The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 20
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:'.*„-*.,- U, I' f'^\''i v<>."<'':' i rj" 1 " '••' ',,* , The Census' Bureau -.the and 19?0 to, .. this .gain will, be at a ,„,„„ ratfe'tHtin slor thS'natlbn IBS a whale,'-6s f6fB$een fi^ the ihfefiase" SO%*Census Bureau,^. Whjch Is* pro"6% jetted at-,« 22%'lncreasg by 1970. LAKE - r.* . 1 ! ,* iJS * * . , f *• HOAAJS At westEY RENWICK , t . LuVEftNE' TITOIMKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED -RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Offie Connie's Column I KNEE POPPERS S'mar t es t • stitcher on bur street borrowed her .".three-year-.- r'old's coloring book, cut out big animal-shapes from colored denim. She appli- qued these over,the knees of Sonny's cover-alls with' colored yarn, then added button-eyes to the stitched critter. (Can you beat that?) POSY HOLDER Mrs. F." D.'Meyer of Mankato, Minn., reminds us plastic strawberry biaxes can lea'd a double life. Fill them with dampened; shredded styro-. : foam from the florist. Invert", box in large container. Stick fresh" flowers into this easy holder, taking care to keep them "balanced." SWIFT SWEET Mrs. Jane Chace, of Wisconsin, says vanilla ice cream takes just a mite of beating to replace whipped cream on Summer shortcakes. (Wouldn't tonight be tasty timing for a fresh-peach model?) CHILL THRILL Did you know many gas refrigerators have i served good cooks faithfully for 25 years — while a recent Eastern survey proved other types of refrigeration have an average "life" of 15 years? Modern gas refrigerators keep your food cold without frost, serve up just-right Summer salads and desserts. Tis a wise time to shop gas refrigerators, at your local gas company or gas appliance dealer! , POP PLEASER Next time Odd goes fishing, tiend his carpenter apron along. It's too tough to tea* or snag easily, .suggests , Evelyn Franklin of Minriea- • polis, Minnesota: The ; large, pockets hold bait, extra lines, hooks, fish stringers — and even, says wise Evelyn, a folded plastic raincoat* POTATO SALAD ITALIENNE This ripe-olive-rich salad makes you an "international" hostess, says C. Marie Elsasser of Omaha, Nebr. Blend together 3 Tbsp. olive' oil, 1 Tbsp. vinegar, 1 fop. * gra ted onion, '1 % > tsp. salt . and Ys tsp, black pepper,. Pour over 2 cups hot diced* boiled potatoes. Toss lightly; cool thoroughly. Cut up one cup pitted ripe olives. Add to cooled potatoes, along with 2 diced hard-cooked eggs, J /2 cup diced cetery, 1 cup diced cucumbers, fa cup diced dill pickles, % cup diced pimento and % cup mayonnaise. Let flavors mingle in gas refrigerator. Serve to six. EASY LIVIN' No wonder Grandma says we homemakers have it easy. No more matches and kindling wood, buckets on the stove, garbage cans, coal shovels, heavy baskets of wash, or overflowing drip- pans under an "icebox"! Natural gas, and all our wonderful gas-fueled appliances, make homemaking so much nicer. Your local gas company gets a constant supply of this low-cost luxury fuel from Northern Natural Gas Company. (Sure hope you're taking advantage of it.) C Mf«. Ethel Gilles had as vis tors June 26 and 27 her niece and husbancLMf. and Austin, Waplll6; They route to ijlfi BfecU H ,--. ' • ;4.» < r * 5 < Fuoht G«ttfc « Waudaln'i j R<J tary News, 'and I f Ve reached Jhf- point too, "Toitey says When a fellow gets along in y^afS he finds the. best >' night spot* Is his own bed." /' * * • * ! From ihe skme source, and how dumb can one be, "Buzzj tells about the city girl who thought a meadowlark was a rural picnic." '••> * f ; < ' *<i ' Agaiha Hansert v'£r6JUghi her hduse guest, Alice 'Benjamin, for a call Mdnday, 'afternoon June 26. What- a ' gdod visit W'P had. Alice looks fine, a bit or the chubby side, but most of us are getting that way— "pleasing ly plump" you k'n6#!~ Her sister-in-law, tyary Benjamin Me Dade, will be' remembered. She lives at OrlandOt lUa.', .200 miles from Alice ,at Miami, but they see each other quite ( often. • • » The city rose- garden is beau- iful, but I too have a rose garden just outside my window [•here are some lovely blossoms Chris" hasn't mentioned his for while. I wonder how it is do"' ' , A caller whom I was glad to v e was Sophie Pousch of Oel,vein who had come to attend Presbyterian dedication. She. nd her husband Bob were ouse guests of Mrs. Sarah" Qei- el. With her!; when she called vas E.ynn, daughter of 'Mr. and ATS. Kenneth- Bakken, who wert ere from California. Mrs. Baken is the former Pat Pollard. 'he Pouschs have moved from Guttenberg to. Oelwein. Wednesr ay evening I met Pat when she ame to see Mattie McWhorter, was sitting on the front porch o catch the delightful breeze nd was glad to meet her. I've' written about her and the fam- .y over quite a number of years >ut had never seen her. A part f our conversation was about he muu-muu she wore. A pretty reation I've only seen in win- lows so far. Comforatable look- ng too. ^ ^ ^ I am glad a story I read re- centty -about ice cream cones mentioned the year they were introduced. This told about the cones made from, a waffle-like mixture, rolled piping hot around a metal cone shaped! * attiele, then filled WMh ice creaitt: -My introduction tpHiheiftftyiJ! " *"" "" * 35 i-.AMii. , t\j ,. ^iitfjje 3 L *!$ , and ;< spdhl" July* F6uBh*a«<'<fimfflfets burg with their sort-in-law and d&Ughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ear;. Booth. Mrs. Booth is a member . . of the Saddle Club and for tht first time her parents saW r ride. One 1 Of the best celitrfajti j| k eyef attended was therej ''"" what, ijCMbt 'liejyojfc'at'v.A v***v.*v« , vv the many dollars saved in inating them from men's suits One young man didn't kno,W» such a pocket was, for with wrist wfltfchBsYln'CVogue. these nmny.-'jfalrlJa, p~,dc8St,for a watch certainly \Hs ''Superfluous. Can you i-remember when the ladles wofe~"16h]g chains";'aro'urid their necy ,and the' watdi tucked into the belt? 'I re&embe'r my moth„-•» ~~A tha itf+itf' pockets she 1 '' with Mrs. Dan BarrW, whose 'hutiMttd. dlfed mi J»ha ' "" . 6on and Lucille MulcW«6H anii ,tlieir daughter Joanne wondertar«ve Week tp rV* 7,200 miles. They left hert s Ariz., and there a*. er's and the watcHes .'\&ere| ,th& belt. Lateji - on the • WCA«9tV AftM4AQt Wil V'J,^* *J\J i, what w^Sfcalled chate- uiio t/j... a fancM.'p&uwith a hook on lhe j tlridersiSe, Mr the watch . years ago when - Hazel way S.UREHEKNOW5HEWON THE RACE, BUT HE LIKES TO pur IN AN EXTRA LAP BECAUSE OF THAT SURPLUS VITALITV HE 6ET5 FROM DF?WKIN< CONSOLIDATED MILK/ © Northern Nqtyra! Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska TEMPER take off at $2156§3 • •^•^^•^0 . a^ii ^^QI^F ^^BHpy CHHBHHHHi (Manufacturer's Sjgg»6teJ RsUil Prlc» for coupe shown.) ' Includss whifewoll tir«s, custom wheel discs, Federal Excise Tax and suggested dealer delivery »nd handling charge. Other accessories and optional equipment, transportation charges, state and local taxes are additional. SEE PONTIAC'S TEMPEST AT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED PQNTIAC PEAUER SCHULTZ BROS, on , ,Wstehees'never"-inteffsted me till the'wrist styles''came into vogue. -. .* , j ,: •• •»->*. ,* With no kin around here and his wife a resident at Good Samaritan, Claude White mighi have spent a lonely birthday June 29. Thanks to a thoughtful sister, Mrs. Frank Lillie, Linden, they had dinner together at a cafe, she spent the-day with him, and also came to be with the wife, Adele,' a few hours. « • * - •» I don't have a ' 25 year old .wedding 'dress to try on and get into as did Mrs. Ray Buscher Belle Plairie, but I would like to be able to get into my graduation dress. Statistics at that time were 34-21-32. And what are the numbers now? I'm not telling but from -93 pounds then to 115~ now is quite a jump! * * * It reminds me of a post card my father had whereon wat printed—"Backward turn backward, oh time in your flight— 45 years would be about right, Cover my head with hair as of ,jy o f Glen's, yore, give back my teeth good and sound to the core. Let me again without spectacles see. Oh; Hallelujah How Happy I'd be!" » • * * : It is hard enough to sleep on a hot, humid night without haying insects add. their noise to the fan and the': general unrest I don't , know what it was, crieket probably, but he was a noisy fellow. I've heard they ^^ _ make that rasping noise by rub- Dinner gues bing their hind legs together dor f home. Well, I think this fellow will be on crutches the rest of the summer. I had Mrs. McKim throw a glass of water in his genera direction but he .only caught his breath , to . begiri. again. She thought there 'was a pair. That being the case he was probably wooing. His companion must have been cool, and unresponsive, so he'd renew his courting with added vigor, I hope they go house-hunting ' in a location far from me. Heavens! If it is a case of unrequited love, he may be back again tonight to express. his disapp.ointment! Amy Johnson i* back from a two week vacation-June 16 tc July 1. She spent a part of il with her son-in-law' and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent El man, Lakota, and was at Em metsburg with her brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs Jack Stavers. Mrs. Stavers has been in poor health for sorm time. And now it's AnnabeJli Elbert's turn for a vacation. * * * Nell Potter is a "pink lady" and dropped in for a chat Friday.-We spoke of weddings and I was against them in hot wca ther—too hard to look glamor ous and get into finery with the thermometer registering 90- plus. She said she was married December 5 and added wintei marriages have disadvantages too, for when she and her husband celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, the weather was so bud many relatives couldn't get to it. So theru you aie—take your choice. • * - » • Dorothy Tolsdorf and little sons Mike, 2la, and Tony, 10 tnopths, called on me the other day. They were here till aftei tht 1 Fourth of July and were joined by her husband Bob foi the weekend (This is being will- ten June 30). They have been visiting the parental Ed Haggh and the Rudy Tolsdorfs at Spir it Lake. Bob and Dorothy liv*. at Wellman, not far from lows Qity and Bob is one gf the managers On 8 turkey ranch. There arc BO many birds and I don'I recall the exact number, so I'll merely say a great many art jrqwn. Mttte is a very nice, IQV- abl<' boy and Tony is a perfeci cherub-all smiles at)d gurgles'. •;,..-• » » • Th« reporter who called Zora Lynrt Bakken Zodie isn't goinj to find favor in her eyes. Lynt despises the name Zodie and Jy»! gained the pioinisu of h«i harenls "to call her Lynn. Sophie Pousch conformed and introduc f'4. her as Lynn and il was from another source 1 learnc-d of th Ski's iiyersion to Zodie, '*.' t * "'* y Mis. Cora Martin is spendin wctiU at Mai-ion, b.^fj. for^TUCSOn, Ariz., ana were a- tended the graduation ef Jo T anne. 'from there, the ffimily went to Torrence, Calif, to vis- It the daughter Nancy and her husband, Norman Newton and the children, Michael and Ann From there they went td Plow ing Hill, N. C. t6 visit with Don's brother-in-laW and Sister, Mr and Mrs. Quincy Driimmond She is the former' Isabel Hutchison. • * * , Karen Havoichick has been attending a baton teachers camp at the Wisconsin Dells. I asked her if Tommy < BartleM, still has his Water Carnival. • She said he has but she- didn't get to see it. He was advertised - *""' a few Lusby Lizzie Post and I were there but the season had closed so all we saw was the ads along the Lizzie and I saw him in . Chicago when we at'ended his ''Welcome Travelers" program at the Sherman hotel. Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor Fitch Albert Behnke and Ida Chais- j-on of Alberta, Canada are vis- /cing their sister, Hannah Behn- xe.. . ••; : •••• . " ' . • '-.'•• Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett jpent Sunday visiting their daughter and family, the Andrew Hansens at Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Larsen ana family went to Radcliff to spend the weekend with an army bud- r of Glen's. Mr. and Mrs. William Champion of Lone .Rock were Thursday, evening- 'visitors in s/the- < -P; ' ' ,. . . W. Marlow and .family were Sunday dinnei guests in the William Giffbrd hc-me of I •one Rock. ^"Mr. and Mrs'. 'Donald Ringsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Brink Shipler of Swea' City and Mrs, Lulu ^ingsdorf of Burt were Sunday 'dinner guests in the Roy Rings HevV, Slid Mf». Max Qbtdmfif —- - M>, aiWMrS. " . the Hdwam'S nd ' D JriestSftl bfrte Sunday evening In honbf df Mrs. Goldman's birthday. -, , , , Mrs. Howard Sparks' atterided a ' -------- ""' Ou **' JPattfl- * d vaj } rf *T** i mi.v4 ^.ri* kj»i* *». *«v/*w»- ^£T! f ielsen lita family, 'Ms, Rosa ffiKi- sen of Algbna and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Pitch. Korene and Judy coi c, oree a enjoyed a picnic and swimming at Crystal'^ Lake-, (Sunday. /• Mri'iM?ltolA.ttWj}frd Spark! visited: 1ft* the' GuylOifriond home Sunday evening -Mr.-? and Mrs' Howard Dawson, ! and family of Casper, Wyoming) sister of Mrs. Sparks, arrived -'Sunday for e month's visit >wlth' relatives here, Mrs. Harold "Becker returned home Sunday 'Fleming after be* ing gone a'Weekv Mrs. Tonj'Trenary has been ofl- the sick list/ The' doctor has or>\ dered complete^ 'rest for her. Mr. a-nd Mrs, iRalph Marchal of Tell City, Indiana arrived Saturday evening at the Tom Tre- n'ary home and will spend about a week .here visiting relatives Mrs. Marchal is a niece of Mr. Trenary. . , Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barslow Jr. 'and Craig Allen of- Swea and Mr. and Mrs. James Horiken of Algona were Sunday visitors in the Stanley Ruse home. 1 "Want to forget your troubles? Try wearing tight shoes". _, Don't worry. 'about the future It might not last 'too long". PICK UP A 6-PACK ifStift-tipenedcitru* at in every bright/ and bubbly sip. • , Ex-Pastor - Rev. Arthur S. Huese.r, • pastor- of the First Baptist ... .church here for several years .during the thirties, died following a stroke' at Ogdeni Utah,- Tuesday. v Funeral services will be held tomorrow (Friday) afternoon there. He had been teaching music at Ogden for the past several years A son, Ray, Fairmont, and two other children survive. Fenton Man Wins .(;: .Derirtis'OhW'bfVFentorV .wbW'a sectional during the big drawing and July Fourth program at tht Starlite Prjve-In Theater here. Tuesday evening. -A large crowd watched the fireworks display on,? . of . the • many features of -the event. LEDGER SHEETS — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co.. Algona. ••™^™«™^"^^^~-« Let Us Restore Yoiir WASH WEAR with OUR PROFESSIONAL .JCA.RE They Netd tt, T00! Our finlsHing b'r'ne ywr sw'hei * t» wwr «nd again I t Snaps Colors Bock * Resists Wrinkles toMft! , sn,d Sell I f Helps Held Br«p f 5el»5 Yow Nothing Find it fast in the YELLOW PAGES of your phone book , • ' -tf - ' , • <'!_ ' ' . '• This Summer! ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONERS Don't be without the comfort of Air Conditioning ,,thi* »umrner — not when it costs so little and when you 'can have It so quick- Get delightfully COOL air — that lets you laugh at summer sun! Get pleasantly CRISP air — without the irritable heavy humidity of mer weatherl Get healthful CLEAN air T-fre« fr9m airborne dust, bacteria and pollen! from carton to comfort In minutes! See or call flmr Alg«ni ««tctfle »Rp|li^<ai,d«9lBr now. Hf h»i an il»c,tric.Roem Air Condltlotwr tfl .fit yeur n«*0f« Ht MO initaH it in *m*M«r Pi, minwt« — «n<|, preitoj have AIR CQNOITIONINOJ Algona Muoioipal Utilities MIAMI ttUOWN ft- '}. •,

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