The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1961
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B? fiuss _ !h c«r6monte. taking place la«i Saturday, ,*t*t|ha new Federal ( court house;i»i Fprt Dddge, thred residents,,*of -flito- area became . Mtuwttiiedv ti, Si, citizens, They Ware- May Janssen of Lakota, a former citizen,, o^f Germany; Michlel C. Wlckf{ff>,Algona, a former citizerf^f CCah'ada, and Lute' erJr,'«j^former; citizen of anyX Congratulations to all! 'K?-' '>'+.,'* 1 i Chiia*tn 1t>f .Cwald Pranki at Irtftagtoh" haW*e.' ,pet raccoon , named '"Snoopy? 1 ,' probably appropriate 'rfpr a, raccoon,' even a pet one.' "SnoopyV will .occasion^ ally fdllqw'j the'youngsters-,to the IrvinHtdn store ofiMrs MargUe* rite Hayes, \&hefe*He 'has discovered the location-6f*the crackers and candyV' and,\help* s himself. With"'a full-lummy,- he is then reaily for the -'half mile Jaunt fafm. We sup-' kers are tet the EStABLISrtED ALOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1961 4-H Contest Teams ,.. -Jfff #o tat away. Most of-^apBif ,Ten schools,have upped^eJitjadmis- sioii prices,' including'^Iowiwhich is now $5 a seat. 'Minnesota^ faced with' possible competition from- Minnesota *< Vikings professional team;-has kept .the old price' of $*, •however. Illinois has gone .to* $4.50 and Northwestern also .to $5. 'd''' ' < , *„, * * Odd Spots in the Mews: American ' Telephone • & Telegraph turned in a«higher profit report for;, the-12 months ending last May 31 than any corporation ever made in the history of .the- country^ a -net of over IV* billion, o. about.18 percent .on the gross ..'. Opinion* 1 Research, Corp. made a survey/ and found that 34 per- tent of the public believes that ,. J Aboy'e are Chris Nygaard of "l'he Wesley Boys 4-H club, • ' and Jimmy, Niichals and Jimmy Abbot' of the Union Boys 4-H clubj Winners' of the senior demonstration contests at Burt, Monday night. They will represent Kossuth at both - the North Iowa Fair, Mason City, and the Iowa State'Fair , with their, demonstrations.- (UDM Engraving) 150 At Burt View Contests Monday Nigh! Union Twp. 4-H boyS placed in both senior and junior Divisions in the annual demonstration team contests, Monday evening in the Lpgion Hall at Burt, ana as a result will send each team into competition in district or state fairs, or both. Other 'top winners were the Seneca, Progressors in the junior division, and the Wesley boys '4H 01 ial College is a spec^'children' 'of, Congres'sineri'*,:,'.",', a'. tra|n -^takes only an average '6f 14'-seconds;t6 Outjiere in the' pork-raising country', we should be especially interested in the investigation into the watering of hams, now being studied by the Department of Agriculture., It seems that just before" Ezra Benson left office he approved a deal whereby the 'big packers' could pump up to 10 percent of water in their hams. They .said that a little water in the ham makes it juicier in the process of cooking — and it should. But there are -others who feel that they can add the water right out of their own faucets as , desired instead of - buying it in the cans by the pound. No doubt this is one more item that the farmer, in the long pull, will get blamed for. '«.«.*• CHAIN LETTER: Scouts teU us that the following is making the rounds; "Unlike most chains this doesn't cost you a cent and was devised to bring hap* pineis to all men. Just send copies of this card to 10 marr ried men, then gift wrap your wife and send her to the.guy at the top of the list, "When your name gets to the top, you'll receive 1276 woman — and some of them ought to be dtllies. Have faith, don't break the chain. One guy who did got his own wife back 1" . * * * ' We read with interest where 22 miles of de-curbing was to begin "at the request of Gov. Erbe who feels the curbs create traffic hazards by forcing drivers too close to the centerlines." Gov. Erbe isn't the only one with a crystal ball about the hazards of the curbing • • > every auto dri* ver knows it, and former Gov. Loveless had the same remqval program going several years ago, so it Isn't anything new, What we'4 like to know,, hewever, is who .thought the curb construe- tion up in the, first place? Holt where a cpuple of Congressman (including Cross of .. Bve Qrgeni^d the "Epon- Party" in Washington, pro, bab'ly with tongue - in - cheek. They might be. surprised how many "members" they cpjjdd enlist out around the countryside. when we had more whit tiers and fewer chiselers. * « *. NO, entertainment if as cheap as readjng, or W Pleasure «i if i ihewW |«|Tf IB ttt HHITtf? : entry. There was an attendance „ about 150 at the county contest, , Bob Johnson, ' 'extension ' service .youth- assistant , reported.^.Tom ^Ribkersham lOf^lQwa^State'.TJiiK 7 JX "^T' T^*^- 1 ~% i n »i*ums-.ripuuna uuio went to the Garfield Hustlers, Plum . Creek and Swea-Haixison club^;/i!i«i' Red ribbons "were : ; awarded to entries from Portland; Buffalo Plum Creek, Fenton, and Lotts Creek. . The Seneca Progressors entry took iirst in the junior division with Union second; in the/senior division, the' Union entry .took first and Wesley was second.,' • Seneca leaders 'are Ray Bergum and Roger Jensen. The winning demonstration was "How, to plant a seedling . tree." Union leaders are Kenneth Strayer and Win. Dodds, Jr. The junior entry was "Prevention, polish, >patience." In the senior division the same leaders guided the Union entry which was entitled "Clothes Sense." The Wesley leaders are Joseph Skow and Charles Nygaard, and' the demonstration was entitled "Pressing Needs." ney Jensen, and Brian Johnson >H club, and Russell Shaw and Boys 4-H club,'who will repre- junior division at the Clay, n team competition. (Photos'Jay vice) T Pictured above ara. of the Seneca Progression Sandy Schenck of the U " sent Kossuth County County Fair in demon Bob Johnson. Exie Dept, of Hifitory and ~ ' id, lout 2 SECTIONS - 1A PAGES VOL. 99 - NO, 31 Vandalism Reported Reports of vandalism have been on the increase jh Al< gona., » At one> place, the former Mor-Gro building ;,_,, nal Street, now rented by Universal Manufacturing Go. for| 'storage purposes, windows have been repeatedly broken! c and city police have been making special patrols of the ffL.. as a result. So many windows were broken out on the north-*. side of the building that the openings are now boarded. r up ,"• after efforts to keep glass in the windows failed." - ; ' -"* '« Police are at a loss to know what anyone might have in ' mind in such damage. The penalties for such destruction are * ' severe, and are not a joke, they point out. v New Committee Heads Named, St. Ann Auxiliary New committee chairmen and co-chairmen have been named by Mrs Roland Ostwald, president of St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary. Named as social chairman is Mrs W. R. Larson, with Mrs J. F. Milder and Mrs Gordon Winkel, co-chairmen, membership chairman is Mrs Ed Tlams with Mrs Phil Diamond as co-chairman. Book cart chairmen are Mrs sheridan Cook and Mrs Dick Thoreson. Tag day chairman is Mrs Craig. Smith, with Ifathleen McEnroe as co-chair- rnan. Other chairmen: Maxine Momyer, publicity; Mrs Charles Hinken, newsletter; Mrs Gene Faulstich, telephone; Mrs Vincent Esser, sewing; Mrs Don Ferris, ways and means; Mrs Beth Miller, special services; Mrs L. E. man, scrapbopk; and Mrs J. Harriss, program. Mos, Infant Is Electrocuted Wiitey i- Mr and Mrs John Bauer an4 family were Sunday callers in the home of her brother, Jfenneth Chodurs, at Kensett. Randy, the 15 month old spn of Mr and Mrs Chodur was electrocuted Friday afternoon- He crawled un4er a piece of machinery in the garage and as he raised his head he was killed instantly. He is survived by his parents, 2 siaters and I brother. Last Rites For JohnThilges At West Bend " Bend" retired farmer;" were held, Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in StA'-'^Peter' and Paul's Catholic church there with Rev. Louis Greving officiating, Burial •' followed at St. Joseph's cemetery, St. Joe. The Schellhammer Funeral i Home; West Bend, was in charge of arrangements. Mr Thilges,, who had :been' ill for two weeks, died Sunday evening in Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge. . John Tliilges, son of Peter and Mary Lint -Thilges, was born at St. 'Joe. He was' raised and educated there and married Suzanna String Sept. 19, 1905 at Springbrook. Mr and Mrs Thilges then farmed near St. Joe ana West Bend prior to .their retirement to a home in West Bend in 1947. Besides his wife, survivors include five daughters, Mrs Victor Besch, Ottosen, Mrs Julius Gartener and Mrs Ray Raphael, Mapleton, Minn,, Mrs Alfrea Bormann, Bancroft, and Mrs Clarence Frideres, LuVerne; five sons, Edwin, Bode, Felix, Clarence and Sylvester, West Bend, and Melvin, Ottosen; three brothers, William and Leo, Algona, and Nicholas, Whittemore; 45 grandchildren; and five great- grandchildren, New Councilman Algona's city council will name a new fourth ward councilman during a regular meeting at the city hall next, Wednesday night, Aug. 9, There has been no definite indication as to who the new councilman will be, ac* cording to Mayor C. C. Shierk. The appointment is necessary due to the recent resignation of Barbara Haggard, who had served fourth ward since her election in the fall of I960. Money Stolen From Swimmers Theft of about $3 from Ihree purses belonging to female swimmers at the Algona swimming pool wa» reported Saturday and investigated by city police. The culprits who took the money have not been found. The purses had been taken by their owners into the actual swimming are* and were left along the side of the pool. Someone apparent? ly took the purses, tossed them over the fence and either went outside and rifled the contents or had an accomplice do it. The purses were later recovered in the vicinity of tho pool, containing all con- *enti, except Money, !t 200 At Annual Meeting Of Lone Rock Elevator ,At the annual'meeting of the Lone Rock Co-Op Exchange, hi Wednesday evening pf lastjwf .1 .!._ i _is, * __?L_ _^**^ •£>P.42*^ A. __ : v :two,t directors. They were Henry Schroeder and Andrew Thomson.-./Other board members are Delmet-^Fischer, president; Ralph Bierstedt, secretary, .and Ray'Laabs. Mr. Thomsen was named vice president, and Lorenz Geitzcnauer is manager, with 19 years service. Attendance prizes went to Edwin Luedtke, -Mrs Roger'Jensen and Mrs Larry Devine in the major awards, " . • Business volume of .the elevator showed a 'gain of 25.87 percent over the preceding year. The net sum of $56,256 was distributed to members. Other elevator employees are Fritz Newbrqugh, James Marlow, Leroy Enen and Erich Seegebarth. About 200 members and guests attended. Vote Sept, 11, Area 2, County Bd. Education .There will be one election in Kossuth County for a place on tho County Bbard of „ Education, Sept. 11. , The election will be held in Area 2, which includes the Swea City Community^ School District, Sentral Cornmuhiljy District, Grant, CpiupJfd^ted district, and the Greenwood Township school district. ' ; .;-,-•'Voting will take place at the same time 'and place as the regular school board, election. Only voters in the above districts are 3 Account Cases Are Filed Here Three account cases were filed in district court here this week. A total of $2,088.24 is involved. The Schaeffer Tailoring Co. is plaintiff and E. J. Zender, defendant, in one matter. The tailoring firm asks $1,226.18 claimed due for goods purchased by the defendant in 1959. The Swea City Oil Co., plaintiff, seeks $678,87 for settlement of an account from Lynch Oil and Imp. Co., defendant, and Whittemore Co-Op Elevator, plaintiff, asks $183.19 from A. B. Buscherfield, defendant, in the other case. State Audit Of School Records Completed Here The Algona Community School District was commended this week by the state auditor's office for its' set of books pertaining to the district's business matters during the year July 1, 1960 through June 30, 1961, inclusive. Only corrective comments on the books, which were classified very good in the report, were: funds in revolving fund, veterans on the farm training program fund, high school Annex fund and hot lunch fund should be included in funds under control of the district treasurer as are other varied funds at present. The audit was prepared by a Fort Dodge CPA and forwarded to the state auditor's office. culated for Art Priebe -of Lone Rock, the incumbent whose term is expiring. The new term is for •six years. Nomination papers may be secured 'at the office of the County Superintendent of Schools and must be filed not later than'noon on August 22. The candidate must be a resident of the area voting. Rain, Humidity Hog Weather Picture Here The "monsoon season" continued in this area during the past week as -rain and almost-unbearable high humidity dominated, the weather picture. The high temperature reading during the, period, registered at the official weather station, KLGA, was 90 degrees Monday, but it seemed-'-' much warmer. Rainfall during the week totaled almost 2.10 inches, with most of it hit-' ting the ground during a storm Monday afternoon and night. H July 28 83 July 29 —83 July 30 88 July 31 90 Aug. 1 84 Aug. 2 78 L 62 63 62 69 66 62 R .02 Tr. 2.06 .01 Flight Breakfast Sunday, Aug. 20, has been set as the date for the annual Kossuth Flying Club Flight Breakfast, at the Algona Airport. More details of the program will be forthcoming soon. Armstrong Man Charged; Car Struck Another An/Armstrong man, Lloyd G. CJark, 35, was given a ticket for careless driving after his auto Struck the rear of a vehicle driven by Mrs Roger Long, 27, of Lone Rock on highway 15 six miles south of Fairmont at 12:30 p,m. Friday. Both autos were headed north at the time of the mishap. Clark Stated he dropped some papers PR the floor of his auto and was attempting to pick them up when he got too close to the rear p? the other vehicle. He swerved left, caught the left rear portion Of the Long a.uto, then went out o| control and slammed into the west ditch. Damage to the Long auto wf\i estimated at $1QO, while $800 damage resulted to the Clark car. Budget Public hearing of the proposed budget of the Algona Com- [nuniiy School District will be next Wednesday, Aug. 9, at the high school at 7:30 p.m. The 1961-62 proposal asks a total of $767,838, an increase- of $57,575 over }9$Q-61 expenditures. Of the amount asked, $708,988 is 6ifte<j[ to be raised by taxation. Report Grain Thefts From County Farms Sheriff Asks Farmers To -*• Watch Storage Seneca Woman's Brother Killed In Plane Crash , SENECA — Mrs Fred Johannesen received word Friday morning,that her ther Donald Bergeson, bro- had Henry Kilian Funeral Held Here Tuesday Funeral seryices for Henry P. Kilian, 59, Algona, were held 'in McCullough's Funeral Chapel at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Rev. Cleo Kautsch of WhiUemore officiated and burial was at Evergreen ceme- teiy, Wesley. ' ; i Pallbearers at ';th$ rites were Roger and Ronald Schafer, Paul, Richard and David Kilian and Lynn Zaugg. i Mr Kilian, who was employed by .Everds Bros, here died following a one day illness with a heart, condition at his home on South Dodge street Friday night. Henry P. Kilian, son of John and Mary Kilian, 'was born April 12, 1902 at Ogden and. later farmed. in the West; Berid' Vicinity for, 10 years before moving to Al- gOna several-year's 'ago.' He was married 'to' Elfreda Schafer . April 30, 1938. She survive?.' , ' Other survivors include three sisters, Elizabeth and Meta, Han-. cock, Wise., and Agnes (Mrs John Getts), Colorado Springs, Colo.; and five brothers, Walter, Hancock, Wise., Adolph and yo.v . anar'Aiiold, Las Vegai* Nov. A brother and' two sisters preceded him in death. Scouts Set For Humboldt Spree Treasure hunts, "water skiing, egg throwing and bait casting contests, centipede and . wheelbarrow relays, will be the entertainment at the joint Boy Scout Field Day, Aug. U and 12 at Goetsch Park at Humboldt. All Cubs, Explorers and Boy Scouts in districts five and six are invited to participate, according to an announcement by Don Prieskorn, Algona, district vice- chairman. Mothers and dads are also invited to attend. Special events have been planned for them. Scouts will receive individual prizes and unit awards. Check-in time for Cubs is 1 p.m. Saturday, while Explorers and Scouts may register any time after 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 11. There is a registration fee with each unit to be responsible for its own food. Water, milk and pop will be available. been killed that morning in an airplane accident near Columbus, Ohio. Details are few, but the report was that he met with the accident while dusting crops. It is not known If he was alone or an occupant of the fated plane. The Bergesons, who had just returned home from Germany where he had served as a jet pilot, were visiting with Mrs Bergeson's parents near Columbus.. He is survived by his wife and -three year old son, Johnnie, in addition to brothers and sisters. Mrs Johannesen accom panied by sisters and bro- • thers left Sunday morning for . Columbus. Funeral services were planned last Tuesday. , Mr. Bergeson, who was in his early forties, was making a career of the army and already' served about 20 years. • Wesley Girl Is Injured Monday In Car Crash • Mary Janice, daughter of the Ted Trunhelle's, Wesley residents, was injured in an auto accident Monday evening in Des Moines. She was riding with three companions when their car hit a bridge abutment. She suffered two deep cuts on her forehead, a dislocated shoulder, multiple bruises! and scratches, f She will Area farmers were Warned by Sheriff Ralph Lindhors,t 'this week to keep an eye- on their grain storage facilities. The warning was issued after his office 'was notified of another theft'of a small quantity of corn. The latest theft occurred! at the Junior Helmke farm/l'/a miles south of Swea City, sometime during the two-week period preceding -July 27, '-. .. •'<;•- ...,, '. . Thi eves took about 100. bushels of shelled -corn -from a crib b*n the Helmke 'ptee; .The .tfrib had been sealed and about 50 bushels were taken from two separata storage areas in the building. , Three other reports of thefts .of small amounts of grain (beans and oats) have been investigatea by the .sheriff during recent months. In each case, the report came too late to be of much value. from, an investigation standpoint; , It is almost impossible to catch a thief when the reports are delayed— or discovery of the theft is made too long after it occurred. By the time the reports reach authorities, 'any possible -clues' have been erased'and leads, sudb as possible identification; of persons being noticed;in the vicinity 6f the theft, are too cold te follow up. • .-'-.'". The other thefts were re-, ported from widely scattered areas of the' county. There • was one in Rlverdale town- days and will thenrMJturri .home to convalesce. Her parents and brother-in- law, Lewis Gilbrlde, left Tuesday for Des Moines. Mary Janice is a student nurse and it is hoped she will be able to graduate with her class at Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, August 13. Burt Baby Dies; Rites Are Held Burt — Graveside rites for baby Scott Edward Meyer, in- ftint son of Mr and Mrs Eugene Meyer, were held at 10 a.m. Friday at the Burt cemetery. Rev. Arthur Schultz officiated and the Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft, was in charge of arrangements. The baby was born prematurely early Tuesday morning and died late Thursday afternoon at St. Ann hospital, Algona. Little Scott Edward is survived by his parents, two brothers, Allen and Joel, his maternal grandparents, Rev. and Mrs Edward Wittkoff, Marcus, his paternal grandmother, Mrs Ella Meyer, and a great-grandmother, Mrs Emma Femitz, Lakota. iownsnip Lindhorst stated Wednesday'it is possible many other "similar thefts have occurred and not been discovered by farmers. He also pointed out it would be a good idea for all farmers ,to check grain storage on their place regularly. Similar thefts of varying quantities of grain were also reported last year. 11 Cars, Trucks Sold Past Week Eleven new cars and trucks were registered at the office of the county treasurer last week. New owners are: Chevrolet — Consolidated Coop Creamery, Whittemore, truck; Kosuth Motor Co., Algona. Ford — Ernest G. Habeger, West Bend, truck; Robert D. or Ruth Winter, Algona; Herman E. Rachut, ..Burt; Kent Motor Co., Algona. Mercury — Mrs. Lillian S. Larson, Swea City; Taylor Mercury, Algona- Rambler — Wallace- H. Logemann, Ledyard. GMC — Everds Bros., Algona. Dodge — Henrietta V. Dimler. Two Stocks Crash - Rains Came! Stock cars driven by Leonard Pesicka (46), A Igona, and Paul Wesierlund (XX), Bancroft, collided as the starting flag was dropped during the fe ature event at the fairgrounds Saturday night and the race never was completed. • i The Pesicka and Westerlund cars (with driv ers still behind the steering wheels) are shown Wl the above photo, snapped seconds after they sides wiped and swerved into the retaining fence near the south end of the grandstand. Neither driver was injured and the accident had nothing to do with cancellation of the race — which was calle d and re-scheduled as part of this Saturday's program when a downpour of rain arrived. iJMNM4S ***'• Largest field of cars (23) of the season resulted in many interesting mishaps. A total Of 10 vehicles were sidelined for full or part tune during the night. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto)

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