The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1961
Page 20
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D-Alfl6rm (la,) Upper CM Molnft Thursday, Auau*t 16, 196t ; In a Hllle chat the oihef day, a housewife* and Mother said, "I'd be tettipted t&^riroli In 6 clnss in gfaiwmar if they'd have ' one next wintei* When they have adult classes," One grows careless and perhaps a bit forgetfu' over the years. Dictibrt mjght be interesting too. Most, of' us ifeed it. And while>\we,,are on tfte grammar subject,' just what 1S< a split infinitive?, • I've '. gotten. Or perhaps never knew! * » • • >Elvira Monlux waa visited Over a weekend recently by her son and daughter-in-law, Dr. find Mrs William Monlux, and Edna Nelson, Ames. The older generation will remember that Edna ife the former Edna Cole, sister of the well-known Renort. Edna's 1 husband is Dr. Louis Nelson, also a former Algonan and I believe a cousin of Elvira. He has been 'a , veterinarian - at Ames many years but is' now in poor health and hospitalized. * , * * ' . Other "old timers" who have been here are ,Gladys and Harry Wright, Santa Monica, Calif. Years ago,' Harry's 'father was Kossulh county treasurer and Harry, was his deputy. His wife Was then Gladys Daley, relative of O. J. Stephenson, Kpssuth county clerk, and .she was deputy auditor .; for her brothe Andy Anderson, Kossuth; count auditor. ' Also back to thes years my Uncle arid aunt Fran and Mary Herierson were Kos suth county recorder arid deputj and I was •hired" as an extra Mart, Weaver; and' Melaar Hag gard. were in the abstract bUsi ness across from the court house arid what pledsant times we hac -4 one of my jobs was to type on the old book machine, an unwieldy thing weighing almost more than I could lift. ' * * * •It's tough being a little guy and Jay Limbaugh, three-yearr old son of Mr and ' Mrs Jack Limbaugh could iell you so. He was at the wading pool awhile ago, stumbled on the walk and cut. his forehead so two stitches had to be taken. ' * * * Older people have to take , falls in stride, too. Mrs A. B. ' Oakland has had a long session in a plaster cast 'put on when she suffered a verterbra injury in a fall many weeks ago. She was let out of her "prison" July 5. » " * * Mrs Duane Murphy and Rebecca, 2, and Ramona, 1, Blue Earth, Minn., and Mrs Gene Nllson, Winnebago, called on me one day recently. I had met Rebecca when she was about eight months old, a charming little gal. Ramona is also a charmer and the girls bear a close resemblance. I noticed the names have been shortened to Becky and Mona. * * * July 28 — A few words of loving remembrance for my father who died 39 years ago today. * * * Ed Sfuder was visited Friday by his niece and her mother-in- law, Mrs Aurelia Huber and Mrs Hubcr Sr., Plainfield, Wis. of'corn ort the cob. Doesn't that make your mouth watef? * * * t quavered when I received a notice frbm county assessor Leo Immerfall fearing taxes were going 'higher, A phone call to Mis office .arid'he assured me it was merely a notice put ,out every four years. I breathed « sigh of relief, I don't know which word is the more awesome — dentist or taxes. * • * * ' Twyllah "Lorenz got Ihe red carpet treatment when,she came from Pompano Beach, Fla., for a visit with her brother and sister- in-law, Mr arid Mrs Bob Reilly and friends. Several parties were given for her, a grand gal. * * * the Don Sjogrens cocker- Cinders rather over—did matters when she presented them with a . . . . _ * . ;._._' • TTn*i litter of nine puppies contribution just Her that war & reasonable and conserve live*, one pup. Sjogrerts are feed ' Ing '« .milk arid giving ther fl tender, loving care till the; are bid enough to sell, They plan to Iteep one 1 and Don plans, to train t it for hUfttlng. 1 fr a cocker had any hunting insti Sets, I admit my dog knoW- ledgt { is lacking. The only cocker t ever had any acquaintance with was Lucille Grose's Don, a cute ' black one who didn't liks mUSi/c. At least he was most un- apprfeciative- of our tear-jerking .rendition of "The FloWer Song, 1 ' * • ', « Hose and Heinle • Stebrifz have beeiii at Mankato, Minn., recently i '{siting - with < ,Ray Smith,. pistniist at the 61d Call theatre manty years ago. The son Byron was just a little fqllow when Ray and his late wife Grace lived, here. , He, now lives at Daly -Cityi CiiL, arid -he and his wife are to spend a month with Ray. ' ' • '..•.» • •,•• * ' My steniimenls exactly. "One thing albout the speed of light--It gets here too soon in the morning'." - * • . •" I am always hientioning my fondness' for diamonds so me, "Isn't It aiftaaint thi way nature can produce, a. ' . a man and putting him. tmdte teVrific pressure?" * * "* Several years ago when lift Claude Samsons spent the sunf* mers in their cottage at a lak« in Minnesota, they met a Ferguson who is a close friend of the Abner Longs. We Muskaters" met Mrs Fergusori a few years ago when visiting at Davenport — a 'Charmini woman and at whos£ hqflse'.^s had supper a year ago" wh'eA there. This vacation she joined us at dinner at the Molfne port. ' The Samsons had a ea|a" from her recently and she is 'Of? vacation with friends, driving lier car to Nova Scotia. * * * ",«, In my chat July 30 with Betty flapper, who is visiting here t ,',we didn't cover topics A to Z-b,ut, we did go from A to, ,W*age,;to iv-igs. I told her there were sey- s ral of us who would add much, o ,our particular style of beauty, f we'd succumb to. the wjg, rend.' She assures ' m£ l-'-the _„_„„ Jink one! Wpuldft' colors, Jf story. ...... . _ , r ____ ..,„. Better & ; 'pihk ? wlg' thah ffink ele phants! Betty is here With her sons, Bob and 'Jonathan and wil meet Lt,'Col, jft. E, ,, , go to Bloom'inftbn, Irid,, 16 visft with her br6ther4n-Mf sister, Dr. arid Mrs Glen LudloW * * * t ' I almost forgot . lo iell you about the meeting of * Betty Towne Clapper and Mrs -. Jim Pool in Denver, Colo. They lobked at each .-other in • amazement, scarcely able td belifeVe their eyes. Jim.Pool «nd his Sort Dick are in the hardware business together 'and the daughter Barbara Fabrlzio is teachiftg. Their home is at Aurora and 1 told Betty other Algonans live their too — Harold and Connie Jcrgenson. . • . . « , . We WHO atiended ihe Kbssulh County Historidal Society banquet were given a number of stamps with the picture of Louis Kossuth to attach to letters, or o use in any, manner we chose. With due respect to Ko'ssuth ind. With no''thought of being re many being worn, even som'e — . _ - ike - Joseph's coat, of'. man? insulting, I f wish he didn't have What would one call a meeting for men — a smoker? For •women it would be called a tea. Anyhow, there should have been something for Harlan Miller, DCS Moines, columnist for the Register, when he and author Richard Sherman were here. Mrs Harvey Reid and I would have been interested in meeting him for we have made his column a few times, Olive more often than 1, and she for verse, I merely for comments. And it would have been nice rubbing elbows with R. S. I have a hunch I can guess who the very neat Algona housekeeper is, mentioned by H. M. » * « Lucky the woman who explained her mumbled replies to me — she had a mouthful of roast pork. I told her I hoped she had rutabagoes to go with it — or sweet potatoes. That was one of my mother's favorite menus, and mine too. And think NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW that- castfd.lifa* be&ftlf He ,wa ftatf Jot-a-, ftober * *w f saw ,"f h« Son of the SMek 1 years ag&'.and had paleitdtiorts . oVer iSudblbh VdlentinOj *ad did every dftfef woman and', girt Over TV I : saw him* again a week or so ago, Well, he was a personable young mart, but 3 ' manage' a "palpitate. couldn't' What a difference the years make! The picture was a silly thing too, so after a good look at TV'' in .some' of the' clutching, I decided it was time to retire. Arid what a racy book "-THe -SHiek" was.;' -Very .tame by present ' standards. * ; '' * * » Too true and if you don't be* lieve it, take a good Jook at some on State street, "Some people are no "good at counting calories and 'they prove it." have the figure to BIRTHDAY Mrs Peter Wagner of Wall Jake now, in a nursing home in Carfolr recently, celebrated 'her 9flth birthday. >,She and her husband have resided at the nursing ;'.••"-<£» M. Hayet f-4 ifc 1 i*, . Mf,ahd Mrs^JSbk Schulz are the parents of a new daughter, Jo Ellen, born Aug. 4 at St. Anti hospital • Mr and Mrs 1C, P. Rottey drove to Waukon, Minn, Saturday to spend & few-days with Mr and Mrs Hoy Blythe. \ • Emmet Fowler ;qf\Port Dodge spent' the" weekend with his sister, Mrs , J^ee Colwell, and brother. Claude Fowler.' ; Mrs 1 Marie Frankl had as dinner guests Sunday Mr, and Mrs B. Frankl and sons, Kurt, Matt, Pete and Danny, and Pat aria Mike Frankl. and Marguerite Hayes/ Mr Ed Hammond arid: Mr and Mrs George Johnson of Swea City called on friends here Saturday evening. They were residents here years ago, Mr and Mrs Elmer Dole spent Sunday at Iowa City with their daughter Birds. and- family, the Joe Donahues Move ' •The Joe Donahue's." well* known Bancroft family, will leave soon for their hew fesi-' . den'ce in Phoenix, Ariz. Donahue^, haa sold his Champlin i station' which he has operated the- past 1 J4 years to Don Murray. Hitf bulk plant and tank wagon were sold to Gene • Fagerlund and Vern Lund of Swea City.' Donahue,. his wife and children) Dick, Patty arid Joey, hav6 been - active,• in athletics. Dick has been outstanding as pitched for, St. John's and the* Junior Legion baseball 'team and will enroll at trie University of. Ariz* ona this fall. Joe has not decided on the type of work he will do at. Phoenix. Riverdale Club ,. Riverdale Friendly Club met' Aug. 2 at Elizabeth Grill's home.; Mrs Ernest Gales was a guest.; Cards were .played '.following a, short business' meeting. Prizes- were won by- Marie Bernau, Caroline Weydert.-.-arid Magdalene Zeller. ' Town and Country - • ' • ; •-'•-'*. •'•• . MV Joe Bradley Equipment South Hole! Algona Trucks — Tires Farm Machinery Oliver MaiMy-Huxte Allls-Chalmen GMC Truck* 'FlZMlon* Tl»» i • , Phono CY 4-2421 Algona YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Branson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — EllioH Paints MILL WORK Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 Algona - CY 4-4369 NhiBiiitiiiiMiiiitiuiuuuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiwinaiiiiiittiiitiiiHii! Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona UllliUIUIUllliUllUlllllimiillllllllllllUIIIIKI BUSCHER BROTHERS IMPLEMENT Buscher Brothers Implement in Algona, owned and operated by Gib and Dick Buscher, is going into its sixth year in serving the needs of the farmer. They feature sales and service for farm equipment. A relatively new business in the community. Buscher Brothers Implement is becoming known as the "Cornsheller Headquarters of Northwest Iowa". At their location at 1015 North Main Street, one block north of the Milwaukee depot, Gib and Dick are authorized dealers for nationally-known lines such as Minneapolis-Mo line, Papec and Kelley-Ryan equipment. The mechanics in the shop are well known in this area for their expert workmanship. Open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week, Buscher Brothers Implement serves both town and country in their sales and servicing. Come in soon and meet Gib a nd Dick and their staff who are always ready and equipped to serve your needs. .'.. . Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Bales & Service D Phone CY 4-3501 Algona NEIGHBOR N*^'>^>*>.'%*N/%i' 1 ^VW%^^^ Meet John F. Weber Of Irvington Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbto, . Ho*£*« •hMi M«t») au or OU w«t«x Coraploto r>«tan« fhono CY +-1I4* WATCH THIS SPACi IVERY QTHiR WEIK TO WEfT A^NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR This week's coi^ntry neighbor is John ^, Weber, known Irvington erea farmer. Mr. Weber, shown here, and his wife, Dora, have lived on their farm two miles east of Irvington since 1936 when they moved to Kossuth county from Illinois. Mr. Weber was born at Pontiac, 111,, son of the Frank Webers. Mrs, Weber didn't change her last name when she married John in 1921 at Irvington because her maiden neme was Pora Weber and her father's name was also frank. So Mrs. Weber wound up with a father and father- in-law with exactly the same name — Frank Weber. And the families lived 12 miles apart in Illinois. Mr, and *frs. Weber purchased their 190 acre farm from Mrs. Weber's father and John has specialised in raising purebred Duroc hogs for many years. He has 150 healthy spring pigs housed in his modernised barn at Ihe present time. A huge furnace heats the barn during the winter months. The bam, built in 1896, was re-built, in*U' lated and interior walls installed by the W«be« to give the little pigs perfect Jiving conditions. He has spld hogs to buyers from all over the United States for use as breeding slock. On the crop front, John has corn, b»ans, pets and ihe balance in pasture. He is a firm believer in crop rotation, a practice he follows each year, i The Webers have a daughter, Shirley < M "- Robert Stephens), who teechts at Center Poinl where hjr husband |f superintendent of schools,, and a grandson, Douglas, whj is |b« apple of his grandparents' eye. Mrs. Weber has three brothers, Dr. p. E: Weber, Ban- cr«?J|| H»n,y Webtr, Corwlih; and Alvin W t bfr, Li»y f rne; and a ?i|ter, Mrf, Walter Barr, Algona, Wo® in this to- are*. iminiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii Kelley Lumber Co. "Our Business Is Building" • LUMBER • PAINT CEMENT Wo Aim to FloaM Near Mllwaukao Depot - Algona Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION WoitlnghouM In APPLIANCES WesltaghouM Frlgldalro Youngitowili Pnone CY 4-1611 A'gona Buscher Brothers ImpL Minneapolis Moline — Kelly-Ryan — Papec New Idea Farm Machinery • Saloi • Sorvlc* • Frlondly ft Courteous Alway* Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Stpre" ' A Complete line Of Hardware • Hoysewarei • Took • Bldg, Supplies Phone CY 4-4630 ALGONA fmit WJIHUilMIBliU^ Robinson Construction Co SIOUX $199! SvJldlng, strength, .. * f»» building, in»isl Another advsnce- fnent in ea«ier farming- x.a

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