The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1961
Page 15
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"? Vt#' "'&; 10,1961 ! «WrilMTiMl.tNf MIWTMMMN* ' it A. EOftT KAtf, —• Cadet Siegfried. ; J. Weittel, 20, s6A' { 6f Mr and Mrs Fraftk fit. 'Wehie'l, Bancroft^ completed' six Weeks of training 'at the ROTC s damp at Fort Riley, Kan., 28 * During this training Caddt .Wenzel received practical teW- perience and instruction in" tae?- ticali technical and adminis'fr4- tive, subjects, with special emphasis placed on the duties of a second lieutenant in an infantry unit. , ... •• Wenzel is a 1958 graduate) of Browerville (Minrt.) high schbbl and is a, student alt St. 'Johns' University at Collegeville, Minn! I-OHT H1LEY..KAN, - Cadet Robert J, BeU'Jr:,' t 2l,"whose,'paf- entS live aft Swea City, coniplet- ed six weeks of , training ,at the ROTC summer camp" at, Fort' ,-!.- - . •. 1. ..... . ,' f ', * * ttitey, Kfan., July 28. ng this' ttainifig tiadet received practical exper- jaM iristructibn in tactical .technical and administrative sub jefcte, ' Wfth special emphasis placed on) the duties of a second lieutenant i in an infantry unit. ' -f ' s Sell is A 1958 graduate of Sit John's' high School at Ban- croftUmd-is a student at Creigh. ton tMwrsity, 'Omaha, Neb. , Letts Creek 4-H f The Lotts Creek Lassies held their atihlevetrfent >shbw Aug. 1. Mcs Irvin Gerber and Mrs Ben AHliker tfere judges who 1 Selected • the' entries for the Kossuth County Fair.'' Kdthy Besch and Mary Beth Poley were hostesses. Charlotte Elbert' arid Sheri 1 LUd- wig Were presented- with gifts ifld« the 'birthday song was sung tiJ'them. Donna Mullin, Mickey and Eileen O'BHeh! gave talks. 1 After the .meeting,, Avis LettoW, lorne economist, gave a'talk. In the* judging' contest Carol, Besch' won -first and Alice Elbert sec- cfod in the senior division. Judy 3esch and Mary Beth Foley won irst k ahd second in the junior division. L,unch was served. , SIGNS & SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE IN THE ~n,,, ~, •-—- — with '" portable ' drawing board, ALGONA AREA Cliff's Sign Shop and Art Services is ready to do on-the- ' *tMwn« sppt sign and artwork to nieet your demands. Don't-wait-weeks or months for big city artists, or take a chance on shoddy, short-lived work of itinerants! Let CLIFF'S SIGN SHCCP & ART SERVICES take, care of your sign a . n ? l r LP r<> ^ lems now - ¥ a! < e your g"as,bline give you "double mileage" by advertising on your tijfc^ <ff business auto. Among the services 'offered are: '"TJIUCK LETTERING ANIMAL PORTRAITS LETTERING MURALS SHOW CARDS BREEDERS' SIGNS CLIFF'S .^W** 1 ?" •*• : & -'-'A SPOT DRAWINGS DISPLAYS LETTERHEADS SERVICES ' >m< 4ALGONA 4-H Fund Now Undei ' i ' ! * ,','" "' Workers",,, 'townsjilf and .county; central launched ;,the • Kos fund; f aisirjg' eamlia oncers In Fair Show . for rtioney to 1 help" general devel&pmerft 4-H Caniping-'CenteM The county .goal set tral Committee'is *' Chairmert'in ducting tlj'e drive^f ship and 1 town are-'_ Thorsoh; Grant,' Alb derson; SpMngfield' hop;; Hebrb'n,' Swea, Cecil 1 Linde, Swea ' Cityt ' ner, Harrisorij-LedyaFi Hoeppner; Lincoln, ,R,aj Dakota, Mrs^W. D.-iLe Roger Jensen; G Inmanj Ramsey, Bancroft,'H.,,Vi Nick Thomsen Tjarks; Fenton, Herschel Hartman; Burt, Wallace Hawcottj Portland, Harold Laftipe. t \ci^ Buffalo, Clarke, Miller; ka. Holland Fox: Lotts. Dibk KUecker; Union/ ._, Strayer; Plum Creek,-1 "Eufeene Drager; .Wesley, Charted ^fy- gaard;'-, W h 111 e m tfre^' Halotd Gr?ene, kins vington, Albert Johnson; Garfield; -"Art Ba'nwart; • Riverdale,' BerSatd Thilges;, Sherman, Alvin-l JOeift; LuVerne, Norman Chambers; LuVern'e. Irvin Chapman. ";'/,*'.' The State 4-H Camping'Cen- ter, '9 miles south of Boone 1 , includes 617 acres. So far'three villages, one winterized, have' been built. One is a summer village* that will accommodate 100 'campers at the same time. The campers swim in, a new ' concrete pool, hike through hundreds of acres of natural timber, ,use the trampoline and take part ' in many recreational and educational activities. Food for the camper's is catered from Friley Hall, men's dormitory at' Iowa State University. When the: camf.) is completed it will accommodate 300 campers at. one 1 time. ' •'"; ! •} St. Joe Trojans St. Joe Trojans met July 26 at Ranald and George Digs. Ronald Illg and Mike McGuire ;. gaye demonstrations and The* fTJrojans • -' . discussions. • 'The'Ellen Bell'dancers, pretty girls featured in a fresh, new and unique presentation of line numbers, will be seen :during the Carl Mario show- at the Kossuth County Fair here Thursday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. on the stage in front of the .grandstand. The girls have a fine wardrobe and intricate routines 'that make the Ellen Bell line one of the finest in the business. Special effects and lighting will add to. the overall impact of their numbers. Former Algonan Invents Button Water Control A well-known former Algo- nan, Donald Weaver of Northwood has invented a push button water temperature control system that may change the old water faucets on sinks, bathtubs and lavoratories. Weaver has patented the idea, perfected the controls and recently sold his susiness in NorthWood to devote full time to manufacturing it. Weaver got the . idea for . the invention about nine years ago When he stepped into a shower and nearly scalded himself because the faucet setting wasn't quite right or someone had turned on the cold water , in ' some other part of the house. He wondered why there couldn't be some way to set the temperature of the water and always be sure. ;hat it would remain that temperature. He set about doirig something about it and completed his first unit,4n the fall of 1?59; : There were" "bugs" in it 'and after almost another full year of ex- the push , button 8 OFFICIAL PROGRAM KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR - 1961 - ALGONA, IOWA TUESDAY - AUGUST 15 . (CHILDREN'S DAY - Special Privileges For Children) , A.M. — Gates open. : . A. M. — Judging of market swine and market lambs. 1 Purebred sheep to follow market lambs. 8:30 A.M. - Judging of Dairy Class. . 9 A.M. - Judging of floral hall exhibits and t-H Girls exhibits. 9 A.M. - Judging of 4-H colts, and open class colts and .horses. 1 P.M. — Sale of market swine <and market lanbs. 2 P. M. - Baseball Game (Lone Rock vs. St. Joe). 8 P.M. - Auto Thrill Show. WEDNESDAY - AUGUST 16 7 A. M. — Gates open. 8 A. M. — Judging of purebred beef heifers. 9 A.M. - Judging of beef, poultry and rabbits and girl's club exhibits. . 2 P.M. - Go-Kart Races. ' 8 P.M. - Big Car races by National Speedways, Inc. THURSDAY - AUGUST 17 7 A. M. — ' Gates open. 8'30 A. M. r- Judging of 4-H girls demonstrations. JBi3Q AtM, — Judging of swine. *2 P. M, - Tractor Rodeo, 6:30 P, M. - 4-H Clubs parade. Kossuth County's 4-H boys and girls will pass in review before the grandstand exhibiting their prize livestock, 8 P.M, -? Carl Mario Stage Show, unit was completed. It passed 'all the tests and is now fully protected by patents. The control has four buttons on it, for cold, warm and warmer settings for showers and a hot button for sinks. The control panel can be installed anywhere on or near the sink, shower, tub. and the rest of the unit includng valves, thermostats and mani- x>lds is located in the basement or utility room. It is thought hat the complete push button emperature control unit will not cost more than he convenionai )lumblng in ne'w construction. Those in the plumbing industry have been enthusiastic about the invention. The Chicago firm that has furnished' the valves for the three working models Wea- »yer has, indicated there should *be practically unlimited demand for the units. Weaver plans to /remain in Northwood to set up the manufacturing plant — at ; first on .a small scale. , Weaver and his wife, the former Jeanette Maasdam grew up here and farmed- in i the Plum Cieek area before going to.Fay- etteville, Ark., where .they had a chicken ranch. They have lived in Northwood for about eight years. Little Theater Group At Swea Names Play Cast Swea City — The cast for the Little Cheater production, "Arsenic and Old Lace" was . announced this week by the director, Dick Dahl. Members are Mrs Cecil Thoreson, . Norman Ottman, -Ronnie Linde, Mrs Ken Miller, Mrs Elmer Swanson, Paul Olson, Orville Thoreson, Don Forshee and Earl Berg. • . , .-'.'. The play, will bq. .presented Aug. 25-26 at the school. Bridal. Slower • 4 ~ '''''",:',"'''' '" Mrs Gary ' Larson, nee Mary Ann Hazelhoff was.' honored Monday . evening: -At- -a bridal shower with 22 ladies of the church and friends as hostesses On Wednesday evening ,she was given a second shower by former classmates and friends. Funeral services for the mother of Don Forshee were held last Tuesday at Britt where she had died Saturday at the hospital. Nursing Class Janice Bode and Cheryl Immerfall have been selected as members of the 1961-62 sophomore nursing class at the State University of Iowa. One hundred twenty sophomores were admitted on the basis of their academic work the previous year. The girls are daughter of the Floyd Bodes and Leo Immer- falls, all of Algona. STAPLING MACHINES and staples. Popular models. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. FRIDAY - AUGUST 18 4 7 A. M. — Gates open, 8:30 A. M, - Sale of baby beef, 8:30 A.M, - Continuation of judging 4*H Girls demonstrations. 2 P. M. - Stock Car Races. 8_ P.M. - Midget Auto Raws by Northwest Midgets, Inc. ' fo™** PtM, ~ FRii drawing for Podg» ^neer to be given away by ithe Algona JayCees (Qatt free after 9:30 P.M.) AT THi 6RANP STAND FOR AFTIRNOON PROGRAMS, iXCIPT FOR Clip out and keep for Daily Reference I Hi - Bred Corn Co. SEEDHOUSE AT JUNCTION HWYS. 18 qndl 69 LET'S ALL GO TO THE KOSSUTH CO. FAIR "In Ifs 103rd Year" GOING TO THE FAIR EACH YEAR IS A HIGHLIGHT IN THIS AGRICULTURAL AREA. It Is the occasion when you and your neighbors gather to compare the merits of various farming production methods and the quality of dairy herds. Congratulations FFA and 4-Hers. This is your show. We congratulate you. Progress is measured in quality and in improvement of the product. Kossuth County's future depends upon you . . . Best of luck to all of you who have worked so hard to make this fair so successful. CONSOLIDATED CO-OP CREAMERIES WHITTfMORf, IOWA August 10,1961 SUMMER IS THE TIME WHEN TELEVISION, excepting for he ball games, is mostly repeats or repeats of repeats. Sines'Woman's World is now 12 years old, I thought I'd. go clear back in the files and look up the very first column published — on August 4, 1949; also thought, with a Saturday afternoon in which I didn't have to work, I'd get the whole ilhing wound up so that I'd have Sunday freei Jut I hadn't looked at the '49, '50 and '51 columns for years, and I got so absorbed in the hectic and wonderful days whten our kids vere little, that time ito get supper came and I had not written 'a* '. I also got a little misty-eyed with nostalgia. • * * . * . THE FIRST COLUMN STARTED off, "In preparing this column, I was told by the Upper Des Moines that it should contain terns of interest to women only. Well, what do we girls in Algorij} nlk about over our coffee cups, at our club meetings, and out in>, he back yard while we are hanging out ithe wash? Isn't it mostly \ hildren, food, local affairs and our husbands?" *.»*.,.' "THE MEN SOMETIMES SCORNFULLY label it chatter, yak- ty-yak and just plain gossip, buit we' girls know tha't'we.'clon't gossip my more than the men do when they get together.-We'just talk . ibout important things — important to us, anywayX'Ahy mother shows that the bright sayings of her children are, more (important han what some Congressman says, clear out in Washington. Some- imes the children make just as much sense. When baby:cijts a tooth t's jusit as exciting as any sports world speed record aAtNMhe little herubs are, really going good they can ' wreck.alriiost'."as 'many hings as any itorntfdo thait comes into the news." •';'••'';'-: ;: ' :: ' •" "If our'husbands only knew it, sometimes they., are i partly at null, too, when they compladn about, the daily^billrof-fiare lacking niterest. Sometimes a meal thiat was highly attractive a't'six loses juMe a bit of its glamour wh'en it has to wait for ithe man of; the louse to show 'up about seven, And Some of the women are-saddled, with finicky husbands who don't like this or that. Thanh goodness, 'm blessed with a fellow who will .eat almpst anything. In fact he requently does — all mixed up together'to avoid throwing oultleft- vers. Anyway, Heaven please deliver me from having to cook for a trictly meat, potatoes and pie man." ' v , * * * •••.:•. I SAVED ALL MY FAN 'MAIL IN the early dlays.-buit the first wo letters were not complimentary. I was writing incognito then, nd the first one ithoughlt I was being insulting when I meant to M omplimentary, and the Other letter said she felt sorry for 'any doft liat would h,aye 'to. live at our house. About the time I was ready to ive up, ithe nice letters started coming. For some reason, most of . hem were from Fenton and that's why I'll always have, a warm pot in my heart for people there. * * * •...'.. . .'. .• .'. ,. •' ' ; , ANOTHER CRITICISM I RECEIVED WAS oral. (Why do the unfavorable ones stick in my craw so much longer than (the nice ones?) This one, "Why can't you write something interesting? Aill you italic abouit is your kids, your relatives, 'and cooking!' 1 A glance at 'the files proves that I was, indeed, guilty, especially .in talking about my kids. But now I am glad ithat I did, for I've been wondering how long it took our "preemie", Jean to, learn to walk, It was 15 months for it says in the column, "The; baby;: finally'took her first steps this week!" (She'd been talking finsentences: long" before that.) '•,,-< . . "N..;';.•• ' 'W ITW^ALSOtoECCffipEi^ be Mary .Ann— had her : at Sunday, 1 School, 1 and.cani'^hOme singing, "Jesus loves me — he's my friend. He's my cousin, tool," ,A 'romance.between Penny Johnson ; and Robert F$relv t a/( ia$pc$rd- ed. They planned to be married and start finit grade, together,'' Ijfun Waller us'quoted : as borrowing her mother's glasses so she coMd ruin her'eyes and "get glasses like Midgie". Midgie is Marijahe Williams, and I doubt if she wears glasses any more. There Is also a promise to bake Antoinette BonnsteMer a birthday cake when sh« reaches 90, because Antoinette had just done the same thing .fot Tillie Ingersol'l. * * * " ; WHAT A GANG OF KIDS WE had in our neighborhood then! There were the two Dunns, Dave McDonald, ftwo Vlnsons, Larry Hudson, the Richardsons, the Hardgrove kids, a couple of Mbnacos and a large assortment of others. We had war waged in our yard practically every do.y. The forts were paper boxes and there were many fist fights but peace was restored almost immediately if thle) mdthcrs kept out of it. Bill is recorded ais being in love with his first grade teacher, Bertha Godfrey, but I could never get much oult of him about school. "Our teacher doesn't want us to blab at home about what goes on at school", he said. * * * THERE IS QU.ITE A BIT O* 1 correspondence about a remedy for box elder bugs and several letters asking for ithe buckwhealt pancake recipe Mrs. C. B. Murtagh gave me. There's an item about a trip Jean Miner and I almost took to Des Moines to see "Guys and Drills". We had to sitay home .because of the icy weather. Billy Hall went swimming in a mud puddte and the same week Tommy Sawyer gat muddy when he was on (the way to Joan Post's birthday party. * * * • THE MASTER COLUMNIST AWARD I received for my first year of writing brought me a nice pack of correspondence as did the national award received a few years later. Those, the only two contests I ever entered, gave me many delusions of .grandeur, but alas, neither the riches nor the fame I dreamed of then. * * * ONE QUOTE FROM AN EARLY column, "Parenthood is composed of long days, but short years", seems even, more true today. The "baby" who used to awaken me in the night for her bottle, can now get a whole meal for the family; the "three year old" who had favorite baby-sitters then, now has favorite baby sitting customers; and the "five year old" who came proudly home from kindergarten to announce he could print his name, is off for college in a few weeks. Things are still hectic at our house, but in a different way. hate to say which are the best years of our lives. * • « THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is from ithait champion cook, Mrs. Harold Hobson, my mother. It's for a bran muffin mix that you can make, store in ,the refrigerator and use as needed. 1 cup boiling water Vi cup shortening 1V4 cup sugar 2 eggs Va tsp. salt 1*k cups flour 2'/2 tsp. soda 1 pt. buttermilk 1 cup Nabisco 100% bran 2 cups Kellogg All-Bran Pour ithe boiling water over the Nabisco bran. Cream together he shortening, sugar and eggs. Sift salt, flour and soda. Combine >ran and water, and creamed mixture. Add buttermilk and dry mix and then the 2 cups of Kellogg bran. Set in refrigerator. Bake as many as desired for 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. The dough ceeps a couple of weeks refrigerated. GRACE ^Science Shrinks New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Paint MW ft** T«k. H. T. first tim« *cienc« bw beallog «ub»tanc« with Uhinj ability to ffcrinfc rboid», stop itching, u>4 ?«li«Tt p«in — without »uijery. In c««« «f ter ttM, wWH took pl»e». M thocotift ttuc« »nb»t«ne« If oow is <vyp«*i(«ry « tmtmnt ftrm under th« «««* frtftnUm 9%

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