thrice before this, tumbled down under the influence of those, like him, who go about the country crying "don't be alarmed, this stuff will last a million years yet and who cares what happens a million years hence." He forgets, or never heard that Christ said that when we get into the muddle in which we are now, for us to get ready to flee to the mountains, and be ready for desperate times, for civilization will perish from the earth. Benjamin William Rice, Caldwell, Idaho. EDITOR'S NOTE: The contributor Is pprently r-lernog to a radio brodcaU closing of the synagogs, schools and Yeshlvas comes principally from the younger generation of Jews." (Norman Bentwich, in the B'nal B'rith magazine, March, 1933. Taken from the book, Mystical Body, etc., by the Rev. Denis Fahey.) According to the American Israelite of Feb. 15, 1933, "there cannot be more than 200,- 000 synagogued Jews. What becomes of the rest?" (From the book, Campaigners for Christ, by David Goldstein.) The greatest threat to the Jews even as a race may be from within. World Jewry is small "Jacob had twelve sons." Jacob doesn't want twelve sons now. Careful Reading Urged. But is the Jew himself anti-Gentile ? No Jew seems charged to speak for the Jewish people. Any use or abuse of political power by some Jews in Russia or elsewhere affords no adequate criterion of the attitude of the Jewish people toward the Gentile. And today words should be read with care. The best book on the Jews may be a good Jewish neighbor. There is little hate of race or creed today. Unfortunately politicians, Gentile and Jewish, do betimes find stirring up such hates profitable. (The Rev.) Charles O'Connor, Chariton, Ia. EDITOR S NOTE We douM whUher the church II e.s eccure, even In Italy, for cA&uiiie. u rsiiirr u iunuur wouia line to believe. It happene not to Interfere eerloiiely now wtih the fascist rule lhTe. but there waa a period in the enrly ilnvg of Mussolini wnrn the church ae etrict-ly limited In Its activities. That could happen again. The church, both Catholic and Protestant, is constantly harassed in fjermany because the ideal of a free conscience Is simply Incompatible with Natl philosophy. That Meal Is equally Incompatible with Communist philosophy as practiced In Russia, or with any other philosophy that demands blind and complete conformance to harsh nationalist, racial, or ciass principles. The anti-Jewish and antl-CsthoIte outbursts that occur sometimes In a democracy Itself are Just ae much the devices of those who OPPOSE democracy as they ara anvwbera else. Even In a free society, there la naturally an Irresponsible or lunatic fringe that elraplv falls to comprehend and appreciate the basic Implications of democracy. Among persons who really think through antl value democratic government, the Klan'a racial and rellclous prejudices do not find anv support whatever. The fact is that no minority, racial or religions or political, is sale In any kind of society except a predominantly FRKR society, Nsturally Hie (,'alhollo church seeks to live, even where harassed by tvrnta. R'it Its real and permanent security rests In the freedom of worship which Is Inherent ONLY In a democratic system. There is every evidence that Catholic leadership throughout tha world Is perfectly aware of thla truth. FOR UNION NOW. To tha Open Forum Editor: It seems to me that the lives of perhaps 20 million people depend upon the speed with which the general principles of "Union Now" can be put into effect. I think that The Register deserves to be soundly congratulated for the publicity it has given to this important Idea. Thomas W. Sherman, M. D, 5212', Drexel blvd., Chicago, III. June Graduates! Are you puzzling about the selection for your school or college next fall ? Here's some real help for you. Pictures and complete information about Iowa schools. The 1939 Iowa Schools and Colleges catalog gives plenty of information about the schools in Iowa. A half hour with this big catalog might help your decision. Your free copy is waiting for you NOW! Just send your request to: Educational Dept. Des Moines Register and Tribune Des Moines, Iowa. Your free copy will be rushed to you by return mail.

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