The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on March 6, 1936 · Page 14
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1936
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE DES MOINES REGISTER-FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 6, 1936. IN HOLLYWOOD REAL CAMPAIGN FOR HOLLYWOOD Marsha Hunt Breaks Into Pictures. HOLLYWOOD, CAL. (UP.) Marsha Hunt, beautiful Sunday school teacher who denies she's a Blicker, Is credited by Hollywood with one of the smoothest movie crashing campaigns In years. Wholly without professional acting experience, Marsha drifted in from New York last summer, and broke Into pictures with a bang. "Quite Naturally." Within a week of her arrival three major studios and half the actors' agents In town were clamoring for her, but Marsha, making Mae West Loses Contract Quints Stars In Film Here til' , Marsha Hunt. H O L L Y- WOOD, CAL. (Tj P a r a-mount studio a n n o u n ced Thursday it has severed contract relations with Mae West. Reports have been current for some time of contract difficulties between the wise- cracking siren and the studio that brought her from the stage to the screen. Miss West has a personal contract with E m m a n uel Cohen, former P a r a m ount executive now at Columbia studio, and it was reported she will make her next picture under bis banner. (if- ; 1 ft V w 'iiVh memorable a rather shabby lounge in a vacant testing gallery, tilted her small, dark head at a provoc ative angle, and said It all hap pened "quite naturally." She was encouraged to come to Hollywood by Robert Mack, photographer, who rightly thought her one of the loveliest things the round eye of his camera had ever Been. Mack Introduced her to Hubert Volght, one time herald for Greta Garbo, who knows by heart the newspaper axiom that no excuse for printing the picture of a pret ty woman is necessary. Fetching Photo. That day every city desk In town received a fetching photo of Marsha, together with a story of how America's most beautiful model spumed Hollywood. After a week, the heavy of the plot, . Zeppo Marx, once of the Marx brothers and now an actors' agent, entered the scene. Armed with a sheaf of stills, he Invaded the office of Fred Dut'g, Paramount casting director. Datig growled: "Why can't you get us people we want? People like this." Ho indicated Miss Marsha's portrait in a spread newspaper. ,Marx produced his stills. Since then Marsha has played leads In three pictures. J Country Moit Doctor' Unusual Is Year's Movie. Winner in Red Cross Essay Contest ir ' V w m Dionne Quintuplets Win Everyone But (Boy of 7 All the world loves a baby and when it comes to FIVE babies and sisters at that their devotion knows no bounds. The expected enthusiasm of the children at the appearanee of the Dionne quintuplets in their first dramatic film debut was entirely drowned by the chorus of oh's and ah's which came from the grown ups at the Des Moines theater where "The Country Doctor" is showing. Audience Captivated. T;i the reflected light of the silver screen, on which the Dionne sisters played In the utmost self composure, the faces of an enrap tured audience told of the appeal these babies have to young and old; man, woman and child. From the moment the babies first are shown,4 tiny bits of humanity all funny and red, to the final pictures as the five beautiful little human dolls they have be come, the audience Is completely ithcirs. "That's Yvonne." "No It Isn't, it's Cecilc." Whn Was Right ? And no ' one except nerhaps Mama Dionne herself could have north told you who was right. The only disparaging remark overheard came from a little fellow about seven who evidently had a younger sister at home, and who said, "Gee! Five of 'em to pull your hair. I'm glad they aren't ours." "Oh, kid, aren't tbey adorable? and "Couldn't you Just squeeze them to pieces?" Such was the comment from those girls who have only just recently grown too old to play with their dolls. I Giggling and Gasping. Delighted children, not much bigger than the quintuplets themselves, sat giggling and gasping as they watched the antics of the AT THE I)KS MOINES AND ROOSEVELT THK Cor.NTRY DOCTOR." CaM In-r!ti'l the Di'.nrH il'iintupMc Yvonn. Odlf. Manr. AnneUf. Kmeh? Ji-an Hf-rah-ilt, Juni? I.anx, Slim Kmiimrville, Micliafl Whalen. I.,r.Mhy IVdra-m, li tn-rt Barrett. J-thn (Juaien and M'tri-taKU I.uvp. A Twentieth Onuiry-K'i fniiicN..n. directed by Henry Kins, .xt'rllent. The five most widely known little girls in the world the ,, Dionne quintup lets although: they appear on the screen only! about 10 minutes, successfully steal the honors in the long - a w a i ted film, "The Country Doctor." The quint shots, in which they toddle or creep about the nursery at their Ca- jkan HKiiMioi.T. nadian home, and continue their play without notice of the cameraman except for an occasional stare, are the best filmed to date. Too, there apparently have been cut In a few earlier filmed shots so the transition from the birth of the quints to their 19-month age when the picture was made doesn't appear quite so abrupt. Most I'niisual. All in all, it's a picture that will please and certainly worth seeing, for It'll be the most unusual of the year. A smattering of applause followed each showing Thursday afternoon. Jean Hersholt Is convincing In the title role and is a fine counterpart of Dr. Daniel Dafoe, while John Qualen is excellent as the quints' father. Slim Summerville provides most or tne laughs as the constable whose heart is too big for the job. The birth scene, while taking place offstage, had Thursday's audiences In an uproar as Qualen and Summerville warmed blankets, bricks and finally coats for the babies. 'l ,I1IIMI IMJCMWM H I'll I' l RpBi.ilfr Slaff Photo. Helena Schulti (left), secretary to the Red Cross committee, with Wilma Williams of Iowa Lutheran hospital, who was a $10 essay prize winner in contest sponsored by a committee on Red Cross nursing. ANNUAL FILM AWARDS MADE statuct for his picture direction charm to the title role and car tied through solo and quartet a voice of smooth lyric quality. William Lee proved to be a very personable Plunkett, and pleased with the male chorus In the drink, ing song. Phyllis Pace Arends and Jack Wright completed the quartet of young lovers, carrying their leads with the brightness of von Flotow. Nathan Greek combined both histrionic and singing ability in his characterization of the elderly fop, Tristan, and Jack Baughman, as the sheriff, shared the spot, light with an excellent chorus in the number, "We, Anne, Queen of England." "Martha" will be repeated to. night and Saturday night, with pital, second, a first aid kit. .. " our. r .UnttA oinmnir tno annrann loads In addition to first and second """ "6"t NURSES GIVEN I ESSAY AWARDS Dinner Program at Younkers Tearoom. During a dinner program in Younkers tearoom Thursday night snonsored bv the Des Moines committee on Red Cross nursing winners of the essay contest on "Why I Wish to Become an Enrolled Red Cross Nurse" were an-nounced. Miss Wilma Williams of Iowa Lutheran hospital received the first prize of $10 and Miss Laura Anderson of Iowa Methodist hos- prizes, four awards were made for the essays which were judged best of each hospital's contribution. A two-year subscription to the American Journal of Nursing was presented Miss Velma Ter-rance of Mercy hospital, Miss Edna Krueger of Broadlawns hospital, and the two girls who won first and second places over all. R.E. Modern Dress In Drake Opera Lyric to the bone and well Into the marrow, Friedrich von Flo- tows opera Martha took on modern dress in the Drake audi torium Thursday night as evening Bette Davis and McLaglen Named Best Performers. HOLLYWOOD, CAL. (P) The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded gold stat uettes Thursday to Victor McLaglen and Bette Davis for the best screen performances of 1935, and selected "Mutiny on the Bounty" as the best picture. Katharine Hepburn was the second choice in the award to actresses, and Elisabeth Bcrgner was third. Play With Hersholt. A surprise in the voting was Apparently based on the life of lnu "ie-m seiecuon 01 raui Dr. Dafoe, the film story dealslMunl for Kconi PIace in the with the work of Hersholt in aactors awards. Charles Laugh- woods, logging camp; hisi1"" . wlli vuleu lnlrQ Place- ajiss jjavis won for her work in "The Informer." First prize in dresses and jodhpurs supplanted the writing division went to Ben the frills and furbelows of Queen Hecht and Charles Mac Arthur for Anne. "The Scoundrel." Mary Jo Corcoran brought logging camp; fight against a diphtheria epidemic; his unsuccessful attempt to get a hospital from the "company" at the cost of his practice, and the birth of the quints, which centers attention on Hersholt and brings him the needed hospital as well as a medal. The quints play with Hersholt on the nursery floor, while Dorothy Peterson, as his helper and nurse, is accepted matter-of-factly !by the little girls. June Lang and Michael Wha-len supply the love interest. To complete the bill there Is a Mickey Mouse color cartoon; a Grantland Rice sportllght; the usual news reel and shots of prin cipals in the Bedford, la., poison "Dangerous." came for his former." John Ford won McLaglen's award work in "The In- the academy's SCIENTIFIC REPORT FAVORS BRAN Relieves Common Constipa. tion Safely t V,,.rtet, vOU 9"' . hv " tw'i the taste len-- Keie crisp,'"- At..-Thrt,.A,lalloe:-:V anern today. .i-.iesttosouwi-- ... .... kuttenng. ckeis, teaaY - . Think d otsa' era Read this statement, taken from an article in the Journal of tht American Dietetic Association, pages 133-134, Nov., 1932: "The inclusion in the diet of a small portion of bran . . . would seem a very practical way of getting fiber which is not likely to be disintegrated. This bran ha 3 the additional advantage of furnishing a considerable amount of vitamin B and of readily available iron." Exhaustive tests, over a period of five years, have proved Kellogg's All-Bran to be a safe, effective way to correct constipation due to insufficient "bulk" or fiber in meals. It is accepted by the American Medical Association Committee on Foods for this purpose. You will enjoy this pleasant way to prevent the dangers of constipa-tion. You can eat Kellogg's All-Bran as a cereal with milk or cream. Or cook into delicious breads and muffin3. Usually two tablespoonf uls apiece daily are enough to protect your family from common constipation. Serve All-Bran regularly for regularity. Sold by all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. 'Constipation dut to ntuftcitnt "bulk" amazing babies. I murder case. A. H. M Kellogg's Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit . .pkg. 10c CLIMALENE 3 RICE Pkgs. 30c value Fancy Blue Rose 21c 2 lbs. 15c Baking CHOCOLATE Vanilla EXTRACT 2-oz. Bottle lb. 13c 22c Wall Paper CLEANER .3 cans 25c ALASKA Mb. PINK IJJ 1 5c. CAM SARDINES White Meat Flakes TUNA FISH i lb. Can GWC Peaches 3 Tears or APRICOTS No. 2'i Cans No. 2 li Cans Cut Green Beans, or TOMATOES No. 2 Cans OATS Briardale Rolled, pkg. 15c 55c 49c 29c 19c Sauer Kraut " Kidney Beans Hominy 3 Cans Dozen assorted cans 99c TALLCORN FLOUR 2.4 & 79c I- - When I hear people fussing about the coffee they're using I feel sorry for them. For I found out how irritating "tasteless coffee" can be when I was experimenting with one brand of coffee after another, trying to save a few pennies a week on my coffee bill. But there's no reason for anybody to have coffee trouble these daysl All you have to do is buy Hills Bros. Coffee. If you've been thinking that it costs a lot more, just go down to your grocer's and buy a pound. A pleasant surprise is awaiting you. What's more, you'll tell your friends the good LGE. SIZE 1 8c BUTTER Fresh 07 1 Lb. Carton M Creamery S f per lb. G. W. C. SALAD DRESSING Qt.35c Armour's Star Lard 12c Rolled Veal Roast lb. 22c Boston Butts lb. 25c Short Rib Boil .2 lbs. 25c Fillet of Perch 25c CARROTS GreenTop BchB 5C RADISHES GREEN ONIONS, 2 Bchs. 9c Tl'RNirS & BEETS sne 2 Bchs. 19c SPINACH Th'Zr 2 lbs. 19c NEW POTATOES, 4 lbs. 25c ORANGES n Doz. 25c 2 Dozen for CAKE FLOUR PKG. Prices Effective at the Following Briardale Stores Only: I A . n..-. COFFEE TALL CORN 17c BRIARDALE Vacuum OQ Pack. lb. A UZ GWC COFFEE ADA MS, S5I0 Cottage Grove AMOS, 512 E. loth St ANDKItSON, 1018 E. 12th St. .. BR ( RETT'S, 2720 Beaver Ave. .. OAMI'BF.!,!., - Incersnll (TM.MMitlAM & A, .1X01 S. W. 9t ;RA.lANO, 500 S. Inion VOTKtBA. 1101 18th St JAMS( 11, 2718 Kinicman JF.NNEY. SfiOl (ilh Ave JONES. 20 E. 14th KEKEIS, 1205 High hKOl SE, 2457 E. (irand KVA1.E, 2024 S. E. fith St A E. S50.H liiKrrsoll MACK. 217 Eiirlicl WE RESERVE THE ..5-2137 .6-5133 .. 6-2617 ...5-2127 .3-4141 4-5246 .S-1KI9 .4-5253 .5-1146 .8-4268 .6-4423 .8-6728 .6-1252 .4-9714 .5-8125 .8-0188 MEKKILL 1335 E. I'nlvpritv MINMS, Vallev Jmietlon MOEI.LEK. 904 42nd . . MOON, 2500 Maurv . . NELSON. 417 E. 6th St. KEESE, 4000 11th St. ) MEAKA. 423 S. E. 4th . BEESE. 3522 Bowdoin Kl NDBEKti, 4702 I niversity .. '' SCltl'BY, 1600 6th Ave SONl)EK(lAKI), 8005 E. 14th St.'!'" GI.E.NAKT, 2218 E. 14th St. CELANDEIi 513 E. Sixth St. n. M. KOOD MKT, !)0I Army P. 'lid C HAS. Kl'DY, 2220 Easton .. 1)Y Si BORRALI,, 2!)56 E. 1 niv Kl'DY BORRALI. SIS V "' RIGHT TO LIMIT ALL QUANTITIES! .6-1345 .5-0207 .5-1175 6-3219 4- 6133 5- 6109 ,4-8427 8-4289 ,5-3197 8-0159 8-4823 6- 661U 8-8241 4-6417 8-4504 6-8051 6-6049 SB? news just as I'm telling you. 25c Per Lb.. "ttth itt nijj pjMiuim sol

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