The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 6
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, Mr and Mrs Don Chrlslenseh 6»e«t Suttdaly, At EstherVille With Mr-and Mrs Joe King.. ' ! . Mr and Mrs 0. K. CMl^uet hate returned frdtr? a vacatipti at points in Michigan and Illinois. 1ft Chicago tHey attended some Bksefoall gameS and also the International Trade Fair at the Me* Cormick building.: „ • ; Mr and Mrs William Filx^Srald ate spending from- . Wednesday till Friday at. the Afnie Ricklefs fcpttage at Spirit Lake. • ^Ma^a(\a.)\Jp^tOMMe\n^ ^b(iH^Y t ^QM \^, ^6^ Becky, daughter of M* and Mu Ralph Strayer, returned Sartufday from a Week spent at the Junior Red Cross oa,mp at Madrid, ' Jatoe, daoshie* of Mt and M*i Kenneth Qeilenfeld, is vacation* ing '4h\s week at the Ok6b6jls With the Di% 'J. B, Harris family. nQlejh Raney has a guest, Oary Frahm, an, Episcopal semi«ary stude-ht at .Cambridge, . Mass. SundiSy the parents came from Ithicar, Neb., and were also guests of MiS'Rariey. Mr and MM. Jack Herfton, Are Vacationing, in Wyoming and other, western points... Me and M« Richard Burl spent the weekrMd at Cedar Raoids JjM-Btirt-. with whom-the Jill arid Tommy hiivi&f visiting,, , M* aim MM Pat*?, B?am have been visited by the letter's nieces Marilyn-Adams, AiWtin, Minn. ahd Mary Belleman, St. Paul, Minn. , Mr and Mrs R, A. Behnke are being visited this .week by their daughter, Mrs H. A. .Roschke and children^ WaVerly, white Rev.. Roschke is attending 6 convention at Mubbard. Mr and Mrs Wilfred Schneider and family returned Monday Litchleld, Minn, where they spent the weekend with Mrs Annie Schneider. Sunday was spent nt iVTontcvirfpo IWinn wifh Mr i aftd tits Hefl# luedtl Bdfdifttf- Baite , - ' " *' tffl netft Week ,. Mr and Mrs Frank Sufts, recently drove W Mftirteaptil: visited with Mr find. Mfc* Buss and brought bB^g.Wi Mrs Buss find, children;' and Susan. Sunday J Mrs" her sister Mar* , visitors weftf r t6 Des spend the day with Mr arid.' Bob Butts, Mr (Hid Mrs He?1 Butts' and Mr and MM At, Sfc and families. .. • . 'V, Mrs Ralph Wlfljes, Bufi Center, and Mrs- Jim McjGffl terest City, were g/uSetS'i £>a'l day ait (the Frank fiuitte, hottii STORE HOURS: 9a.m. To 5:30 p.m. DAILY FRIDAY 9 a.m. To 9 p.m. parents 6f a t §6n uv/iiipuuuuiuy w, St. Ann. This Is the fjifct cWtC He weighed 7 44 gbttrtds ftrtd h&$ been named William Jr, . '*' Margaret Ann Beitdtife? leli Friday for ,Chevetly f , Md. after $ Visit of several -days ^with he? parents, Mr afld Mrs' »'H6wantJ Beafdsley. iti ,»'.\ t.- MM J. F. Sehime^hb belli visited by hef • daughter, Alie6, who is physical edKeatiort teacher in the Towtson high school at Baltimore, -Md'Shg will be hefe till Aug. 8,, ,'2>.Ll ' UDM».Cla4»lfiect* Pay. Dividend* COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT for School Year 1961 - 82 MACHINE WASH! RUGGED FOREMOST WESTERN JEANS! Heavyweight 13 3 A ounce cotton denims cut over Penney's own patterns for propor- : tion - fit i Low - rise 1 design, reinforced at § points of strain, San- fi forized I 1 49 boy's sizes 8 io 16 ' m SOPHISTICATED COTTONS FOR CLASS OF '61 ! Girls love their.grown up look I Rich colors in new geometries, florals, stripes with dainty trims. Easy care too. '98 sizes 7 io 14 SAVE! COTTON CORDUROY ••-' ; yard Compare Penney's rich qualify, Penney's low pricel Soft, sturdy 16-rib in beautiful fall colors I Sew dresses, skirts, curtains, spreadsl SPECIAL!! Bo ^CrewN^ck S\N™' *""** ™ °*' ™* dyed denim ' Sa ^ri Z ed fleeced lined in sizes 4 to ^ ° S '° n " ° rS ' ' ' COtt ° n ;w IRONING BOARD PAD AND CO VER COMBINATION A fine selection of better dresses reduced to (tl Urithane FOAM PILLOWS. Extra lightweight - washable - nonirritating. Buy several today ! .'£$& Men's TERRY ROBES S-M-L-XL 2 p r $1.00 88c $1.00 00 & $4.00 2 for $5.00 $4.00 COTTON PLAID EASY-CARE SPORT SHIRTS Combed cotton ginghams from Pan River have long sleeves, short point collar. They'll take to suds, almost skip iron. boys' size* 4 to 18 EXTRA WEAR I 100% COTTON PENN-TWILLS Penney's plain front combed cotton slacks machine wash 'n dry ... touch up iron. In 5 colors I Fabric is rugged, good-looking I 3 98 boys' sizes 8 19 20 OUR SWEATERS 'N SKIRTS ARE PERFECT MATCH-UPS I Elegant one-color in bulky Orion acrylic card.gans ... permanently pleated Orion and wool skirts that reverse, look so smart m Scandion-inspired patterns I Magenta I Parrot 1 Peacock I Russet I Sizes 7 to 14 EACH COUNCIL City Council met August 9, 1941 at 7:30 P.M. with Mayor Shierk and the following members present: Muckey, Whiftemore, Andreflsen, Pelrce & Flrtrt. Absent: Elbert. City agreed to pay part of the cost of Installing sanitary sewer on Lot 8, BIK. 10 O.P. ' , . Two Class "C" beer permits were granted to East End Grocery and Sjogren's Grocery. < Authorized Mayor to enfef Into contract with McNall Corp. to buy a 10 ton trailer for $191000. • i Authorized Chief of Police to' attend meeting at Oes Moinesj Iowa. GENERAL Shierk, Salary .... l.J Smith, Salary __* ..._,.•_.__' Iowa State Bank, W'Holding . C. C. Shierk, Court Costs .. Advance Pub. Co., Publishing Frederick Hdwe., Mdse. _..^_ Hutzell's, Mdse. Iowa State Bank, Checks ... I. B< M. Corp., Ribbon .^-.._ U. D. M. Pub., Publishing ..' STREET Burtis, Salary •_; .... Frambach, Salary .. . .. Lashbrook, Salary Metzen, Salary Myers, Salary . . ; _ Pergande, Salary 112.50 208.57 19.10 168.00 99.12 2.09 175.74 15.23 ; 2.50 321,26 143 36 12629 176.60 134.73 123.88 165.65 rciytJiiuc, jataiy — — — — •___„„_ | OO.O3 Prew, Salary 193.84 Iowa Stafe Bank, W'Holding „ • 112.60 Algona Imp., Repairs 210 Algona Machine-Shop, Mdse. . 5.40 Arnold Motor, Repairs 5.01 Herman M. Brown, Repairs 17.48' Cities Service Oil Co., Gas 10020 City Clerk, Advanced Cash .. .93 book's Scrap, Iron, Mdse. 423 Bowman Bid.,. Sidewalk ... 70.20 look's Welders, Mdse. .. 5 00 Davis Bros., Blacktop- '. • 46 88 >. J. Duffy, Freight . ... '4640 : t. Dodge Towel Service 3 25 sibbs-Cook, Repairs 1,82840 Alton's, Mdse. 7830 tent Motor, Repairs -. . 3.65 Cossuth Motors, Repairs . " 314 Martin Oils, Fuel .1 6534 Miller Lbr., Mdse. ._...__" 981 >Jat'l. Chemsearch, Mdse. . 34 1.2 Norton Machine, Repairs .... 4.09 eady-Mix, Concrete & Service 40 94 pbinson Const./ Sidewalks .. " 99 00' tosenwald & Cooper, Mdse. .., . 77.95 ankey, Asphalt , 17720 rupke Motor, Repairs ... 735 Welp & McCarten, Chips .... 984.50 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary .. .24420 Bulten, Salary • 168 ; 7I Hutchison, Salary 17411 Jorgenson, Salary •_ '19062 McBride, Salary _• 15867. Schwarzenbach, Salary 17063 Ira Kohl, Salary 2000 Voigt, Salary 156.24 Iowa State Bank, W'Hold. _. 15530 Trust & Agency, Pension 14.74 Arnold Motor, Filter i 08 Cities Service, Gas . 105'25 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 6'41 Gopher Shooter's Supply, Supplies, 2473 Greenberg, Repairs _ 24 86 Jack's O. K., Repairs 2'50 Kent Motor, Repairs ' 7^4 Ira,Kohl, Expenses 39.00 Seagrave Corp., Repairs 990 Hilton's, Gas .. ^( ; " jjjo Kossuth Motors, Repairs 13 : 40 SANITATION Bowman Bldr., Curb & Gutter 1,175.00 Concrete Prod., Pipe 28 60 L. Fairbanks, Machine Hire .. 40 00 Reiner Helmers, Labor 267 25 Miller Lbr., Materials 1683 Milton's, Mdse. go SEWER RENTAL " Gronbach Salary )2 8,39 Lemkee, Salary 16994 Iowa State Bank, \y'Hold. .. 21'90 Algona La,underers, Laundry ] 72 Greenberg Auto, Repairs ] 50 Norton Machine, Mdse. _.. i'77 Pratt Elec., Repairs 2ioO RECREATION Cock, Salary. 35.55 Cooper, Salary 121.55 Cowan, Salary 964? Herbst, Salary I. ioV.12 Johnson, Salary 96.42 Kraft, Salary 9952 Norton, Salary 74^8 D° e . faary 18.96 Cole, Salary 55 in Haase, Salary I" 24.95 Vann, Salary • 107.52 Iowa State Bank, W'Hold. .. 127.62 Dreesman, Mowing 22 on Hutzell's, Mdse. 21 03 Laing's Plbg., Repairs 3^5 McKesson & Robbins, Chlorine 81 00 Directory Service, Receipts .. 9 75 Norton Machine, Repairs 2461 O'Brien. Hauling ...... "'m Pratt Elect., Repairs 41'55 Suds-Yer-Duds, Laundry . lo'20 Thermogai^ Gas 7^9 Frederick Hdwe., Mdse. ) BS PARKING METER Gade, Salary ,01.37 jro«n, Salary , 19609 «£f. Salary ~_ '^ Minds, Salary 10025 owa State Bank, W'Hold. ._ 56'30 Trust & Agency, Pension 2.16 Jpwman Bldrs., Curb & Gutter 1,189.30 •futzell's, Gas 9 45 'ratt Elec., Repairs 448 Welp & McCarten, Chips 1 000 - 00 TRUST 4 AGENCY '' uuu ' uo V. Meland for L. Counley, Pension 20.00 20.00 TC QQ Published jn~"tne"Afgona Kos.uth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, August 15, 1961. V. Meland for D. Counley, Pension >. Egli, Pension CEILING TILE You don't hare to be a An4y to do a perfect job of in- acougtical ti)» OQ an old of »ew ceiling, We'll leU you 0»e easy way «nd we'U get you staited For quiein*** and beauty, nothing like an acoustical Com* in loc/n and see tht (>any new dw igns fw »v»ry room In ypur hom». Use OUT bu4gei BRONSON BID'G. SERVICE Jf«Hw» II I. School oftens ri^aw in grade* Kg- 12 tnel, on Wedneiday, August 30, 9:00 A.M. All classes operate the full day. II. All kindergartens will oporafe in half-day sessions starting Thursday, August 31st. Assignments of Idwn pupils to forenoon or afternooh sections will be confirmed at the opening meeting on Wednesday, if possible according to preference of parent. Rural pupils will be assgined according to bus routes and will be notified in advance. All parents are. requested to accompany child to enroll on Wednesday at hour designated on mailed notice. Present birth and health certificates If not already given. ' IIL Elementary buildings * ' will house the following grades according to district assignment designated in part IV below: " AT Third Ward on East Elm and Phillips • grades Kg, 1 and 2. B. Bryant on East North and Moore • grades Kg-6 inclusive. C. Lucia Wallace on East Kennedy and Phillips - grades Kg-6 inclusive. D. Bertha Godfrey on East State and Main • grades Kg-5 inclusive. IV. Districts for assignment of town elementary pupils, Kg-6 inclusive, to respective buildings for children who live in following areas : , * ,A. Third Ward - grades Kg, 1 and 2: Wooster on the west; Call on the South; Woodworth, Diagonal and Roan on the east; Milwaukee and Northwestern Railroads on the north. B. Bryant • Grades Kg, 1 and 2, who live north and west of the line; North Wooster to State; west to Harlan; south to McGregor; west to Hall, south on Hall to City limits. Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6: same area extended to East Call and Northwestern Railroads. C. Lucia Wallace - Grades Kg-6 inclusive who live south and east of the following line: South Hall to McGregor) to Harlan; to State; to Woos- ' ter, to Call; to Woodworth; thence south to city limits. D. Bertha Godfrey — all who live in area east of following lines — '• Grades Kg, 1 and 2: Woodworth north from McGregor to Diagonal, to Roan. • • 2. Grades 3, 4, 5: : — Woodworth north from McGregor to Call; thence west to Northwestern Railroad; thence north to city limits following Northwestern Railroad as boundary. 3. Grade 6: Assigned to Bryant or Lucia Wallace according to nearest 1 location. E. Rural children residing outside the city limits will be assigned according to respective building enrollment loads, details to be given to parents and respective bus drivers prior to the opening of school. V. Enrollment Dates A. Jr.-Sr. High: On Tuesday, August 22nd, between 9:00 A.M. and 12 noon or between 7:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. at the High School Building in the principal's office. 1. Every pupil in 7th grade. 2. All pupils in 8th, to 12th inclusive who have not previously enrolled in the Algona Schools. 3. Place of enrollment: Senior High in principal's office; Junior High ' in study -hall. ,•-'. B. All new pupils Kg-6 inclusive, not previously enrolled in the Algona Schools, should report name, address, grade, other data, at the superintendent's office as soon as possible and not later than Monday, August 21st. VI. Beginning age for kindergarten and first grade A. Five years of age on or before October 15, 1961 for kindergarten— birth certificate required. B. Six years of age on or before October 15, 1961 for first grade. VII. Eleven rural bus transportation routes 1 been set up to operate starting Wednesday, August 30. Parents of pupils on these routes are being notified on details prior to that date. All kindergarten children should be brought in by the parent on Wednesday for enrollment according to mailed notice. All rural kindergarten children will be transported at mid-day according to schedule starting VIII. Fees for Textbooks, other school supplies, and insurance. All textbooks are purchased by the school and rented on a non-profit basis according to schedule below. Kindergarten fee includes lunch. Certain fees for workbooks, etc., are collected in addition to the schedule in grades 9-12, according to subjects taken. Gym towel service is included in the junior-senior high. All other items not included above are available at local stores. Uniform fees payable at opening of the school year are: Grade-Kindergarten: $6.00 per year • • 1-3: $5.00 per year 4-6: $6.00 per year 7-8; $8.00 per year 9-12: $8.00 per year Group insurance for pupils, covering accidents suffered at school or going to and from school, is available if the parent desires. Announcements on details for insurance will be issued in the opening week of school. Do NOT include insurance fee with above textbook collections, IX. School lunch at noon will be served each school day starting Wednesday, August 30th, at the dining room jn th* Annex. All pupils in elementary grades taking lunch wilt be transported to and from the lunch room in school buses. The weekly ticket (5 meals) for elementary (Grades 1-6) will cost $1.25; for junior-senior high (Grades 7-12) $1.50. The daily ticket, elementary, will be 30c; for junior-senior high, 35c. Therefore, a saving of 25c per week will be made by purchasing weekly tickets. X. Traffic safety precautions • are urged upon all parents and pupils, The special school stop signs will operate at approximately the following hours: 8:00 A,M. — 9j15 A Mil- 5 A.M. r 1:15 P.M., 3s1/P,M, - 4:30>.M; Parent, of younger pupil, ." esptc ally urged to direct their children by the safest routes to and from school. Home-room teacher* will cooperate. Riding bicycles to school wiM be restricted to pup If in 4th grade or above. Student, using bicycles should review the eity ordinance, en same, Rural children driving wrs to school should leave them parked during the school day, Special in- itruction* in regard to safety will be given to students riding buses, XI. Office hours • ,» iv r , Hl ' h - (Iton-Frl. o. B. LAINQ, Superintendent

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