The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1961 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1961
Page 17
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i; ;v^r;27,pl ' * ! 3 n 1r > l.'-.'JS-l** > r '' , • L*tL<*^LzL,i, jLjL.Jj^.l-^ljnL.. j--. 1 *...*"%!, ...... ' ...L.L^."-i^..i^. I..' ' &Tff!S*?a' is' iltSi '3fj, J ' July 27, 1961 , .When fern,Foster confided her domestic troubles'to me-^a balky refrigerator, 1 thanked my stars" again for,being, Here, awatt from all thbs"e annoying things that arise in the conducting of a home.• • • ' ;• * »''»-. With the •birfh: July 6 Of a daughter Christine Marie to Mr, and Mrs.> Dennis Miller, Mason City,'Mrs. Anna Madson b'eca'me a gr&at'-great-grandrnotljer"' and Mrs. Olive Hansen and her brothel* Marlnus became great- great-aunt and uncle. The moth* er is the former Susan Runge, 1-STOP HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL HOG PRODUCTS Now in this area , It look quiifo a lot of maneu> ! vering by 1 Winliam "artd Sue Per- .guson tb get vacation,dates plan- 'tied ih otder, to's#end a little <tf it with' William's mother, Mrs. Hortense Fergusofn and his brothers, 'Lewis and John, • Port Dodge. But they did—two days to come, two days here, and two days to return to their home at Arlington Va. They took back with them- maiKy plants from Mrs. Ferguson's, garden and a set of havilarid dishes among other things, . Mrs. Ferguson, (wisely, is trirrimirtg things down ,-^-sorting and distributing' things to cut dowfa the huge ' task of looking- after "things". That is another thing 1 am happy' about. I, have Just my favorite things In inimal health has urtlfitd us as headquarters tor 06 PRODUCTS Or. Salsbury's CERTIFIED HOG PRODUCTS HEADQUARTERS . . ., .. . ... •Tow, tinder one roof, you can I a complete selection of hog health products . . , we have Jisease-fighting medicinals, health boosters, and disease preventives to help you keep pigs growing and profit- Or. SALSBURY'S ifiticitr able. Our Dr. Salsbury's Hog| Products, plus the professional advice and counsel of your veterinarian, protects your pigj and your profits. ^^K^,,^ Visit Dr. Salsbury's Certified " Hog Products Headquarters listed below: ^" '' LABORATORIES WHITTEMORE FEEDS ' WHITTEMORE, IOWA An efeefrie range U the mast efficient fyp« of cooking equipment avaifcfcte. USDA tests prove that electric ranges are more than twice as efficient as ony flame-type cook stove. • - - Symbol of op«rallv« rural <Uc- triricotlon ... and <Up«ndabl«, nan. profit tltclrlc urvlet for rural fomllhi «| Mill community.*: Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 — Humboldt, Iowa with 24-MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE Longer Mileage t Exclusive All-Action Tread gives you traction In the CENTER of the tread where you need it mostl 24 MONTH , Road Hazard j GuarantM ALL SIZES LOW PRICED Just "Charge It!" or Buy on Easy Payday Terms PRICES DRASTICALLY CUT! Every new Firestone tirt u OUARANTBBD I. Against defects in workman•hip and material* for tht life ol the original tread. 1, Against normal road hazards (except repairable punctures) encountered, in everyday passenger car use for the number of months specified. Repairs made without charge, replacements prorated on tread wear and based on list prices current at time of adjustment. , 8.00-18 ,8116 TUBELE88 NYLON 13,77* 7.50^14 CHAMPIONS * 12-MONTH ROAD HAZARD / GUARANTEE , , MONTH Road Hazard GuarantM UYON «.70'18 10.77» 7.10-18 12.77« 7.80-18 14.7T*/ MONTH •Black, Rayon, Tub«-typ« NYLO WHITEWAUS only »3 more .*S/FSafety-Fortified cord body*Firestone Rubber-X Just "Charge Itl* or Buy on Easy Payday Terms •All prlCM pint tax and tr«d«-ln tlr* off your oar. ^ Joe Bradley Firestone South of Algen* Hotel Phone CY 4-?421, Algona, la. Your FIRESTONE Wholesale and Retail Dealer, OR ©It CO,, Alf 9n« ., KRAUSI ;W, Ftn SpRVICi, ^liPnfl UPPE^ D-X, Byrt MURIAY QIL.ea here, enough to have 6n m> mind, and 1 too have whittled away at possessions, ».} * * #'« T." Lucky ydungaierfi 'ire Vickt 8, and Jerry Itay, 4, children; bf Mr. and Mrs. Jerry' Anderson, with their five grandmothers, Mrs. Ray Andersoh, Mi's. Lottie Wheeler and Mrs. Anna Anderson on the paternal side end Mrs. Twillah Bartholomew and -.Mrs. Mary Miller on -the maternal side, ' , , , * * .* , • E. J, .Evers who picked up a virus While "at. work 'supervising the installation of diesels in Africa is now at work in Tojlkfilwa, Okla. With reasonable assurance there would be no recurr^nde oft the ailment, he ,w6Uld'flke to return to c6mpletd 'the^jofe'. He found' it Interesting ten'itofjKb'ut a far cry from life in the United States. */ „ • * * * ;'. . Hazel Burns carrie this morn- riing with a beautiful bouquet ol gold-plate, white daisies 'and baby breath. (July 17).. A, visit to her back yard last summer revealed a beautiful spot, and so perfectly kept. The gold-plate looks like it might be fairies' umbrellas. Cute. And fine for a winter .bouquet, Hazel said. , • . ».. • ..... ..-.'.. > Casper Thilges had as callers this morning Joe Willger who brought with him Henry' Faber of Fargo, N. D., an old slhool friend.. Mr. Faber and his son- in-law and daughter! . Mr. > and Mrs. Leo Bommler and children^ Castleton, N. D., have alspibee'h' here. Charles Platt is taking Mr. Faber home at the conclusion,- of his visit. ..•.•• • •• * •'•'-.'.:•.• ' .'>;..-..'. Ronald Burtis, fourteen, .year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Burtis, proudly displays a' letter written to him by President .John F. Kennedy in reply to a letter asking for some information. A school project. : » - * * ; - • . ' • Iowa seems io come up with b fine breed of fools — from Geiger, Kistner, Coad, Wilkie andSpoon- er. There's a- variety." Take your pick. What did I hear you : say about Hollywood andNew Y6rk? N. K. fades in the background. • ... , ^ , t -..-'. ; , ' Tommy 'Wichman is here: from Macon, Ga.; to spend the remainder of the summer with his grandparent's Mr. 'and Mrs. John Grotte. He is an Eagle Scout And whet> Mrs. 'Grotte asked; me ' How with '-whom'" he -could ''come' in contact, I suggested that she call Everett Barr or Eugene Hutchins. • » • I could lell you of two more women who have, taken over paint jobs in their hom|s — but I won't. All say "Never again." When I was at the theatre, io see "The Last Sunset", a woman walked very carefully down the aisle and when the show Was over, as she> neared me' I asked "What is the trouble?" She answered,- "A broken leg.": In the hall she was met by Florence Becker — It was then I knew who the woman was — Ethel Putney, sister of "Mrs. Becker, and I remember seeing her years ago wheh she ; was a stenographer here. It was some time ago she suffered the injury and .the recovery has been slow. * * • • ' That one very hot day scared several persons into buying air conditioners. Maybe if i they'd get rid of them, warm weather would come back. As' one man put • it, the^ conditioners did a wonderful job for the whole community. * * i * Thanks' to Mrs. L. . J. Cassel who was acting, for vacationing Mrs. S. E. McMahon, several ol us had bouquets of Regal lillies and baby-breath. * * * Rex Post doesn't have much confidence in his sister Joan s driving ability and .raises a great cry every • time he is asked to accompany the family, with her at the wheel. I suppose he thinks, ' "Women drivers! Phooey!" Joan and her Girl Scout group have a 'badge-winning project to fulfill. Each girl .is given credits toward the badge by doing helpful deeds which qualify. At the time of her visit Friday afternoon, all I had by/Way of an errand and books to return to the library. • * • •• • .'•-• • » i A couple of very attractive "Hawaiian" girls were here calling on a few residents Friday — giving . a little of the "ridikalus days" atmosphere. Judy Dahlhauser and Lucy DeRoos, cute in sarongs; called briefly. I asked where were the muu-muus. Sarongs . .are /more'^glamorpus, .1 . ing Rusk's ' drug store were -Hel en Lukes and Patty Johnson. * * » Gordon Gammack's story about the ' three year 1 old who took a sip of 7-Up and said, "It sprinkles my nose," reminded me of my cousin Gerald Cady's small son Pat who said of the same experience, "It bites me," * * » It is a busy summer for Blanche Long, our Davenport hostess/'Wlth bridal showers' and weddings for a granddaughter who was married in mlcWulj' and a- grandson who will bo married Augu'st 26—both church weddings .of considerable size. Olga Jordon and her , sisters Ellen and ; Alma- Carlson arc back from .a vacation spent' at Clear Lake with Olga's son and family, Mr. 'and Mrs. John Jordon and 'children, of Milwaukee Wis. It Was fun, this '\togetherness," .but the weather was not co-operative. Far too cold for writer enjoyment. Ed Siuder, a resident here at Gbod Samaritan whose home, is in the Corwith vicinity, observed his eighty-sixth birthday Sunday, July 16. He is quite a "young" man, plays an accor- dian and harmonica occasionally and says he and his wife once had a small dance orchestra. * * • It was fun talking with Marie Button, about her .home. I can visualize the changes Marie mentioned, chief of which was straightening the stairway, a good idea. • . * * * Mr, and Mrs. Oran Hudson are back from a vacation at Flint. Mich., Eau Claire, Wis., and Minneapolis where they, visited- Mr. and Mrs. Everett Vansteenburg ( Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hudson and Mr. 'and Mrs. Richard Lappin, respectively. * * . * . > This "do it yourself" doesn't seem to be such a good idea to my way of thinking. Another housewife, was doing her own painting, must have thrown' it around with 'great gusto, got some in her eye, a nice infection developed- and she wound up seeing a doctor. Affect Your Life Lower Age Of Men Eligible July 1 To 62 HAPPY TASTE j Pick up a 6-pack RIOHT 10el. 1HI iUUIRT COMMNV t- -i^-^the 'rnatter..' with .'iho came up for' discussion "Sunday in a group of friends. 'We cdn- sulted Webster-two volumes in fact, and neither listed the word. Years ago it was commonly used to refer to a dry cleaning establishment. * * « A -new but apt name for Uncle' Sam—"He is the gentleman with the big waste." * * * Yes indeed. "Mary had a little lamb and the lad who took her out to the restaurant paid plenty' for it." TOE _ Larry Davis of Guthrie Center received injuries in a lawn mower accident. As he was mowing the lawn, he fell and his foot went under the mower. One toe was severed and two others severely damaged. Editor's Note: We suggest that if you are now In or nearing the Social Security age bracket,, you clip this article for reference. * * * Changes in the • social security law signed by President Kennedy on June 30 directly affect about 560,000 persons aged 02 or older, giving them social security benefits for the first time and increasing benefits already payable to 3,700,000 beneficiaries, Earl T. Johnson, district manager of the Waterloo Social Security office said recently. The new law makes the following changes: \. Men now have an option Of retiring at age 62 with Jowei benefits or of waiting until age 65 and collecting higher benefits. . • . ' 2. Widows' benefits 'are increased by about 10 percent. 3. Minimum benefits are raised. 4. Tho amount of work under social security needed -to ge\ benefits is lowered. ... - 5. People who receive only part of their benefits for a year because they earn over $1200 will have a smaller amount deducted. 6. Social security taxes go up slightly beginning January 1, 1962. . . : Under the provisions, men can begin collecting benefits at age 62 'if they choose, just as women have been able to do since 1956. • But workers" who- decide tov benefits before they , ' month than ' they w6uld""7f they waited until' age 65. The sooner a worker takes his benefits after age 62, the greater the reduction in his benefits will be. However, the reductions are figured so that on the average people may expect to receive •about the same amount if they get reduced benefits beginning before age 65, or wait' until they reach 65 and collect higher monthly amounts. Dependent husbands benefits, if taken before age 65, will also be reduced, but dependent widowers and fathers can receive full benefits at age 62, The now amendments raise the nged widow's benefit from the present 75 percent of the husband's retirement benefit to 82.5 percent, a 10 percent increase in individual benefits, beginning with the checks which will be delivered early in September. TERRIFIC VALUE! GIANT-SIZED WESTINGHOUSE TWO-DOOR REFRIGERATOR Model RMB-12 $ WITH SEPARATE FOOD FREEZER LVUiUU 1961 Frost-Freo • Butter and Cheese Compartment • Full-width, Full Depth Shelves • Full-width Porcelain vegetable Crisper You get so many deluxe features in this Westinghouse plus automatic defrosting in the refrigerator section. In a two-door refrigerator, this Westinghouse is your best buy dollar for dollar. Prove it to yourself. Come in for a demonstration today. Westinghouse © BEECHER t ANE APPLIANCE TERMS "Wildest Trader In Town' 1 TERMS The same increase will be made in the benefits of aged de- * pendent widowers and those of aged parents if there is only one dependent parent surviving. The present minimum is $33; the new minimum payment Will be $40. Under the change, about 2.2 ( million persons will receive increased payments. . Another change lowers the amount of work credit re- •, • quired for old-age and survi- , vors benefits. The new law \ makes payments possible for V a person who has work credit for one calendar quarter for each year after 1950 and up to the year he reaches 65 (62 for a woman). . This me'ans -that a. man who reached 65 or a. woman who reached 02 before 1958 needs credit for only a year and a half of work under social security tp qualify for retirement benefits. Survivors of. workers who died in 1958 .or later and w,Ho were -not eligible for benefits before this change may now be eligible. These people should inquire at their social security office soon. . Another change in the law makes it possible for people eligible for social security benefits to earn up to $1700 and receive more in total earnings and benefits than under the old law. Under both the old and the new law, a beneficiary can earn $1200 a year and receive all of his monthly social security benefits. The old law, though, requires $1 in benefits to be with- • held for each $2 earned from $1200 to $1500 and $1 for each $1 earned over $1500, Under the new law, $1 Is withheld for each $2 earned from $1200 to $1700 and then $1 for each $1 earned over $1700. Thus, under the new law only- $250 in. benefits is deducted when the'benefic- iary earns $1700. during the year, Under, the old law $350 i ..would have been .withheld. , s^*T6*iieipi^nifflc& t iirW'.fcharigeSi • : the^amendment? caJJHJfcr .an increase in social security taxes beginning January 1, 1962. Employees and employers will each pay an additional one-eighth of one-percent on earnings up to $4,800 a year — a total of three and one-eighth percent in social security taxes. Self-employed persons will pay 4.7 percent on net earning} up to $4,800 a year instead or the former 4.5 percent rate. The disability insurance program remains unchanged, Johnson said, except that workers with long-standing disabilities are given another year until June 30, 1902, to file claims for Denefits. Increases in benefits for widows and for those getting min- ' mum benefits will be made automatically before the August :hecks are mailed early in Sep;ember. It will not be necessary, for these people to contact the social security office. Some other people affected by ;he amendments to the law must apply before their benefits can ae started. Among them are older workers who formerly did not nave enough credit for work under social security to receive aenefits, workers between 62 and 05 who wish to retire now with reduced benefits, and dependent widowers or fathers. 42 Pounds Beef Consumed At Leader Conclave Kossuth. County boys* 4-H eaders grilled 42 pounds of beef steak at their annual steak fry n Algona, July 18. Plans for the County Better Brooming Contest, July 22 ana demonstration contest, July 31 at Hurt; camp drive, August 18 and county fair, August 14-18 were made. Program suggestions for the August 4-H program on "Orchard Grass" and the "Saving Way" were discussed by Pean Barnes, county extension director and Robert C. Johnson, county extension associate. Leaders attending were —• Herschel Hartman, Roger Jensen, Ray Bergura, Art Banwart, Burdette Hoeppner, Wallace Hawcott, Arnold Ketelsen, Har« old Wolf, Harold Lampe, Her-, man Tjarks, Charles Nygaard, Albert Johnson, Cecil Thoreson, Dick Kuecker, James Bierstedt, Luke McGuire, Bob Detrick, Bill Fritz, Clarence Diers, Joseph Skow, Lloyd Thorson, Eugene Drager, Alvin Erpelding, Ed Kain, Everett Johanson, Kenneth Strayer and Bill Doddg. Mr. and Mrs. John Madsen ol Minneapolis spent Thursday the Ray Hansens.

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