The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 8
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, * -j t ' ••r','"''' lt J ', f '4 1 '' v '^5 k "-' '^ i I N ' i- ' '! * "** ' ~," .' " V V *' : t x '"; ^V"'' •-' '•' '" '. 7 .'» - ' * ,..* i,j!yfs.y*. »t, v . j- ^, , y, - •-; ( *i T- ' M/Jj __ « T ..\, -!_.?., .>lK t . *l \ r> ', "" ' jf t 8riu.«^,in^i^aHur na OoHald,GlaiM;dofwML.j * " '^•Ms'^A^^' mefeto|4* retu-rir''""^ 1 meet Sioux Ends The precision swimming teari tilled the; Sibu* City Mariners will put on a special program of 1 % hours at the Algona Munic- , ipal swimming pool, Saturday afternoon, Aug. 26, it has been announced by Beanie' Cooper, pooi manager. The'program will sDart nt 2 p.m. The group of *14 synchronized swimmers will, present a water ballet, one portion of which is pictured here, clown acts, and ..individual.': diving numbers by, an AAU champion, a member of the Mariners'.:, ' ;; Cooper* jlioped ithat special bleachers might be • erected for ' the event. Season , tickets will admit visitors; or: the' regular pool •• admission price will prevail. The pool will - officially clost Tuesday, Aug. ,29,';' Saturday evening ihe Mariners group;'will appear at Emmets•burg as ' the '.'featured attraction at the christening-: of a ^riew municipal pool in that city. (UDM Engraving) o—Algona (Id.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, August 24, 1961 KOSSUTH COUNTY Stock Driver Take 3 Wins, Then Forfeits State Fair Entries The following " local people ( have entered livestock or show ' horses in the Iowa State Fair. Ueimar ' Kern and Melvin J. Kern, -Algoha, have entered poultry, W. H. Riedel, Burl; has entered apiary, and Bob McCui- lough,. Algona, has entered a show horse. Another exciting night of stock car races at the fairgrounds Saturday, which featured good driving and very few mishaps, was capped by forfeiture of three first place finishes by Bob Garrett, Fort Dodge, always a, top performer here. . Apparently several disgruntled drivers, who have eaten Garreit's dust much of the time all summer (he's won ai leasi a dozen events here), wanted to find out if his car's engine was entirely legal. A tear-down charge Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper You're Invited to the... FORMAL NING of the Newly Remodeled ALGONA LANES ..Featuring 12 New 'AMP Bowling Lanes - And A New, Modern SNACK BAR! 24-25 Ed Lubanski HERE IN PERSON! Lubanski, member of the AMF Advisory staff, will appear both day. in Exhibition Bowling and offer Personal Instructions. FREE DOOR PRIZES 3 grand door prizes will be awarded. Free registration both days. Nothing to buy. You need not be present to win. 1. NEW BOWLING BALL 2. NEW BOWLING BAG 3. PR. BOWLING SHOES BOB REIDEL & DOYLE DAILEY — PHONE CY 4-2831 was filed ai Ihe end of Ihe evening's program. Garrett's • car was then taken to a local service station, but a wrench was not put on it before he announced he would for- feit'his winnings. According to some sources, there are several other modified ears driving here, but no charges have been lodged due to the fact the cars normally don't fare so well, anyway. 'The forfeiture by Garrett gave Sam Eslick, Fort Dodge, who was driving the car normally piloted by Gene Schattschneider who was on vacation Saturday two first-place finishes and mo-9- ed Les Wildin up from seconc to first in another. • Actually, Garrett, who many fans feel could have won races with practically any car here, has shown as much skill behind the wheel this summer as any driver who ever toured the local oval. He won the first heat, handicap and feature Saturday night—or at least his car came in first. Bud Peterson took the second heat with Eslick second; Jerry Winters, Mason City, won the third heat with Duane Seible. Mason City,, second; Bud Fair, Ft. Dodge, took first and Wildin | second in the trophy dash; ana Leo Christensen, West Bend, and Kenny Wall, Storm Lake, were first and second in the semi-main event. Dale Rickh'art, Garner, took the time trials with a :29.9 time, one of the fastest of the season. A hoped-for demonstration of a super modified car by Rich Brock, Ft. Dodge, failed to materialize (much to the disappointment of the large crowd) when mechanical difficulties developed. It is hoped he will be here this Saturday night to take u few spins around the track. Several drivers turned in good jobs Saturday. Besides Garrett, top performers were Wildin, who kept (some way) from doing a roll down the straightaway during one of the heat races and therefore failed to wreck his car, Winters, who has proved to be a top pilot, and Christensen, who came close to mishaps a couple of times and kept his 8-ball right in the thick of things as usual. It will be interesting, as it has been all season, to see just what develops in the way of entries when the program gets underway this Saturday night. (continued from 7 PftgV^ 1) i -''I window and fell. If yoUJJei to terrace Bay loojt up!,tMfc Padgett at the tforwbbd Mdt'el-^he's a real host and a'fcreatbi 1 elf • International , go6d will., ' r * * '; •/• It is fofiunat* fot »om« Areas that they do have lakes and rivers and forests^-all tourist 'it factions. They may noi have too much,else. And while Governor Erbe and the rest of us want tourists to at least- ,-pass through" in, their 'travels*;, we can hardly expect that sour own fertile farm lanH is gdirig ^.to set- lie travelers down for a,week's stay under normal,circumstances, may not have ;the?travel ures, but we have something else and it covers all 12'mqnths, not just two.or .three." ' '•'' * • * * When you think about-U, we are fortunate in .location, at that. The recreation ^eas of northern Minnesota of Wisconsirf'-'are only a day's drive 4 awax.-, ;.The .^mountains of Colorado or the Black Hills, a day and a half at" the most. .The Ozarks to the south, another day or, so, and. most attractive in .spring and; fall -in particular. We may not live in the heart of the tourist and:travel areas, but we don't have fal to, go to get there, if Clear; Lake or Okoboji lose their appeal. ...-.*'.*."* . •, . • We spent two nights and a day at Bemidji, Including "a full- afternoon of .watching the ^new Vikings professional football team work out. Among the nunr, erbus autographs obtained was> one from Mike Merceri born'in Algona when ,his dad 'was high school coach here. Mike is. thy Viking's star kicker. It was there, also .that son Jack,, asked what vegetable he i would : like, replied "cob on the corn.'! Unfortunately, no cob on the corn available. • , *. .*•-.* At a slop in< Alexandria, otii next door neighbor-turned bUt to be <a Chuck Schneider, alAb born in Algona, back in the late thirties or so when his father was a butcher in a local storey not to be confused with Jiip Ejc.lmeider of today. Chuck : didn|t remember just what market, rift was then, but some of our local grocers probably know. :-v,. The nicest things can happen, too, when you get back from a trip. Like having someone han'd you a famous last line . . . Girls still like . spinning.' wheels, especially if they • have white-walled tiies. tonka t .... f ^. JlOIllC'V ,1 ; ' nV * * ^,4 and famil#.,Wefe Sunday guests in the-JTonti" Royce ahd,^loggf _„„„.. UTO , V% . to visi^f$ff v ' jdA^ij wlth'j.tplt Mr, and i Mrs, Clifford. 1 Y6un| went to. Cleai 1 'LaKe!, Sunday afternoon" ' to-" .iyisifc- OMndma''""' Bowling Alley At West Bend Lyle Rick has leased . the ichaefer Implement building-'aft West Bend and has annouced )lans to operate a bowling alley. 'i is expected the alleys will be n operation by Sept. 15. Eight lanes will be installed and automatic pin spotting equipment will be featured. The Building will be extended 20 feet north to allow room for a snack bar, seats and rest rooms at the south end of the structure. There \yill also be plenty of parking space available. Area Football Squads Begin Practice Today Area coaches issued football equipment to aspiring squad members this week in prepara? tion for the official start of practice sessions today (Thursday). Schools in Kossuth county who will field teams include Algona public, Garrigan, Swea City, Sentral and Titonka. Coaches Jim Hershberger and Beanie Cooper of the public high school and Garrigan, respectively, each greeted about 50 candidates when they met their squads. Cooper issued equipment Sunday afternoon and Hershberger the following night. The Bulldogs, who have four lettermen returning from l^st year's squad, will open their see- * Portland Twp, By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mrs. Stanley Ruse and Leroy visited Leona Hasse Saturday. Judy Marlow and Diane Markla of Algona were Sunday dinner guests in the P. W. Marlow home. Diane is a room mate ot Judy's. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Markla of Algona were Sunday visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Christensen and family of West Salem. \Visc. and Mrs. Elvira Christensen of Algona were Sunday din* ner guests in the Billy Christensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch and Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Steinberg were Sunday guests in the Fotv bus Stiltz home at Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Nauman and family of Augusta, Wise, have been visiting relatives and friends around Hurt the oast' week. They were weekend vis- Ito1 « in the Jesse Harms home. Ur. and Mrs. Fern Drone and Barbara and little granddaughter, Debbie, Whittemore, stopoVd L" *, 1 the , Jess e Harms home, Sunday afternoon, to say hello to the Naurwans. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach, Da,, vid, Lenny and Ann of Whittemore were Sunday evening vis- itora in the Clifford Young home Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch ™Q* Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Steinlwl of Pomona, Cal. visited the *' lo .y<i. Clarks at Webster City- and the Ben Hartzeis at Friday ead. Saturday they >V vmUiU^ i w T W4U*4Q» V*i3AliU.10 'All 'tllG Bernard Phelps home were Mr. and Mrs. l5! ^tef Hack'ef "of-'Fort Dodge ''^fld Mr. and -'Mrs. 'Fnaftk Walton .And, 1 Eugene of ttdlfe;, Faith Walton/'.returned -home with her .parents .after spending to' few .days in (he Phelps home. Mrs.' Tony' Jandl visited her sister, Mrs. Bertha Bilsborough, fMsfS iii IHe' Heffhan Hafhl95,li6n1&. IrVlh- Harms ia spending a 'few-days with-Den. auis'.pippentrop and .Gary Rip- pen't'fop is 1 spending' a few' 'days' 'with 'Darfel Harms. Twins Baseball Clinic Saturday •a *. i ^ \ i- ~ i t ...» Park In Spencer A baseball clinic . for youngsters nine years old,- and up in his area will be staged at the baseball park at .Spencer by the ,afl *\ «•• t v 4 <* ^} feV /t ''^M -{ft4 ** V J OTfifl^t^(T^ifli,.A'mMeteft A«|el6'i:6ulfliRl|^letI*i,'eltcll4 .* T «.^^ *?WA< -A^sisA*.- »u--.-w» ' .^, fg^^jlygl^pj^^jjljl'' - * " a< i^ion 'Seft'afeL.and tut '. Youngser'g 'will fc^taughC in'i' throwing ««k. rtase^jfanlrt '<y a big .league pdnellbfrfiftlfufr ** « t * • 4 1 * #* -K.«l .-i.I Jitieil-Jra ^rs, headedji byj,»f JLo'uiS. fffti W W/Btf Qltili- am wiu DC jiun ,i>Byior< lOtmer,i PfiiladelpM'i PhiilieS Outfielder}] man ^oitiek u ^sW|Snt' ba«f&«*i« .....,.. * Q£ NEW CROWN •'"' "- - f ^ r SEVERAL NEW CARS, •,.'•)-• 1* !' » OLDSMOBILES AND RAMBLERS MUST BE SOLD BY I960 OLDjSMOBILE 88, 4 door, hydramatic, radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, like new, green and white. ):.'': •.•••'• ' • ' " ' ' 1957 OLDSMO&ILE 88, 4-door, hydramatic, radio, heater, power brakes, one owner; 1957' RAMBLER, Nash Ambassador, Country Club Sedan, straight stick,' wdioV; heater, white wall', tires, real sharp. .1956 BUICK, Special; ;4-dpor sedan, Dynaflow, radio, heater, new seat covers', hew" paint job, rose and white. \' '•'''•'.'.:• * . 1955 OLDSMOBILE 88, Holiday Sedan, Hydramatic, radio, heater, power brakes, green and white, one owner. 1955' dL'pSMbBILE ..SUPER- 88, 4-door Hydramatic, radio, heater, Power Steering, Power Brakes, White Sidewall tires, new paint job, red and white, DAU'S OUSMOBIIE MO HUMBLER She enjoys Cavalier outer-blouse,, 1 with, fulllbuiton front, / split sides and adjusto-tab — lets ypu'roll up'your'sleeve ^ and fix it firmly with a smart, neat" cuff. ($6.5Q). ! Her , escort wears Cavalier shirt with adjusto-tab\ Shirt'and lad- •"I. ies inner-blouse just $5.95. Note contrasting cbllar inter- ' est and Cavalier pocket emblem. ' .' Sizes for Everyone ', .Men's: Small t-hrough Double Extra Large — 14 through! 18% neck. Ladies: 30 to 44. Styles for Everyone CROWN RRINCE has seven for your selection — all guaranteed a'full season. YOUR, FRANCHISED CROWN PRINCE DEALER AUCONA.IOWA ' •'"' will pay you to discover Jockey comfort! during the Jockey • . fUHO * Quarter Century Celebration f nfoy Jockey comfort now! Buy 4 Jockey briefs (Style 1007) pr JpcMy T-ihirti (Style 1711S), and get $1,00 back during Jpckey'i Quarter Century Celebration. Mall 4 garment bags together with tales ilipt to JOCKEY, P.O. Box 729,, Hinsv dale, Illlnol* before midnight, September 30, 1961. Limit refund per person. 6r7tft are tailored from 13 pieces for perfect fit •nd support. Special heat-resistant waistband! exclusive ,**no gap" front, nO'Chafe (99 openings, Sizei 30-46. ••" "••i«»i«« ••»«<«»«m«»ii.»i,Mn <•« l» tiftfrftN-new Power-Knit fabric with extra yarn to M*p,itl fit. Smopth ?eamfree* collar is nylon reinforced I, t • «*U« length tail stays tucked in. Fine combed cotton fefcrl* ' COAAING! «mm»MCTTOBM^UJB^^ ALGQNA'S First All-Electric 'GOLD MEDALLION HOME first-class ; r push-button living the all - electric way ona Municipal Utilities AMU Mfinf YP« Own Ml

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