The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 21
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A ffOMAN'S, LfFE , 'times 'seems to 1 eaflsist of' one petty problem after another/ There's Always softie, decision to make* whether mental, frioral or financial. Since we can't put our problems for a brainy day we - have* td dopd with' them as we go' aloftg. • • » * NOWADAYS, ALMOST everything can be the subject of a quiz. This- one is designed to enable ;y"oii .to find, out .what, you'd do'In. various domestic'sit- uations. Read the questions carefully, check' one of the three answers,! and^ ,wheit , ,y t ou, t gei through [you'll -have' your ;cope- ability It&tio, > or* sbniefh'ing. . , J IN « • *.,'»„,, t I. YQtml NEIGHBOR HAS A bacltyaM' full off, choice, petunias. One day your pre-schooler comes home with <a ftlgj A t>unch of petunias which hevgr'aciously presents to yOt!j., WHich would you do in this? afii^lfim?' (a)- Gently but fi«rily^ : i|lea^; jhim; by the hand anc^ Kavei him apologize for getting i'cau'ght' stealing, (b; Thank; the-' child; and pretend you thought,-that petunias grew in your ow,n backyard, (c) Send the kid back' oyer.vfo the neighbors to swipe enough more flowers so that you can fill; your othei those little; unexpected gifta One" night'he comes Hotne from Work nlucH much-later than Usual, t clutching a' big box of candy which he gives to you. What do you do? (a) Smell his breath, (b) Make him eat the first piece Of candy just in case it is poisoned, (c) Give hinra big hug and dash .around to cook him' his favorite supper., 3. you* HAVE 'COMPANY for dinner and while the guests 'Wait in the dining room, you are all alone 'in the kitchen. When you go-to-take the roast out ot the oven, the pan" slips and the md'at falls on the floor. What is your solution to this problem? (a) Pick Up the meat, dust it off and add more parsley to the beat-up side.'(b) Tell the guests frankly what happened, serve the .roast anyway but explain that the floor was clean because you scrubbed it Tuesday. (ti> Open up .a can of Spam. • '*.••».-.« 4. YOU ARE AT A PARTY but you aren't having much fun. On the other hand, your hus-. band is having a gay old time for himself and he's spending the entire evening off in the corner with a luscious little blonde number. What do you do? '(a) Naomi De Boer Engaged To Wed in September You're Invited To The ST. BENEDICT SuMMIR FESTIVAL Baseball Gdrfies — Entertainment For All-^ bonce In The Evening SUNDAY/JULY 16 CHICKEN-IN-THE BASKET-only SO Mr. and Mrs; UHbe DeBoer, Frost, Minn., annoltrice the engagement of their daughter: Mary Naomi, to David W. Pratt, son of Mr. and:Mrs) Floyd Pratt' Blue Earth, Miiini' A September wedding .is planned. Miss DetJoer attended Mankato State and is employed at Naeve hospital, Albert Lea. Mr. Pratt is a graduate of the Minnesota School of Business and, is an apcountan' i n Minneapolis. (UDM Engraving) , vase. .* ,• * * 2. YOUR . HUSBAND HAS never been much on giving you Clobber him right then and there, (b) Wait Until you get in the car on the way home to clobber him. (c) Clobber him in the. morning when he's feeling much worse _ for wear. * * »'; ' 5. YOU ARE HELPING YOUH fifth grader with his homework You can tell at first glance that his arithmetic problems are w^aj beyond'yoUr depth. What do yOu do? (a) Help him and let the kid flunk arithmetic, (b) Firmlj state that although you could do the problems just fine, it wouldn't be honest for you to do so. (c) Tell the youngster to wait until his Dad gets home. He's always had an eye for good figures. t t c 6. ONE OF YOUR ACQUAIN- tances. is < a good soul, but she, is" also somewhat"bf a 'bbre. 'WHtJrf she comes to call, she talks ana talks and stays and stays. This time 1 you happen to see her coming up the walk before she rings the door bell. What do you do? (a) Hide in the basement, (b) Hide in the bathroom, (c) Hide under the bed. < * * * 7. YOU ARE OVERDRAWN at Standard Dealers / ACCEPTBDlj -...has been patented by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT »,,and only Standard Dealers, have it I Jlere's positive proof there's nothing like M^P G, the exclusive additive' in both great new gasolines at your Standard Oil Dealer'^ that boosed jnUeege Q% in a 2V4 -million'mile city-traffic driving tejstl/ ".'.." "" ,( —— r-'f'.TT .-.t.1 - - • ' ,1 ';'' The granting of a U. S. Government patent on a product means only one thing} . • the product is unique—it stands alone, In' £euf. hduSetotpfftf.fcefcdifl'U, the toafek, "Bdth y6Uf,' huMwfL snd thg banket ffown,up6ft.«uen. things, and datl thent UfibUSlfieiS." like. What do you &6l (a) f$f up thfe dVer-'draft hotice and pfe- tend, yeu didn't receive It, (6; Make a clean breast of lUo ytitir husband ahd explain that you'll sirriply have'to have mote tnort- sy for groceries' but, hide thai new hat until the storm blows over, (c) Charge thie groceries' until «iext pay, day., .', ;, , fli A 3ALESMAM COMES tO your door and you attswer It. -Ma looks right, at-you and asks'if you*' mother Is «t Home, -\ynat do'ybu 'do? W)'»Blttfh prettily, admit you are the lady df, the house and b'uy his MlltK f£6pk of can opened, (b) WUMfflfy" Jto, Mother Isn't hofne.and She Wttftffc be .back until next Week'. (e)*Asfc the salesman how long "It's been since he..had his eyes examined. ' * ' » * . . 9. YOU HAVfi MADE SO^B purchases in a store which you paid for'with a five dollar bill The clerk gives you change for a ten dollar bill. Your sharp-eyed youngster is With, you and they nave just finished learning counting change in the store at school. How do you cope with this? (a) Call the child's attention to something in the other direction from the cash register ft>) Clap your hand over his moUth, (c) Give him a nickel and tell him to go. Into-the store next door,- to get an Ice cream cone. » * L *" WHEN Y6tf HAVE. COM- pleted this quiz,, add: up' all the answers you have che'cked/under (a)) divide it by twice the,;nurti- ber of yoUr (b) ans / wei?sK'mum- piy your '(c) answers ,.by- the number of fifth Fridays' in this year. Then lay down for a SfnaU nap. You don't want to knovv your cope-ability ratit), anywiy/ do you? * • • THE PAST FEW MONTHS. I have been having some correspondence with a lady I find most delightful. She's Jessie Shearer Camp, a resident of Friendship Haven at Fort Dodge, and a fellow writer. Recently she wrote, "I'have always'been connected with the law, as my husband was a lawyer in Crestqn and I was a legal secretary until I ,weht into court reporting, which occupation I followed for a number of years. I did so enjoy the trials of cases in court, and the association with lawyers and judges. Every case brings out different points of law and : ,t{ieir idnterpretation,/, it; seems; and it • was most interesting to me to see how cases are built up, with material evidence retained, the immaterial rejected on valid objections by opposing counsel." * . * * MRS. CAMP SAID EVERY- thing at Friendship Haven is lovely now; The 35 acres of grounds are beautiful and so many flowers everywhere that it is like living in a park. She is an avid gardener and writes, "The lady.who had the plot next to me ,la$t year concluded to take another flower bed this year,; so I annexed the one she .had whijch I now call my 'north 40' and my original plot I refer to as my 'south 40'." She raises onions and tomatoes and has one plot all flowers. Mrs. Camp sent me zi booklet compiled by members of Friendshio Haven writers groups. The stuff is really good and the writers exhibit discerning eyes and a lot of good humor, I especially enjoyed one of Mrs. Camp's contributions: GARDENING A philoshper of old, Wise among men, Said: A task well done Needn't be done again. Maybe so. I beg his pardon, Did this phjlospher ever weed a garden? —GRACE — named far what it does-* means More Mites per Gallon, It's in both, AMERICA^* Gasolines at your Standard Dealer's. It keeps throats of new carburetors clean, it removes deposits from, the throats of dirty carburetors. Arid the use of this exclusive* detergent additive boosted roiteege by 6% in a gj^-milliont mile city-traffic driving test ! Get the positive benefit of MaP G— thu' additive that has been awarded a patent Gasolines! YOU expect nwrg 9(|«l IT4K04BO Qf AH68IC/U 9H, ' STRAYER STANDARD SERVICE DIAL CYpress 4-3372 STATE & JONES Homemakers Met The PJum Creek Homemakers met June 28 at the community room wilh Mrs. August Slaglo, JVJrs. John Scuffham, Mrs. Lcla Gardner, ftilrs. Harold Qatton as assistant hostesses. The program; a i Urn on tancer, was shown and Wtplalned 6y ikt*. Phil OiBftibhti; The nominating comrillttee. foi next year are as follows; Mrs. Emma Paetz, Mrs. Gleti Oabriel- son. How New Laws On Soc. Security May Affect You Several important changes in the Social Security law will affect many persons in this area according to Clifford W. SWed- lung, manager of the Fort Dodge Social Security district office. 'Men do not need to?Walt until July ; ~ ' Al||>nc»jft«.) age 65 in order to apply for benefits. They may take their payments at a reduced ' :t Ate if they are <J2 or older. However, there is still a limit of $1,200 which a person may earn in a year and still draW benefits foi all, months in the year. Uhuer the,new law the lowest payment a worker will receive if he, or she, retires at age 65. or older is $40 per month. Benefits to aged widows who are draw-, ing on their husband's credits will be increased 16%. These increases will be automatic—you do not heed to contact the social security office to get these increases. "Most people heed less credits to qualify for payments. If you have applied before for social . seciirtity, payments and ,wetio tiirnBd down because you did not have enough credit,-you should recheck to see if. you can qualify under these new; changes ih the law. These changes'' are .effective AugusJ, .1961. --,.. < If you ,wiish sbcfal security information or w'ish to file a claim, get in touch with the social security representative who comds to this county, or contact the district office located in Room 220 of the New Post Office in Port Dodge. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT It WATER SOFTENIR CALL CY 4-4240 ALOONA PLUMBING AND HEATING 311'A E. Nebroika Algeria, la. 1 Be safe--•leetricallyl All major appliances, all electric chore equipment, all power tools jheuld bd grounded properly, Use three-prong elec* tricql pvtlets. f relll f Uctrlc »«rvlc> or nirel lomlllt« gl Phtmt 99 f HwmbaldV Terrific value! Giant-sized!, WESTINGHOUSE 2-DOOR REFRIGERATOR 'with separate ifood freezer Exchange <, Reg, Value $349.95 LOOK AT ALL THESE FEATURES} Butter and Cheeso Compartment Full-Width, Full-Depth Shelves You can be sure.Jf it's Westinghtiuse ^ Full-Width Porcelain Veietabli Crisper /oti get so many deluxe fea* tures in^his V/estinghousa -'piOs automatic defrosting"fn the refrigerator section. In a two-door refrigerator, this. Westinghouse is your best buy dollar for dollar. Prove It tor yourself. Come In for a demonstration today. BEECHERLANE APPLIANCE TERMS "Wildest Trader in Town' TERMS Ask your dealer about a real cool extra-cost option-Chevrolet air conditioning. Zmpala Convertible Summer time-and the saviri is easy! It'll pay you plenty to pad over to your Chevrolet dealer's One-Stop Shopping Center anfl get 1)3 on aH the excitement there. Because Jet-smooth Chevrolets are outselling every other make of car, he's able to turn on the savings like nobody else in town. Have him fit you with an elegant Impala, a popular Bel Air or a budget-wise Biscayne, Or maybe with one of those six sweet-going, .cargo-craving Chevy wagons. Just bring along your desire to own a lot of car at an easy-to-own price. Chevy and your "™" Chevrolet; dealer will look after the rest njcely, thank you. Chevy Cortair Alottga CM Coups Save-a*bijndle buys on Corvairs, too! The climate be better for getting into one of these. Yessirree, juicy July buys pn the Moj}33s with their family-style sports-car spirit . , , on the nimble,'nickel-nursing Corvair 500's and 700's , . . on Uw 6-Passenger Lakewood Wagons , . * and on those Greenbrier Sports Wagons with up to twice the space of regular wagons. Need more be said? Your Chevrolet dealer is the man to tails to, See the new Chevrolets at your local authorized Chevrolet KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HAU ALGONA , IOWA CY 4*3514

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