The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 16
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v;t • \ §-Alfleftfl (Id.) Uppaf B« Motnftl "thufufay, August If, 194! » •«• ' J%f ' f I/* ** ram Nice Place To visit ,, By fislhef Sigsbae Side trips ranging from th Passion flay at Oberammerga to. a"* boat tfip in the sewers o Paris,- were highlights of an Af gorta girl's year and a half i Europe. She is Sheila Sullivan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wad Sullivan, who recently completei a tour,of duty as program djrec tor for special services of th United States'" Army at KarlsrUd Germany. "It's Wonderful to be home", said Sheila,- who arrived here Ifist ,week, "but I had a grand time and I loved my job." Th most memorable of her sldi trips' during her stay was th summer, Olympics in Rome las year. Sheila had always wanted to • go to the' Olympics, especiallj the'Swimming events. In fact, i Was ,the main thing that prompt- ed'her to apply for the program director's job. ( " ' i" through 7 ,' military channe'ls she'was able to'get the choicest of" seatsj'for.the events, rigty down w 'among,-the celebrities Some.'of « f them.,were Zoe Any Olson,- swinimlng champ, who sat on one side of them, ana Rev. Bob Richards, track star on the other. Sheila, because oJ her proximity to the stars, was on television a lot during the Olympics. Only a month and a half ago, the • Algorta girl was in Berlin; When she arrived in the States, she Was rather surprised to find most people upset about the Berlin situation because it didn't seem to bother the Germans • very much.' The trip to Berlin was in a sealed military train because much of it was through east ( German' territory. Thejf Were not allowed to leave > the train during the 24-hour/ {rip. Because of l^er job/ permission to go to East Berlin was'not hard to obtain. West-Berlin is the.mosi modern' and beautiful city she visited, said Sheila. It's hard to 4 be- lieVe that World War II left it a shambles. East Berlin is in marked contrast. You see almost no cars and overgrown lawns and rubble mar the once beauti- ful'buildings. The Berlin-Hilton is a beautiful hotel,-according'to Sheila. It was on an elevator there thai she saw.'Jayne Mansfield who was there for a film festival. Many of Sheila's trips might not have been possible except for the youth hostels. Young persons touring. Europe can stay in them for about 25c a night, Knd in some cases obtain meals. Some of them are a little primi- 1 tive, but they are clean and well- supervised. . In Bergen, Norway, Sheila had just gone to bed in a youth hostel when two American girls came in. Sheila told them she was from Iowa. They asked her where in Iowa and when Sheila told them, they said, ' "Do you mean somebody else is from Al-i gona? Do you know Mollie Sul- livlan?" Mollie. is Sheila's only sister, and the girls turned out to be very good friends of her's at college. Youth hostels are a pet subject for her soap-box orations, ac- watch the spectators, many 01 who were men dragged there by their wives. , Paris is a paradise for antique collectors, and Sheila has joined their ranks. She bought somt, things, as she did on alt her travels, but "just looking" was also most, rewarding. She visited the famous night spot, 'the Lido, and although she thought the place was over-rated, it was there that she saw Princess Margaret's erstwhile beau, Peter Towrtsend and his. wife, A few years ago, Sheila's uncle, an Emmetsburg ' newspaper editor, caught Peter when he was traveling incognito >in Iowa and interviewed him. She Wanted to bring this up when she saw him in Paris, but she didn't quite have the nerve. Because of her interest in the French .Revolution, Sheila has always been intrigued by the sewers of Paris. They are open to visitors one day a week some times during the year and Sheila wa$ there at the right time. You travel in boats, > pulled by men along the sides. The hiding places of the revolutionists are pointed out, and while the odor isn't exactly Chanel-Number 5, some places above ground smell worse. Sheila's interest in skiing, 'anned by some weekends in the Austrian Alps, may very well be ;he springboard to her next job She hopes to find a position as recreational director at a resor: n Squaw Valley for next winter. Meanwhile, she is enjoying re- axing in Algona.' - ' Tom LickteigV. Music chairman; Mrs, Lawrence Baylor, trees. 80 Yeats Young - - . A family picnic wM ,held at the city,'park Aug. 6 honoring Mrs. Ruth Sparks who was.80 years old Aug. 11. Those who at*, tended were the Joe arid Bill Goetz's, Laity , Grandgenetts, John Youngwirths, Paul Kelly's, .Howard Sparks, Dean Sparks, Mike Ehrhardts of Austin, Minn, and Zada and Bernice Altwegg of Spencer. Friday evening, Aug. 11, the local relatives were treated to ice cream and cake lat Mrs. Sparks' home. She received many cards and gifts for her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Flom drove to Grinnell Sunday to spend, the day with the George Kelly's, Ed Dornbier took 7 boy scouts to Lake Okoboji Sunday where they will spend a week. The boys are .Denny Flaherty, Bob and Dick Bleich, Dickie, Gary and David "Loebig and Ray Stevens. ' ' . Carl ArAtttd flM has been stashed a base ne&eChieafet gfi his discharge twist W, MrA. So^hlal HildtnM.mftd- So' 'phla and J»s, -Ed .„, .„. tended the- fialdtis feuhlprf'Jun- 'day at Story. Glty<" i „ \\ >,', >". Mr. and-MM. Al Lielteff and tfomily spent the wefekfefld in Milwaukee, Wi§. and attended the reception at St. Francis Convent when,-Helen Lieklelg- received her white veil, tuid t'bok cording to Sheila. She thinks we should have more of them in the United States. They are on the east and the west coasts, but nowhere in between. Sheila advocates that if some of the European youth with mistaken ideas about the United States could travel here at a price within their means, it would be a big step forward in world friendship. Sheila's traveling wings were clipped a bit several months ago by a car accident. She and two German girl friends were on a trip in Sheila's new Renault. She swerved to avoid a rabbit, the car was demolished, and the three women ended up in a hospital. Fortunately, all recovered. "Paris is Paris, and like no other place in the world", said Sheila. She'd been there on a previous European trip and was able to re-visit it for a week just before sailing home. Through secret, and rather devious methods, she managed to attend a Dior fashion showing. The clothes were beautiful, but too advanced and expensive for a mid-west American, but the salon was lovely and it was interesting to 4-H Delegates Report On State Camp At Madrid James Erpelding, Bode, ana ancy Chambers, Corwith, at- ended a recent 4-H conservation amp and isued the following eport: We attended State 4-H Conser- ation Camp at Madrid from uly 31 to August 4.' The pur- iose of this camp- was to ac- litaint us with conservation krough interest groups on bot- ny, entomology, climatology, oils and forestry. The staff from owa State University was in iharge of the classes. Ill the afternoon', we had a hoice of attending classes in niisic, sports, recreation, leader- hip, crafts or canoeing. Evety night we had programs v h i c h featured conservation kits, la tree' planting ceremony, square dancing and folk dancing. The highlight of the camp came when we chose two delegates to represent us at next year's conservation camp. Cook Out Held By Wesley Club Wesley — The Prairie Neighbors had a cook out in the city park Aug. 8. Their children were guests and enjoyed the swim- .**.. LOOKOUT ™ SEE Page 9 Of Today's FARM & HOME SEpTION only $2.50 per week BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE ming pool in the afternoon. Mrs. Dale Dornbier and Mrs. Ralph SchipuU were chairmen. Officers elected recently were Mrs. Glen Smith, president; Mrs. Agnes Stevens, vice-president; Mrs. Dale Dornbier, sec.; Mrs. Is Your FUTURE SECURE? ' ' * YOU CAN Make it so. YOU How TO PLAN FINANCIAL. . SECURITY too nied eiperltncid hilp In tttttnf e« proltction plans thit win mest ypur ipeclil «ced! and still be within your mtgni. Wl ttit the plans and tn« itperienci. . For Qetai!$-Call or Set DON STARK 218 S. Moore Algeria, Iowa Phone CY 4-3351 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lang and family of Mason City were Sunday evening guests in the Gayle Studer home. The Bill Studers of Algona were Saturday evening guests there. •, Mr. 'and Mrs. Art Saastad 01 San Francisco spent 18 days lately at the parental, Ben' G.' Studer home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waldschmidt and family of Spencer spent several days last week with her parents; the Ben Studers. The Mark Stoders spent part of their Vacation with friends at Detroit, Mich. The,Marcel Niedzielski family visited his mother at St. Cloud, Minn, last -week. St/anley Hansen spent the weekend with his mother Mrs. the name of Sister Marie Rose Albert. She now is a novice, ' The Albert. Fish's 'of Titonka recently moved into ' the Ben Eden farm buildings,'recently vacated by the Leona&l Studers, Mrs. Mary Bluml of Litterdalo came Aug. 1 to be housekeeper at St. Joseph parsonage for Father Phillips. Sister Giovanni and her sister, Sister Michallne of St. Francis of Assissi, Milwaukee, spent this week in the parental Vict6r Loe- home. Mr. and Mrs. Elry Loebig and children of Ames were Sunday guests ih 'the'par- ental Loebig home. He-returned :o Ames y that evening leaving his family for a longer, Visit. Mrs. Reese Martin, Mrs. Ther esa Foertsch and Rosemary, Angeline Foertsch, ' Mrs. August, Mrs. Merlin and Mrs. Hermah Studer attended a shbWer. Sunday in the St. Benedict parish hall for Catherine. McCarthy, who will become the bride oi James Heinen, son of Mr. ; ana Mrs. Ferman Heinen Aiig.',29. Mr. and Mrs. Warren^ Olsen and family of Rudd and -Margaret Ann Bleich were' Sunday supper guests of the Jirn.Olsen* The Warren Olsens were Sunday dinner guests in the Frank Bleich home. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Vitzthum 'and family of Aurelia spent Thursday thru Saturday at the parental, George Vitzthum and Leo Goetz homes. Mr. and Mrs. Al Loebig'and family spent Friday and Saturday at. the, parental, John Shed- da home at Chelsea. James Harper returned homt Aug. 11 from Towa City where he had attended .ftn 8 summer". seheol trfastef'8 degr tarv fflftdM'At, Wesley 8^661,-,,;', Sktef Sdsalifta,"', th§ ; form's (je)estine Wlflgm,, Bntl hfef cotf panion, SiStef Cortbria. 6t '< CU buquc, and Sistef Catherine, Ui formef Mary Cecelia, Wlnfett 6 Dubu«}ue/ visited 1ft, the, Law rcnce Wingert hbrte ttfld wltf other relatives'- this Week, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thisien family of Waterloo .werfe guest in the Mrs 1 ; Helen Jtehnsen and Martin Hamilton homes' Friday till Sunday. They took home their two children <-Oiane an'iJ Jeffrey who had, spent a here-. Mr. and Mrs. '3. F. Meuer were Sunday guests, of their daughter and family the Don Vogels at Lohrville. Their granddaughter 4-year old Janelle Vogel, came home with them for a week's visit. Mr. and -Mrs. Ed Dusold and family of Mason City visited in •the parental John Richtei 1 home Sunday. Mr, and/Mrs. Ed Hildmtein were guests in the home of their daughter and family, the Robert Kains <at Algona several timed last week. The Kain's daughter Sharon, now Mrs. Maurice Myer, and five sons of Milwaukee, Wis. were spending the week there. The four nuns who will tefacli at the parochial school are expected Aug. 19. 'Mr. and Mrs. Loren Lease and two year old daughter Susan of Mason City visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease Saturday. Susan remained for a visit with her grandparents. Art Beenkeii was on vacation last week from the elevator. , FILING CABINETS. 2. 3. 4 drawer, also combination filing-storage cabinets in variety of sizes. Office Supply Dept., Upper Des Moines Pub. Co.. Algona. Like any other private or partnership business, this electric coop pays taxes — real estate taxes, personal property taxes, sales faxes, employer taxes, telephone taxes, etc. - « • Symbol of <». •ptrotlv* rurol «l«c- Irlfltotlon - - - and dtpendablt, non- pratU •Itclrlc t«fvlc« for rural famllUi •! Ihli cemmvnlly. Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 — Humboldt, Iowa Production > Sf4,J6S —. glster; Carol Anne, the fatife», .Amanda Berte, daughter if, Mftl and-'Mfs-.- John Berte. and Slstef .Mary 1 Mareine, the fornier" ^'tteanette . .Keltner, .W6fe, amortf, 34' candidates f6r religious life Meived, and professed -at, Mti St. Francis Convent in DubuQ\ie Aug. 10, with t tiyes from here attending ceremonies. ending • the Mr., and Mrs. Harold Reding and, Diane and Janet and Mary Sue, Reding.and Judy Wagner spent the weekend at.Lake Okoboji. Diane Reding has been on vacation, having completed her course/ at Bernel Beauty School and will begin work at For( Dodge Aug. 18. Mrs. Bob Rayser and children from Council Bluffs are visiting with relatives here and at Algona this week. Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Plathe ( Mrs. Raymond Thilges, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Weydert 'and Mrs. lick Fisch, Algona, attended the 'uneral of the latter's cousin John Felten, Rose Creek,.Minn, ast Wednesday morning. Dwaine Weydert with a friend, forman Buenger, West Bend, eft for a 2 week vacation to the west coast/ Dwaine Alphonse Berte, in-, ant son of Mr. iand Mrs. Vernon Jerte, was baptized , Sunday 'in it. Joseph's chtirch by Rev. Leo jchiimacher. Mrs. Peter C. Red- ng and ; Allen Vaske were spon-' ors. '•''. - / '-" • • ' •'•'. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zeimet are arents of a daughter born Aug. IS 1ft Stt uoseprrs-J.vieruyii.uaj.uMi4 F6tt v D6t!ge. ThM makes' fbuf .,™ girts* and four buy*; to -tM Ze£* City »_iu*i. * Aa,4&brll^]L ! ' \ i - ' - ' \ v-* TltlZK alHbwrt has returned J6 after a visit here M the hdfttfe 6f Uf, afid Mrs", Eugene Zelineti 'Sister" M. Madeline tend her companion Sister M* Phyllis from Mt. St,. Francis Convent/ Dubuque, tare spending this; week? hef e with relatives., Sister ...M. "Madeline, is the ft Ann Reding, youngest daughter 6f Mr. and Mrs. John BY<Redk ing, -and this • is hef firit visit home" since entering the convent* A Reding-Wagner family reunion was held here; Aug. 15 with a picnic dinner 'at noon. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson from 'Lansing^ Mich, are visiting here this Week with "relatives and friends. jraraiiiiiiiiiimiiiiaiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiit! HORMEL LIVESTOCK STATION ALGONA WEED SPRAYING IN CORN! This is the time to spray those weeds in your corn with an aerial application of 2-4-D. We are ready to take care of you and are as near as your phone. iight years experience, modern, up-to-date Piper spray and dust equipment, prompt service, low prices , , . Call Uf now. Steier Flying Service Whittemore, Iowa ilmer J. Steitr Phono 4001 BALLROOM Whlttemore, Iowa SUNDAY, AUG. 20 GUY DE LEO Mr. and Mrs. Florian w»~ and'Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thilgea 'returned- home Friday from a 2-week' trip through western States. Mrs, Nichola3 Weydert, Sheryl and Harlan and Patty, Reding from here and Mrs, Melvin.'Faber from Burt are spending this week, with Mr. and-Mrs. Joe Schumacher and family ai Peub- lo, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. E:' J, Gales and family had as .visitors. here last Week Mrs. Gales sis'ter,' Mrs. Math Froehling, Watkins, Minn. Also Mrs, C. Ochs and son' John from Seattle, Wash, and' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hennen from Watkins, Minn. . . , - ; •. . • 'Mrs. Darrel Baker and Susan from Livermore are spending 2 Weeks here with Mrs. Baker's parents, Mr.'and Mrs. E. J. Gales, while Darrel is at Camp McCoy. SUNDAY, AUG. 27 CLEM BRAU No Advance Booth Reservation* Doors Open at 8:30 Gigantic Exhibits of Cattle, Horses, Swine, Sheep ond Poultry. Biggest in History. Other Main Features are; • 80-Acre Farm Machinery & Home Appliance Shows, / • Gorgeous Nlte Shows, Ten Nites, with Fireworks. 50c Gen'l Adm. for Children under 15, K!d«' Pays, Aug. 28 and Sept, 1. TW 1 ' • Auto Races All 10 Day$-5 Speedway Car Meets; 5 Late Model Stock Car Races; Two Thrill Shows. • 2,500 4.H Clubber* fn Statewide Contest! and Paily Demonstration*. • Huge Farm Crops, Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Shows, • 8 Nlte Hone Show*, Aug. 26 thru 31 & Sept 2 & 3, Matinee* Aug. 25, 20 and 27 and Sept, 3 and 4, t Dairy, Bee*, Art, Woman's, School and State Exhibit*. f Royal American Show* on World'* largest Midway, *9vr |? «»9fll, , ond Labor Day Mirnwa, 13 «T Moot/ S(g( f f alt, S». Co/, 4 11.00. AUG.26-SEPT..4 SHIPPING vTAGS ~ Up- .per Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. > ;.. .. .(: .. ; . '.• .. He ceuld'ndt lift fhe.r up eft'otigh' to' fefeftBe' the"fi| he fnitte'a It- 6ut afid'-t " ta'tow* •'• '-' CONDENSATION DRIP! Kohl.r Aqu^fnp «*pKW" ' .ifafure to tank- eliminating the cool fhateauir eohefeniatfon, Installed <_.., .. b«fw«4ntheWcW eloiet ond the hot wafer tonic., let oi toitall'iy Kolilef AquatempIn your home. .Call us tpdayvY ;,, ,; ''' ' ' '''" '''' ' ALGONA PLUMBING AND HEATING 31 iMr E. Nebraska Algona, A Free Demonstralion will be given by the — 9 TO 12 NOON. If you cannot have or do not want surgery for your reducible iure, a custom made Appliance may get immediate relief.-A new developed yacuum pad holds appliance firmly in position; Over K e « s « f ex P erienc « with tens of thousands of customers lo pi it, Hoffmann can help you too. Please come early. Caution: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, backache, vousness, slomach and gas pains. ./ ' - tf, „,« ^HOFFMANN'S SURGICAL 'APPLIANCE COi • ' , 953 Plymouth Building, Minneapolis 3, Minnesota ONE GOOD TURN Lady next door had one wide window set smack to. the room corner; no matching window on the right- angle wall. It looked like a hopeless decorating problem! Then she cuddled bright shutters on each side of it, "turning the" corner" to shutter that flush Now it's a i tive window plan! WISHING CAKE Mrs. Diana Pord, of Minneapolis, Minn,, makes birthday cake the way her Finnish mother did —with "fortunes" inside! Into the cake batter, she pokes a foil- wrapped curtain ring sewn with a ''diamond"... a shiny penny,., a tiny auto... a safety pin ,.. a doll-size compass ,,, a miniature boat, Every guest's portion tells a fortune! (Miss the first time? You've a perfect excuse for a second cut oi cake,). DIAL COMFORT Why "dog" your way through steamy ON TARGET Bet Mrs. T. Luginbyhl, of ^ Bellevue, Nebr.,is a straight-forward, right-to-the-point. person. She puts familyl nptes whfcre nobody willf miss them: smack on the front of the refrigerator, with a magnet!' . : ,: v DRY COMMENT ! . Baby's favorite . "squeaky toy'' may lose its vbicer/ff you wet the whistle when washing it! Mrs. John.Car- roll, of .Iowa, puts plastic- coated adhesive tape 'over the mechanism before dousing the doll. Tape conies'off when toy IB >dry ^ arid :it squeaks up loud as before! COFFEE QUEEN Make a packaged pie .crust, cool it while you cook packaged chocolate, pudding. When it bubbles, mix in 2 tap. instant coffee powder, , Cool slightly; pour fotp ; crust. Chill; sprinkle with j chopped aged instant .1 . which ypu'vq ^...^^ .. tap, instant coffee and 1 Tbsp. sugar. Sprinkle more almonds over all. Result? Instant success with party guests. days"? can get new gas air conditioning quick as a' cool breeze! In most cases it takes but a few days, Irom first phone-call till that: heavenly comfort wafta through your home, Theft you can always dial cbmfort, with a fhok of the wrist! Dial your l°wl 89» com-, Wny QI f«i f HAPPY ANNIVH?ARy It's just a year since Mm, Francis Roarty of Council Bluffs, Iowa, purchased/M gas clothes dryer! A happ anniversary, indeed,,v lull months ol no-stoop, no^totie, no;rtret<* f clot^ drying bebta4 Mr; mmy laundering ahead thing s easier and. wi (IM^ Gipilftrii * lie gas. That's wfiy y ern Natural Gas Company to mpe this economical modern fuel ft ygm com.. C

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