The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 12
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TJior»dciy f July 20, 1961 - l«f« and; lift* irth, trf M*,tttd the greatest arfo* n^celebratiwi was a eall from a classmate, Melvin tttie* key. i esttyitit his yeatt tcmarkabiy well afld Is still easiness 'manager of the Indus' trial Conference Board at fa- Coma, Wash. As iS customary when we oldsters get together we talked of old trends amonj. ..Whom is Caroline Doxee Woodhams whose son is Episcopal ^rector of the church Melvin i.« ^fi member. Caroline is a former resident here and her mothe; -Was a daughter of Capt, and Mrs William Ingham. .Melvin waf ••here with his brothers Lldyc* ;jnd Bert and families. 1 sug gested that when he was in tht •^Twin Cities she should look Uf" ,jMalcolm Tracy. .•"'. ' • » « "•' I have learned MM. A. J. Cotten's maiden name was Orlikowski. Her parents are natives oi Roland, emmigrating here some time ago. It would be interest' mg to; talk with'them. These difficult^ to pronounce , and spell names always , remind me of fcada Brurison, and her teaching Experiences. She'taught at Aurora,^ Minn, and • her students "Were Polish and Russian. One name I've always recalled as fae- 4)ig particularly, odd, and Mrs, 38runson ; found' amusing was dosdoriavitch. Look through our phone book -and you'll find more odd names. One often wonder* W origins. ; , ', • :' ' :> .. • •'''• '»'•••'-. '...'. By November IS, the Lanco Mishaks will have two sons on : Okinawa. Joe has been home from Moffett Field, Calif., on leave and will be transferred to Okinawa August 15. Leonard n> filso at Moffett Field. >• / ; .' '» . « » . -, Thanks io a Brownie Troop for the firecracker favors filled twith mints .which were placed £n our 'trays Tuesday noon. ".-''• » • ' • . . Frances Eason is.back on hei : pwn tWo feet, saris crutches fans canes, and is finding it VL /wonderful experience. Would 'that all who have been depriv- cfd pf such action be given thai power! She began this activity • June 29 and is to do her own housework, slowly bul "sUrely. Oh the priceless -gift oi |bcomotlon, unaided 'locomotion! Mrs. Eason.. suffered a broken hip in a fall on ice last, winter. Claude Samson is also learning^ to walk again, but his progress* {s a little' slower. He!too suffered 9 broken hip in a fall. ' L • * • • • ' Henry Frohling, a resident here whose home is at Emmetsburg, acompanied his • wife to Webster City Friday to attend Ahe funeral services for his brother George, 67, who died of a heart attack. . • . • f * Belly Doyle Sweet, former B. N. here, called on us the Other day and introduced us to ter very charming little two month old daughter, Deborah Ann. A sweet baby by name and personality, who gave us a smile which said "Hi-girls!" • * • To ye editor—I may be "batv for prefering bubbles, but I'm happy that way! I still don't want to learn the great American game. » * * Mrs. Josie Thompson is away from Good Samaritan a few days visiting at Chariton with her grandson Ray Thompson and his wife. John Prew was visited Friday by his brother George Prew and sister Mrs. Mabel Thompson Windom, Minn» * * Twillah Bartholomew has returned from a trip to the west coast, returning July 5 and having been gone a month. She accompanied her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Crawford, Minneapolis. They Went through Yellowstone Park then to Oregon visiting relatives at Eugene and Portland, m Vida they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, brother and sister-in-law of the women. Going down the coast to Fuller- ion, Calif., they visited with Mr. Crawford's brother Roy. Twillah visited «i§ relatives at Corona i»ei Mar and Joshua Tret-, the latter glace a small village With little : 4 «Jharm for her. I caii just see it, a desolate sun-ound' ing of Saftd and desert trees. Independent day was rightfullj .tpent, at Independence, no lets'! ' i » * When t Wrote Ihs item Ihai Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams hao oeen with the .parents, Dr. ana Mrs. F. E. Williams, Jefferson City, Mo., at Fort Dodge, I Wondered if by any chance the Missouri Williams know Don Akix Who lives there. Since we live m a small World as I have frequently mentioned, it Is possi- ole they could be next dopi neighbors. * * * Mr*. James Arend revealed in teresting news when she tote me she and the family were tc be dinner guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Kunz at Cur lew, July 9 and were to have s rehearsal' for the wedding. Julj 15 of her sister, Dorothy Ktiriz to Carroll Biishard, Spencer. Thi. Arend's little daughter, Deborah is to serve as flower girl.. . Florence Bjuatrom confided she will .be glad when Jackie Kelley. gets . back from her vacation. She has been helping out at the store in the meantime, isn't anxious to continue tnt job and will greet Jackie with open arms. The Irwin Maluegs, Jean and Diane had a nice vacation, a part of it spent at Pipestone, Minn.. With Mrs; -Malueg's brothers-in- law and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Farwick and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Farwick and a part o> it at East Troy, Wisi, with another brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Walter Theesfeld. Howard and Hazel Plait are Voicing what many -a parent finds true—'"with the flight of the last "chick" from the nest, ma and pa will rattle around in a coo large home. With the enrollment of the son John, a 1961 graduate, and his entrance at the State University at Iowa City they will feel pretty forlorn. long ago, but it has been resurrected. Ed S'tfidtF has ah accori dion and the WHeel tufftt agaJfe LulU Hartsnortt arid I Were 1m trodticetf td the sdftg When We got our radios at the same time manf years age, «• » 4 ' too Ime—'fhe be*f book it tell you Where to spend your vfi cation is your check baok." « * « Wh«H Donna Re*f«t tried is find dene Lieb at Chanule eil base, ftantoul, ill., she found it was like looking for" a needle in a My stack trying to find on* man among 10,000. i • • i Mr. and Mrs, J. D. Butrts Wftfo recently visited by' Rep. Floyd Edgington and his wife Mildred. Sneffield. Mrs. Edgington is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.-Sest- foimer residents here. 1 believt his initials were N. B. and he was A realtor. i If you haven't eaten "btfcasl-- ed" chlcfceft, you don't know •what you have missed. Treat ie caff, to' Uflh thi fA&Wf *.„»,„.„, I assurt yW "it'J'the Whal ' p'oiSeises Supposedly normal persdnS to go on a Van- dfi'lfsfll spfSS? What saHSfMioii daUfiey iirdttf of,:«f'f "ftWd iri. Mnd the culprits Who plaf&f a ^fifecrlcKei' *lft the* ffieohWiSri|- tHe Cltie^ Service station. . , ., . 1 agt«s e with Harian Mlll»f that "Aeress thi lava 1 and!fiittJ the f re«" Wis 9habby-14nd flit dialogue Was Unnatural dnd flat I say "A Farewell to Arms" was his best book"—much better thai) "FoKWhom the Bells Toll." sd much for a woman's ' pfiint, ,, Jacobs saw « small 8 aftd, that'^mj tu , 36 TURTLE J. Jatfobs of found n small sand turtle on-,tht family farm ift 182fl. Ori its bad." he carved his initials 'and thi date, five years ago, the sarrii turtle was "found by Laura Eggers on that same farm. Just re Pictured above are Mr and Mrs Harold (Ton!) Angus who were married June 25 in the Blue Earth Baptist church. Mrs. Angus is the former Janice Marie Wallace, daughter of Mr and Mrs Edwin Wallace, Winnebago, Minn. Mr Angus is the son of t/hf and Mrs Harold Angus, Algona. , Following a wedding trip to northern Minn, the couple is now at home in Algona. A complete wedding story appeared in last Week's Algona Upper Des Moines. (UDM Engraving) They and hundreds of others. • • * A man Whom I shall not mention by name had his views changed considerably on picking up hitch-hikers and such, after an experience he had ten years ago. Heretofore he had been sympathetic and over-zealous to do a good deed. In 20 below zero weather he was asked by stalled motorists to push their car, which he did till his no longer was able to operate So his family of small children were transferred to tne front seat along with his wife and roomi was made for a woman of ponderous proportions, her husband and TWO hulking paratroopers! • The rescuer was more than disgusted at having stale liquor breath puffed down his neck by the "children", and to top it, the passengers asked hirr to take them on to a small towr< north of here, which. the drivej, kiftd-hearted as he was, refused to do. . '• * « * I thought "The Old Spinning Wheel in the Parlor" was buriec* fltelttde Pidup and Series 60 with high rack NOW'S THE TIME to save more truck dollars on the more-for-your-dollar trucks! IBRWKvTOHTFfe <ruc& dollars are worth a whole lot more at your Chevrolet dealer's right now! First off, you get a head start on saving because summer's the saving season. Then, with a harder working, easier riding Chevy truck, you're set to •eave every mile you haul. And, finally, at trade-in time, you can expect an extra dividend because of Chevy's traditionally higher resale value. What could be better? Summer's the season to get extra mileage from your dollars on the trucks built to give you extra miles of hauling. With Independent Front Suspension, Chevrolet trucks keep going thousands of miles longer because far less destructive jar and shake are transmitted through the truck. Chevy I.F.S. trucks work harder, too,' in areas where other trucks have to be pampered. And, with Chevy's wide choice of thrifty 6 and hardy V$ power, you can tailor your truck exactly to your job. So how can you miss-especially during the eumnier saving season J FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Chart«r Algona CY 4-3731 lurt Phon« 233 WtAUMi A COMHITI 'W&C6 HAKt OUJ CdWCT VOUt MM HblUMt. BONDED BRAKE LINING *13.95r FREE INSPECTION SPECIAL fa*** MM MM* 99c IraU j*b wM ibNMft FOAMi MAKI UNtMO , • 25,000 JM* GVMMM • Add Hydraulic fluid, A» • to* DIMM . IBH-CI Whwl Bwr 109. • . top^klftort Wh^l B««»lnfli CylMdM * Ad)wl Front VA««I (wring* • hif»d Gram $9135 WAGNER D-X ,364 N* Jonas Algona CY 4-2806 We had no idea ^,J*$kb- k'2^ ^" .•*>^*^"*n'*.':^fi' v ' K- ( '; ^'i'£& If'» - r i-'^^ i y v ' CHEVROLET TRUCKS Conalr iS't-Rumpside ati4 Corn* See your local mthorfad Chevrolet dialer. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. 108 S. HAIL ALOON A, IOWA 4-3554 l^^il* I , ,. , . . that our reputation for quality drilling had spread 10 far I You've Heard of Us, Too .... Why not call us today ? 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