The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 13
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Samiiels6n' ' ^V was' 1ft, Jess{e \ ,. ._, T ._ and Ha^zel tarse'h. es, The dext weei pienje supper sept. Mr. a.mT-Mrs. ,Ji: aiuTMf, and'.Mfci < T „ and family a;nd Mft ftnd .Mrs. Bill Trenary and t)0yle enjoyed a barbecue • picnic supper Thursday a,t the Torn Tronary homeV In honor of Mrs. Tom"- Trenary's birthday. Champion,' twin ' d'a^gnters pf Mr. apd Mrs. Willia^n Charnpiori Jr. were, Pne year old Ayg< \\\ Mrs. Jesse Harms wa^ hostess for a birthday tarty ' In honor of thfe - twins' in 'Her.'home: ' ' M&M ,aitend6d" ^v*««,.»« 4 lbyf 4% MIS iliutsaay in tae Howard Harms W 'fiSistant l^j BtoMfd ItM •fAute^jftt 4^m Robert -ariditlndliiy^nOiMr.vand Mrs. Paf i»UWSI8ti,l»HJ«.™ Ift. J!»WlTOi.' ^«jM-> 4Pfla, w>f wfre f^4l}? «»Je*s ? fwais m&' w«$M*u- |ntj*t§pft i?%ll tJS urda.y, Wr' awn , MoQoy, 'V^.» V(h0rt "M -w' ?neh4 f^ft i "^ st * 8 WendelbJr. WhUe M^s. Chfiste(i i: se?t Is ftway. v Mrs. Jesse Schmidt of SuthYf" took Mf» und. Mrs. fay Fito.n-to Mason. City Friday where Vi?lte4 tfte a? Clark a^ firiU'on .„- „,„ A ., ., • •Mr, and Mrs. Clarencd Ounn-, r NATI0N'S;9REATEST ( FyN 'N^ARM PAIR , •'' ." ", , , / t V Civil, War Centennial IOWOI ATE FAIR i - * • * * , ' Aug. 25 — Sept. 3 — Des Moines I FOR ALL BIG CAR RACES -Afternoons: Aug. 27; Sept. 1, 2. STOCK CAR RACES- Aft. Aug. 26; Night: Sept. 3. JALOPY RACES, -Night; Aug. 27; Aft. Aug. 31. SUPER MODIFIED RACES - Afternoon Sept. 3. HQRSE RACES - Afternoons: Aug. 29, 30. GREYHOUND, RACES - Night: Aug. 25. TH^I^L SHOW - Nights: Aug. 26, Sept. 2; Aft. Aug. 28. HORSE SHOW - A,ug. 29 thru Sept. 3. MUSICAL REVUE *-r Nights: AMg. 28 thru Sept. 1. . BIGGEST AGRICULTURAL EXpOSITWN IN YEARS MAMMOTH FARM MACHINERY SHOW . . . biggest of the year. Seyen of .the eight feeding manufacturers ip huge Farm-O-Rama tent plus 50 other Machinery exhibitprs. - • --"i National Livestock Shq^, 4-H, FFA, Corn] and Grain, Fafm Gacjget Show, la- Quality Meat Show/ Poultry and Rabbit Show/ Team Pulling. ' , , plus many: many more |n «ll fields. OH|I,DRE| 'Sngham and Rev. and Mrs. Gle JCennicott of 0'Heil, Nfebiv^ Thursday visitors* in the Sejfn and Ch^s. Pheipa ho m ^ Mfi fit* ta Larsen ,6f fiourboj^nan, lfli» was a Friday Visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms a,nd Huth (attended the wedding of Paul Qarlson .ftrid feor Sloan at Corwlth Saturday. Alviha Harms is taking a weeks vacation from her work in the Security State Bank at Algona. Doyle Trenary accornpanjea the Ted Greens of Ledyfard tp Minneapolis Sqnday where they saw the Minnesota team play Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Verner L-au and Barbara brought Mrs. Elsie Moore to the Glen Larsen home Sunday and 'went to Swea City where they attended a wedding. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlbw and family were Sunday dinner and supper guests in the Richard Bristow home at LuVerno. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walton. Eugene and Payeth of Rolfe and Mrs Eddie Hubbell and children of Mallard surprised Mr. and ^rs. Bernard Phelps and grand- fta Phelps Sunday evening when they came .in with! well-filled picnic baskets to have supper with thern. Mr. fepd Mrs. Leroj Phelps and .boys, were also guests. Fayeth Walton remained for a few days visit'in the Phelps SEE IT ALL THIS YEAR I .. Introducing ;the new Westinghouse ,i Lawrence Govern went 'Mttines Wednesday to Judy Beebe home, alter, spending several days In the ftovertt TtCme. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, .David, M|rv, Norma, Ruth and Gttry JbaVlsp, attended the lies fapiily reXjftlon a| .-Clarion Aug. IS. . • "'" ,. •'-•'••• Mf. at\d .Mrs. jHarbld Becker were SuHdays evening visitors in the Bill f KjHary hOftie. Mr. and Mrs 1 . Milton of Lakoja and .Mr. and Mys. Joe Sleper- .^d, family were S\)t\- day visitors in \m i Lawr^pce and Vincent Govern home. • Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Darscn enjoyed a picnic supper with the Godfrey Geilenfelds at Silver Lake, after which they did some fishing. "A failure needn't be the end of the world if the man learns to rebound. In fact, |people tend to rally around and support the fellow who shows he can meet disaster by bouncing back ana doing his best." Enter Livestock ; The following local people have entered livestock in the Iowa State Fair: James Erpelding, Algona, W. J. Stewart and son, Burt, all entered hogs afld Wmi Fritz and sons, Wesley, have entered sheep. CIVIL 25- Moines FAR? "MACHI^ilY SH0W |N IQWA' featuring the fabulouf FARM-0-|AI|IA You wanted them back'. . . the largest farm inaphinery mqpufacturers. Seven out of the eight largest are back in the huge 600-foot tent. In addition, 50 other leading manufacturers and distributors complete nearly 40 acres of the • newest in modern farm machinery. Don't miss this tremendous machinery sh°V- • AMERICA'S FINEST AGRICULTURAL EXPOSITION NATipNAL LIVESTOCK S)HOW, 4-H-FF A FAJR. QUALITY MEAT SHQW, GORNpfc GRAlii SHOW, KABM GADGET SHOW, TEAM PULING, POULTRY & RABBIT SHOW. NATIONAL HONEY [SHOW Th* Form Expoiitipn Of A lifetime •*--"SPEED BATTLES with thQ 9xclu$Ive-Magio Mirror Poor light on, see in, M |ight off, neat as a. pin Typing Paper paper or Herrifen'f! foly •nd riwl vp on fhii Fountain Pen i.oo It'll ilwiyi wHtt ! Fr«j rafUij rl|Hl «n the elrdl M*de by Seh«iff» r/is f«M ' __ PIUS HMNDREPS OF OTHER BACK TO ITIMf - M* ON ISMII BIG CAR RACES Afternoons: Aug. 27; Sept. 1 & 2 STOCK CAR RACES Afternoon; Aug. 26; Night: Sept. 3 JALOPY RACES Night Aug. 27: Afternoon: Aug. 31 SUPER-MODIFIED RACES Afternoon: Sent. 3 HORSE RACES Afternoons: Aug, 29, 30 GREYHOUND RACES Night; Aug. 25 i FANTASTIC MUSICAL REVUE, Night., Aug. ?8-$«pt. 1 • JOHNNY PULEO and his Harmonica Gang headline a big, bright, bouncy revue. Songs, dances. comedy, thrills, an eye-fHung extravaganza. Two hours of pure delight. _ HUNDREDS OFJJG FEATURES Major Eihlbib Own Until 9 P.M.: Miracle Mile Mid- w«y; Sift* F«ir T«lent Championships; Baton Twirling Contest; Children's BarnyaW; Better Living Show; Flow & Garden Showi Wpmen and Children's Prp- cruns; Muiic Festival; Old Fiddler's Contest; Checker Championships; Art Eihibik Photo Salon; School Ex- hihitsjTV-JUiJio ^roadcasta; florseahoe Pitching; Fiery ;... Reduced Prices FOR ALL GRANDSTAND PERFORMANCES MONDAY. AUGUST 28 THROUGH FKIDAY. SElT. 1 , , . ho» nats juit $2.pO, reserved seala only $1.60. Tickets for all grandstand performances on Saturdays and Sundays) box se«|s, $2.60; reserved sejt«, S2.QO- No box seats or reserved seats for Greyhound Races. All seals general admission, $1.00 for Adults, 60(f for children. Pet your «»«ta early. SendI mooey ord,er giving day and formance desired. Mail to State Fair ; i* <K rd, Dea fnuriday, Auguit 17, 1961 Algeria (| fl .) Upptr DM M«litt«~» Guardsmen Will Go To Fort Knox LITTLE LEAGUES ', FINAL. STANDINGS; ; International League W L T Soos _— --7 0 Bears -- —.6 1 Foxes :.—5 2 Chiefs —4 3 Saints - 2 5 Bees 2 5 Demons 1 5 i Hawks 0 0 1 American League W L T Tigers .1 7 1 Indians —— '—5 2 1 Orioles 4 4 Twins—..—.——4 3 1 Yankees 4 4 Red Sox —,. 2 6 White Sox , 1 7 National League 'W L T Cubs -8 _5 Braves 8 '6 Cards 8 6 Pirates 3 11 Twins To Have Spencer TryrOut Camp Aug. 26 The Minnesota Twins will conduct, a ^baseball school at Spencer from 9 to ,12 Saturday, Aug. 26. This school; sponsored by the Spencer' Chamber of Commerce, will be held on the high school baseball diamond and will feature one of the Twins' scouts, 'Angelo Guilisini, and a staff of experts. • -'" The school will be open to boys between the ages of 10 .and 18 throughout northwest Iowa a,\. no charge. Managers and coaches of little league teams,, junior league' teams and high school teams are urged to taHe advan 1 ^age. of this opportunity to bring their teams to Spencer for' expert training in the fundamentals of catching, pitching, sliding, base running and every -other phase of the game. Glenn E. Scott, Executive Secretary of the Spencer Chamuet of Commerce, points out that while there is no registration fee and no limit on the number 01 boys who rnay attend. It woulct be helpful in planning the day if team coaches and managers would notify the Spencer Chamber of the approximate attendance that might be expected. Plans are also underway for in all-star game to be played during the afternoon fcnd the championship lay-offs of the Spencer Liule league that evening. Sales Increase Ford dealers in this sales area delivered 21 per cent more passenger cavs and nearly 45 per cent more trucks in July this year than in the same period of I960, according t° company reports. Falcon led the sales boost among the passenger cars, with u 37 per c^-nt increase over last July, while the standard size Ford registered an 18.6 per cent gain. Canty* Bipley, ^ll|lft, — Young men 4iritfi::nl$lil-'t6 join ;thj> 'si*month "training progtam of th« towta National* Guard no .longer will Dffke' basic training at Ft. Leonard WPQ^i ^ft r • ;' The Iowa Adjutant General's Otfice armoured this vi«eek -Wtjf; recruits 'now prd fe|ihg I4ht to Ft. Knox, Ky,. f ho policy,' established at the U. S. Fifth Ar-' my at Chicago, became .Affective Aug. 1. ffb reason for 1 the change Was given. During the six months, tho Guardsmen 'receive about three months of basic ' training and three of advanced individual. training. Aft0r completing thq six-rnonth training with the reg- uliar army, the Guardsmen re-' turn to attend ^cekly drills with their home units. If the youth jpins the program before he is 18 \4, he serve's 3% years in the National Guardj including the, six ' months of active duty. If he' waits until after age 18& to join, he must serve 4% years; The Adjutant General's Office ^ald thte Fifth "Army policy an-, nouncemcnt also changed the' method of sending recruits to basic training under the six, month program. Hereafter, the office said, recruits will bo sent to Ft. Knox almost dally. Before" now, the month's quota, all have' gone to Ft. Leonard Wood on a weekly basis. : " ; ', The policy change did not significantly increase the number of- rrieri who will be permit-' ted ; to join the six-month program. However, the "Guard- ,1s anticipating ••&-•> substantial in- in quotas which will stop up recruiting of non-prior ser- yice- personnel, ; --. ";• -• . ; . Iowa's six-month trainees havu been .sent, to, Ft. Leqnljii-4, Wood- since 1950, ' Irma Laubenthctl MH* 9IUNG RESULTS Mr. and Mrs. Andreiv Lquben- (hal of Algona announce the engagement and approaching mar- ^iagc of their daughter, Irma, 'to Glen Gindling son of Mr. ana Mrs. Frank Gindling of Manson, A fall wedding is planned. M,iss Laubenthal is employed by {Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. pnd Mr. Gindling is employed at Pocalionbas. (UDM Engraving) Iryingtpn Ideals The IrvingUm Ideals hold their achievement show July 27'at the home of Betty Wickwire, TalHs were given by Judy Ferstl and itnria JUcok. Mrs. August Stu- and Mrs. Ervjn Gcrber judged the exhibits, Betty Wickwiru was chosen senior judging dele- and Jane Runey junior judging delegate. **v* ie? JheUtest | n , 3use eiecti " In modem • MAGIC MIRRQR OOQR^I^k g!4H (Jopr ranitfh!«ty|jty|n|Mf| • PANTRY . Seasoning, and ccfoki ' i P'tP' • FINE TUNING SURFACE UN!T5^yoq UNI Iw f , Ptue-QUT 5URFACP UNITS ANO OVEN Al ver T04«Y* new CLIP THIS COUPON AND PUT IT IN YOUR PURSE , , . . 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