The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 10
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Thundoy, Auguit 24, 1941 . Income fax, time Is hfstery fd> this yMrfbu * toft..early to. begin, planning for fox be pro.Vecl, v ;.*--,, , „- --;»^ * Careful planning far Income tax time eon , w «•*'- ' - • - •-• •— P a y Dividends, IsfcthIn, saved Iteffipefs and-laved t.jme, 1<962. < . „ ,,. ''.,„,,*, , taxes,.Remember, thcffever^'clolior o't 4 Hgfltlrnafe Slrrte Mrs. American HousetotffHei* taken , deductions tfouifall to.takefiem, result, in a» least «i,Mk *<L ^u //>!„.-,—» £t- -_J-_r ... JO tents' of uh'riSecessarv Income fax. * * * SAYS SHUMAN SHOULD RESIGN > Grundy'Register — More farmers are.'participating In the dovernme'nt, feed grain program riTJu^Vir H,°^ V T ^u^'i.lT SnOU L a 5" than'expected.-writer predictions were thot osbrieflnej from Hufaby so she will know what to Qbouf 0 J^ of th . tarmer ; wou|d . a ato ,, fl wlth *L\ fT X? she . shouldt kee P ?vW*n<;e» of the teed £ rogrdm , Since thfi enthuf.astic-ihterest *?J3? n , c f °f j a *f V lnte r^' H^"™* and trta} Has ^ been ihoW rt by farmers It fs now medical and dental serv.ees, Including medical believed that as high a, ; B(l% of the mldWest insurance payments* .-• farmers.would support the new program this She should also keep records of "outside" year. Grundy farmers and land owners, may Income such as-dividends, Interest, rents and come througn with 80% support. 'WfflWV' lf |* obb y Is self,employed, she may Supporters of the program have*much to qlso have-to. keep track of that income. In these gain by pining and little to lose. The program cases, she can note on the retained copy of the , s entirely voluntary. fclo'One will bfr'penalized bank deposit slip whether the amount deposited by staying out. Grain-farmer* who won't go in Is income 1 or non-income. • • ' ' " •-•» ---•- '•--•*• ••'• •• •«-• ....•• o¥er irluch of this- "planning" f*r\ pettojnal' In- some takes, she can help herself and, her hus« band by doing the |ob as efficiently 6s.possible, soy tax experts In' The State University of Iowa college of low. , , / * If she Isn't already aware of, deductions the Internal Revenue Service allows, 'she should get & ,— 5v35-^S s ' 1 5?i week ai ih« to ( ;mov «* *»J 1O cnailEe my manner a IUJIDUI —- Confused. ftittOitftlttdi; K'wouid.-.brobftbiy, be a m . boy'i n5id'^it yflljthan trytoyd -' fil •""- ' |^!iS'a^d1fMm6r%|%U^dc*^Aa^1§iiiW i&< tfb&^tmm. a* hi T je Wesse'5 farm,*, a half*! L»J? yWO JnlieB nOrtn OI^JZ..*^ miinijiu u« T wuuiu im w wioeuv u|f*,*i*«v- VTWJ* TT*V.»- »..%. '^«j- -».« , r?a destroyed;, by ifre shortly be*' "^o 1 break up too, your mother won^'b> aMUo 'do Hoc- mttch to ^ ct « fore midnight -Wednesday. The yoit going, together,, She..mayume4n- ( well, but-she wWthfr be=.d<Hn|i M: L.. D,uU6nS,. 4 tenants'," on. tlie. considerable harm to the- boy an'd you if. you didn't bring uplhel place,, were %wa^ .frbfti - hon!er subject to the-boy, ' ' • , VM , n and when they retiirned about 11 . Concelad checks are the .best evidences of Deductible expenses, so it's best to pay bills by .heck whenever possible; the tax experts advise. If you must-pay-cash for drugs, for example, you should * keep the purchaser's receipt marked "paid." '_ Revenue auditors, are. very reasonable about- allowing modest contributions, even in the absence of records, the SUI 'lawyers say. But If would be, well to write checks, for any contri- b'ujibhs amounting to $10 or morei • * Unless you're sure you won'fi forget, it is a goo'd idea to write on the check its purpose, the Silt professors say. If,'you prefer, this cart' be wmten in your check register, or cheek stubs. If yogr canceled checks are filed by months, you c<j|},'quickly, scan the register and easily find the check if you are asked to produce) it. . 3 Mom'may also, want-to keep a record book of the family's income and'-expenses, but the •*_ I I I ». I I* 1 !. . tne program-.wilLgain.frem it'indirectly'as higher support prices, will'assure higher prices on the local markets*. The Farm Bureau as an organization has been unfriendly'to.the program. The leaders hold that they had something betjer. ^ost of these leaders since the program has Keen set up for the year are willing, to go along) with it and so are a majority of the faVm members of the Farm Bureau. Strongest opponent of, the new farm program is' Charles Shuman, President of the American Farm. Bureau* who worked very closely with the iprevious National Administration and Agricultural Secretary 'Berison. Inasmuch as he is out of step With tfie, new-administration, he should,follow Eisenhower and Benson into retirement. • ' i > * 1 '• * ' . IT'S SHOWNG UP NOW Americans, who have-long boasted often _ I _ .1. I - i . L . ... w i il i — "r--v•-•*••/ •*•*• "»** *-*IM«Iibuii», vriiu nuvtr'iung Dwusitza OTien r ?W4 boo ' < w °n't be enough- for the Internal immoderately, about American "know- how" Revenue Service. She musf also, have canceled find the Russian space successes hard to swal- cb^cks, .and, in some cases, bank deposit slips low. In fact, a few are not swallowing- they tqjtack up her claims., -" ' ,2 The-.whole, job of keeping records will be ea|ier if they are kept up to datp. This means refuse to believe. If there is any policy which is a dangerous one it is the underrating df? the enemy. washinhfah ... At?»,-... ^A'' , * * ' * ' 5" p.m. sawr a light upstairs As. DcarDant I am 14 and 1 like a bojr of 19 -'very 'fhufch but'*hei they approached^ house, tjiey, doesn't 1 se>nl'tb pay any^atteiiitiohrto fflft J Whalt'can:lrd&iiS'tiiake ttlh^ discovered a bUste-and (failed fai' IlKe me better? — Mi H. , T> "' ' •-" -'•'•", 'i ', help, '-Tl^e house and alHts r fedh- , ^aa*,;M. H.J «apj)jly,. there's. ndthing youscamdb\,Th6 Boy istld* tents were ld~st, despite'* the ef- and you're 145 and he's aware of the difference in your' ages. Tntj forts of the Hurt fire department, afraid you're just out of luck. ' All o.utbuildfhgs Wel"e7' saved, •' • "* - * ;'***' ' *' however. ' Only* >a WeeK* before, . Dear Dam My name 'is CheryHA'f PiBrce, I'm 12 and I wcrtlldi, haiUhjt the same farm, and win- aike a g irl P eft P ai °f the s'amr age,, 'especially from California? osK ed v oUi arla'tge^qua'ntily/^of Me Illinois. Uivefat lia'Gheryl -Drive EaStf San Antonio128, Texas. »' , crops.* . \. «,','• v ' , . ' ^* ' * ^ " ' *' *'".'« , ,- Dear Dan; My problem 'is- 1/ like thiS ' ' s- an- e igr- e s- gong, - rea o* w* m? »as**Q 'the, movdes With me Saturday night, and, she,, said she*- "Sweetheiart Of The Cammis" would. * Do ybu, think this will bfe a successful co'Urtship? f '-f-'- George: 4 featuring Ruby Keeler Harriet Dear Geor 9^ ! r hope not, noVwhen ithe girt te'only.a seventh ' er. Her parents must be- a little vague in their upper stories* to.' • 1 **>** You ' n do wel1 to concent ^ Harriet Nelson A WM^^fn^Sv^jtmift Cmpitml ty Jhrr«r»*t imilara' and/ Okie Nelson and 'S rade f- Her P arents , m " st be a liule va '« u ® in their WPer Mories>t* ••^•••'P 1 ' ^^ Af^lLBHHiMiBiiil^BiBBM ' Hardy'',' With 6 ' Mklcey °R 00 n ed y! ori ShUs; of your'dwn age and class. ^ , - ,„ 4 AI /•' One of ihe 'most commendable World's of good in other areas of £^! sr f ^™X ^ -Sfi= e ?- ll'l ' Dear Dan! What does igM'do when she likes a-certain bb'y) very, gestures in tfie world is to ex- medicine. Diseases of infancy ex-. ^, ?r^2"?,? ' ?S. T,S 5 ?J? ? much but her bedt girl friend" also likes him? Can^you gWe'me any-" tend a.tpken of friendship and .act a tragic" toll. Safe drinking ^ J° rda "'^nh Robert Mont- helpfUHhiWts? —'Jo."' ' ., -'f ". -'* - ,- •/ . ' for our, money-and I mean dur Water is, hai-d to come by. A CjSfF' TiSfJi nio •« T™ 1 Dear Jo: A dozen «i rls can«like <Ws bby — all atHhfe. same 'time;, mnnoir 4tin Konrto^v* A/4rMinto_ vt^tiltlnn /f/i11ar<e' />fi« Kti^r n 1n4- n« •. J^GyGS.. JlctlTlGS UriGaSOn. <3nCt JCiCt" on nat*Uo,*-tc« *t*ii ftnt+tt- Vinvm HMvniUlM^^ i'fi. ««*«.4.«» MU.M.i«A. T*-? lii -j^—i. li^iii .— . . . T . ,,, money— the Kennedy Adminis- : htlllion d'ollars can. buy a lot 01 K ^ y f s -_, Jam f. s ° 1 S as ° I tration is the reatet.' ' ' ' ',Ml l ward Everett 'Horton. . clllin, a lot of serum, and, if a^wiJt jo me giccibcat,.- ^t/CJUVlUUl, a lUk UJ. SCi U1I1, ttllU, II When Bobby Kennedy dro^- 1 ' yoli" will, a wWale f of a lot of': 1^ 1** ^Un n.tknM Jn.. i« «..«. 1. 1 _ t^klblb.^ ««J. wiieu Duuoy xvenneoy orop- ' you < win, a ped in the other,day to pay his baking soda, respects to the new. government * .._. . -.,. of Africa's Ivory Coast he really Oil-rich Iran is constantly showed them we're no pikers in" maridii this business of dispensing pres--' States. If'pvpi"' ib^a~ri»ac'£«~'.D,^'~iivr uear J0! A dozen ® rls ca nilik e 'this boy — all atHhe.same 'time;, Keyes._ James Gleason and Ed- so perhaps you don't have anything* to worry. aboUt. IKitldOes Boil' down 'to keeping your best, friend or-'winning the^attenltionyof ^his', «i. v u' r; .1.1 boy, I'm sure you would ratHei; have ithe girl aa^your friend'. Wouldn't 1 Ihe Hub Clothiers you- ybu?!'II'hope,so. ' '- could buy a Dobbs burley brown. enjs.r . • . Brother Jack House hi hi"? bteekmaU £nedthS'i a in the ' on 'the way S hat for $5; you could buy two , Dear Dan: I'm a girt of 12 and I only get 35 cents a week for my- money from"the'Unifed ?? UI £ S tot Fo Ure g . r ° U 1 d beef at * ^owance. T know this isn't fair andTwould UKe>u'to"fcirme how. money irom ine unitea Hood's for 33, cents; shoes rang- much of an allowance I should get— Blondie/ ed from $ i 98 to $4 (jjufng a Dear Blondie: Depending on your family income, the 35 cents sale at Shilts Shoe Store; land a week might be more-.than generous. Sam Levenson, once said: many other merchants, includ- "I'didn't get an allowance when I was- growih'g ui> because my fattier Kre^ensky-'s, didn't figure he ho ^ *" mn " •"•»'*"'"•--* Ui " "••* ' ' that feeds you. Iran threat a But you have to admit one oil money goes. But we fall in thing. The 'Administiltjori isn't line and send another check. '' ' jlaying any have Three ordered successes T; .j- ' . r, -T 1 .i ~ r " c " ls " lc v n 9 erra ''ng or. ine enemy. wr 'J' n 9,down all deductible expenses!^ at- the;' For nearly twenty years now; there has tl ^; It n e y, lare R aid: , .; 5 been a marked tendency in our country to un- v ;]»? also ; a,,goqd : idea to, reserve a special derrate the Russians, even in the fdee of their drawer for canceled checksi and other records orjto keep them- in carefully marked folders or envelopes,' the-"tax experts suggest TU -"- .u—.u a|^ be kept in' alsa'fe 'p.lpce —,pce| proof box; A'reyenufe auditorv^ofi't OB javorooiy- --Humorous — ana so coij»tort|ng : 'r^;fJ9Kes,'"aj&.ou1 irri^ressed if. told they "had been destroyed by the Russian knucklehead'edhess; all fhesei hdye rats." ,..'..' . • . ; heloed faster nur nu/n fAolinr. nt eimA^lA^u.. V.H.J The clever little cartoons, so comforting, "is rqfs...... ..,.,. ••.- - ..• fc Keep your .records! for, at least five years, Th^se records should include the checks you use to »pqy income- taxes. Usually the Internal Re- vertue Service goes back only three years, but if considerable income hcisn't been reported, the government can go back beyond the third-year period, going-back as. many-years as the audi- - - Second cUsc pottage paid at Algona. Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor •' MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman helped foster our own feeling of superiority and dull our sense of values. \ International politics is not a game of chess, but the maneuvering! often seem to\follow the same type of strategies as used in chess. And a great proportion of the world's great cKess masters have been Russian. There are-plays in chess which serve to divert the opponent's mind from an attack; there are plays which deliberately create a false sense of weakness, setting i the opponent up for disaster.. No one would deny that 'the Russians and Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa 'he communist organization, have workers con- stemt| y seeking to promote communist ends. It is perfectly conceivable that one facet of this work could have-been the deliberate implanting in the American mind of this picture, of Russian stupidity; a move which would; assist to some extent in keeping public pressure, down some small degree in the space race. It would also be perfectly feasible to believe that the sudden increase in racial integration demands, creating a great public furor and further diverting the public mind from graver and more immediate issues, could very, well be communist-inspired, at least in part. It would at least serve zsme purpose to keep in mind that such things ARE pos, sible. At least it is daily becoming more and more apparent that the Russians are far from being complete bunglers and that American "know-how" isn't always what it's cracked up to be, no matter how unpleasant that thought is. - (Sheldon Mail) * * * This would be a better world if we had more wild life in our forests and less in the big cities. — Independence Conservative * * * Middle Age is when you start for home about the same time you used to start for somewhere. — Conrad Record. * * * W?rry i* like a rocking chpir, it giver you something to do but gets you nowhere * * * Education is a great asset but it is not exclusively confined to the acquisition of telligence. _-_- D — rf —„ ^— _.__.__ A newspaper .editor in Brazil for. Dahomey Upper Volta -and seemed to put his finger on the Niger. This is to help them cele- spot we're in. "Brazil is like a brate their ;new found indepen- liftfe child," he said "A "rich dence according to, the-State mim walks up and gives him a Department.* Only-thing missing, bag of candy. " • • is the'cake and candles. ' •-;child sees, the Next time the rich man and _r~r rrr; . •—.T"._\. , ; ". t -' utu s=«. me ncn man ana Before the year is out 12 otherg doesn't get any candy he starts fncan . countries will h a vej.iA':•„.,;, TIU:;. :_ *u -..._.. T-._._:, =.. African ^countries will h a v e -. Vio1 WichtendahL Entertain.' dent—Caroline Luedtke; Secre" 'tary-Treasurer—Lora Pijahn ahii; The Jolly Neighbors' Home-, Reporter ancr Cheer Chairmaii^-. makers Club of Lotts Creek met WU1 - W4 - 1 **—'" 1 - 1 --*--*-<-•-' Aug. 9 atr the- home of Christina' Seegebarth, with 8 members present. Election of officers, resulted ' as follows: President- Gladys Fuerstenau;, Vice Bresi } UDM* ClaniiMds , Payr Dividend, to several billion ddllars Tevery ' ' travagance that even rich old Uncle Sam can't afford. And,, let's face it, this is a dangerous kind of gift-giving. Won't all of our . other friends expect the same kind of treatment? There isn't a president, prime minister, Wng or maharajah who wouldn't like a $75,000 airplane dropped in his lap Scot-free. The exchange of gifts among of government is as old OE THE DES MOINES 1951' ^""Tr"^,, 7 ^^' *i -.fWeiJ; Brazil ;isnt alone. It Hiaf ifese^fte^om^l^--^!^ 116 . 13 >heh the United^ Kossuih county's lop three! no longer c&rl gir j s 4 ^ H 'Demonstration teams -e'll see we re Elaine Dbdds and Rose---— — —* friends anne Erpelding of Union twp., 'L^f;... . „. . , .. . Marilyn Callies and Carol Cal- ffhe United States should in- ii es , Buffalo Boosters and Joyce country^ seeking our and Janet Hammer of Riverdale 2 h cI P Rustlers. Other blue ribbon win- " done ners were Mary and Catherine Directory Ui L. INSURANCE! .! J ?' Cliilropractor year. We could be dead wrong but ^ should first this seems to be the kind of ex- themselves. We so * he Das the 1 ™ A. J. (Araie) Ricklefs Hospitalizatibn . Health & Accident . Life — Auto— Fire — • Hail E.,State .:....... .CY. -1-4529 , relief that Last week ing. of Ui "- Girres, Wesley Wizards; Connie Drone and Connie Priebe, Plum . Creek Elite; Marilyn Mino and ,1s Gwendolyn Link, Grant Go- Getters; Carol Elbert and Eunice CY 4-3176 Studer, Prairie Pals; and Marr lene Stecker and Darlene Fran* zen, Valley Farmerettest B6ys4rH demonstration teams to., compete at the state fair were Gailen ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY( J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All'Lines of , Insurance s . ..,.206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE' AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loah NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance „ $300 Both Algona papers. In combination, per year . $6 00 Single Copies .,.,_ ; 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH Ofl? Year, In advance , $4.00 BjntU Algona papers in combination, one year ^...Sfl.00 NQ subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST in- ESTERON 99 Cpncenfrate kills we«ds where other treatments fail •Tmdcnmrk of TktyDoui Chemical Company FLYING SIRVICi WHITTiMORf, IOWA as \history and it has its purpose, Bu* there are sensible, limits wi.thin which the custom shoulo be conducted, The President haa stepped way out of bounds. > * » » Granted, it is immensely im» \ portalit to the United States that ihe new Nations of Africa be drawn* to the side of democracy and not be permitted to fall in with the Communists, But expensive gifts arc not the answer. rnvj ,« lt «. IlljCl0 Wf lnc m operation;, will be absolutely tor too, many years—and for ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES fireproof and will have a seating hend-th" 13 U C nTted neV ^te°s mP ha e s- "*»***• '»« S&WM compared witS Phone CY 4-273b' Johnson and Junior Pavik o> 7 N. Dodge Eagle twp. and Edward Schiltz ' — and Philip Bemhard of Green- BOHANNON INSURANCE wood twp. " — * * » The August 16 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines was a complete sellout of 4,650 copies-, * * * The new Algona Theatre will open Sept; 13, it was announced by Willifim Schleiger, manager. . ^" The new theatre (the one still ™_ O _W.THE_FILES__OF__THE in operation) will be absolutely SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling,; Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 operated on the assumption it has to ''buy" its friends. • 505 in the Call. Area 1 farmers were warned by * Sheriff Art Cogley to make adequate arrangements with some- met anc j This policy is not working now one to watch livestock and chick- spelling of and it never will. Helping and ? ns .on their farms before leav- it was spelled Luverne but due buying friends are quite differ- !"§ on vacations, etc. The warn- to confusiori with Laurens and- ent but we somehow can't see ln e was issued after numerous, Luzerne was chaneed to I^i the distinction. This is a reck- thefts pf chickens iri the county.. Verne ^ ith /'^ ^J? ^ u less policy we are persuing and In »t ^ 8 t two cases, thefts oc- - 4 "i rt ^PHPi v . it spells nothing but trouble. furred W farms vacated by/ Anne Slag i e wiu , Loralne As the richest Nation in the }™veje», wha-had not been no- Smith , n thse finajg ™, the ladies world we must, of course, help tlf ^d the thefts had taken place; championship golf tourney at the our friends. Foreign a»4 is not ~»M sheriff hadn't been able to; Algona Country C ub Mrs Sla, all right or wrong, black or ^ <«• t° u <= h w 'th them. g j e dowfled ^ pe^J 8 '!"'* white. Spent wisely and in the * * * to ggjn the finals. ' right places this aid has been Bancroft proved its right to t V. * . beneficial and it has promoted the .championship of the Kos- Local P»ORle who entered the the cause of democracy. But in suth County Baseball League -by home talent show at the fair too many cases it has been taking the final play-off game were Richard and Arthur Camn- wholly unrealistic and has 8-i frqm Wesley. Bancroft- ney, Duane Tobet, Pam Waller achieved results entirely oppos- dumped ' Lone Rock, 5-3, and Patty Priebe, Anne Felter Raich' "' '" ' Wesjejf gfit put IWtts Cwk, 7-6,, Rlvhurds, Larry Wolcott, MaS to get into the finals. J 0 Elbcrt, Barbara and Janet » * * Gurwell, Betty Ann ParJjjns, jrf' gqrwith l9«i« Pw*> Wagi r »ri "' - •- KOSSUTH. MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. C Y 4-3756, Lola Scuffham, Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCYM For Auto, House, Household Phone Or. X>. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney'a Office Phone — CY 4-3373 ,. „ Hqurs; 9;QO — 5:00 , -. Open Friday Night Monday — Wednesday — Fridaj Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor. 521" E. State St. Hours: 0:00'—-..8:00 thru Sat: • 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off,' CY 4;4677 Res. C5f ir3469' DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOUHNE, M,' D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore Stv Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227; J. N. KENEFICK. M* D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL. L, PLOTT. M. D^ 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence Farm Bureau Mutual Ing, Co, Affiliated with, Farm Bureau Auto (wjth $1,0 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-339i3Pon Stark, Mgr. ite of thqse sought. In the last few months I have traveled around the world: and Jptoi'MUJHn,' W e«w»ft l9&i:PWfy wagiMfi |^ ViSJted extensively ir>. SouiU Sundflwito attf|»4 *He Ipwa Stfta Wld' Lorrain^ Voigt.'- Aptencg. Let me say my oyos FairSf-pes M&iii^s. ^ tot of pen? * * * .were opened, Jn some nJaws we pic vyeie attenjijng tfee fair from A>host o^ K\f<m»i people » W m are literally forcing Ameripan this ar^a, but ^hn!? trip w w a, w«ek in Horthwe WisepnTim. ^ a °" People on the assumption just a little Mfr- djffei'ent thm Ttwy were !»|h and Mrs. Luke,, wu kfio\y what's good foti thoni the rest—he toefc «»• Surito I4m$n, Jim Mfe£ni-oe 'oKi, und the thing that's t'qosJ for School class ^JJi fcjm for- ft, daygbtm, Ufa gyft Pugh^ds then} is U. S. dpllers. three day outjjigj' i|e bad ddae KftJ^erirtq 'Jj^ujfqfe | ti Mr. Bid! * * *,. ^ for seywais vemfryfWm ¥%*>' W 0 ^ fei«S^ Joe Haylg]; Jn 9 J»Q»pt»9l in Pak^tajij, fai hu was a very ppp,uJt$ Suncto, Pen Hutdusjgysi ao4!|^r. ani<M's* fc-xample, we have instiled H School teacher. " Garl Humphrey, Mrs. T " ' machine to help cure canter.. It * *• *• . Wl? reported. • ^. have cost about a million dollars. But Merlin Bleieb of Tiionk$ won several muskies." cancer is the least of their prob- first prize in the butter contest » t t 1cm*, Most f'akistanians don't held at the Jowa State Fair la§l Iincrpft won th« Iowa Stale livt to a/^ age, where th|s dread Fricto; %&, topofd--.tiw Usti with .kesa^ue Baseball title with a 4-3 becomes a problem. That a scope of 95 out of a possible win oyer tfce, " - s ' » m PAWBW.LpC The iqultaWe^WIt „. gociejy Of The Uwtfd States . gurt, Iowa Phone- A „ farm Mqnagemenl JOHN' M. SCHUTTEH, M! D. Residence Phone CY 4»2335 PBAN T, K009; M. Or ' Residence. Phone CY 4J-49I7 Physicians & Surgeons ' 220 No. Dodge,.Algona, Office Phone CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRISTS OB, A'g °*"vstisaf** „ Pontact Linafti DENTISTS

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