The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 13
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Seneca High • *«*? ~' ^ reunion of Sen- hd? 8 *a held Mt the Swea City Park Sun day, with, approximately 35 gfad- uates,, their; husbands or wives ff H 161 S famille s. totaling itiO, in - attendance. . -The groun enjoyed a picnic dinner and spent the afternoon reliving memories of school days. ; The graduates registered by years were: * FentonGlrlTo Wed lit Sept. rj ' Hattie Osbom Ledyard. 1928 1 — Helen -If alverson Wil- bem Ringsted. . 1927 — Esther. Dahl Meyer. 1930 — Esther Halverson Jensen, Ringsted. 1 S 3 ! ~ Rutn Jen «en Mueller! 1933 — Stanley Jensen, Ringsted. 1934 — lone Bollig Irmiter. 1935 — Mildred Wilberg Bonnicksen, Armstrong. 1937 — Florence Looft Johnson. 193" 9 — Robert Lyrich and Harriet Olson Zit^errich, Terfil. • ' 1941 — Alyce Olson Boyd, Moscow, Idaho, 'and Phillip Looft of Blue Earth. 1942 — Lois Looft Sanders, Fairmont, Minn., and Blanche Olson Preston.' • 1943 — Wayne Lynch. 1944 — Donna Foley Lynch, Florence , Conway • Lynch, and Jeanne Looft Hallstrom, and Erro) Petersen of Ames. 1945-— Jean Wilberg Berkland, St. 'Paul, Marjorie Moore Tish, Superior, Iowa; Gene Bo'l-» lig, Fenton; and Mary Patterson , Cronk, Bancroft. -1946 — Marilyn Foley Thompson, and Wanda Olsen Jacobsdn. Mallard. . 1948 — Donald Johnson, Swea City; Donna Moore, Madsen, Granada, Minn.; and Virgil Preston, Armstrong. , 1949 — Delores Wilberg Mork, Forest City; Marjorie Simpson Preston, -Armstrong and Donna Bratrud Olsen. 1950 — Everett Klocko, Fairmont, • Minn. '..-,• 1951 — Billy- Moore, Dolliver. 1952 — Mary Lou Hantelman Klocko, Fairmont. Minn. Also visiting with' the group were former Seneca residents, the Jens Petersens, of Hayfield, Minn. . • Mr. and Mrs. George Dorweil^ er, Fenton, Announce the engagement and approaching marrtege of their daughter, - Betty, to Pat Von Bank, son of. Mr. and Mrs. John Von Bank of Bode. , -' The ,bride-to-be . graduated from LuVerne high school'ana is employed at the ASCS office in Algona. " Her, 'fiance is Employed at Jack's OK • Tire Co. in • Algonai The wedding has been se.t • for Sept. 5 in St. Mary's 'church, Armstrong. (Kirkham Studio,fo< to — UDM Engraving) , , " Baptismal Dinner'. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin- Vaudt haft their infant daughter, . Gayl6 Elaine, the St.-John's Lutheran church, Fenton, Sun-' day morning with Rev. -W. H.' Friedrich, officiating. Sponsors, were Mrs. 'Kenneth.' Johnson and Charles Feye. The'Vaudts, enterr tained at dinner Guests includ-' ed Mr. and,Mrs; Kenneth Johnson and family,' Mr. and Mrs; Charles .Feye and children, .-Mri and Mrs. E. K. • Johnson, Mrs; Kate Wegener, Algona, Mr.' a^d 1 Mrs. Forrest Hamilton and fan# ily, Toledo, Mr. and Mrs. Waited Vaudt and Ann, WhltternSre; and Mrs. G. H. Wehrspann, alsd of Whittemore. The group made plans to make this an annual,affair, with po£; sibility of having the reunion at the TSeneca school grounds art- other year. The oldest graduate there was' Hattie Osborn Kelly and the one coming from the farthest distance was Alyce Olsen Boyd ot Moscow, Idaho. Hosts At Dinner >. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olsen entertained at their home Saturday afternoon. Enjoying the courtesy were Mr. and Mrs. Clay Boyd and children, Moscow, Idaho; Mrs. Robert fierkland and sons. St. I^aul; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Thompson, San Bernardino, Cal.; Mr. and Mrs. Bertyl Berkland, Fenton;' JMr. and Mrs] Melvin !|Bratru4i 4sd Mr. and. Mrs. G4y- lord Olson and family, Ringsted; and Mrs. Howard Preston, Fay and Lee, Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beaver and daughters, who have snent the past several days visiting at the parental Curtis ,Olseh and —'"— ^,—Y T^"s*V T *f «*WM«%.» «U&Q WIW ftthe iteiktivjt iff ".this vicinity left TAttf&af Ifteffldtfh for tHsif •httffts It -'SIM ,^$fltr4ln&j cflif, with;', reffttWe* it- Alexandria; 'SoutK 51 Bak6ta. -ShiMfey 1 OsbWriJ who; tyad, spirit ,<he nveek there fe'tu'rned Home with 1 ' hinC " "toe. J of,'M«Uftt'Ver- non (i -iowa,-- .Visited' fll the fed Je&seri K&mtr F>iti0y f ' r aftei < no6ri. M>i .Hippie 'jva's' ,$nro«te home After, a coacfle-s .clinic" 'fet Spirit Lake. He^as a firmer 1 edach 'At Se'riear ah'd.hfis B&n CoachingTat Mount Vefrioft'fbV several yaafs', Donald; WirBgrThaT re-enlisted-in-the navy-and; moved ,tyith his" family'"lo "Minrfea'pblls whei-e he is now, stAtioned. • He is an electronics irist'ryctor,. Me visited with his ' parents, the Martin wilbergs over the weekend. He will spend a' month at Memphis, Term., for, intensive training. Mr. and Mrs.' Martin Wilberg ana ,heir guest,'Mrs. Ed Eisenschmidt, were recent dinner guests at the Hans .Wilberg home -at Ringsted. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lynch md children drove to Le Mars Saturdiay whe're they visited at he home, of-the laser's sister, and farniljf,. the Robert Morris'. Mr. Morris; was ; , home for the weekend. He'his.Spent the past month - U, .the ",\>4terans. hospital at.'Chica'go'iwljitere |iH0'''-is receiving rne'dical^ tf ejpilmeftt.; Lon« Reck - 'A 6w*t« 'was held Kueck.Atfg, 14 iA,th Methd'dlst- ehcuw.' The efoafge of Dacken, -Art . frieb*, Geiteenauer, Wmi. Marl6w, Menry Schroeder, DuMRe Habegar, , , Jatnes Dodder and Robert Helf- Aer. , . ! The Don Blanchafds returned Some frttttt « 600d mile trip. They visited the D. Q. Goetch. ius in iSllebir, Wash. Connie t , Fferilton '.-—• tsanarfji;i "August > 13, •gbout' 'sfe'venty^ef' attended, the aAntial; r>uh(dfi',t3f ;|ft^'Baas family' fa ;Kai*^8rttt? .'.flj'e; 'offiters elected were-Rua,olt»h'/Hahnoveri pVesid^Qt^afe^iJaftnan -Finhp- stad; . secretary^ , and Delber^ Asking Karen with tftb^- were' Mrs. John piWrter 1 ,' City, Mrs, Robert tteifriejv,liom iRock. Lihda Lkrsen arid ' ' ,et'Dittmei«, Lone Rock. ,et Dlttmer also helped the •guesti. 'Mrs. CilihtoL. poured coffee. Spedal guie^tS Were Mrs. Marvin Kueck,' Mrs.' Ethel Beer, Mrs. S. M. 1 OrvitfkV' Mrs. Morris Devine, Kathy 1 4ttd Mary Sufe and Mrs Ed Nail. ';>„ Hostesses were Mcsdam'e's', Lawrence JDittmer. W* Thompson, \Tohn Dittmer, «»»^ T , natd. Kueck, Melvin Alt; ,V$«V Knoll, -Ralph Bierstedt, Harold, Holmgren, Arie -Dittmer, Leonard Dittmer, James Knoll, ,OttO Harkn, Ervin Wetzel, Clalr'Bol- Hnger, Harvey Larsen, -Art B'ak- 1 er, Clinton Rath, Cirville Gai*di ner, Quihten ' Bjustrom;', Frank Dreyer, Ben Schmidt, Walter Li ~~ —-v mm^*rwf+ QJ II «4U(4t %J>\^111*^^ Oeotchlus returned home with the Blanchards. Mfchael Lee and Molly Blan* chard, visited from Tuesday to Sunday in the Ronald Christenson home, Belgrade, Minn; Mr. and Mrs. .Wendell Steven visited Saturday in the parental Donald Blanchard home. Mrs. Steven and children remained in the Blahchard home for a few I days. , ' Mr. and Mrs. Milford Mitchell spent the- weekend in the San' rd Mitchell home in Des olnes. Mrs. Howard Bierstedt and Bertha Kressin of Fenton called in the Floyd Salisbury home in Fenton Thursday. They helped Mrs. Salisbury celebrate her j birthday. Kathryn Bierstedt spent the , weekend with Jane Dreyer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bier- istedt and family visited Sunday eVenihg in the Ferdinand Bierstedt home in Fenton where Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Eggerling and family of Kansas were visiting. Mr., and Mrs. Jim Thul end family of ; Cedar Falls spent the in,.» the Jack Quinn home. The. Thuls attended the wedding of/ Bonnie Black of Burt; , ! , Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn went tO-Greston last Tuesday to get their grandson, . Jack Qulnf), from"' DaFayette, Cal. who will visit in the Quinn home for three Weeks. . , Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fultz anu family of. Erhuiger,. Kentucky visited Tuesday in the E. A. Lee home. Mr. Ronald Christenson and daughter of Belgrade, Minn, visited friends and relatives from Tuesday to Sunday. Will Gapp and Loretba Oapp, aunt and uncle of the E. A. Lees and A. A, Kruegers, visited in the respective homes Friday. The Gupps are from Mitchell, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Don Rave of September Special! Serving SMORGESBORD Every SUNDAY All You Can Eat.For $2.00 Special Children's rates HAND'S PARK Fairmont, Minn. > 34-35-36 Thursday, Auputf 24, t96| Alfldna (la.) Upp»f Oy^lflH^ _ _ _ - t-\^\-'~9 *.ftrti™l -.-.rr-•__-_.-- -:^v j-r -„ ^rff ^^f,f^ ^4' """™""^" —""""-' t Rosebud, S« D. and Oavd Rave In-6«ieseo, ..ftW' Vfcrk, after of Los Angeles' nephews, of Mts.. spbftdml.JS tt-Wks la .Bi« Mary Art Priebe of Lfcne Rock, called Qenrieh home fit. Lone Rock, in the Prl«be horn* oh .SuhdAy. . M«. Citnttto Rath'vWeed i Mrs. Darryl Hwsenj Kurt and cousin, Mrs. Oftylord flush, In Katherine, left lot thek home Boatje fu«sc|#. { You get the happy taste;$sh, syn^rfpened citrus fruit in every bright and kubbfy. PICK UP A 6-PACK . , Attend^Hg^ frjooT;: Fenton • Mr|. Ott6 v WicKtehda'fill.'Mr. and Mrs: r£dW<ard •', 'Bqjhfri'the. Keri4 net^i. arid,- Wayife';*B6mhger, ' Gil^ bert - Saxtph; {Jorman 1 .iFihnesta " " d ° 1 | )h i.Han!ipve^ 7 'Er>m, - Henry/ nil* HbwdrafBi^riri';fa«ilies. At4 tehding frqmyGr|exw;,;Iowa- Were. Mr. and^Mrs. 'GeraVd' Geitzenauer and Mr, arid Mrs,, Harold Allen. , ..'.:> .^.'. ~^'- ' Fenton Boys F|Bnto'n.- T -,Don aricl Tom Yager each Won ^an, all expense paid trip, 'to Minneapolis* 4o- see the Minnesota' wins' anfi Kansas City play^ basebaU,' on Aug. 16. The trip , wps« sponsored by the Des Moi^s^Regis.ter. of. which Jl'l ll. ' U ,A!s t . < i Mrs. 6lyde '"Sjefkas ' of near psceola_ picked a nine-pound •cabbage • frbnv -her .garden.'. The cabbage - measured 35 .inches in circumference; .' at Standard'Dealers Greatest gasolines in our history- AMERICAN. GASOLINES ' * ' ' , The finest performing famines Jn pur hiftpryt , v ' AMERICAN! 5UPgR.pRgM|g W , fcr magnificent. «ptU knock performance, contains exclusive, pate'n^e<J' M*P G • '' CTA M H A R n ' K- f l I A nl UAHM j hibitpr to protect your fuel aya^ep\—p(u9 a reju vena tor that restores moot misfiring plugs to Ml fire; A , M ! 1R| S AN » RpeUt^Bi highest-ocjane.^alar ew 4t Standard, contains rust inhibitor aj«i e' ' (?, mow rou Standard Oil in AJgorio ot STRAYER STANDARD SE wM'6¥pw**53^ / •'••-':;;;:::; •••• ' ^^j'; IMPORTANT WHYi SETTLE FOR iSS-THAN pl^qpi|% 14% ••••Ml* ONLV ELECTRIC HEAT ii M LIIUII U L A I savlo & Comfortable, Healthful, Glean, rill Illll II I H I Safe ' Q^ Fast ^^ Econonu«OJ Tb««9 iln V I IIIV II kffl I are a lot of "reasons why" it will pay yoa to t^eclt the many advantages of Flameless Electric Home Heating. In an electrically heated houw^ every bit of space is usable. That's extra room for closets t. .play rooms,.. bobby or workshops. And; Electric Heat is clean .,« as your electric light. That helps cut down on cleaning, ElecW* Hea; is healthful, for the air retains its moisture. And since it's so dean, the little folk? Can piny on the i loors, which are always comfortably warm. Electric heat is fast. *. as the flick of youj elecfrto switch. It's comfortable... because it's speedy, really automatic heat... adjustable thermpatati* call) to each individual room, Electric Heating is safe and modern... as the electric Ughi you iea4 by« . it's flweless. More and more lowans are deciding that they want this carefree Wild of h«aU iog i v Uwk tomes. Yes.,, when it's so important, why settle for leas wo4ero Uiwi EJec^o H«ife -Horn IOWA ElECTIHC L1CUTE POWER*

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