The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1951
Page 12
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f PAGE TWELVE W,YTHF.Vn.LK. (ARK.) COUKIKll NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Sruring *nc «llf;»tlonv Mrs Mndx* Well*. Ph. 2608. 407 S. Ro*«- Si 7 28 pk 8 2 D:\ll? rate per line for cotia«cuilve f S"o Insertion; ! '"" Minimum chars* Ai'o 1 time IJPI Hue (ic 3 limes poj line ncr day ........ lie 3 limes nei tine JIF; tiny 9c 6 Limes pot llnr- i>fi <Jay Tc 12 times pei Line nei day 5c Month ;if! linn .. 90c Count tuv iivrnw words lo the line Art ordrred for ilirre 01 si* limes «mi ed lor ibe numbri ot It mm ihe Rrt •ppcnrod and adjustment nl bill ui.'idc All ctRsMIicrl ArlverUKinu copy hiih- j mlttcci by person* rt>slri1iif* outside ol 1 th« cliy nuiM be accompanied '•" '•*•*' ' Rules may the above t .til,,,,,.-, takpj HIP one time inh!. No responslnlHiy will be lafcni r<>r more than OIIP Incorrect Insertion of «ny cJftssilieo art. A!) art.; arc rfslilctrfl to lliPtr propr-t .iB.rirtr.aTt.'Mi style hnd type. rhr •icrvcA the right to edit RADIO & TV SERVICE r m on the olJnkV Foi fusi *trr •e call Manual Cftr) L-ong *•. BLYTIIKVIU.F, Television & Uiulio Sorvicft LH' 3 W Ka1n PUoiif :nfi« i TYPEWRITERS j DON EDWARDS CO i.-i u. u.,.,,,., ..j , , ^ >v vviuiiiii rtioiip .1,111,1 ««ll!f be t-onipiitc.l trojn • f n I • ri'd.-.M r,., irr w ,.», ,„ Plenty or Parking Space Courier Kcw s or reject any Apartment for Kent Modern i-purltm-ms. fl«f •tare, pilvalr tmh. Hie fin ( t ip *"-nt. Bu. r ficivi ar 6307. 2 (vim. . door- Ph 6023 82 pk 9 ms. 117 W. Vine, Ph 2295. Washing Mac-hint^ repaired. R|] wakes. Hlylhcvillo Machine Shop Plump ^8 3-<i rk If . ork on cc'*s pool*. an*1 For ia/e, Misc. HUT a I u ml in: m *rrerii j. mitt ll/p or ynui tioijKe •1 Iliilldrr.* rfuiiplj- Inc 3 rm unfur. apt . will) hMh. r sonable rent. 1215 Holly. Ph pV: 8 3 3 rni Ivtn apt private hath, rlec- Elove. 435 inn 320 N. 2nd 1 31 pk 7 Ph 2020 730 pk 85 HousrXecplnn rm. 3 room unf npt , private h»th. Newly lecorate'. Ph »I7Q. TW pV 8 3 de 3 rm unfur npt. wood locMlon, re- lor perm, renter, rail 3325 723 iik 823 Fur. apt. 4 rooms luirt batli electric rpfrLRcrninr. RRS rqulpincnL. snncl furnLture 124 W Davis. Ph TCH F Blmon. ?i5 cX t( Nfextern 2-tnotn furnlsheil C*ll .165 or 7.S95. ck Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND rURNJTOriE LOANS Prompt Personal ficrvLco Oeiu-rnl Conttnct t'iircliR.-ie cotp 106 South 5th t'linne 6803 4i ck 1C with Don'l onrlRnt;cr your family faulty tlr*s— BUY 1-EB TIRES. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mtiln and Division Phone 25fi3 > 12:13 ck- It Services MINN'OWS: SVInle Kivcr Shiners and (i»Ui Kish. Crap- pic and Has.s Sixe. Roaclios and worms. Phohc ;i;j;!!) 328 K. Main Si. (,'. C. Hawks. 7-9 pk 8-11 Hoi Polnl Eire Water tank, 1(1 Riil Like Nrw--lwo small B-IR healers nn<l 1:50 siftl UBS t™ nk—rqa] hnr^nlns call 6IHO. ei pk 4 Fill dirt rnr si\]c. Ph. fi:tej. B'I pfc 9 I '1'oin'? C^fn for snip, with nr without hi i ltd Lap. (iood h:\sliifsK. Re>isnn for sclllntr, 111 Iicnhli. I'll. 40D7. 723 en Mil TI Ft. U>stliii?house Re/rlgoratoi, Rood condition, i-nll 2130 7|3n pk 8 5 Manic Clief On* Slove. *!so rnnltress piactlcnlly nrw. jih, 4-105 7,3'J cX a;5 If yon want to -soil or buy USKD KUKNITUUE see ILS. Arnold & Gaines 40fi Kast Main 1'h. (5357 2-26 ck tf I KllHrRIltCr>. 7] 13 ck tf 194!) GLbMin Range. Ne j Call Oicl Hnhcris. 6700 Expert _Ph]mhlng. oil store pump re- pp»lr ,ftU work guaranteed. Call Harry Myers, 6349 - 71=11, nk R^U Prompt. Expert Service on Commercial REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING .FRANlf WKSTALL Charlie's Electric Service Phnn* 1 2W3 - - - Rc.sUlrtlcc ^ROI Watch and Jewelry Repair - service on Jewelry—^ THtrhv& and clorks. Gunroni rtonp by ejcpcr* repairmen P rd work lowest P PAT O' BRYANT Main & Second CHAMBLIN SALES CO, Railroad * Ash rlioiic fiSSS Your Friendly Studrl>;\kcr Ji^ y^^^ Money-Saving USED CARS • STUDKIJAKKH • •;8 Chi.miiinn 4-ilour ,•• •. nnr Sedan ,p I U 7 J 49 Champion Kesal • Deluxe i-d () »> r Sedan •49 Studrhafcrr l j- Ton I'ickup, nice A- i lean '50 <"oinm^ii(lrr llrlnvr l-rtoor S ^" $1595 All rars are equipped with overdrive and Climati/cr. » CARS & TRUCKS • 41 Ford 1-dnnr. now paint. rcromli- C/[7C lioncd •J» t l/ J 19 Chevrolet H-Ton Pickup, nne own- $945 •47 » rrl >, -To n Pirkup, In Hue £7 AC shape •?>/'*3 MS FnrrI 7-d'ijrr. a onr-nuTirr . . rna'Ko A sond lr,T<ir on this Get More Knr Your Car— Trade at ClinmMin'a Save Money When V<iu Buy — Sell — Triule Used Furniture GMN MAIUUSON A SON KUKNITb'RIi: CO. 517 \V. Ash I'll. 2552 8-2 ck 1C Ma Led s'l-. h'OI! BALK s, Nn. -21 romt>lnc—sood bnrgntn prtcrri! Sf(* Joe Atkins nt JOf Alklns Mnchlnp \^ f OlkK So. HlBhwny SI, pl>. 31«. a;j ck 5 We are trading higher than ever You may not need cash Venn- prospiil 10 or la inch T.V. set tuny iimke llic down imymeiil on A New 17 inch Motorola IS'! <lo\vn tip to 18 mouthy !o pny. B. F. GOODRICH 117 \V. Al;iin Ph. finsi 8-2 ck I : For Sale, Real fstate 7950 fORD Tudor Sedan . . . here's a beautiful dark blut car at Phillips special price . 1947 FORD Club Coupe ... get dependable service from this car (has a nearly new motor) 1947 NASH "600" Club Coupe . . . the condition is good and so ii the price - check this ............ 1946 MERCURY Tudor Sedan . . . it's equipped with both radio and heater — make a good trade M295 ^895 ^745 ^745 1946 TUDOR Sedan ... get miles & miles of good driving in this car (new reconditioned motor) Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 YES, WE HAVE VETCH SEED PMA Certificate! Accepted Jack Robinson Implement Co. OtceoU, Diol 520 — BlythtvtlU, Dial 2371 Police in Singapore Given New Wid* Power -SINGAPORE fd'i-The police of Singapore, already under orders to .shoot at. Communist terrorists who a tie in in to s*- t [I re to prl va te or public property, are getting at III wtiier powers. Amended regulations under the shite of emergency exist inn here imake it an for any person •In cumurt .with another who Is re-, .sponsihle for damages to property by means of lire or an explosive .substance. AH pulice. too. now are empowered lo effect the arrest by .sboott'.ig persons violating emergency regn- hUjon.s. The only thing they have to rto before opening fire Is lo call upon the per.<on to halt and submit to Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS f-strrt hn mllliu Notice WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF \N AO- CII>ENT If VOIIT .rar K .lamnged In an accident herf'5 soinethtni; you should know Binirnpit will sl»c yuii & frre pnhil )oh on any repali work or jnno nr mr)r*> ['he whule CAT u paint— nr»t hist ibe ri^ninRed parts Free What Don't You Need? Old rickety furniture, worn clothrs, Ushlnn equipment anylhinK on earth thut you f don't wunt Is worth money in trades and *wap« at H AM I Sale* Co. Brine * down— fou'll find aomeUiln| y*m DO H&MSalesCo. 117 K Main rtinne ««•,» Hotfl Gives Customer 'Service on Demand' NEW YORK (AP) — Tile Hotel, Edison here reports that It received ] a package recently from a Uundrv' in PoiiRhkeepsle. N.Y.. In it were six torn tov.'els \s'Hh the hotel's name on them, The laundry reported that a cus-lnner sent them In to \x washed not nolicini; their conditiun. and wanted them replaced. Irwin Kramer, the hotel bos.s. or.- dered a half-dozen towels sent to the ianndry for Its customer. WAHN'INR ORDRR In til* (;n*ncer.v fuiirt, Chl<>ka- Mn-bM Distrk-t, AllMii<.4lppl Countv, Edwin A. Rog«r«, Plf. »»• No. 11135 Eleanor Rogers. DIt. The defendant Eleanor .Rogers ts hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in r '"•' i'"i me n^ninRetl parls PTCC | Noble Gil! Agency »»"• f -"'^r^:"^^\ REALTORS Y '" •*•* '" ^ m " — Cecil Earls Glencoe Bidjj. Private Rooms nrdriimii cnnKrilrnl - lo bath uciu'nn-.-Fh 3:05 6] | \v ^^atIl NEW GI.KNCOE 117 9 fir en lid Ph 44M $9.00 WEEKL Y Personal MEN, WOMEN r OLD AT 40. 3f>. fiO! yenrs yfiii[i»pr? prp up bod IPS nsr iron: also rm\T;iln siiipiile- nts Bl. rnlrl.ini, -Vic- trlnl TonLr Tal'lpt iron. also Vltnn,ln Bl. rnlrl - -r onlv :wc Al nil JllylhevUlc-. BI Kirbj- and WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone <IH<iO Kire—Auto—Casualty J'roteclion at Low Cost .1. G. "Roll" Riii-ues W. I,. "Bill" Walker 7-IB ck tf O* * Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks— Culvert* JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 61 Iliwij So. RlythcTllk No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSALL Install It RiKhl Under Your Sink Out of SiKht! Shrwt* fond waste to small bits Wuhni Ii safelj down the dr»in Simple as A-B-C FiU »lmf>»t an? link. Sec 14 to- dn »t KUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. 1950 Chevrolet A beautiful buy if (litre ever was one! Here's a shining maroon 2-iltior si'danC our deluxe Fleet- line model) equipped with (lie things you like... deluxe radio, fresh air lieiiler, defroster, bumper guards AM) 5 new tires! And NOW jusl . . . ^ $ 1489! 1950 Chevrolet 1/i-Ton I'ickup Truck.. .v«rr clean. • 1918 Chevrolet i^i-Ton IMcknp. . .H clandy.. .$875. • 1!)1S Dodge "/2-Ton Pickup with an overhauled mo- lor, renl «»«'! tiros. . .a clean truck. . .$745. • 1917 Dodge '/i-Ton Pickup...a nice truck. . .?629. • 1950 Stiulchakcr J'i-Ton I'ickup. . .looks and run! lik* new.. .?!IS». • 1SM1 Ford Vz-'l'on Pickup ...the motor's A-l... $295. • 1910 Koid, long whedhase Cab & Chassis Truck wilh perfect motor and K n »d tires.. .$295. • 1!)11'Ford long wheelbnse Truck with 12 foot body< .. .$195. • 1910 Inlernalional long wheelbase Truck with 13- foot platform. . ..?119. Many more lute models to choose from. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal «t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 the cnplicm hereof and answer the '< complaint ot the plaintiff Echiin A.I Rogers 1 Dated this 7 clay of July. is»i. [ Hiirvcy Morris. Clerk! •3y Anitn Sykes. D. C. C. F. Cooper, any for ptf. Gene E. Bradley Uy ad litera REPAIR SERVICE :\ll apnl^Kifus: refrigeratnrs, frct'/crs, range-s, and washers. Katlios mid small appliances. Alt our work Is guaranteed. ' -t Adams Appliance Co* For Safe, Cars and Trucks ,;,E3 HER WESTZND MITp *2J< 2lsl und Ktnwo We Plnanc* mn^r r,no<l Cnr, In rn 1B11 Txitlor Ford lL.-i{j ck S 20 ^ - In . B2 rk 4 Insurance ( -ill 2!V» or , .''i>3 F Chrrrv Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W F PolWcl Agency Planned I 1 niterlinn n* \v A^h St oi.raiTor HOTKI Run.nrNn 4 R rk It For Rent, Miscellaneous CARL PAUL ! !-• thr man to ,\ep IF vou'r* looklnir roi : » n,-» Ol.naMOBII.K ., nru OMO Inirk nr a uoon USEIl c.Mi Hf'll I Klve vnu th< am iraiic In town! you'll find him KI I Homer-Wilson Motor fn | •hnne 20M Kt ., ht „„ j ft 2n ck 8 20 .hUl I. 111 fl- Kyrnr Icrti^ 0:111 r nr <a\f on north Irnili nt,. j i ii-w hlvh school. Writ i- own- , •-s rVikhiK, Ku:n\v.' v Kv ! S3 pK ]fi wore =.ix rolamr* brlnre (hoy were nnit- Cooil (i-nmiu house anil iiiith on Norlli Broadway. >ilso 4- room hou^e ;irul l>alh on I'pav nf lot. This luwse is only :\ voars old and rental. . Tliis |>ro|iorty is well worth Iho money and will easily G. I. Total price $7,500. Nice .'i-bedroom home with Has heat, on large lot in Country Clnl) Drive Addition, close to Central School, also new hitrh school $1.0(10 to $1,5(10 'cash will handle. Raiance Sol. 50 per month. This is nil except ionally good liny. Total price 18,500. Sr« or call ! JOHNNY MARR For Rent unfur lion rftll «?.•>!* Mrs. fl 2 (Itc B WATERMELONS E*K* i> \ «**" ®Ljf^^;* ; ^, WHOLES - HALVES - SLICKS As Low TfltH Each As I Jp 3e Lb. Nor Iced 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blytheville Curb Market — 130 E. Main — Help Wanted Wlillr x-ninan or Cnll In pnrsnn j 17 c k \i \ Help WontedTMo/a ) CAR SALESMAN WANTED' | Kxporieiit-cd nnto & truck < •^Jilosmon. (hiaraiitooc! salar.v ! and nmiinissioT; or slrai^ht i :<nmnission. One of AnioricH^i leading linos All replies v'on- i fidrnh'al. \Vrilc Box 11(5 c <;! Courier News. 7-28 clr ti i Salesman Wanted j WHY op,-ml the b-^t ,-(.„« or v »inr '• SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins. alf»lf» mills, oil mill*. Custom Shearing up to '/< inch thickneM. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadwuy Pkont 2«M HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1'lace Your Order Now.! We Accept 1>MA 1'urchase Orders Blytheville Sovbean Corp. Phone —6856 — 6857 i k,n •o Ii Tin* Mm v-lr i iri' .-in lir Ml- Office phone 1111 Uesidence phone L'oill 7-Ki Power lawn mowors fur rout Master Mower's (lie ntio [ ihat cms all \\i\\o fl 50 first j hour, f 1.00 per hour Ihoro- aftor. Blytlicvill«> Machine Shop Photic 28^8 7-5 ok 8-5 4 room housp with window (an. e\pf- trlc WAtf r lien IT and oil i il !ruli*inr ineiudfrt na s. inh rh w>$. ; :<(•* < k ti \\. 'v R :IV vm^ (• '•-r c K fiicM*-. TO Bov ?4fi; '[),-l)V *KH-aiO-fKC. Sim-plus. l>nn SJ 1*V 3 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel s'FTfTff^^f'Q^ Extra Miles \ \l5sBRt« E"tra Power -Ji^^ Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 hon 4 tn .1 r TOA utitl F'. 7 2fi pX fl 4 tf Unfur 3 room privet p h^th. rlrrtttc « room liousf, K^ofl rondlllon. l?,10<1 t |,,)i i rNt cirxn tin MMn Oosijit* ot t*n. WO Dixie StreeU " ' 6.2 pfc « 3 6 7l, JfU/i/J^S, e " On * * 7( 7 8 " pfc g _ l j WOMEN *• foflnw l^artlii on Ho<ipttJi| ln*uritnc« (Irral demand — Good PAT \Vhen In the Hospital friends send Flowers — We Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency i HlylhevilU- ?*k "Kverylhing in Insurance" * ' ' * . At Lower Rale* A r nl ' lrlfl1 Choose A Horner-Wilson TRUCK! Ion'11 he jl^d NKXT year lhat ynn bouj-ht J<mr truck from Horner-WIIson. Clinnse from a hig selection of late A- older mode] lntcks...anrt trade wilh Hie friendly people hcr» to »crTB you. - TRUCK & TRAILER 1499 '49 Doilgp Z-Ton Truck wilh 14 ft. \ahcrs Trailer., just what jou need for hauling seed or soybeans. Truck has 9QO\20 tires—trailer has new he;i vy du ty a xte. \VowI Wh a t a price! $ [«j«r fl'iim DMRir OUUK il costs • SUKDAES . vnis • SHJKCS auisis DAIRY QUEEN So. Ilixhwuy til k • MO Chevrolet '/,-T<m I'ickiij) wilh deluxe cab. radio & healer . . . bar- Rain price. ?S!)5. • '50 f!MC Vz • Ton Pickup with practically new tires . . . very hiw mileage, now only $!)oO. • 'IS Internal ional 1 </,Ton I.WH Truck wilh practically new lied . . . 825x20 new tires. Have now. • '50 Ford '/z - Ton Pickup . . ; clean as a pin? It's Cl.KANKH than a pin . . , now jusl $7!)5. • '19 CMC 3/4 - Ton Pickup with rack, an unusually nice truck with new I ires. A bargain. • MS Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup in perfect shape . . . has deluxe cab & new tires .. . $875. , • MS Chevrolet l'/ 2 Ton SWB Truck. The liesl huy in Blytheville! Has new motor. 4 brand new tires. Deluxe cab. • M6 Chevrolet IV,Ton I.WH Truck. A perfect truck for farming— has good tires and a new molor. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - • 300 East Main Street

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