The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 11
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SAVE OH BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS IN ALGONA School bells will soon be ringing and youngsters of all ages are going to need lots of clothes, school supplies and the dozen-and- one other, things that are new-term requirements ! Our local merchants have been working hard-far months to round-up back-to-school essentials to help our offspring look better, feel better and learn better! ' ' It's not one bit too early to shop our big selections of top quality, famous brand merchandise! Bring the children and shop with ease and convenience. There's plenty of parking within easy walking distance of any store where you wish to shop. And, you know that the prices here are as low, or lower than any other shopping area. Save time and money! Shop with confidence here where merchants are your neighbors and friends. Shop in Algona for back to school! Where you'll find ..... I BE SURE YOUR YOUNGSTER IS READY TO ANSWER ROLL CALL! Time to check over your back-to-schooler's wardrobe and supply needs, so's he'll be ready to start the new term off right! Algona merchants have joined in the school spirit by stocking their shelves with top values for every scholastic need. You'll be delighted with the selection, plus the convenience of shopping in Algona! WISE BUYS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL i MONEY SPENT IN ALGONA STAYS IN ALGONA! THE MESSAGE SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING CIVIC-MINDED MERCHANTS: Huizell Office lit School Supply Graham's Smoke Shop North Iowa Appliance Center Bomgaars 5 & 10 CoaJt-to-Coast Store Consolidated Co-Op Creameries Foster Furniture Co. Irons Healing 8c Plumbing Laing Plumbing & Heating Jack'g O. K. Tire Service Reding's Davis Paint* Kossuth Radio ft Electric Algona Hotel Zender's Kirk's Shoe Store Donovan Specialty Shop Waldron's Cafe RoadytMix Concrete & Lumber Wiltgen Jeweler* Security State Bank Iowa Stale Bank Buscher Bros Implement Algona Produce Co. Universal Mfg. Co. Motors (The Hub Clothiers) Algona Theatre Co. The ChrUchilles Store Algona Greenhouse* Modern Pry Cleanara Sharp'* Jewelry _ • ™™ Tp;:''^rtR*^!W5B^?^^?^r^T-, 1 • Schults Bros. Garage 8e Oil Station Taylor Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deera North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Algona Plumbing & Heating Bjustrom Furniture Co. Viking Oil Co. Beecher Lane Appliance Algona Flour 8e Feed Rusk DrugsiJewelry Christensen'g Carson's for Colo? J. C. Penney Co. Honsbruch Drug Algona Insurance Agency Blossom Insurance Agency Home Federal Savings 8c Loan. A»»'n. Fowler's of Iowa Algona Implement Co. Joe Bradley Equipment Thermogas Co. Of Algona Botsford Lumbay Co.' Strayer Standard Service Sherwin-Williann Palntg Funk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super Valu Kelley Lumber Co. North Central Public Service Co. Kent Motor Co. Kossulh Motor Co. Algona Laundry & Pry Cleaner* Cullen Hardware Shilts BrownbUt Shoe Store Lindsay Bolt Water of Algona Hawkeye Bowling Lanet Pau Garage & Body Shop Read's Furniture Algona Refrigeration Frederick Hardware Isaacson Studio Post Transfer & Storage Thursday, August 17, 1961 Algeria (to.) Upp«r Da* Motf)S*»3 "EVERYBODY HAS UNFINISHED BUSINESS IN HIS LIFE",,., writes Hal Boyile of the Associated Press. "It consists of all the things he'd like to do or get—but somehow for one reason or ano-/-, ther, never does." Mr. Boyle goes on to list several of the (things along the way he has wanted to do and concludes the column, "What's in your own portfolio of unfinished business ?" IT WAS CHEERFUL CHERUB. I think who should be credited with this poem—"Through fear of taking risks in life, I've missed..-, a lot of fun. But the only things that I regret, Ate those I haven't,. , done I" SINCE MM. BOYLE BROUGHT THE whole thing up, I confess... that I have a scad of suppressed desires, unfulfilled dreams and*'vanities. The excuse I give nowadays for not accomplishing them is .hat middle-age is setting in, I have good reasons why I can't puill up ,,. stakes and go ito live in. Timbuctoo, or give up my sure checks and try my luck at free-lance writing, and they all begin and end with one''"" thing—money. The search for security is a very important item when . you get older. ,*.. BUT WHEN I THINK BACK ON IT. I had those very same reasons for the lack of the spirit of adventure when I wns young"! -••-. '. guess I was a teenage conservative, because although I had this nvitaition to go to Mexico on a banana boat with my girl friend,"^ somebody else went in my place, and when, that idea came up of a bunch of us getting jobs in >the city and living in a bachelor-girts ' apartment, I returned to Algona because I thought I was needed at home, , , ., IN THESE LATER YEARS, I DON'T really hanker for any far •'• places nor do I have many big dreams. Those I do have center iround the physical and financial well-being of my family with the- cid's fulfilling ait least part of their' dreams for the future. But I do' lave a .list of scaled-down suppressed desires that some day I 'aim to ccomplish. ' ' SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO TRY'ON a dress, and if I like it," " ! m going to buy it without first asking the price. Someday I'm gong to try a recipe for cooking bananas. Cooked bananas don't sound fery good to me, but at least >.they are a little out of the ordinary. Vhether or 'not this is successful, I shall then try making a baked '"'' Alaska. - •" SOMEDAY WHEN I AM DEPRESSED or mad alt ithe whole vorld, even if I don't have a headache, I am going to crawl into 3ed and stay there the whole blessed day! The dishes, the typing, he news deadlines, the cooking, the cleaning and. aill of my problems an go to heck! (What do you wamt to bet that they won't still be there when I get up ?) , SOMETIME I AM"G6ir/G TO attend one of those public proposed budget hearing meetings we've been having for the county, •the city, the school system, etc. during the past few weeks. I don't have anything right now that I can think of to object to as a taxpayer, but I am going to figure out something to disagree with most violently just to see what would happen. (Boy, I bet that would surprise them !) ONE FINE DAY I AM GOING to have a professional manicure. The mimeographing ink, the stains from canning peaches and cucumbers, and the odors of garlic, onions and furniture polish might make the operator turn a little green but that, I figure, is her problem. Then when my hands are so .ladylike I can hardily stand it, I'm •-•'•' going to have a pedicure on all ten of my .toes ! (What an I talking ""about 1 Here, I'm busy every day trying to figure out how I can afford a new permanent by the middle of November.) WHEN I GET TO IT, I AM GOING TO take piano lessons and earn to play just for my own enjoyment. In my childhood, piano essons were one of the burdens I had to suffer, and I never got much further than playing on the treble clef. But a while back I sat down ito ia piano when nobody was around and I really got a kick out of picking out a tune. I think piano playing would be fun, if 'ou weren't forced to do it. And some time, when they have one of hose sing-along records on the radio, I'm going to chime right in •vith the old tunes, no matter how much the kids scream and hold heir ears ! SOMETIME I AM GOING ON A SIT-DOWN strike. I plan to plunk myself down and neither read, watch television, play Ol Sol, nor do a little sewing. I shall just sit and maybe rock a bit. When I get good at sitting without doing anything, I shall go up to State street on a Friday night and just sit in a parked car and watch the peopile go by, I USED TO BE QUITE A TREE climber in my childhood and some day when my bones 'aren't creaking so much, I am going to climb a tree again. I'd also like to try swinging on one of those rope deals with a weighted sack on the end—you know the kind that send you clear up into the air—and then I'll get a bread wrapper and polish up the slide on a chute-the-chute and go down it head first. For an encore, I'll hang by my knees on a trapeze or a jungle gym to really turn my brains upside down. JUST ONCE, WHEN I GO to the grocery store, I am going to buy ground round instead of hamburger, red Sockeye salmon instead of pink and real mayonnaise, instead of salad dressing. I know a shopper gets just what she pays for, but buying the better grades seems to me awfully daring for plain every-day eating. * * * IF I ACCOMPLISH NONE OF THESE THINGS, I shall not get a complex about it. Suppressing desires probably strengthens one's character and I can use some of that. Besides I keep pretty busy trying to accomplish some of my desires that are right out in the open and not even suppressed ! THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for glazed peach pie. So far this year, v/e've bought 2 crates of peaches to can, but for the exception of one pie, we'ate them all sliced fresh. 4 cups sliced fresh peaches Vt cup water 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 tablespoon butter 1 — 9 inch baked pie shell Crush enough peaches to inake 1 cup, leaving the rest sliced. Combine crushed peaches with water, sugar; and cornstarch. Bring to a boil. Cook over low heat until clear, 2 or 3 minutes, Stirring occasionally. Add butter. Cool Slightly. Line baked pie shell with fresh peach slices. Pour glaze mixture over peaches making sure all are covered. Chill in refrigerator at least 2 hours. Serve with whipped cream. — GRACE.

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