The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1961
Page 16
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fay, Augutt 10, 1961 v#"- &ik' 'v^ -, .i:..-jLifc-J l ,, .isp «pii "; 3• • ^ M>* F, iJM»dr***:^|g^ '•r- ~ >'~: ?--; • f,™>?-^V " .w6s pr6bab(y mocked wifh more wpjftf'e "4' ' fh Centerytile, la./ fhiy -liaye decided to fly IH world arralfs and domestic h'dp*jp«timgft cities to be consistent and fly their flags during every crisis, we.predict they .will be flying for aJlong, long time' if not forever. rfuhleofloii facilities increase the more 'folks hear more details of these crises, have no intention of belittling the Berlin Congo, Loos, Ctistrd, Berlin, and dozens ef other 'hot-spots' around the globe have 6ecUp)«d d major snare ot the nj»w- Presldfthf'ii flm> There 1* many, hls O0mestie proflfomfc Although the 'drama of the everyday head, / crisis which obviously is a very great and serious lines has naturally been .focused Upon the* ten* "' one. But we imagine that in the slower past a great many crises sprang up and died a- borning, without the general population of the World ever hearing of them. >The flag-flying at Centerville is also intended as "on acknowledgment that the world situation 'puts an .emphasis on the need for patriotism." This sounds very'good to us, but doesn't Centerville know that a great many of the international thinkers have decided that patriotism-may be good for every little johnny- torhe-lately country in the world — but not for us? THE PEACE CORPS ' "•' Most of the press and a bulk of the nation's leading opinion writers have taken a cool view of the proposal for, and establishments of, a "Peace Corps." Despite an .initial heavy favorable-response from all parts of oUr society, certain groups have' seemed intent to stifle the sions ot the world scenes, his succes>;in gaining wnat he wants from Congress should not be overlooked. The Kennedy, domestic program has arawn much more support than anyone though possible a tew montns back, and before congress adjourns this fall a major part of it wi! be written into the -statute books.' Already Congress has fenacted measures providing for aid to depressed areas'and'new'arid higher pensions ror older folks, two things that were nigh on Kennedy's campaign promises. It has also tallowed, the New.:President's reommenda tions towards granting more 1 money 4 or unem- ploymen,t compensation pay, increasing the minimum wqge and placing more persons under the coverage of that law, and. provided for aid to children of jobless workers. Early in the session the emergency feed- grain program i was passed, giving us a'farm bill for this year. Now congress, has almost completed action On a more comprehensive farm bill, which will extend the feed-grain bill provisions for another year and ..which has many ul "•tm*\ v>' * * i. * tt$ m **$* ***-< X-$ &>; i ^ H, / <-J Mill !» ^ found o«t why •» hf.^ tf«nU>re u* WbUst ' i ».'. pone. of. them wariuck to bdgto'witl " ^Si ik* of'flit iMhfc roVe ill A ip BOX 44 !'-• '..,*'! ! > ffH V J , Dear Cifl! 1 i. .thslr* or j und< ly injured £«Jd [attendance at . ;tlie affair. me; In thisi biUlrlesalydU,] ~ *--r-« -• eorfitgeS wca&lo .sincere, froffi smart*alecRa, ;from "Mb idUrifig.a dem^rt- -threats and some that are nauseating. ——» •'?-•!' • • - 1841 crew, was "using the -same machine. Of seyen original Shareholders, Antone Goetz was have ,. c have to find [out expecting baby but 1 don't 'know if,I can; thr.fether P&y .or giv6 'tip this patjyj besVfoi* the It's ance I but yet he •and. kiss ilm. ..JTJS*— ^»" tier, Can -*t AI !&.*. SU1 •« criticism of it at all times. Those who first complained that it was a mistake because it would send "hoardes of bungling,'inept, over-anxious. — , • r * - - •!! I * ff »>WI«^»H« IWI «MII««llf^*l.v«**MI «rt I 1^4 -1 TT I I !*•« I ll%l« II IVII (r program as completely as poss.ble, and to offer other features backed fay »he Kennedy adminis- >«!Af ^T>_ ^.L It, «ii ._ll A!«K«KA Tl___ A *.<L». X:_A& _A A_ . 'AII '• i - . - f ' it tration. Although Kennedy did not get the full authority he had requested, in his original farm .,. , , . - - , program, the measure he is getting is definitely ontra.ned young adventure seekers overseas a vjctory . for him. Also enacted by congress has ^^ll?^°St£^L-Iu * It* ™u ".?.?* been a bi " to Provide new taxes and financing „.._._. .i. —_ » _» .* ... for our federal highways, a water-pollution control measure to help eliminate the cesspools that have developed from improper use of many of our ; major rivers',-lakes and smaller streams, and new aids to housing. A $600 million program to aid Latin America has been approved, as has an expanded space program ..:; President Kennedy, envisions ^th^ Peace * geared basicly to peaceful >xploration ' Corps as a pool of trained .Americart — ****-^-' • •• • . _• . not, WOrk/. because volunteers have not been trained fast enough. Despite, such . criticism, however, the program is moving ahead on a trial basis, and it will not be long before the first Volunteers will be fulfilling their overseas assignments. ^ * * 1 * G Washington S£ vOr. Clergyman wou Good luck. h *L U " id be m orjiti ¥ threshing 1( - , , jobs, proving that the combine:! *. Dean Dan: The longer I kndw this boy. who lives on my block, ' " no^"y^t^b6come*tHe>1ottly^iae4ni|re^'I;like him. My,brother ' " " •-»<—-^ answer .Sooner or later in this great parents and thls-heighborh • 'y you shouidn.'',t'be his than a yfear.and a.half every thinig iis ripe for this di 'you ' evenihg— are. Titonka, dauld country Of burs enough Amer icans .wllL wake >up .to the fact (derstands true conditions in our. that the most expensive helping ,opi' Well, .you can see "what fierce when that is done natiye pride means. These peo- taxes can be cut, the size of the ,ple resent' being held up as an g£5 Federal government can be re- example of this > sort. And, right- duced and the responsibility for fully so,, they "feel it —-- 1 - i>1 —•• by Uncle Sam. hurt solving local problems will be ;business.- If .could certainly un- shifted to the place where 41 '.dermine confidence in their eco- should have been all along — nomy and discourage new busi- , ness or industry from going in °™ s ., 1Jlat unost ^ Corps as a pool of traipe^ s ,Americart ineir*^ ? fja^ing mijitary«oye^orjes^An Wended--*brf{gn women, sent overseas byi the Government or i aid program/ allowing :'advance? 1 'pla\ining"fpr through private organizations and institutions, foreign countries meet their urgent needs for skilled manpower. The corpsnien, mostly young persons will serve as teachers, supervisors and workers. They will teach and train na- Hve teachers. , KENNEDY'S FIRST 6 MONTHS Indianolo Tribune — July 20 marked the end of the first six months in office for Presi- several years instead of the present year-at-a time piecework situation, .is also a 'Kennedy victory that is almost certain to pass, having already cleared most of the congressional hurdles. Already approved is a bill creating 73 new; -federal judgeships, one of which is in Iowa. Before congress adjourns, probably about 60 days from now, a good many other Kennedy-backed proposals are likely to be enacted. By the time the session is completed we will see most of his major campaign goals fulfilled to at least some degree. Uppcr PCS Cornea 111 E. Call Street-Ph. CY 4-3535-Algona. Iowa NO HARM IN HAVING JOB Second cU»s pottage paid at Aigona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EOITORIAI NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Aye!, New York 18. N?Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance *3M Both Algona papers, in combination, per'year Iss.oo Stogie Copies -„ ___ lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance —HOC Both Algona papers in combination, one year Sf.09 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CJTY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST YOUR ADVERTISING MESSAGE . . . Lyon County Reporter — Abraham Ribicoff secretary of health, education and welfare, came up with what we think is a mighty sound idea last week. He suggested that some changes should be made in the child labor laws — and we certainly agree. By law it is impossible for a youth to hold a job until he is at least 16 or more. It is a silly law — and should be changed. From 12 to 16 is the formative age for young boys. If they get started off on the right foot, they'll probably get along fine the rest of their lives. If they get into bad habits, start running with a "gang" it is too late, when they get to be sixteen or eighteen, to do much about it. We never knew of any youngsters being hurt by having a job—we have known of lot* and lots of young men who have bepn helped, The beginner on any job with a future has a lot to learn and for the first year or so he is a burden on "the boss". Youngsters can work, receive small pay, and learn. Unfortunately when they get to be sixteen or eighteen they figure they are worth men's wages, and they want top pay to learn — as a result more and more machines are replacing more and more untrained men. We don't suggest that the boys be ojlowed to work at dangerous jobs — or for long hours, But they ought to be able to have a job', start learning a trade, and be given something son- structive to do. Mr- Ribicoff certainly has the right idea. the local community. A strange thing happens to'a under such a labeL ax dollar which is sent to Wash- * * * ngton and returned later in the , I* will be interesting io see It form of Federal assistance — it 'he Federal government insists shrinks. ' .on giving these counties the as» • • sistance they don't want and ,?„• For loo many years loo many most certainly will refuse. What >eople have looked to Washing- these alert citizens of Texas are :on when they want something doing should set an excellent accomplished in their own back example for the entire United yard. For 'some peculiar reason States. they have -an idea that it is We see far too many instances someone else's money they are of a Federal government exer- getting'' instead of their pwn cising unlimited generosity with which they coughed up in taxes."; the taxpayer's money. These 1 For a lo'rig time we have jpeople in-Texas are well aware watched Congressmen who'that there's, a catch, there always ~ ~" >bl * •sohomy/r* states'- righwilis. This is their prpblem'and,< aniieto^ ;~ +!,-> TT o M ' OI "' BpeHK^up. i nave cozens -or rgiris wriie m me^every weeK, au enlisted in^the U.S.. Navy. O f them with the same 'complaint. They like certain boys and-want <„„ • .-< ; * 'I v .' / to know how they .can'get tnoserbpys *o start lik'ing 4hem.' You boys Here are movies staled lo show ,know as Veil-as 1 1 'do that'in' SO^per'cent of tho'se Miking" 'cases, you %e these girls^as much as'they like you. However,-* you're'j That Ghost" with Abbott and too bashful' to speak' up or to even smile and ihe poor 'girls have Costellp, the Andrews _ Sisters, 'fhe idea'you d£n't fever*'know they exist. , Yby&flas'^would'hjaVe & lot more fun during the rest of this sumrnerjand daring'ihfc-'coming high school year if you'd swallow your sBynefes, convince-yourselves-the girls you like just might-like you arid at,least start.speaking 4o,these,lovely creatures. ' Remember, if you,don't, y.ouW only cheating •yourselves and a you're making life pretty tough on' trie girls trio! ., prSa^i'eteoftomy/r* states' - righta'Ais. This is their prpblern/.andjj andsS^liiHie' !% r j eBt--scurrying : - to*the »hey want to solve it hi their ' front.--of f the 'line when- some' ,own independent way. new flow of Federal money' is ' All of us would help not only started on its merry way back ourselves but our'country if we to the states. Of course, it would followed in their lead, require utmost political - courage to sit,back-and say, "No, thanks, we'll do the job ourselves." A quiet fight is brewing in 'Washington now . that could develop into a first-class row. It involves the Area Redevelopment Act which was signed into law by President Kennedy on May 1.4 There is a definite connection between this program and what we just said about . Barbara: The Tcids may- be' making laces ait you ijecause they like, you, believe it or noU.jAsk your mother if kidsf'didn't sometimes make'faces-at'her when she was your .age. "I'll bet'they "did. Profession?! Directory 'FPOM'THE FILES OF THE MOINES FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES AUG. 9, 1951 , « .' *" :.' » ' ' Sometimes ihe old saying "the Best part 'of a vacation is coming home" is hot true. Mrs Mary Budlong, Titonka, at least won- „ _ dered about it. Mrs Budlong ?. E - ° tate • and her two sisters-in-law, Edith '' Budlong and Hazel Budlong, returned from a trip to .Colorado. Mrs Budlong decided to carry her suitcase upstairs after arriving home. As she reached the INSURANCE A, J. (Ainle) Rlcklefs ••" '• •'. iHpspitalikation '•? .- MjHeaUh &: AccWeritr *' Life — Auto — Fire — Hail - - - - ' Chiropractor •.-- ... -,.- . ALGONA INSURANCE " the bill he said he believed it would be of special help those « whbh^ havTbeen subjeeted "Waller Bradley., formerly of Five Kossuth counly .mdenls to chronicT unemployment for Renwick.i purchased a half- were graduated from the State , , many months, and in some cases. Detest in the implement bus- Lmversity of Iowa at Iowa City Automobile - Furniture Loan fbr manv vears iness of his brother, Joe, which Aug. 8 as part of a class of 734 7 N. ! Dodge ,''• Phone CY 4-27! J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Linps -.-„ . . of Insurance - - f 4-3170 208 E. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE x AGENCY- .All Lines of Insurance Dr. D. D. Arnold .-.''•'; ":• I Chiropractor' : ;,, vc.OverriJ-enney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: «:00 — 5:00 : Open Friday Night ; Dr. William L. Clegg , Chiropractor* 521 E. State St. - : ' ; Hours} 0100 "^- 6:00 thru Sat. '.' 9:00 -r- 6:00 Friday - Ph.Qff. CY 4-4677 Res. CY/ 4-3469 i for many years , , • '• * hail been operated as Bradley graduates. They were Margaret This is all well and good, 01 a 9^ Klassie during the past Ann Beardsley, Ardis Kresensky 273b course. No one likes to see any and a half. The new firm and Richard John Wheelock, all BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE uuiuau. A^U uiiv Aitvua MJ otu uliy rf "" . , — «c AI«. i. • < part of the United States suffer was to & known as Bradley «« Algona, who received master 5 N. Dodge Phpnp CY 4-4443 a severe economic setback be- Bros, and handled Pontiac cars, °f Wts degrees. Graduate nurse " A...._^,. cause it means men and women CMC trucks and Oliver, Allis- degrees were conferred on Lois out of work and businesses hurt Chalmers :and New Idea farm Mmiue Bollmger Fenton, and Home » Automobile - Farrn Polio Insurance ; Eleanor Lucille Heidenwith, « * Swea City. was; Kossuth County Fair * * * ..„,,, with the program slated Three Algona dogs placed in toVppen Sunday, Aug. 17, for a field trails held at Spirit Lake. Recently, a list of the first of *-*W s ^ uF ° rt y fast P acer j S^ 01 | e ' f1ow " od1and handled by many so-called "depressed areas" *"«* trotters had been entered •?'• _?• C. Scanlan. won first in by lack of customers. But the machinery, fact remains: is the creation of a new Federal agency the answer? CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling,*Awlo, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 was The *"*• group was in Texas - 47 coun- racing programs Mon- the Derbystakes, while two 'dojjs ties fn all. Well, the words were 9Bf;°* th ,P to P * nt " es j /l « c ' a "- M ,^ P ' P1 ?n ^ S f 1 hardly cold on the announce- «H»'W«Uli owned by H. M. Col- Places m the all ment than, a reat hue and cr *3& A«ona, and driven by * * Tuesday afternoons, owned and handled „„ McAlpine took second end fourth open age, KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION .Over '$74,00.0,000 wrtti 'o! 'in,. i- TV .* -,| by Djck surance in force, CY M 4-3766. Lola Scuffham, Bec'y ° - T ment than a great hue and cry was heard. Business men, chambers of commerce, civic leaders and others were aghast. Why, jl they weren't distressed or depressed at 3UV. One newspaper screamed in A«ona, and driven by Infko of Bode, a -trotter HERBBT WB. ..... , The Robert Deals had a big For Auto, House, '.Household had finished first or second batch of hard luck come their Gooda, and Many Other 'Forma feryrace she had been en- way when the big storm hit AU Phone CY 4-3733 •' ' ' 4n «lii >*i tier 1Q41 fKofo \ifoV*» rr/in.a o' Pt*\,r if*rnnU« ; —'—_ ' n.-i t-if ^ '.. ' * • > m_ j *« **.i« ., _ 1041. There were gona a few weeks ago. Buildings dances scheduled all were severely damaged ori their - of the Fair; band farm. The Deals' luck changed Ttd'S, an editorial: "Where can we file e9flC,<Jrts,;.a society horse show, however, when it was announced suit for slander?" The newspaper !»*$ rac< i s featuring drivers like from the .American Legjoa coa- was understandably puzzled be- CM Schpjder, greatest of them vention tljat the family had „,_,. cause no one had been consulted *m^ nd '^ 8ny ._ otihe _ r »n te f es t' n S Chosen for first place in the 8th by the Department of Commerce f which seiects i .these "depressed Form Bureau MHtuaJ lap. C Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (With HO Life . Hati ,|vere on tap. •, « * areas." SUHDE7 *'" . Is presented more clearly, in an e»sy tp read foinj and )eis money per cvislojner reached in newspapers than in any olhcr media. newspiBors ojfejr « perfect combination o| e«>4 ad- ley-outs and news coverage that can't be beat BIAOY TO SIRVf YOy IN The AIGONA UPPiR pis MOIN1S BEAD 6ACH ISSUf »Y 5,500 FAMIHfJ district in the Legion—sponsored Phone CY 4*3351 Don S.tark, "GI Farm Family" contest. The glare • Berryhill, Livermore, prize is an expense-paid trip to » * * was working 60 feet in the air the Iowa State Fair-' f»r tho The progressive city of Tyler, P«*» wiipnill Monday when he entire family, where they will Texas, was most indignant Only W JH S^WJ^ by a bee. Unable to be entered in the state cqntpst, a few weeks before the govern' Nfth th f bee sway as it began The family was entered in the ment announcement two big new W kamjkaze plunge, BerryhiU district Pontdst after they won industries revealed they were Km *» * al5e lt and the §tln S the county contest, moving to Tyler. And in the very week that Tyler learned it was in a 'depressed area resident- iaJ building permits totaled healthy ?374,000. » * * Tfef Tytoir ewrjp».TiB> W it qgl the Jme: "Np, Un^le pam, we M e n^iUier depressecj nor distressed economically. We feul A . that Smith County is solving its ' , ' own 'problems quite well, will) * *• the marriage of jndustry, attract* ec] by local effQrt at local expeiv se, to agriculture. The only WMj|g that distresses us is the fact that our Federal govern- ami we"W te so wm$ t« &a& the taxpayers of theMtion W give us help that we don't need. 'And it is diiUeajjiijg, indeeU, tv FUNERAL SERVICE DOCTORS MELVIN G- BOURNE, M. D. Physician, & Surgeon 118 N. Moore st. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phono CY 4-227* J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W.-State-Street Qfficq phpne Cy 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-26^ CAROL L. 'PLOTT, M. D. 110 N. Moore Street '"Practice Limited to Surgijry Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residency JOHN M, SCHUTTER, M,' D,". Y 4-2335 Phone vY 4-49J17 api & Surgeons < 320 N 9 , Qo^ge, Office "Pho'ne'cV 4-449(1 OPTOMiTRIST 4%! Sift" DR, U L, 8NYPEH .-QpiP^e^t _. —*»•* Iowa „ Phone CYprcM 4-2190

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