The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
Page 2
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ca 00*11 OM ->A!gBHtt (la.) By Russ Waller Anderson, who lives in the Welp ,. chicken ' range near B&ncrdft, Went over to help with the field work on another farm operated by John Boeckholt and owned by Welp's, in the Swea Gity area. While George was cultivating hfe had quite a sur- ijfise when h6 routed two bad. gers in the field. One of them njade , for George, who decided discretion was the better part of v"alor arid went for help. Between Anderson . and Boeckholt tttc men killed the two badgers. Cater it was found that one of the yo'ung .badgers had rabies. m * * * "Mrs; Everett Steven of Sexton received a check for $5 for dh artecdote she submitted for publication in the August issue of "Together", the Methodist family magazine. Her story f olIflws: "The parishioner dozed in church, hoping not to be noticed ijy the preacher. On leaving he remarked to the minister, 'Thai Tgas a fine sermon. I certainly agreed with you.' "••>••• "I know," said the preacher ffl-avely, "I saw you nodding." *T ' * * * * Spotted in a daily, this headlyie: •-. , "" 3 MISSING IN STORM " ALONG GOLF COAST ' "Must be ; a tough course", re- fflarked Don Smith. SALUTE OF THE WEEK: .j, , - . r To Charles H. Young of Mus- cjatine, who dug into his own pocket for $2,000, to mark the It»wa portion, of the Great River' Road'(Gulf :to Canada along the Mississippi) when the Iowa attorney general' Said the highway 'commission could not spend the money to put up the signs. ?. * » * , One of those attending the regional meeting at Fort Dodge of tjie Ahepa" Society, a Greek organization, was Alex Dermand of Algona. He was a charter rfcember when this area unit was. organized, 40 years ago. Ahepu stands for "American Hellenic Educational Progress Ass'n." . „ « * * ' Our County Board of Supervisors will take up the mattei of whether the county shall or shall not purchase voting machines for future elections, at a rjjecting set for July 14. Estimated cost of the machines: $83,040 The present method of tabulating votes and eventually reporting the results to the county au djtor, is a little ancient. We have spent most of the night at the court house waiting for one 01 two final precincts to report only to find out the next morning that the precinct judges counted the votes, then went home and to bed, bringing the votes in the next morning. Even voting machines could not correct this little error. * * # " Many counties have machines and like them; one county (Vin ton) had the interesting expuri ehce a couple of years ago o finding that a machine for ont party designation in a large pn cinct had not been registering all of the votes for some years So even a machine can go bad Kossuth would require 48 machines. There is no question but that the voting could be counted and tabulated much faster. How- eVer, the present archaic method of counting by individuals could also be speeded up greatly by common sense, and if laws allowed a tabulation all through the voting day so that a running total could be maintained. * * * The present system of numerous judges, clerks and counting personnel gets a lot people into the act, but it is costly, slow and based on working by the hour. We are not advocating the expenditure of $83,000 for the machines, but we do admit that the system of counting and totaling the votes could be greatly improved. i * * * The Town Cynic remarks thai there isn't a thing wrong with this country that couldn't be quickly corrected if we.'d just let the Register & Tribune mi, tilings. * * * "Used to be a man who saved money was a miser, now he is a wonder." * * * Famous Last Line — Well you can make yourself Ridiculous without hall trying I 5t1 , Wesley, Dies; Rites Are Held Funeral services tot Clarenct E. Ward, 8S, lifelong resident of the Wesley community, were held Wednesday afternoon in the' Wesley Methodist church Rev. Robert Jones officiated and burial', was at Evergreen ceme- tei^ 'there. Blake Funeral Home was in charge" of arrangements. Pallbearers were Don Ward Chandler Ward, RaymdnrTdarl" son, Harry Peters, LeaHder Seefeld and Ed Ricke. ' ill Mr, Wardu.toho' m for manyjfftfhths^-di at Hafieoett .MemewaL* Britf,',' v'i f: ;,'• ", * /-, ,* Clarence Elmer Ward, son of Chandler ttidvfliiattsth oatfe WAfd, fats bWft Sept. 0, 1877 at Wtsfty 1 . 0ft Feb. 6, 1008 he was married to J6sephine Short af Wesley and Mr. and Mrs. Wafd lived their entire married life there. She died in 1667. Mr. Ward is survived by a son, Earl, Clear Lake, a daughter Erma "(Mrs. J. M. Kunz), Wesley, a brother, George, Clear Lake, and three sisters, Mrs. Anna Karnan, Snohomish, Wash., Mrs. Mary Peters, Wesley, and Mrs. Ed Wolf, Sanborn, Minn. Besides his wife,'.'he was preceded in death by aft infant, son, two brothers and a Show ; ''Summer Rhapsodies 1 ' the ain> nual tlower show sponsored bj the Ttionka Federated Club,' Will be HIM ir£the,4ch^W|aich fddftt' rolg'|0. ^jjtfdt^tffd speakeK Alfred Hanson of'Goldfield, The 8 lowed by a lei vited tp attend, both. Tht show! will* be open to the publle from ' James Funeral Held Here Monday funeral services for '.James 1 EL McEnroe,,95, Well-know^ life-; long Algonft 'area resident, were held Monday at fi;30 a.m.. in St.' Cecelia's Catholic church- Msgr.1 p, p. Geaten followed at Home was in charge of arrange/ ments. ' • Pallbearers at'the.'-rltes were! John Hopkins, Ralph Lindhofst, Bob MdDdnald, Archie' Elbert; 'Ambrose Lickteig and Phil Afn^' dorfer. , , Mr. McEnroe, ' who Mjoyed; very good • health fibnsidfering. his advanced years, died iri. his sleep while,taking a nap fit his home here on East McGfegor street Friday afternoon. He lived with his daughter, Kathleen, Who found him dead when 'she returned home. ' Affectionately called Jim bj> everyone who knew him, ahd most persons in this area did hfe was born in Plum Creek tdwhship where his parents Owen and Catherine Quinn McEnroe, lived,in-a sod, house, His birth date was "Feb. 25, 1866 and 6 cella's' church here m 1893 ahd famed ' for years" In this ' area ;prior<to his retirement Mien, he nioved to his home m Algona. Mrs. Mdfinr66 preceded him- itt death many years ago. ftc%M'ltorta;», , an! MrS.'fcyle E. Pugh, Mason City; a brother, William, Mason City; two sisters, Mrs. M.. Nobel, Klfflbferly; Idaho, afld Bertha M. McEnroe, Los Angeles; a granddaughter, and twb great-grandchildren. Wesley Man's Brother Dies Wesley — The Orville Smiths and other relatives and friends attended the funeral Monday in •;, SmWf ibrto%ert\E uvoy)' .Smith? 10, wKb/fed day of a heart attack, while Working in a. field. Rev. Paige, officiated "at the 'sertfceis;. - < , Mr. Smith- was faorii dec. fi 1900 to Ren - and ' Lilly Eafp Smith at_ Ppntiac, j ,.lll,- A ,He .was they- fafftfed' u o ,. H! is'sii^ed by hiS'wiff'and four sons,- James, Harry, Gerald and Kenneth, all of Britt; a sis- teri-Mrs. Cecil Hildebfand , of Britt;-three brothers,'Will and Glen of Britt and Orville of Wesley,' and'"six grandchildren. , „ . ",l ... ,.• «.*'-*; Class Reunion _^ ,-.'d — The 193ft gradual'. ing class 'bf Ledyard high schoo will hold* its twenty-fifth anni Versary reunion at the schoc Sunday, July 23, from 11 unt. 4 o'clock. **JVST CAWT National's 3-Star CORNPED BEEF NATIONAL MEAT* 9 i.iiur ftltbli II, Bltbll •>HrrM Delight your-.famlly with thU fine Beef roast, a perfect example Of CORN FED, •mmttefied flavor anj jutcy ~)«nciern«li. Cut and Trimmed VALUfeWAY..a -' PER LB. WE GIVE King Korn STAMPS PRICES GOOD THRU SA CORN FED FRONT BEEFQUARTERS ,p e<J Bee f -'.*''•''•-'. TOP TASTE Braunsc P*rLb..... You ar* weteome to come in to our coolers and choose your own quarter. We will gladly cut it and wrap iHo your loedficatioM FREE. x PER LB. TOP TASTE SLICED C Cooked Ham SO FRESH Perch Fillets 1-0,1*9. 29* ARMOUR'S STAR 49« Canned PICNICS 59 FROZEN SRAPE DRINK ' WELCHADE ROBfl.ROSS SUM-R-AID. 2 t.«. C<M 29' 25« Just about lOdy. pinl, lutey tender eatin' meat,that't so good «Hh«r hoi or cold ... NATCO SPARKLING BEVERAGES 10 Flivot Fivorlt.i In 24-ot. N» D.p«it BoHI.1 22? SWISS MISS FROZEN FRUIT * It's Easy Sandwich Fixin' Time! * Get Plenty of Fresh Top. Taste Bread . . .Plus Broofcfield For CeoT D«t»rh or SaUdj, CYPRESS GARDENS ^ Ml GRAPEFRUIT CHUNKSS."!.!.; 5 COCK-O-THE-WALK, Sliced Mb. Print F«r -'- • ••***-- Ptacn, Apricot, Grape, Plum P»ae?i, Apricot, Grape, Pfum : V 1 ~ €4 B-Z PURE PRESERVES r 5 <« 5 1 Sfrawberry, Blackberry • , J| »^| B-Z PURE PRESERVES r... ,vr.. 4 <« $ l Bfaclb»rry, Elderbtrry, Grape, Raipb., Sfrawb. Orchard Fresh JELLY Appte Bait 20-ot. Jar .. * COOL Summer Salad SUGGESTIONS * Mate Any Salad Better with SO FRESH m f_ SALAD DRESSING "i ! r!.::±.. 43° SEA CLUB 3CA l-LUB . • A WHITE MEAT Grated TUNAt" 19° F«°?H ^COTTAGE A S±:Si.- 1 » cheese M ^ PEANUT BUTTER Skippu •Iwayi a fivorita fj JM ^^^m Plain Of Chunky 12-01. Jar • rol.Y FILM HANDIWRAP 24c an, FIRST at NATIONAL JAW PAW. 32-et. Grape Drink HUE IIRD. 34-01. 'Grape Juice ORCHARD FRESH. <&•«. Orange Drink YOUR CHOICE 29 Waxtex loo-Ft. M 25c ALL-BRAN BUDS "IF "BIG G" COUNTRY CORN FLAKES With Rice ll'/a-O*. 27' JVST_CAN'T Bl/F FRESHER, FINER PRODUCE * Good On Purchase Of CHASEandSANBORNCOFFEf TENDER YOUN© \ 6QLPEN KERNEL v LIPTON TEA THE 'SRiSK' HA 27c Cornl29 • WE HATB QUALITY BINO CHEBRIES and APBICOT8 •t'tbt LOWEST MKT, FWCC3 ELBERTA FREEstw,« Paches 2 u*. ©rapes TtNOtR LEAF (I0c PEAL) "Jflfi f ' C PEAL ° M Instant Tea fr':. J .'.':....,.., 79 Lux Liquid ^ ^ .„., Graham Crackers IS .. 3? Lux Toilet Soap™ 3 »"31' '|KBirtWifc SUNKIST JUICY Lemons 0*1 f ,M. CAUFORNIA Nectarines E Reliih Tray Delight* Stuffed Olives KATOO 4Vi-0«. JM Queen Olives NATQO Stuffed Ollvei 7'/,-0*. Jar .;..,, Kraft Cheese CRACK2B RABBET lO-o*. . Stick ,.! ........ l-Lb; , I 2-3^ 6S49« 5 % $ t r% «d Bom ST.. 8 , ' ..... ... BALL—PERFECT SEAL RFECT SEAL |% AAft L *R<»E PACKAGE gm^ Rubbers 51, ..... 3 * 33' Rinso Blue . ..... , ............. „ 33' HB.. I3-C3E. PK&. .. For SIZE FREE SILVERWARE WITH <3>i,nt Pi 8 - • Andy|;.;.,;;7. 39* Swan Liquid „,.,..,..;,„„,/ BREEZE u, 9 , ^.:^r^;/ 31° Spry'shor^nlnf .This. Ad .1*. Tall, and REDIKULOUS BARGAINS Aft! At these prices, your home tob can have "Wall-to-Wall TV" . , , our aim Is a TV set in every room and, two In the bathroom . . . and by golly, at these prices we may do (t. We've junked all the junkers and these used TV sets left will work . . . if they don't just bring them back to our store NEXT RIDICULOUS DAYS. 21 ™ 9 Westinghouse TABLE MODEL Yes, it's yours for just 99 sents . . . the picture tube is weak but she works. Get here early Friday .for this one. 99t 17 f f ZENITH CONSOLE MODEL We've got two of these — $2.99 each or both for. five bucks . . . dollars not Indians. They are Twins . . . and they play like them too, the Minneapolis Twins that isl $ 2.99 AND NOW HERE ARE OTHER OUTSTANDING BARGAINS WE WILL HAVE ON DISPLAY IN FRONT OF OUR STORE AND IN OUR BASEMENTJDURING RIDICULOUS DAYS FRIDAY & SATURDAY! 21" WESTINGHOUSE CONSOLE. It works but has no knobs $9.99 21" MUNTZ TABLE MODEL With stantf, a real white elephant $9.99 21" PHILCO TABLE MODEL In popular Ebony Finish $12.95 21" HOFFMAN CONSOLE works good, in mahogany $49.99 21" TRAVELER CONSOLE Good shape, yours for only _„___^ $49.99 21'' WESTINGHOUSE TABLE model, wtih stand, ready to use $39.99 21" PHILCO TABLE MODEL A dust-collector but good $39.99 21" CORONADO TABLE MODEL, Has stand, will travel • we hope $39.95 21" MAGNOVOX TA3LE MODEL. Blonde < dandy $49.95 COMBINATION RADIO & RECORD PLAYER, This console Magnovox in mahogany finish it a beauty, formerly owned by a local doctor __: $39.95 OTHER USED TVs UP.TQ $125 S'MOT RADIO ST» • ASK FOR TQM BICH w HB'J THI 6UY'.THAT: TAKES CAR! OP THf TVI

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