The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 12
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I ' r i 'ft'f<ri(5ar. About he-s^e .thing, J tliilt' exception. The' trig* jfs ttkJftg MtH two- >frlerMs leaves, -me oe. -tri(i • into Canada f % flp- -Blaee- for ft flerypuS !maid. like toe. But for men" a#d>bj?ys,,a 'will.befa Vvanderful experience. Tom's mother, Gayie, admitted she - will be glad' when she hears from him that he Is safely back,In St, Paul. A, trip I would like lo take is one -that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erlcksort .began .Aug. 4. They st&rted for Harinlba'l, Mo'., were t6 visit the 1 Navoo arpa, rich Ih Mormon history, st6p<at Galena, m., to see President Grant's home, which I have visited and found very interesting, then to ^pcjkford, 111., where they visited with Mrs,, firickson's niece Srtd'husband, Mr, and'Mrs. Hoger 1 . tfrbmingto, .on to Toledo, O., Mere,they will visit with her brother and sistendn-law, Mr.' .and Mrs, John Sehnenfelder, up to Mackinac' tsl'and, follow the lake and then home. Many persons will remember When -the Jate Clarence Stewart and.hls Wife, Connie, and daugh- ters,'t Katherine and 'Joan, lived here, Cpnhie is a sister of Ray Beamish and the parents live at Iowa Falls.- Connie has been •away, from here for some time, her • latest location being Claremont, .Csjif. She has returned to the midwest and after being with her" parents awhile, -is with-her daughter Katherine •and husband. Later she is going t6 Mason City where she will be employed. And now the Strange part is this. The Stewarts and "Wally" McDougalls were very/close friends. Both women, now widowed, will be living in Mason City and will take up the friendship and • association ot several years ago. Doesn't life dish up some odd situations? Evalyn McDoUgall will be gqjng to Mason City Sept. l' to "take up office'work'at; the Psu-k hospital. C.*-M. Whliehill was "sweet sixteen,'!, Aug. 4 and b£ way Of, cetebra'tion she and hei husba'nd -and 1 ' .daughters,- Mrs. Harold Angus and Mrs; Gerald Angus went, to Clear Lake to spend the day with the son and daughter-tn-law Mr. and Mrs, Claude , WJiitehill and children. Claude is principal of the Ciear Lake schdpls, having recently accepted the-- position, and has moved into a new home Which for the first'time will be inspected by the visitors. I told her I love to eat at Witke's and suggested that she have them take her there .for a birthday .dinner. There'Is such a fine view of the lake and the food is tasty. <> , 1 . 9. We [ghtl te to _„ I** "US V« M T VU1&Q) - l*J.aiT " A «4AA V«VJ aitts." Sbunds like a fine trip * *J ?| Another $|' . Jiit not so far is Esther Quinbj who went via Minneapolis ana Buluth, $isconsfi flftult " ire city three a week in While I was talking with Mrs. Whitehill she told me she had just received.a letter from Mrs. Mamie Daken, her friend of many years and my very capable housekeeper-companion a few months before she left for Chicago. ,$«. JJe,an taylor was slightly disgruntled .-Vhen I..talked with her Aug. 4. She 'was again cleaning a picture- window for the steenth- ^Umfej***<alter Thia<sd>ay's htf»$a&gp^ to,-tS'sh? was deaning up mud and'pick- irtg. UP' Branches,'blown down. She said" Several of the family were at grandpa W. C. Taylor's Picking up limbs and fencing. A family coming from Britt drove into the Taylor's yard on hiph ; way 18 at the height of th'a st9rm,. fearful of falling trees and poor visibility- because of the heqVy' downpour. • Mrs. Dorothy (BUD MoKirn was in Denver a few days last week, called there by the death from drowning of her niece's lusband, Robert Beghtol, 23, It had been several years since I had talked with Mrs. Wendell Jensen who was always 'most co-operative. She answered the phone when I called her daughter Mrs. P^ul Lemkee. The Jensens moved to Armstrong nine years ago and five years ago moved to Princeton, Minn. She vows as soon as the children are out of high school she is corning back to live in Ajgona. Paul ,ls a six-foot two, 15 year old lad, and Janice is taking a nurses training course • at Rochester school of nursing. At present she is at Cook county hospital, Chicago, for some special training, do the years go! years ago, I was anxious to get dn to. Mont Jojl where I, joined severi others in a 'fdUf-'day 'don t ducted tour of the Gaspe penin- '•* -We?saw, the quaint-French, .jes and lovely scenery"'along — St. Lawrence «riyer and the g\|lf, Sometimes we were at tht Water's edge, then we'd climb ligh above it' and ''gb'f'StJdH' views. We visited a, plant where od fillets are 1 processed ,an*d< the rest put into fish sticks. You can't Imagine the cleanliness and care that "is used. 'We stopped at Gaspe village,,., where. ,Jacques Harder in 1634 took possession of He land for France. The high- ight of the four days ,was our tay at Perce at the "Peak O' )awn" hotel, and our boat trip, ifound famous Perce rock and I Bonaventure Island, bird sanctuary, f countless" thousands" bf birds, mostly gannets. bor Austin F'ox, his mother 'Mil Emma Fox Wooster, arid his sis " " ters Cora Virgi Ffafll Md ; I 1rt*A%A t Shuts, ..,„. lad a daughter Thelma, iuia , Leonard S\vanson,"ribW widowed and living at Cai-mel, ,,CaUf, In a recent letter to "Mrs." Mattie McWhorter sHe tails- about her* . closed by saying she i was about gave, a feW de* r* la'te'/'lih'c'le. -She to leave on a foul?, b£. Greece find Africa. " Ronald Isaacson In Air Force v Jack Allen agrees with me. Where does time go? Here it seems only day before yesterday he brought his 'things home from • twQ.years,of teaching at Tama, and Hflw-fee/is getting .the'same things ready to take to Corwith- Wesley consolidated s c h o o 1 where he will teach this year. He plans to commute, which pleases his parents, Jim and Bernadine. From ihe vacationing Mr. and Mrs; Ray McWhorter comes this card—"Greetings from here in McKinley National park. We find the sun hardly sets enougt, to be'more than twilight of abou four hours. We h'ave visitec Dawson City on the Klondike and I panned and got some gold It is a real frontier state of the "Leaving Ihe ipuir behind,,! next traveled south • in New Brunswick then to .Prince.-. Ed- Ward Island, with ' headquarters at Charlpttetown, Took a tour of the island, with'special interest in Green Gables House, of "Ann of Green Gables"'fame. The island's big crop is potatoes. Sydney, Nova ,ScotJa,t:was. next in order ' to take the Oabot Trail to\ir on,Cape,Breton islands, The Cabot trail iotir'wa's also very scenic, Vfe crossed to Nova Sco, tia mainland '->via the Cansb causeway completed in 1955 a $23,000,000: project .'ateibst .a mile Wng, with total length of rocli fill being 7,0,00. f?et: (approaches, etc.) It is the world's deepest causeway and "used over 10 million tons of rock from nearby Qa,pe Porcupine Hill in it's base. Algomj ployed at his Ing. Frbffi ferredfto' Ing center .„ Ing in one &f' in eftyj Wwft Erfrivfftg}, Zoom ; It was a big week for'ca'i'-truek registrations in the office of the county treasurer, ^T^eiity-fiv'e new vehicles Were registered ' ' '* * YOUMUST • «.» mit ' TO BELIEVE in IT'S THE NEW Alladin FORM-FIT CHAIR The "anywhere" chair for • PLAYROOM • KITCHEN • UyiNC ROOM • PATIO • RESTAURANTS •OFFICES What 1 * Ihf »«cr») pf Out clulrf Its ^tterly teUjqng eomfcrt. Sit in it for hour*,'yet rise relaxed. It form* ita shape to you. Ettra light, too, yet will ewily lupport » 300- povnd wan. Permanent, molded}n te^t colon wil) not cwk, ship, nut or peel Torma-Finiah" iteil kg* and crou bracing. Your <h9l<» 9! $ mix or match colon: chanxwl, coral, turquoiae, yellow, tandtlwood aod ivory. SPECIAL! $ "Next stop at Halifax and at Kentville so I could ge$ in a toui of ,the Grand Pre region, From a ilook-off" we could seeA over the whole valley with it's patchwork fields and orchards^ "Tht most interesting place was the park with it's church museum, a replica > of an- .Acadian, qhwoh statue of JEvangeJine, and- bust of; Longfellow. - An overnight stay at CoriwalhV Inn, then to Pigby and there took a ferry, to St John/ New. Brunsw'ick.-Fog plagued us here,, such fog as I imagine London must have."St. John was. the beginning of < the return trip _ with brief ^stops, -at Boston, Alp^iry, 'Buffalo/-,Ni?g- SiPu^ ^^'t-'St. Ignace,, Mich, and back via' Duhjth and Minneapolis again." Mjss'Quinby left Algona July 8 after a friend from Tacoma, Wash, had visited her over the Fourth. What a wonderful trip! i Sometimes—"Heavy wag gona, has been selected for the mechanical aptitude area for. enlistment .in the USAF. Aerospace Force. Ron left Aug. 10 for Lackland AFB, Texas, where he will have his initial phase of basic train- and new owners are; Chevrolet ^- Tri-County Co op Drying Assoc , Whittemore, ruck; James ' Elsbecker, 8an« roft, trusl?," Frank R. Meyer. Fentoni Donald "J. Priebe, Fenon; Henry C. or Sylvia Schlck, \lgonaj Wm. R< Shoenhair, Ba'n- roft; Ronald ,K. Tschetter, Alona; Allwin-'or Marge Look- vood, Lone Rock. Ford — Nina P. Kracht, Lone ock; Robert L. 'or Faye E. Cuhlmann, Ottosen; Bill Jentz, Fenton; Robert L. Lynch, Lone Rock; Neil F. Chapman, Algona, Wm. E. or Joan Gilligan, Algona; Donald Leaverton, Algona. Oldsmobile — Lindff ImpL Co., Swea City; Tom C, Trenary, Burt; Lagerstrom and Juckniess, Burt. Rambler — Algona Produce, Algona; William W. Jolley, Fenton; Rev. Arthur L. Sch'ultz. Burt. Dodge — Ann Hesvik, Swea City; Alvin C. i^anselhian, West eBnd. Mercury — Adam E. Berte, Algona. Falcon — <Slohn E. Jennings Sexton. ' • i ''-JutiA^V^iSi^ •Trtt&.ltf-J? • s&'r&'jjypifi *4a/iT ".**' i^*i ' ^ ^ t~t Viifed with relatives and did B,\t*fHMA 4«H *M»'-tiOltei,^^'W :^**& «tWXf!??Wf "T!^. tW-J&wNfc-- "r ;\»fif' ;-'*»y .<M*r ft^ M*B,',fl«d/EekKfllr|^l- terelrlrits W ; j|' M Bbrn.'Mg,^ at Helj^-flfinlifo hSs^teL filtheff Wile?' 1*ril§L s 'MftaPtil' KfiVfe -We. ot^6f " ,'sdfrrl' ttfilMMy. • Mr¥* Sfte Mi -.MWi'art W.'ifi rapafeJitS. .Mf, MA. " "* ^eiii'-ttra-thS' £OKnartf Chioagd, >, 'ftf'si fbtir-day : ..w.. T.» M I hjs pai'ehts, Laii\y j» employed-by United Air Lir^s, Mr,; and " r Mts;, 06b, Ana^soh- and family are spending « week's vacation with relatives • in Des Moines. . -' -' t '* s V Mr,;'and Mr'^ v Geo, Woniike Were, jn i Huiribbldt Satutday Wh>re they attended the fl6wef show.,Mi-s. Wohnke dlsplayei. some flowers, and'Mr. Wohnke is an.' officer. Mrs. Perry Torino accompanied them. Mr. and- MM. Earnest Berte spent the weekend'at Dubuque where Mrs. Berte's sister, Amah- da received her black- veil/ She entered the Convent three yeari ago. . ' . , •-, ™r"?* V',:(.f^, -'. > I .. \3aSi ..» . '- ' ' V^&^lyl^tfe^ustll^ Unit I 1 te$W%>SH*4 H^njlJl- >u>tn.'i »isi fi.i.'Atirf d ,i»l*v*'1w»« aay.iM, StiifoifAtig. 8,"w?th''Mrs. Sip^r'aM JMtrA.Tftompw^i juflg- i'>/ "•' ?$' flrelce 1 McfMre Jlhglng 'if Olovef Sofig". were given-by | K Connie ^ Bofmann e and Janlcf .,. were given e, Georgia ThUl, BWen,and Mary Sue , .„„.,.htlng the ,6lub at the f4irBl4U«li'Paul'a Thilges, jun- " Ann Klein,.senior* i wfts % ,6nl";o|»the frtany guests who attended, ,*, ' ' Dobr prizes;'*wer6 given' to Jan- Ide Thul, Mrs 1 '.-Hafold "Friders and Mrs. Donald Illg guests. * * A Mothei^DaUghter Tea '.Was also held with Vickie McQuire, Florence McGuire and Rosa Lee' Illg and their, mothers as hostesses. •Bancroft By A^rs. Lawrence Bergman Mr. ;and ; Mrs. James • Hatten and family spent a week's vaca-: tion at Cloud, Minn, and HO B 0 AT BRITT 22 Beginning AUGUST 21 MONDAY 9-5 WEDNESDAY 9-5 FRIDAY 9-9 DR.D.D Phone CY 4-3373 ' * "^ ABOVE PENNEYS Algona wwvv^flwwvwvvwwwvv^o^^^ • W-*-' Midway Open And Free Ads MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 21 (33*) JWYWWWWWWWVWVWWV-; WHEN THE SCHOOL YEAR STARTS Youngsters Begin To Live In Sweaters; And Nothing's More Attractive Than Sweaters Beautifully Cleaned And Blocked •• • ON DISPLAY IN PUR WINPQW JUSi Of; /-OSSaiH COUNfV CGU* il FREE PICKUP PEUV5RY -^ PHONi CY 4-3265 KOSSUTH MOTOR " l| AD'S FURNITURE, Inc. Ifs the savingest f ime of the year on the trucks with the workingest ways to the ^ ,- .-ftom the iJffSLWtST medium, and heavy-duty jobs. Come in and save a bundle! SAVE! You just can't beat Chevy trucks for working. With Chew's easier rlHina Independent Front Suspension, loads ride easier, drivers ly fresher the trucf lasts longer. You get more work, more hauls, for your truck dollars! trad..m vdue, week afte, »eol, major competitor in Chevy'a price i *Based on official figures from Automotive Market Report, CHEVROLET TRUCKS l authorized Chevrolet deale - pww msQNA! mm •

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