The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 12, 1911 · Page 41
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 41

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 12, 1911
Page 41
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I'll JO liEUlSTEIl AND LEADER: SUNDAY MORXIXCi, NOVEMREIt 12, 1911. o o HIGHLANDERS LOSE FINAL MOMENT turple Team Weakens ' the Finish and Ellsworth Wins. at WELL PLAYED GAME Playe; rs Exhibit Good Form In Spite of the Bitter Cold. . Highland Pork college celebrated Its ad mission Into the Iowa Intercollegiate coil' ference yesterday afternoon on the home field by almost winning a game of loot-ball from Ellsworth college. After apparently having the game Bafoly salted and r'owed away In a little berlbboned package marked 9 to 5, the Highlanders siKcumeVd to a sudden change of heart and printed the victory to the visitors. 11 to 9.1 Highland Park lost the fiercely fought contl by blocking a kick on their own thirty yard line and falling to follow up their advantage by falling on the pig-Bkln, which waa pounced upon by an Ellsworth man and carried over the Purple goal line on the next play, Just before the blowing of the final whistle. Both teams were evenly matched In plunging and kicking, but the Highlander surpassed the visitors In handling the forward pass. Despite the biting cold, Blattery received the ball and carried It for several substantial gains. Captain Peterson played his usual stellar game, and Schutt. at center, broke through the Ellsworth line time after time to break up the plays of the visitors. Captain J. Hendrlckson played the best game for the visitors, both on offense and defense, fighting hard and fast every minute of the contest. Ellsworth's long est gains resulted from a fake kick formation which completely bewildered the Presbyterians. The equality of weight of the rival teams was well Illustrated by the way Highland Park held Ellsworth for three downs before the ball could be advanced one yard over the goal for the first five points scored by the visitors shortly after the second half opened. The struggle to cross the goal line was the most pleasing feature of a game which would have been exciting but for the bitter blasts which made the loyal band of rooters more Intent upon keeping from freezing and distracted their attention from the punting duel into which the game developed after the first quarter. Ellsworth kicked off to Highland Park, who advanced the oval to the visitors' twenty-five yard line, where Captain Peterson failed to secure a field goal by a place kick. Boon after the ball was flrain Hilt tn nlnV tha Ulrrhta-..)...- i ted fifteen yards on a cleverly executed V double pass from Pherris to Parmley. It V'waa the only trick to which the home fieam resorted during the game, and de-f served more than the few cheers which, 'jjt elicited from the loyal legion which slowly freezing to death on the y-'yjildflines. mj,. , Jn DI1I1 I'DM'o tinffirul nnm. .a place kick was blocked, but Amo recov ered the ball for the Purple and placed It on Ellsworth's five yard line, from which vantage point it was rolled In the direction of the Highland Park goal. Its bourse was watched with Interest by the players until an Ellsworth man suddenly awoke to the situation, seized the ball and carried It to the five-yard line before an athlete In purple Interceded. This sudden and un-expected turn of events took the "pep" out of the homo team, and Inverted the score Into Its final form,' Ellsworth, 11, Highland Park, 9. Although hut a few minutes of play remained It looked as If the Highlanders (might still come out winners when Ells worth fumbled a punt on her own t hlr-ty-yard line. But the visitors recovered the ball and the game ended with the visitors winners. The crowd left the field shivering and chagrined ELLSWORTH COL. ,R. . R. ....It, Oohrlng nana Trickey ... Collls Thompson Rlackstone O. Thompson..!,. E Smith Q. I!. M Hendrlckson.R.H. Wlrds ..L. H. J. Hendrlckson. F.B E. T. G. .... C. .U G. .h. T. HIGHLAND PARK. L. E.,.. Blattery L. T Amo L. G. Parrlsh Schutt R. O File R. T Giaber K. F,. ...... Moomah Q. B Jackson L. H Parmley R. H Peterson F. B PheiTis Summary Touchdowns, J, Hendrlckson 2, Peterson; goals, Hendrlckson, Peterson: field goals. Peterson. Substitutions .Moore for Parmley, Stoner for plar-is. uereree. van w.vw or urinneii. umpire, Graham of Michigan. Field jlso, Hack- ett of Highland Park. Head linesman, Saullek of Nebraska. AGGIES AND IOWA NEXT BIG BATTLE CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE. across the goal line by Captain Peterson. He kicked his own goal. The first quarter ended with an interchange of punts, with the score 6 to 0 In favor of Highland Park. Neither team could make much head way through the line or around the ends, and the second ouarter resolved Itself Into a punting exhibition which brought, tho ball near enough to Ellsworth's goal to enable the Highland Park captain to put a place kick between the uprights, which made the score stand 9 to 0 at the end of the first half. EllswortDi started the second half with a rush. Two fake plays pulled off In quick succession took the Highland lads off their feet and before they returned to earth their guests had deposited the ball within one yard of their goal. Their heroic eleventh hour attempt to defend the goal seemed about to succeed, but the third attempt pushed the pigskin across and changed Ellsworth's zero to a 6 on the scoreboard. They failed to kick goal. Highland Park had the better of the toe argument that followed, and twice booted the ball over the opposite goal line only to have the ball carried, out of danger by the visitors after It was again put Into play. Schutt played the prominent part in the third quarter, which ended with the score: Highland Park 9, Ellsworth 6. The tete-a-tete which ensued between the toes of the respective captains In the final quarter kept tho ball close to the center of the field; and the Highland Park rooters began to grow smiles ot smug satisfaction over the victory which was generally conceded to be theirs to have and to hold. But the hoodoo which has followed Highland Park during the season came forth at the last moment to brave the wmiry blasts, and to blast the hopes of mgmanders for a victory upon the no grounds this season. Kllsworth had worked the ball down the Highland Park thirty-yard line, and were trying for a Meld goal when a Highland Park husky bounced through the line and foiled the attempt. The ball backed to outdistance Nkpher by Drake students, however, Washington university Is rounding Into form rapidly at this stage of the sea son. Coach Griffith does not underestimate the St. Louis team, although It was defeated by Indiana 12 to 0, and won from Knox college only by a score of 10 to 6. In the Hooslcr game, both Indiana touchdowns were made on long runs, one on a forward pass and the other on an Intercepted forward pass. The game against Knox was played with two of the best Washington players out of the lineup. If Drake finds that Washington Is weaker than expected and there Is no doubt of the outcome of the game every effort will be made to shoot up a score which will Impress the other schools of the valley with the ability of the local eleven, To shake off the Impression gained abroad In Kansas and Missouri on account of the defeat at the hands of the Jayhawkers, Drake is preparing to do things" In the two final games of the season. The student body, is getting behind the team more and more. The spirit of the university was fine at the start ot the year. It has been growing better ever since. Alumni are falling Into the enthusiasm, and on Nov. 25, when Ames Is played at the Stadium, the local university will display the greatest exhibition of school spirit ever shown in Des Moines, according to the present Indications. 4- Cornell will have a chance to show its class next Saturday against the Coe team at Cedar Rapids. Parsons meets Penn college at Oskaloosa and Simpson will clash with tho State Teachers' college at Cedar Falls next Friday. Des Moines college Journeys to Grlnnell this week to meet the team which Drake m,et yesterday. Morning-side will tackle St. Joseph's college at Dubuque. -5- -5- Coach Griffith at Drake holds an envl able record. In his ten years' connection with football squads he has never had a man Injured so that the effects were permanent. On these facts he bases his statement that football Is not such a dangerous eport as It Is often painted, -J- -- "There are cases of course where cold weather has caused a man In after years to feel kinks In a knee or an ankle where he was hurt when playing college foot- whUkod bM" Coach Griffith yesterday. Drake must give way before the onrushes of me lyelones, II me siaie tnanipioii-ship is to be brought noma. It Is thoroughly appreciated here that both of these games will tax the strength ot the Ames team to the utmost. Williams and Watson will be put to a severe test In trying to keep their men going without a slump during the next two weeks, following the two strenuous weeks Jiut past. It wus thought earlier in the season that the Cornell game would cause less worry than it has done, and that the week previous to It would allow the men to let up somewhat from hard work. If the Ames cripples can be gotten Into shape, the game with Iowa -on Nov. Is should be one of the hardest struggles which has been seen In the state Mr several years. It Is thought here tnat the defense which held the much touted Nebraska line a week ago will be equal to the demands of the Iowa game, There is no fear for the ends, kveu snouiu ('happen not be In the lineup, these pout tlons will bn well taken care of by Mc Donald and Lattlmer. The former will have recovered from his Injuries by th time, and will be playing in old time form. Ames Is wondering whether Curry will get Into the Kaine. If he does, he should prove no better than will Hurst of Ames who Is playing the best game of his career this season. Both hack fields are strong this season, but there is a feel In here that a comparison of the work done by each in the games so far wouhl snow Aincs me ueuer ui me iwu. IOWA WESLEVAV. MOUNT PLEASANT. la.. Nov, lL-Spe. clal: low W'ealeyan's stock, which suf fered a sharp slump following the loss of last week's contest with Parsons college, again Is climbing preparatory to the second battle with tne Kalrneld scnool on Nov. 29. at Fairfield. Once more dopest , rs have a Wesleyan victory planned and KX) or 600 rooters will accompany the team to find out if their dopo Is correct. Manager Hueftle has an open date on the schedulo for the coming week and Lake Forest may be secured to play here. On Nov. 21 Christian university of Canton, Mo., already defeated by Wesleyan on their own field, plays fiere. Two shifts have been made in the line up as a result of the Parsons battle. In which Wesleyan used the only substitute oi tne season, me 1'arsons game was the fourth one of the year. Howard Garrison, rlcht tackle, has an Injured shoulder, which will keep him out for me rest oi tne season, wnue nis prntner, at fullback, is out temporarily. Teetor, who has been doing some good lino smashing for the scrubs, has the full-Dock position and Elmer Hoffman, an other scrub lineman. Is working at right guard, stone being moved to tackle. Baskjtball organizations are being rormea in preparation for the coming season. Edward Wahl has been marie captain of the Wesleyan academy team with Elmer Hoffman munager. The college five will not go Into training until the football season closes. IOWA COLLKGE. win f 'But these Instances have been excep- tions. The results have not been such as to affect a former athlete seriously In his life work On a cold day I sometimes notice a rhi umatic touch In one of my ankles which was badly wrenched one year when I was playing football. But It never seriously bothers me. "Danger exists In any sport, of course, and there are bound to be accidents on the baseball diamond, on the golf links even. I know a student who was hurt far worse by being hit by a golf ball at Waveland park than' he was on the Stadium gridiron." -r -f- Football enthusiasts are much Interested in the book on football written by Parke Davis, a member of the rules committee. It traces the development of the game from Homer down to the present time and many of the Drake players have read the volume from cover to cover. The book tells of games In Greece and Rome and later In England. It shows a picture of the tablet put on the wall In one historic English spot to the man who first ran with the ball In his arms. That "history repeaits Itself," Is shown In the evolution of the game as graphically described by Mr. Davis. IOWA STATE COIiLEGE. AMES, la., Nov. 11. The two big state games of the season yet remain before the Ames team. Iowa and Drake must be met, with but a week between the games. Both must be beaten If the Aggie record is to De tne clean one nopea tor here. If Drake can be vanquished, Ames will be tied with Nebraska for the Mis souri Valley championship, unless Kansas springs a great surprise by wollop-Ing the Cornhusker team when they met. It does not now seem possible that Kansas can develop sufficiently to win from their old rival. Supporters of the team here think their conference standing to depend almost entirely upon the result of the game with the Drake Bulldogs on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The stale cnampionsnip proniem in even more formidable. Both Iowa and GRINNELL, la., Nov. lL-With the Drake game a thing of the past as far as playing is concerned, now the team has two more games to be played and one of these will be the hardest game of the season. That game Is the one at Mount Vernon on Nov. 26. The game next week will be a hard one. as the men have Just came out of the hardest game or the season, and the practice the last week was a severe one on the men. Des Moines college will be played here next Satuiday and by scores Grlnnell ought to win easily, but scores seem to count very little, so the game will be a hard fought one, as Des Moines has been waiting for this game all year. Coach Brown will give the men nothing but light workouts this week, as he does not care to have the men go stale. A few new plays will be worked out and will hold one scrimmage practice Wednesday night. The game with Cornell Is the big game of the season and the odds are against Grlnnell, as Cornell Is stronger than ever and they defeated Grlnnell easily last year on their home grounds. ' Grlnnell will make a try to bring back the old hoodoo that held against Cornell till the team of 190!) went down to Its first defeat by the score of 6 to 0, and last year the score was 25 to 0. Preparation Is being made to send the band to the Cornell game and the whole school Is going down enmasse, CORNELL COLLEGE. MOUNT VERNON, la., Nov. 11 Special: Cornell has yet two games to play on her schedule, Coe and Grlnnell. At the Coe game, next Saturday, it Is expected that the special train which is to carry the team and rooters to Cedar Rapids will be made up of a rooting aggregation of not less than 500. According to the dope, Cornell hs quite a llt- lie stronger leam mau uu. i.. Presbyterians have been known to have sprung some surprises, ino uiranii Bui-dent body haveK no little respect for Coach Thomas' work and although Coe is predicted a defeat, It will not be overwhelming. Through the fact that Grlnnell has the strongest team this year that they have had in any season since WS, the Cornell-Grinnell game Is looked forward to with great Interest. As this will be the blg- mu n tha hniria C-Hilimti at As) park, of the season, extensive prepara tions HI" "ems ,ucutT. vji iiiii,th is .a DAnlA.1 tn oIva Pnrnpll fine, nf tha tntloh- est battles of the season. PE.VX COLLEGE. Then G. W. .Shorkley and Geo. C. True spoke for the town. The Ellsworth defeat was the larcest score run up on a Penn team since iw:t, when Drake scored 43 points. The only excuse that can he otfeied Is that I'enu underestimated Ellsworth and that the team lost heart after some of t lie rulings of the officials, The dopesters gave Leander Clark the minor college championship of Iowa when they defeated Highland Park Friday. Simpson hIho plays Leander ("lark and by these games Penn has a chance to show up among the minor colleges of the state. STATIC TEACHERS' COLLEGE, CEDAR I-'ALI.S, la., Nov. 11. The de-feat of the teachers at the hands of Cornell has only acted as a stimulus as the football squad ami the lust week hss been profitably spent In preparing them for the Hlmpsnn and Upper Iowa gumes. The- fact that Quarterback Davis Is out of the game for the rest of the season unit the work of second string men has meant several changes in, the lineup. It Is probable that Richards win he shifted to quarterback, to he replaced at halfback hv Hcallon. It Is probable that Patty will find g permanent position in tho line. Coaches and students am looking forward to victory In the remaining games. DRIVING SLEET STORM STOPS GAME NEBRASKA DEFEATS DOANE Crtniliuskprs Have Easy Time With Light Opponent. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. H.-Playlng in the teeth of a November gale, with the temperature running close to zero, Nebraska today defeated Doane college of Crete by a score of 27 to 0. The cold numbed the hands of the players and fumbling was frequent, both teams offending equally. Nebraska presented a substitute line, with only two regulars In the backfleld, tor the first three quarters, but the new men performed their part well, taking the measure of the light college boys almost at the outset, scoring one touchdown In each quarter up to the final, when several substitutes went In and fairly tore up Mie Dnane line. The forward pass was working with success and several long runs marked the last two quarters. The lineup NEBRASKA. Mc lee L. K. Swanson L. T. Steele L. G. Freltag C Ros R. G. Anderson R. T. Mulligan K. E. Waruer W. B, Russell L. H. Purdy R. H DOANE. L. K Rice L. T Kln U G Mlcklo C Adams R. O Bayles R. T Bronson R. E Davidson y. B Wilkinson h. H Koran R. H.... Kretslnger Elements Stop Iowa City-Marshalltown Struggle. IOWA CITY, la, Nov. 11. -Marshall-town wns defeated by Iowa City In an abbreviated gamo of only seven minutes duration this afternoon by the score of 11 to 0. Tho buttle was fought in a terrific sleet storm on a flooded field and the game was culled by mutual consent be-foro the first quarter ended, after Munk-hoff of Iowa City was knocked unconscious by a blow on the head In a fierce tackle lie recovered u half hour later. Marshalltuwn was making a desperate effort to score and was playing a better game than Grlnnell and North High played here. Parker and Hatcher played brilliantly for .the visitors and Mar.halltown's Interference was excellent. For Iowa City, Swisher, Kinney nnd Munkhoff were stars. They hit the line hard and skirted the ends effectively. Iowa Clly relied on straight football and had opened up no trick plays and had tried no forward passes. Miller, Iowa City's star center, was declared Ineligible before this game, but will be bark In tho lineup against I.nst Des Mollies. The lineup: IOWA CITY. Morgan Patton .... Burns Randall ... Vug lit Ooetz ...... Folev Swisher ... Munkhoff . Ac hcrnian Kinney It. K. it. T. R. tl, .... C. L. (I. U T. L. E. . (J. R. H. 11 L. H. F I) MARHICALLTOWN U. E. K. T. It. fj. L. G L. t; L. E. Q. H. It. H. L. II B. Summary1 Touchdowns, Patton Hull Caluius Stewart .... Bernstein HlKclow M'hlnery Hatcher Hmlth Fetters Parker Munkhoff goal from touchdown, Morgan 1. Referee, Gibson K. B. F. B Cable Substitutions Nebraska, Warner for K. Frank, Chauner ifor McKee, Shonka for Anderson, Elliott for Stelk, Pearson for I Ross, u. Tank for Kusseti. f or iniane, Moorman for Rice, Dickinson for Moorman. INDIANOLA BEATS BOONE Hard Fought Game Is Played On a Poor Field. INDIANOLA, la., Nov. 1L Special: In-dlanola High school defeated the strong Boone team here today by a Bcore of 12 to 6. Little open play was used on account of the condition of the field. In-dlanola gained much ground on fierce line plunges. The game was hard fought all tho way through, and neither team let up till the final whistle. Firampton and Rogers starred for the visitors, while Traub and Hayward did stellar work for the locals. The lineup: BOONE. Golden L. E. Kolger L. T. Sunberg L. G. Leese C. Moore Mockey .. Patterson Frampton Rogers ... Carmer ....R. G. ,...R. T. ....R. E, Q. R ....L. H ....R. H Zeahr F. R INDIANODA. L. E Ptekard L. T F'lesher L. G Cummins C. Noble It. G Kayor R. T..... Anderson R. E Plckard Q. B Meredith U H Traub R. H Hayward IF. B Baker Summary Referee. Collins of Simpson: umpire, Saul of Simpson; head linesman, Dunn of Simpson; time of quarters, 10 minutes. Is your husband cross? An Irrllnble, fault finding disposition Is often due to a disordered stomach. A man with good digestion Is nearly always good natured, A great many have been permanently cured of stomach trouble by taking Cham, berlaln's Tablets. For sale bv all Osiers. Tobacco Hajit Quickly Gonauered Dr. Elders Tobacco Boon Banishes nu runni or loDacco Habit In 72 to 120 Hours, Vol ft an J narma nan. .nn. .1 , . 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Then Reed Stew ard Jumped Into the game and as leader or the coii"ge yeas let loose some rous ing sentiments expressed In college latin pror. Morris served as chairman, and brief addresses were made bv Dr. A. C Spurgln, Coach Hlnshaw, Captain Ruby and members of the team, Pterrell, Taylor and Smith. Coach Mendenhall of the second team also got a word In edgewise that rekindled the fires of enthusiasm. Get Ready Now For Thanksgiving LET US make you a new Suit or Overcoat THE OLDEST EXCLUSIVE $15 store in the west and the best place to buy men's clothes. LARGEST selection of woolens to select from. THE GLASGOW 319 Sixth Avenue Branch at 422 East Locust THIS ON YOUR EYES Try My Treatment Free Mrs. Emily Tate, Aiikcny, Iowa, came to niv office blind from fleshy growths iike this caused from ulcers and five surgical operations. My absorbent remedies restored her sight perfectly. They remove grenulated lids, opacities, scars, cataracts, glaucoma, Iritis, ulcers and n ake weak eyes strong. 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