The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1961 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1961
Page 21
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„i fvVkrt $tr- 1 4 "i •»! jj i'», 1 ,h,iy<MflrfNrrt Blglrtgs ..,, —"-• •»*« *»» .ug — Mrs? Robert „...- 'CoWtth wfeht to -Des ««».«...,''FfidBy" t id 'meet 'M. -R •(B6t») ? Egglbsto'h who c'ame In ir&hi' BFUn'Swldk; Qa. ( 'tb visit his .-pjsifelits., They' Were guests 'bf •"•"•»-'—•-! and sisters Beu» -_,_— E^gleston in ibes ...—38/<'6n s Sunday the Eggleston family reunion was held In ' * ' ^^-yJ, Historical Booth ""fhe Koiauth'ddunty Historical' Sotie-ty Will hdve a bobth Tn 'the, floral hall at the KdssutK county fair,; It W, the desire of the So- ciely.that Itdttis of 0aflie> couft-, ty 'HiitorV'Be displayed-aftd that; thO66th be .fetSresehtatlve of every t6wnship and tOw"n ifl the county Anyone whl Will v&ltfn-, teer their* services, bi- have itenis, that , can,'be displayed should, C6nta<if Mr arid Mrs Milton GJ Norton, co-chairmen' of this com* mtttee.' * Jl l ? frOSTUHE TYPING < CHAIRS, from $19.75) 'also executive chairs, Aide chairs for office use. Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., Al« gona. itf / li«S Pltm'Cook Book Bureau». Womqnis committee j is Workintf>n « c8ok book, project fervin* f *- WHILE IN ALGONA FOR THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR ',*</ ,«ff^ r1 / 4 f f<-.'\'"' ' ith your triendS and neighbors " rjs f,< ALGONA'S ^r^DITIONAL, RESPECTABLE, JIME -HONORED MEETING PLACED . >.\*^l SOKER'S GAZIr4ES f, . f! tee are" Mrs Robert Boleneus, Mrs" fin Shinierc Mrs 'Wes Mains' "am Mrs Henry Steenhard. One 0 -the purposes 6f the project id thi promotion of ,lowa produced ag ricultural products. .vThe committee', is presently asking for favorite recipes from friends,, who are interested in good food and its preparation. .. '^0 Insure correct printing, re cipes should be typed- or, printec and sent to the Farm Burea\ office; Algona.. Send as many a you wish and please nrint you name, too, as it will be used witf your recipe. RETIRES Rev. Albert Kinzler, pastor 0 'the Lansing Presbyterian churc is planning, to retire aftei 4 b in-the .-ministry, -^ >t - '., AUG. ioth The Explosive force of COUNT BASIS 1 .. „ and his , famous <afch "alia *hV dtfntt* tfo SATJ, AUG. 12th HENRY CHARLES and his orchestra ole Buildings ,; • J ;4cfopfqfc/eTo A 'J -. *, * '«,<•, i "' , K ' . V* / Of Fo/rm Uses...Ajff<] M Economical Cost A KOSSUTH COUNTY EXAMPLE OF POLE BUILDING USE: Pictyred here is a new poultry rearing building recently completed by the Hamilton Hatchery of Wesley. This building is 40 x 250 feet in length, pole-type con- strustiotl. H is located one mile west of Wesley just north of the railroad tracks across 'Highway 18. It is all pole-type construction, with exterior siding of plywood, Jo roof of 28 gauge steel roofing, and red fibreglass panels for lighting. The p?le buildings materials were furnished by Botsford Lumber Co. of Algona. • H ,.,..,, , .... ' •• - -. : TrjpRE ARE OVER 72 VARIATIONS IN USE SIZE FOR POLE-TYPE BUIIPINGS ! '''"" ' '• AMONG THEM ARE THE |?OST? Pole-Type Building Materials Will Ayprage f-»• 0Q PerSq.foptfrcpv J)OC to Q JJI • Cattle'loaf ing Barns • Grain Storage • Cattle Sheds • Poultry Houses • Machino ShetU ' WeWl|iFinfln^Vi>To5Yi«rfVVit|iThe Uwql Pown Pflyment 9f 10% We w|| iither ^es) <|r Pwrniih oAoterlpIs, As Yo« Pref«r, j ! MAY «Wf QUOTI COSTS ? NO OBUGATION5 ;, ^5,i- w '-;^3l5 v Sftv. J ' '«ss|«|wspw ^.> -^ r'" I.'' Lififittfast afotMiww '. ' AugV 4/ . W&s a guestV Mrs, Wne with the as^islefiee ef ;a. from' Anies, judged baked fhose.' taking baked id thd 1 fair are 1 Anita ' ftnd ^ uwne^ Moore, Linda and Nancy -B&ckefY Diane -Miller,- Janice. Laf&nl Shardh, ,Betty and PattyrLaftiiSef and Catherine, Tnmkhill. Ahife Moore was chosen for the junio/ division and Nancy -Becker, termediate and senior in-jud. >£>iv>and Mrs; Robert ddlletC. 6f Engiewood' sent word t6 Matty-* es here, to anhouhce the /arrival 6f & baby boy. Aug. 1, wdighirlg '6 pounds arid 13'buncgs>He."Masl been named vCHestef William, Chested has "two brothers" .ftrfji a sister to welcome, him into 'the family. Mrs. Collett iS'.the'loiM, mer Mary Janice McWhdrter. \ . „. Mrs? • ..FrnkM^keft^hsfcei^ea, word from - -Ijei" v fatHer" Sunday- that he and Mrs. McWhorter . and were at Edmontoh-arid'twere going' to Iiake Louise 'and aw- son City, i '»<MrV and 5 , Mrs. Harold; BScker, ? 'Mh,/and k Mrs. |Tom' Treriaty^, 1 and' 'Kenneth; frenark'" ahd^MKs arid RKAKlSAS RETIREMC Opportunities await you on excellent values In lovely new retirement homes In this air conditioned Twin Lakes* Section of the North Arkansas Ozarks. Mllfrlpur season climate. Finest bass .and, rainbow,, ,in_the.. na- ^tlofiftaldng wltK, " •-- •"--'••— pf deer,' turkey, ioulrrelr A dompleU vice In Resorts,' Businesses, Farms, Investment Tracts and Lake Sites, Write and tell us of your wishes—we:' will Mdunialn Horn*. Arkanso (31-32) ;Mrs. Bill Tr&flfS,*; ifid Vefe arhoftg families Jhe annual Hoosl^r Pknic »«.day. A picnic, aiftner ..Wall h*ld in the Lfegion hall ift BtSfi Mr. Ind'Mrsr MarTbld-Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker and family, Mr. afid Mrs, Jlosdoe Mawdsley Jr. and family and Mr. and Mrs. George Becker Were among those attending the Becker family reunion at Swea Uity Sunday, Wednesday visitors in the Le-; vant Moore home were Mrs, Enrl Zwiefel of Rochester and 'Mrs. Louis Huber of Tlt6nka. : , Levant Moore and .girls and, .Leona Haase were Wedhesdily evening visitors in the Chris Haase home. Garwin Rafdal of Titonka was a guest of Charles Larsen Saturday. , Judy Beebe of Des Moines spent last week visiting in the Vincent and Lawrence Govern home. ' Mrs. Lawrence Govern, accompanied by Mrs. Milton Farrow 'and Barbara, Lakbta, went to Ues Moines Friday. ' ; Mr. and Mrs. VerheT'Lau and ^Barbara, Mrs. Elsie; Moore and Mrs. Minnie LaTsen Were Sun- 'day dinner, guests in the Glen tLarsen home, F Mr. and Mrs, Richard Rasmus- 'sen and Kim of'Fairmont were Sunday dinner guests In the Lloyd Bartlett home., Mr. and Mrs. B&rtlett have received word from their son and dau*ghter-in- 'Jaw, Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Bartlett, now stationed in Germany,that they are aprents of a "baby Tioy, named'Perry Scott. ' Mr. and Mrs. Freri Schmidt, ,'Joan, Jane ahd Cyhthla' Were ^Sunday dinnei? \guests ln"*the ,Viricent and Lawrence Govern •home. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thompson attended a sfHeidenwitti family reunion at ; Whittemore Sunday. / Monday evening, supper guests ; ln the Levant'Moore home were •Rev. and Mrs. Willis Phelps, Barbara and Carrol of Haxten, ,' M*8. LulU Rittgsdorf ana Mr. arid Mr9> Roy Ringsdorf were Sunday dinner guests in the Brink Shipler home at Swea City. • Rev. and Mrs. Willis Phelps, Barbara and Carrol left Tuesday morning for Sioux City where they will visit a sister of Mrs. Phelps. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch, Korene and Judy and JBen Leeck were Sunday evening visitors in the Arnold Danielsen home., "GOd never closes, one door, Unless he opens another." Miss Ellefson, William Wiener Wed, Swea City Sandra Carol Ellefson and William Lee Wiener exchanged .Wedding vows' July 30 in> First Methodist church, Swea; City. Rev. James E, Albertson officiated at the double ring ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr and Mrs. Sidney^ Ellefson, Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wiener Sr., Fenton. The new. Mrs'. Wiener is, a 1961; graduate .of Sentral -high. The' bridegroom is a -1957 Fenton high-'school graduate and is employed 1 With William Householder , Construction company; The couple wil be at home In rural Cylinder. Mr. and Mrs. Clair ,Moore r and family; 'of Dollivei-; w^re dinner guests ih the Bernard and Chas. Phelps home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rings- SUI Will Offer Special Courses For tne convenience of persons who wish to study at the State University of Iowa during the 1961-'62 academic year but are Unable to attend its regular sessions,"::• cldsses. which combine residence work with Home study are, offered in some areas of study. , -."•"' Classes have been scheduled 12 Saturdays from pct.^7. to Mar. 17. Regular attendance is mandatory. Each student may enroll for one or two courses' for two or four semester, hours. Registration for Saturday class will be 'HE 103rd ANNUAL '• . .',/ -U • : —KOSSUfH C6f f AIR •'., v " '• ,' "'- '' ' • • For 1013 years it has been the showcase of progressive agriculture in northern * Iowa. We urge you to participate in the exhibits and events again this year. Agriculture is the foundation of our Kossuth County economy . . . lefs examine i '• ; " > s- ' i , it and improve it by participating in this great annual aventl IOWA STATE BANK ALGONA "YOUR PARTNER IN PROGRESS" ' 'MEMBER F.D.I.C. CY 4-2418 Thuficfay, AuguiMO, 196t Alejona (la.) Uppsr Current Point Leader Stan Rojiha, Excelsior, Minn-. 6urrerit point l&ader In the Northwest Midget-Auto Racing Association, shown here standing beside his car, will be one. of an estimated 30-40 drivers who wffll be here competing for a $1,100 purse Friday night, Aug. 18, at the Kossuth County Fair. \ ' . It is interesting to note that all 13 of the current point leaders in the NMARA were among the first 24 drivers to file entries for the races here, which will begin at 8 p.m. held in Macbride Hall in Iowa City starting at '8:30 turn, with classes beginning at 10 a.m. jand 11-SO a.m. on that day, October 7. Work completed in the "program .may apply as residence credit'.toward an undergraduate degree. • ' ' Algona Woman's Grandson Weds '*.'•' s Theresa Lennon, daughter 01' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lennon, Duncombe, became the bride of Merle .Garman, son of Mrs. Ariha Garman, Britt, arid the late S'.vW. Garman,, ^.ug,- 5 in c'erehfiioriips at :Duncombe. V . ,. -' The bridegroom, a grandson pi Mi's. Mary Garman of Algona, is a graduate of the State,,College Of Iowa arid will coach baseball and ; basketball at Stratford. t this fall; Garman relatives from;Ali gona attending the weddng Were Mr and Mrs Bill Erpelding, Blondina, Joice, & Mark, Mr & Mrs G. Garman and Theresa, Mr. and Mrs.''Bill Garman, Mr. ,and Mrs. For heating-water,' electrical equipment is nearly twice as effi-. cient as any type water heater. USDA tests are proof. And electric water heaters are safe. ... Symbol of to- .op«roHv« rural tltc- (tlfitallon - - > and dtptndablt, nonprofit elicfric strvlct for rural famlllti of, Ihli <«mmunlt]r. ^—^ Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 — Humboldt, Iowa At this time of year the spotlight is on several lasting, educational programs for the youth of our county. A program made successful through the continued efforts of each member and especially their tireless leaders. We wholeheartedly endorse this fair and look forward to seeing all its splendor next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL 4-H & FFA MEMBERS CHECK OUR FUEL Oil PRICES FOR FAIL DELIVERY TO FARM AND HOME • jftf miHRIMHM*iM ^Bi ^BW ^H^ ^WHP^B ^^W ^B^p * liiiii^ Leo German, Dwight, Karen and Mickey, Mr. and; Mrs. Victor Garman, Nancy and June, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waldera and Mr. and Mrs. Janies Knocr. • Bancroft By Mrs. Lawrence Bergman Guy Hart is a, ^patient at St. Mary's hospital,; Rochester. At Holy Family, Esthcrville, are Mrs Ed Goeke, Dennis Schiltz, and John Boyer, medical patients, Mrs. Mel Fangman and baby girl, born to the Fangman's Aug. 3.; ' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dahl- liauser, and family, Algona, have rented the Paul 1 iSchmidt residence and will move in soon. Mrs. Rose Mary Dudding and family have purchased the Hattie Hulterstrum residence. Mrs. Ada Dudding and Patsy returned after several weeks with the Don Williams in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Hippen and family, Lakota have. moved to the Bruns Kortes residence. , Mr. and Mrs.. Cletus Dorr spent Sunday in St. Benedict w<th his parents.',Mrs. Ben Dorr hasn't been feeling too well in recent weeks. Mrs. Marvan Becker speni Sunday with her,-parents, tha Jack Lynchs at Medicine Lake, • Forty Merchants Will Sponsor 2 Free Movies Forty Algona merchants are cooperating .with Algona Theater Manager Ray Langfitt to bring two free movies to area children Aug. 19 and Aug. 26, just before "back-to-school" becomes a reality. Free tickets to the movies may be obtained at stores and busi- neiss places displaying special window, cards bearing an announcement of the event. Movies to be shown include "Raymie"., with David Ladd, Julie Adams, John Agar, Charles Winninger and Richard Arlen, Aug. 19, and "Have Rockec, Will Travel", with the three stooges, Aug. 26. BE CARPET-WISE ECONOMIZE 1 ,,, the fabrics they pant . . jnagnificent, firpt quality GulUtoa carpet^) , . In the •pecial ityle. p^tom and color they wwt . . . at ow , big showroom. Rconomy- wiw buyers flnd^nvcnicn* budget plans to qwet their needs, and low, l9w priow to pay. \^ydon'tyoucon»«* todjjy . . . we our wide vsri* ety of esquisitp puljitan carpet* . . . drover oui easy payment tf na* ' |W (IBH^^MW ^W ^^WH^^^^^ j . w^^p 1 .....

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