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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 13

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 13

Des Moines, Iowa
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13 THE REGISTER AND LEADER: SUNDAY MORNING. JANUARY 2. 11)10 ii mere ta vieiTnoe RICHARDSON WILL SUCCEED DR. LINN QrQ DUCK ATE YEAST AND THEN BLEW UP 1 START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT RESOLVE TO TRADE AT THE LEWIS VM SICKLE JEWELRY STORE If vou are not a eiiHtomer of ours, try us this year. You will find hero a store that runs its business the saino us a bank; where the price Is the same to till, and where a child cun drive as keen a bargain as a man.

If you arc already ono of our customers, we ask you to continue with us: and we assure you the mistakes and sliortcoininss dial appeared the past few mouths will not be apparent this year. Our business policy is ami always lias been "Honest Goods at Honest Prices!" This motto is also used in our Factory and Watch lie-pairinjf Pepartments. It is our desire to supply (lie people of this vicinity with an up-to-date Jewelry Htorc, and to this end we aro constantly adding new equipment mid ox-pert workmen. "A Pleasure To Show Goods" LEWIS VAN SICKLE Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewelers 619 WALNUT STREET ii STORY OF TllAtJIC EMI (IF A PRIZE BARNYARD FOWL. HE EXPLODED IN MIDAIR WAS A I'EHMtt'T AND I.IKKIl FRIED POTATOES.

When He Ate the Yeast Cake He Rose I'p Like Dough, and Presto. Silas Perkins, K. C. (Kareful Cultivator of Geese. Note Care Is spelled with a in Cedar Urove to emphasize tli fact that tho extreme of pains Is taken in tlie 'vulture of poultry, eggs, garden, truck, etc).

To begin again, Silas Perkins, K. C. 0., has just reported to (lie Cedar Grove Board of Poultry Trade the explosion and utter annihilation of his prize duck Kradamanthus. blew up at 7:10 this morning jlist us the Ksaox Kulls Cannon Hall Accommodation stopped at the Great Notch water tank. A stiff northerly gale was blowing at the time and five dark brown duck feathers were wafted even so far as Great Notch and fluttered Into tile open window of the smoker of that nimble Erie railroad train.

adamantlius was no ordinary or 1eiv duck. He was a Keokuk duck of the 'famous breed that Prank Rue has bfen cultivating with such success. He was a grandson of Nebuchadnezzar, the famous fortune telling duck that predicted for Its owner and proprietor, Mr. Kue, the early discovery of the north pole. This was ufter Nebuchadnezzar had wawtored Int.i the icebox In George Meier's grocery storo, where he was imprisoned for the night.

He came Jionie a trifle stiff and a bit blue about the lips and the very first thing he did was to mount upon a clothes prop and point his bill to the north. The (iilrk wltted Mr. Hue Immediately read this as on the paTt of Nebuchadnezzar that the north pole hud been discovered; three weeks later Cook was heard from. To return to the Kliadatnanthus. It must be now apparent that rare duck blood ran In his veins.

SI Perkins Is said to have paid handsomely for the setting of Keokuk duck eggs from which Hhadamanthu was hatched. Rhadaman-thus was the only drake In the setting. He broke rrom his shell two days before his five sifters emerged and uttered a vigorous nuaclf the moment he thrust his bill into the world. MUed Fried Potatoes. niiadamanthus was uniquely marked.

His' tail was brown, he had one blue wing and a red diamond on his brow. He swam In the Kue duck pond at the age of SO hours and when only five days old brought A minnow from the pond and presented it to his foster mother. 81 Perkins became greatly attached to Rhailamantbus, naming him after his wife's rich uncle, RhadamanthuB Me.Otl-llcuddy, the Thumb Point chiropodist. Great care was taken with this duck's diet. When -he evinced a strong desire for French fried potatoes and seemed to thrive on them.

Mr. Kue saw that he was supplied with a liberal portion on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It will be recalled by all those who follow the big affairs In Cedar Grove that- a bitterness Was engendered between Si Perkins end Rollo Rollins, over the naming of their Indian game roosters ook and Peary, which culminated in a battle between the two fighting fowl. Rollins' Peary at first got the decision over Cook, but Perkins protested the de- Islon and hired Lawyer Dave Gouge to nlead his case. This resulted in a re versal of the verdict in favor of Peary and the naming of Perkins' Cook as the victor.

Naturally this did not tend to soften Hollo Rollins' animosity toward Perkins. He vowed he would get even and It would seem that he has done so. Evidence at had tends to show that Hollb llolllns was responsible for the explosion and destruction of Rhadamanthus. Perkins has done some blowing about town over the decision In favor of his rooster. Cook.

On top of this he has been puffing up Rhadamanthus as the ne plus ultra of Cedar Grove ducks, belittling by comparison each and every duck In Hollo Rollins' duckery. Then to rub It In he brought Rhadnmanthus to the last meeting of the Cedar Grove Board of Poultry trade and passed a resolution through in which Rhadamanthus wax proclaimed as the longest-billed and hrownest-talli-d duck along the Great Notch trail of the File. While this was going on Rollo Rollins glowered from his chair In the board room, gnashed his teeth and snore vengeance. Yesterday afternoon Rollins bought a rake of yeast In Gus Meier's grocery store. He asked for and got i moldy looking oaks of yeast; a cake of yeast that was tied twice about with cord to prevent Its bursting Its wrapper.

Exploded in Midair. "There's good raising power in this yeast?" asked Rollins before he purchased It. "That cake of yeast," replied Gus Meier, wno used to be a sailor, "would raise the Lusitunia if she sank in eighty lathoms." Rollins bought the yeast and went fortli Into the crisp twilight of lust evening, Witnesses have testified that he passed the fence that girdles the Perkins' duck yard; likewise that he stopped at said fence and uttered enticing clucks. A little later he was seen walking briskly home, humming a sprightly tune. Still later Perkins made his nightly tour of his yurd to count his ducks.

He noticed that Hhadamanthus was sitting ONLY ONE Unhappy is tltp man or woman with a 1 backache. No rest, no sleep, no peace at 4 all. It begins In the morning, when you get up from bed so lame, sore and stiff that it is hard to bend over to put your 't shoes on. AH day there is a heavy, dull, throbbing pain In the small of the back, Just nver the kidneys. It hurts to bend over, to lift anything or even to get up from a chair.

Any uddn. awkward movement sends a sharp, darting twinge through the sore spot. When night conies the sufferer retires to fitful sleep, can't lie comfortahly In any one position, or turn over without a Ipalnful effort Don't look at backache as merely muscular pain, that will pass away with 'rest. There Is a deeper trouble. Nine i times out of ten It is the kidneys that throb and ache, and there can be no re-i-llef until the Kidneys are given help.

'The kldneyB have a big work to do. All -'tho blond in tho body Is coursing through the kidney filters constantly, to be freed -of uric poisoning. It -Is a heavy enough task when the kidneys are well, but a Avoid, chill, fever or some thoughtless exposure, or overindulgence In liquor, tea, I LU0L0 IV iionuno rit. session TO DiriDi: TIlK WIXXKK. Ten in Starts Off in Hie Lead, Hut Is Overtaken Near the Dud.

The Y. M. C. A. basketball team lost another hair line game yester day evening.

The score of the game was 30 to IS. The content required an extra session to be decided, bat tie Baker uni- vcnlty boys gathered In the extra two points that meant the victory, The team started off In the lead and at the end of the first halt the score was 13 to 7 In Its favor. Hut In the second session the visitors began to trawl up. In tne last minutes of play the score was tied and it didn't take lung to get the extra two points. 'i lie game was somewhat slow, the players seeming to he mine or less dead on their feet.

Charley Lynde was tor Mar in the basket throwing line. He made eight of the twenty points secured by the Counts and Mshorn were the basket tossers of th visiting team. In the preliminary game lie Employed Juniors defeated the Student Juniors by the score of 11 to In un Interesting basketball game. The lineup of the big game follow: V. M.

C. Goals. T. Elder, It. 0 1 Swisher 1 1 I.ynde, C.

4 0 Hyland, R. G. 3 0 Johnson, 1.. 0 Rader, 0 Schoonover, R. 0 1 Baker University Goals.

F. T. Counts, 3 0 Miller, R. 0 I) l.lston. 2 Osbcm, R.

3 Beaton, L. I 0 Referee, Haskell, umpire, Hedge. Z3YSZKO DEFEATS BEELL Champion Wins Mutch in Straight Falls. BUFFALO. N.

Jan. Zhyszko, tlie Polish champion and challenger of Prank Gotch, defeated Fred Keeil of Marshlleld. In two straight falls before a crowd of t.OilO people In the Sixth Regiment armory here tonight. The first fall was the quickest victory ever recorded over the champion. Kbvszko Dinning him In a min ute and fifteen seconds, clinching a half nelson and As Heell dove for his leas he lurched his ponderous weight on the smaller man's body so that Ueell coma not squirm.

The second bout was a brilliant exlii- b'tlon. Reell showed splendid speed and se'euce wlille tho big foreigner wrestled deliberately and methodically, depending upon his huge weight. Heell got behind ceveral times, hut Zhyssko had little difficulty In straightening up, although he took quite a grilling about the head in breaking the littler man's vicious head locks. Beell was practically In no danger until tlie Pole nailed him with the fatal combination of body bar and full reverse nelson. With that the Wisconsin man held within a half Inch of the floor for fully three minutes before tlie weight of the hlg fellow crushed him down.

The time of the second fall was fifty-one min utes. NEBRASKA TEAM IS WINNER IK'fcats Mimourl Buttloihlp Team in a Hard Fought, Clean Game. NliW YORK. Jan. 1.

The football teams of the United States battleships Missouri and Nebraska, neither of which had been scored upon In the season's series of Inter-warsh'p games, met at the American league baseball park tins after noon to decide the naval gridiron chain plnnshlp and Missouri was "shown" tho pain of a whiiewasn, 2 to u. It was a hard fought hut cleanly played contest, witnessed by thousands of the sallormen and officers of tlie Atlantic battleship fleet, which is at anchor In the Hudson. MIhsoui'I has been a three to two favorite, and tha one siuea result was a decided surprise. Kverv player known to the game and some not known were tried, but not a moment of time was taken out for Injured players. Play was fast and clean.

Tlie jackles were true sportsmen and their conduct dehghtnd tho officers. Captain Newton, Commander Wltherspoon, I.ieut. Commander I.aning. Lieut. Fuller and others who watched the game from the sidelines.

Touchdowns Lange, Taylor, Older and Whaleu. Goals from touchdowns I.ange (3). Time of halves, minutes. CUBANS WIN AT FOOTBALL Tulnno University Meets Defeat at Havana. HAVANA.

Jan. football team of the Athletic club of Cuba defeated tlie Tulane university team from New Orleans at Almendares park this afternoon by a scere of 11 to 0. This was the first victory the Cuban football players had ever gained over an American team and their success, following closely the recent series of baseball victories by Cuban teams, has greatly elated the people and tonight there was much celebrating. Tulane was beaten from start to finish. The Americans were outweighed and outplayed by their opponents, among whom was several former members of tlie first class college In the United Htate.

The game was witnessed by a big crowd, among whom were representatives of Havana society. MATCH BILLIARD EXPERTS Sutton rnd Hoppe to Meet in Chicago. CHICAGO, Jan. Button, hold er of the world's 18.1 balk line billiard championship, and Wlille Hoppe were matched here today to play for the title In Chicago next March. The men will play 1.M0 points under the revised rules for the diamond emblem.

The match will be played In three blocks of BOO points each on three successive nights, the exact dates to bo announced later. CUTLER BEATS CONDUCTOR Star Chicaso Wrestler Je( Two Straight Fulls In Diihuiiue. DUBUQUE. Jan. Before tlie record crowd at Germanla hall this afternoon Charles (Kid) Cutler threw In two straight falls the Mysterious Conductor (Charles Challendar) both of Chicago.

The first fall whs In twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds; tlie second In twenty-one minutes. Cutler Is matched with Zbyezkn for Jan. 10. in Chicago. We sell Fir Insurance that Insure.

Ferclval Porter Ford Insurance Agency, Marouardt N. W. Cor. 0th, Loc. YALE WINS HOCKEY CAME Cornell Meets Defeat by the Score of 7, to CLF.VF.LAXi, Jan.

Yale hockey team defeated Cornell here tonight by a score of 5 to 3 In the first series of three games. The other two games will be played Monday and Tuesday. Madole Is Yictor. PIHI.ADF.LPIIIA. Jim.

Madole of 11-ttsburg had tlie better of tlie six round bout with Grover Hayes, formerly of Chicago snd now nf Philadelphia, at the matinee today at tlie National Athletic chili. Hayes was game and fought hard, but Madole was t'o clever for him. Trask Fiinornl Today. SARATOGA, N. Jan.

funeral nf Spencer Trask, the New York banker who was killed at Croton yesterday In a train wreck, will be held here Monday morning at the Hethesda church. The body will he taken to Troy for i Eaele coal Is good coal, Prompt delivery. DR. E. E.

WEBSTER CITY, Jan. K. E. Richardson, who has Just been appointed by Governor Carroll to the state board of health to succeed Dr. A.

Linn of De Moines, has been a leading practitioner In Webster City since coming here nearly ten years ago from Sheldon. Dr. Richardson will serve as a member of the board from the Fourth district. He Is still a young man, being hut 40 years of age. It has been nearly fifteen years, however, since he graduated from his medical school.

Though bom In Wisconsin, Dr. Richardson Is essentially an Iowa product. The most of his boyhood was spent In Ida Grove, where his parents now reside. He graduated from the public schools of Ida Orove and dls diploma Is signed by John h. Bleakly, then president of the board of education of that town, now-auditor of state.

Dr. Richardson studied on a box outside his special roop and that he was nibbling something with apparent relish. Perkins patted hi favorite duck on the head and re-entered his cottage. It was not until 6:30 o'clock this morning that Perkins saw Rhadamanthus again. Looking out from his bedroom window, he noticed a strange commotion In his duckery.

Drakes and lady ducks were flapping their wings in alarm. Ducklings were quacking In panic. Perkins rushed down to the yard to discover the cause of this Btrange pother. The moment ho opened the door he fell back with an exclamation of dismay. There was Rhadamanthus floating In the air six feet above the ground, flapping his flippers pathetically and uttering wistful quacks.

Rhadamanthus was Ave times his Usual size and round as a balloon. His wings did not move and he floated gently wherever the wind wafted him. He was mounting slowly In the air, growing larger by the minute. He floated up and up, Perkins' eyes following him in petrified dismay. Suddenly, as the duck gained the level of the second story window there was a terrific-report that flung Perkins on his back.

The air was filled with feathers and Infinitesimal fragments of duck. Rhadamanthus had burst and was no more. The poor chap's bill was found later In front of the Thumb Point town hall. Past In the Jaws of the bill was the telltale wrapper of the yeast cake Rollo Rollins had bought from Gus Meier. This evidence will be offered as exhibit A In a threatened suit to be brought agalnsf Rollins by Perkins.

LIFTING POWER OF A MAN Method Used to Test Strength at Different Ages. LONDON, Jan. to excellent authority, the muscles, In common with all organs of the human body, have their periods of development and decline, our physical strength increasing up to a certain age and then decreasing. Tests of the strength of several thousand Individuals have been made and the following figures are given as the averages derived from the tests. The lifting power of a youth of 17 Is 2S0 pounds; in his 20th year this Increases to 302 pounds and In the 30th and 31st years it reaches its height, 365 pounds.

At the expiration of the 31st yoar the strength begins to decline, very gradually at first. By the 40th year It has decreased eight pounds and diminution continues at a slightly Increasing rate until the 60th year Is reached, when the figure Is 3.10 pounds. Subsequent to this period strength falls more and more rapidly until the weakness of old age is reached. It is found Impossible to obtain trustworthy statis RICHARDSON. medicine at the Iowa state university, graduating in 1890 from the homeopathic school.

He practiced a short time at Lamont, then went to Sheldon for several years and nearly ten years ago came to Webster City, where he entered Into part nershlp with Dr. Tremalne. Later this partnership was dissolved. Dr. Richardson's candidacy for the state board of health was launched last summer by the State Homeopathic Medical association in session at Waterloo.

The board is composed of seven allopaths and four homeopaths and it was a homeo path who was to be named at the next vacancy. The state association asked Gov ernor Carroll to choose between Dr. Richardson of this city and Dr. Kaufmann of Lake City. Dr.

Richardson Is a member of the Baptist church of this city. His standing here la of the very niguesi. tics of the decline of strength after the 50th year, as the rate varies greatly In different Individuals. THE VALUE OF RARE COINS Price Has Constantly Increased in Late Years. WASHINGTON, V.

Jan. 1. The ad vance in value of rare American gold coins Is strikingly manifested by a com parison of the prices paid recently and In the period between 1SH0 and 18H5. For some reason collectors formerly took lit tle Interest In coins struck In gold. It was not that the Investment required was too great, for they paid high prices for the early rare American cents, but they simply did not seem to fancy gold coins, and what are now considered rarities went for the proverbial song.

One of the best Illustrations of the advance is shown by the price brought this year by the two unique $50 gold pieces for which W. H. Woodln of New I York paid the world's record price, or J10.000 each. Veteran dealers In coins declare that It Is by no means an exaggeration to say that. Iii1877, the year of the Issue of the $50 piece Just mentioned, very few collectors would have bought them at their bullion value In gold for $100.

This statement is borne out by the records of coin sales In the latter part of the seventies. Some of the rarest of the gold pattern coins, in which series the $50 pieces are classed, sold then for little more than face value. Now the same coins would bring a hundred times as much. One of the rarest of American gold coins Is the $5 gold piece made by the private minting firm of Dubosq at San Francisco, In 1S50. In 1884 a specimen of this coin offered In auction brought only $6.40.

That was the last and the only time the Dubosq $5 piece has been offered for sale. As a matter of fact, the specimen sold is the only one of which there Is any record. Even the mint cabinet at Philadelphia does not contain one of these pieces. It Is not known 'where this solitary specimen Is now. Its value can only be guessed at.

A specimen of the New York gold doubloon, made by Ephralm Brasher In 1787, which holds a record of $5,200, broughtt only In 1889 when the col lection of R. C. Davis was disposed of at auction, while several years previously, at the Bushnell sale in 1882. an equally well preserved specimen sold for $505. Company Is Beaten.

FORT DODGE, Jan, 1. Special: The Company basketball team was beaten here this evening by the Chicago Training school five, the score being 33 to 30. The two teams were evenly matched and put up a pretty exhibition of basketball. beer or coffee, is likely at any time to Irritate, inflame and congest the kidneys, and Interrupt the purifying work. Then the aching begins, and Is usually accompanied with some Irregularity of the urine too frequent passages, sediment in the urine, scanty, painful passages, or blood In the urine.

Thousands testify to the wonderful merit of Doan's Kidney Pills, a remedy for the kidneys only, that acts quickly, cures the regulates the urine, and drives backache out for good. DES MOINES PROOF S. H. Guye, 713 Lyon street, Des Moines, Iowa, says: "I suffered from rheumatism, backache and a kidney weakness for some time. Hearing about Dnan's Kidney Pills, I procured a supply from C.

W. Rogg drug store and found them to be all that Is claimed for them. Doan's Kidney Pills are a fine remedy for all cases of disordered kidneys and from my experience I am pleased to endorse them In a public NEW DECREES OF FASHION FLOIXCKI) SMUTS ARK SOOX TO ITT IX APPKAHAXCK. For House Wear In Thin Fabru-Siiita for Streets Have Skirts ith Three Huffles. PHILADELPHIA, Jan.

1. Will frilly skirts soon be In fashion? This Is the question the designers ask of themselves. There Is no one to answer the question, but If surmise Is correct then the spring will see ruffles from hip to hem. Paquln Is the originator of many things unil possibly It Is her ardor of creating new styles, or rather ringing tho changes upon the old ones, that has made her bring out the ruffled skirt. Hh made several of these for Geraldlne Far-rar, who dresses wonderfully well.

They are not stage gowns and therefore they have some fashion Importance. They are of changeable fabric, tlie kind that Is shot through with Iridescent colors, an the frills begin at tlie hip and end at the hem. They aro about five Inches deep, some merely hemmed, others edged with bullion braid or lace. Miss Farrar haB exceedingly slender figure and can stnnd this bouffant stylo of dressing. She was a delightful picture the other night as Charlotte in Her gowns In that opera were graceful and lovely, and she knows how to wear a certain style of clothes and put them on with ah air of distinction.

Madame Paquin Is herself doubtful as to whether the frilly skirt will be accepted as a leading fashion or even as a popular one. Personally she like them very much, and there are dozens of women who do. It may be that this kind of gown will work Its way slowly into the fashions and becomo a favorite before we are aware that It has really arrived. Many kinds of costume have done this, unheralded by a bare of trumpets or any heraldic announcement. One thing in favor of these flounced and furbelowed skirts is that the modern fabrics can easily be draped Into fulness without the figure gaining any seeming size.

In days of stiff materials any suggestion of more than one flounce added to a skirt was sure to be met with disapproval by tlie stout woman, but today conditions are different. First, women wear so few underclothes and these are of such slight dimensions, and linings are so supple, waist so large and fabrics so sheer that one can permit any style to come In fashion without fretting about it tendency to enlarge the figure. The tunic, for Instance, 1 bulky with Its drapery around the ankles, Its festooning above the knees. Its gathers at the waist and Its Immence belt, yet It is worn by all figures with crace and dignity. Whatever the reasons for and against the frilled skirt, It looks as though It would be launched In the spring.

Whether It takes a grip on the public Is quite another question. Already there are cloth suits with short coats and skirts holding three circular ruffles on a silk foundation. As these are worn minus petticoats or another lining, and the salting itself 1 supple, the effect Is slender and graceful. Such a skirt looks out of place with a long coat, and Its advent looks as though the short coat were gradually winning it way. Most shrewd observer think that we are rapidly but unconsciously passing out of the styles that have held us In thrall for the Inst two yeirs and which are giving way to tlie slowly rising tide of conventional clothe.

OLDEST DWELLING IN U. S. It Whs liesim Hy lie Koto in IYM to Protect Havana, HAVANA, Jan. 1. Facing the Plaza de Armas, between the senate building, when the advisors commission Is In ses- shin, and the Havana postnfflce, Is La Ftierea (the fort).

It Is the oldest Inhabited building in the western hemisphere. Other forts and some convents In Santo Domingo antedate It, but they are broken ruins now. while La Fueiza Is of service, still as a storehouse and barracks for tlie Rural guards. Work rn La Fuerza was begun about IMS by Hernando de Soto, tlien governor of Culm tlie same who explored the Mississippi valley and found his grave In the dark waters of its great river. It was built to protect Havana against pirates.

It was almost completed In 1514 when tlie royal order went forth that It should be Fainted by war ships entering thereafter. It was for years the official residence of the captains and generals of- the Island. When, In 1333. De Huto sailed away to explore the unknown to tlie northward, ho left In command his bride, tiie lAidy Ixabelie Hobadiila, "lik" her mother a wonun of character and kindly disposition, of very excellent judgment and appearance." For four years she awaited his return, scanning tlie sea, they say, from a window in tlie tower. When at last the remno-nts of her husband's armada returned to tell her of his fate, her heart bruke and she died.

Tlie fort Is quadrilateral, having a bastion at each of tlie corners. It Is twenty-five yards In height; tlie walls aro double and the terrepleins are supported on arches. Jt was surrounded by a deep moat. The 'bell In the tower used to sound the hours through day and night and was rung by the sentinel always posted there to alarm the town of the approach of a hostile null. The bronre (Ikiiin ot tlie in i Kill on the tower.

holding a cross and facing the gulf, Is known to sailors of the world as "L.t and they have carried her fame Into every e. Fnlrance Is by way of a walk which has replaced the old drawbridge. At one side and Immediately opposite the arched entry are dungeon worth seeing. WESTERNERS IN THE WAR Most I' lajfs Captured Taken liy Western Hegiments. PHILADELPHIA, Jan.

1 All the flags save one captured from the enemy In the Wilderness were taken by western regiments. The Twenty-fourth Michigan captured the colors of the Forty-eighth Virginia, the Fifth Wisconsin those of the Twenty-fifth, tlie Twentieth Indiana those of the Fifty-fifth, the Seventh Indiana those of the Fiftieth Virginia, the lilfth Michigan those of the Thirteenth North Carolina. The Eighth Ohio and Fourteenth Indiana retook Hlckett's guns. "The men from the west were probably no braver man for man than those of tha east, says a writer In the Atlantic Monthly, "but I think their success was wliolly because so many of the men were woods wise. From their youth up, both by day and night, they had roamed through wood under all sorts of sky and In all sort of weather, and- their depth had no terror for them.

Like their enemies, they were at home in the timber and could make their way through It almost as well by night as by day. I have often thought that perhaps It was this common knowledge of the woods that gave our western armies so many victories. A confederate line coming on or rising up suddenly and breaking Into their harp, fierce yells did not greatly surprise or et them quaking. And yet although all my, boyhood was passed in the grandly deep, primeval forests of Ohio, 1 am free to own that 1 never heard that rebel yell In the woods of Virginia that its old field behind did not seem at once to become mightily attractive." IOWA FARMER TO BE JUDGE Keleeted as Authority at Denver An-tins Cattle Show. LAKE CITY, Jan.

C. J. Martin, of near Churdan, has been selected to judge the Angus breeding cattle at the national stock show to be held at Denver next month. He has also been named as one of a committee to Judge the steers at thl show. Over l.tpOO car load of steers will be exhibited at the show.

Mr. Martin's fame as a breeder and judge of cattle I spreading each year, as he received last week an order for a bull calf from the secretary of the North Carolina Live Stock and Dairy association, to be shipped to Draper. N. thl week. OLD SETTLER SUCCUMBS W.

W. Zane of Lake City Passes Away. LAKE CITY. Jan. 1.

Special: W. W. Zane, an old resident and pioneer of thl city and county, died this morning at his home here. Mr. Zane had been sick for several months with Bright's disease, and his death had been hourly expected for the last week.

Mr. Zane has lived in this city continuously for many years, coming here shortly after the civil war, unil baa been associated wtlh many business enterprises and closely Identified with tho growth of Lake Cltv. Joys If Many People Are Unable Holidays, Owing to A Trial Package oi Stuart's Iniring the holiday season the stomach Is called upon to bear a much greater strain than at any other time of tlie year, for not only do the majority of people eat considerably more on Christmas and New Year's days, and during the intervening week, but also indulge in a much greater variety of rich and often Indigestible foods. Turkey, partridge, pheasant, canvas-buck duck, diamond-bark terrapin, deviled oysters, mince pie. rich candies, cakes, nuts and other deliriously palatable and delectable foods are eaten, almost without limit, and even persons who are moderate In eating the rest of the year, "throw discretion to the winds" during this Joyous festal season, and Indulge their palates and st'Uitachs to their heart's content, wlille "professional KpirureanV acciodomrd to Indulge Immoderately all the year around, simply go beyond all limits'.

I'uring this season of joy and gladness the chronic dyspepiic has occasion lo envy everyone who possesses a strong and normal digestion, for wlille others are en-Joying theinHelvea, he must exist on his meager "prescribed diet," because his stomach Is no longer capable of digesting foods as It once could. It Is during this happiest time of all the year when nearly everyone' is ealing his heartiest, that tlie great Indigestion remedy, STUART'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS, gets In its fine work, and saves many thousands pemile from ufftrlng SHOCK GIVES BACK REASON A.i:i FAHMKIl HKCOYFHM MIND IX HAII.KOAI) WHF.CK. Had Iteen Uectared Hopelessly CiaJ and Was doing Taken to Home in Canada. ST. PAIL.

Jan. 1. The Strang story of a man declared hopelessly insane by several of the best alienist of the country, ordered by the government back to Canada as an undesirable resident of the United Slate, and then, when hope of his recovery had been abandoned by friends and relatives, the complete and probably permanent return of reason through sudden shock to the nervous sys-tern, has Just come to light a a sequel to the wreck of the Great Northern flyer near Muntlcello, un the tilghf of Dec. 1." Tlie slory concern J. of many years a prosperou Manitoba farmer.

He Is 72 year old. In September, through sharp work of some Winnipeg, men, Mr. Bailey lost considerable money. Ho left Winnipeg the latter part of that month, to visit a married daughter, Mrs. James But-terfleld, In Trempealeau uouiity, Wisconsin.

At the Butterfleld home the pole topic of Mr. Balley'n conversation was the loss of hi money. It prayed-on his mind Incessantly. Finally hi rnlnd gave way entlrey. The Butterfleids took the aged maif to Milwaukee first and luter to Chicago, and he was examined by several of the leading physicians of both cities.

The diagnose were alwuy the same hopeless. SUrt Him Toward Canada. Arrangement had been almost perfected to send the old gentleman to a private hospital when the federal authority took a hand. The laws of the United States make it plain that eurh person must be sent back to tlie country from which they camo. They left Chicago on the night of Dec.

17. When the Winnipeg Flyer pulled out of the St. Paul union depot at 6:16 Dec. IN, Hutterfleld and Halley were aboard. Shooting through the darkness at -tha rate of nearly fifty mile an Hie heavy train ran on to a broken 'rail.

That etory has been told. When the confusion was at It height, an old man stepped up to one of the train crew and said: "What traip. la this, please?" The trainman answered, "Great Northern to Winnipeg." Wreek ltestores Mention. Before the old man had time to ask more. Butterfleld came up and took him gently by the arm.

The conversation that ensued will never be known. uninjured portion of the train backed Into Minneapolis, pursued Its Journey over the river route and reached Winnipeg Sunday night, twenty-four hour late. Mr. Bailey was aboard and he, was entirely sane. I He was sane today when Webb Bailey, a son, passed through St.

Paul en tiute to Chicago, whero lie will recite the strange story to tlie federal authorltlc of that city and ask that the condition which prevents his father from visiting In the United Slates he removed. Klirisfmas i to Enjoy the Pleasures of the Chronic Dyspepsia. i Dyspepsia Tablets Sent Free. or less severe attacks of acute indigestion, resulting from over-indulgence In the good things of the table. The chronic dyspeptic, too, by uslg I or 3 of these tablets after each meal.jcan escape his usual attack nf Indigestion which lie Is accustomed lo experience after eating, and he does not have to idnt himself In the least, but can cat as much as anyone whose digestion Is powerful, resting assured that through the use of this Inimitable remedy dyspepsia and indigestion are put to flight, and becom tilings of the past.

Uon't fall to use Stuart's liyspepsl Tablets after meal on Christmas. Thanksgiving. New Year's day. and during the holidays; also, after all rich-and elaborate banuuets, late suppers, card parlies, afler-theater parties, champagne suppers, ami all festivals, whore numerous and extensive courses are served, which tax the digestive organs to their limit and beyond. liy tlie liberal use of thia great anll-dyspeptio remedy, all Ininili al effects upon the stomach and rest of the digestive pystein, caused by over-indulgence or Eplrureunlf are absolutely avoided.

Purchase a box from your druggist for CO cents, and use them after all heavy meals; take them with you to the elub or banuuet this evening and save your stomach from overwork. A free sample will be sent you by writing to F. A. Stuart I'M Stuart BUIg, Marshall. Mich.

'T WAY TO SHAKE IT OFF Backache Will Get Worse and Worse Until the Kidneys Are Cured. "Enty Picture DOAN'S KIDNEY PILLS Sold iy ill dealers. Fries so nb. Fostm-Milburn Buffalo, Proprietors. JfthfftlnUTtej lt'iYoNt'Kiwi I If tin (si Is There IkJrtYcarKwnevi 4- KKKMMBBBfM.

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