The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 11
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/fUUKSDAY, MARCH 17, 1938 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS ' PAGE MKE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally late per line Jor cojisccu- )ve Insertions: Ono time per Jinj too Two times per line per day ...08c Three times per lino per day ..Cfic Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line OOc Cards of Thanks Me. & 75c Mliiiinum charge 50c [ Vunes ordered for three 'or six and stopped before, cxpha- llon will be charged for Hie 1111,71- X Icr of times the add uppearcd ami adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persona residing out- sitjc of the city imist be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertion.'! lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will ho taken for more than one Incorrect, insertion of any classilied ail. Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at G'ood Prices AH Kinds Sea Food Fresh Grapple Cigarettes 2 f«r 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones k-F-i & 878 For Sale National Cash Register, adding machine, money bate" 8 fool floor show eases. Wing pjmw. All good as new. j. L. wilhain. Leaehvilic, Ark. n-nk-21 Hill Oak .% Hickory lumber, was- on tongues and axles. slio|>. bridge and dimension lumber of all sizes. Delivered at. iittraclivc price. 1 ;. Sec or write J. \v. lianon, IJIythevilk', Ark., Phone 338. 15])k2a Small (ipiiglit studio piano. Ciood us new. Sacrificed for cash. Jack Craig, 310 Lake SI. H-pk U or 80 acres of Iiuul. U. n. Garner, Armori'l. rj-pk-4-12 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southern Lorcilo Soybeans. Threshed early. Heeleancd S. 0. Dobbs Armorel, Ark. Uox 4 Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers , fet»i!>cliei. Atlive l.ivtr I'llll KM »l {hi ff&l cauie vt your iluj<Kl'bniu ano m«k<) you feel Ukc • new iiunoo. rour tytlPiu of vur^lus liqlioni Aclito Ltiir Pllii. tlim'lctj, ( Hold >1 til Klrb, Drug 6(cro>, Hid MEN OLD AT 40' OKI 1 t'Kl 1 . N<V-> Oslrcx Tonic Tnilets contaii raw oyster invlgoralors ntul otliev stimulants. Otic dos« tlnrls jiavv nep. Value Sl.OO. Bpeeliil price 80u Cnlt, \vrllc KIrbj- 13ios. Dnijj Bloto Salesiueji Wanlod FOK SALE—13 goud young Klillci, cash or lei:::s, c. !!. Whistle, 6 miles .soulli of Koaehnid. u-nk-4-8 Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Com—Milch Cows And Traclor Work. Sec W. L. Tnle, Armore), Ark. WANTED: KcliaWe nuin for Hnw^ Iclgh Dealership In Mississippi County. W. H. Allen sold here sue- '.'essfuily for 18 years. We furnish everything but car. products niiiy be bouglil for ens)) or on lime-. Write if you are interested in getting Inlo 11 pmnaiicnl and profit- iblc business of your own. J. A. t-aws. c-o-'llie W. T. li:nvleish Co., enipliis, Tcnn. Coal My Coal Is ISIack But I Treat You While, LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan BlythcvUle, Ark. I'honc 107 Batteries BATTER Y SERVICE J. B«n Ciunc Phono 8 at Tom Jackson's Glass SAVE The Top of Your Furniture Wi'.h Glass All designs cut & finished. <JAluL US aint Wallpaper O3 111 S. 2nd m.vlhtvflle Paint & L Phone 880 Uoinpletc 10 volume sel of Standard Reference Books \vlth loose leaf binder. Call 230 or 192. 15-Ia-ta Leather folder with 'J keys. Own er can have same by paying oost of tins ad. Black leather key holder covituh> Inif one key. Owner cnn have same by paying cost of this ud Courier News, For Rent Comfortable bcdroum. Plimte 277-J. Call at OL'5 W. Main. n ck -t-n •12 acre farm in clearlakc vicinity •1'i mites ciilsUlc city liinils. Write Luke Goner. Brookport, 111. n-pk-21 3 room furnished apartincnl. 000 W. Walnut. 14-pk-21 Fiirnishctl apiirlmcnt. Newly decorated. 108 \V. Kentucky. Phone (583. 1'Mik room furnished apartment. 816 W. Ash. Phone 367-W. 8-ck-tf Modern 3 room apartment. Newlj decorated. Unfuruislied. Comet Main and 2nd. Also business hullcl- ing next lo Kroger Store. P Simon, Phone VG4. 3-ck-t' Comfortable bedroom, nut, Call W. Found Metal key ring with 13 keys. Pound near High School. Owner cnv have same by (laying cost ol this ad. . Laud For Rout, Land for rent. Sec Everett U, Gee 10D South Second. M-ck-21 Notice Hatchery Baby Chicks HATCIirNCi. Maillyn Hatchery,- niylhevlllc, Ark,, ll.W. til Noilh, I'lione 'H'2. Room and Board Slenin lieuted room 1103 W. Adi, plume Nicely furnished' rooms. desired, I'liona UK. m with board 10t. 12ck-l-13 Boa ill if K. Clier- Collon Seed U. I'. U Il-A ColUm Seal. $'.! per hundred. I'iret year out Irom es- liprlinenl slut km. Phone Dr. How- Janil, UJyiliiTille C;|D. li-rk-'ja tin; Hay ol H|x.v.ln In n new lyiw ol ilivliiR suit perlcclixl hy mi itdliun InVeutor. .' , . • •Sunny Savi's Crccily IIII B MinutlN. N. V. (UI'l-Mrs. Mark IHillins'.s littlo (oi'rier hud been ncliinj siiuiiKi'ly. Finally .slu> took, IL to 11 vi'teriiiiirlmi. An cxiiinlnn- llon illiii-lnsfd Uml () w d«s had swallowed n needle and tlux'ml. An opcraluui mis |ierfornuxl siia-ows- lully. 1'ir.ili AiThlriil; .1 Hruiml CADli',, 0. »UI')—A heuvy Irnck Position Wanted While l.uly keeper ov Write llox wiints job ;is lioiisc- nursemaid. Koleicnces. "V", Courier Num. IVi; l.i<u I'ul in Vaull V1SALA. (Jul. (UPl—Whllc scrv- int' a live jnonths' .sciilenee for vnsranuy. Ohan Gedekian. 12. un- live of Tin-key, »'ill liave his leg Icrked up in the county jall'il safe for sife kcepiii 1 ,'. As the leu is of wood, j;iil (lulhoi'illcs felt that Gcclckiau would be handleappeil at (he time of'his release should he break it, in Jail, Stamps ot World CulleeU'd DAWSON, In. (UP»—.H lcokci?ht months, but l-'ranklin Ludwis, 17. lias completed a map of the world on which every country is represented by its own postage sbiups. He .said Ml different, kinds of stamps from 122 different countries were used. The Miner Slipper Shop Paris Fashion Shuts, by Shoe Co. Diver DmMi 820 i'eet Sl'EZlA. Italy (UP)—A new deep tea diving record of 8TO feel is COTTON SEED l>. »'. K No. II HIM vrar l-'nim Breeder Custom Giimtd BRAXTON GILL Hell, Ark. simished inly *n miionioljlle, mbed im clshl-foot cinbimkureiil 11 ml eavwl in 10 feel ot foundation In ;i house, Neither the truck driver, Hie two occupants o( Ilio cur. nor Drs. Wcrt & Wcrt Ol'TOMETKlSTS Over Joo Isaacs' Store "WE MAKK 'EM SEE" Phono FARMLOANS ISM tnd Ur osM and Mlisonrl I.owral ntfs— loww* tivfuft Also city properties DON H. KASSEKMAN 'lliomw Lnint Co. OIIIco I'. 0. Box 4'IO, Phone 627. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We JKI.V Prict-.s mi I'uulliy al all Times. GAMES MKT. 118 \V. Main Si, I'hoilc •'* J. C. EVANS Don CM lilyUicvlllo, Ark. District Manager HAMILTON TIIUST 1'UNI) (b'lwmored By llnmlllon Ucixultora Corp. SBKUS l-'lehl Heeds, All VnrU-lie.s. Outs, Suybenils, Les|>ede«n, Alliilfn, Any Qimnllty. & Hcliill W. 0. KKKVKK tie. U.K. Kt. nlyllwvllle, Ark, Phone 555,^!Mi9 Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SUKGERY & GUAKANTUtilJ S«(f, sure and wlih lt«s dtscomfurt. AU rttwnses and conditions of ntrvous origin, foot nllmcula and ikhi cancm trt»»r<j and cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES £ NIES ho three persons lit (he house revived serious injuries. he center ol gruvlty of llic carth-nwon system lies nl a |»ln6 about 3000 nillw'from tho center of the earth, • - . . .•''.'••. FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST | Main A hi Phoot 111 ELZOTR10 * WELDING AT BEST PRIOEa ' PROMPT smvici Barksdale Mf g. Co, PAY $2 WKBKLY Au4 Small Down 1'nymt'ut ENJOY A (,'KNUINK CHKVUOLK'i' Auto Radio ONLY CUEVUOLKT otare yon Bimuintfcd ai'lcut-o-MaUu Tun- inu. I'usli u billion mid there's Come In Today! Bee inul llwii 1 this BCI new riullo. Yon loo will want one on your cur, 'Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 3D1 U'idlilit I'liulle (>:i Of . ELECTRICAL Fixtures & J;!x|iert Wiring WALPOLE'S "Tlie Complete metrical Slurc" 111) Su, 2jiu Vlwiic :>lt Hubert Utley's Service Station* and Cafe All Lending Brands or liccr, Whiskey, wine, Gins And Cordials 13Kjo TAX PAID ClftAKfeTTfS 2 pk. 2So or 51.15 per Cart CPU 24 Hour Service ll.W. Ill, I'lionc 17 Holland, Mo. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, rroprlel* C'»It»la(Ms—Repairing—Vart»—K I hboiu Lost Radio Service Kxpert Itadio Scr\ii:u PARTS, TUBES, BATTEIilKi Hnrdaway Appliance Co. Henry Werner Main & 5th Phone 233 Sporting Goods Complete Stock CjohlsmiIll's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOIISE-HENRY HARDWARE: co. Bhu-k 'medical handbag, initials on nag arc C. C. S. and .surgical Instruments were in bag. Reasonable reward tor return to Dr. Stevens, Farmers Dunk Bnild- i"E. M-ck-21 1 \>alr of Cilasscs in a Wile rase. Please return to Courier News. 8-da-da My rioj. unined Tony, disappeared from my home Tuesday aftor- ncoii. He k n \\-liilc fox temer, with black head marking, and a black heart on his si{ie. Ifc is 12 years old, and blind. Will anyone seeing him cither dead in- alive please notify me? Reward. Lois Hooper. I'lione 300 oi 1 702 Stage Star HORIZONTAL 1,4 Modern stage slaiv 11 Place. 12 Wattle tree. 13 Brooch. IS Being. 3 6 She co-sl<irs with tier . I« Article-. 19 Preposition. 20 Dispatched. 21 Bridle strap. 23 Either. 24 Grudge. :!5 Visible vapor. 27 To bury. 29 Register of electors. 3! To require. 32 Norlliwsl. 33 Slipped. '34 Aperture. 35 fish. 36-Bi-onzc. 37 Sacred song. 39 Sea eagle. •WLike. -41 College girl. 43 Street. Answer (o Previous Punic '46 Eye tumor. AS Constellation. 49 Poem. 51 Billet lierl>. -53 Dwelling. r>5 Gaelic. 57 She was born in - . 58 She first attained fame in - . 3 Cotton fiber. 2 Affirmative. 3 Chaos. •! Cherished. 5 Eye-. 6 Approaches. 7 Dogma. 8 Negative. 9 Almond. 10 To repeat a sound. 1 1 She rales among thc -- actresses in America. Oslcopatblc rhyslcU 1'luine 98 All innkc« ot HetiulH Typewritten, Adding M*cb!aci ml .?! Cnltul^tors—KcpulrHiR—I-iirls—KIDi)On a SO EEWy'5GOME,EH?HM«.' OKAY.' MOW SOU HAIRSHIRTS C4M HAVE 7H' REST OF 7H' OFF .'G'WAK),NOW- RUM OFF M' PUAV.' ' FRONTIER, GUAEDS REPORT WHAT DO YOU WANT? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KOGAK MARTIN UKE T'6AY \T WWtt AVi WASH TUBBS fiivc Him Time, Carol BY HOY CKANK ! OOKI'T vou THINK Y YOU'RE GIVING YOON& TUBBi ENOUGH ENTItELV TOO WUCH TIWE, / D^DDy JUST THE SAtAE.I vou'o SEE MORE OF 6OVS FRAWK OH, THEY'RE SUCH DUDS- THEV TM1WK. OWLV OF 010 VACHT6 AND FOU> POWES. IS A K REAULV. THAT,CAROL, IS.WOT QUITE THE ] IT - --" WELL, VXJNG LADV, BUT lit HAVE WO FORTUNE HUNTER FOR YOUR MONEY. BEFORE AW- ONE SETS toV APPROVAL,HE'LL / Y °U SILLY ••"" TO SHOW ME Sio,0(Vi r/OLO IM CA.SH. 1 .. EVEW HELD BY SUBSTANTIAL PEOPLE ARCWWD TOWW. THEV ~~ SAV HE'S LITTLE MORE IS HOMEST AMD FIWE AMD BKAWE. FKKCKLKS ANIMUS FRIKNDS BY HIKRRILL BI.OSSER SETTER NOT.' HE'S MADDER'M »OP3 BECAUSE SOME GUY IS TAKING HIS 6IRL OUT.' BESIDES . HE'S PRAGTICIM' MIS DEBATE' SPEECH ' — WE MAYBE AUJ3WEO To CARRY ON , IM GLORIOUS PATHS OF RIGHTEOUS peace, AND —-- us ASSURANCE THAT— PATRICK HENRY/ GIVE US LIBERTY OR GIVE US DEATH! ^ T. M, REG J.&. Ptt. Oft 12 To butt. 14 Forerunners. 16 One who inherits. 17 To perish. 20 Hurried. 22 Dozes. 24 Stairs. 26 Grinding toolh. 2flLow tides. 30 Legal claims. 32 Nomarehy. 35 To satiate. 38 Performed 39 Completed. •10 Grandparental. •!2 Fleilfisli. 44 Three. 45 Male-child. 47 Fabulous bird. •1R Stir. 00 Silkworm. 52 Behold. 53 Form of "a." 54 Type standard. 56 Southeast.

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