The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT •REID - FHEIpIT Quiet, Scholarly Radical First of His Party lo Become Premier BY MORRIS 01U1ERT . KEA Service Staff Corrospondciil , PARIS.—When Leon Blum bc- • comcs premier of Prnuce Jimo 1, jicveml -firets" will be written in- .lo the history of the Third Republic. • |. Blum will be the nrst Jew ever ..lo head Ihe French government. • He will be. France's Social- isl premier. lie will head thc nisi avowedly radical government France has had la this century. Having been In "pcrpeliinr ^op- posllion" -for the whole 25.years ( of hLs iiilellcclual lendershij) of Hie Socialist parly In France. Blum now faces the necessity of ftovenilng-. . His backing is a coalition of Xadlcal parties, his own Socinllsls. (he Radical Socialists, and the ^Communists. Only his own party U solidly behind him on principle. Jhn others supiwrting him only as n matter of current, tactics. Blum fs a strange man to lead franco's nrst radical government. 31e is rich, the son of n prosjwr- ous silk merchant, It used to be fcld of him that "he has given up .substance In life for the cause of a class lo which he does not belong socially." • He Is highly Inlellectunl nml an Mttst nnd critic of conspicuous culture. His hobby tins been the collecting of rare and choice specimens of gold and silver plate •AUTHOR, CRITIC, LAWYER ' He wrote a book on Socialist congresses before lie was 30. Ho has written n book on Stendhal, „.«.. ~,,,,., « ,, cl , , me a book of imaginary conversations heading, a'radical coalition (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ,Jc,iv,-linllng.CiN'nmiiy on the other. >''• Tjiough he bollcvcs France .ought, lo pay He drbt to -the Unlt- ed : Slntr.s, ho ilocsji'l see how she tin'. Though he fa vow B vast pub-1 |b 'works program, lo absorb the, French» unemployed, he can'6 bo to get Ihe money from 1 ft' people notoriously averse to jmy- Mu taxes. Blum must, be prepared for as-' siiulls on-Die one IIAIK! from Com- munlsls, who are certain lo consider- him a reactionary sellout, nl.xl from all conservative groups cn.llic olhcr, who are cmially cer-i tain Ho attack hljn as wild-eyed revolutionary. <'.!•' •,.. But' the qulel, scholarly. M. .Blum; Jm« been In the middle before.-: He hns gone about select- Ing 11,1s cabinet with a ^deliberation Hint shows he Is preparing n tremendous effort to please both siitc.v London Hotel With Historic Past Doomed LONDON (UP) - Anollicr of London's mellowed oM landmarks rnniilinr lo ihousniuls of Amort , car* the -Hotel Melropolc on Nor- " tliumberlantl Avenue off Train] " Bar Square, Is lo lie raxed lo make W "ri L n , mo ? em °f f| cc buildlnt'. I he Melronolc, where Klnc Ed ward VII save luvlsh dinner, when )jc was Prince of Wales and which was taken over by.the ROT crnmcnt during the World Wnr ,af headquarters for the Ministry of Munitions,- will vanish dm-lm the summer, ' H was reported Hint Ihe syndicate which Intends to build the modern block of offlcc buildings oi) Ihe. site overlooking the Thames paid approximately si. 500,000 for Hie properly. ' Slrj^ Francis Towlc, rmmagi'ng inlellcctiiRl Bckermann, he'll (ace a thorny path as pre mtcr of France. pltnl recovering from . bad cuts Tiid bruises, it was this assault on t member of the Chamber of Deputies tlmt led to Ihe laws ills aMng nnned Fnsclsl groups, In But Dlum recovered, nnd his Jsults from un elcc- -- France went farther' scarecrow. {f (t tlliln ll llrul donc llcr ° rc slnce £ TEST . . '. . '•very ounce of diplomacy In very diplomatic man will be 'riding Goethe and ^ book on marriage. He was dramatic critic of. ihe conservative MALIn under llic nom tic plume of Guy Lnunny. He was n. gifted lawyer.' I He lives simply, nmid books clacked up ceiling-high, a few excellent paintings, in n small ami tecludcd Pails house.' ' ' | .,„. .„ He .s 64 yea,* old,-tall, thin, * J D J nnd rangy. In tlie eyes of Ihe bil- „, „ " ler Parisian carloonlsts, he is al- wnys something of He has a droopy „ wears eyeglasses ' perched on his I Momincnl nose, As all French ,„,„ .,„.... ,,,„, ,, ladical lenders must, be, he is a , „,,„/'?, ^P' 01 " 8110 persuasive orator 1 , Jr [ he sl ' c ™cds In Blum;was scarcely known, even'Si, "'.'i, 1 ?,! ™ d ' cal ' to-French- Socialists, before 1019.1 S „.',.: ";.Tf 80 •Jhen he emerged suddenly as nn I J § ^5 vhose apostle of harmony nmi good will I „,°'L C ° IV ''™' in a disorganized Socialist party. I „,,?,, f t!<C "?,' He had been a-friend of Jaures, I lc m T l,S,f, S the parly lender who was nuir-, „, •,„>,„, lol 'f', >' dered In a sidewalk cafe duriii" ' n ' „ „ , thc - --.the confused days of the outbreak . n "™" s nml . lll °n<!y are ndmitteu- ot Ihe war in 1914 °' uurcnk l^y in "^W'-Jo'is po,sitlon. Though Blum's moderate icadershh! r,r ,? r , neacc ' llc .races'a triumphant the Socialist party Js onf 6f the - Ila|y °" °" c sM<: - mA R ^^ reasons for the 1 spill which carried its more violent members over into (lie Communist parly in His parliamentary fortunes waxed and waned over the years, and «• 1928 he was beaten. But he came back by capturing n scat from Narbonne, a wlno-growin" region in southern France. Blum I .is a personal dry, | I-css than a year ago, Blum almost paid with his life for his political activiltes. His automobile was halted by a crowd of Came- lots du Rol, or Royalists. The win-I dows were broken, and one of the assaiianls wrenched oil n number-plate, broke Hie rear window, and beat M. Blum severely. He spent some lime in a hos- ' s " oi bl " Illcrel 3' •>' Bravest. prob- bf " Bal " 5t dc franc, French BUSINESS & . POUTICAI, LETTEHS A-SPECIALTY Work ncnt, cheap & quick Veterans Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale Did?. . WELDING ELECTRIC (t ACETYI.ENK PROMPT SERVICE- REASONAKl.F. riUCES Barksdale Mfg. Co. , .—^•••^-^^^•••••••^••^•••i Bakery Specials All Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday Baltimore Dip Cake, each ';' 17c- (Do4icioiis Layer Cake) • Doughnuts, dozen ~"'. lie; Parker House Rolls, dozen 8c Plain Rolls, dozen 5c Raisin Bread, loaf 8c Specials for the "But ererj Hour," S to 6 p. in. daily, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Vanilla Wafers, doz ................... .. ...................... 2c Pineapple Wafers, doz. .. ............................ LIlZ""2c' Hot Ginger Bread, per square .................... 3c Doughnuts, doz. ........................................ y c Cinnamon Rolls, doz. ............ ' 7 C Limit Two Dozen Each On All Specials ....... Blytheville Baking Co. «-« to '' "; pinner on Ihe grounds followed f.el'vlcps at the Baptist church 'icjrpj^imtlay. A score of visitor!; [rpinljjothci 1 communities attended, •polijirllne anil Savannah Shoc-J 'iiinKel enieitnlncd with a nwim- ti)(!iif':pnrty Sunday. ' ' \;Bc*s. Hlckmon and family,'- of Iluragould, are (juesl.s of Mr and Mrs.; W. J, Ciule. '.Mrs. John Hoe and two children .relumed lo tliclr home In .I'aifigould Saturday lifter a. week 1 :) stay here with Mrs. Roe's niece Mrs,;werl Ward. '•Mr. 1 nnd Mr K . Roy. Clifford at- 't?l'<!ed Sunday school nt Sllvcr- ddlc. Mo., last .Sunday. Charlie Prince Is sick. NaLc Harris;-who 'Is under the caic of Jone.sboro doctors, is re-' polled improving sjllsfactorily. Miss Hazel Jacks left Snturdny fci Llltle Rock. Mi nnd Mrs, Fred Hodge hnve leluined from Judsonia, Ark., 'vhciCj llicy^ picked berries. "ho j'oiing people of Ihe coui- munily were entertained with an Ite cieam supper at the home of Mii> Jacks Saturday night, j —^ Cornell News James Grimes returned Saturday from the Lltllo Rock school for Ihe deaf. . . Mrs, I-ollle IS. Cooper of Bly- thcvllle vlsiled In Cosnell last Simdny. ; Mis. Mnltle Bunch, of Ynrbro •w«s--Lh'e yucsl Sunday of her uiotlier. Mrs. Moody. :'.'There will be -services, at - Ihe church here nil dnv Sunday Everyone Is Invited to bring u well- filled basket. : NOTICE The following denial offlces will -be closed every Thursday •afternoon, during the summer. ps. Brewer, Child, Moore '••',• anil Tnylor Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMETRtSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKK 'EM SEE" Phone 510 Dor Shows Gratitude VICTORIA, B. a. (UP)—A tiny (log ; repnyed' Dr. H. Kebwn . for treating its infected leg with n bone. The dog was brought to the -veterinary by -its owner, ir. S Howard, for treatment. When the fpot-.KOt belter,- the dog limped Into .-Hie doctor's :offlce and droi)- ged n bone nl his feel. ' . HELP IT, SIS- THE~ SWEll. TASTINQ MILK FROM CRAIG'S DAIRY GIVES ME 50 MUCH PEP JUST NATURALLY HAVE — JO SLIDE OP {.BANISTERS "' INSTEAD OF DOWN . THEN! A dally .supply of K H E SII, WHOMiSOAlK OHAIG'.S MILK provides food KNKIIOV for work, Play, study and keeps you always ready tor active fun. Fora Saturday Night at the Blue Room Hart ScrmfTiicr A tailored slacks in • plain and putlerhs. FRIDAY, MAY 29, 103G '"< n,K, Uw The »Srr - -- l-^s^i. 0 '"^-^ . °' C " " """' "" j^__«rf__ta»l»e»J ! uJf e «d during (courier News Cl*x^T M s 'One ? f u,ndon; S first cabaret fbS? In mw^haT S^S rs S i«.«l Ulh P M ya , Polllcs 'T'l»"^" ll»t Federal Adu 1, str^ • as .s'nscd .il the MelroMc when (tor Frank H. Locey has been asked IV reopened afler Ihe war. i to buy the worthless stS DeaT' a n (I while Croshy S ij u a r e. srorl slincs. A Sportswear Cocktail ' Sports outfits arc hifch stylo at tlic Hluc- Room this .season. Refreshing "cocklnils" arc . . . , v hit c «i:U with brown pleated hounds looth slacks, Glen I'laid coal with lijjhf grey slacks. As fni value, just try In mutch these slacks :i| Open Saturday Evening Until 10 P. M MEAD CLOTHING Co. - 315 W. MAIN ST. Blytlievlllc's Home of Han S^rftirr s Marx riolhts It's going to be hotter than blazes in Blytheville this summer!! IN THE STREET-90° AT LUNCH -70° 'Gosh, it's hot/ I'm wringing vet with perspiration." "I don't feel ,'). Than all-wool Dixie Worsted evaporate body inaistun. IN THE STORE-2 P.M. B-r-r-rl Ihh suit feels as c/ammy aj a we( towel." "You ought lo wear Dixie Worsteds. They keep crisp and fresh." ATHOMI-6P.M. "Gel my friend Dill into a Dixie Worsted and lei him learn what summer comforl reuJly is." "II fill be a pleasure. He'll Find it ll,e finest summer juif he ever dud." Hctlo, honeyl Still feeling dragged down by Ihe heal?" No, I feet great! Fount/ a suit to keep me coo/ when it's hoi, and 1 ! cool. It's a Dixie Wonted." This summer - enjoy par/e;f comfort in HART SCHAFFNER & MARX all-day and all-weather DIXIE WORSTED SUITS Hiiy I hem for style ami paUcrn, sponsored l )v (h;i! famous fashion finder for Karl Scliiiffner &' Mars. Robert Surrey. Wear them fur comfort and tcononiy.' They present no cleaning prohlcm; npkec'ii costs an: ln\v. They hold their shape and require little pressing. They're lijfhl in weight; coolest when it's hot, anil, heranse they're all-wool, insulate atjainsl Ihe tnipleiw- anl effecls of sudden temperature changes. 'j',- v , mc »» today! ! -Whites- Surf Greys - Sand Tans - Tudor Greys Sport Models - Business Modals Regulars - Shorts - Longs $ 22 50 '•'- Pedigree Panamas S5 Crosby Square Sport Shoes §5 Exclusively at Blytheville's Summerwear headquarter MEAD CLOTHING Co 31S -WEST MAIN STREET Hart Schaffner& Marx Clothes - Crosby Square Shoes - Stetson Hats ,

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