The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1961
Page 10
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fhurtddy> Aufluif 3, 10 WE'RE HITTING WEATHER JACKPOT There may be a lot wrong Irt general; but nounced eacl. — . i.., .;,».,»„ .. t ,j .1 ...,., J.4--II.. t^^.1 — -*i ifcj-.ii 1 rnents'cire lowered (and wits \ i -/"' '" Mr th6 nteit part we ecm really feel good [%« weather tous far thti summer. HaVths nothing.much else to do, we have scanned the btgh and low temperature readings around the tourttry, and while some areas have suffocated/ with intense heat and no rain, 'w«( -In ouf s«e- flott of fowa have reason'to give ektfeme tKahks for moderate weather and ample rain fall, right • through "July. * , ' ; ' ," «../ No matter what happens In August* we In.' Northern Iowa have really hit the weather ticftpot this summer. : ' '•M *. * * • * . : " tiOT THE FIRST TIME ' A short time ago an army convoy enroute f,rom Des Molnes to Camp McCoy, Wis. took a wrong turri 'on, -highway 20 and rumbled 40 m'lles 'out of Its v/ay. In the- meantime, soldier's assigned'tti 1 protect crossings ahead of the con- vo'y, worried as to where it was, notified state patrols of Iowa and Minnesota, and a two-state search began for the missing trucks and men. The boys didn't have to teel too bad, however. There is a good precedent for getting lost. Job Stuart, Confederate calvary leader, was supposed to bring his hard riding and straight- shooting outfit around the Union flank at Gettysburg and at the opportune moment charge from the rear. Had he been able to do so, the battle might have gone to the .Confederates and With it the final victory. But' General Stuart asked directions from some farmer at a crossroads, and it now appears the farmer must have beep a pretty strong Union man.- Stuarfs cavalry went,'far out of its way on a Wrong road, and by the time they fjjund .out their mistake, and started back tow- dfd the scene of action, they were too late, and ajso rdn%to a • skirmish with a man named ^Uster of the,Union forces which further delpy- ecj them. ,, • ; ' ' . ? §o our army convoy that took the wrong road in 1061 has, a precedent In this mistake. "'- Just so our mistakes are confined .to taking a'fevf • wrong turns now and then on the highways, and net pushing the big red button without |ujt"cause," we might still make it to a ripe, IA/H6 MAKES UP DIFFERENCE .?._ t* the Iowa Tax Commission has ;grmpunced a reduction of $4 million in the assessment of Ca'flrotjd propirfy^fn loWa. f * ' This is ,-n?t too surprising, and probably not unfair- There are fewer miles of railroad operating/ and fewer stations, and fewer trains. it is not illogical that there should be less taxes. But these taxes are spread out in every county of the state. Each county has an assessment against each mile or railroad property within its boundary. Thus, the dip of $4 million in railroad assessments means that each county will receive less taxes from the railroad within its boundary. CS Ul B. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— AlgOna, Iowa Second clan po»lag» paid «t Algon«, Iowa _ Issued Thursday in 1981 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALTER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman IMC. 1119 wio itswaivw ;%tj i*« vw«*iw »« • •»-* *i' ~"> • elites and towrts/and VdYlous uhlti of tfiunty government Increase, who picks up the difference? , . / You guessed it, buddy! ' « *, , ?*" * WHAT'S A Indlanola RecordtHerald - We wonder) If they could have pttld a freight bill? Did sofrtebne borfdvy 1 a little but of pejty <tosh?'These are.the kind.of/questiorjs'^ ask when our cash drawer- conies up a little shb'rV. We usually find the shortage results frdm lha.carele'ssness of someone. We are, not qulfelsure" how yOu-would start to look for $353 million, but there are surely some questions which could be asked. That Is,the amount the International Cooperation Administration, one of ourigdvernment bureaus, came up short In 1969. No one seems to know where the money went, so they merely made a bookkeeping entry and chargea the whole thing off. This is a, superb example of how tremendous our government expenditures' are. For one thing no one can comprehend just how much $353 million is, let alone how to find an error of that amount. It also shows that when you are dealing with that kind of a figure, what is a few million, more or less. In other words we lose all sense of values when our financing is done entirely on paper. We are sure the communists will rejoice at the news that we: can lose $353 million arid be so unconcerned about so huge an amoupt of, money. It will support their thesis that we will destroy ourselves from within. We 'are much closer to that prediction than most of us realize. We are not at all optimistic that we can stop the march to oblivion. • • * * •*' ALL THE LIVELONG DAY Iowa Taxpayers Ass'n Bulletin — Henry Suburban reaches out at 7 o'clock of a wintry morning to turn off theiqlarm clock (price: $5; tax, 50c). He pushes down the electric blanket (price: $28; tax, 84c), climbs sleepily out of bed. He walks across the bedroom floor of his house (prices $12,000; annual property tax, $209) and switches on the electricity, lighting a bulb (price: 33c; tax, 2c). . .....-,, , ,-..-. ih Alaska IW has-pttahe jjutJB,..s?ai Mor« than 27% of fhtdrivww Involved k 15 y<<iS i ol ogjk/" washin&ioh _.-.._'.' Afifrich ( Md' fanilty .»- — Wesley, The Aldrlch 1antily if had just fetttfKed from a trip, to s^'the west coakta"' 1 ' L *""* i ^"'"^* **'~ mercury hit If a jaunt '>acrois'j Mrs Aldrich W|i tali u ..„.„._ Ipital following "the' desert trip ,, and treated for heat prostration. I Highest mark her.&.durirlg'sthe,, "Iweek Was a "cool".'101'fctelrees ' 4 AUg. 3, Low was 66 degrees Aug. fl and total rainfall amounted to ;*..61 of an inch. • .,, ,-• - « , . *' .->• ; •"',,.-* The largest land deal ever .completed in Kossuth cb'dfrfy wisH' 'announced during the week by i, George Heikens, state*tlire"<ftof ,'Of" the Farm Security Administra- ' 'tion and vice president ,of > the Iowa Defense Relocation Corp. A total of« 10,0,78, acres of land . were involved arid' tnfi total' op-' •,tion price for the property was 1 . $992,359.80, an average 6f nidfe 1 than $98 per acre. The FSA and \IDRC, according to the announce-' ,,,ment, were acquiring the land *for small tenant farms, with the '•bulk of the land,owned by two .large insurance' companies. ) * • * • A transient was sentenced to ,15 days in jail 'by Mayor C. F. i.Specht following a hearing on intoxication here Tuesday. 'Tell days of the sentence were sus-' pended. City, police arrested ( the' . drunk earlier. , - -• • (L « f * * * As expected \earlier, Bancroft, sewed u^> the " Kossuth County e'arhed tufts, ' , ;Ba*b«a . herjaid for .the "Mftl I6Wftl title at 6leW Lake at IM mmQBv* eel&brip OTJ.ysomnnffce* oui^iuui iar,ii>'siu dent at Iowa State doliege an- the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ray S..McV^horter of,P6rtland T »"f i*. • i ** fc " ^ > "| ''^ ^^^4 ^ : l<. 8<J ai ihe Iowa Ifais i*fl«fe are "Show Boat", starring Kath- rjfn Graysbn, Ava Oardfter, Ho- 'Ward. Keel and many^hidre prd- minent stars, also "Appointment wlth Danger" with Alan-t/add, ' '.'-The defasseling; Crews Ledyard started their work last Week. Lorenz Nitz drives the' bus which .leaves each morning at 6:15 from the Frank'Nita oil sta* t ti6n.- Those working are Joyce Nitz, .Peggy Mayer, Carolyn Ploeger, Vivan WentworthT'&rf- da and Arden Packer, Carol and Ja'ne Menke, Marian KHnMekr Betty Selberg, Sharon Koestler, Mrs Marvin Lloyd, Mrs" Lorenz Nitz and Mrs;Fred..$choby;: ,. , . ., * .* ^. Several young Swea Ciiy folk! ' from Immanuel Lutheran' church are at Bible camp at okobdji. They . i nc i ude Lorraine Yo ' ' -„ is fan afid the idely known'as of tnis ^ M "' .*& wp >en lha Algana session, ho ', Lhi-L-wSnyder and . jkeWhe u, S. ar. Y _ program. LeRoy Lee ana Dr. Karl Hoffman delivered prpfnptu>t,alk6j"*£s did Don Co ids' drt'the *1051 corh crop ajid taxation asIt, relates to inflation. An ex-pr*lsbftei>*of-war also tola how he learned to .play the hal- .htehies.' tfrhtt&'-m a' German plft. son camp. John Tomke played various ,£y,pes. 6£ harmonicas and Ted 'Herbst 1 delivered a radib- typfoscript, on -insurance. Othel-s tfff thfe program were Bob Lee, Mayor B. P.» .Richardson, Bill 'Bi.lele, RicK Fkbrizio, Jack Chris- chilles, Dr, R. K. Richardson i ' highlights * « §nutsen. Phyllis.,' Kyien, 'Mk^y LOu IRirttelman, , 0ary, ' Gabel, Setty Roalsbn, Jane' Genricfi' and Charles Griffith.. '*- ' *~ , .!* A Kossuth county man, Orville Thoreson of Swea City, president The Algona Junior Legion baseball squad-toured to Man- katp , for a twi-night double headed, and caine"'out on top In both games, 9-8 and 7-2. Gene Hoenk was winning pitcher. Eldie Winkel v ,tossed £,. two-hitter bt ManfcatbVin.!, theVfive inning Second ^game. Hoe'hK< Pave tie- Vine, atfdiNick "Jafcjaijifteach got two safeties.' wfnlcef. sfruck dut nine and walked just three. His mates got five hits,' .'one each by Reding, Frank Rusch, Bill Lampright, Winkel and Bob Loss. Since.this Nation was founded the oppressed, feed the hungry alnibst two centuries ag<;i we,,and share the wealth. So, ot have bent " over backwards to 1 ''course, were Hitler, Mussolini avoid "War. Any honest history''and Stalin, book'will show dozens of exam-,' pies. In droulh-stricken Northeast day. It "gave • Bancroft" a -16*2 league, mark, with only one game to play. Wesley, with a 9-4 mark, •was Vk games behind. * * * The big Kossuth County Fair . was due to move on to the scene Aug. 17 through 20 and a fine 'program was slated. Included were two afternoons .of harness races, auto races with GuS Schra- , der set to appear, Jimmie Lynch J> • » • • • «»»• » • • » » »» » » »» » »»^»».»;».» ) Professional D0cttiry ».4»»*t »»*»*•»•»»+»»•»»«-»»»»»»»»• .;'" ,.".«„ *,# f INSURANCE ' Chiropractor A. J. (Arnle) Ricklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident , ' Life — Auto ~ Fire — HafT« 2 E. State CY 4-4529 The American temper is slow Brazil, where poverty, disease ... . to arouse and for that reason we .and illiteracy are rampant the and his Death Dodgers, conces- as a Nation have swallowed more gospel of Castro is being spreaa. sions, rides, shows and hundreds than" our share. 'But this temper.* And Castroism is taking a sub- of exhibits, reached the boiling point the', stantial foothold. The next step - . *.." .. other day when a pipsqueak dl-: is not far behind — Communism. Movies_ iset to show here _in- ALGONA IN^UHANCB ctatorvlnamed Fidel Castro siez-« There are many other areas of eluded "The Sea Wolf" with Ed- .«^.«ov '. .ed 'an American plane, and 38 "Latin America where this man's ward G. Robinson, Under- v*'_: _i___ _!»•: ' : nnmiin>.;<"ir i<- An tv.o yicQ An trm Bround with defirev LiVHtt and American citizens. * * There is a limit to how much ^popularity is on the rise. All too ground" with Jeffrey Lynn and < often it is difficult to reverse the Philip Dorn, "The Bride - Came and 'that is the perilous more.of this we can take. M akefc circumstanc( : in which we no mistake, this two-bit scoun- ^selves with Castro, drel" Is Begging us on as no one has.-;ever egged us on. Castro is &, President Kennedy has his C.O.D." with James Cagney and Bette Davis, and "Hold That Ghost" with Abbott and Costel- H lo. . J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety B,onds — AJ^Lines Y 4-3176 ; III '' I'^Og^^State BLOSSOM INSURANCE V NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 4<H Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. PUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO, One Year, In advance W.OO Bqth Algona papers, in combination, per year $5.08 Single Copies --- T - lj« SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIPS KOSSUTJf One year, in advance , . S4.Q9 Both Algona papers In combination, one year $6.90 No subscription less than 8 month*. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST „„ . '(see above). As a radio newscaster reports that Henry's- state is preparing to increase income taxes and impose a general sales tax on everything anyone buys, Henry slaps a handful of bay rum (prices $1.30; tax, 1 3 c) across his' jowls. He dresses quickly, hurriedly fastening cuff links (price: $5; tax, 50c) and tie clasp (price: $3; tax, 30c), puts on his Swiss wrist watch (price: $60; tax, $6), and rushes down stairs. Tucked under one arm is a leather briefcase (price: $25; tax, $2,50) which carries papers from his real estate Office, including one deed (property valued at $3,000; stamp tax, $3.30). In the kitchen he's just in time to snatch two slices of bread (at least 151 hidden taxes) from the electric toaster (price: $16; tax, 48c), lift his coffee from the gas stove (price: $190; tax, $5.70), and grab a glass of fruit juice from the refrigerator (price: $300; tax, $9). A glance out of the window shows it's begun to snow, so he calls to his wife (marriage license: $2) to telephone (monthly telephone bill: $12; tax, $1.20) for a taxi. Too many other people want taxis on a snowy morning, so Henry gets out his own car (price: $2,500; total taxes $518) grid drives (operator's license: $3) to the railroad station. Henry relaxes at the station with a cigarette (price per pack: 13c; tax, 15c), lit by a match (tax; 2c per 1,000). Aboard the train, he settles down to a hand of bridge with three cronies, using of course, a deck of cards (price: 40c; tax, 13c). In the city on his way to the office, Henry stops to buy a roll of camera film (price: 40c; tax, 2c) that he promised his son (registration of birth: $1), and the lipstick (price: $1; tax, lOc) he promises his wife. Because there are friends coming to Henry's house in the evening, he buys q bottle of whiskey (price: $3.40; tax, $2.10). Arriving eventually at thp office, Henry sighs (np tqx) and se»t|e» to g day's work (an- : nual income; $7,500; Federql and »tste Income $984). If He work* f«r the re*t of his life, he will be able to provide the government with q 'handsgme slice gf inheritance tqx, And if he dies in a state that is fiscally t9lergnt, he can take comfort in the thought that his cgsket •^provided it costs less thsrt f]§0~ ^will bj»> •«• empt from any sajg* tax. "THi AD MiDIUM MOST CAPABLE" . , . "Newspapers wea the medium most capable ft. r~-, r ^ ing themselves to suto adyerlisets. They provide us and our dealers with the flexibility of timing so essential. an4 thp ability to tailor advertising to specific market requirements." — John R. Bowers, car ad manager Ford Division, Ford Motors. REAPY TO SERVf YOU IN Y§UR TBAOf A|fA The AU3QNA UPPIR DES MOINiS REA0 IACH IliUi »V 1,100 FAMJUH , it's easy to says/'Let'Sflng to feel that he is equally in send tKe 'Marines' in 'and clean fclose touch with what is happen.. them out." But that has Cuba'. After the miserable implications. We must weigh any pop of the Cuban invasion we step of this sort with the utmost ! learned — tragically — how care. So then, it is not so easy as ''poorly our intelligence forces op" ' this. '.era ted in that imbittered island. Several months ago I suggest- 'Let us all hope now that this ed in this column that we impose • condition'has been altered ana a Naval blockade to stop the ob- ; we are receiving accurate infor- vious shipment of Soviet war '.'nation ' from our intelligence material into Cuba. This week 1 people in Cuba. I was encouraged to .note in Con- - 7 * * * • gress support building up for/ : cant emphasize strongly such a move. )enough the danger we are faced. A blockade has many advan-» with as , lo "6 as Castro holds All Lines'of .Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N.-Dodge " FROM THE FILES, OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES AUGUST 2. 1951 * * * Two Bancroft men are on the BOHANNONJINSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge 'Ehon£ CY 4-444'3 Home 1 - Automobile'- Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D, PAXSON Dwelling, Auto,. Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY Castro to his knees is less than j simple it may sound, that could 30 days ' and without firing a • solve this most serious of pro- shot. ' jblems he should communicate * * * 'with the President at once. Our . . Some would oppose this idea ! security and our future depends g^^P 111 fmger m a game av on the ground that the Russians (upon it. vere injuries after a backward fall in his home and John Menke, catcher for the Lions baseball team, who received a broken and would be willing to start a war ' to break through the blockade, don't believe so. The Russians are well aware that they are trespassing, setting up as they are a Communist stronghold at our veiy doorstep.' So in this event they would not risk war. Our failure to act in Cuba could endanger the United States position in Berlin. President Kennedy took an extremely firm position on the Berlin matter and the world knows we i FROM THE FILES OF THE Spencer. * * * Announcement was made that Tom Holmes has sold his interest in Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors to D. G. Clopton. The change in ownership was effec- • tive August 1. The two had been partners in the business for the past six years. 4 • • • . One of the big attractions at tho Kossuth County Fair this year will be the performance of Ramon LaRue, death-defying HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. P)ione CY Ted S, Herbsjt Farm Bureau Mutual In l- Co, Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto'(with $10 Deductible) Life • Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, mean business. * But there is a danger here United States refuses to act in XfnoNA UPPER DES MOINES Frenchman, who dangles from a ALaONAUPP|R DBS MOINES hplicop t er ln a stra i tjac ke t and Auuuot /, *!»•»* then climbs back up to the plane. This act i$ part of the sensational ""hrillcade" at th » * » mixed that Mr. Khrushchev may make p Eight TUonka residents, rang a miscalculation. He may reason 4ng in age from 18 months to this way, for instance. If the 80, were victims of a variety qf Th new HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 706 So. Phillips St. Ugona Phone CY 4-2341 AUTQ—LIFE—FIRE—HAIL PALE W, LOCKWOOD The Equitable Life Assurance *-. Society Of The United States Burt, Ipwfc , Phone 201 , handicap at the Aleona Coun- |s jeopardized every passes with Castro thumbing nose at us. He is getting bolder alrp}»ne. Tomorrow, he may be wl the »n|m»l- Pauline Adanv durjng the week. Mrs meet 8he „„.„„ s? j; ig&SSsSa *• Bob Williams to gain the to play in the finals. (Tite s eventually won.) f » » CRAWFOHD INSURANC6 SERVICE Andy Crawford All Types Of Insurance Office Phone gy 4-?279 . Farm Management severe! days later had *;»» ft 90d It was discovered she Bay, the big u. S base at the far Eastern tip pn ft wUpad te and c H t tuching ep lo (Mh Under her chin Ron ; j; hn ^ nin ^| tionePd ' J ff a 3 SSK Until now. we hay* skirniith. gnk suffered a severe sting. 4 ed with Castro and lost every stF8y Stone, thrown by children offensive. 'The so-called invasion 8t play/ Struck" .Dean Kuchenr was a disgrace and a p}ow ^Q -MVthW'A^ t|»£ ^ thumb, bruis ? American prestige. Apart from inj ai\d cutting it. Mrs John Falg that wp have sent the bearded $T- tost her b»lan ce due to a spelj, bandit a series of harsh diploma- Qf di3Sine ss > f el1 against a small N. Dodgf Dr. D. D.- 'Arnold 1 , Chiropractor .- -i Over Penney's Offke Phone i^CY 4-3373 ~ Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 " ,{OpenRriday Night Dr. WUliam'L/'Clegg ", "Chiropractor . ' Hours: 9:0(F-fi f 6:00 thru Sat. Sm -r- 9:00', Friday i Ph. Off. CY'44 77 ReS - cy 4 ' 3469 DOCTORS BOURNE, M. D.t Phyoicien & Surgeon 118 N. Moore Sti' ,' ' Office" phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227; J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician,& Surgeon 218 W. State Street QjEfice phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 • ' CAROL L. PLOTT. M. D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress-4-4331 Residence ,, JOHN M, SCHUTTER, M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 ' DEAN F, KOOB, M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Dodge,. Algona Office Phone CY 4-4400 OPTOMETRISTS DR. L. L. SNYDER Optometrwt 113 East State - Algqn« Telephone CY 4-271{ Closed Saturday Afternoona Prt, 8AWYER and ERICKSON , . . Byes Examined '•' •> :. Contact Lenses .Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street • Algona, Iowa Phpne^CYpress 4-2196 Hpurs: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoona DR. C. Mi P'CONNOB i Optometrist ? Visual Analysis & Visual Trainin| ^ P1NTISTS R. RL R. HOFFMAN ome Federal Bid*. CY Vhon* §tf«t 4,9994 tic notes which impress him not one whit. So he jaught out loua at big Uncle Sj»m aa4 continues his campaign of harangue and ridicule. * * -#n|i ^fench«d her back, rry Bacon, is-nngntji-old soq PTB Bacon, tod? be)t of an elect ajly-driven mptor and was, to the ground, suffering yown , We Isce in Latin America the facjjii cuts and a bruised hand; pspt-pt that Castroism win Sfea Gtep*P!«. 3. St^rogted tq read and almost certainly get Utok ink 9 SQOkjng nap fcis mo, t «f pontrpl. This, the United ffiS km KJSt'reflWWi fr<?m the win get Utok ink 9 SQOkjng nap fcis mo, p«t «f pontrpl. This, the United ffiS km KJSt'reflWWi fr<?m the States — and for that matter ffWHJ ' the pan was hot and he thq Free WerW — cannot afford. Burned his towtr U» and chin in Castro has already become a WP pjocessr Mrfe Doris Sathoff symbol to those who do not un- Ofi§l»e4 i • $$® f * nd |f 9 b ^d 4 iterstand the evil behind « Mf^m^T^'-^lMMW such as this. To many, Castro is WW a §t»»^r W the end of her Umu'us atw kiueht out to htlp '&!*»&' SveryOAe else «9TERON 99 Concentrate kills weeds where other treatments fall . : It's not wL| a 2,4-p posts-bu,t what it poatte- _. r ^.,^ H >terpQ 9|»J Concentrate fcflls weeds that otfit weed killers' 4 19 too hajg tQ haodiff. Test| toow it's e^tra4S»tive and easy .!??'?..lI,«. d< ? s .^J? a ' n ,.- '?*»*** wily $m*4 water... >vers "-?»jj 5~j" r*~| TT 1 'Trms ' i " ' f STEIER FLYIN6 SERVICB

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