The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on January 30, 1910 · Page 46
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 46

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 1910
Page 46
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4 6 THE REGISTER AND LEADER: SUNDAY MORNING. JANUARY 30, 1010 IOWA DEFEATS GRINNELL tlREAT BATTLE FOtrOIIT AT IOWA C1TV, HAWIvEVKH W IN'M.NO. llrlan.l Plays a Wonderful (lame For the Old Gold, Making l our Ifnskets. ; - - ' . r-ll 4 , STP MEM, IOWA Trv. Jn. 29-8peclal: Jumping Into the lead when Captain Btewart threw a difficult banket Ijwa never headed In the first of a mats championship aerie tonight and Urlnnell was decisively dereated by a score of Kl to 13. The flrat half ended 11 to 7 with the Ilawkeyea In the lead. In the econd half brilliant spurts of team work at critical point In the game turned the tables again In lowa'a favor, and Orlnnell lighting desperately was unable to keep the Jowa guards from breaking up their play near the coveted goal. Ilyland and Zelglor, the Hhoilea scholar-elect, put up e great battle at center. A banket by IIvIhwI from a alttlng poature In the flmt tialf and a second long basket a few Minute later kept Iowa In the lead. Hluls hit a chair hi driving for a bull near the done of the geme and was removed, U. J. Carney taking hi place. Mc-Karhron pltiyed a clever intercepting game for Orlnnell. The bard defensive play of Thomas and West wa a vital factor In the victory. Following la the lineup and nummary: (HllNNIil1.. ft. V Klein ,. K Htula ;; Kelgler I, ( McKschion H. O . K. Carney (cj 10VV A Ryden II. F. Btewart (:) I.. F. llylund t-West U Thoma it. U Hcoralnwa m, Orlnnell 1.1. fubetltute arney for Htuls, Nummary Ooala from field, Stewart 2, Jlylanrt 4, West H, Klein 2, Hluls 3, Car-jiey I; gnats from foul, Hlewort 2 In 5 trlalr; Klein 1 111 8 trials. Hefereo, Finger of Cornell. MI.AKK DltOI'H (i.l.MK Cornliiisker Five IVfeata luwa Team 27 to 0. LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. 29. -Special: By si ore of 27 to 6, the Coinhunker basketball five downed the quintet from DiaM at the unlverilly armory tonight, ond made their "late clean for the flrat half if 'the games In the northern section of the Missouri Valley league. Klglil game are acheduleij for each of the three team in thi dlvltun of the league for the sectional title, and the game tonight wa the second the local ahnoler have won from Drake. Last week two were annexed from Aine. . The vlslllng player proved nil eailer (irey for the Cornhueker thsn they were Inst night, and Coach Hewitt need an entire new team, with the exception of Oiptalu I'erry, In the eecnnd half. Iiruko maile only two goal from field, one In en i ,ii half. The content wa by far the roughest exlilliitlnii of basketball that ha ever taknn pllrco on the local floor, Both teams violated the rule, and Mitre v. an a large sriiullt or holding, pulling, and trlklug with the flxla. The vlsMIng play-r were the chief offender and were jienallzsd several time by the referee for their rough tootle. Left Oimrd lleery of the I)e Moines five sustained an Injury Id hla niiiia In m. clash with one of the Conihnskers, and for a short time 1il condition was auch that it wa thought advisable to remove him from the game, lie Insisted on playing however, and was allowed to remnln In the lineup. Exceedingly poor teim pley and Inaccurate goal tossing kept Drake from putting up any formidable opposition to nhe Cornhuskcr. Captuln I'erry and hi crew filayed ring around their opponent all through the game. The Nebrnsk i lender and Wood, the little colored guard, again were the alar for the locals. I'erry shot four coal from field. Wood made no goal, but lie curried the hall, by dribbling, mora than any other two men on na floor. I'etrashek. at center, also played brilliant ball ami tossed three goal. DeRiitt featured more than any aing! player on the visiting five He recorded four of the polni lotulerj by Hi sum. The lineup: NKURAHK A. Perry ,,, U,..,F. Schmidt UK. Petrsshek C lnaersoll li t Wood I..O. DIIAKK. U K J. Hoffman UK Deiilltt ' (.'. Hoffman H.O Kerry L.(l lleery MuhatHutm-Juiiea for Schmidt lllltner for I'etrashek, Amheison ror Ingeraoll, Walt for Wood, Myacle for lluffmnn. Hummary-Ooal from field, I'crrv 4, Schmidt 2, ivirnshek 3, Ingersull, lllllner, Anihersnn, Delltitt. t Hoffman; giinl from free throw, i'erry 3, Debulls 2. Ilef-eree, Clevenger, ex -Indiana. SOI'IIOMOHKH WIN. Two Hiiskcllmll timiic Arf I'liijed ill . Urukp (.viniinHluiii. At the lirake gymnaluin yesterdny aft-erunnu the sophomore team ib'feittod the freshmen by the score of 2S to lfi. The high school live won from the music team by the score of 17 to 10. (JAM KM AT TIIK "V," I'tlca and 4'luttn Hum. I'lay an '.: reptlonally ( lose (iniuc. Three Intereetlng games were played In the Commercial league at the "Y" last night. The wore of the game follow; Maker-Trlsler !. Hopkins llros. 7. Vtlca 24, Chase llrna. 23. Bualneu Wen 14, l C. C. C. 11. ' rnnorn Ih-foiil JofftTMin. T'ANOllA, la., Jan. 2.-Hpeclal: Pannra, fliithrle county high school, defratcil the Jefferson High cehool In u hist game of ImaUeibaJI, ncore ending 42 tit fl. I'anora ha the faatest and heat teem they have ever had, and hereby challenge any lilgh school In thi section of (he suite, The lineup was: Jefferson- , u, C. H. H. T. Con K K, Tacher T. Cox K K. Tuchfr l)tter C (lllson Wabllng ) Van heventer Ja (Ucs (i T. Thornbiirg The busiest ann nilghllcst little thing that ever made I Chamberlain's fllnmach and l.lver Tablets. They do the work whenever you reipilre tlcir aid. These tablet change weakness Into trength, llstlessnesa intn energy, gloominess Into Jnyousnr Their ecthn I so gentle one don't reallie thy hav taken a purgative. CORNING MEETS DEFEAT Ihc llrtlfonl I llh School llnakrtlmll Toam Wins (Jump. TiKt'KOIil), !.. Jan. 20 - Kpeclnl: The high school basketball five of tlila place went to Corning Inst nlghl, where they played a game of baaketliiill with the Mali action! five of that place, Medfnrd winning the game by a score of ,16 in 13. 1 lil was the eecoud gnme that the Heitferd Irani has played with Corning thin season aim is also ice second lime that they have defeated them. The Hrd ford team luia entered the race for the fouthnestern Ion a championship and o far this arason have not lost a alngle game. BOWLING MEETING TODAY City Awoclnllnii Will Hold Session at Mission Alleys, A meeting of the City Howling asamda-flon has been called for this afternoon at. the Mission alley. All of the howler In the city are requested to attend Hie meeting. Several matters or Infpoit-ance will he aetth-d at this sesslu:i. The meeting will commence at 2:30 o'clock. RICH FUTURITY IS PLANNED Contest Few $73,tM0 In Puiw May Ik Held in lies Molnps M. E. Harrison of Minneapolis, a representative of At. W. Havage, the owner of tlie International Htock Kood Co., pent yesterday- in les Molne telling the rtate, hoard of agriculture of the plan for a $7tS.0io futurity stake which Savafre Is projecting. "ivu are planning;," ""'d Harriaon, "to hold the races In 1913. one for pacer I without hopples) and one ror trotters, for horses foaled In 1810. each to be arth4i37,500, Mr. Savage will guarantoe e Starting Tuesday Morning Manhattan and Clhintc Other Fine (Whites excepted) $1.50 Plaited and Regular Shirts. ...... .$1.05 $1.75 Plaited and Regular Shirts. ..... . .$1.25 , $2.00 Plaited and Regular Shirts. .$1.35 $2.50 Plaited and Regular Shirts $1.65 $3.00 Plaited and Regular Shirts . .$1.95 $3.50 Plaited and Regular Shirts. ..... , .$2.50 Choice Any Fancy Stiff Bosom Shirt. .... .95c Winter Underwear $ 1 .00 Values . . 80c $3.00 Values $2.40, R1 SO Values SI 20 $3-50 VaIues $2'80 $1.50 Va ucs Jl.a-0 $4 0Q Va,ues $3 20 $2.00 Values $1.60 $4 50 Values $3.55 $2.50 Values .$2.00 $5.00 Values $3.85 Odds and Ends in $3.50 & $3.00 Soft and Stiff Hats $2.25 Outing Flannel Pajamas and Night Robes $1.00 Values . .65c $1.50 Values $1.00 $ 1 .25 Values ... 85c $2.00 Values $1.40 $2.50 Values Clearance Sale Price $1.65 Sweater Coats $3.50 Sweater Coats $2.25 $4.00 Sweater Coats $2.65 $5.00 Sweater Coats $3.65 Hosiery ' 50c Wool Hose 35c 35c Wool Hose .......v 25c 25c Wool Hose 18c 50c Fancy Lisle Hose 35c 35c Fancy Lisle Hose 25c 25c Fancy Lisle Hose .20c $1.00 Silk Hose 75c $1.50 and $2.00 Silk Hose $1.15 We carry no goods over to next season. You know the Men's Fashion Shop style and quality. Everything is the newert and finest of its class. You can't make a wrong choice. Any Fancy $25.00 or $27.50 Suit or Overcoat in the House IBS Any Fancy $30, $35 or $40 Suit or Overcoat in the House This is the one opportunity of the year to secure the highest attainable quality in ready made clothing at a sacrifice the event you have been waiting for. Come Tuesday. Any 7J in the house, values up to $3.00 Fancy Tie - 50c Gloves $1.50 Dress Gloves.,'. $1.15 $2.00 Dress Gloves. .$1.35 $2.50 Dress Gloves.... ....$1.65 $2.00 Auto Gloves .$1.35 $2.50 Buck Auto Gloves $1.50 $4.00 Buck Auto Gloves .$2.75 $5.00 Buck Auto Gloves $3.50 $5.00 Fur Gauntlets $3.50 $5.00 Royal Buck, Squirrel Lined $3.65 $3.50 Royal Buck, Coney Lined $2.50 25 DISCOUNT ON ALL SUIT CASES AND BAGS Leather Goods $6.00 Collar, Tie and Handkerchief Sets. .$4.00 $5.00 Collar, Tie and Handkerchief Sets. .$3.25 $1.25 Collar Bags. 75c $1.50 Collar Bags .....$1.05 $1.75 Collar Bags .$1.25, $2.00 Collar Bags $1.35 . $2.50 Collar Bags. $1.65 $3.00 Collar Bags... $1.05 , $3.50 Collar Bags. .$2.35 Mufflers 50c Bradley Mufflers. 30c $1.00 Mufflers 65c- $2.00 Mufflers....... $1.25 $3.00 Mufflers .-. .$1.95 $7.00 Silk Full Dress Mufflers $4.85 $5.00 Silk Full Dress Mufflers $3.50 $3.50 Silk Full Dress Mufflers $2.45 Fas 420 Walnut Street Slhoi Clever Clothes For Men Who Know r Ihn 175,000, which I lo bi rnlltNl tli "Imn I'atch Kuliirlly." Thn rwe will he hiW In Ui tiit which Kuarnnlw tho grcatoiit pKiceulagi' of tho purn lo Mr. .SlIVHg". "1 h.l'l tli plnn hrfore tho Half bnant of iiiri IciiltiMK 'her and tho nicmhfi fmi,t favonihlft and will Unik Into the inaltor. An mtry f of lh will h I'lmrucil at tho tlnio of nonilnutlon. Thi will ho when tht placo of Itio raco I ili'lertnlnocl. It I hopi'il to got at loast 2.SO0 oolt nominated for tho rano. No othor payment will bo raqtilfod until tho night Wore tho raco, at which tlmo til) will bo ahl for every horo that start. "It I cortaln that tho raco will not be hold If there I not enourh Interest In It to Hocuro the 2.600 nominations. This, however ahoiihl be eay, a It moan hut 1M nninlnutlnn from each of tho hore producing state. Many will furnish twice Hit number. I feol certain that the rac will be hold In MIS. Hut whore It will be, I do not know, associations or soclatlon." It is up to the state fair soma regular raco aa- AiTnnne High Srhmil Debute. CHAKI.KH CITT. la., .Tan. 29. Special: A debate ha been arranged between the Osage and Churlea Clty-hlgh school in which, "Itesolved, Tnat Amerlcfin Cities Should Adopt the Commission Plan of Government" will be dlcussed. This debate will occur about the middle of February. Each high Bi'hool has two teams, one composed of hoys and the other of girls. School for l'mersiin Masons. KMEHSON. la., Jan. 29-Speclal: Emerson Is to have a school of Instruction In Masonry. State Custodian George W. I.yke of Council Bluffs will conduct the aohool, which is to be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Feb. 2, 3 and 4. Couple Found Dead In Buggy. LADYSMITH. TVIi.. Jan. 29. August Wolf, a. liveryman, and a woman he was taking to a point east of this city, were found dead today between Tony and Olenflora. Mystery attaches to the tragedy. . . rr CENTRAL ASSOCIATION PLAYING SCHEDULE FOR 1910 ADOPTED AT MONMOUTH JANUARY 27, 1910. Galesburg Kewanee . Ottumwa Burlington Keokuk Monmouth Hannibal Quincy i n 1 im ii ' i GalesburC Bl,,n My SI. it. . June W, II. VS. June . T. . . - June liV 14. B. JuW !' iu? ,-M.y II. . tt May 14. 15', 13', 18. UttltJ80UXJ READ June . 2H. 17. July 1, V. Pi. 1!. Julv 24, 25. 28. Aug. 2. 3. 4. Aug. 9. 10. ''"Iy 2-J V, l"ly ',V 4 - 6',.6- 2170 Mlh Aug. 2,1, 24, 25. Aug. 30. 31, Eept. 1. Sept. (6-5t, 6, 7. Sept. 14, 16, 18, 1 IS s,pt, 12 -jj. - Aug. 11, 12, 13. Aug. 14, lo, 16. ' TCWanoo Mav . V, 2. 29. June fl, 7, 8, 9. ' ' June 10, 11. 1. . June 16, 17, U. June 18, 14 15. " Mar U. li. 16. May 11 12 13. . AeWanee Jim. si, i, m. THE July 24. 25 2. July 20, 21, 22, 23. July , 31. Aug. 1. Aug. 2, 3. 4. .. July (4-4), 5 8 July 12, 3'. 2IS20 Miles ' Aug. 2ii, 27, 2S. Sept. (5-i). , 7. Aug. 30, 31. Sept. J. Sept. It. 12, 18. ' Bept. 14. 15, 16. Aug. 14', 15, ID. Aug. 11, 12, 13. .. I.,,,, i n i s Aftty 31. ,,a ,, ,-, ,-, ,j jUv u 12 jj jllni, 13 u, 15. June 16, 17, 11 OttUmWa '! uT V , tJ,1'"' ' M REGISTER June"s'" W J iU- l 2 A July 4-4), S, . ' July80. 81, Aug. 1. Aug. 2, 3. 4 2050 MIL s"!". Sei?;."!,":. J!'WSll!'lt $ & & Aiigl 14. 15, 16.. Aug" 11. 12, 13. Sept. U',12. 13, 14. Sept. 15, 16, 17, m n , May (30 -30WI. , AJflD Mav 11 12, 13. "tlfiv V' 2My June 16, 17. 18. June 13. 14. 15. Burlington w ftf; ,. -,fis; . 3'V. fi; ; 29 Aau- . i'ly JUVi juuy h. ik . is. y v s, ' 2027 Miles Sept. 2, s", 4' S'P ! "8- A,,- a AtW. 15. 16, 17. 8(,Pl- 15' 16' 13 8e'Pt- 11 12. 13. ' Jftiy (30SO) 31 Keokuk May , . T. May R-!f, 9. 10. May 20. 21. 22. M iy 17,18 19. TTATiVP JIay $ ' 3jf,w ii "i b June ' ' 1VCUH.U1S, Jne )3, , JIne ,x M u Juh. u u ,5 July j 9 0.. n. LEADER May 2S. 30. July 20. .1, 2,, 23. Mav ls 1T. j, 1815 Mllrw , Aug. 5, 6, Aug. 8, 9, 10. Aug. 17, 18, 15. Aug. 20, 21. 22. Aug. 23, 24. 2a. Sept. 8. I. 10. Sept. 2, 3. 4. Monmouth 1Z S1 a. ' v,,,;.,, ' M.yv.' p0R S-S W: 4' 5 I 1 Hannibal ' May VS. l. W. MkV . a. JS. May I. I. I. May 8-S . 1. ' June 10, 11. 12'. June 6. 7. 8, 9. ctrPTTVP May S8. n. . 59. fldlUUUttl Julv 8. 9 10. It. Julv li, 13. 14 15. June 19, 20, 21. June 22, 23. 24. July 27, 2S, 29. July 35. 31. . SPORTING June 28, 59, SO. 2H71 Mllot Aug. 17. 18, 19. Aug. 20, 21, 2. Aug. 6, 0, 7 Aug. 8, 9. 10. Aug. 30, 8L Sept. 1. Sept. (5-5), 6, 7. Aug. 2t, .7, 2'. Olll'nrv May ! 21, May 17. 15. 19. May -!. 9. 10. May 6. , 7. June 6. 7. 8, 9. -JUP Ii" My i ,,-,. VUlllCy Julv 12, 13, 14, 15. July 8. 9. W, It. June 22, 23. 24. . June 19. 20. 21, July 24, 25. 26. July 27, 23, 29. June 2j, 26, 27. NEWS 2573 Miles Aug. W, 21, 22. Aug. 17, 18. 19. Atig. 8, 9, 10. Aug. 6, , 7. Sept. (5-51, 6, 7. Aug. , 31, Sept. 1. Aug. 23, 24, 25. 12 Suns. 1 Holiday.' 11 Suns. 1 Holiday.' 11 Suns. 1 Holiday. 12 8uns. 1 Holiday. 11 Suns. 2 holidays 2 Holidays. 11 Sun. J Holidays. 12 Sun. 2 Holidays. I I SUNDAY GAMES. DATES IN PARENTHESES HOLIDAY GAMES. . flGHTINO J00ZE BOOZE OOZES IN JAIL YARD Sheriff'! Office Force Destroys Liquor ' Tound on Brown Premises. ' A scene In which dry lips rather tnan dry eyes featured the spectators' personal appearance, took nlnne In in the rear of the county Jail and W9.-J. witnessed by many who officiate at" the bar. The perpetrators of the scene were railed at by the spectators with humorous remarks rather than Jeers, but the actors would not desist. It was all an act of carrying out tlie mandates of the law in which Deputy Sheriff V. Knox and Turnkey Frank Krelgh did their duties as heroes and the ruthless slaughter, of two cases of beer as well as a Jtig and several small bottles of whiskey testified to their zeal. Bottles crashed against bottles and bricks were tised effectively In reducing to small bits the glass bottles. A hlnw trnn .. brick which shattered that article of building paraphernalia, likewise cauBea the booze to ooze from stone Jug and at the the booze slaughter, a miniature laka or xoamy liquid gathered at the rear of the court house. The iimm. that found on the premises of William Brown convicted of nuisance and given his Judgment yesterday ottumwa Courier. With pourint It and stonnlfiir mn fi- iii.... by the Ncal internal treatment that cures the drmk habit i three davs. booze li jib a hnl f;i, i.. l ' tu. x- i r s "s nanus; I he Neal Institute. 802 Fifth 9tr(,Pt I)M ' "",,v truing out cured habll 1 nT?y frec from the habit, all desire, craving and aune. lite for drink gone, what a grand and noble work in the Interest of weak humanity, with win poC gonl ami no strength to resist drink'-! the of vhiujc rianos 611 Locust St. EARLY MUSIC HOUSE vw. 0, msnmg, Manager i n Hi

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