The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 7
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•1- ffj f » VSSy > *.\*r*&i l *j(yf filUC 1M'le|$8A uas/hid '& B .aii r Sfj«"WlunlneJifc ••' •^^MMQiaftM chiiid >tatf &&&>*• the TSttt weekend guesti Mr*, and Mrs. 471™i--r > 'W|4fi 1 *Dns < , of K) Nebr, Mi*, and zer and of Mrs. Fred Kfaft family in Eagle Grove. Connie'Schnetzer "stayed for a vacation, *; ''' ' Mr. and Mrs. Henry iKubly and Mr. and. Mrs. Edwin Marty s^awtiaa*•" ^'Wv.'Rarnos, David, IV Lewis &nd baby _-_g'e \visited 'her par- ^EHwatd Ramu¥-family ^j^id" remained for a £p& inward fctodda-d lAjf -*» of CaJrthdge: S, D.. f»y to visit his moth- hilda Stoddard and ._, Marty -and Gary 4 <froftiHwo weeks Mr! and car er, "H • •'f * J> T"""*"o.ii^» ffl arid Mrs. FhiljWuf- 2 ^ a Sl^->%V v W;' T ^" Sumay-tdallers in,',;the -Mrs. C}araJ^^i1sMeVweire Mrs. Clarence Jjiygepseif *%nd, Jim of Cor- with.VHf^lttMiojaughters "of MarsMUtBwh*an'd'-Mr:- ahd Mrs. Charlfsr Woli.fof.. Fort! Dodge.^Mrs., Harold'^Meyei and family^,were Sunday visitors n Des Moihes with .their daughter, J6yce : Meyer"'and"-the' Glen McCleUan/fajtiiiy PaijLa." daughter of Lewis V. 31ock, returned, from a week spent-'at" the;Methodist Camp at ,ake Okoboji. Mrs." Arthur Satre, John and Fames, Hulda -Fritzemeier, Ro<5k- brd. 111., visited the past week n their home 'town and were guests in tHe John Ruger home. Mrs. NehV"Biegger entered St. Gary's hospital, Rochester, Minn, rriday for" treatment. Mrs. Clara Wolf entered Luth- eran'hospital,* Fort Dodge. Tuesday for treatment. Mr. ,and Mrs." Ben Hefty are parents of. their .first child, ah eight pound son, Elaine Lee, born Aug. 18 at Hancock Memorial,, hospital, Britt. Mrs. Hefty, former Kay Brink is the daughter b'f Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Brink, who are first time grandparents. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hefty. Hardy. The baby is, first'g gHandchild QjUto. jpiod Jto, ] cy Brink and" Van Hans'en. Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Burtis and Peggy Lee of Augusta,,Wise, visjtsd' -'over the weekend with h|p parents, the Fred Baumgart- ngrs, the Wayne Sanfords and Victor Baumgartner families,' ; 'Mr. land Mrs./; Elmer Kubly, D||e. and Michael Anderson of Cg^with went Sunday to Strat- fdjfl to attend the Berglund- Apderson family reunion. ilev. and Mrs. Carroll Usher and family of Waukesha. Wise. vi$\ted the past week with Rev. Worthie Usher and family; Mr. and Mrs, Robert Pergande and children of Key West, Fla., Brrjyed Sunday for his leave visiting his parents,, the Henry P^rgandes.' ]Vayne Pergande. Connie, Gene and Joe of San Antonio, Texas, 'arrived Sunday to visit his parents. His daughters Barbara and Phyllis, who spent the summer here witn their grandparents, returned wjtji them. Other Sunday guests were Mrs. Sarah Nelle Stebbins •arid, children, now living at Sex- top,' Mrs. Rhonda Burtis of Sioux Faljs, S. D.. is a guest of her sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lichty. ffee and Kurt Lichty sons 01 the-De Ray Lichtys. Mason City, came Friday for a vacation with thfir grandparents, the Harry if*TMi«v£> w**u*^?\JArr|? Aini/K'' ivJ.'tu^lM'v VT«B ipstess' Sunday to relatives-at a dinner honoring June and Aug. birthdays.. dttestf we-f < the* Lawrence" Matty's' 'df ~ Hardy, Jot, Guys, the Dohaid Marty's, Ltr* 1 ,yernf,*-th6'iWilUant Ai Martys, 'Ktririg|h?1' Ma. tyV '^the Melvin Ma"rtys,'LuWne,' 'Clara, Martha and Lena,Elmer df-JRenWiek ahd Eni|ma 'Marty, 'LuVferni .'Mr.' ^d-Wtts. .Lawlence Miller and' Silly)wefe'on a trip Tuesday,, fo Sunday .',lti Minn., Wise,, MicH., fldrth to .Poft Arthur .ahd'$oft; 1 WHliam, Canada artd ? rtdrth - Shore "drive" on 'Lake Superibt,, r. and Mrs. H«Vold and; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hof had 5 a picnic supper Sunday with David Trauger at llnJo^ Slough. Guests Monday and • Tuesday inl^he Edwa>d«Hpf hoi^e were hif niece, Mr. and Mrs, Ken Shrier and five childi-en pi Brp^hesd, Wise. _. . -*•«*• ^ *T«». fTMuniA vVlCkctt and Steven 'left Monday to vis- It y theCells' in Wise, and other poirtts of interest until'Friday. /Mr. and Mrs. J, O. C6* attended the open house honorihg' the golden wedding anniversary,'.'of Mr., and'Mrs. Oral Higgihs of PlOVer. Others from 'LU^erne Were Mr..and Mrs. Jess Jergensen,- the Irwin Jergensen family. Long Way Around to Kansas City Alfred end Wesley. Schultz returned ' Tuesday from Kansas City where they saw 'a showing of the new 1962 ' Cadillac cars. But the trip, was v not without incident. They; went by" private plane, ran into bad weather, had to make a forced landing and stay overnight, and it took about two-days to-get to Kansas City. They think next time they may drive. -.—, — Mouin , .v^-veinifitedftjujji' -J; T{ , fit Word, Cash In Advane* to MiflMuiri* " ! "* "' 'dopy Deadline, Monday, 4 p t PHONE CY 4-3535 • . Sia.lrl I 1 -*- . V 1 ." f' *, ' Families'Each FOR SALE, general • ... ^ ,<•>;,,.; ».i »u f'i ,>'( FOR SALE —... PUREBRED . Spotted Poland' 1 .China"" ; fall boars. Bert Gefefdes. and 'Son, ?J& S., 1% E. of Lakota. 17tfn ' FOR'"SALE —-Montgomery Ward,"grinder. with • k-dyaling 'feet table and cart] Hilex' blender- mixer, self unloading wagon. — Stanley Larson, Burt, CARBON PAPERS, office supply dept., Upper Des Momes Pub. Co./Algona. For Rent FOR RENT — 2 bedroom furnished apartment Close-in. Laundry privileges, private entrance and private bath. See Bjustrom's Furniture. • 34TFN FOR'RENT — Modern 3-room unfurnished apartment on 1st floor. CY 4-4572 or 4-2718. 34* FQR,RENT — Modern Two room apartmerlv-«pj«rtly' furneshed, Ph. •C¥>4-48p2«oir*-2718,-> -*."* . 34* ROR RENT'"— Acreage,'2 bdrm. house. Phone CY 4-3368. - - 33tfn FOR RENT — FURNISHED & 1 heate^ apartment, close-in, private 'entrance, private bath See Bjustrom Furniture. 45tfn •///S///////////////////S/////////S//////////////////M Miscellaneous HOME IMPROVEMENT • LPANS — NO MORTGAGE QUICK SERVICE — PATRONIZE DEALER OF •YOUR CHOICE. SEE HOME FEDERAL AT ALGONA. T.F.N. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROBLE BUYING CAR INSURANCE, SEE U S. BOHANNON, 6 N. DODGE, ALGONA, IOWA. 34 MR. HOG PRODUCER: For FASTER GAINS and more PROFIT Switch to HORMEL 12% HOG SUPPLEMENT, either Antibiotic (180 gms. Aureomycin) or Regular, Always fresh, Always available .at the HORMEL Livestock Station, Algona, 34 FEDERAL LAND BANK FARM LOANS afford Inns term safety wjth privilege or paying any time — low payments. For a loan 011 you i' rarm w 'th an organization that, has several times reduced interest on outstanding loans see your FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOCIATION at Al- gpna .Mondays and Wednesdays (south of Pehneys) or at Forest City (West -of Forester Hotel) Tuesdays and Fridays. Eugene H; iHutchins, Manager. 31-34* HEAV/WEIGHT TAHPS' J LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES. IF WE ,HAVEN'T .GOT ,IT OH CANT GET,' IT; .If \ IS" NOT MANUFACTUflED, " DIAM*"" 10 ^ ifn FOR".SALE' *-' MATCHED ''. of Baity Berg ladies, gol^ clubs (used). 2 woods and 5 irons. $25i Us«d kitchen table" model Eadio. Big' set in small' white cabinet $15. ' CY 4-3958. ' ' SEWING MACHINES Almost new Singer used 'in this locality. Just take 6yer payments of $6.00 per 'month. We also have 1961 Zig Zag Automatic ' almost half paid. Small balance or. payments"m either machine. Write to Credit Manager -P. O. Box 166 4, Cedar Rapids. Iowa. - - 32*34 FOR SALE — Meat-type Hampshire boars, March a April "farrow. — Fritz Freyholtz, phone "409, Fenton; ' • 33-47* FOR SALE — Typewriter, oil burner and barrel, 2 maple chairs. 9' x 18' wool rug and pad, metal bed 1 , 8' x 9' wool' rug .arid pad, Kitchen toble^ bedroom_ set, ;Boo- •^er,vacuum, ariliqiie gurij ctt^"'' sweeper, end tables, deep fraa desk lamp. PhOne CY 4-2710 or see 514 N. Minnesota. (34) FOR SALE — Neanly new girls 26" bicycle, used 3 months. Phone CY 4-3127. 34 FOR' SALE — Third cutting alfalfa hay. Bob Black, Algona, CY :4-2992." '"•"- ~ ' " :"' * 34* FOR SALE — 8,000 Ghostttey Pearls, ready Itp lay, 19 weeks old, J1.65, Termis available. Hamilton fJatchery, Wesley, low^a., "34-35 FOR SALE — 3 femaje'Spaniel pyppie's, 2 black and white, one :ream and white, 6 weeks-old. CY 4-2941. 34 FOR SALE —.Cooking and eaiting apples, hand-picked, $2.50 per bu. Orton Fruit Farm, Algona 34 Real Estate JOHN WORRELL & CO. IPpRVIMIrlOWA Rf ef % Pork Pikers EVERY DAY BUYERS OF CHOICE FAT CATTLE GERALPFRANKl M1TUIUYH , ^AU ; ALOONA, i 6¥|»Wtt 4*4814 ESTH«RVI).LP, EMorson 24344 Whoa Ready To §4- Call Morrell! FOR SALE — EXCELLENT 9 BEDROOM HOME 6(5 SOUTH DODGE , Owner gone, has carpeted living room and dining room, kitchen with eating area, 2 nice bedrooms, oak floors, bath, painted walls, bedroom and half bath up, full basement, gas heat, garage, on surfaced street, immediate pos- ses,sion. —,.__„_.„ $12,750 See Joel M. Herbst or Ted S, Herbs t (OverPenney's) '8* FARMS FOR SALE Pood Martin County Farm- on Hwy- 15. 160 Acres. $285 per Acre. 12,000 to handle. Bal on 5/P at 5%. -See us today for this and other good Mafltin County Farms. HE.LVJG'REAL ESTATE . Box 277, Truman,. Minnesota T - 1-^1950 ' No. 2M McCormicfc ^ i Deering. ' . >' •<--.:;/ 1—19S6 I. H. No. 2ME Mounted • with r <t?.as. banks," V; , ^ • 1—19SS No. 20 New Idsa MounlVt 1—1956 No. 2ltNewr Idea Mounted 1—1957 No. 420 .Case Mounted io fit M Fafmalt or Case. I—Case Pull Type - , ^ l-Minrieapolls.M6line P.ull __ l'-No.'6A New ldea*Pun Type ^ In excellent condition 1—-Woods < Bros.; Single row 1—Ailis.Chalmefifs Single row li-M6del 'D-IV Alliff-Chalmers 1—Model No. 33 All-Chalmers — used one season , . , 1—1958; Model; No. 33';Allis l .CHal- , ELEVATORS 1—44 ft. .New Idea (wide type — ' 1—1954 Model WD-45 Allis-CHal. mers wi^h.. adjustable fro;rii .,' en'cl. over hauled ^an'd repainted 1—1946 Model/'C 'Allis'rChalmets 1—1942 Model WC Allis-Chalmers 1—1948 Model "R" Minneapolis. Moljn- : "vj '-'VVO "'•*«•'••.'.* t;.-" 1—19,46 <• Model 101 St. Ma?sey- ,Harris' "''' '.",'"•• 1—1940 Model A John Deere (Large Pistons'and ne'arly' new rear tires) -. . COMBINES 1—Model 66, Allis Chalmers with strawspreader and'pickup 1—Model 60 Allis-Chalmers with strawspreader and 'pickup 1—Model C-4 (12 ft.) Minneapo- lis-Molirie/ 1—Model A : 6, Case 1—Model No. 62 McCormick — Deering - repainted and ready to go.' '• """'^ • • SPECIAL 1! NE.W. GALVANIZED STEEL FLARE BOX WITH TVIfq INCH ,FL.Q|pRING $125 LiNDE 'IMPLEMENT 'co. ' SWEA CITYV IOWA DIAL BRown 2-4601 34 ) USEI> FARM MACHINERY SICKLES F,OR MOST *JtkESi MOW- t 1— New J.D. "3p',' combine''- with " PTO, pickup and s66uf clean. PRICED RIGHT! , 1-7-Case tractor plow, 3-14, throw " away, shares, .good..-,,— $195 I— IHC plow, 3-14, Super Chief * "'bottoms. -thrpMif? away-* scare's - ' . Bolster Hoist $76 ft-No. 16 IH mower 'with 7ft, . 32 New Mowers lAVE ..'._.^.1....,_. $$$$ ," A-l $25.00 ,&No. 1 J.D, hay crimper, f.'fA-l, 1960. Save $$$. {^•feolens Garden Tractor with 4- mower and cultivator ._ $65 l^No. 20 New Idea Mounted '^.Picker, extra clean .... $750 1-&-2MH Picker — A-l. 3^--2M pickers ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. t;' ' . 34 fp 1.^ Wonted — Someone to provide answering IsetVfce" and • pick up depot for large m. Iowa Cleaners arid JjflUndferf. - Fee 'pluS' iCbrmm, PhorVe RrOVided. Write box 69-N, Algona Ujypef Des Moines. 34* WANTED TOi 'BUY -i-> Alfalfa nay. Ernie Naumam, phone 11 on £8;atBurt. (23tf) WANT TO LEASE — corn stalk land, Emie Naumdn, phone 11 on 98f Butt, IBJ ' - -(23tf) '^WAITRESS -WANTEp — AL- 0ONA HOTE'L COFFEE 'SHOP. MUST, BE, RELIABLE. APPLY INI PERSON 'TO MANAGER. '- • , '• 33-34 r-r .KXPERIENCED ^pMAN COOK. ROOM AND JpARD FURNISHED.» APPL* rifiPER'SON TO MANAGER,-AL- JQNA HOTEL. ' . • '33tfn CANTED — MARRIED., MAN for farm work by' Sept: 1st. Experience with farm machinery and cattle. M. T. McGuire. Bode. - ' ' "tfn. WANTED —, EXPERIENCED < FURNITURE SALESMAN. APPLY. AT FORSTER FURNITURE .COMPANY, FAIRMONT, MINNESOTA: 32^34 WANTED — * Married m'am, ex- jeiHenced with beef cpw herd and ipeder" cattle,for permanenlt job op north central Iowa farm. State —, _ education, salary and refer- e's in application. Write Box - r ,l>, % Algona Upper Des S/toines. 34-36 1—2 MH picker, 1959 model _ ______ i. _______ $1990 1— Steel"Flare, Box Ti*---*— $ 65 • j yr. old. New jH.oU.ana Silo fjl^ep, with p|pes, UO(Jt. ; . $445 :— Stanhoist ! 'loader 'w/snow bucW _:..i:s:i.'— ..- $190 .— HumJ)oJd,t . Loader w/snow bucket '..:. _____ ,'-CJ~ S150 . — New Idea tractor spreader .,._-_„,,,„_, $J9f — JD 42 ft. portable elevator •' w/PTO drive, 2 wheel trucks _____ ',.. „'„_„ ..... $395 ,—1937 JD tractor "B" — $12t ,-iJohn Deere "B" ftractor, 1946, painted and overhauled $425 SALS -T-; 2 apsjirtmeVit housie in Burt. Lairy Gischv Algona. . (34-35*) FOR SALE ^-3 bedroom, 2 Path,T room home on Potter's HiU. Oil Beat, Garage and -Breezeway, large lot. trying Urch, CY 4-2977. (30tf) FARM FORM SALE BY OWN- er — 120 acres near Fenton, very good b|dgs.,, extra good • land. $36p.OO; W. J. Brass, Femton. 31-34* to 'ithank* relatives and ., XL * j _ .> ^^t j*\y_^*._ i, 3-H tractor; plow w/high speed Tjottoms _. $35d IJ.Test Holland Baler Twine Bale — $9 trans. Priced Right. —48 ft. 2 wheel Keyawane Elv. w/PTO Drive and spouts. $395 —New Du-All steel foliage unloading, , box w/hyd. motor drive FOB' .',.. 5$509.95 —1955 Mercury Monteray 4 dr. 000 miUs sine,*, engine over lauled. color re.d, pj»in^ and tires ood, power, brakes and aut. (31) Fenton, la. CARS Bl}? 126". WB, ILOttQ, mies : 1-T--AM ao.rJH Metro n-, Bargain 1—1948 Dodge -IT *Truck, • ' wi,th box, good. -"'" '' 1—1R52' MH Super j?6SP Com- *iiiie : w/ 10 l fl platform!' . A : J,.,. T . r ..., Tr ..., Trr .., r $1995 1 — ^S Case combine, A-l. 1—1850 V MD" with control qnd 9 -speed $1695 1— MOrtj; ' ,War4 gfr^en. trac.tor > V V/W9^r*yU/ hjir'rdw, 'disc '.' fl .' -B_r- |90 , f ont (Jikg new) - ....... $175 iOUS WANTED — Saleslady Ready-to »Wp'ar Dep_artnient. ust Jiave -pleading • personality, neat appearing, 'good figure, capable, of selling end handling quality apparf 1.' Good sitailtirig salary, ideal working conditions, ipapitalizaition insurance, paid vacations.' Apply onlly in person to manager, Grahams Dep't. Sitorer-Ailgona, Iowa. f \ '. 34 Linda Schnoor, 10, of M^quo- ketA,^evered the tendons of her rlgnt' wrfst recently. The accident happened in the family station wagon--when Lihda fell backward, her wrist hitting the edge of a -tin coffee can. INJURED Marcla Chambers, 14," of Dallas 'Center was badly injured recently. She was leading a horse, when it reared, and' bne of' its ho'ofs' struck* MarCia in the abdomen. Emergency surgery was performed for a ruptured spleen. Get Your Smoking Supplies at the NEW " SMOKE SHOP Illllllllll ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 80 A. Just across line in Minnesota — No, Bldgs. $200 228 A; ' Nr. LuVerne — Good 'Bldgs. — 167 A/Cropland — Balance pasture — This is " A'good Cattle Farm. ' 2 Bedroom and Den Bungalow, Good location $9,500 Income Property dose In — 2 ' bedrooms and bfeltfi down — 3 bedrooms and bath up — will' • make 2 nice apartments. PAUL M . S E E L E Y Algona, it_ CY 4-3174 34 Thursday, August 24, 1961 Alflona (la.) Upper Dos Molne«~7 Records — Radios . TV — Record Players Asses$ories KOSSUTH RADIO and RECORDS f FN ' MEDICAL CLASSES Starting September 25 • Technician • Assistant • Secretarial Co-educational — « Free Placement. Write for Free catalog. PARK MEDICAL INSTITUTE 225 Clifton, Minneapolis (34-38) DID YOU KNOW? Partiaj insurance is about ias foolish as none at all! Make sure your're com pletely covered. Let Jim Kolp of the ALGONA IN SURANCE AGENCY go over your insurance program with you Now. Ph. CY 4-3176. FOR SALE Hotpoint Refrigerator Montgomery Ward Refrigerator Both priced reasonably Used Washing Machine, ringer type McFall Plumbing Fenton, Iowa Custom Drapery Headquarters By A Decorating Consultant Be Sure - Be Right Se«,.Biustrom Furniture, Algona USED MACHINERY Holland 66 PTO Baler MH No. 1 — PTO Baler 1956 IHC 2 ME Mtd. Picker Oliver No. 2 Pull Picker -'Rr. Ble. 2-New Idea Pull Picker - Rr. Ele. MH S,elf Propelled Picker, good Cradle for Wagon Hoist 18' J. D. Blevat'or H' Little' Giant Elevator 16' Farmers Friends Eilevator 20 Good Plows - Nearly all sizes MH 44 Diesel, Hyd., New Recap Tires. 1956 IHC 400 Diesel 1958 Molinte 445 — A-l Several Cheaper Tractors JOE BRADLEY Algona, Iowa CY 4-2421 34 PRICED LOW READY TO ROLL I - 19$Q FORD Fairlgng 4 dr. power steering and brakes, radio, heater, runs like new, ™ w ,,,—-- $1595 1-1960 FORP Galaxie 4 dr. V-8, automatic, rgdio gnd heqffir ,„-„___—___ $1995 1 - T959 FORP Fpirlane, V-8, standard'trans. $1295 1 -r 19§7 FORP Custom 300 V-8, gyto trans., R & H $ 995 1 - IWff'CHIY. 4 dr. 210, 6 cyl., 8t(ek shift, R & H _ $ 650 1 - 19§5 INT. Vt ton, pickup, new pqint, looks, runs good. -,___•.,_______.._ $ 575 1 - \9$4 QQBQi 4 dr. Royql, V.8,, ; p«te. trons. R & H, new tires, jgst overhauled . $ 395 ^ 2 dr. 'V-8, 9090) _ $ 195 .(• •. \, •_; • TRADE-INS WELCOME Krause '66' Service 4 IQWA OPPORTUNITY MAN OR WOMAN Responsible person to service and collect from automatic dispensers. No experience needed. Car, references, and $350 to $695 cash necessary. 4 to 8 hours weekly re- qpired. Excellent monthly in- jome. For local interview, write D,ept. C, Kay Co,, 902 West 77^ St., Richfield, Minn. 34* USED FARM MACHINERY . SPREADER SPECIALS NO. 15 New PTO „ $495.00 1 — H John Deere 1«5 & 195 2 —, LS 300 MM _„ 200.0 •2 — Case :.... 125 & 165 1 — ftu. 30 Ferguson _.._ 165:0 2 — 4 wheel NI 70. EA 1 — 12 NI 125.00 4 wheel JD 35.00 SEVERAL GOOD USED TRACTORS AND PICKERS NOW ON HAND. BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 No. Main Algona, Iowa Phone CY 4-3451 When Ready To Sell Your CHOICE STEERS AND FAT HEIFERS Call or Write The SPENCER PACKING CO. PHONE 2625 AT SPENCER EVENING CALL DUANE JOHNSON, home phone 1371, Spen??!'» ( &r u ' re J?- 0:rth ,T 0f U>St H V' 19)< or JIM KELEMER, phon* 4346, Gilraore City, {« you «e south of U.S. 18). (48 BOW tf) USED APPLIANCES AT BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE BUY OF THE WEEKI CROSLEY REFRIGERATOR Across Top Freezer, 12 Cu. Foot SPECIAL $124.95 { «M^M^MMMMM^»MMHMMOTMMMMMMNrr« Ranges G.E. 36" $59.9S Wesfinghouse 40"' 1 $79.95 Kelvinator 40" ... $69.95 T-V SETS Sylvania 24" Console, New Picture Tube $169.95 21" Admiral Console $99.95 21" Westinghouse Blonde-Oak Console, New Picture Tube, 1 year Guarantee ______ $124.95 17" Crosley Table Model, New Picture Tube $74.95 21" Motorola T.V., Table. . ' Model '_ $64.9J • Refrigerators Crosley Full Width Freezer, 12 Cu. Ft. $124.95 Montgomery Ward 8 cu. Ft. $59.93 2—Westinghouse 9 cu. Ft. $49.95 Each 2-Frigidaire 10 cu. ft. 1 year Guarantee __ $99.95 ea. Washers & Dryers •Jorge Conventional Regular __._ $189.95 NOW $129.9S i—Easy Spin Dry Washers —_— $69.95 Each —Westinghouse Laundromat ___ $99.95 FREEZERS 9 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer $99.95 TYPING PAPER RiNT - WAREHOUSE SPACE. LOADING DOCK, |. LECTRICITY, GOOD LOCA- riON, CHEAP- Full Room - 500 Sheets WESTERN BONP- 16 Ib, EASY TERMS IF DESIRED Upper Des Moines Pub, Co. ALGGNA APPLIANCE USED ELECTRIC MOTORS We have them, all sizes '/4 H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H.P. all wort OK. MISCELLANEOUS Youngstown 42" Cabinet Sink Regular $129.95 NOW _, —— $ 99.9S New Home Desk, Model Walnut Cabinet Sewing Machine „--_„„.,_„_-, $99.95 Lionel Elec, Train Complete with Switches, Board And Access, $49.94 Sew-Mor Electric Consol Sewing Machine Save $100 $99.95

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