The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1930
Page 5
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Your Car lukeii as pail payment. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PHONE 811 TODAY 1:111: TODAY iu\ iioimiini, iioii)\vm>a fcct-ii:irEo urllrr imJ former \ru Vnrti kifMMKLln-r inn", mrt-l* AN.M: \\T.Vn:H, wl»> l»n» count friiiu Tuinn, ()UI:i., lo trrk vxlra \\nrk. 1)011 !» ivllll rirlurci, nnd nut very MitMlrtl ivllll ulml lj'« t\ iluing. Antic K>'l" f*lr:i "urk tit Cr.ind KutU'd fctndluK. Sin.- K'icx to HM? vllh Hvo oilier i«lrj<, JIOX.l Moimi.tllX nii.l r.VA HAUI.i:V. f;AHHY Sl.OAX, f:imiiu-i dlrcv- tor, has iiotk-i-il Anne N'lnlr-r. lies Hives IIIT n -lilt" In n pltlnrc. ll:in. tux liking Mom,, iilllinnuh lit- IIEIK iml m-IIMill) IIIL't liiui, En II rri-lor I|( Urnliil Ijnlfril CMIU Aline ii|, :itiil trM-< her tlirrc may lit- a i'h:inrn f<,r licr in :i mnsli'Nl fmil- «M|J- iilrtLlrr. lie Jilul illrrclur 1'Iir.U UUltl.KY nrl Itvr t'> iliim'c tiritl >in^ fcir Ihcui, nnil Hurley lirc>iuJsr-.s hrr n MTIVII (csl. Atinu i't:iU'il(j trH* fh[K It) llurliiicf, ^hu Is mure diM-milcnti'il tlinn I-VIT til ('i)ntijLCtitlll. llnrlnii'r, \iii,> is mini: \ihii 1'Aiiij 1:01.- l.ICII, \\hn xirlU'K ti (Tnlly ilc I'liliniiti fur n Mrlnic ,il nrnspn- 1>i>rs-, li'llx Cnlllrr Hint Iir lin< mm nil hl.s |.,jiur:iL'l nHb CunlliicLtinl. Anil lie IrlU him iilinill Atitii''M fnrllH'oinlnic Kcr^cn rr>,l. mid <: llur li:i^ ncu.t nlMiill (inrry S(i:in. Ci\W FOR BALE—Good violin and bow. Pnrchasccl Irora fine Memphis teacher. Write Mrs R. O. Sharp, Caruthcrsville, Mo. 14pk22. FOR KENT ROOM FOR RENT, private family, 312 North Fifth SI. 9pkl4 FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath in private residence. Call 470-W. • llcktS FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone 663. 13pk21 NOW CO OX Wl'lll Tim STOI1Y Cn.M'TKR XV 7IIAT aliout Garry Stoi?" Horlmer askeil. "I unilerslimd his wife Kdt her divorce." Collier lit a cigarct, lilcw smoke toward tho celling. "I just licanl It toilay." Dan, reclining in hta chair ivtlli his arms folded and his eyes half Ehut, wanted lo know, without look- luii at Collier, what Sloan was so- lug to ilo noiv. "Marry Sylvia Patterson?" 1'aul shrug(;crl. "Search me." Dan talil. thoiighlfiilly: "What tlud ot a hirfl. is this Sloan, any '•wny? You know him, don't you?' "Sure, 1 I;no>v him. He's a swel director, all right; he also has a Icnack of keeping his name in papers." "Johnny itlddlo said he had swell heail." 1'aul Collier paid, hesitantly, lha ho supposed that \vaa Iriie. "Onl he's not a snob. Uan. It's just tlia he's sot a great opinion oC hluiscl Tlie man's an artist—and no )UR BOARDING HOUSE Eh 1 oail/ioiisc ivlierc s/rangc-sounrfing Kiissrnn rfi's/ics ti'i'rc scrveu 1 by oadcrs in /Ji'c- ' arouml thiS' Join'.;" lie <o- Oul, and Uau lold lilm lu shut up. "You've got n Ihla evening,* 0 nunouim'd. "Oh. yi-ah'i What ar« you, anr- way—my soetnl secrctnryl" "We're inking Eva nixl Mcua ntt. niry up ami clear out i)t here." "Wluil'u ll:o iniiltcrt' Collier riiuied. "\Vns Anno dnted «t.t • wnlch your Blep, my hoy. elltioii'B prelty tiid In Dill )V,'ll. ;l "Thai's the wny 1 li!>o it." raid toriincr. ' Yes you do!" Collier rnhlicd hln chin. "NoiY vn r,"t lo ulmvo UM'"," lio cu::i- They went that ovciilng lor n Irive llial ended al n llulo roaci- '.<n:so where strausc'-aoiinilliiii llms- ; iau illslic.-i wero served liy wallcrn in phiurcsquo lUisslnii costuniM. :nid a n-uhiluifai orirliealrn (uriilKlivil slow and plaintive nii:sk', Only "!ii; o( li'.cir tunes was a dance number, and (hat was- u waltz. "Who Bufigealcd this plice, nny- liow?" Itorlmur wanted lo know. "Was It yon, MOIKI?" '•Don't look at mo llko thai." Mona suld. "It wasn't mi\" Nohoily, U turned out, w.n wllUiiR to la!;u the Llainc. Nono ot thum Imd licen llicre liofore; It hud loukoil plcturei=fiuo an they druvo past, and hy common consent they had gone in. • • - • ["YJON'A fnld, "Geo whiz! I'd Illio 1 •'•'-*- lo dance." "How about you, Kva?" Collier iked, and Eva smiled and nodded. "Well, listen," 1'aul said. "I've, got an iden. We'll all go down town and go to one o' thoso pnhllo ce halls." Ho grinned and said he knew n "swell place. rhirly live, cenls admission," I'.o liitonii in a side-show harkor's voice, "en coslrmics. I'm not kicking WANTED WANTED — Family Washings, | Washed and ironed l>y coini>e-: tcnl white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7<H a Lake St. 17ck-tf AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OH UNITED STATES. Porn!?- ntnt positions: clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; cxpeiiccnc im- nccessavy. Salaries S25-$100 weekly, transportation furnished. Box 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. WANTED—Two salesladies. Prelcr Ihci-:? who have hat! some ex|«r- ic'ncc tclline shoes. Anply Friday A. M. The Outlet Shoe Stores. 108 East Main St. Hpkl3 __^_ I ting away from it. And lie's got all tlio temperament that Koes with It. Kloan thinks Unit without n doultt lie's the grcotest director In the Inisineps and I'm not to sure that he isn't." "I suppose FO," Dan said, getting to his feet. "I'm coins to bed." stuffs sood. 1?" Dan shook hia lioad, and Grepi;, Eitting dowir on the eilse ot liis desk, save him a friendly lecture. At (ho end ot it ho put liis linnd on am I've heard of.' "No? Well, sec you Snlunltij ^ht. Aliout nine or so." Uau InmB up. Ho would ask titles you to four hours ot iib u buffet supper nnil a glrl-3ho\v. "No foolin'," ho nddcd. "Tal aljoutyonr good clean futi!" "Kold!" cried Mona, pushing liac her chair, nail Dan. liirnlng In Co Dan's shoulder aud lo!<l would do what ho could to make tilings more pleasant. Anno to i;o with him. Anno would jlier, asked him It lie meant II. enjoy ineoliiis Collins, and It W6LL -. OL'MAM RIV/6R SI6MAU TOR RiGi-lT OF WAV? VflLl''R& A SfiARK RUM ' , COLUMBUS SAILORS BACK To CHAIR '. LOOK FOR LQUJ VQUR pu-f A HOOK VflUR flEAP AM' -ftlROUl IT QV/ERBOARP, TOR BAIT ? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HACK TO KAUTH By Martin he wouldn't do her any liartii cither, I THAT evening he called her, hut "fiy tho way. yon weren't llilnk- ] I Mona, who answered the tele- Ing of trying to BO over to some .phone, told him Anno was not In. other outfit, were you?" | "She's busy this evening," Mona informed him, ;md she (\ddcd that \nno had tried to reach him to Foy Rent Two stores on Second street, also cotton oll'ice up stairs with north skylight. Grand Leiuloi- buiklin:;. Apply on I. ROSENTHAl Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. T\UHI,NG llio next few days Unn •^ sapr. Adainsou only once. Then it was iti Uie hallway outside of Jtorimer's ofHce, and Adamson, who v.-as walking P^ist with Greg?, the head of the scenario department, )iorlded shortly and unsmilingly mid went on. The studio manager was dark and heavy and ahrupt, and . Dan had never seen him without a cisar in his mouth, save at lunch- con. fj- Ttprimcr felt ,1 little foolish, remembering liis tempestuous out. hi'f ak in Ailamson's ollicc. Adam, ron and fircgb'. lie thought roscnt- ' fully, probably wero discussing him now. Well, GreFn would be an ally. Gicss wa?i all right. . That afternoon Grci;B camo to • sec him in his office. He said without preliminary: "I understand you . (lc\v off the handle the other Cay. • What's the matter?" > Plenty, Dan assured him, and Gregg £avo him a patient smile. • D.>u wondered how often Cress's f'Haticncc neared (lie hrca'xius p^int, \. having Adamson forever to contend N lVitll. "You don't want lo i , Korimer. .Tako It Ilorlmcr thought: "Aclamson's trying'lo find that rut." Ho faiil. "Aa long as I'm inn'. Mlract i:erc it's entirely up io (,\ ...inental how long I stay." Gross smiled a little sheepishly and departed. Somothr.o later there was a telephone call from Martin Collins. The director told Dan ho was giv- housevrarinins in his new iiomo in Beverly Hills. "And you're invited. Bring your own lint that her Ecrcert test had turned out successfully. "She's eoiiiK to start rehearsals right away, Dan. They havo U) earn a lot of dance steps." "(jee, that's f.n;:" Dan murmured. na. chattered on, singing Anne Winter's praises, but Dan only half girl, or try to grab ono off at the party; suits me cither way. How's things at Continental?" "Not so hot," Dan snid. "You'd better come ovor to a real studio and go to work. They're actually human over here. How Is 'Grim Holiday' doing? I lies your pardon— 'Passion's IVice.' Yoi might toll Adamson that we've got a lot of old woruouc titlts over hero that he might life when lie runs out of those original iilcns of his." Collins was laughing, hut his voico Iicld an edge of sarcasm. Dan smiled, recalling Collins' heard Anno was "busy." That meant. oC course, In Iho language ot these girls, that she had jin engagement for tho evening. There was nothing more that be cared to ray over tlio telephone, and yet ho felt a curious reluctance to bans up and cut himself off from possible further information about Anne Winter. Ho heard 1'aul Collier wliislling In his shower ball), lic.trd him gasp and cr; out as ho turned on Iho cold water. Roriuscr smiled grimly and asked Mona if slic and Eva were busy that evening. Mona said no, find he a-.:kcd her it liiey wouldn't liko to go out eoino place. Mona said, "U'hy not?" 1'aul dciuainied. 'Only 0110 thins," ho atlnionlslieil Uan. "Don't try to take a B'rl uvay from a sailor or you'll havo to fislit tho whole fleet." On the way to Los Au^clcs Kva rode In the front seat wllli Dan, and I'aul ami Mona eat In l!io rumble. Monti's laiiEliiiiK. liapiiy chatter was an Incessant uccoin- linnimrnt to tho song of motor nml tires, nml Eva as usual was silent until 1m began lo mako conversation. 'j here was a loud squeal ol laiiEh- kr at one of I'.iul Collier's wiso cracks. Looking at Eva. Dan remarked her Indulgent smile and Iil3 mind went back lo the day they had cntcii luncheon together al Iho Continental lol and Eva's alfccllon. for tho litllc red-headed Monu hail been revealed. "She's a grand lllllo person, Eva," he paid, and when bho nodded he said, "I don't blame you for ha- ing crazy nbout her." And Eva nodded again. "Mona'3 father and mother are dead, 1 ' 5ho said presently. "Did you ke.av that!" Uan said llionglitrully: "Yrji'd never Ihiii'v Eho had a trouble In tho world." "Well, she's had plenty." Eva's voico was harsh. Dun thought, as he had often thought bnlore. that Eva I larky reminded him of tho tragic heroine of an Ihsen play. Eva had known trouble—renl trouble. OJ that ho was sure. .. f . Jl» Continued)"Sf? : Closing Stock P tees FRECKI,KS NOTICE From May 1 to Scplcmhcr 1 3u r dental oflices will bo closed •ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I* H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. V. li, WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. • Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Systems I'honc 52 Bldg. BlythevUIe, Ark "Sure; that's a swell* Idea." of his farewell session with Adam ilocr anil Collier, son, and eaid that tho picture with a hath towel, gave him an in- d like tliat.jdolni; fairly well. "Ain't there no url- brcakfiig any box-office records Inat BIRD'S-KVB VIBW \N'D HIS FRIENDS IT WS. OUS. o TUS THAT PAYfeoU. RiO.'A VOL) BOYS AW THAT <f£. IT WiA-IMSM BEAT IT OM FOOT, To THOMI OS OFF HIS TRA:I ^> AWOTUEO.UOOK.!! F:MD HIM....UE'S £ TO MAME A RR£.... HE'S 60TPA EAT New York Cotton cci'.e o:; .ViO>i,s VT MiD ViC'LL E. IT OVE.R "iO BILL IVIWTTS M-1D TftY.t CAME 3.\C« VOU I'LL BE Ttt&Ut VjHH SOU. 1 WOULDN'T SS (T 1181 linn 1208 1226!) 12411) 12501) A. T. and T. ... Aviation ........ Chrysler ........ Cities Service ... Coca Cola .............. — Fox .................... 42 General Electric ........ GG : ; General Meiers ......... -i3'j Grigsby Grtinon 1 ......... Kl 5-8 I. T. and T .............. -i:i 1-8 Montgomery Ward ...... ai 1-8 Packard Iladio Simmons .............. 23' United Gas ............. :» U. S. Steel .............. 158 7-8 NEW YORK. All^. 14. ln:i closed ca<y. Ojicii Hlsh Low Oct. Oil. Dec. oid Dec. new Jan. oirt Inn. new I Mar I May .... ] July — | Spots al 1205. ([i!ie;. cif 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. All: Cotton ilo^rc! riuiel. Open Hi<;h 1201 I2n;t 1215 1221 1230 1241 12-17 l'2i>2 IMJ 1260 1'JGO Oct. Uc'_. Jan. Mar. May July cln-cd quiet at 115S. oj 11 links, c.ulih GOWER: Terrible —::rrU5le! CADDIE: Sony. sir. these am far links—>on got nil them halt! an hou: ago.—Ans 1

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