The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 10
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thursdoy, Augutf 17, 1961 ' ' "« - '••^Siv ' (•*=*«*,,, •f f.V f v l^OL^LlL, i&AM*. Cf IS HERE Ovsr elflht m.lllld,n AmerlcaBs soon .will ^-itii j.j.« *L»rf..«j& ,. '„ i _, , ,h* ik »JH. . ' . , We hear, lots, these days,dbouf many,dlf« ferent kinds of "isms". Thsre >eefn to be so many, each with a different chief objective, it's pretty easy to get mixed up. v '' A'JJflVtite reseaeher recently came through re-fis'Mn tH^'ebunVyS Hoy feWr vleTlrtfi will suf* i „. * -u^, ^.,1. jfuts.^.*.* t( jr i.'L.j*ii_il_ [ -J 1 1..U 1 : ?*« * . .11 .1 f^rnoit fram-'thr miadle'of Auiu^untii The " t1C 1,,{ 6 "^ eV6ry ' I 9 ht ' thin >'"fl American. " (you, that's* flrsf . - . t , 4 , There ,dre two major ways 'fb get re TK« 4 hay fever' Sufferer eon take medicine to're'* duels his 1 bbllert, or he* &H remove the pollen from the air around him with an air filter or air cortditloner. "If 'you want your father to take care of * , . , • P/TERNALISM •j... It's ^Important to get a physlclan'liadvice on vo th ,>• •treatment, There's'no simple cure or single treat- x ' ""; / - . . "If you want your mother to take care of you/ that's "'- <> >• > t '- - » ....'•.•si,.. MATERNALISM < "If you Want Uncle Slam to take care of •merit for,cmy.form'of hay fever* $ i i s \, A'series of shots"often will'reduce'the sensitivity and prevent, further attacks', for some time; Usually, the injections must be given each .year. A'long series Is time-consuming 'ahd rather' expensive, so find out about the co»t in advance. Taking less than the complete series Ys a waste of time-and money. • • Other medicines may be useful In relieving hay' fevisr. If you're using an old prescription, check with your 'physician. Several' Improved remedies'hove been, developed during,the last few years. "~" , , /IOCJALISM- '.' 1 "If you-want comrades; to takfr'tare of you, that's «- • v-,- • ,.' -'. , 7 ' " / ,• , • COMMUNISM , 7 - >~ "*", . 'BUT—If you; want to .take care 'of-y'oo'rself/ I'at's ' i ," ' , •, v •"''.,-, AMERICANISM i" (- Fa'rlbault Daily News) HIM At BOX 66 &USPIU, MONTANA was the to faoes, featofihg Ous ;;;wn%;for mianr years' vtV""^ni6thifi8' e)ttni gome ™ a tat cular I1 were looking for to all .'.. the scholarship mohey wilt be ________ r ____________________ fe^m-e. ' A total of 16 ears were entered. .Total attendant* to the in excess of 20,000, with « two winners'plan to attend where it will be used opening complete: loss "due y, almost rain.- ._. .kahler^ho farmed south As you know, you BfsLakota, recently purchased a .contributions dver the btet rttfa *** er Cub afi^l/he and con- reasons why nickles and .dimes ate importaftv ^rtfcte'd a hSSRtor the craf who contributed and I'm We the winners thank you Thanks also to the many, of you who subffutited was a licensed pilot. "Any other negative opinions ??. that , f,Complications of-hay fever canicause infections of the ears, nose, throat'and'sinuses. CONGRESS HAS AGREED ON A FAIR FARM BILL , '' .Congress has agreed upon a farm bill that Is'fair and that will assure farmers that during ent bronchial trouble. Qhe, of every three hay fever victims-also suf- the next year or more farm Income will be going 'fers,from'asthma,i which may lead to perman-* Up* as.It .ik doing this year..The bill is not as li- L,_I .„..!.,- ,, , bpra\ in government support as'was''proposed (Hum* in the original bid offered earlier In this session of congress, but,it Is a step upward and more liberal legislation may be expected to follow. *•! . , •! t i i I Y ' * « ' - .. . If. the Uniled Stales libp«s to Algona, w'as ' Yep, the "sneezin season" in here, bbldt Republican). V ;, , ' T* , t HULL YOUNG FOLKS PLAYING DANGEROUS GAME ' Some young folks at Hull are'headed for trbubje.j It seems' that they have developed a new.kind of "chicken" game. They park their cars on the railroad track and then see how 'long they can stay there and still drive off before the train goes by. • ' Nice clean fun, isn't it ? How would you like tcj be the,engineer on a train with that kind of deal staring you in the face ? The" mayor at Hull has notified members of the police 'department to . arrest any person found indulging in this "sport". From our experience we would suggest that a few questions would probably brfng out the riarflejr of those, who' have already been .pushing there luck — ahd that they should be taken right now and given the stiffest punishment possible. No warnings are anywhere near as effective as action.^Certainly action is'called for in the Hull situation — and drastic action. (Lyon County Reporter). • Let everyone sweep In front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean. — Clar- Inda Herald Journal Mpper That, Will, be the natural course if the, farm program fcjr this year and next 'year will help to make farming more-''profitable. Our two Iowa senators have been no help in getting a farm bill that will help farmers. The new senator, Jack Miller, has been the most outspoken against any bill the present administration has proposed. In his objection to one of the proposed bills he said' if it were adopted the' government would have to hire policemen to tell farmers what they must do. Iowa farmers when they helped to send Jack Miller to the Senate are realizing •now they made a mistake. (The Grundy Register) GAS TAX BILL EXTENDS Ic TAX .A "temporary" one-cent-a-gal|on , the federal 'gdsolineuax was sl/ppolsed fo-eXpire at the end of June.- But it didn't. Congress voted, and the President signed, a bill which extends this "temporary" tax until October 1, 1972. That date is 1 1 years away. And if so long a period of time is to be regarded as "temporary", it looks as if the dictionary should begin revising its definitions. The argument for this extension— which is used on behalf of other tax measures affecting the motorist— is that it is necessary to keep the $40-billion-plus 'federal super-highways program in the black. Put there is little justice in that position. The program was urged and a-' dopted largely as a national security measure. And national security costs should most certainly Second clan poilag* paid at Algona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman 111 E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa be charged on as equitable a basis as possible against all taxpayers—not just one group of them, Moreover, excessive gasoline-taxes—which, state and federal combined, now average about 50 percent of the pre-tax value of the fuel-are self-defeating. Motorists restrict their driving, buy small economy cars, and escape the burden In every way they can. An exhorbitant tax can, and often does, produce less revenue than a reasonable one. 1 The issue is still very much alive. Beyond doubt, there will be campaigns to further boost the state and federal gas taxes. Beyond doubt, there will be more empty talk of "temporary" increases. The motorist will have to come out of his corner fighting If what is left of his rights are to be preserved. (Pocahontas Record-Demo* crat). win its case against,Cuba if will'- " No ' ihis i! * nol'ihe way to deal th f. 1940;'41 school year. St. Ce- havelo^b! done in^ a^Wmbs" - with Fidel. Ranting and raving ceha's 'Academy, A, ^ phere of restraint arid sound {&i hlm for something he hasn't to be fi in Se P*- *• reason. All the shouting in the J? one wil ! S aln us naught. Castro world won't advance*-but. cause , has suffiently .condemned him- an inch. During the'past'few Self in ma ny other areas where weeks we'haye withessed.'a spec- -^ e can criticize hjin justly and tacle of frenzy in Congress. The «""/• , ridiculous* -had certainly Amoved ''\ * * * ' to the sublime. v We refer, of course, to the Another danger in what has . great hue land cry raised overHhe * "*f en ». happening in Congress is j hijacking of'/American planes. tfte effect these unwarranted Without waiting for details' outbursts have on -our Allies, Congressmen fell over themselv- particularly our friends in Latin' es rushing to the press with' America. They.are looking to the fierv statements charffin<r Fiript United States for leadership and. other than these who Checked ithe entries were choosing the wlnnfers (l , perhaps you would have been selected. + r. ,i si VJ.M '4 ; . Be all the more determined to further your education, anautluiow^ ', Kossuih .counly schools, cily U you look around long enough, you'll gdt thfit p1ftt4Me$|Bf you v and rural, were, slated to begin need so badly. • ' • • ' •"• -'•• '^' s *?**» !? the 104l*'42 school year Sept. 1, " ...%.•*« ' s wlth [tha' exception of a few « , " V JU which were going jfa ekie comes fron j a {arm f ^^ && griadaldd fes V Aug. 25. There - - ••' . ^^-.j; . - j -,. • ,— — v a "d 'then she wili either go into the foreign service or t"eafcn7' i '*§ zen and supplies, etc. were also During the'sUmmer of 1958 she worked is 'a car hop at-tt;drfy|-in ' to be handed out that day, A and spent the fallowing two summers as a swimming IhstMptor^ total or 16 teaching changes had During the 1960-61 school yeaf she worked after school as a'-wattfess, been made in' the Algona public and continued in that work this summer. ' '***""' < & school staff since the close 01 „* • * * » * ' fiery statements charging- Fidel Castro with everything under the of course, Congress is greatly Doug started In band work as a sixth-grader and through* the',« years has maintained such an interest that he intends to further hisH education at Westlake College of music at Laguna Beach, Oalif. j Doug has a foot problem which limits his efforts in lobs her might work at but nevertheless, in' his junior year,he orgaftfeed Tils, own dance band and' he 'and his musicians made 'their own music," stands. The mothers of the boys helpeji out with their nqedles and thread in making the boys their distinctive costumes. «*' ' ^ »! At the beginning of,<the 1960-61 school'year, Doug'was electedi', band president and also appointed director of ithe school's pep bandv,. Doug's father is a itruck driver and has seen much of the 5 * family income go for doctors and special shoes for him. As you'' might expect, ithe family is solidly behind this enterprising young'-' man, • " sun. _ FROM, THE FILES OF THE So, congratulations once again to the two winners. Conoratula- • responsible for" providing this ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES tions also to the many of you who applied for the scholarships and^ ™ im*««+ 16 1DC1 1>.*1"irt .eli*-nirjiJ i** '••«..« 1«lj4._.._ it__i i _ • .< . _*\ _ ^^ ..*. leadership. President Kennedy, as we are all "aware, is working Castro his just though he to give Mr.. desserts even August 16, 1951 Titonka Indian Day was a.suc- , . . —, " •* "..v uff&AUXA AV/A HIC al>JlUlfdLlalllIJD CU1U who -showed in your letters that teen-agers, those who are ambitious, I are not afraid of hard work and long hours if their efforts means/' they^will^able to help themselves further their education, ' „„„„ __ . t _- t u.._ other type scholarships avail- , '' Stag because no one applies for ' them go unused., because 'the student . dif. He' b 77om P p«Se m d^ cess « P*« «« —ded to in at _ by the ras h. action of people the, following people after the d° e »i't ake that extra minute to check with' his guTd~ance' nnt T, n ,, 0 ^o^ o n ,;fwJr» whose responsibility it also Is to parade: Doug Swan and his or hl S h scho01 Principal. If-you're still faced with that i not have had anything solve the or ^ hlpm pony champ ^^ ^^ ^^^ in a cai? (Doug. Bobby Schram* to do with the fourth one even though he kept the plane after it, landed in, Havana. Well, this, aV a n got)d^SS?>e'for ttiff; Con- X******/ »*•*•*»••£» *• *<•** **** «»v. *«4A.»M44~*.*Ctf* , ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^M^^^k^^^fe^^^K^^k^k^^h^^h^^k^ku^ * • - • in a car 1 (Doug. Bobby Schram* < > •*' m ' '• ,"" "• ^"•k'i' T,T. /, ssjgws «?« a^asriSi H s J Professional Directory isiness of "plane'hijackings. The ' £ nn , and da ' s Cafe,-Mrs.-Joyce- *TTT fr-rt 1 * •»»•»»»»» •••••»•»•• a • • imoritnf/i ma£i*4 to *« *ji».— *~~ Graham, Frank Schutter. ' Sid ~~ *"" """ ~ ~ -»-^^F^F^T^P^P^F^P ,_ 1,001 neaas - are prevailing in «*•*•—••<•»••" — • ]p< . Congress>'over this whole messy J imm V Peterson, Sylvia Eden, o-yr—-vs-r- »"v, t «w"*v... .. let hllal * '.- .^ r-.^'ivV" 1 ™*, .Ann anrUMa's Hate-MV« . .I™,™, a few facts stand in their ,way. Dusmess ol plane hijackings. The ip&ff'&Z.'** 1 *"* s^s^S^&js^ B ^°£ HN ° ei K -^v^ es y ». us * B n«Ke. ^ . ]iveg Qf many people /^cording of the parade were Bob DeVries, • * ' * ' > ly, the Senate last week actea 5 uffal ° Center > J - L - Miller, - ' ^ . swiftly and passed legislation Burt - an d Wm. Boyken, Titonka. It was under 8 »andable : lhat our calling,for penalties as slvere as Harold Miller and Robert Reyn- lawmakers. assumed.:.that, the death for persons convicted ol olds acted as motorcycle escorts, plane.grounded in El Paso,was aerial piracy The House will ... commandeered by Fidel's, boys follow suit . Despite its sometimes irration- Opening day at the Kossuth al behavior, Congress by ana County Fair set a ten year rec- large.does its work nobly and ord of 3,700 paid admissions. It INSURANCE A. J. (Arnle) Ricklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State CY 4-4529 Chiropractor ^m wnr 'nrn° me U »° ng ^ SSI « en w ? u -The interest of the country was estimated about 5,000 peo- still were : prcpared to.^o after is at'heart. But there am OPM/- D!P xv^rr, nn thp arn ,, n * a v£ n ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP ^_ Surety Bonds — All Lines In th 5 umo . re recent^ hijacldnfe when passion takes the place"of the" 1951* Version "oiThe"fa'ir"was CY ' 4 q 17fiof Insuranco i _.,. . _ Fortunately, packed with more commercial ^-J^7o Castro's hide. is at 'heart. But there are occas- pie were on the grounds. The ions'sucl\ as we have just notea reason for the-large number— of an. American plane seized common sense. , „.„ over Mexico and diverted to thjs does not happen too often', and livestock .exhibits~th'a'n'"ev'er Cuba, our Congressmen again We feel confident that Congress before in history. lost no time issuing press state- in its wisdom will be guided by ments left and right. They restraint in the future in'these * * breathed fire. "Send the Marines troubled times. in and clean out the island." "Give Castro 24 hours to return r that plane or else." "Let's drop * some bombs and show them we mean business." Oddly enough, while all this was going on, the Americans were being well treated in Havana and the plane was shortly on its way back to the United NATIONAL BEPHESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO, On« Year, In advance ..,.„, _„ $3.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year SS.oo SJWtte Coptei ,„.,-„ , „ , 10o SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTBIDS KOSSUTH On* Veiw. *» advance „..—,„_„—,_„ Bfltfc A4gon« P«per» In combination, one year NO subscription leu than 9 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST If the average person spent the time on his own business that he does figuring out the other guy's business, he'd be a lot happier and a lot more prosperous. — Conrad Record. School reorganization is about like marriage —it is a give and take proposition if harmony Is going to prevail I — Moville Record Have you ever noticed that it is usually the rich man who doesn't hesitate to ask the store c^erk to show him something cheaper. — Sac Swn YOUR ADVERTISING MlESSAOi . . . . . U presented more cle\irly, in «u f«sy |o r«a4 form and for less money per qustoijner reached in newspaper* than in any ether And Mwspa^ers oifer a p«tfec$ qombinaj|ien o| goo4 ad- vwttshj|l lay-outs and news Coverage iJ»at $«»'$ b« bfa|. BIAOY T« SERVE YOU IN YQ^R TUAPi AREA ) Ths AIGONA UPPiR DES MQINIS 206 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE ~~ AGENCY * * • All Lines of Insurance Peter Schumacher proved to 7 S^SSSS^ ' SSv^b be quite a salesman as he sold 63 ———I.- rnont IY>Z73b memberships for the Whitto- BOHANNON INSURANCE more American Legion post. Mr. SERVICE Schumacher served as command- 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Dr. D. D. Arnold' < Chiropractor • Over hfenney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 , Open Friday Night Monday — Weanesday — Friday Dr. William L. Clsgg T Chiropractor ' 521 E. State St. Hours: U:00 — 6:00 thru Sat. ^ 9:00 — 9:00 Friday p h. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CJf 4-3460 er there for many years and later was KoSsuth county commander. States. FROM THE FILES OF THE ,. * * ' ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES tllnes The same Congressmen who Au * M8t *»' 1941 ' Six area persons were killed in car accidents over the weekend, one of the most tragic weekends in the county of all Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CV 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of in, surance in force. CY 4-3750. Ruth Ann, Burns, daughter of L °la Scuffham, Sec'y Mr. and Mrs. J..D. Burns of Al* got burned the first time by pop- '*' '* *' • ping off before they had the .' facts got burned all over again. A flolf and dinner party was „ . i; --, i • — •»•- urn DOT ,„= . They simply had not learned an enjoyed by a group at the Al- 6°™- became the bride of Dew- ? BR ? S T S 8 ' AGE NCY elementary lesson. I even re- fiona Country Club Tuesday af- %?.,? klll » n f so " ot the R. J, * or Auto, «pusc, Household marked to one Senator who was ternoon during the monthly S?"!!" 88 .. 0 ' Irvington Aug. 11 at t| ? od3 ' ™ d Ma ny Other Forms giving me a statement on the gathering of the General Hos- ^' Cecelia s church. (The Skil- P«, on f C\, 4-3733 El Paso plane incident that late P 14 ** 1 staff, A total of 20 persons lings are . s , tlU residents of AN ^ J c """" reports showed the two hijackern attended. , £?_ na .,. tm . < r na . ve a . fjhe . femilv, DOCTORS Ted S, Herbst were Americans and not Cubans. Weil, he didn't change his com- K,t= He WaS n°U vinced thehi - * «« whis « e within a few lackers were Cubans and that minutes of 7 a.m. Wednesday was mat, cajle( j fj remen to the fr{ime The point of all this is that home; pi John Lamuth, and oc- Mr, Skilljng is employed at the local po^toffice.) .- 8IT » on 5 n s 2 ' * T " —" >••••" 40 (.11 a i «tv««w m- <JT vt*** *-•*«* **v» vi') «>»u uu™ **,«._ A ri i these are responsible men and cupied.,,fcy a Clark family, in the m °£r y f, S P orts women and what they say makes east part of the city. A fire had a "' news around the world. So we been started by a kerosene burn- were made to look prety ridicu- er snd'it was extinguished im- Ioi4s when the real story came mediately. The fire warning, .„„„,, out and the bogey man under comipg so near the usual 7 a.m. t? p ,i' the bed turned out to be some- sire'p, gpt many Algona citizens narom thing 'all together different. -« Farm Burepu Mutual Ins, Co, Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) , Life . Hail - Twtor ew pilots Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr fpr —— •' *" in Ft. includea with Her- pot No- 89 with the pilot, But; more important, was laughing up his sleeves. Jl 4n incident of this sort could rattle the brajns of Congress what will they do if 1 really stage something big, he must have though^ to himself. There was a natwaj tip-off in the seizure o| the Fan-American plane pver Uewg wluch bhould have prevented any Congressman from going off the deeu end, as it were. If Castro wanted ' to ftfal a,Pan-American plane ' he could have done so very sim- ' y; toww we twa «i«bts w and OWt of Cuba every day. * » » FUNERAL SERVICE fY 4-1731 ond Air $Jbartir fbe Unite'd Burt, Jowa Phoj»e CRAWFORD INSl A W"~ . AnJyCa ,„ I 1 - Tyg?8 01 In»urahce —' -•a*CTf>»7i rqrm Mqnqgemani MELVIN O. BOURNE, M, D. Physician & Surgeon ' U8 N. Moore at. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident pnone CY 4-227i J. N. KENEFICK, M. D.~~ Physician & Surgeon i!ia W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-28 J4 CAROL L. PLOTT, M, D. ~ 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to 'Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 gffjce _ CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOHN~M. SCHUTTER. M^n." Residence Phone CY 4*233? DEAN F. KOOB, M. 0? i Residence Phone CY 4-4817 Pftys,c la ns& Surgeon's, v ' OPTOMETRISTS Optometrist 108 South"... •'teaBmnp 1^ W"'

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