The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1930
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT KEWSPAPEIt OP NOKTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI "•-•-•. * f *^/ VOL. XXVII—NO. 227 Blylhevtlle Courier, BlythevUle Dally News, _ ._.. v VVIM.I,!, *-"} k*"VT«4V +JIAUJ JW|%5, I)l\>m1TT~<l'rill1 Blyjheville_Heraltl, , Mississippi Valley Leader. Ml A T llhHM.l'., A1< K'\NSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER i), SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BEFORE COUNCIL Here's 193L Bob Will Resume Business If Check Show?, Shortage No Greater Than Indicated. Directors or the First National Bank announced this morning that Hie bank will reopen as planned, prior to the discovery of the defalcations or A. E. Scott and J E Slipman, cashier and bookkeeper I unless an audit, authority for which I was asked today, reveals that the shortage is gteater than to now apparent Permission to have the audit made was asked In a letter to the c-mptroller of the currency this morning, and his authorization is expected before the end of the week. The audit, it is believed will reauirc about five days. ' ' l^jress Has B«n Satisfactory Progress In the collection of Icnns and m the signing up or depositors I on a lime basis, while interrupted I by the discovery of the Scott- 1 Shipman embezzksneut, has pro-! ceedcd so far that bank officers are assured of the success of that part! of tile program looking toward the? institution's rehabilitation. ed by the time the results cf the audits are available, and thus be Will They Siicrml Mrk and Alice? Will Help Push.$IIO.OOO,- : 000 Employment Bill to | Early Passage. ; 1 WASHINGTON, nee. 0. (UP) — : The house legislative machinery •, .; was In high gear today as H?i>ub- ' j lican leaders rnshc:! consideration ; of the administration's S110.003.03d ' measure for unemployment relief. i The emergency bill providing funds for immediate river, harbor! and highway projects was reported ' Here's Hie new national bob for i by " lc appropriations conunll'.ee.'. 1931. Irene Dunne, film player, isi alld was t!>kcn l| l> »t once by Ihe 1 wearing the mode chosen by the ! llollse with, debate limited to two : National Hair Dressers ami Cos- melclcgists' As-oclation which met. in Los Angeles recently. institution's rehabilitation. They'll V t e , /•>• e*pect to have this work compict-1 UigcsiVast bystem to Give Mississippi Valley Cheap In position to make immediate application for authority to resume! busings if the auditors report the I shortage no theater than it is now believed to be. The policy of Uie national bank- Ing department Is to cooperate with the di^otors of closed banks to bring about their reopening en a. sound basis, but never to permit f'' c • «h reopening without absolute fa ™ Transportation,. | ' WASHINGTON, Dec. 9. (UP)—A vast system of inland waterways to afford the middle-west the same cheap transportation now eiiJoycrJ by coastal states was advocated by Secretary of War Hurley today as at least a partial solution to the Cigarettes Ami Ire Cream Tame Billy Ihe Goat CLEVELAND, Dfc. U (UP)—A dish of Ice cream and a iwckatsc. jot cigarettes proved effective nsl •the ransom today for ..six nurses: hours. Democratic support for the mea- : sure was announced by Representative Byrnes of Tennessee. Byrnes criticized President Hoover lor d?- ! laying to meet the unemployment ! I problem, but said his party would I j help rush the bill through now. \ ; Consideration of the $GO,OSO.OM i ' drouth relief bill 'was delayed hi the senate by argument over responsibility for the World war. Sen- ' ator Reed, Republican, Pomssyl- ; vanla, taking cognizance of Ihe re- i Nicholas and Alice Hccscvcll Ixjiisn-orth will l>» succeeded In their en '- *** *""> '" 0mM W ^'n g lon by this couple, If ,he Dem- Teachers Agree to. Accept! hcspitV" 5 ' by " * mi '" v ""' viow ' i Application by Avk - Mo Warrants: Civic Club! Thc '""'"P' !ic " r[| " « ctulc nolsc l Company Likely Say n • ,, , on an outside door. Whin It was i r - ntf" ' I rSOmiSes Help. oixmotl. In thundered a goal, book-1 Uty UttlCiats. . - :. |ctl later at the precinct jiollcc sta-j " ' OSCEOLA, Ark.. Dec. 0.—Prompt I Uon . " s " B %"- ! 'Hie problem of n gas franchise action on the part of thc Oweoja ' '"-' Boat llcl11 " lcln prisoners' for lllythcville which has been the Civic club coupled with cooperation lml " olrerccl fl pacfcnso of uigur.: principal Issue before the city coitn- ' - cllcs »"il « 'Hsli of ice cream. He;cil for many monllis, appcaredcer- licked Ihe Ice creiuii and chewed: lain today to retain Its position as rnvciiniiiily on the cigarettes, tin- '• the most important mailer before roll, package and all. While lie! the council at Its regular'Deceni- chewcd (lie nurses escaped. Billy: bcr meeting lonlght. ' then ambled Into thu court of the • The Arkansas-Missouri Power nurses quarter* wbme he created! company will enter a pionosal.'for a mild panic. |th e cstabllslimeiH of a butane gas i ollccincn later succeeded In system here at thc council meetiri" unrulllng him Into a patrol svngon ' tonight, H was said by city offlcij'ls... JO. P. Moss, general manager of. | the power company, staled this nf- •i ternoon, however, thai Ihe company I had not decided definitely If It . would seek a gas franchise here. To Keport on Datura! Gas I Another butane gas proposal will be submitted by representatives of ,F. A. Hornaday, San Anlonlo, Tex.,, . oil man who l<»s appeared tv;lee M „„,.!,• Ctir A • i T bcfore thc C0l "icll here and has uc- tmrjniS UtllCCrs Aid In-ltively sought a franchise. rCtn ' l he J1C plea of poverty. Sl!cceod lu Or8anizlng consress Shown ; above are Mr. am! Mrs. John W. .Garner of Texas; and Oarner Is the . . Germany, he asserted, brought , D c'™cratlc leader of the House, who will succeed Ixmgworll the the '"«J j Jpfaker " llu> CO!Urul 1:a " es to ."'« ^mocr.1.. For many years his publican, Idaho, who declared that ' Prance and Germany must share | responsibility for thc war. t assurance that the institution's condition Is such as to guarantee'Its future stability. Authorization of the bank'i reopening will therefore be the best possiSle assurance of Its soundness. Examination of the books by William R. Young, the bank examiner now in charge of the inslitu- titn, and by bank employes, has revealed an apparent shortage of approximately $5fl,000, although Scott and Shipman, the employes involved, have at no time admitted to knowledge of more than $37,800 ff this. Face TJ. S. Commissioner No new inrormatlon concerning their dedications or the disposal made or the money has been given Speaking berore the annual national rivers and harbors congress Hurley called the Mississippi river navigation Improvement projeotthc "most Important -undertaking,", hut did not slight other developments. He suggested the Mississippi river work, however, as necessary to the "development of the great interior of this country." ' Citing figures to show middle western manufacturing plants -had decreased from 55,968 in 1918 to 37,147 in 1927, Hurley ascribed this loss in the inability of Mississippi valley products to compete with water-borne" manufacturing of other sections. "We have a farm problem; in the great middle west and nothing by Scott rr Shipman since yester- could contribute more to the SD- tlay, but all who have talked with; lution of the problem than fie them arc satisfied .that they have! building of mdustry in tho midst yet to tell the whole story. Both of agriculture," he said deny protecting anyone eke who "To do so we must have cheaper might tj involved in the matter, rates from that great interior to and both profess inability to ex- the seaboard. The only practical Flam what has become of the mon- J method of gettlns clleaper ratc3 • *i- , ., jfor our commodities is the devciop- -n^r N, ' a , ppare "f ly 'I 1 b «" er ment of the Mississippi • river and cpintL than at any tune since the closing ol the bank over a w£?k ago threatened their operations with Discovery, left trday in custody of Deputy Sheriff Arch Lindsey, and accompanied by their attorney. Max Max B. Iteid. to be arraigned on federal charges before' Ed' Westbrook, jr., the United States court Joe T. Scores Hyrle i WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UP,)-' Minority Leader Robinson, who Sas been privately criticizad by some of his party for overtures of co- ISSUE II FilMR operation towardUthe.Republicans.iv- .-.-.- ,- .-,.- - ^ L .—. . . ,1 SS^S'tt^Ic 1 -! W: " Henr y Caldvvell- MustrRefukil of 'Claims BaiiS' 6, retary of Agriculture Hyde be- i Answer (or Death of Gus causa of- their efforts to ke:p pi -, i , , drouth relief apnronriations [o I UllidreSS 01 LllXOra. 525,000,000. ticn to S60.0CO.OOO to that end.! its tributaries." L HEIR Pill , >: Caruthersville, Mo, as the kill :in. took place just over the line : in Missouri. CaUhvell. who was a deputv sher- id of Pemiscot county from 1921 to ; Charj •commissioner, who branded public- Tennessee Murder Suspect Held in North Annmon fl P • - lor i'' '- is sn!d ' lva s that Chifdrejs ,, :r """" UI:u:n s mat it Had at,'ey Lompanylhad taken a married daughter of ! al! tlmcs co mpHed witli I'ne requests Cheated of "ftlOnnO T c i C!iidw ? !l to vislt Eon 'e Person nenrj of "! c Apartment. ^ncdte.1 01 5IW,UUU IS j Huffman, in Mississippi county He' offi «-" of the comoahy have r VOSCCUllOn Claim ' ' OSCEOLA > i he met Childress Sunday night asked tlle T ' ltlle Rock Undenvrtt: alone in an automobile. During a ers nS50c 'atkm to also Investigate .conversation a quarrel occurred ' " 1= cnse - Tnc claims were dismlss- 7-i'-nd Childress was iU'Uck after he ' d ln 800d faith, J. T. Flynn, Ar- W1>1 !hit Caliiwill, according to the: karis<15 manager of the Insurant i company, explained tctic.v. — of members of the faculty and school directors hns resulted In'an arrangement thai promises to secure . the continued • operation ol public schools In Osceola after January 1, In spite of the fact that scnool tumis will be temporarily exhausted al lhat lime. Touchers were advised last night at a Joint meeting of an Osceoln Civic club committee headed by G I n. Segraves, newly elected presl- | dent of Uie organization, school directors and facully members. ! that their salaries would be paid In warrants of the school district after January 1, but llmt the school district hart no funds on hand and had been unable, on ac| count of the local banking situation, to obtain the customary loan which In previous years has carried the schools through thc first three months of Ihe year mill! taxes were collected In the spring Will Help Cash Warranls The Civic club will extend thc Influence of its membership In securing loans or cash discounts on the warrants and members of the faculty Indicated their willingness to continue teaching after the first of Ihe year on this plan. Jusi ;yhni plan the Civic club will be able lo work out has not been determined, but local business men point out that while a single loan sufficient to continue operation'might be difficult under present conditions It 'wuuld be entirely possible to secure loam or discounts .on .individual 'warrants, from different- sources." Action ; Commissioner approximately $10,000 would bo" ne- Savs Comnanv 0 K censor? to continue operation of Ihe ^ayb Company u. N. schools nfter tne flrst 0( Uic yg ^ and when school direclors were unable to secure such a loan they advised faculty members Saturday night that they would not be held to contracts after January 1, and would not be expected to return aftor the holidays for the single remaining week of school. Had Planned Tuition School ; Seven of the fourteen members of the two faculties arc residents of_ Osceola and tentative plans for the continuation of school on a tuition basis were being formulated by these teachers when action of the Civic club Monday secured continuation of full faculties, without tuition charges. While no definite announcement was made regarding the San Solid rural school three miles south of! Osceola, which is included In Ihe j Osceola special school district, It' Is understood that this school will continue an uninterrupted term also. Members of the Civic club committee who sat with Mr. Segraves at last night's meeting were J. T. Coslon and Dr. C. M. Harwell. W. W. Prewitt, president, and C. E. • >., _, t T he petition was filed bv thrcp night. The warrant was rallrearl IT by Sheriff W. p. Robertson, "" worl " s ' "' , les ,• Bevlns ' c , Bales ' : ' ls ' he com !'»»y refused their , Vl ' S ', nc " U . bells dircct - Into • Whealley Institution. MEMPHIS, Dec. 9. (UP)~ Mcmphl: officers. Detectl<-»= Qulnlliy jr, and Inspector A. Parks of Ihe M cmm.lton hu «W. left here tLlay for Porrcsl City, Ark., to question two bank bandit sus]>ects. The suspects giving their names as Earl Smith, Birmingham, and «ti UllornGtal "ports state that the 01 Arkansas Power and Light com- . pany, associated with the Memphis ' Gas company, which sprung a sur- ] "^ " ' hC ' aSt <;OUnt: " meelln * ^ » tha j the conncU delay ac- n ° n a frnnchlsc " nW » s»"'ey ° f llle P 055 " 111111 " of iwtural.gds could be made, will make a rcport. tonight, ii is generally understood that a further extension of time will be asked. The Arkansas Power and Light company. Is Uic only natural gas , HM , CM *" US ' Chicago, arc be- Uistribulor (interested In & fran- neld In the St. Francis county j chlse here, all other applicants '""t City In connection ! seeking butane, a form of artificial w'Mj Ul = rojAoiy of Ihe Rice Orow- Arlc.,..yesterday .Sheriff Jim Campbell captured them In a running gun bailie shortly^after the Rice bank had been robbed. They had $2400 In their possession when arrested, Campbell sftld. gas, franchises here, This company would. furnish Biyttievillc with natural gas from a Tennessee pipe line. \ i • Taxi Ban Probable ] According to reliable reports an ordinance has been prepared an:I will be Introduced tonight requir- ' ing taxi operators to 'have depots I or stations and prohibiting taxis ...... -------- ....from] from I' nrk l«B at the street -curbs Veda Burdette of Memphis, accord- cxce P t whcn Picking up or dis- uig to Chief Inspector Will Orif- chtlr 6* n E passengers. fin nf *h« J«i n -n.._ i _______ . _ . This "! A\r* Tlie automobile which they had ! or fen driving was stolen. from Miss 1 fr been fln of the detective bureau. An Enrl Smith was convicted of robbery in 1929 and sentenced to ten years In the penitentiary. A third person, believed by some to be a woman companion of the two bandits. Is being hunted. She Is believed to have escaped with the remaining $700. A preliminary hearing for the two was set for today. The aldermen directed the chief of police at the last council session to order taxi o'perulors to refrain from using the streets as parkin? places and business stands, particularly mentioning "tax! •corner" at Main and Second streets. Chief Goodwin ordered • taxi drivers to vacate the corner and they did for a day or two but then returned upon advice of Claude P. Cooper, lawyer. Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, city ; at- • lorney, concurred in Cooper's contention that the city had no regulations at the time under which the order could be legally" issued. Five Companions of Dead Girl Held for Murder CROWN POINT,. Ind., Dec. 9. (UP)—The Lake county grand Underway at LILBOURN, Mo, Dec. 9.—Econ. ,„ ,..,.- „„„. •^u a biiunsKt:. .,„ ,,.,,„,, i- ... - .,,, i . n 'j d-P''cs:lon anti hard times aro "My conscience hasn't! Knight, who was employed ?s in- i n't nv" n ! . ?, ° r P ' . V ™> wrent «" " «•""! °"serv- lothercd me a bit. but I read the ; sector for the companV, ^0^^ '.£.£"„ 'hLe S *?-.~ I .! C .. 1 , S - tJ ' C "-^ -"J.- thi ^ '"-* d(y ln N ™ "">- C L 1 A JJ- • rrewin, president, and C. E J'"'i> "-"gc OChOOl Addition f Sullengcr/ secretary of tiie board ol ! Coonfraf prii/:.,, ,» I :ik n .._' directors, were present, together ptraie. Stockholders Pledge Sup-. ........_ port, Urge DenosJtorq tn' , rC '"!, n;i1 in<llclment * today cVnrg': i , ^ii,c Ly C |jubiiors 10 ing flrst degree murder against .the • Manila Baptist Pastor . . „ „...., i D L U T s 5 ' tile "f^PaP^" and de-, to have entered inlo a constvraov -rhn-t to Preach Here Tomorrow cided I had bettsr surrender." jwith Hatley, limber - p ' |Cllrot ' kicked him in the \va.s ln'oiiF;ht rirt County, Mo., ns a Ws building program en thc Veal school site members. five men v.ho were with Miss Arlene Draves, 18, when 'si;e died af- ; ler a drinking parly a.week ago. • 1 Under the murder .' ;. uiiiLitt UOCK JJv- n (T1P1 IT i Li. '— ~f """"•'• "5 U The depositor's committee named! murder, charge .the can Legion M|eets |ing u™ closed 11 Alilcric^ r E° c f,a" 1 ee'i orrfthe , flve l cfendants ' vlrBn ' Ki ^Tonight at City Hall' *£ S^™, ^^'K%£ ^D^'T^ '. sunnnrf nf cirw^i-hnui.—"-r *,_ _ _ .. ' son. • support of slockholders'of thc nstl-- Iff « rt Irt « I **" ««VM iit; vtas t\ll\l '-.i "-" Lilt III West-tast oDecd KeCOrd' to meet his bride, s.i he called! fl ,_ _ ft _, ft i( *- """w" «*v -iw..«t, «\.i.utuiii5 LV niiiiuuiiccniunb on, j c j . »••".>. u^ui thc same lime, ihs other, who had, made today by Miss Willie A Law- '™ e defendanls »« represented bv W ii< ol , remained at ho:ne, set her clothes son, county supirintcndenl S ""' c Ivy of Os! *oia and Marvin en fire and was severely burned ; — ' ; Wa 'kins of Harrisbiiirg. I them by telephone ar BURBANK, Cal.. Dec. 9. (UP1—| e(1 " ller ' — ; PARIS GIVEN INDIAN ART <UP>—Alderman PARTS. (UP) — The Ccuncil of 1-OJlpC Stolen While • ; R«th Nichols of Rye, N. Y., took Ait J CL ° n Irom tne United aln'srt today Attends Show in an attempted one-stop flljht to Cardwell Store Robbed V/EATHER nlanrip T. Aciiin,, i, ~' "; 1" ^" "","\', ","'' *"^ ^«-«"*-»i w KEPT DIARY 70 YEAUS ^nu^ tn\of^ y Pr °^^ * £3 Fre " Cl1 Natl011al Museums has J» st WOLFBORO. N. H., (UP)^^^^& M ^!-74i-»i^ c ^ ssi« js?-> th -f Charles Tibbetts, 89-year-'"r-rt. was stolen last ninht. The rled 400 minUTrnfd.I 1,1 v """""ira. ou «' ,...«,.^ .^ucuiu iimidn jianai- was revealed ncre recen Cera b" E U . e- , He ^P 0 ^! craft fr0m Dean B 5 T on C. Cum- (ie«li -f Charles Tibbet thpMlkin K! 5 I m for W nt minBS ' famed Indlan "fhMlogbt old farmer, Since befor !iv« deducted from thelrland professor In the Unlvariity of I War he hatl nalmtak!' UiABb- , Ai-iwmn 1 jl . . . ,,. ... New York. Nichols' Lockheed mono- "Tlie New Cincinnati," car- gallons of easoltnc, suf- Arir^im, , . - — ----- staklngly jotted I down his daily dolnirs. , - -->,v ».-,L^I . »|J V .«v--i iwu glllJUil^l III KilXflLllLi Oil I" ' ! ^L^,S ^ ^,™££'«™" tit ? Ritz tliea - n*'««t.«« «ny it to Wichita, Kan- trc lart. nigh.t and was taken, where she plans to refuel for time during thc ftriX show. i Ihe 2,446 mile hop. j CARDWELL, MO.-The grocery ! store belonging lo Edgar Lancwter! INDIAN MOL'Vn FOl'SD Y ' <UP "" Wt 1Swhch ls 1(Katcd S0lith of card , 1 ,, , to be en anc^it Indian i well, was entered some time Fri. x» , , builders wer» c;.c.iva:in? for itckmg a pane from a front win» new span here. Thousands of ar- • dew. About seventy- five dollars row heads, fitnt Implements, pot- worth of groceries were taken. H tery and other Indian relics were found, is unknown who the person or persons was. . i Ftl ! r l f nl?llt ' Wed ^^'' lncrc " sln ^ ^"^ According to tho official weat^r observer, Charles Phillips thc mhi- yestortay tt nnrl f-c 'tmlrm™ . byllmum ivat 37 59 degrees: clear. On the same day a year ago the minimum temperature was 33 degree^ anrl thc maximum, 60 denr«s; partly

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