The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1949
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVtU,!! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY, 5, 194» ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION JMLir rat* p«t Hue lot cons*oullr« fcAMUlOfi; Minimum caarg« ..... .......... &Qc 1 nm» pet llo« ................ lie 1 ttnu* per line p*r day ......... J2c U tine* p*r line p*r dsj .......... i*c • time* p«i nn« p«r day ........ 1c ka line p«r day 5c Uoato per line Count n?e average word* to tb« line Ad ordered rot tme* 01 «tji Dinee nub •topped t>*iore txpinumu will M charg- ML lor me aumoei oi uum t-b* »d *pp*area ana itUustmepi oj Dili made All ClawUfled Adreruslnp cnpy KUO- •nittea oy persons redoing our.ticie ol tn« cny mim O* accompanied by-casta Kate* m»y etslty b« computed from thf abnrc lacle AclTerUftlng orJei 101 irrp^maj lns*r- Hani take* the one Mm* tablt No responsibility wljl be taken for moi* CRftQ one incnrrecl insertion of any ,cl»siililed ad AU atfi arc rfatricwa to tfteli proper el*B*inc*rlon «.tyle ind type. The Courier rrf-trw. tbt rlgbi to »dlt or WJtct any ad for Rfnt At ••rrle*, »ir 'ilmoif O'Vuff, •««*•• I tered bloacU uock«r Sirr World r«n- ' owned Htockd*l« uloodllnw Twenty Nine Champions, lour rener*tloos. PJa UK** youi Dom* pretty for •prloi Kxi>«ri uu« UtMBlnc oWrrlo* !• pour* PEERLESS CLEANERS fjaon* W^J. B]ycfl*»ill« >'or all I y pea pi u ni bine work -^i, Harry Uyeri Ph * H pic 1|M Typewriter KOJKI, con TYPEWRITERS OJKI, ^miin Corouft and OemUii fortxDl* DON EDWARDS The l-ypewrltel Man UU N Second St Phone OKI Djl6-ck-U For Sale. Misc. 3-room fnnmnea apartment, newly j decorated. Gas equipment, electric rein aerator, good (urnit\ir« F Simon. ph, ;!192. 6 29 Ck tf Hardy utrawberry print u 122 JH mi- son SjIT pk 7H 1 . 3 room luniisned apartnir-nt, also todtoom . Close In . I'hone 2062 5 roojti mocwrn unf urntsheri duplex nonn 2*52, H R Schnvock 6 27-pk-7,6 1- room nirnlsrted house IJaln. fh. 20-JB Onfurnlsherl apartment, targe, 4 rooms, screened j>orch Cheap 001 N Kia. Si. 6 JO-tk-7.S a-room furnished apt llclrlserator lf-rooni furnished opt. FJl«ctilc re- lugpraior & stove, AuioittBtir Hoiwai«r neater, Good lorallon. Call Mrs. Fldsar P, Borum. Ph. 31"23. 7,5 ck if Business Service Directory Curtain* l Pti. 6259. Auto Supplies and Services oered and s[retcned Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. tt* can UK «J] foul n«d§ <.>« genuine part* from oui complete nne ELLIS POOL*. OWNKR & OPERATOR South Highway 61 at Sleele Wo Phnn* 3t«)i> 48 CHAPUAA MKRV1OE STATION Main At omaton Phone 2i«3 uon'X endanger you; n\iiil]y with I»ulty Clre«— BUY LCB FIRES Loons Money to Loan IJo you oeea a loan to re pan oi r«- mfxlel v No dn wii p aym en t no mort • *••«. no r*d iAp« PHA APPROVED HATf, 5% ASK fOH DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Pnooc 3034 " Lynch BulFdlng Bijtaentie Artt ADTO ANI> f[JHNIT(lK£ LOANS Prompt Perjw>nai Serrlce Oecr;r*i Contract Purchase (.rnrp 106 South 5lh Phnnp 803 O'BTEKN'S STUDIO Services 24 dour wrvlce PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 Blytheville or 407 Osceola ROOFING -AND SIDING Jet Ward's low prices) i'Op quality at • lo* price W«rd f asptialt rooliiis and suung IR laboratory ested Gives IOIIK. dar<l serrlce. stays >rJ^ht and coiorrnl Convpnienr month- v Cernas HfintlnK. a 7/1 cle variety ol MyJes. rnior." ami ^/eights Chnnse today EOI an auractive tiousr at low COSI MONTCJOMt-RY-WARD 6;lh ck ii Tom 8awyer pltlnt ior qutllly ROLUSON LUMHKR CO Pioriii iflth <t Camp Moultrle Orly* SIM ck 7)9 <_Jas Si art welficr, electric forger > rb strip hammer, drill press Ai emery, uanel saw and rip saw. plan- m a chine. :i phase 5 n.p motor A n motor, ana <ois oj stnall tools Will sell 111151 plecp or all At a bargain Henry Eds hi, From Street Leache. Ark. 6;30 pt T|H HAVE >'OR SAI.E nice restaurant in >oil Jocatlon tins uquLpmeiit. good iixtlires, Phune 2631 «.30-plt-7|7 complete set bath-room Mxtui itcUen Rink, water tank with butane tie arm burner, door casing wtndn mil Young Pit ,6222 6.28 pk 'iirp bred black <t white Cocker ttpanle] Mrs. N. G. Jerome. Ph. 3101 7;I ck 7,9 Crotcheted spreads for table or bed. hamtsonie wedding present, Mrs. O. Phillips. Hoiiseeur across Irom Bly- tnevlll« Compress. 700 N". Broadwiay. 7|5 p* 7|12 I'racilcally new pori^tole Koy«l typ- writer. Cal( 4S78. 7i3-pk-7j3 Kxtra nice Jersey Heifer. Will freshen In about two wrHcs. Price 1150. Jo« T. Castle, HlghwRy South ft), Blytheville. . 7i5-pi:-7jl2 :t-.iect1oii dish washer with trap, cast iron Krill. -stenm table 8-hole, dishes, six stools, [iieial hood, ga.s stove, :i burner. Apply JonW Barber Shop. 1917 W Main. 711 p k 7;« fryers 208 Lake St. Ph 33t9. Tl pk National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy harriers against btirgJars. Ask for an estimate at RUT7.DKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2434. 6-28 tf Building IdCHl ror toot shed or pnmp house Mti 00 Ph 6232 fi 2S pk 7[6 STEP (o the phone and ask for Him >'nam niq and nplmlstfrj- cTpaner Deni's Patnt Store 8 2^ ck 7'29 FOH SALE CHEAP ONE STXTETTN INCH WHIRL WIND FAN WITH-ADJUSTABLE STAND GOOD AS NEW A REAL BARGAIN BROOKS MUSIC STORK, TELEPHONE 811 62* ck tf va nixed so ' -s to I us t for years Merl ,* clt-v requlrfmeiit.i. J2 »7 MnntEjnmery Wrtrd Ac Co, 629 ck 7i7 5-*^ l>k 8 2 ^ enc * Courier News Want Ads After the 4th CAR SPECIALS AT YOUR BUICK DEALER'S • See These Cars and Trucks • Ift'il Ihiick l-Donr Spclan, in cvcrv wnv a verv sound aulnmobile. 1916 UeSoln l-dimr Sediin, a iim'-invncr, tily-d riven tar., eiiiiippcd with radio, healer, and new iires. 1!U7 Sludelwker l-duor Snliin. I'ully equipped, a tilv- driven tar willi very low mileage. THE PRICE IS RIGHT WHEN YOU BUY A CAR FROM PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. • See These Cars, Trucks • 1948 Ford Super Del.uxe Poi'dor, nice maroon finish, has radio, healer, and 191H Arkansas license ... an all-around good car . . . $1395. 1917 Ford Super !><•!,live 5-passenger Coupe, maroon color, has radio and healer, in excellent condition . . . SI 295. IfMfi Ford Super !)<>!.itxe Tudor, blue, has good heater, 1919 Arkansas license . . . .511)1)5. 1911 Ford Tudor, original black color, equipped with good heater . . . $71)5. 1910 Ford DeLuxe Convertible Coupe, has radio, healer, and 1949 Arkansas license . . . $650. l!Ufi Ford One-Ton I'irkup . . . $!)»5. 19 Mi Hord Pickup . . . $815, 19-11 Ford Long \Vheelliase I ^2-Ton Truck, in extra fine condition . . . $>>!)' PAY ON CONVENIENT TERMS nmpamj 5th at Walnut Phon* 4453 Notice Notice ficiorr t<*ta«d tunw »nd I fUao lor over twenty yeaw OCRALD W fOGLX IM W^t Kentucky Si Foon* 3100 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and cripple'd animals picked up free ol charge 'in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6H2, Blyllie- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 Pot Runt, HOUM* hbu»«. 4OT Dom«n. Ill pk 7 Lost i<oii 1'Wnlker fox Houjid». Color lilacn « vblle Kith some yellow <pol*. Motn m»l«. No collar* L»t n«r city or Uo Slate Line June '27tb. Cftll Of 6«e H w, Mahan or Russell Gslne* Mans ORUEK WRIST WATCH, Bulcet t'eave Baud. Reward: Call 3120. 7,5-ok-B For Sole, Cart & Truck* **JjC Uve CAI ll&b and Urge Buff«jo unloaded «i nou South Clark Slr«t dally Clark mteKt FLsh Alarkel Phone We dellfer 6.23-ck-7|7 1V46 Nash 4-door Sfdan, Radio, heater., white &lde wall tlrea. 1200.00 down. U'2«u. 7il pk tfl Help Wonted, Male Wanted Salesman with car. Unlimited amount of pay, home every niglit. Write Box QRS, c-o Courier News. 0-30 pk 7-8 Business Opportunities for Rent Modern apt* & cabin* by we#k oi uuintn CeJe ierrlo» Lnxi Boy cnuru Wl SIlO-pI-TlKi For Salt. Real Cstoto For Salt, Real Estate Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOAN: U knterefitea in Buying or tiling «•* \loble Gill Agency REALTORS jecil Earls F B Joyner ilencoe Bldg. Phune 819 HOUSE FOR SALE 4-room Pride Addition. Price reduced to $1,500 for (|uick sale. See or call GATES - WORTHINGTON CO., 115 S. 3rd St., Blythe- ille. Ph. 2751. 7-5 ck 8 uiiiul J-nedroom nonie on A C*\] F B JOYNER ph 320S «]17 pk 7i The first almanac in this coun ,ry uame fvom Bradford press in Philadelphia in 1687. IVi -Tun Truck ... .will gixid service. 194(1 Inlei national a .(-Ton you lols of |). . . . priced very low IB-ll IMymtniih 2-<loin- Sedan, has healer, seal covers, and a ne\v engine. 1911 C'hevrnlel 2-door Sedan, c<iui|>i>cd wilh radio, seal covers, and good (ires. IS.'ifl Chevroln 2- ( !(»<ir Sedan, now pn K me and new (ires.... in truly excellent shape. "When IVeller Cars Are Buill, Uuick Will Build 1'hem" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-Wroten Co Walnut at Broadway Dint 555 tin 5 roam modern nome, reutat house In Mir Kxtra large lot located In em pan oi lown. neur Central School IJth airt-et Good location Plent shade unrt trult tv«ea Price M 'I'erni.-; can be hud room modern home [oca ted t subdivision with three 50x150 f ois Has bean til til shade, plenty o t trees, grape arbor Priced to nick: f>Rle. J4.50O House and one lo •iced at 33.ISO Terms. Kee or call. LUTHER ORAY. REALTOR f'tiunc .M'J (20 F^st Sycamore BlyivterUle. ArWanMi^ Arthur Book. SnleAman Phone 3585 BARGAIN HOMES BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow, floor furnace automatic attic fan, disappearing stairway, large closets, concrete walk and driveway. Lot 75 x 190 ft. in COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE ADDITION. If its a nice home you want, we have it Pi-iced 510,000. Terms FHA Gl. 6 large room and bath or East Kentucky. Extra wide lot, 2 screened porches, jjar age and outside storage, me yard, back and side fenced. A GOOD BUY. Priced $8800 1.00'A Gl Loan. Good 4 room house and bath. All rooms extra large and A WHALE OF A LOT BS) x 320 ft. Will accomodate a cow, a pony and 4BOO chick ens at $1.00 each will pay for this place. 100% Gl Loan. See'or call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. Store building 20 x 50 ft ngram Bldg., First Street, ph 4467. ' 7-5 ck 8 to Buy HlKlirst price paid [or CHICKENS— tjtia .\xn street Grncery & Market vi w «.-.h en ck u Production ol canned meat more ban tripled In I . 10 years between 1937 and 1947 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 1^4 W Asft bt fc HOTE1 BITLLJ>1N<3 Sb earner*? Ku ill occ*.*lnQi BENS STULHU t]5-ck-tl Private Room* Save Money on These USED CARS 48 Jeep Station Wagon will Overdrive. 48 Jeep J-Wheel Drive—A Bargain. 47 Kaiser Sedan with Ra lio & Heater. 16 Chevrolet IVa Ton Truck —A good buy. 41 Pontiac Sedan with Radio & Heater—Very Clean. 40 Buick Super Sedan with Radio & Heater. 41 Chevrolet Sedan — A Real Buy. 41 Ford Tudor — A Good Car. 40 DeSoto Coupe. Also several others priced to sell. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiwav 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tf Light housekeeping room. Phone unfurnished rooms Call 2552 B 29-plc-1i7 Large, cool to*droom Men fm\j 310 w Walnut «:8 pk 718 Bedroom—priMte bain. Phone 4543. 1,5-pt-3 S RAZIER BOS LINES Charter Service For Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. Licensed & Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection Call for Our Schedule Phone 2391 or 4152 The earth's population in 1940 WHS over two billion, or more than double tliat In I8M. Rent a Camera For Color Pictures 1'he Idea.) waj to rrmembet special oi't'asinns A Is* other typ«* «f cameras for r«rnt BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200B W. Main Phone 3K47 There were 1.445.370 deaths reported in the United States in I9VT NOW! New Low Prices on Good 4 Used Cars & Trucks! 1917 Plymouth Special DeLnxe Tudor Sedan, equipped with brand new tires, seat covers, radio, heater. 1!)47 Chrysler Coupe, radio and heater, new set of tires. 1316 Chevrolet, 4 door, black, with excellent rubber. See now! I937 Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, complete in every way. 1937 Ford, 4 door sedan, come in loday and see this bargain at $225. 1947 Dodge 1/2 ton, green color, excellent ruhbei, cab and chassis, 151 inch wheel base. S 19 IB Mack, 2 ton truck in excellent condition, good rubber, 161 inch wheel base. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phon« 2122 Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 CABOVERS—CONVENTIONAL*—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES USED USED CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 1930— Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. 1937— Ford 2 Door 1910 — Ford Vj Ton Stake Body. Looks good, runs good. 19 10— Ford '/2 Ton Pick Up. Price is right. um— Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Priced to sell. 19 IS — Ford 4 Door Sedan, Healer, Seat Covers, Good Paint. 1917— Kord 4 Door Sedan, Heater, Seat Covers, Like New. 1917— Dodge «/j Ton Long Wheel Base. 19(fi— Dodge 1 Ton Panel Truck 1917— Ford Sedan Delivery Truck. Many Mor* to Choose From ille Molor Co. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4422 CHEVROLET SERVICE Gives You the Protection of Reconditioned USED CARS - ON OUR LOT TODAY -^ 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has healer and » 1949 license. 19)2 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan, beautiful blue finish, equipped with radio; outside visor, and 1949 Arkansas license. 1937 Chevrolet Coupe ... at a price you shouldn't misn. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor ... the motor, (ires, and appearance are excellent. See it today. IH37 DeSoto 2-door Sedan, has 5 tires that look like new, spot light, fog lights, and 1949 license. 1929 Model A Ford 2-door ... a good fishing car at * give-away price. TRUCKS ... 19*0 to 1918 models, large and small, long and short, 2-speed axles and regular, some with bodies, 'i and '/i-Ton, stakes and boxes. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always *lake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone S78 You're rrxildnR a wise invntmtnt when you let u« instill thii new Oldsmobile engine in your car. It'» surprisingly low in cost—lew than a major overhaul! And it'» available now, on our easy Budget Plan! In addition, thii factory-guaranteed engine—precision-tooled with new material! throughout— assures you of increased operatiug economy and lower maintenance expense. CM today For an early installation appointment. AVAILABLE FOR '37-'47 MODELS LEE MOTOR SALES 309 East Main Phone 2056 HERE'S THE PRICE... Now Come In And SEE THE CARS 19-12 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, has bright, new painl job . . . only $743. 13,'!9 Kord 2-door Sedan, new molor installed . . . $ 115. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan, newly painted . . . $715. 1940 Packard 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio and • heater, has new paint . . . $545. 194S Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, radio, healer, and while Iires . . . 1947 Mercury 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, heater and new Iires . . • $1295. 1949 Ford 5-Passenger Coupe, less than 3,000 miles, equipped with radio, heater, and seal covers . . . special ... $1695. 1939 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, a bargain if you t\tf saw one • . . $395. MANY OTHERS, OF COURSE STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Fint at Walnut Phon* 4333

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