The Des Moines Register from ,  on February 5, 1944 · Page 10
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The Des Moines Register from , · Page 10

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Saturday, February 5, 1944
Page 10
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DKS MOINES REGISTER SAT., FEB. 5, 1944. io German Blockade Into U. S. Patrol "WireiXE SIIALl. VK GO?" 7 fT XLI an - a si k 1 1 1 1 ' a " Ne i :t J m u at:13Jtf VVAH BOND bllOW Paramount Theater, 9 P. M. Thursday. February 10th. 4 BIQ BANDS. Greatest program or stage entertainment ever assembled In Des Molne. ITS STUPKNUOUS! GTrjANTIC! ADMISSION BY THK PURCHASE OF A WAR BOND, at the Paramount theater or Babe's. Buy a Bond NOW! BABE'S A fine place to eat In a, very pleaaant atmosphere. MUSIC STYLKD BY FRKNCHY GRAKKOLIER. Open 5 p. m. Hu n. 1 p. m. 417H Bth. i azS i i v-r r c p i Behiskeretl and grim looking just like blockade runners are expected to appear these prisoners taken from three German blockade-running: ships line up on a dock at an undisclosed port en route to a prison camp. The three German ships, their holds filled with thousands of tons of rubber, tins, fats and ores from Japanese-held Pacific ports, were caught and sunk in the south Atlantic in January by an American cruiser and two destroyers. WIREPHOTO CT). 1 WAITRESSES Ideal working condition. Laundry furnished. Top salary. 4x-hour week. Discount on all merchandise. Apply in person. WALGREEN DRUG. 7th and Locust. WAITRESSES, EXPERIENCED APPLY HOSTESS. COFFEE SHOP, HOTEL RANDOLPH. WAITRESS APPLY HOSTESS FRANKLIN HOTEL COFFEE SHOP WOMEN Light hswk. and day. care of babv, nome merits, no wash. sun. fr. 5-3(125. 29 19 Brattleboro after i p. m. WOMAN to work with manager out of order dept Apply before noon. 407 Koya.1 Union Lite Bldg. WOMAN for hswk. i ea. v k. and 12th. 4-92QV Sun. off. Gd wages. 13 WOMAN (Protestant day every 2 wk" . ngnt cleaning vie. ii, imiv. iter :v4i" WOMAN, with 1 rnll.l. l.t Willi hswk. In exch. for board and home. 3-02.14. WOMAN, care of horn mud 2 small tnii- dren. Phone 6-2S0M COMPTOMETER OPERATOR Excellent opportunity for employment la the Pacific northwest. Investigate th opportunity at once! Good wages. Board and room furnished. Transportation advanced, bee your nearest United State Employment service office at once. If you do not know where your nearest UnHed States Employment Service Office is located, write to 112 11th St Des Molnea 9. Inwa. for Information. All applicants must clear through their United States Employment Service Office. OFFICE VORKERS Good Salary. Pacific Northwest. Stenographers, typists, addressograph operators, posting machine operator, comptometer operator. Junior clerks, telephone operators. If tuw employer at your highest skill In entia' Industry or agriculture. 44 pot apply. Company representative are Mrlng fct War Manpower Commission. U. i4. Employment Service. 615 High t . D Moines, every Day. Also, Council Blurt ever" day. Also at Boone. February 3rd and 4th; Fort Dodge February 5tli. 7ta and 8th: Mason City. February lota. 11th and 12th. WAITRESSES Here's a war Job that combine adventure travel and excellent pay. Don t del y! See your nearest United State Employment Service office at once regarding these opportunities. Transportation will be advanced. Board and room furnished. If you do not know where youi nearest United State Employment Service Office Is located, write to 112 11th St.. Des Moines. Iowa 9 for Information. All applicants must clear through their United States Employment Service Office. WOMEN 18 TO 40 YEARS Here's your chance to build uner bombers for te fighting forces. No experience Is necessary. Full pay while training. Housing guaranteed! Transportation paid to the west coast. See your local U. S. Employment office at once. Company representatives will Interview and hire at the U. 8. Employment Service War Manpower Commission at 615 HlgU St., Des Moines on Saturday, February 5th. also on February 7th. Sth, and in th morning on February 9th and all day on Feb. 12th. Also Spencer and Mason City on February 4th; Marshalltown. Feb. 7th and 8th; Burlington and Shenandoaa. February 10th and 11th. Individuals liwng outside these area should contact their nearest U. S. Employment office. If vou do not know-where your employment eff're t located write to 112 11th St.. Dt Maine. 9. Iowa. No one will be accepted without first being cleared through their local L". S. Employment office CATERING DEPT. WAITRESS" INTKRFHTIN'G AND PROFtTABLK. PART T1HK HOTEL JOHSI LUNCHEON Ott. IUNNEK Limited numhrr will be engaged an trained. See r plion MR PHILLIPS CATERING MIR. HOTEL FORT DES MOINES NEAT intelligent girl for hostess Work" Agreeahle hours. No. nights. Sunday holidays. Good pay to start. Excellent optiortunity for advancement. Experience not necessary but desire to learn true business and desire for a permanent position are requisite. Apply Mis Foster. 5th. West. YOUNKERS WANTED Girl, preferably 25 to 35 for office work In factory employing up t 1H5 people, located In northwest tow. MitKt know typing and shorthand, and must be fast ami accurate In figures. Opportunity fi.. advancement. Give personal data, training nnd experience in first letter. Send photograph tf poiaibl. Write X-770. Register and Tribune. GOOD PAY HELP WAR EFFORT Pleasant working eond. Kxp. power marh. operators. We will teach a limited number of girls between 1S-35. See Mr. Wilkinson. 3rd Vine. LANGWEAR. INC. 3RD VINE 2 WAITRESSES tor Waterloo's f:ret restaurant. Good wages, steady empiov-ment. Uniforms furnished Call or write Neely's Cimboard 118 E. 5th Street. Waterloo. Phone 4 75. FOR warehouse or bakery work. Pteajtart working conditions. Permanrnt and part time emplovment. See Personnel D-pt., A A P Office. 316 3 W. 5th 3-S137. UNDERGRADUATE and practical nurses. Small reg. hospital. Good wages. Full maintenance. 10 hr. day. Write or phona 83Dc xter. Is Bex 1. WANTED Good cook and housekeeper. Modern electric equipment. Good salary. Leslie Gruber. R. 1. Lansing. Iowa ELDERLY LADY AS COMPANION FfTft AGED MOTHER LIGHT H.-WK -1 Vi7 SALESWOMEN - WOMAN with en f.r Interesting remunerative career!! Write 0-9J7 Register and Tribune JEM VIA IVMEXT AGENCIES Zl POSITION'S open for men and women. Brewer Empl.. 212 Crocker Bidg. 3-7635 Posit ion Wanted Men 'ii CHEF 1st class for hotel or Club. P.m. a i.i Hotel. 7D9 Mulberry. MR'D. farmer desires sep. farm and bids , poultry facilities. Exp. Reliable, capable manager, small family. 3CH). Near school or bus. Give full part. Wnte T-371. Register and Tribune. WANT farm work and a riace for wife t raise garden, chickens. Have no children. Write or call Room 42. Lee Hotel. Dea Moines. Ia. VOTE JOHNNIE CRTiELD FOR PUBLIC SAFETY WANT Job managing farm. Experienced. si art now or hy March 1 st M. 1L Wickett. Murray, lowa, M I si I . I : , M I s f n I c t ' ASHES RUBBISH 4-4629 Hauling. Bin trurk. Black irt, plant cinders fgrtllzfr. firfplare wood, Dav. ASHES RUBBISH 4-6801 HAULED 50c and up. Basements cleaned. Free estimate. Big truck. Sturgeon. ASHES HAULED. FERTILIZER. 4-694.1. ASH and rubbish hauling done weekly. 4-3379. George Hay e s. ASHES hauled weekly. Light haullr.g. Grove. 3-6473. BRICK. PLASTERING. CEMENT WORK. P h . 3-562. CARPENTER WORK BY HOUR OR OiNI KAl'T. PHONE 5-l:i r ' A I , I, t.' kj'i' L- i st rlas work. Free eatl-Mertx. 4-6044. mate. W. J. CORN HAULING. PH. 4-9566 CONCRETE work Garages, porches, repairing basements and chimneys. 5-6 S 64. FLOOR SANDING AND FI N'TshTnG Excellent equipment and workmanships fall Wlter Tyler. 5-7777. FLOOR aander. edger, wallpaper .lom.f for re nt. Bherwln Williams. Oth. Locust, HAULING Local and state load insured. Prices reas. 3-9707 3-7725. INSULATE NOW Blown Rock Wool Free est. Ph. 7-OTPS. MOVING. Hauling. Local, long dist. Packing. Storing Large van. Insured. Mr- Klnney Transfer. 944 4tn. 3-233. 3-3')4j MOVING. HAULING ALSO PAINTING. 2-2389. PAINTING Spray painting, wall wash, pa per' a. steam off paper. Fortner. 7-1871 PAINTING, wall washing, paper cleaning. Free est. Call Nelon. 4-649.1. 7-2337. PAINTING. PAPERING. FIRST CLAssj WORK. PAPER SAMPLES. REF. . PAINTING. WALL WASH I NO AND CAflS PENTER work. Rea MA N ATT. 3-3444. PAINTING papering and MMmt work. F J UeHolt. 6-2S77 "painting and p a p e fi i I a n g i n G. 3-r224 PA InTING and papering. Free estimate. D Sense. 3-1678. PAPERING and paper cleaning Worft FU a r fr'ree sl. 3-3654 or 3-722 PAPKRHANGING painting, latest sampie. Free estimate, good work. 4-5854 PIANO TUNING. $2.00 21 YEAR3 EXP. Work guar. 5-6838. Call before 9 or eve. PLASTERING, roofing chimney. Found. Brick wk. W. F. Johnson. 5-7774. TREES TOPPED, TRIMMED Braced and removed. Fireplace wol h a u led to your horn e. Dalton. 3-4607. TREE work and fireplace wood. PAAijti' able. 6-3478 or 6-8271. CALL A-C Cleaner for oain-ing. wa',1-washlng. paper cleaning. General nouse-cleaning 3-3453 or 3-1601 Repair Furnaces, Spoutinq. 3-3444 -r ZZlL t- M , GET vour screens pain'ed and rtoalred before spring Cheap 4-.1.132 BIG truck. Hauling nf all kind. Phone Matnev. 3-8452 t'ositions Wanted Women 23 MIDDLE aged lady wishes small hotel kitchen wk., board and room. St. wag. Box 14. West Des Moines. Iowa. WILL care for 1 or 2 children In my home Pref 5 to 6 yrs 6-5650 AtiTO SERVICE AM) PAUTS 24 New and Useo Auto Parts TIRES. PURER. WHEF.t.. ETC 31 Ea.t Court Ph. 3 5001. Rblt. Baftcries. Guar. ""$L98up Anto Repi. Parts. 1109 Grand 3-444. Unclaimed Batteries. $1 Exch. Diller Pervtce Station. 10th and Keo Continued on ftext Page, WOMEN WANTED 11 CREDIT AND OFFICE MGRS. Large National Retail Store organization has several openings for men experienced in office and credit management. Men between ages of 25 to 40, with a good education and the will to succeed will find this a fine opportunity to build a future for themselves. A good starting- salary and pleasant working conditions. " Here is your opportunity to obtain the permanent position you've been waiting for. If employed In essential Industry or agriculture do not annlv. THE FIRESTONE TIRE RUBBER CO. 310 10th. Dca Moines, Iowa. EXPERIENCED SOFT LINES MEN WANTED. Due to our tremendous expansion pro-gr m now under way in soft line merchandise we have openings for large store operators, field representatives nnd deportment heads experienced In soft lines mcrclianillslng. Men with chain store experience preferred. Permanent positions with an established, aggressive organization. Call In person or write PERSONNEL DEPT. GAMBLE STORES 700 N. WASHINGTON MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA. OLD line national coffee and food dis tributor, nas opening for man wanting permanent position with opportunity for advancement. Guaranteed salary plus commission. Company car furnished with expenses paid. 809 Mulberry. SALESMEN 15 SALESMEN for northwest Iowa. Exp. not necessary. Draft exempt. From 25 to 60 years. Call in person. Room 515 Kirkwood Hotel before Monday 10 a. m. or Write E-454, Register and Tribune. ' INSULATION SALESMEN wanted for Dps Moines and surrounding territory. Monarch Insulation Hoofing Co., 19 I H ! o rot. FO it Life Insurance. Permanent. Pciii-lon Plan. Write Mgr. Union Central. 342 Insurance Exch. Bldg., D. M. UNUSUAL opportunity for live wire sales man, write T-468, Register and Tribune. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN. 4-3289. Donahue. Fleming Bldg. 5-7976. MEN OK WOMEN WANTED J 8 Physicians Registered Nurses and Nurses Helpers needed for war work In Pacific Northwest. If now employed at your highest skill In essential Industry or agriculture, do not apply. ' Company representatives are hiring at War Manpower Commission, U. S. Employment Service. 615 High St.. Des Moines, every day. Also, Council Bluffs every aay. Also at Boone, feDruary 3rd and 4th; Fort Dodge. February 5th, 7th and 8th; Mason City. February 10th. 11th and 12th. MEN OR WOMEN WANTED Bag Sorters, bag cleaners. Essential Industry D. M. Bag Co. 1227 Illinois St. WOOL SPOTTER Experienced or willing to learn. CASCADE LAUNDRY. 13TH. GRAND. MAN or woman, prefer one with florist shop experience. Steady work. Write K-77. Register and Tribune. MUSIC teacher, vocal. Start Feb. 21 or sooner. Apply to Supt. H. M. Granner, Gilmore City. Iowa. BOY or girl over 17 years of age for delivery service. Apply 510 Capital City Bank Bldg. MEN or WOMEN wanted. Retoucher and printer or will teach. Hart Studi Ames, Night Clerk. Elliott Hotel WOMEN WANTED 1U BEAUTY operator, exper. for first rlns siiop unoii be., wages ami com. write lljjltld. Itcglsler nn. I Tribune. BEAUTY opr. Neiiiiiborliood uliop. Tbioiu, board, g od wage. 1353 12th. 4-92P.V BEAUTY operators. Exp. Salary, commis sion. Write R-70S. Register and Tribune. CASHIER BOOKKEEPER Permanent not a wartime Job. $110 to start. 141 iocust. j-r;.i. CASHIER and General Office Work. Apply Mr. Leener. Ginsbergs' Furniture Store. CASHIER EXPERIENCED. APPLY CARDAMON DRUG, 5TH, GRAND. CLERICAL work and typing. Ages 18-25. Phone 3-0610. . COMPTOMETER OPERATOR EXCELLENT OPENING AND ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITY. APPLY TO MR. ERNST OR MR. SAUER. AP OFFICES. 316 S. W. 5TH. 3-6137. DITTO duplicating machine operator. Perm. Old stab. concern. A good salary. Apply 514 Royal Union Bldg. FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE. Lady past 30. Apply In person. t'.reenawalt Drug, 5th and Grand, FOUNTAIN gill wanted. Apply McNerney Drug. 8th and Locust. GIRLS 17 TO 20 YEARS Communication carriers. Inside work. Apply 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. V. 1. CKONIN. TRAFFIC MANAGER, 2ND FLOOR L1BEKTY BUILDING. DES MOINES. WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO. GIRL WANTED By Des Moines firm. Statistical experience or experience in a nay roll department during 1943. Under 35 year of age. College graduate preferred. Write H-6 96. R e giste r and T rtbi i ne. Girls Egg Breakers Swift's Hours 3 p. m. to 11:30 p. m. Pleasant working conditions. Apply SWIFT'S. 108 E. SHEPARD. GIRL or woman Experienced gen'l. hse-wk Ref. req. 3 In family. Room prlv. bath and rndlo. $20. Mrs. J. R. Hutvhln-son. lion Casadv Or. 4-3494. Girls and Women to Break Eggs Apply Bob Wood, Armour Creamery. 1 21 S. W. 5th. GIRL or woman for light hswk. No small children. Priv. rm., hath. No exp. nec. Gd. wages. Ph. 5-3970 or write 5701 Woodland Rd. GIRLS MODEL LAUNDRY, 514 3RD. GIRL or woman for gen'l hsewk. No small child, no wash. Pvt. rm. Gd. wages. 720 35th. 5-4298. GIRL, genl. work bung. 1 blk. Inger. bus. Priv. rm., no ldry. top wages. 5-1826. GIRL for counter and kitchen work. Harkert House. 7th and Icust. GIRL or M.imen for genl. housework. 2 children. Stay nights. 5-8727 HOTEL MAIDS Colored or white. Needed immediately. Full or part time. Including a 6 to 10 P. Nl. shift. Top wages. See housekeeper. Hotel Fort Pes Moines. tl O U s E k E E 1'E R . "$15 tier wTrk. Mr. Wayne T. Dawson. 331) N. Lincoln St.. Hinsdale, III., or inquire of Mrs. Orel P. Estes. Leon, Ia HOUSEKEEPER, one child, 2 adults. No laundry. No cleaning. Auto, heat. 7-5718. HOUSEKEEPER for elderly couple on farm. Gd. wages. W. Garvin, Van Meter. LADY 21 to 40 free from household duties to operate grocery route. 5 day per week. Car furnished and nalritalned. Salary plus commission. Phone 4-9947 for appointment. LADY' for restaurant wk. Exp. not nec. Gd. wage. Y-Not GrilL 3-9025. 1323 6th. LADY to do work in the kitchen. Campbell's Ilenlth Foods, 712 Locust. MAIDS Apply Housekeeper. Hotel Randolph. MAID. COLOKED. SHORT HOURS. GOOD PAY. ELLIOTT HOTEL. OFFICE CLERK. PERMANENT POSITION. ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES. 5 DAY WEEK. STENOGRAPHIC AND COMPTOMETER KNOWLEDGE HELPFUL. HUT NOT ESSENTIAL. APPLY PERSONNEL 1EPT . A. A P OFFICE. 31 6 S. W. 5th. Ph. .1-6137. OFFICE GIRL TYPIST Gen'l office work V, day. Good pay. Advancement. LANGWEAR. INC., 3RD. VINE. Cnll 2-10S1. Sun. call 5-4056. POWER MACHINE OPERATORS Need 12 Applv 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. BOYT HARNESS CO. 212 Court. PRACTICAL NURSE The Retreat Hospital. Pes Moines, la. PRESS OPERATORS SILK FINISHERS SEE GILBERT CROQUETTE. MTLLER LAUNDRY. 1101 HIGH. SALESLADY ASSIST. Apply Miss Batzer. Gately's. SECRETARY COLLEGE graduate preferred. Pleas do not apply unless you are thoroughly experienced In secretarial wotk and nave certificate of avallabilfty Apply Mr Blshard. 900 Paramount Bldg SECRET A RY'STENQG RA PH ER for gen-eral office work. Splendid opportunity with established Des Moines concern. Pleasant working conditions and good salary. Immediate employment. Write L-348. Register and Tribune. SECRETARY Unusual opportunity. Excellent salary. Our emp's. know of this adv. Write R-558. Register and TribuneJ SECRETARY experienced. 22 to 25. capable of handling figures. Apply Miss Nolan. lOtb floor .Register and Tribune. SHIRT OPERATORS Apply to Mrs. impson, nth Grand. UNITED LAUNDRY A DRY CLEANERS! STENOGRAPHER Excellent opening. 5 day week. Good starting salary. Apply Mr. Rstc'llff or Personnel Department. 316 S. W. 5th. A & P OFFICES. STENO-SECRETARY LARGE CO. Steady employment for right party. State! experience. Write 0-947, Register and Tribune. i STENOGRAPHER. first class. Good wages. Estes Motor Co . Leon. Ia. STENOGRAPHER. Applv in person onlv D. M. Bag Co.. 1227 Illinois St. WAITRESSES upi tn person Best I lob .n town. BABE'S. 4l7i? 6TH ST WAITRESS, exp.. $18 a week. No nights or Sundays. A nply 1100 Walnut St WAITRESSES, steady jobs, good wages Apply Bolton A Hay. 214 2nd. ' WAITRESS. FULL TIME. BLUE WILLOW CAFE. MKN WANTED 11 BODY AND FENDER MEN STEADY JOB. TOP WAGES. GOOD HRS. Howard Martin Auto Body, 1217 walnut. BOOKKEEPER Man experienced In costs. time Keeping. Payroll, lor oriice work. Give full qualifications. Permanent essential work. County seat 12 000. Write Q-939, Register and Tribune. BOY wanted for nigbt apprentice in mailing room. Apply to Jim Koger after 7:00 P. M. Register and Tribune Mailing Rm. BOY over 16. 401 Southern Surety Bldg. BUS BOY IMMEDIATELY Permanent job. chance for advancement. Apply in person. BABE'S, 41712 &TH BUS BOYS 1 for days. 1 for after school hours. Apply hostess, Randolph Hotel Coffee Shop. BUS' boy 3-95UI, call after S in the evening. Carpet and Linoleum Layers Experienced. Top salary. Permanent engagement. Apply to Supt. office YOUNKERS. Chef at $325 Month Second cook, S250 per month. Coffe shop chef. $50 per week. Swl-.g cook. $50 per week. Butcher. $45 per week. Fry cook, $35 per week. WRITE A-572. REGISTER AND TRIBUNE Cold Storage Warehouse Man and truck drivers for city ice delivery. Essential to war effort, good wages. Des Moines Ice A Fuel Co.. 100 Maple at. COOKS, EXPERIENCED. GOOD WAGES. BOWO.N & HAY, 2ND. Custodian wtd., good pay. 5-4528 DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR 25 to 40 with clear past record, draft exempt, capable of assuming responsibility and supervising men. Must be active and willing to put lu necessary hours in discharge of duties. In reply give age, physical description, past experience, education, address and telephone number. This is permanent position in local industry. Write L-349, Register and Trihune. DIE MAKERS First class men with job shop experience. None other need apply. A. A. Walkins Machine and Tool Co.. East 19tii and Mattern, Des Moines, la. Phone 6-2537. DIESEL ENGINE OPERATOR for large Diesel elec. generating plant located In town of approximately 2.000 pop. Previous experieijce beneficial but not necessary, state age and exp. write Q-949. Register and Tribune. - DISHWASHER APPLY MANAGER. HOTEL FRANKLIN DISHWASHER CLUB 100. CHEF AFTER 5 P. M. APPLY DRY CLEANER to take charge of small modern solvent plant. Real proposition to right man. Draft exempt and stand investigation. Tom Pratt Cleaners, Colfax. Iowa. ELECTRICIAN R.E.A. wiring. Gd. wages, Chas. A. Larson. Spencer. Ia. Box 546. ERRAND BOY full time. Mikclson-Lewis Dental Labor atory, 516 Ho. Surety Bldg FACTORY WORK. 6-5814 FARM hand single or married. Separate nu.e. partly turn, nuu ins. pork, y beet garden, eggs. milk. fuel, ton wages Start work now or March 1st. Ted Houghtaling. Carlisle, Iowa. Indianola pn. S3F33. FARM manager at once, married man preferred, for orchards and small farm 5 mi. N. D. M. city limits. Sm. partly mod. house. J L. Brenneman, 4405 California Drive. 7-154S or Bonduranl ph. 1434. i? a it m i i a n iTif rifii i Kt tm jxrrvxM- ll.Y, YHIAR AROUND. NO DAIRY. $UIO AND EXTRAS. ELECTRICITY. GEN. FARMING. FRED KRAFT. CORWITH, IOWA: RENWICK PHONE. FARMHAND wanted at once. Small fam ily. Good sep. house. Elec. Few chores. Must know inaeh. $100 per mo. and extras. Vr. around job. Amos J. Shrlver, Jefferson, la. Ph. 4M5. FARMHAND. married. separate house good wages. Permanent job. Must know machinery. Applv pomerantz. Des M. Bag Co.. 1227 Illinois St.. Des Moines. FARM hand. Married, experienced. Perma nent job, separate house, trimmings and electric washing mncnine furnished Val Rncek. Huxley, la. FARM hand, married, experienced, separ ate hse.. good wages for right man. xo seph ; Meade. Cummings. Ia. Floorman for Storage Garage and greasing. Top wages. 1012 Walnut. GRAIN elevator assistant, married man preferred. Permanent position, good sal ary io rignt man. f armer i;o-op. .ieva-fnr Co., Roelyn, Ia., Postofflce Moorland, r-none J on Moorland. . . HOTEL CLERK for night work in modern 100 room hotel. Good salary with room and board furnished, pnone or write Manager, lio tel Bradford. Storm Lake, la. HOTEL CLERK Excellent opportunity for right man with transcript experience, write 0-944. Keg ister and Tribune. HOTEL CLERK, NIGHTS. Good salary and room. Board if desired Phone or write Immediately, Manager Mraielton Motel. Mount Pleasant, lown, JANITOR for general work In downtown Institution. Day hours. References will be checked carefully. Write R-710, Register and Tribune. JANITOR and wife, or single man. Good wa K-s a nd apt. 3-2915. JEWELER, experienced In renalrlng. Excellent opportunity for good man. Plumb Jewelry Store. MOO Walnut. Laborers Men wanted for steady work lu essential Industry. Take Scott hus. IOWA PACKING CO. LAUNDRY OPERATOR WANTED. Assistant Laundry Operator to handle mostly colored help. All Naval personnel Laundry $60.00 per week to start. All modern equipment. Housing available. Write full particulars to Ship's Service Officer. U. S. Naval Station. Key West, Florida. LINEMAN, 1st class for R.E.A. co-operative. Permanent work. Apply R.E.A. office. Humboldt, Iowa. MACHINE MOLDERS grey Iron castings. Steady employment. Sioux Citv Foundry Boiler Co. Sioux City, Iowa. MAN wanted for warehouse work. 809 Mulberry. MECHANICS Highest rates, much overtime. International Harvester Co. 700 E. Court. MECHANIC. MUST BE A-l COLE BROS.. 301 GRAND. MEN TO WORK IN TILE YARD Essential work. Good pay. Goodwin Tile ft Brick Co., S. E. 1 8th. Hartford. MUSICIANS WANTED AT ONCE ! Trumpet, piano, sax. Steady lob. Con tact Tonv Anthony, Hotel Watkins ins. 9lh, Keo., at once. NIGHT BELLBOY BROWN HOTEL. OFFICE and service mgr. Pleasing personality Able to meet public Must be nhle to take full charge Permanent Write K-B51, ReKlMernndTrlbune. PaPER RULEIt. liermanent position, open shop. Hand ted Hukok Machine. Write P-669. Register and Tribune. Parts and Service Manager. Pontiac dealership county seat town. Good sa;ary. Excellent chances advancement. Permanent. Build your future now Give full particular first letter. Experience, age. present anlnry. This Is essential Job. out Ideutlal. Write A-772. Register and Tribune. PASTRY BAKER At once. Hrs. 3 a. m to noon. Wages $30 to start. Also 2 baker helpers hrs. 6 p. m. to 3 a. m. wages $40. Purity Bakery. Ames. Ia. PHARMACIST WANTED. Full or part time. Pleasant working conditions. Chance for advancement.- State qualifications. Write 0-943. Register and Tribune. PINSETTERS WANTED East Dea Moines Bowling Alley. Teach-out Bldg.. E. 5th Locust. See Frank. Pin Setters Grand Bowling Alley Printer and Pressman wanted at once. Can also use a good two thlrder. PURCELL PRINTING COMPANY, Hampton, lown. PRINTING Plant Foreman Wanted Immediately Permanent, good wage. Well equipped plant. Phone The Wintersct News. Winterset, Iowa. PRINTER Weekly, good wages to rigid man. Not a duration job. Kluge automatic. Record-Democrat, Pocahontas, Iowa. PRINTING PRESSMAN, experienced, permanent. Open shop. Write P-769. Register and Tribune. SEWING Machine Repair Man; Factory Superintendent; Foreman. State age, experience, references. Fort Dodge Tent A Awning Company. Fort Dodge. Iowa. SHOE cobbler wanted. Call 3-5763. SILK SPOTTER, EXPERIENCED SEE MR. WOODWARD MILLER LAUNDRY, 1101 HIGH. SKINNER wanted Must be experienced. Kmmetsburg Rendering Works. Emmets-burg, la. SODA man. experienced, to manage large Des Moines fountain. Well known national organization. Excellent opportunity for good man. Write H-526. Register and Tribune. STATION ATTENDANT. GOOD WAGES. BOARD, ROOM AND LAUNDRY. 6-2752 THEATER MANAGERS Experienced, by large midwest circuit. Include full particulars, your past associations when answering. Write R-706. Register and Tribune. TINNER, INSIDE SHOP MAN Prefer man with restaurant and fixture experience. Steady vear around work. C. L. Percival Refrigerator Co.. Boone. Ia. WASH MAN Pleasant vorking conditions. Applv to Mr. Irving. UNITED LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 11th Grand. MKN WANTED. II WALL WASHERS. EXPERIENCED Apply Supt- Insurance Exch. Bldg. BAKERS Investigate Jhla opportunity to serve your country in . vital war project In the Pacific Northwest. Offers good wages plus board and room. Transportation advanced. See your nearest U. S. Employment office for complete details. If you do not know where your nearest employment office is located, write 112 Eleventh t., Des Moines, 9, Iowa. No one will be hired without first clearing through their local U. S. Employment Office. BUS BOYS Your country needs you In essential war work! A defense project In the Pacific Northwest offers you good wages, board and room free. Transportation advanced. Investigate this opportunity at once. See your nearest U. H. Employment office for complete details. If you do ' not know where your nearest em- loyment office is located, write 112 ieventh St.. Des Moines, 9. Iowa. No one will be hired without first clearing througn their local U. S. Employment Office. CONSTRUCTION WORKERS TOP SCALE. PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Laborers. Carpenters, Iron Workers. Welders, Rodmen, Draftsmen, Material Checkers, Millwrights, Reinforcing Iron Workers, Control Clerks. Labor Foreman, Automotive Oilers, Auto Mechanics, Heavy Duty Oilers, Heavy Duty Mechanics. Machinists. If now employed at your highest skill In essential industry or agriculture, do not apply. Company representatives are hiring at War Manpower Commission, U. S. Employment Service. 615 High St., Des Moines every day. Also, Council Bluffs every day. Also at Boone. February 3rd and 4th; Fort Podge February 5th, 7th and 8th; Mb son City. February JOlh, 11th and 12tli. COOKS Your country needs you In essential war work! A defense project In the Pacific northwest offers you good wages, board and room free. Transportation advanced. Investigate this opportunity at once. See your nearest U. S. Employment office for complete details. If you do not know where your nearest employment office Is located, write 112 Eleventh St., Des Moines, 9. Iowa. No one will be hired without first clearing through their local U. S. Employment Office. DISHWASHERS investigate this opportunity to serve your country in a vital war project in the Pacific Northwest. Offers good wages plus board and room. .transportation advanced. See your nearest V. S. Employment office for complete details. If you do not know where your nearest employment office Is located, write 112 Eleventh St., Des Moines. 9, Iowa. No one will be hired without first clearing through their local U. S. Employment Office. MEN FREE TRAINING Investigate this opportunity to help build super bombers! No experience nec essary, transportation paid to tne west Coast. Full pay while ia training. Time and H over 40 hours a week. Excellent working conditions. Housing guaranteed. Don t delay. This is an outstanding op Dortunitv. Company representatives will Interview and hire at the U. S. Employment Service War Manpower Commission at 615 High St., Des Moines on Saturday. February rtn, also on February 7in. sin and in the morning on February 9th and ail day on Feb. 12th. Also Spencer and Mason City on February 4th: Marshalltown. Feb. 7th and 8th; Burlington and Shen andoah. February 10th and 11th. Individuals living outside these areas1 should contact their nearest U. S. Employment office. If vou do not know where Your employment office is located write to Jl'J lltli Kt les Mol'iaa, U. Iowa. No one will be accepted without flrt being cleared through their local U. 8. Employment office. INDUSTRIAL Engineer, age 21 to 45. with actual methods and Time Study experience by Kansas City Mail Order House. Good starting salary. Permanent after the war connection with advancement for producers. Applications not considered from those now engaged in essential war work. Please give age, education, experience and attach passport photo. Interviews will he arranged for candidates who qualify. Write A-770, Register and Tribune. 30 Men Reguired WAR WORK NOW. Permanent employment for those who qualify. We will interview at the U. S. Employment Office. Monday and Tuesday or our Shop Office at 1015 Tuttle. PITTSBURGH DES MOINES STEEL CO. WANTED Competent newspaper 'man for editorial work (mainly desk, page mnke-up on leading farm newspaper In Pac. Northwest. Some farm knowledge preferred hut not essential. State experience, starting salary. NORTHWEST FARM NEWS. Box 955. Bellingham, Washington. WHOLESALE automotive supply house in Fort Dodge needs mechanics, partsmen. also voting man to make city deliveries and learn stock. Positions permanent. Give draft classification, references, age and experience. Write now! Write A-469. Register and Tribune. HAVE opening in Des Moines for a credit and collection supervisor. Very attractive setup for a man who wants permanent employment. Good earnings. Opportunity for advancement with old established corporation. Write L-350, Register and Tribune. WANTED: Steam engineer and electrician for operation and care of power and plant equipment. Must be capable and dependable. Steady and permanent position that will not end when Hitler la finished. City Laundering Co.. Ortwein. Ia. OPENING for kitchen busman lu our Tea Room. Good working conditions. No Sundays or holiday. SEE MISS FOSTER. 5TH COMMISSARY. YOUNKERS WANTED Farm couple, middle age. no children, draft exempt, milking and general farming, everything furnished. Good wages. Applv in person. H. C. SCOTT. NEW LONDON I A. PHONE 83F20. WANTED experienced, married man to work by the year on farm in Dallas county. Gravel roads, electricity. State Sualiflcations and references. Write -940. Register and Tribune. FOR $125 mo. and fine living quarters, want married man under 45 with experience. No children. Permanent job. Custodian of apartment. Write Register and Tribune. H-520. LOCATED 3() miles from Lo Angeles. A General Blacksmith wanted. Steady job for the right man. Write me full particulars. T. M. Frew, Jr. 717 Walnut St.. Newtiall. California. WANTED for hatchery and poultry farm. man and wife, no cniidren. botn to work. Board, room and good wages. Wright' Poultry Farm and Hatchery, Winterset. Iowa. Phone 2tio WANTED at once Butcher and meat cut ter for locker plant. Modern equipment. Top wages. Habits must be gooti. Farmers Creamery and Butter Co. Ph. No. 9. Dunkerton, Ia. COLORED MAN FOR JANITOR and porter. Prefer draft exempt. 1 AVC. MARRIED farm hand. Permanent job for good man. Separate house. Elec. and extras furnished. References Write E-553. Register and Tribune MARRIED man wanted for General Farm work, year arouno position, t.ooa wages. Good house. Elec. and water. Wayne Kejjh. Burt. X. A-l INTtmV: frtSsher "needed Give experience and salary wanted. E. C. Chniel Dental Laboratory, Eau Cialie, Wisconsin. HANDY MAN Prefer draft exempt 1225 2nd 'Ave. ALL-ROUND baker. Good wages. Day work. George Consnrfx-k. rori Msoison. inuio man 1 1 u' n ii,'i,"i. r" j - laiftian. Youukers Warehouse. 115 Slh. CPLE. to do gen'i repair and light worlT. Sep hse. Nice place to live. 7-4501. WANTED Service station help. No phone cans. l-Jllier paticry u.. mtii. OPPORTUNITY PERMANENT! The Register and Tribune has an opening for an aggressive man. who is looking ahead, to manage one of Us agencies in a good sized town. As agency manager, you are tn business for yourself and will have full charge of the distribution of our papers In this town through the previously established sales organization of carrier salesmen, corner salesmen and dealers. We give adequate assistance to a new man to help you be successful In our operation. In addition to FREE printed material, 'all expenses paid" sales meetings, carrier awards, and other valuahle help, you get the co-operation nf Register and Tribune traveling superintendents These men call on Agency Managers from time to time and make available to them valuable aids in newspaper circulation work. Profitable earnings are already established in this agency. As you build circulation, an Immediate Increase is reflected in your earnings. Even though The Register and Tribune now holds the world record by having the largest circulation of any newspaper published In a town of under 200,000 population there is still opportunity for more circulation in every agency town. Never bas tbe demand for a good newspaper been as great as It is today and this demand will continue after the war. A cash nond Is required. ( 'ullv refundable) which pays 4To interest. There is no traveling, all vour work is confined in the city limits of the town in which you are located For complete information or interview, see or write J E. Dwyer Circulation Department. Register and Tribune. Des Moines 4. lowa. CARRIER SUPERVISOR Permanent position In essential work If you have a good reputation and personality, and know how to get things done. Prefer men under 35. Work Is supervision of boys who handle Register and Tribune routes In several towns in a compact Iowa district. Experience unnecessary as we train vou. but ability to deal vith the public and especially to Influence boys to do their best is necessarv Among men now successful In this work, some of whom have been with us up to ten years and more, are former high school superintendents principals and coaches men who were in bu. tness for themselves, scout leaders and others. Requires traveling for which sufficient gasoline is available. Pays salary, traveling expenses and bonus. Write C. K. Jefferson- Register and Tribune. es Moines. MKN WANTED Runners Who Ran matter of common sense and natural law." he said, "but the Christian view goes still further. "The Christian view insists that greatness, power and wealth involve larger and special obligations. It involves the principle that sometimes it is necessary, for the sake of others, to limit one's own exercise of rights. It is the sacrificial principle at work." Panel Discussion. A panel discussion of issues raised during the"four-day conference called by the Disci plen of Christ church which had as its theme, "The Church and the New World Mind," concluded the sessions Friday night. Members of the panel were Dr. Minor Searle Bates, a former adviser to the Central Chinese government and former professor of history at Nanking university; Cleo YV. Blackburn, superintendent of Flanner house, Negro social service center at Indianapolis, Ind., and Baez-Camargo. Delegates and conference leaders agreed that the church still has to find the real basis of world peace action. Blackburn expressed the hope of leaders of the conference when he said; "We are in agreement that victory is expressing and putting into action the things we have spoken here. The Christian cannot escape his responsibilities for the world now. If the way of Christ fails, it will be because we as Christians have lacked the moral force." Comfortable War. Dr. Bales expressed the belief that we are not ready to take our place in a world peace association because we have had "too comfortable a war." "The United States should be No. 1 in a world organization because of its resources, wealth and responsibility," he said. "But I for one will be glad to see it in any organization. "How many wars will it take," he asked, "before we have suffered enough to co-operate with the rest of the world?" OFFICIAL. PUBLICATIOM NOTICE OF RKNKWAL. AND REIN-CORPORTION of the IOWA MUTUAL TORNADO INSURANCE ASSOCIATION. To whom it may concern: Public notice is hereby fc.ven that the Iowa corporation .ong known as the Iowa Mutual Tornado Insurance Association, has tiled articles of renewal and reincorporation under Chapter 406 of the Code of Iowa, and has received certificate of such renewal and reincorporation from the Sec retary of State of the State of Iowa: that the name of Mich renewed corporation is Iowa Mutual Torn;lo Insurance Association, and its principal place of business is at the City of Des Moines in Polk County. Iowa: that the general nuture of the business to be transacted by it is to mutually insure the property of its members anainKt loxn or dnm.iKe by tornadoes, cyclonis and windstorms, and to insure nualnst property loss or dnmaKtt irum all fcuch other hazard s may be permitted now or hereafter bv said Chapter 4 i)t nf the Code of Iowa and amendments thereto; that tn that connection It assumes the rights, powers and privileRes now or hereafter conferred by law on such associations, including the richts to make contracts, and acquire and dispose of real nd personal proprtv. cede and assume reinsurance, provide for classes of memberships and risks or policies, make loans and invest Its funds, create an emergency lund, make assessments, borrow money to pay iosses In anticipation of the making of an assessment, and it assumes all the risks of the Iowa Mu tual Tornado Ins-irance Association now in force and ll 'he :iaoilities of said association of whatever nature and succeeds to all its assets, rinhts. powers and priv-iler.n. Said corporation ehall have no corporate stock, but has members whom it may assess to pay losses and expenses. Its renewal period commences November 30. 194:$. and extends for twenty years thereafter unless sooner aissoived by the membership. Its affnlrs are to be conducted by a board of directors nf fifteen members, each to he a member of the association and to serve tor a term of three years, said directors beinic elected five each year by ballot at "he annual meet Inn of the corporation to be held at its home office In Des Moines. Iowa, at one o'clock P. M. on the third Monday of January of each vear. at which annual or any special meeting each memrer eball be entitled to one vote cast n person or bv written proxy issued to a member and filed with the secretary of the 'orpcration at least fifteen days before the meetine at which it Is to be used. Ten members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Said board of directors shall annually elect from its own number five officers, a president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary and an assistant .secretary, each to serve one year or until a successor Is elected, or until and unless removed by two-thirds vote of the members of the board at any time. Private property of .members Is exempt from liability tor coroorate indebtedness, except for pro rata share of the assess- ' ments levied against such member i For further particulars vou are re ferred to the amended and substituted articles of r.incnrnnpati(in now nn fi 1 in !Polk County, Iowa, and in tnc office of I the Secretary nf State of the State of I Iowa at tra State ilou in Uea Moines. Iowa. Iowa Mutual Tornado Insurance Association. By John Evans, President. And bv H. F. Gross. Secretary. SEALED proposals will be received by the Citv Council of the Citv of Des Moines at the Office of the City Clerk until 9:00 o'clock A. M.. February 10. 1944. for the printimr of election supplies i for use at the Primary Election March 114. 1944. and the General Election on , March 27. 1944. Proposal blanks and Items to be bid on I may he obtained at the Office of the City Clerk A certified check In the amount of I $100.00 must accompany each bid in a ; separate envelope. The City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids. , John MacVicar, Mayor. Arthur Johnson, Citv Clerk Published in The Dea Moines Register 'February 5. 1944. 2 3 4 DAVE FIDLER'S CLUB 100 "Always the Best in Floor Shows." HELD OVER 4TH SMASH WEEK. PAUL ROSINI. THE INIMITABLE MAGICAL COMEDIAN. Held fiver 2nd Week. TOM O'NEAL, COMEDY M. C. ALSO D'NAR A D'NISE ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S GREATEST DANCE TEAMS. EDDY TRUMAN'S BAND. FLOOR SHOWS NITELY. 10:30. 12:45. (There will be no rationed meat served on Monday. ) New dinner hours from 6:30 on. THE CLUB MAINLINER OUR SHOW THIS WEEK PAUL CADIEUX The French Troubadour. JAMES KATER The Talkative Trickster. ROCHE SISTERS Character Dancers Supreme America's Finest Dancing Ensemble. Two Shows Nltelv. 10:OO and 12:00. Dancing to BARNEY BARNARD and his Orchestra. Opp. Airport EnL Ph. 3-9761. CLUB CHESTERFIELD Serving ! V M COMB EARLY. I 'tinm punned In entertainment anil atmosphere. Now plavlug THE MORROW MUSIC MAKERS FEATURING GEN I WHITLOW. SERVING CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS. 417 7TH ST. PHONE 4-8315. GOOD FOOD AT ITS BEST. Steaks, Chicken and Ribs prepared and served as it should be! It's the talk of the town. Special attention given larger group parties. Serving from 8 p. m. on. Curley's Question Mark On E. 14th. Just No. of City Limits. DANCE AT TROMAR TONITE. CARL BEAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA. You'll like his sweet swing music. JUST 59C PLUS TAXES. SUNDAY LEE WILLIAMS. AIRWAY INN Food and Beverage at Its best. Music: nightly by Ethel and her Hammond electrlo organ. Across from Airport. Dial 2-16S4, THE MORROW MASTERS FEATURING DOROTHY COSGROVE. PASTIME OPEN SUN. 1 P. M. CLOSED MOM. 70th and Hickman. Phone 5-9913 HAPPY-GO-LUCKY COWBOYS WITH THE SINGING COW GIRL DOROTHY SPALTI NOW PLAYING WED.-FRI.-RAT. AT LAKE SHORE. S. E. 25th and Market. HEAR THE NEW BAND. THE MUSIC IS TERRIFIC! Sing and Dance at the KEO KNITE KLUB HARLEM HOT SHOTS. DANCE TO Dick Clark's Orchestra SATURDAY NITE AT THE ROSE BOWL 1015 Wal. across from Hotel Fort D. M. SPORTLAND 100 machine. Fun for all. New mil a niiiiiiio photo booth, 4 diffrttt p inc. i.urnrr Mill ami (.mini. COVERED WAGON Its Band and dance floor one of the best in town. Enjoy a good time. Dancing every arternoon. nite. to tne covered Wagon Band. 312 3rd St. LOTS OF FOOD LOTS OF FUN. DICK'S GRILL On Beaver Just N. of Urbandale. CLOSED EVERY SUNDAY. VOTE JOHNNIE CRITELLI FOR PUBLIC SAFETY. I'EKSONALiS 2 ENLARGEMENTS 6 TO 16 PRINTS 1 FOLDING FOLIO ALBUM. Any size 6 to IS exposure kodak roll developed and printed with beautiful guaranteed never fade prints plus 2 brilliant glossy ENLARGEMENTS and folding FOLIO ALBUM to frame your prints only 25c with this ad. Reprints 3c, 10O or more 2c each. DEAN STUDIOS Dept. L, 211 W. 7th St., Des Moines. MAIL your film to the largest and best. Kodak roll film developed. 2 beautiful free enlargements plus 3 size photo album and H to 1ft never fade prints 25c with this ad. Reprints 3c each. 50 or more 2c each. Ceppcrt Studio Dept. IO, E. Locust St.. Des Moines. Iowa. Need Glasses? Buy on E-Z Credit See Dr. Elmer Tackett. Optometrist. ROGERS JEWELERS, 317 7TH ST. THE COLFAX SANITORIUM. Colfax. Ia-Specially equipped with baths, etc., for the treatment of rheumntlsm, arthritis, neuritis and chronic Ills. Free booklet. Electric Rotary Sewer Service SEWERS AND DRAINS NO DIGGING. 3-1314. RUTH A CLARK, INC. 5-7633. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING. - Ware Transfer and Storage 1 2th nnd Kensaunna, 301 HI. INCOME TAls: RETURNS Davs. Eve. or Sun. 407 15tb. Ph. 4-0401 WHEELERS OFFICE SERVICE. COUPLE wants ride to Los Angeles then Oklahoma City or will drive car up to Feb. 9. Ref. exch. Box 57. Webster City. Iowa. WIGS. TOUPES. DOLL WIGS Mme. Kennedy's Beauty Salon, 815 Wal. SMITH SEWER SERVICE Elec. mach. No digging. 4-6776: 7-3582. DRIVING 1941 car to San Francisco from Dunlap. Leaving Wed.. Feb. 9. Take one. Ref. exch Chas. Lambert, Dunlap, I a. TEACHERS, please note Bring your class to Kenneth s Free Zoo any afternoon. 1 131 2nd Phoneforapjy mt. 2-1863. WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR DIAMONDS AND OLD GOLD. IOWA JEWELRY. 708 Locust. Income Tax Returns Prepared $2 nnd up. 1520 43rd. 7-5422. -VOTE JOHNNIE CRITELLI FOR PUBLIC SAFETY. Roto-Rooter Sewer Service VIC EDE. 4-2377. WEST coast daily -arrangement for both car owners and passengers. Refs. exch. Shephard. 829 2nd. 3-1813. NIGHT classes Mon. and Thurs. Tuition reasonable. Enroll now. C.C.C. College. 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WOMEN AIRLINE RADIO Offers you greatest opportunity for big pay. pleasant working conditions. Kaxy tuition. Short 'erms. MIDLAND RADIO SCHOOLS .1 C HOFF. STATE MGR. 424 Flynn Bldg. ' Des Moines. 1 0919. FLYfNG INSTRUCTION! Piper Cubs avail-able now for training Phone 4-3011. D. M. Flying Service, Municipal Airport. NIGHT SCHOOL Tuesday and Thursday. Accounting Secretarial. Business Machines. A.I.B.. 10th and Grand. NIGHT Classes Mon and Thurs. Tuition reasonable. Enroll now. C.C.C. College. MEN WANTED 14 Acetylene Welders Wanted Men or women skilled or semi-skilled, permanent employment. Apply at personnel office. SOLAR AIRCRAFT. 18th and Grand. AUTOMOBILE Mechanic wanted: Experienced on Dodge and Plymouth cars. Old established dealer, good working conditions, low cost living. Good salary to richt man. A. B. Van Houweling Auto e-o., r-eini. lowa. Accountant Wanted BY large Des Moines corporation. Excellent starting salary. Experience In closing a complete set of books. Preparation of tax returns, etc. Write R-673. rteglster and Tribune. ACCOUNTANT: Permanent position. Manufacturing Co. town 7000. Ideal opportunity. Write T-369. Register and Tribune. ATTENDANT to care for men patients. The Retreat Hospital, Des Moines. Ia. BAKER, all round, first man. Good wages. Country shop. Write A-569. Register and Tr.bune j BARBER at once. $42 to $48 to right , man. Call 540 Black at Eldora. iBEEF boners, experienced, essential work, j pood wages. Write P.O. Box 568. Des Moines. BLACKSMITH wanted to handle plow lays and shovels, will pay very good wages. We'll furnish steady employment for good man. Marion Needham. Villisca. I a. Mutual Ties Are Stressed By Mexican Inter-American relationships, if they are to be genuine and permanent, must be generously built on the foundation of interdependence, Gonsalo Baez-Camargo of Mexico City, Mexico, told the Drake university conference Frills y. !)nejCaiiinr'Kt, executive secretary of the National Evangelical council of Mexico, said that "self-sufficient nationalism must be relentlessly denounced as a suicidal policy." Ve are members one of another, and the peace, justice, security and welfare of everyone must become the sacrificial concern of all," he said. '"There is a good deal of inter-American assistance today on c-count of the war . . . but I have heard voiced in my own and this country, a certain idea that all this fine co-operation may be a mere emergency, another expedient of war. Christian Duties. "It is for us Christians to' help this principle take deeper roots, so that besides being a policy of our administrations, it may become ingrained in the very soul of the masses and a permanent policy in our relationships. Baez-Camargo emphasized a number of factors which make for a misunderstanding in inter-American relationships. One of them, he said, is the traditions inherited from old struggles for power in Europe. Another was the expanding power of the United States, west and south, in the first half of the last century. Selfish Interests. 'Selfish interests from the United States, allied with political corruption in Latin America, have at different times engineered a policy of economic domination and diplomatic or military intervention by the big northern nation in the affairs of sister republics," he said. "The anxiety of the Roman Catholic church to maintain at all costs the monopoly of which it Is legally deprived by the constitutions of most of the Latin American countries has infused the situation with a dangerous element of religious fanaticism. Anti-United States feelings have thus been consistently encouraged in the name of religion." The speaker also blamed an Inter-flow of "unrepresentative" people of the t'nited States and Latin American countries for part of the misunderstanding. "The immigration of poor and uneducated Latin Americans seeking jobs anil the streams southward of voracious prospectors and investors front the United States, have given rise to mind-pictures of the typical Latin American and typical Anglo-American." he said. "For the northern neighbors, the Latin American is either a 'greaser or a lazy-day dreamer, the man of dirt and manana and ignorance. Lat in's View. "For the southern neighbors, the Anglo-American is the arrogant 'gringo.' the business shark, scheming and planning all the time for economic exploitation of other countries; the man of money, amazing techniques, easy divorce, wild oats', hypocrisy and racial pride. "Some current films, depicting the Latin American as either the perpetual villaiM or a good-for-nothing guitar player, and the life and people of the United States as either a riff-raff of gangsters and racketeers with the police, or a big continuous party of revellers have left a deep image that other films, more intelligent and better-inspired, have not been able to blot out completely." qual Rights. Baez-Camargo asked for a "recognition of equal rights and obligations" as hasic in estab'ishing sound relationships between American nations, but said that more than recognition is necessary. "Such a recognition is a pure DRIVER HELD AFTER CRASH William H. Beerbower, 49, who gave his address as 345 Livingston ave., was arrested Friday afternoon by police who said he drove his automobile into another car at E. Fourteenth st. and Grand ave. v Ellsworth A. Johnson, 25, of Chariton, la., driver of the other car, suffered injuries to his neck. Johnson told police he had stopped for a traffic light when his car was struck in the rear. Beerbower was booked for investigation to the traffic department and county attorney. Patrolmen R. W. Grubb and C. W. Swert-fager said they found 10 quarts of beer in Beerbower's car and said that he admitted drinking four quarts of beer. Police said Beerbower submitted to a blood test. WAN! AD RATES Your Want Ad appears tn both papers. The Des Moines Register and the Des Mottles Tribune on week days for one low price IP ORDERED A H'LL WEEK THE SEVKNTH DAY IS FREE. OKNERAL CLASHIFICATION. Average One Three Five Keren Lines Words Da Days Days Days to 10 $1.0O $2.22 S 3770 4720 10 to 15 1.50 3.23 5.55 H.30 16 to 20 2.0O 4.44 7.40 8.40 21 to 25 ' 26 to 30 2.50 3.00 5.55 6.;; 9.25 11.10 1 O.fiO I'i.fiO Your name and address or blind box number count as five words or one line. Above rates apply onlv to ads appearing on consecutive days. Want Ad users should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made for errors or misclassifiratlona after the first Issue. We reserve the right to properly classify ads. Information concerning ads containing blind hox numbers cannot be Riven out. WEEKDAY CLOSING TIME. Morning Register 'preceding dav) 8 pm. SUNDAY CLOSING TIME. All editions (Sunday) Friday 7 p. m. OKATIIS I UKTTIS Services for Mrs. Orpha O. Ileitis. 514 E. 13th St.. will be Saturday. 3 p. m.. at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Pine Hill cemetery. LARKIN Services for Frank Larkin. father of Mrs. M. C. .Sanderson, 3711 Forest Ave., will be held at Dunn's Funeral Home Saturday afternoon at 3:30. Interment Glendale Cemetery. Rev. Mel-vin Sequlne officiating. McKAIN Services for Mrs. Alice M. Mc-Kain. 908 15th St. will he Monday 2 . m. at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Glendale. McELVOGUE Services for Mrs. Lettie L. McElvogue. 2200 Dean Ave., will be Saturday. 1:30 p. m. at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Avon cemetery. NESMITII For time nnd place of services for George E. Nesmith. 1834 22nd. call K. Carl White's West Grand Ave. Funeral Home. 4-51 SI. TALLER1CO Services for Joseph Taller-ico. age 47. will be Saturday. 9:00 a. m. from St. Anthonys church. Friends mav rail at the home. 1714 8. Union. Calrlweil Mcllhon Service FLORISTS JJA ALWAYS GOOD FLOWERS. BLOOMING PLANTS. OPEN SUNDAY. 5-4414. BERARD FLOWERS. 2S21 FOREST. SEND FLOWERS. GOOD SELECTIONS. Dependable and reasonable. Order by . Ord. Braticht, pnone. .j-mi. t. t.a v ere r FUNERAL SPRAYS. FRESH FLOWERS Morris Floral. 20th. Woodland. 3-4(il2. NIElTSEN GREENHOUSE. PHONE 3-010 1 . lJK)0ni(;H1 FUNERAL FLOWERS DELIVERED WTLSON'S. 2S.19 INT, 3-3124 LOST AN I) FOUND 5 BILLFOLD, brown leather, lost. VVm. D. Daughcrty. Waco, Texas, emit, rieden- tials, cu rrency. Generous reward. 5 -3227. BILLFOLD, ladies blown zipper, lost on E. 14th car. Tues. a. m. Rew. 5-595Q. BRACELET, gold nugget, British Guina. lost Wednesday. Rew'd. Call 3-9R93. EAR RING Diamond in tifrany set. lost Thursday. Reward. 7-2X19. LOCKET Lost. Slinpe ..f book. Contained H pictures. Reward. 0-4S75. RACCOON coat collar, lost. Reward. 7-20S9. SHOES. 3 pr.. left in Ford Car by error. Friday P. M., University Shoe Shop. Please call 5-4144. SOLVENTS. 5 gal. can lost between East and West side. Rew 3-234 1. WALLET Lady's black leather, lost. $iO gas coupons, etc. Generous rew. 6-756H. WATCH Lost. Man's Bulova. Clamp strap. 4-2554. WRIST watch, boy's. Lost vie. of 42nd". Ingersoll and 51st. Rew. 5-9544. NOTICES TO you ladies whose hair will not take a permanent wave or whose permanent does not stay In. try our guaranteed Cold Wave. Iowa Beauty. 617 Walnut. 4-6253. Bifocal Glasses $5.85 Complete Mee Dr. Elmer Tackett. Optometrist. ROGERS JEWE LEKS, 317 7 Til ST. Helen Umpleby Dance Studio 303 Plymouth Bldg.. 10th. Walnut. Beginners or advanced. 3-0978; 7-0289. ATTRACTIVE catalog giving information about leading Iowa colleges Free. Write Educational Dept.. Room 301. Register and Tribune, Des Moines, la. Special Noma Cold Wave, $7.50 Thompson Beauty, 615 Locust. 4-1414. Cash Paid for Old Gold. A. E. Kullander, Mfg. Jeweler, 200 Kresge Bid. FEDERAL tax returns. Bookkeeping installed, auditing by wk. or mo. Accurate. 25 yrs. experience. 3-8157. 4-74C5. VOTE JOHNNIE CRITELLI FOR PUBLIC SAFETY. NIGHT classes Mon. and Thurs. Tuition very reas. Enroll promptly C.C.C. College. LOANS ON DIAMONDS AND JEWKLRY7 SILVERMAN'S. 616 Loc. next to Strand. BALLROOM dancing taught, priv. ladv and gent, instr. 1st lesson free! 3-6843. 'WHERE SHALL WE UOr The SPA. 415 7th Enjoy a delightful evening dancing to tbe rhythm of SONNY WILSON'S BAND. Now playing nightly. LAKE ROBBINS Dance every Sat. Kenny Hall's orchestra. SURF Ballroom. Clear Lake. Dance to Lvnn Kerns Tonite George Olscn and his radio-recording band Sun. BALLROOM 5 lessons $5 plus FREE club. 1181 9th SYLVIA ZARNOW. 3-7870. FOR good quality HOME COOKED FOOD. QUALITY LUNCH. 1301 Loc. Open Sun. SAT. NITE HUGH DAVIDSON'S BAND. THE CITY CLUB. 205 GRAND AVE.

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