The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 8
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f AGE SIX MAY SHIFT BLYTIIEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Champions Must Train, Too Terry Expects Old Giant Shortstop To Be Back In Form ,For Season BY STUART OAMRROX Vniled Press Sports Kdltor NEW YORK IUH)—A redirii to the last Infield combination «wrt by tlie Intc John. McGraw is expected to lie made, by the world; champion New York Glnnls during the fast-approaching big league ba.^eball season. Tills combination would flni! Manager Bill Terry nt flral, Hughle Criu ai second, Travis Jackson nt shortstop, nnd Johnny Vergcz at third. The key man in the combination is Jackson, who was torc- ed out of the game last season by trouble with his legs. Reports from the south have him a vastly improved man who is handing himself well, is In fine condition, and covering plenty of fielding territory. The one man who would half to 5ee such n rornmion Is mainly Ryan, sparkplug of the Giants when they won the National League i>ennnnl and continued on 10 Hie world title. Terry, boss of the Giants, feels thai Ryan shouldn't mind taking to the bench for another season or two. "Ryan is young," Tony explains, "and his big chnnce Ls lo come Inter, providing that Jackson's legs • hold out okeli. It's obvious that it would be poor baseball lo sacrifice the power we cnn achieve by using Critz, Jackson and Verge?, to get . Ryan in at short. We need that •power too much. For one thing, we need the hitting ot Vcrgez, who made 19 homers in 1933 and was one of the most dependable scorers In the league." At first it was expected that, the uncertainty ns lo the makeup of the Giants would center around third base with Jackson nnil Verges fighting for the place. Ryan's brilliant record in the Insi race made It seem certain he was due to stay In the first lineup, although there were some baseball men wtio were willing to predict Blondy would be scn.1 downstream. This prediction was based upon the be- 'lief that his fielding mistakes came when they mattered little and upon the fact that he scarcely hit •his weight. Ryan didn't qnlle reach the 250 mark. Jackson came to the Giants from Lltile Rook ln-1924 nnd took . the place of Dave Bancroft, who .had been traded to the Boston Braves to become manager of that club. U wasn't long before Travis was regarded as the one great shortstop of the majors, and kept up the pace until 1832. when his knees began to give him trouble. KIIGHELMEErc srait iimiT, LINER! FRIDAY, MARCH In This Corner BY . flRT KRENZ Bill Terry's Gianis can't resl on their world .Tries lamvls won ItaA, year—so here arc several of the IKIJ-S Going throuth ihi-ir sprim?! ] 4 At'* 1 Awai'dorl training paces al Miami Hciich, I-'ia. Above iioss Tony Is ' ; Rookies Al Cnceliicllo. Duich I'rallie:-. llarliin MrCleiiclon. and Clyi! 1 -' :-.islleman how to handle a bnt; lower It-Ii is Al Cuccinelio. raiti iVIalinon Who Toiled To Draw This Week Malch- ccl Again j: I-Yi-d Knlr.liL'l anil Jolmny Rlotc i whig tolled for an hour at iho a/-, jniiiry early tills week, wlthoui i iitlier gelling a fnll will try j t MKruu Monthly night over the two . hour route. : ! Neither not ii fall allhoiiKh Imili '• i-'i-iiu'tl ;n iinit-.s to he near one! ' during tiu'lr .struggle In the we- I . llmlnary on lust .Monday night 1 : c:ir<l. Tin; ding dung nffnh- com- -lilelcly overshadowed Ihe main po , MI uramrgiorji 'pronipily matched 1 i tin-in for the- feature next week i: Knlchp] Is a fiivorlte of IIK.-I fans and Is an unusually clean i ' .shnwm.m a.s the u.sual mil ot mat ' I p-t -formers now go. Before meet ' I ii!M Hlole he hrul usually yi, au-iiy i-onsitloi-nhle poundage: agalnsi opponents nt-re and .siin managed lo beat nil of them ey- ee|ii Roy Welch despite a weiglii handicap anil rough work. St-iti-. who is three pounds Kht'T. Is a worker much aion" it oi-der of Knlchv-l althoug), ,. nssibly .somewhat i-oiixhcr. stole I is fust nml cii'vcr and TO Is Knlch- i i'l. This makes the pair offer as .evenly matched n contest ns i We. promoters claim. • Stole- liati P'.pviously beaten Knlchcl nt Uy. crsiiun; before they showed here Ibis \seek. In a preliminary Monday night Jimmy Morris, the Afemphi^ heavyweight, will meet Tiger Moore. Morris ami Moore have Im'.li shown ho-re bin not as opponents. 15 KORi*a>VH AS A REGULAR O THE | LA TUNA. Tex. (UP)-The j>d-|125 eggs n any is the yield for , ls( , Itral Detention Prison here Has Us! 1 " " !t> t>r ' s " 11 Wlchen. IQV.-II iiouUry farm, with [liuhtltiK and lu-atinij 10 kiv-p jlvt-ns laying the year round HW-L OF FAME ft OHKJ Ue klO-Hif, MO-RUM 6AK£ K ' 10 moJern colors Here's (he Inw-rosi wai ^ u - lify your floors! I- lo: hide is special floor viuincl, nude to resist hardest wear. It costs but liitle for enough lo re-finish ihe floor of. your iion-h, hall, kitchen, luseiiifin, i;ara|4<-, or any flour in your house. Come in today for free color card. \VATKKS|>A|{ Bltl'SHIXC I.AC(Ji;Kif A Cti.-si' Olll of ;i I.innfccl .Supply (if Colors. . ,;. 3ii vShe "Figures" Hio-h' Famed Animal Trainer': In Skating World Wife to Have an Act Inncklrr, whose broilwr. Tony, play.-; .s?co:ul for Unxiklyn: utid lower rlRlil Is Frank Henley, rookie cntclier who may i;et a r Ons ManciLso's typhoid 1 :u\y Iliw.-.-ying i-dr-cis. "(i" SwrahTs For \ 3.^ Grid Season Sweaters Imvc been awnrdci! 14 letter men ol the Hlylheville high .school lii'a football team by' the : n. li. S. Alumni through ihe high By NF.A Service One of the mi\st amusliis Inciileiits in bast-ball occurred buck 1013. and Invoked WiJMnm Nenlon nnd .loe BriEgs. oiitlH-lders the Ne«- London club ot the Enstcrn Association. Both were playing the!: steady game when : Hooks Slides BillBraucher Snooping. ' They say there is an international war among tlio sqnirrely- whirlers of the six-day bike grind . . . because Brocordo and Guim- brettere, foreign riders new lo tills countrj', have il in lor "Red Devil" Letourner, the Frenchman. They even go so !ar as to say that the boys are looking daggers at one another—but perhaps Ural's another grudge cooked up by designing officials who would increase attendance. We remember well one pe: squabble cooked up during tr-.c running Frnnk Shcllenback. of the 1933 Cleveland race when the boys lei u out that a "Torchy Pcdcn. red -haired Canadian, wouldn't cry if lime j,,ies Audy, the fatr-lwlred boy from his own countrj-, fell a nd broke a couple ol ribs and the fmis crowded the track to boo Pcden and ct-ccr on the little teller. * ^ • More Dirt It is being bruited hither and yo;i Out the good fathers of the u S Lawn Tennis Association arc pulling their hair and mumbling in tlKlr beards ... all because Keith Gledhtll of Santa Barbara Calif and Alfred Chapin, Jr., of Sprin»field, Mass... have joined the pro tennis troupe of Bill TiJden Gledhill has b«cn one of the rank- Ing amateurs for a lcn s Ume, and his switch to pro ranks is taken ns being a forerunner of what's to come— wholesale desertion of Hie amateur ranks. . . . George Lett. it is rumored, win be the next one While a lot of baseball followers think the Pacific Coast League's action in opening its ranks to these two venerable spitball hurtcrs. Jack Quinn and Clarence Mitchell, is noble gesture, there Is one (cllo who doesn't . . . Dave Fleming president' of the Los Angeles club. . . . Dave has opposed the action and threatens to protest every the rounds for the scalp of Jimmy i Jo'.nvston. Madison Square Garden! ~ -~ K'-ww-ov i;*cij ».,v mimwr 01 lisnin^ game the two pitchers participate Alaska will total abom in for the Missions and Hollywood. "•*-Fleming s«es an influx of out-of- work spitbaUers ... and he doesn't care for that. Breaking Toifh Speaking of spltbsllers . wilh the truck o! Hie bat. nud ut the same Uiuu Mill .lot- snw thc-m. They Marled nfter i ;aw Bill sol"? lor the easy oul. Joe oji Hie \vny. "I have it." cried Joe. "I'll lake It." veiled Bill. Whereupon bolh of them slopped nnd Ihe ball fell for a iluke liil. The two outfielders stopped -,uul vyrd each other, rxrhnitgrd u few unsty digs, Ihen aronger bnguaue. and soon they wen- at e;uh other, iinmmer and tongs, oblivious 10 the fact Unit runners \vi-n- .scurrying around the bases. They had (o bo separated by leammutcs, JUKI were pin cm ol |i:o Coast League has been harboring NRW TfiAMiVT ATF ow !or more than a rirrar-P- .I 1 - 1 '* l JjrtBliU.'V I I'j more than a decade— . . . . H 0 i : as been one ol Ihe most successful pitchers in the league . . . and he would have been a wow in the majors but the same year \K -.vis destined to come up. the u.-j circuits closed tl:cir dcors on the motet delivery . tougb break for The hue aim winch w:is Frank. cry again L; innklns matchmalrcr . after his masterpircc. the Carnera-lxmshran fiasco . . . which resulted in a net! profit ol nothing lor Ihe Garden' .. as well as a b!nck eye (or the cendy discolorert heavyweight picture. " And don't IVgrt- thnt this column ! recently made the prediction thati tV.e nest matclimaker of that or- gani?ation would be none other than Jack I>eni|»cy! Alaska Fisheries See Bigger Season Ahead i SEATTLE IUH) — The advance I guard of rnnnery workers bound i for Alaska is on 'tis way to nortli-' ern points wiih the prospects of, one c! the largest years in can-1 ning. Higher prices for bolh salmon and go'.r) was given as Cue reason for a larger number of can- , "cry workers. Tne steamship Alaska has sailed jchool. Tin 1 .sweaters were presented at an -jsscmbly session this week by A. O. Hnd::on, chairman of the alumni's sweater Hmtl committee. Superintendent Crawford Green Imrndsiccd Lloyd Stickman. alumni president, lo the school and Mr Slirhmon mailc n .short talk: Jia, was followed by Joe .Craig who told) of future plans of the" alimini v eroui) and .\fr.s. Joe Craig who gave details of ihe history of Die alumni oj-^aiiization. Swcniers were awarded the fol- lou-iii!;: iiay Deck, Dick Tiptonv Henry Liiiisfortl. Byron iiutl Wilson. .Marshal Blackard. Eugene lltackwell. R. E. Fendler. j. \v. P'lrtle, Hcrschel Mostey. Eln-.ei' l.indfcy. Alton Hood, Bnsil Locke and Robert FLsher. A miniature I gold football mis given Charles T.-j Kramer, head football co.ich dur-"' i»a Ihe past season. Tht).--e who contributed to the I sweater fund. were: Clarcncr n.J Ison. C. A. Cunningham', Rob-H inson Drug company. Rit/c iheaier,"! R. I.. Oaines. Joe S. Uillnhtiiur, j .Shoiisc-Liltle. Chevrolet company, i l-'iniuei-s Bank and Trust company.' O. G. Hnbbnid. Uoj'd Stickmoii.' Pastime Dilliurd hall, Joe Crni«. Ariillson Smith, Prank Wliiuvorih' New Mead Clothing company. R. U. UiiRhe.s company, Joe's I'iny- house. Reid, F.vrurd and Hcm'.or- son. Holland :ind Barhnm. Hair:son, Stnitli and Taylor and OY-; Hall Toggery. DETROIT. Jlicii. «J}>, — Mrs. ' iClyrl- Deattj. attratlive !is-.:t- c-cs'cd Ru«ia!) j!i:-!. wife of i!u; i famed animal trainer, i.i Iparnilij the Irichn of her Ir.isbsndV Trad?. .She has coiv.c aion-j •.-ai)::llv imd;r ' ! Ihe guiding hand -.[ he:- v. .u;j-..-: :c-fc-: 'ing husband and .shortlv '.vil! r,:i- pear with an act o. irx o-.ui A^ Harriet Kvanv .^ht- -.\-ii; •,-.•);•]-: i a "mixed acl" w::h ;L b]?.ck ;?oi>-; rn'd. two lioneist-,. live iK-ar.-. HID. Uiicrs. two S|)0ll"i! Ii-upards a!i:l I'.vo pnmas~-l4 ir: ;tl!. S.H- ii:::i:l^~ them like a vrlt-:-;:r.. Ullt the blir C.T.S? T/l:]-.'.x :,;io'.!ir-]- story. She's of them— for her husband. "At firs'. [ iievc-i 1 nv>seu inj Clyde's act." >.f!-s. Bcaity f x- plained. "But Lt bc-i.ii'. io y-\ on my nervts f.o b.itil\- a.s I .s.n li-^rc u-atching him ai; aioue m ;-. taei- full of lions and I'.fvrf. I.- insisted I Slav awav." Sbo'.; Just caflliivcil her f>f;;!ith .world's liguro scaling elnni|iian- ' sl "'"- lnlt «'he:: ,smiliii;>. dinirlpd ; ' Ko "J :l ^r-n'.t of Norway arrived •'•' - Xew V or!Cl ft< sl '°"'" IIL ' r<;> sllu ' " nale . 1 S " C lM l «l»lt co,,,,, old cfuimp said. Quick-drying clear WATERSPAR VARNISH urn ^-fiilr. Dries Usl. '/^-gallon BRUSHES! LADDER GOLD STRIPE Pure bristles, set in rubber I'A" Knjiiicl l!nnli. . 2llf <" \V-jll Uruili . . . urns' CA-iiniae lirusli . Sl.SO i Strong. 5-ft. ':-ize wilh shelf S1.25 Orange SHELLAC WALLHIDE brings One-day Painting RjulstLii-snfiiir^: 1 Vmtrrurliins pir- Ui:r-. l-Jll Ix: liunt'l'se r2ii-.t: il\f walls :«-.i ' QUART UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL . . . Quart . .. 70c RE BOILED LINSEED OIL ... GaL. . . Sllj $2-50 Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT Simalife for iMrnnr or exterior surtVrs, lt:u -;lirj Galfon WALLPAPER CLEANER Each IGc CALCIMINE, AH Colors, Per Lb He AUTHOIIIZKD PITTSDURGH TAINT 1'KODUCTS Hit-cough Spoils Sliol HANPORD. Cal. tUPl— Chari.-s TIairison, bootblack, and [i sutlcrcr from hiccciighs, uifil >.o ro:nmlt suicide by shoo;ins; i:: ;n . self liehiikl the enr with a'vcv«lv- er. A last-minute hiccouph ,sfi;-.l,xi his nim. and doctors s-,^y in- \v.".' rccovei. Finds Cnld in .Meteor DENVER. Coio. tUl'i —A melc- orite obtained from a \'ew .Mexico lancher uas assayed by Harvey M. Niniuwci, inetcorolcgist of the Colorado Museum oi Natural History, and found to contain ROltl to the exieni of 512 a ion. Read Courier News Wont Ads. Mor? rice is consumed 1:1 world than any other food. The firsl time Arthur "Pinltcy" Whitney, notion llraves' Iliinl rocker, met Au- !lr,-y Royil of Houston. Miss.. Ire made a bip liil. Xow i]i« two ;\r« U-ainnutos tor life.' They arc sfcown Jii-..( after Ihcir recent in tluuston. ihe United Stales is reprc.- i 15 foreign countries by WRESTLING Kni . Johnny Slolr Jiinmir Morris vs. Tiger :Moi)i'c Armory, .Monday Nile with officials, who prepare for the coming season. The number ol Mills is the juice n* ins wrvlccs in o!)lal:nnt; the u-1-nr.r ot n i;n-l ! mm a Turkish luvcm cm Ucdoy- V'*. oi'dors. . vessels to: t 150 this season. The season opined March 1. Hartm Suil rilcil BOSTON iUPi— Yervanl Saruy-' dirlan is tuln? Abram K. Bedoy- i :in, Boston rug merchant, lor the S5,OQO, which the plaintiff con- CRADE \ Raw Milk "Phunt "H Craig's Dairy W« AT'S THAT ? WHY OOHT I USE MY OLD ONE ? SAY— I'M TIRED 0'LOS IN WALF MY CROP. UNE PLANTER PLANTED E083 «?/x° UT M(SSING A KERNEL AND 5 WORLD RECORD CROPS-BESIOES SAVE THE PRICE YEAR. any ToG PAUL BYRUM SEED. IMl'LKMKNTS AND FARM SH'PUKS IC:;- Way Ki:e Gnod in Pullman car.- i !!i".r:u! P i'iip coo<l in Pullman Cars 10 Day Minit : K Mnr.Uis Limit 'yea! cir Perth t ' Addiiionnii in Effect Irnin lo-- One \V.\y Coacli Tare Ctnir C»r-Coach Tare. War }•„', Uo,-.T..i Trip 10 D«r Limit floot in r.illm>n or T.-irVr Can (Peal it lltTth Cti.ircc- iw War K*r? Tril/ I'l Paj- I.Inil P.--.- ,| "tri;> n M... i: ;-; 1^1! .-..I I". Ulnmcycr. Asicnt Frisco Line? IJIvlhovillo. Atlcinsas

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