The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 2
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pFMtn < - -V ^(v'^.::^^" jj ,1 i >. ^ *> ic*^ Wl'i**; V vS-F-r—-•• s#V, ' '., ! 1L 1%.' 5 P " •> Lois of crazy goings-ori were reported in Algona Friday (during the biggest Ridiculous Days event yet), and certainly one of the' zaniest creaitions spotted around the business district was the rig shown here. It was considered good enough by judges at the costume Contest Friday afternoon to win one of two special $5 prizes for originality. ...... . '. ,. Cleverest angle to the cart, with painted barrel attached, was the Hwb passengers, stacked inside the barrel to look like one. The smiling face belongs to John Pratt, while the nice, clean bare feet are owned by Steve Waller, both from Aigoha (the boys not the feet). The arrangement of the boys gives : John an bd'd appearance, to say the least. The crew that put together amd operated, the Outfit Friday included John and Steve, Jack Waller, Bob Bradford and John Will. ' • . / Another special $5 award went to Garry Kelley, Bob Garmes, Tom Wailler, Mike Schmidt, Chuck Oberwetter and Jack Williams, who built a car, complete with radio, and mounted it on a coaster wagon.,for a drive around town. Other winners were Vicki Brown and-Ella Gattoh, $S, children, and Ann •''Clark, Algona, and Mrs. George Becker, Burt, $5 each; women. No men entered the contest.. Seven persons won two theater passes'each ais a result of a contest sponsored by the Upper Des Moines. Selection of the most in last Thursday's paper was..the.basis for the contest iand; almost 60 area persons were called from 8 to 10 a.m. Friday before the Coast-T6,-Coast ad was named 'by the most readers. Winners of passes were Hugh'Black, Mrs. George "Ferstl, Louise Gatton, Mrs. Len Goecke, Dick Kain, Mrs. L. ,J. Nelson and Carol Fairish. Other ads rated highly by readers were Foster's, North Central Public Service Co., S & L, Chrischilles, Honsbruch Drug and Davis Paint/Several persons couldn't name a favorite and most __ shopped Newsfpto-—Engraving) Honors Bride With Shower Seneca — Alycc Peterson Checvcr was feted at a miscellaneous shower Friday evening July 1.4 at the Seneca School gymnasium. Colleen Smith had charge of the guest book. Mrs. Henry Looft and Mrs. Art Ber- jium presented the honored finest, her mother, Mrs. Alfred Peterson, the groom's mother, Mrs. Arnold Cheever, th-| bride's sister, Mrs. Eugene Friesth and the groom's sister, Mrs. Harlan Kinnander with rose corsages. Mrs. Lyle England was mistress of ceremonies; a skit by Susan and Shirley Sullivan, pdems by Mrs. England, vocaj solo, Colleen Smith, and a little quiz for the bride. jThe honored guest then opened her gifts. The bride's aunt, Mrs. Oscai Patterson, presided at the coffee service. Hostesses included Mrs. Lyje England, Mi's. Oscar Pat- tetson, Mrs. Donald Cronk, Mrs Ted Jensen, Mrs. Howard Preston, Mrs. Elmer Hannisch, Mrs, William Dorsey, Mrs. Roben Fortney, Mrs. Clarence Menz. Mrs. Art Bergum, Mrs. Raymond Borgum, Mrs. Francis Sullivan. Mrs. Verle Smith, Mrs. Lester Osborn and Mrs. Henry LooU July 4th weekend guests at the Everett Withams included their children, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Helmers and Tony and Mr. and Mrs. Robert .Thiel of Fort Dodge and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sloter 01 Troy Grove, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft accompanied by Mrs. Bertha Pommer of Algona spent the weekend with their son and fahiily. the Dick Loofts, Minneapolis. They were joined on Sunday by the Jack Loofts of Rochester. Mrs. Clarence Cheever observed */i birthday anniversary Wed- npsday, July 12. In honor of the icqasion relatives dropped In •Ini/inc/ a birthday cake. Relatives dropped in and surprised Mrs. Laurence; Johanna- sen on her birthday Friday. Present were her parents, Mi' and., M,rs. Herman Streucker, ICennetii Beaver was host to. the Seneca Prpgresive Farmers 4-H, club at hi? home July 10. Fred Johannegen took Marilyn to ( Ames Wednesday where she has enrolled in the University for a sjjc weeks summer course. Mrs. Ted Jensen is a patient at the Holy Family hospital, Ea- therville." She expects to be released the end of the week. Carol Johannesen. left Thursday morning for Denver, Colorado where she expects to find employment. She accompanied a cousin Larry Norland and one of his friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Streuckcr and sons are enjoying a vacation trip through the western stales. Three Oltosen Families At Reunion Sunday Otiosen — The Kinscth family enjoyed a reunion at Fort Dodge Sunday with 56 attending. Donald Naeve of Dakota City was the president and Mrs. James Barber of West Bend the secretary-treasurer. Officers elected were Delmar Kinseth of Titonka. president, and Mrs. Barber was re-e 1 e c t e d secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Owen Haug was re-electea historian. The group will moci- at Humboldt next year. Oliver Kinseth was the oldest person attending, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth were the couple who had been married the longest. Mr, and Mrs Wendell Kinseth of Fort Dodge had the newest baby, born Friday, July 14. The Carl Ludwig family and the Delmar KinseUi family of Titonka came the far- How to liven up potato salad Just mix it with Miracle Sandivic* Spread! Kraft p*kM ty, t^ty fpread by attdm^ special relishes to a creamy ze»ty arewiug. Gre*t on bead letUwa too. Try iU Mirac/e Sandwffili Spread thttf, Attfenainf Mjrii We , thfe OlVifl M^Ugs, thfe Richftrd Kinseths and the Oliver Kin< sethS, meh iftftt gene an . 'tfitfa MM. Eu- as hb«esS.-Mfk .- gave tHi* iessoti Mrs. tt&ljbh fttchtirag read .'"C!oh<*etil". ,, -, eV. aHd ,Mhj, HftMd Moiih' tain -went id ftocHe/ster, Mlnh Monday- wheteihe frill have a chefck-up dt the clfyfe. Sunday , folchlc < guests at the hpifie of Oflvfef dhtistlansqii and Mrs, Clara Solberg were Mr. attd Mrd, Normah ttelleseth of West Bertd ahd Mr. ahd Mrs. Mbrgari Hageh. Other plcrtic s Up fret guests were, Mh -and 'Mrs. <qeh MatHiason of THor. Mr, and Mrs. Roy Chapel and Mrs. Mary V6r- brugge of ttumb'oldt. Roger Madsen Is at the Ches*. ter Alme home With, his family now> K&VirtS ,.c6mplai6d U»jc, ijiiiai, session summer feHoal. at 'the University bf ..Omah*,, ife, tefiCH oarum H Oi De K81D,, 111, tui itlril hef JSrefttS, Mf. fitfd Laurel, Womfef, fbt a while her husband is McCoy, WiS, fattt <» 8fc ited her hUsbfthd's.^c.^"^ <** Lbuis, Md, 'fleaM Jiti¥drt,iiS sb at Crfiw|,Jt6e6^ L attd ' iting W at,thV ! yipli ; , ,» U10 « 10 . Mr. and Mi*. J^riHi foiieH ahd Jay bf firadgato ftg& also SUfti day dihttet- gUe|t|iJtM "' ' sters. Jay ^Ss HflBtijse di tkfe MethddiM'. Bradgatc. T^O Boris bf l. u . |u . cy WktheW ai-e.rtbW ouafd cariiiJs, faUl Belhibhd ieft'th6,«/ fofbificefs tfaihih Okla.--t£e mi fret in t 'MalldHfii of EjHe'm „ *Jtily 9 fe:Slll, ,..'cs(ffi.r28. .^i'.«.« $H&$rafefcfit-o! Ituftfoldt teh Jdn'day for two weeks training *t,<2amp McGoy,-Wis. I, MS, ahd Mts. Mfelvin MliM^ %dh visited the £idon Elli^gsons ^St-West Concord, Minn. Stthday. ' Mrs, H, J. Nielsen,,Mf^jftby ^hwcfcsoft Mrs. Earl OlS6n;rM.fl. ;fionald, Usher, ttfik Pef'ef Wllf ihem ahd Mrs, Ollvef -Klrtsetlif •.went t6 Fort D'ddge Tu6§Hiy"'!S & the LUtMiraiThosgltai.", ^,llt t and 'Mrs. bliver Lee" left .Sunday foi- a three day trib W tire Forest, Wis. They ^Visited Mrs. Lee's - grandmbther, ^trs, -Sena Nelson and at the hotfle bf 'Jier' cousin, Mr. and Mrs, Benny Vedvik. , ; , Tuesday dinner gudsts at the Oliver 1 Lee^fiSme .were Mrs.'Af- ,riold Maxwell of Clarioh and M.V6. Don Frizzle 1 of La Puerttd. |Calif. Mrs. Le'Roy Worby, Vic r Skle and Tami were afternoon Wallers. PHONE CY 4-3535 , -- katfftUjftflaiy.While thet 'wrfe having'KrMy JSays-y.about sattte thirtl' as% Ridiculous'• fia^s,' and the,city hta all of their parking mettefi • capped f6r the day,- no isftfklflg fees< They waht the farmer ttade. Maybe* Algond c8Uld us'6 this adea", too/to good advattta'ge 1 at times.. ' • /. . • Art Olson,, * ' Sexton, Iowa Wesley Boys 4-H The" July nieeting of'the, Wes- YOUR NEWSPAPER __ and . Showed halters. BREASTS Drumsticks WINGS Split Broilers _>, . L. . * ' ... i li' • JA; •••'• PER LB. 49 PER LB. 39 PER LB. 35 CORN FED Sirloins^ ON YOtJJt FAVbftlTE MUSTARD CORN FED BEEF with coupon In specially morktd packagti el FRANKS Q^/ClC. £ASy SNACKS i»- 12-OZ. n > CAN Prcm NET Saue« Sardines NO:IOVALCAN....... PACIFIC COAST * ,J Mackerel i.LB.;cAN ..»;-.>. NATCO LIGHT MEAT 95' :-•<• -<...«•-«•*«•« «, ''.',* COHM TEO'' { , . Alll* front' Quarters IS^SS^.. 39° ECONOMO , , A flft Sliced fcACOH.,- 05» Top Taste Sliced Bologna ,, 6 f <c........."..... 55 C Longhorn Cheese m lt . „.... 59 e :S 6UARAHTEE ... ComptHi So/ii/deWoii or Money Orchard Fresh i* SAVE KING HORN STAMPS FJ)R VALUABLE FREE GIFTS janiel Sftbw. Joe ils how,-to m&k« MfS. fi^SKIr, . test was Judged by Arndorfeft Winflefr.were. 28 State an tfaitfanai -Press Awards -'Annual Plump Meafy U.S. Insp. GRADE "A M fftV&S—Perfect or the. Outdoor Grill. BUY THE PART YOUR FAMILY LIKES BEST! SUmp* at Nallonit that's Where I'm Shopping , J25 Kirtf Horn Stamps [ ' WITH" THIS COUPON WHEN YOU BUY A 12-OZ. PKG. i fc>p ttoiiei SiBdked Links m COCKTAIL Orchard Fr«h GlUUning Cube* of Ctaic. FreiH NO. 303 CAN SLICED Oft HALVES YELLOW CLING ^»r Natco Peaches NO.^ CAN ;... 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PKG, NET 6 9-OZ PKGS. n Entry BlE*iks Here For The ' rtj*UHO«Y HIMOT V 6 E Garden Fresh French Fries Garden Fresh Cut Broccoli Garden Fresh Cut Corn 5 SS 5™ $ 1 Book Matches '515 80 oKs MILD LIQUID DETERGENT 1 '" D/VI* E I»ieC CHICKEN, TURKEY OR BEEP PUT PI65 Your Choice, 8-OZ. PIES •fUiiiismm^iSffls^^ JUST CAN'T BUY FRESHER, FINER PRODUCE * This Is the Week to Can or Freeze t These Beautiful LARGE APRICOTS WASHINGTON _ MOORPARK A ftfMkdEdSBiHKdffiftttah LARGE 14-L|, LUG CALIFORNIA THICK fINK MEATfP JUMBO NEW CROP, Easy Life Suds «.oz. st« TOILET TISSUE SOFTEE In Soft Putol Color* - 3I£C ). 6 300*1 n» I 15' 69' •" '- - • "- —"-•• • — T^ , " f « " "—"•• >, )^WS> ' ~r---y 4S* •• U.S. No. 1 Wished RED POTATOES 10 ^ 59' e PKG. OF \t - A „ ACe ?owoi RE o WH A Al ' Kerr Mason Uds2^35' Trend ««•• 2^3 FOR THAT PICNIC OUTING So Fresh POTATO CHIPS , ; TWIN PACK Alwayj Fr«i and Crlip I-LB. BOX NATCO SPARKLINS Beverages CANADA pair Pop i?-oz, BOTTLES, IA. FINEST , . AR3O • t *A ABA PKS.OFIZ > A JftCe POWDEREP Corn SWireh Mt;.{ 1* 35' Kerr M«on Lids 2 "» 35' Trend BLUE LAift^ 1 f . ; ftljg ^S.OFU •' -. Karo Svrup mu$i ........ iw Kerr Ma^on Caps Sl PCK ' f A AA m ......... 2 '*• 39 , -—+** ,.ft Unit Stereh **•.*«„.,.„ li Ritz Qraeb n . n $*mw J3&i ; I ' azol^ Oi ./!-• - ~ - . fm ^ IV- ^ 71 i-TBir. r — - . ...... _„,.. li^Z.S.K ; , ^ ' ATfi Sy^TWW^. . . 4 AQ tiquld Unft; w , r H.i w ; ,,ll PufQ¥;Bte«ah .,,,^^181 22-CZ.SIZE. . . 41 An 12-OZ, .... Al«» Uquld trend «.. • IP I ^ll wll **«*«ff»^*f

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