The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1961
Page 10
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,-/ Mdfnef 1961 'il *\*t General Public £ ! .,-T d .. . jf ff flingited — The anhual flowed Show sponsored, by the Ringsted Study Club will be held Sat! urday, Aug. 6, in the all-pur4 ffese room of the high school. I< was announced by flower show; chairman, Mrs.'ft:-'A.. Busch. « The change of judging is the big event. The public will be the $tdgcs. A coin ( placed beside the entries Chosen will be considert edj a vote. Entries will : be re- flj|lved from noon to 2 p.m. Aug. K^Entrles must be left in place tlntll '8 p.m. when the judging 11 i completed. Exhibitors may ..,'irig as many entries in each dlass' as she wishes. r^A short program will be pre ' Settled at 2:30 p.m., followed, by a silver tea to be served through Wising time. *'All proceeds of the show will § 5.-. to the Emmet County Asso- ation for Retarded Children. gew Manager *:Otto Helfritz has begun work as manager of the Haifa elevator, a branch of the Ringsted Co- OperatiVt Ofain and Products u-^.-Jillu 1 *. ' \ !' ' . ' Hetfrlti'S as as ._„, __________ ager 'cfime aftefj thel resigflatioH of Ivan Watts, Haifa mattager for the past five years. / " Mr. HelfMti has* operand 6 truck line here and hi* son-in law, Jefi-y Slehter, will ' contin ue. Mrs. Helfritfc Home Cafe. operates thtj Mrt. Alfred Petersen, who has taught, dth grade at the Fenton school, is presently attending a Drake University course at Mason > City, She is staying with Tiei; daughter, Mrs. 'Gordon Graham at Fertile and her daughter is also attending the course with her. Mrs. Petersen will' teach this fall in the Ringsled schbol system. Mrs. Leif Kirkega'ard and FBI.. JULY 28th JOHNNY KETELSEN AND HIS COWBOYS SAT., JULY 29th The New Sound in Popular . , , - . .Music ; PETER PALMER ' AND HIS VOICES TUBS., AUG. 1ST — TEENS : • EDDIE RANDAL : AND THE DOWNBEATS THURS.. AUG. 10TH COUNT BASIE daughters of Gilmore City visited Monday at the home of Mrs. L. A- Petersen. Mr. and Mrs. Roy England of "Minneapolis spent the. weekend visiting friends here'and with the jformer's brotKef, Lyle Eng- lahd at Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wels, Rita and Louis Weis, all of Armstrong, and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Jensen,' Jerry and Karen visited Sunday at Mankato,: Minn, wit Sister Blase., Sister Blase, th former.Clara Weis, will pbserv her silver anniversary into 'th sisterhood August 6, Mr. and Mrs.' Orville Grethe and : family of Pacifica, Cal. ar visiting at the Robert Nock horn here and with friends. He for merly operated the Ringstei pool hall before, moving to Cali fornia. Judy Kimme.t, student nur9t> at Stf Joseph's school of NUrtf ing at Siouk City/ came, to th 3L. W, horfti . . Friday to spend ft, month's V'a catidn. Monday she fcegaft work on' the 4th floor of Holy Family hospital at Esthervllle. Charles' Reed, Richard erlcksen and- Rev. "Robert Gru| ber attended 4h6 'Billy Grahart lectures in Minneapolis tecertt-- ly r ' ^ ' -• i . Mr. and Mrs. Svend Wiftthei of Copenhagen,- • Denmark ,ar^ Visiting at the August SdTenSeft home. , Mr. and Mrs. Curtis ,Qlsen of Feftton entertained gttes,ts at their home Sunday evening in hon6r of her birthday.- Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobsen and family of Mallard, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Preston and family of Swea City and Rledel Coming Bancroft, la. Thurs., July 27 BLAKE FUNERAL, CORWITH RENWICK LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) Butler Gram Bins and family of here.' Mr. and Mrs, Ralph and Curtis have moved into the home they purchased from the Ivan Petersons. „ Philip Lachelt, band instructoi here for. 16 .years, has signed to teach in Hemet, Cal. artd Richard Cherland, shop and? history teacher^also 10 years,' will teach at Beaumont,' Calif. They will move their families in late August. ' •LuVerne By Mrs- Fern Bigings Weekend guests in the parental Carl Swanson home were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Schwarck ana children of Whitten. Linda Swanson returned to visit her sister and family.' ; :. Guests Sunday in the" Ray Agard home ..were their parents. Mrs., Alice Agard of Goldfield, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Woodson of Eagle Grove and his brother Gerald Agard of Chula Vista Calif. Mr. and Mrs,-Arthur Ramus, of Des Moines visited their son, the Gerald Sunday. Ramus • family over PLAY IT SAFE! look for ffie Byf/er trademark before you buy Butler quality grain bins are pre-engineered to exacting standards by the men who know grain btorage best. They go wp quickly-last longer. They give you |be safest, piost dependable storage you can buy. What's wow ,., it'» easy to convert a Butler bin Into an go-farm drying system if you decide to stow AND dry your grain. }t costs Jittte more to own the very best As yow local Butter Blue Ribbon Dealer, we'll be happy to discuss your grain storage needs with you. Just givf 114 ft caU oe stop by. There's no obligation. Your fult'line headquarters for Butler <|t/0/<'ty form eqv/pm«nf JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT 116 So, TharingtPl, Aig(?na CY 44421 Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hansen of Omaha, Neb.,' we're" weekend guests-pf his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nielsen. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Savage and Danny of Cedar Rapids were weekend visitors with her parents, the Lawrence Miller family. • ; -.-" Mrs. Ray Agard is having a ten-day vacation from her duties as secretary to the superintendent of the Algona school. Mr. 1 and. Mrs.-Wayne Dornberger of Sioux Falls, S. D., visitea her mother, Mrs. Phil Lichty arid 1 Mr. Lichty Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cox had as weekend guests friends, Mr. anc Mrs. J. R. Hough of Plover. Florence Godfrey of Curtis Neb., visited Thursday to Sunday with her mother and sister. Mrs. Olla and Rubye Godfrey The occasion was the 90th birthday of Mrs. Olla Godfrey, July 11. Mrs. Lizzie Bommel of Fulton, Mo., is visiting her sisters, Mrs. lara Wolf, Mrs. Edward Ramus and their brother, Max _>au. Gary Agard underwent a ,onsilectomy Friday at Luther- •yi hospital, Fort Dodge. Gary, 2, is convalescing at t|e home )£ his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Agard. Weekend guests in the Edwin Vlarty home were their daugh- er, the Judean Wecthas of Ran- lall, and cousins, Mr. and Mrs. rank Scheisser and Linda of Vcw Glarus, Wise. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly, Mr. nd Mrs. Elmer Kubly and Dale, dr. and Mrs. Albert A. Schipull, Ir. and Mrs. Lester Smith and Sharon. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schipull, or sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Larson of Renwick visited in Good Thunder, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carlson. Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Nielsen were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis in Mason City. The ladies are sisters., Keith Kubly concluded his vacation with his parents, the Elmer Kublys and returned to Oak Park, 111. Guests of Mrs. Karen Baer and children were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Becker, Jill and Kerry of Humboldt, Mr. 'and Mrs. J. T. Meurer of Wesley, their daughter Mrs. Donald Vogel, Janelle and Ronald of Lohrville, James Meurer, LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs. gill Wickett and Steven, Mr. and Mrs, Ed Elbert and Joey spent Thursday to Monday at the Bryce Wickett summer home on Lake Me* Keown near Hackensack, Minn. Attending the air show Sunday in Mason City and visiting the Irvin McGowans at Clear Lake were the James Traugers, Wayne Sanfords, Harvey WiUs and Mrs Jessie Sanford. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith of Des Moines visited cousins, the Duane Neals and Charles Hanselman, Jr. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Larson and Mr. and Mrs. EcJ Thoinps.' of Badger called Sunday to get their children at the <}i»m Trauger home. They had been to Minneapolis to hear evangelist Billv Graham. Born in S,t. Ann hospital, Algona, July 16, to Mr. and Mrs Milton Wilhelm, » seven pound daughter. They now have six ONE OP Independence,, the are equal. fresumaDij^fin]H<;i_,_ ious documents hunttaris a^en't-d premises of the Declaration 6f most- religions is thalt all men •true of women, for in really ser- ded up into the boys and the girls. . But, although men' ate f tjpposedlty born equal and have equal rights '. Irvifidtoii News MM, £ VMfl.; her .howl -«t .MaiBfr' (21$ Friday a-ffef; striding a;wisefe at-Korhe e;2 -Kes'ftte&s,' Mr, and to, fil .ffie?7B6-te:, ' before Ah* laty'thfey.Wtttteft assuredly not all alike. This isjefcpeei- ally true of husbamdlg'. ' " - * , 'ij ONE 6F MV EAHilli¥'||jiSll>HOOD memories t is -of eaves-dropping on my etderaff(Ea^eldJoppinig is quite a nasty 'habit', but you cam certainly leartt "a 1 let- by;, practicing it). 'I was the original little pitcher with ithe big ears. One time a bunch of the women were talking, about .their husbands and when one <&;them .made ithe remark, "Oh, Mert ! They are adil aUke !", everyone laughed and agreed with her. >"• "f !"?*> * ' ," I THOUGHT .that this was kind of a dumb remark because even I could see that men were different each from ,the cither. Some of them were tal, others short j, some of them 'were rich., and others, quite poor; some of them like to sing, others would 4eave the room when the tuning up -began) "and; "some of them -Were qute bald and others had quite a bit of hair. There" was all the difference in the world in men, even hi the 'ones' I knew !" ' ,' • ,."•*'•** SINCE I'VE GROWN OLDER* J've had a chance 'to do more research on the subject I:ha>e"'riieUoVed' my opinion that each man is different from. anotthW, especially when It comes to husbands. I can now ,sit on the fence and eefe both sides of the question. I've come to the'- conclusion thatraJth'ough all men 6re not alike, some are more alike than others. ' 1 * * ONE WAY MEN ARE ALIKE is that ttiiey all have to shave. At least they all do unless they 'are'gelttirtg ready for a Centennial/The difference as in the" frequency* o'£ the 1 operation, in the time of day it is .performed, and 'the amount 1 of -yelling they go .through when they , have to do M. Most men like to left their whiskers grow on their days of f or wh'enithey are on 'a fishing , trip. I can't say that I blame them much, for the necessity of shaving is one of several reasons I'm glad I'ni,ndt a man. Most husbands get into trouble df.they neglecfto shaVe, but even that has, an exception. Consider the case of the highway patrolman who was* supposedly abducted. The first thing that aroused suspicion was that he was so cle'an-shaven ! '.'•'..' • • ,•,'*''.*.' * -.;••' j ., ALL. MEN -ARE NOT ALIKE Whep it comes to going out for an .evening. Sometimes it is the little woman who would rather stay home and sit by, the fire, while ithe husband insists on living it up quite freguently. Other husbands are too tired to go out. These are the ones who 'work, like a horse so all they want to do in the evening is hit. ithe hay. Stfflfl other husbands are terribly hard to pry loose in the first place, 'but a* filer they once get to a .party, wives have an awful 'time getting them' to go -home. .•..-• " .'* • ,* * ' ,• ' • • MEN ARE ALL ALIKE WHEN IT COMES to snoring. No girl caq. tell- either a man's real character or whether he snores till she marries him, and it is true ithat I've been married to just one man. Still I am certain that all men, snore ! This is based on -scientific research .at my girlhood home, ; a lake cottage weekends and by talking to (lots of other women who hkve,tjeen married to just one man, They all complain tha't their husb'and|Sshore. And most of x the husbands on ithe television situation ramediejs -snore. It may be trueithat lots of wives also snore, but you seMoimhear husbands complaining about it. And they say that the a'ge ol'i Chivalry is dead ! ter«, Annette" "and Janelle, drbve to Aurelia Thursday to visit Mrs. A. D.? Headley; a long-time feS- ident of Irvlngton.- Mrs. Lee' ColwelL was hostess at a party at her home t Wednesday.',' Sfeyiral" -^neighbors-/•and Jflends; Attended. \ { Mft 'attd,dMts. Hettry S6hepp- warin w-eik-'fecently- visited by her tbrothewr.the John aftd Henry (^ Christoffers of Lakefield, Minn, fhe-^SChepiimaflns -.ana their daughters, Mrs. Edwin Gade and' Mr. and Mrs,, Bep Schmidt and grandchildren-a tended the Christoffer:JpjpMlf at Fairmont), Minri. s—"""^*! •pride. When a woman spen NOT ALL MEN ARE.VAIN^bmt all men,:have what they call jm£ in frootiofra mirror, it is vanity; does the same thingTit is called pride in his appearance, t s pride 'that keeps a man ;thJnking he is boss in his own household. It ds true 'that he lays down'ithe law to his wife, but hte can often be talked into accepting her amendments. But the biggest display of .pride in husbands comes whenIhey know they have been in the wrong; They may be sorry as all gef out, but I've never yet heard of one with so little pride that he would say so. •' ,''*. .*'.*• • ALL MEN ARE ALIKE IN'thinking that all the really good cooks in the world are maHe. And an awful lot of them add 'that they could do lots better with th,e pots and pans ithan their own wives do if they but'Had the time to, do so.) Maybe some of them could — if they didn't haive" to,, make up for a steak splurge with Cassero.le dishes the reat-oif the week.and if some womam was always on hand to clean up. ithe kitchen and wash ithe.multitude of dirty pans male cooks always seem to leave. And all husbands, if they ran the office. MJce their wives run the household, wou'ld be tfroke within a week. ' , * » * ALL MEN ARE NOT 'ALIKE WHEN IT COMES ito being handsome, because there are guys without wavy hair, muscular shoulders and nice straight noses. I'm just lucky, I .guess. Lots of men are quite homely and even ugly even though they may have beauty of soul or a nice fat pocketbook .to recommend them. But po man, no matter what he looks like, ever admits to being absolutely without physical attractiveness to women ! ..*.** BUT WOULDN'T IT BE AN awfully dull world if all m,en were really alike? Especially, husbands. If I couldn't go to a friend and complain about my husband and have her say, "At least my husband doesn't do that", and in return feel a little superior because my man doesn't act the way her's does, wouldn't it be frustrating ? There wouldn't be a single thing to talk about at hen panties ! And the theory that all men are born, not only equal, but free as well, has a few holes in it also. Anyone who claims that has never had a look at an obstetrician's bill. * * * THIS MORNING, AT CHURCH, WE had Dr. Wendell Halverson, president qf Benua Vista College, as guest speaker. On the way out, while shaking hands, Dr. Halverson remarked that the girls and 1 were all dressed in yellow. I told him, it was because we were mother and daughters. After we got to the car, Mary Ann said, "Mom you were in such a hurry you missed the beat compliment you'll get for quite a while. That man asked, Which are the daughters ?" I predict a great future for Dr. Halverson in diplomatic relations. * » • AT OUR HOUSE, WE HAVE our first crate of peaches of the easdn. We'll undoubtedly eat most of them fresh, but we majj try this recipe for Peach Cobbler: 1 cup sugar 1 Cup flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 .tbsp. shortening . , 1 cup flour •salt 1 tsp vanilla Combine jn bowl and pour in the bottom of 9 >c 9 x 2 inch square baking pan. Place two to three cups glided peaches over batter- Mix 1 cup sugar and 1 cup hot water and'pour over all. Bake e* 400 degrees for 35 minutes. ' T., GRACE. .. .-•••• girls. Grandparents are Mr. and St Mrs. Albert Wilhelm and M V3 Jessie Sanford. Rev. and Mrs. AJlen Rudow and children left Sunday for 6 vucatjon trjp visiting his par- ents in Dundee, Chicago, 111., and Mo. The annual reunion of the children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Godfried Schipull was held. Sun day at Fort descendants, .75 of the 87 jjv- DR. D. D. ARNOLD 7 ' '^ 5 , Chiropractor Pt nney's Office 4*3373 Home CY 4-4936 ALCONA BALLROOM WhlHemere, lowo . SUNDAY, JULY 30 HENRY CHARLES SUNDAY, AUG. 6 DON HOY SUNDAY, AUG. 13 ART KIRMSE SUNDAY, AUG. 20 | GUY DE LEO SUNDAY^AUG. 27 CLEM BRAU No Advance Booth Reservations , Doors Open,at 8:30 M. If «,. ^ »^ < tf ,T", -if'' ,>, Checks Are Safe The person you name must endorse the check to obtain cas,h. Ttys protect^ ybujanel provides a receipf'fof jlay-^ went. $ ' l< : ?v A ••;, *'*' • -^: ' ' l ., I 1 •>>'' - ' Checks Save T/rtie All you heed to do is write your checks and mall them. Jhink how many hours you save every month,, , jChecks StifVe Sfeps No longer need you walk from-one place to another to pay your bills. Mail checks safely -anytime anywhere. Checks Ate Orderly They'give you complete. records of each payment you'make, and all in- corrte you deposit. It is like having a i financial secretary;' *. "YOUR RARTNER IN PROGRESS" "Member F.D.I.C. 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