The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on April 1, 1911 · Page 9
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1911
Page 9
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j 1 r THE REGISTER AND LEADER: SATURDAY MORXIXCJ, APRIL 1, 1.U1. THREE-I LEAGUE MAGNATES ARE STILL CARRYING ON WAR HREE-I MAGNATES IADD OTTTT WIDDTMA HAVENS TAKES UP WORK WITH D.M.C. Announced Cross Country Run for Next Friday Afternoon. rinnDoiiLL ii Annul u i i r l)ui f 7ill Meet With Two Mem bers of Commission . Today. STORMY s j ,tilEETING IS Waterloo Asks for Tearney's Resig nation and Almost J'rcrlpitaUss a Fight With President Ewald Denounced. CHICAGO, March 81.-Aftcf ending their motion today In a row, representatives of the Three-I baseball league de-olded to place the affairs of the organl- tatlon before the national commission for final settlement Two members of the commission, B. P. Johnson, president of the American league, and August llerr maun, will hold a special meeting here tomorrow to unwind the tangle, which In the last three months has developed Into one of the biggest squabbles In the history of ba&ebau. In an effort to end dissension. J. M. Boyle of the Danville club introduced a resolution that a 01 inrca w j'e composed of one member of the two Mictions of the league ana iTesineiu hnson of the American league, wno is Frfn resident member of the natlunal kunmlsslon, be given power to settle the l ontroversy. 1 1 ... .... . rr,.vnn. mil I, - T3 net rMn. " Itilinn In a vrili' which resulted in a lie, ifour to four, and then cast the deciding vote In favor of the motion. If. K. Casteel of the Rock Island club objected to Tcarney s vote, saying it. was unconstitutional, as the president not repre-onlru a i lnh. had no right to vote. . After a heated argument, during which mom'bws of t.ho rival factions nearly faun in blown. President Tearnny an Pounced that the meeting had been adjourned. Me then placed the situation before President Johnson, who Immediately communicated with Chairman Herrmann of the national commission. The national commission members arranged for the upeclal meeting tomorrow and said an Immediate settlement would be made. An Injunction obtained by the Water loo club restraining Tearney and the southern clubs from Interfering -with the rights of the Waterloo ciuo was dismissed last night. Resolutions demanding President Tear ney's Immediate resignation were pre sented by representatives of the clubs In the northern division, but the matter was tabled without coming to a vote. r When William Kwald of the Waterloo club presented resolutions asking for Tearney s resignation, Tearney became Infuriated and denounced Kwald as a "blackguard unfit for presence at the meeting." Kwald attempted to leave the room when Tearney threatened to settle their difficulties with their fiss. Tim following representatives of the league attended the mating: Edward Holland, Bloomlngton; J. M. Boyle, Danville; J. T. Hayes, Davenport: Theodore Sehrale, Dubuque; David E. Rowan, Peoria; If. K. Casteel, Rock Island; R. If. Klnsella, Bprtngfleld, and William Ewald. Waterloo. AMES SQUAD REDUCED TO THIRTY PLAYERS Williams Has About Three Wen for Every l'osition on the Team This Year. V i, J.111H iva jfo i IjAlIES, la., March 31 .lie of the best basobal " lieoured by the Antes t Official Central Association Schedule for Season of 1911 AT OTTUMWA. AT MU8CATINE. AT HANNIBAL. AT KEOKUK. AT BURLINGTON. AT MONMOUTH. AT OALESBURO. AT KEWANEE. OTTUMWA , THIQ in" Jl' I?' I1.. , May (HO-M) 31, June 1 May 27. 28. 29. May 3, J, :.. May ' M."f-7, "s. AD, y'VgrTn itoy"ii Ml,.. THIS June 29, 30 .July 1. July 8, 9, 10. July 5, 6. 7. June H. 15. 16. Julv 2.1. 21. 25. Julv 20. 21. 22. 2,682 Miles. Aug. 1, 2, 3. Aug. 13, 14, in. Aug. IB. 17. 18. A"1"' " '- A"K"' Aug. 28. 2H, 30. Aug. 25. 26, 27. MUSCATINE ...M..Jn ;.9!10" "I FAC.I1F )lV F'. 23' 29' J,"!v S' J' li-4)l May 6. 7.7. 8. May 3. 4. 5. Mny Z:i7 i. Msy" HtTTlWo" 1s mum June 20, 27, . I. LtAUUC. July B, 8, 7. July 8. 9, 10. Juno 14, 1... 16. .lune 17. 11. 111. July 2". 21. 22. Julv 21. 24. 23. 2,638 Miles. Aug, 4, 5. 6. Aug. 16, 17. 18. Aug. U, 14. IS. -, ?- "ly 2. 27. 28. Aug. 2.",. 2(1. 27. Aug. IS. 29. 30. HANNIBAL .......... J,,ne ,!" 8, u S,'; ,ii''i1 HFVri nPQ V ;SA .;10v , , May 21, 22. 23. May 15. 10, 17. Mav 3. 4. T May 12. 13, 11-14. 3 0"0Mlles iulv h- i 24 i .iii' tavf- DEVELOPS June 29. 30 July 1. July 23. 24. 25. July 20. 21. 22. June 17. 18. 19. June 14, IT,, 16. 3,0.0 Miles. Aug. 22, 23, 24. Aug. 19, 2U, 23. Aug. 4, 5, 6. Aug, 28, 29, 30. Aug. 25. 2il. 27. Aug. 7. 8. 9. Aug. 1(1. 11, 12. KEOKUK ,. J""8 817',. May (30-30), 31. June 1 June 11. 12, 13. .. Mav 15, it!. 17. Mav 21, 22, 23. " Mav 12, "IT, UH MaTlTioTTi 2 8-8 Miles Uly, i' h V-M Jm.8 26 27 28. MANY July 20. 21. 22. July 23 24 25. June 14 15 H. H June 17 18, 19. 2,8.8 Allies Sept. 3. (4-4). Aug. 22, 23, 24. .AiiKli'.J'3; A"K' ' Aug. 28. 29, 3d, Aug. 10. 11, 12. Aug. 7. 8, 9, BURLINGTON Wl i4""' M1' ? V-Dt A VCOC Juim 8." 9, 10. Jui.Tj" 11. June""?." 1 850 Miles Wn'n' 7 d"ly. 7', 8. l3- July 14 15 IK. PLAYERS June 29. 30. July 1. July 5. 6. 7. Mavk (3i)-3i. 31, June I 1,850 Ules July 2d. 27, 28. July 29. 30, 31. Hnpt 3, (4-4). Aug. 31. Hept. 1. 2 Aug 4. 5, B. Au. 19. .1). 21. AuiT 17. 18. MONMOUTH May 12, 13, 14-14. May . 10, 11. May 24, 25. 26. Mav 18, 19. 20. June II, 12. 13. 'RT , T liZ, Ji.'Ul, June 2.1. 24 25. July 14. 15. 1.1. July 17 18 19. June 2 27 28 FOR h' 3 (4-D I v" 5" fi 7 ftUlM- July 29. S 81. Aug. 10. 11. 12. Aug. 31. Hept. 1. 2, Aug. 19. 20, 21. Augj. 2. j. Aug. 16. 17, 18. sJpt. 3. (4-4. GALESBURQ May 24, .2t5, 3 May 8. 10, 11. Mav . 7-7. 8 May 27. 28. 29. Mhv (30.30). 31. June 1 T.77Z JuiTTTo! .7.. ln, July 14, 15, 1. July 17, 18. 19. June 20, 2 , 22. June 23, 24. 25. Julv II. 12, 13, July 8 9 10 MAJOR June 2'i 30 Julv I 2."2 Ml1"- Aug. 3i, Sept. j. 1 Hept. 8, (4-4), July 29, 30. 81. July 26, 27. 28. Aug. 22! 23. 21. Aug. 13. 1 1, 15. ' ' JU" Au7 4, 5 6 KEWANEE . MaV "i 17- JIav J4' 2!- 281 7-7. 8, May 3. 4. 5. Julv 2, 3, (4-4). May 27, 28 29 June 11 12 13 " 7,. Crn . " July 17, 18, 19. July 14, IS. 18. June 23, 24. 25. June 20, 21, 22. July 8 9 10. July 1 . ,3 26 27 28 TEAMS 2,778 Miles. Aug. 19, 20, 21. Aug. 31. Hept. 1. 2. July 26. 27. 28. July 29. 30. 31. Aug. 13, 11, 15. Aug. 22, 23, 24. Aug 1, 2. 3, ' m ACTIVE SPRING WORK SPORTS SPLINTERS March 3L Special : With best basobatl schedules ever Ames team, manv men 1 hav been out working regularly for ilie ast month. The tairge number of oamril- .atcs has lxen gmdually tndnned out, jmid Allliam Is now working with less man unny men. inn mein are now an assigned to the positions they are to try for and are working hard to land them. The candidates for first base are Malkoy, Buckinan, Trimble; for second, MoDermott, Huff, Hrown; third base, Mason. Lwneron, Taylor; short mop, Cantaih Kerrigan. Trotnow. (ln,tewood. lrake, Culia; pitcher, Molesberry, Long, .MPue, v;rik, vriif!i, ijivison; ouineio, Tj-ler, Wagner, Johnwin, Sanborn, King-mam, Gateis, McMillon. Hurst, Fuller; catcher, Cool, Ringlwlm, Welles. The schedule Is as follows: . April 21 Mitwlurl at Columbia. April 23 M lsHourl a,t Columbia. April 26 Iowa at Ames. April 28 Orimnoll at flrinnell. April 29 Simpson at Indlanola. May 4 Nebraska W. at Ames. May 6 Cornell at Mount Vernon. May S Iowa at Iowa City. May 11 Missouri at Amos. May 12 Missouri at Ames. May 16 Waseda (.lapni) at Amos. May 17 Waseda, (Japan ) at Ames. May 23 Cornell at Ames. May 2fi Grinnell at. Ames. May 30 Simpson at Ames. MARSHALLTOWN SCHOOL TO ENTER STATE MEET Planning Active Campaign in IYepa-. ration for Spring Track Meet Footlmll ItoU-s Sot. MARSHALLTOWN, la., March M.-Speclal: The high school athletio association is beginning active preparations for Its spring track work, and has al-ifedv arranced for a dual meet with k- Ames to be held In this city on May 6. &j..jiu.i me ttiwi uruw iiitiiie to arrange vr anomcr nuai men witn Waterloo i- Mav ? Tli. hnnl -l 1 1 nn,lj.lK.A t K the S. U. I. invitation meet on May j and the state meet at Des Moines on May 20. Although early for football plans the school has already contracted a gam'e with the Oskaloosa Mlgli school for Oct. 14. and Is trying to gut West Waterloo for a game here on Oct. 7. DISBROW BREAKS RECORDS Slakes Xew Time j Fifty ad Two 1 1 iiilrcd Mile Drives. PABLO BKACH, Flo.. March 31,-Two world's records were broken by the sums driver in the automobile races here this afternoon. Dlabrow, driving a Pope-Hartford car ln the 300-tnlle race, made the first fifty miles In 37:23.9. The former record, 38:51, was held by Fletcher and established with a Dedietrick machine at Daytona, Fla., on Jan. 31, 19C. Dtsbrow's time for 200 miles was 2 hours, 34 mlnute3 and 12 seconds, establishing a new high mark for the distance at straightaway. The record broken was that mad by Dohymely ln a Stoddnrd-Dayton, 3 hours 2 minutes and 22 seconds . at .Galveston, Aug. 5, 1910. Disb.'ow's time for 250 miles, 3:14:55 Is a record, as no time for that distance straightaway has been recorded. TAKEN ILL WHILE ABROAD 1'ay ltolilni)n of Munctioster I'nder. goes Operation in (ierniany. MANCHESTER, la., March 31.-Sie-rial: Ray Robinson, son of Sir. and Mrs. R. R. Robinson of thlt, city, who has been studying languages !n Germany and France, was obliged to submit to an operation for appendicitis, while in the to the effect that Ms row- assured. "y.-rams are Tery Is assu HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO SELL Tlat you don't need? A Mundnv Iteg-Ister and Leader want ad will find some one who does r?ed It. 1'ne the wants for profit this Sunday. Plume vour ad before 9 Saturday night. Walnut 321. That one point In the Big Eight hammer throw will not create aa much en thusiasm at Iowa now as It would have last May. Michigan and Chlcaoo track team passed over Iowa soil yesterday and last night, but no one noticed the earth trembling. No one will fall to admit that the war ring magnates of the Thrce-I league are standpatters, CRrlen, second best man at the state university in the weights a yoar ago, Is not being mentioned as a member of the track squad at present. Because Charles M. Daniels failed to compete In a fifty yard event ln which he was entered, ho may be debarred from taking part In A. A. U. swimming contests. Bnker, a port sided White Rox pitcher, shut out the St. Joseph team without a run. Wis support accumulated eight John Beecamp, secretary of the St Louis Cardinals, Is authority for the statement that the St. Louis team will not be sold. Mrs. Uritton, who is the real owner, says they will be If She call is 8350,000. We are reliably Informed that Jess Westorgaard accumulated another wad of kale at Sioux -City. The results of the match do not figure. Jack Curley claims Gotch does not want to meet Hack. Hack has displayed no reason during his latest engagement In this country to make any wrestler desire to meet him. , . T will ha, nntnA that fh TTnlverslfv nf Kansas retained their five points during all the illirctuation of values Incident to decisions ln Clie Big Eight meet. Some consistent, tnai. It's hats off to A, D. Peters, the man who tn mint aeons of the future will be pointed out as the man who set the tennis game on Its feet ln Iowa. It was some nursing Job also. Hveml track events, planned for this week among the athletes of the city are invisible. Cold weatner is aiscouragiug, even to the hardy atniete. Be It known that one Des Moines ath-i. niHDu in trninlni? for his esne- clal tvent, this event taking place in August or sepiemuer. it m iw sey, who upholds the name of this fair burg before the archers of the world. Ttf.i-f tueovr the colleue hall tosser will begin to follow directions according to rules. J lay uegau in ui coot i.a The Daily Iowan complains that Illinois is Retting the start of them because they are allowed to practice with the Brewer outfit. And that day and the next It snowed. Hans Lohert and Otto Knabe, who played a large number of games against each other when they were in this league, are working together In the Phllly Infield. That infield looks mighty fast and poo-Ian ,2t3 last year, is the weakest hitter ln it G A. Faulkner of the South African cricket eleven In a match at Broken Hill, . C.....I. M..I.U nnrllnir March lb. scored 252, not out, and completed a total x v. Lilt at'firQ OA of 2.0K0 riiuns ior me w"'- -":;-tor tlilrty-three Innings played on the tour was 69.33. But did he bat .3007 Betters refused tn put up their monny on the Wolgast-Le Grand fight. An a -tempt was made to get 10 to 4 but it failed. . . ir. ii..u tnK.Aw h.a Freddie weicn. imikmou ''"", strained a tendon in his arm and must rest tor a nine. r.,.A a. rumhrHtre. the best of the Briton collego crews, contest over the Putney course today. Walter Travis is placed at scratch In the metropolitan golf association handicaps. Ilerreshoff is allowed one stroke and Travels two., It Is rumored and reported that Jlggs Donahue will captain the Grand Rapids club this year. Minneapolis has consented to the arrangement. In a New Tork trial Glynn Henry. Texas sprinter, ran 75 yards In ' 7 3-5 seconds. This equals L. II. Cary s record. Charlev F.bhctts has sold twenty-two of his playerB to minor leagues for $28,-300. Columbia will brace up and have a team in the intercollegiate golf tournament next September. The team will play on the Van Cortland park links and also at Englewood. At 63 Ed Geers, the dean of drivers, announces he will retire from the sulky at the end of this season "to give the younger men a chance." Malnr league scouts are beginning the out-of-door season Inspecting college players. Because of the part he played in the Lajnle hatting scandal Ty Cobb refused to speak to or shake hands with Harry Howell Bt Louisville. The memory of those eight htts still roils the Georgian. Walter Johnson Is a "wise" young man. Generally ita takes a year or two for a vounester to cut his eye teeth, hut Johnson has his "wisdoms" peeping through. "want to join us In a lime poker game?" Washington veterans ln-riulretl of the great pitcher. "Nothing doinir,'' was the reply. "I've sworn off this year. No more poker for me. It cost me about $1,000 to plav with you fellows last year, and I decided that the mnnev would do me more gonil than It would you. So I've sworn off; no more poker for me. not this season." ATHLETES PODRING INTO OMAHA TODAY Ready for Central A. A. U. Meet Held There Tonight. MICHIGAN ON GROUND HOLD INVITATION MEET ITPEIt IOWA TO, IIOI.I) 1 DAY ON MAV 19. ID Thirty-Five HiRh Schools in North, eastern Iowa Invited to Take Fait in Annual Fvent. Take Workout Ou Track in After- noon, Loosening I'p After Long Trip From Ann Arbor, Mich. OMAHA. Neb., March 31,-Speclal: Michigan started the Invasion of foreign athletes to the meet of the Central A. A. U. when they reached here at noor. today. Some other teams reached Omaha early In the evening, and the early tralr.s this afternoon and evening will bring almost 100 out of town athletes. Nebraska alone will bring almost thirty, they hav ing the largest squad of any of the vis iting colleges. The Michigan men look to bo In tho pink of condition. Six men aro present, Horner, Craig, Gamble, Bick, Hoff and Ross. They are getting this early start because they want to "hang K on" their Chicago rivals. They worxed out on the track for a time uiis aiternoon. Kansas Comes Late. Kansas Is expected to arrive on a lnte train tolilghL Kansas la bringing French. Roberts. Woodbury. Patterson, Watson. Hamilton. Kranse McMillan. Osborne, Davis and Faire.hlld. The last four men will meet the Drake two mile team In a special relay event. Among the early arrivals ln the morn Ing are expected the two Chicago contingents, the University and Athletic association teams, headel by Stags end iitianay. St&Kg's eauad consists of Davenport. Kuh, Timblln, Menaul, Earle, Glf ford and BKinner. The Chicago Athletic association lineup consists of Bookolman, Blair, Otto, Waller, Shaw. Hhoblnger and Kuhn. Kansas City Athletic club Is bringing a squad of eight men to defeat the Chicago Athletlo club ln the race for the top honors. Drake Off at Noon. John I Griffith and the Beven men who make up the Drake relay teams win leave a little neto-e noon today for the meet at Omaha. The teim will arrive at OmaJia at 4:20. Herrold, Vreeland, Ielhsle and Hardesty will maks up the Drake mile team, while the two mile team to meet the Kansas team will be made up of Lelbslc, Havens, Patorsr.n and Thomas. None of the mon will take part lu sreclal events. LUTHER BURBANK TO CURE BOY OF TRUANCY Will (live Him Lessons in Rotany and Plenty of Sunshine in California Garden. T,OS ANGEIJJS, Cal.. Mar. 81,-Donald Miller, a 10-year-oM boy of Pasadena, has a golden opportunity to become famous by becoming a specimen for Luther Burbank, the plant wizard of Santa Rosa. Young Donald Is a very ordinary boy with an unusual penchant for truancy. It Is because of his extraordinary record as a truant that Donald attains fame. As to whether or not Donald really becomes a matter of story will depend on the ability nf the plant wizard to put his Ideas of child training to practical use. Burbank has revolutionized plant life and now he believes that he can overcome truancy, and to do this young Donald will pose as "the specimen." Judge Wilbur of the Juvenile court, after listening to a great deal of evidence which tended to Indicate that Donald was a confirmed truant, read a letter from Mr. Burbank. The plant wizard, according to tho letter, believes that he can cure the boy of truancy. Because of the fact that Mr. Burbank had shown the parents of the hoy. he asked that he he permitted to take care of him. Judge Wllber, realizing that Mr. Burbank had frequently dene the apparently Impossible, gladly made an order which direct-. ea tne juvenile court otricials to takf young Donald to Santa Rosa. It Is unrlorstood that the bov will he given sunshine, a reasonable amounut of work, several houre play a day, a course in botany and at least an hour's walk through the wonderful garden of Santa Rosa. FAVICTTE, la., March 31,-The college has Issued Invitations to thirty-live hlKh kcIiooIh in northeastern Iowa to attend the annual interachnl&stlc track meet, to be held here May 19. This meet has bec.n vert- successful for several years past, and It Is hoped that the meet of this year will eclipse any previous years., l'rnf. J. S. Mcintosh of the athletic boail )f control, has already received acceptances from a half dozen high schools, and there are a great many others who have signified their intention of coming. The Individual winners of first places in liie various events .will receive gold medals. The cup, whlcih is awarded to the winners of the relay race, has been won by Dubuque High school t,vice In and If they win It again tills year It re. malms their permanent possesion. The track will bn put In good condition as soon aa the weather permits, in order to prepare It for this meet, us well as for the colleiro meet. The cold weather of the last few davs has Interfered with Iwtsohall praotioe. Beyond a little batting practice nothing has been done. . The track men have also been forced to lay off. DRAKE RELAY TRYOUTS HELD NEXT SATURDAY Griffith Will Take Time to Get His Teams Into Shape for Meet. Drake's trials for the relay carnival, to be held at' the local school three weeks from today, will be held next Saturday, coach Griffith made the announcement last night that he had deckled-upon this early date bo lie could have three weeks to got the teams into onn.c nr vne evpni. Drake's eoach will have a faliiv east- time picking a couple of teams, hut when It comes to making up the three lone distance teams he will have his hands Between tho tryout 'and tho carnival tne meet to pick up a Drake Individual champion will be held, this meet com- GOLF SEASON HAS OFFICIAL OPENING Club Houses Ready for Followers of - Gutta Percha. SOME PLAYERS IN GAME Will Do Dijjuost Year In the History of the Game for the t'lly Golf Flayers .Many Young Flayers Devolojied. Bowling Scores Alexandria 1,, BULL. Drill 1AM 1- 2, 3.' Ti Av. h"! ll 206 5H3 1X7 2-3 162 203 hit) 630 17ti 2-3 136 224 2ik 564 1SS 1S' 171 532 177 1-3 h 204 190 593 197 1-3 "...878 9i 937 2781 027 HYPERION. ' 2. 3. T'l Av. 1 215 1MI (,1( M(l.3 2H1 204 J97 ti4 2111 1-3 147 lia I'"' 4IH 1.111 191 1M) 177 MS 1S2 2-3 183 172 17ji ai 377 n:io m esi :i IT-, , The Bull Durham team tu (i,. f.? game from the Hyperion in an evenly contested series. Mellon had h'l.'h with M 3 n1 A1re lllKl1 verac Ktrotz ., Todd .., MtiGloiio Dlsah-o , Slpe .... Totals Moore .... Study Jacki ,. koeppel .. vv. smithi Totals BOUT HAS BEEN POSTPONED MrFaiiand and Murphy Will Not Fight During Holy Week. NEW YORK. March 31. -A telegram from Packey McFarland of Chicago was received here today Informing the management of the Fairmont Ah'lelic club that he would not get Into condition In season for his tight with Tommy Murphy, scheduled for April 4. As hotih boxers refused to go on during Holy week, Mie bout was accordingly postponed until April 18. Momsadny Benson .,, Hchroedcr Byrne Overman , Totals ,, Mission League. MISSION'. 1. 2. 3,' T'l M 175 i;:t 5os 224 172 :'0 ,Vi7 205 m 177 570 Av. 109 1-3 199 190 Off dally or otherwise the golf season Will be opened to the public toiinv with i penlng of the club houses. The formal opening gatherings will mark tho event at the Country club and Waveland, while the service of meals will mark tho event at the Grand View house. The Hyperion club house has been In a seml-open state all winter, an opening there not being necessary. Some few players will take advantage of the conditions for their games, but the majority of the players will tint be out until the weather Is warmer, conditions are not the best for the game at present and most of the will be willing to wait unlit the glass grows a little before taking to tihe links. If the public links of the citv are kept In condition, the year will be the big year for the game In the city. The larxr list oT young players developed last year and tliie large number of veterans who developed their game to the 'point where they are contenders In all but the very highest event will make all the competitions ln the city this year hard tougiht. Sheehan should be an easy winner In most of the events of the city, but his opponent can be picked trom any one of a dozen or more players, many of whom came Into prominence first a year ago. GOOD SCRAPS WERE STAGED Deldsinwr nl Fiddler Put On Six Hound lkiit at Dyaii's. Two good bouts, were stage.! at the Tommy Ryan gymnasium last night, the six round final being het.ween Julius Fiddler of this citv and Ray Delsslnger of Fort Dodge. Fldd'er had the hint of the fight to the sixth roun 1 when the visaing lad came back strong. Tomtnv Dixon and Wagner from Fort De Moines went four rounds in a seml-wlndup, showing good mixing ability. START WORK ON TOURNEY TF.NNIS MF.F.T THIS Y F.Alt TO UK WILL HAMll.Kll. A. ). IVlers Sending Out letters at This Time to Interest Players of the State. Track Work Will ite Made the (r Icr nf Fnileuvor Ht lies Moines Col. lejie. i I I ''"ach Hoy Havens lias taken up work ;wlti, the Des M es cnlhge track team, and among the first announcements was Mia the n-oas country run for the (.ullil medal, and aim ; the runneis of the team, would be held-. ,-iiuiiy aiiHrnoon. The eve w siaireii late In Die afternoon lie over a course three or four leiiKi n. Durev. the star dlstun man college last year, is scheduled to be the winner oi ine event, lie is In good shape at the present time, and while the but, route rnsy lie more than he can negotl ate, he is given the choice bv the maturity of the men. There ere several other men who will give him a close cull. Des Moines college will center their attention on track this spring, as thev seem to have a chance to develop a Very strong minor college team. Havens will have to find a sprinter and a weight man, but otherwise he has good prospects. 1 he held-. J vent will f and will I miles' In I n of the A. D. Peters, rnulrman of the state tennis cominii iw, started work fur the mil tennis tournament this week by sending out letters tn most of the well known tennis men of the state and to the colleges and clubs asking for their cooperation In making the lull tennis event the best In the country. This work will be followed up at frequent Intervals all through the spring and summer, and promises to insure a hiiKe attendance at the coming meeting. Some few of the city players have started playing the game already, but most of the courts are not In shape for play at present. OFFICIAL STATISTICS. This (able covers weather conditions ror the last twenty-four hours. Figures under highest today refer to the temperatures from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. yesterday; those under lowest last night cover the twelve preceding hours, 1. . beginning at 7 o'clock the night before lant: IS YOUR REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Pse The Sunday Register and Leader want ads to find your buyer. Phone your ad before it Saturday night. Wul-imt 321. PICKED UP TEAMS. PLAY A. In Ilamisls Drfent Y. M. ( Kerainhle of Dasketlutll. A team of Des Moines college basket-hall players, most of whom had played in the "V" classes last year, anil a team from t.ho Y. M. C. A , played a basket-bull g:ime Pist night, the collegians leading, 4o to 27. The Dm M Hues team was compose! of Johnson. Nutt, locking. Thompson and Perry, while the "V" team wius mane up hy .Marshall, Moia, nyianu, Klett and Wolf. .170 158 ;I2 ;,in iso lil l')7 Ii36 944 S7 9:10 2711 LA PINTUI'.A. 1. 2. 3. T'l 155 lfl Ita 5ns 171 191 1:5 47 1'3 2l 23S W7 197 149 10 5K I?;, 1-0 135 200 150 471 157 175 1-3 913 2-3 A v. V. 1-3 K2 1-3 1-3 Viggers Savage , Kuyper , Amend , Herron ,, ZnM-, !1 W SB 2599 wTl-3 The Missions won the odd game from the La Plnturas, Hum blinking tho fie or the third position. K inner evroiii oi itiui , iiiiiH-i worn, seriiring the game, 23S, and iMx-t averuge, 202 1-3, hi;!i Strotz .. Todd .., Dlsalvo Slpe .... Iscrman Total , Alexandria League. BULL DPRHAMP. 1. 2. 3. T'l. Av. i7 170 !- ;at i;ij i-:i 2"l !! Is;, in;, 223 141 17.' r,::s i;:i i-:i IK4 174 193 551 1w ".j 170 255 211., (CK) 210 915 911 947 2M3 911 1-3 WAVK LANDS. 1. 2. 3. 213 1. VI LI 17 IM 194 177 14X Lit lx 157 .115 152 175 193 17H T'l. 579 554 5 4 'I 514 A v. 193 1M 2-3 M 171 1-.( 179 1-3 Klrfinan .... Illldibranilt Albert son ... Harrison ... Hall Total S7 itC H7 273S 1-3 The Bull Durhams won two out of three games from the Wave's mix. Is'-nnan 'had high game, and average with 2,55 and 210 respectively. The latest count In the Big Klght meet nf lost Msv follows: Chlcsgo ...'... 14H Illinois lVi Iowa " Minnesota 10 Purdue 4 Wisconsin 11 stnnfn-.l 17 Ccloradn 3 California 12 Kansas 5 Miami S Notre DaiiTO 17 South Dakota 3 Western Reserve J 4 Oberlin 10 Washington y Kuox 1 i McKibbin hats ALL TEE WMLE TEDET LEAD W EX Three dollars DISTRICT COritT ISKCOIil). Mabel Dag'gett vs. W. V. Daggett. Pe tition for divorce. J. J. Hobclltz vs. city of Des Moines. Answer. T. S. Kendall vs. Katherlne ('rain. An swer. ('. F Gilbert vs. If. C. Miller. Answer. L. B. Haln vs. Lola Rain. Petition for divorce. Hrown & While vs. II. N. Engle. petition on account. ItKAL KSTATK TIlANSFEHS. The following transfers of realty were made of record March 31, 1911. Maggie J. Graham to George Washington and wife, Pt. lot 2, B. C, Fast Park plae and land In lot 1'IH. P. N. K. ', 2-7S-24 $ 1,300 KlUaheth V. Talbot and husband, to Mary A. Madden, lot 1. B. 4, Stewart's add. and lot 12, B. 13, II. Lyno's add 1 C. A. Swanson and J. A. Carlson et al, to A. M. Benge, 2-3 Interest In 27 acres In 30-79-23 1 A. M. Benge and J. A. Carlson et al, to c. A. Swanson, Und. 1-3 Int. In 30 acres In 30-79-23 1 John Donely Lowry, to Kllzabetli Machetans, lot S, Capital Park ... 1,900 il. It. and Kiuuibeth M. liuweii to Mary B. Thornton, lot 43 Bloom- fleld place 1,300 A. S. Dusenberg and wife, to O. L. Laeey, lot 13 Cottage place 2,450 James Holloway to C. K. Holloway, (trustee,) lot :I6, Fagen pliu-e 1 Martha A. Rice, to Milton II. Williams, lot 5 Saucei'tnan'ii Add. to N. es Moines 1,409 Pbella Ann l nderwood and husband, to William S. Simpson, N, l S. K. ', and N. 60 A. F.. i H. W. '4 9-SI-23 13,000 John J. Kdwards and wife, to J. K. and W. H. Utlcrest Co.. lot 402 S. D., lot "A" Polk and Hub-bell's Add 1,575 Charles It. Johnson and wife, to Sarah A. Haves, lots 17 and 18 B. 10, Ksstnn place 1,.Vi0 May Staley and husband, to Tillle Sharp, lots 4(j and 47, B. 5, De Wolf's Add 1 Mary Hast Sliope and husband, to Paulelia Broernian, lot 16 Shupe's Add 300 L. K. Stevens and wife, to S. B. Kephart, lot 301 Mann's replat, of . part of Mann's second Add 1 Corn Belt Ijind & lan Co., to K. F. IOgan, lots 41 to 4X, 54-5T-ti7 to 70, 173 to 17S, Willoughby place.. 3,011(1 L. C. Adams and wife, to 1. W. Black, W. 42.5 feet, lots S4 and its, B. 2, Northwestern heights ... 1 Walter lveke to Fred H. Ashley, lot 39 I'nlon Add iVK Bottle Tegtmeyer to W. H. 11. and Charles Colby, lots 6 to Is, B. 0, Stalford & Dixon's Add 1 J. V. Donovan and wife, to Forest U, (leneva, M. lot 10, B. "U," I lean's second S. D. of out lots William II. Wilson to Harvey H. Curtis, tl lots In several additions In I-lty of Des Moines 3:5 Ft A. Crawford, trustee to Clarind.t Perkins, I'nd. 17-'-"' of lot 7 B. II and of lot 9, It. 14, Highland Park 1 MAltUIAt.Iv MCF.NSKS. Ira Skin. ler. lies Moines Vtnnle Purnienter, Des Moines HOPKINS BROS CO- A SUGGESTIONS For Everybody Interested In SPORTS FOR THE GOLFER Crawford, MedrcRor Clubs '. $2.50 ' $2.75 lUwkcye (i nl f Clubs $1.50 Coif Halls 50c. 65c 75c "l 85c $1.50 to S10.00 i nut; m Ciitldv Bags Score Cards I'iulis Jiepairod. Xew Shafts snd Grips. FOR SKATERS Best Ball Hearing Hollers, Pair (!mil Quality Street. Skute ' Children's Ms n ten FOR BASEBALL FANS Sinlilinn Ot'fioiiil Hall Victor Official Balls llawkeye Hiisehiills (official) Victor Cloves mid Mitt Spalding; (.loves and Mitts Boilv Protectors . . . . : , HnselciU Puts Masks, the very best and snfct Baseball Sluus Boys' Bnsehnllv, Shoe Plates, tier pair Umpire Indicators ' Bases for the Diamond (per set of 3) .. FOR TENNIS PLAYERS Wright L Ditson Racquets W. k I). Cliainiionship Bulls Hand Maile Tennis Balls Aver's Tennis Balls .... W. & II. Deuce Tennis Balls A'l lines are new stock und are in choosing-, if yen will cull now. There are thousands of articles I hat. will nnike you a winner in all the sports afield if you buy here, because you will be fitted fitly with Hie nihility that helps you. We have it lot of tiling's that we offer at. special they tire just as g-ood as anything, hut there is a reason see us and we'JI tell you how to get them. Remember, they ere till specials. HOPKINS BROTHERS 618 620 LOCUST i S1.00 $2 50 SI. 00 50c S1.25 $1,25 $1.25 25c to SS.00 25c to $S,00 $1.00 t... sio.oo 5c i'P to SI .00 50c to $5.00 $2.50 ! t.. $7.50 50c to $100 10c to 50c 50c S1.00 t ' SG00 SI. 50 to $8.00 ..Down $5.50. en'"'' 50c ..Dozen $5,00. ,'"''11 45c ..Dozen 85.00. end! 45C Down S3.50. each 30c the best cuiiilit ion for cnrlv prices, and i) call and Stations. S : Abilene 7(t S4 Atlantic C .40 44 Uolse 74 74 Bostoh :t4 42 Buffalo 24 .32 Calgary ....SO 32 C Hatterns 53 50 Charleston .50 04 Cheyenne ..54 52 Chicago .,..34 40 C. Christ! ..72 74 Davenport 30 44 Denver SO 62 Des Moines 37 43 Dodge City Ml Duhmiiie ...:x 4i Duluth 20 2 Durango ...2 68 Kastport ....34 40 Kdmonton Flagstaff (liilveston (Irand J. O. Bay . Havre 32 32 Helena 50 HO 3ij 40 ,.5S tW ...70 70 ..7(1 72 ...! ffi 32 3(1 . 2 74 ..40 50 44 52 ..42 4(i ..42 40 m (S ,.3S 42 ..54 K 70 72 .OS 76 .22 2 23 as Huron Jack'vllle Kamloops Kansas C Keokuk . Knoxvlllc Lander ... Louisville Memphis Mndeno .. M'gomery Montreal Moorhead N. Orleans.. t 7 New York.. 38 42 Norfolk ...4S 52 N. Platte.. .42 4S Oklahoma .02 72 omiil-'i 3il 30 Parry S.I... 22 5H Peoria 3S 40 locnlx ....sO M Pr. Albert.. 2D 34 l'urtilo 00 04 Ralrlxh ....54 5ti Rapid City. 32 40 Roseberg ,.7N K Roswell ....70 SO W. Louis... ."2 44 Ht. Paul .....V 21 Salt Lake C.cS ffi San Diego... no 02 San Franc.....! . Santa Fe....0.' 00 S. St Marie. 1H 24 .02 Scut lie Shreveport Sheridan .. Sioux City. Spokane ... Swift Cur. rampa .... Toledo Tonapali .. Tucson .. Valentine Washington 42 VV'innemiicca74 ,h Winnipeg ...IS is 02 .7N H2 .30 3S :m : .00 OS ..32 31 ..72 s2 ..52 3d ..OS 70 . .4 SO ..3S 42 40 C 0 3 ' I il I S I . . 1 IS 5 s V ' S. ?2 : o g . , f j ( 54 F. 10 ... Cloudy 34 W t ... Clear ' ) N 4 ... (Tear 30 W 24 ... PtCldy 20 W 24 .00 Clear 24 MB 4 .60 Snow 42 SV IS ... Clear 44 HW ... Cleat-2 SK 4 ... Cloudy , 28 HB, ft ... Cloudy 70 SK II) ... Cloudy 28 W 13 ... Clear . 34 HVV 4 ... Clear 31 NW t. ... Cloudy 40 NF, a . Clear 28 NW 14 ... Clear 20 NW 18 ... Clear 32 NW 16 ... Clear 36 WW 14 ... Cloudy 20 NK 4 ... PtCldy 25 W 4 ... PtCldy 68 XE 10 ... Cloudy 40 NW 4 ... Clear 22 HW 8 .03 Cloudy 30 K 4 .08 Cloudy 32 N 4 ... PtCldy 28 X - 6 .06 Cloudy 50 HK S ... Clear 42 N 6 ... Cloudy 32 X 12 ... Clear 1 32 NW ... PtCldy 30 NK M ... Cloudy 26 W Hi ... PtCldy 84 SW 4 ... Clear 44 NK 10 Clear 32 .. PtCldy 42 SW 12 ... Clear , 22 HW W ... flnow 14 N 8 ... Clear 51 K ... Cloudy 31 NW 20 ... Clear 30 W ... Cle-ir . 34 K ... PtCldy 48 NK 14 ... (Tear 32 W .58 PtCldy ?; WW 4 ... Clear 26 W ... Cloudy 51 W 4 ... Clear 15 N ... CVoudy ' 40 F. 1t ... Char 34 NW 20 ... Cloudy,'.; 32 X 0 .04 Snow v 42 W 10 ... Cleir 48 NK ... Cleair NW 8 Clear 20 N 22 ... Clear 4s NK 4 ... Clear 54 NW ... PtCldv 52 SW 16 ... Cloudy 32 8K ' 4 ... Clear 14 NW 22 ... Clear 44 NW 8 ... Clear 54 SW 4 ... Clear 32 F, 8 .02 Cloudy 32 NW 10 .01 PtCldy 40 W 8 ... Cloudy 22 N ... Cloudy Oil NW ... Clear' 28 W 12 ... Cloudy 50 HIO 6 ... Clear .. W 4 ... Clear 32 S 4 ... Clom .' 34 W It ... Cleai 34 MV 4 ... Cleat 2 N 10 ... Cleai WA NT A D S. IH SINKSS I'KIISOX.'.LS. Trusses Fitted Customers I treat are my reference, always. Nine out of ten new cases are sent me by those I have treated. A. H. Miles. Specialist. 222 K. P. Block. UIMH TO AHOI'T A.N ORPHAN GIUL 8 or 9 years old: excellent home. Address K-if'2, care this paper WANTKD-WAI.I. PAI'Kll CLKANINU. C! t your work done right. Prices rea- umable. Phone Walnut 0.92. PAFKTY RAZORS Sll AltPL'NED, 20. Keenedge Co.. 409 citizens Ha nK Biog. TIIK I iKL't MISTS' COl'tJH DROP. Heck's Best IB H.I cough drops, 6c box. FRF.K SCItOICAL CUNic STIIX XT lego of (jsteopathy. 1422 Tioeust St. pXtTtITTi BT A 1 N KIV-BOOK PREB H. II. Coleman, Vllllsca, la, 1 ACCOUNTANTS. II. F. CIIKSUIKK. Moines. BOX 673, DES,, CO., DES MOINES. IOWA DES MOINES, IOWA. ARCHITECTS. PROl'Dl'DDT. BIRD RAWSON. 025 Flynn Mldg ATTORNEYS AT LAW. J. B., JR., Rooms 415, 417. 418 and 419 CitltenS National Hank Bid. . OCF.RNSF.Y. PARKKllA MILLER, 915-925 Fleming Bldg. fiCDLKV & COKFTN. enl -5 lowaI,oan &Trust Bldg. F. L. GP.OKSBKCK. Suite 6"4. Iowa Loan A Trust Bids;. CLINTON R. DORN, f.tfhga5l5-5t7-520-5'j;-524 Clapp Block., DP NM I IKE" 'HAINES. " jt rttioms JiKi-U-12-12'11 .Manhattan Bldg. (5l'Y R. CARSOV. 409 Youngerman ltg. CORNS CHIROPODY. AND BUNIONS TREATS' i successfully. Mrs. R. M. Howell, 22S 210 K. P. Blk., cor. th and Loc. wal. 4f.T . EXPRESS AND BAQQAQE ... - - -. i ge. call east sldn express stan 1297 Bast. . m v t

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