The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 16
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Oa.) Upfttf ttet MdjftM Kossuth Leads State In Diverted Farm Acreage Reunion Held By Foerlsch Family, Wesley Kossttth county has mote acre's of land placed in the 1961 feed grain farm program than any other county in Iowa. There are 2,601 farms par ticipating, a 79 percent'total, with 68,198 acres being taken out ot feed grain production. Nationwide, 'it is estimated thai about three million acres of nor mal feed grain land will be 'in the program and out of feed grain production. .Nearly 60 percent of all Iowa farms are in tht program for 1961. Exceeds Expectations County'A.S.C. Chairman Richard I. .Anderson said that the state and national sign-up was considerably'greater than expected from the standpoint of acres taken out of production-in 1961, and added, that it should be. "a big step toward solving 'the feed grain surplus problem. Participants agree to reduce their .1961 .acreage of corn or grain , sorghum,;.' by at least 20 percent of their 1959-'60 average on these two crops and to maintain as much land in normal conserving acres as they averaged'in 1959 and 1960. In return, participants'receive a payment for. their diverted acres approximately equal to the next return frqm normal crop of corn or grain sorghum on the diverted land. Participants arc also .eligible for price support on their 1961 crops of corn, barley, oats and rye. Non-participants .are not eligible for these support prices on grain. Diverted land may neither be grazed nor harvested in 1961. Clipping is not required unless necessary, to control weeds. Expect Iowa Bushel Cut , On the basis of the average corn yield in Iowa, if every acre of the diverted" land would average 60'bushels to the acre, the Iowa corn yield in 1961 should be more than 175 million bushels less because of the program. • However, ideal' growing condi- tions'thus far seem to .indicate that on the acres in pr.oducti.on, an outstanding, yield can be expected as of now. A rough estimate computed for ' the farmers in Kossuth participating in the program indicates payments' to the participants In the county ' of ' $1,070,064. This does not, include... cost-sharing payments under the regular ACP program. ' , , Wesley — A family reunion was held Sunday at the parental, Mrs. Theresa Foertsch farm home in honor of two daughters who were home for the weekend. They were Sister Mary Leon of St. Francis Major Seminary and Sister Mary Dorothea of the Bishops Residence, both Of Milwaukee. The other, sons and daughters and their families were the George Foerstchs, Rutland; Ed Foertschs, Brttt; tteiftens, Algofta; Ghas. Heinans, St. Benedict; Bernard Heinans, Woden, Lyle Kuypers, r West Bend. Also Angelinc and Ollie Foertsch and John Rosemary and Will at h&hie. Sister Dorothea will 'celebrate hef Silver Jubilee August 2 at the donvent in< Milwaukee. BUB Trip to California Mr. and Mrs. Theron Hansen left July 2 Via bus for Omahn, Nebraska via Des Moines where they boarded a transcontinental bus for Sunnyvale, Calif, to visit their daughter Mrs. Dean Bunn her husband and daughter Valeria and join them in a vacation trip to Seattle, Washington. They will spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hansen and son. Enroute home from Seattle the Hansens will visit her mother, Mrs. Elaln Johnson of Washington, Iowa and the Valgene Hansens of Cedar Falls. Mrs. John Paulson is doing the book 'work at the Farmers Creamery in the absence of Mr. Hansen. Liekieig Family Picnic Mr. and Mrs. Lou Lickteig and granddaughters, Margaret, the fofft IMtelgs < fctoet! oflie? relatives for a family i$ienU5*at Clear Lake, Sunday, ©thtsrS Were the George Liakteigs of B&Bcrdft, Bob Lickteifs, 'Algeria and Paul Bcrgers of ,'Venttlrfi. . M Home F*6m tiip Wisi Mr. -and Mrs, Bill rived homd Friday ffom a 3 week's trip tb the' West coast. They .Were accompanied by her father and . sister A. J, Renger and. Mary Lea of Banef aft/, They visited A, J's. sister, Mfs.. Ellen Staudt and daughter l in 1 *Sah Francisco, Calif., the Tom Renger family in Redondo, r California, and friends in • several points. They did considerable ; sightseeing. Enroute home they overnight guests of A. J's. ters, Sister Mary" Annette 1 " Q _____ and Sister Mary Harriet Q.S.SJat Briarcliff College, StyUx • City)-' Koppens' small sdn-JeffreV Wts cared for 1 in the Robert' Lick'tefg home in Algona.- ' v '.'.'|>," "; Mrs. Ann Kun2 of Des" Mbifl and her daughter Lewlne^Kliftz of Knoxville spent the,>h61fdsy weekend at the J. M. Kurig-hdiiie. Mr. and Mrs. Frank' Materh v aftd family visited them Sunday M>. aftd Mrs. Sted Rasmussen went to Deer River, Minnesota Friday to spend a week in the home of their daughter the Mar* tin Smiths. ' .'. \ , Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schrauth and family of Bancroft ,wfere Stuv day guests in the pa'feiial' rtard Schrauth home. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Studer spent the weekend in Des'Moines With her son Don Studer and •family, Bill Koppeh drove to Iowa City Saturday and brought home his father Lawrence KbplSert wh6 had been a patient In a University hospital since January 30. Prior to that he had been -in Mercy hospital Mason City 6 weeks following surgery find a paralytic stroke. ,He is-recovering slowly. v ' Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ptacek and family of Garner were SUn- day guests of Mrs. Ptacek's mother, Mrs. Josie Gouge., Jeanettt and Karen went home with their parents following .a weeks' visit with their grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. William 'Giddings of Albion,. Michigan Visited his uncle Gordon Giddings last week. They were married recently and he will teach in Albion College. He received his Ph. D 'some time 100 Whitfemore Alums Attend Monday Fete Whfilirriofe — An alumrii ban* - itfoiJ!' tEfth IflO alumni, wives the rail *all. A Ofti I..** *j'iiijii» 4«rt* ib&UM.u i,rtj« ,•»« tiiiokriViHa nuiAverl a instil fiprv* 'lonce'Was requestea Whftlimofe — An alumni.bart' quet 6fJ Classes 1926 thr-btffeh M4 'of Whlttemore high sehdol was held at the Plantation Monday evening, 'July 3. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Swlntbn of Davenport came Sunday, Juty 2 to visit her. cousin Mrs. Tony Ostereathp.-and'her brother Gordon Giddings. ' \ Gordon'Giddings spent Sunday, June 25 in Fort Dodge with Mr. and Mrs. f aul Seydel and his sister-in-law Mrs. Glen Giddings of White Plains, New York who was there to visit her mother at Friendship Haven. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Grandgan- ett had as their Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Weber and their weekend houseguests, Mr. and Mrs. daivin Meinecke and 3 children of Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weber and Don and Mr. and Mrs. George Roedcr and John and Diane Altman of Irvington. A fourth of July gathering of friends and relatives was, held at the Al Loebig, Jim Walker and Jack Vitzthum homes.' Weddings Banns Read, Bancroft Bancroft — Banns of marriage were published for.John Hatton, von of Mrsi.Getnide Hatten, and • the late Frank Hatten, and Jo- linn Lensing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lensing, Bancroft. Also for Victor Hanson, Chicago, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben 'Hanson, Whittemore, and Alice Menke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Menke, Bancroft. This wedding will take place in St. John's Catholic Church July 11. NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW iinra , wju.c n«ui ioo alurfinl, wives or'husb'a'ttHs eftj6yed a tneal served by Mrs-.-.!!, R. Pettit and her kitchen i'ta'ff. But they didn't for, the dinner albne. They _ for the opportunity to renew old acquaintances and swap reminiscences. The tables were decorated with baseball and bksketball' tfdphiea artd silhduets of .graduates,' •• , Herbert Zuma&h '• Of Whltf> more, a 1931 graduate, was master of ceremonies for the program. Rev. Erwin - Vaudt, pastor of the Lutheran church, Missouri Synod of Hartford,' S. D;, gave a prayer at the beginning of the banquet. Rev. Vaudt's wife is the former Ella Bfaatz, a 1942 graduate. ' • Robert Voigt, a 193d graduate, artd his wife from Layto'n, Utah, traveled the farthest to • attena the reunion. ' , Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Rochford of New Hampton were honored guests. Mr. Rochford, who. was' the superintendent here for 21 years, had many good things to say about his former pupils. Mrs. Dorothy Rosendahl; read the A &ne rnJftUte fift vas ifetjuested -by Mf, Zu* fdt;' ftlne^ dlfisstnates* «rhd had died. Mfs. "KoSendahl the* f'ead a telegfaRr';fr6ln A'fqMe alumni 1 iftetfiber and several let tefs bf MetnBerS who doUId ft3 be present, but 'Sent thelf be| Wishes to-Mf. Rbchford artd fo| nieif t We're (FILMS' HurteyT-<Mi% v Edi mlmd .O'Brien, of Whittembrd, and Mildred Lindstotm, now. Mts. Everett HuUgreij of Marathon.', Committee members' we't^ Mr. and Mrs. John Mbsbachj Mrri. Bert Seely, and ' Mrs. - William Oswald. Mrs.>B<Srrothy Rosendahl' was correspdfldent^secretary. ; Mr. andiMrs .Edmund O'Brien spent the weekend at Ce'dar Palls, with Mr>'p;BHen-'s brottter B& nard Hurley 'and • family.' Roie Marie Berry,.'an instructor -at, Barat College, Lake Forrest, 111; visited'.her autiti,»4r.s. O'BrJeft and familjiy last weekr. , • ».SALES: BOOKS — Upper •' Des Mplne* Pyb. Co., Algona.;. v Around Town and Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery - Trucks — Tires Oliver Mauar-Hanli AUU-ChabiMT* CMC Truckl FlMflon* Tin* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR iiininiiniiiiiiiiiiiiaiiuh. Schrctuths Lose Newborn Child Wesley — Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schrauth mourn the loss o£ a still born daughter, early Sunday morning in the Brilt hospital. Burial was in St. Joseph's cemetery, Sunday afternoon, They have two small children. Dale who was with his natprn- al grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schrauth and Ruth Ann was with her maternal grandmother Mrs. Lizzie Goetz and family. Local Girl Is Engaged To Wed Bronson Building Service ."Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK I Builders' Hardware i Tools s KLINE Tanks & § REDWOOD Tanks | N. of Jet. Hwys. I 18 & 169 I Algona • CY 4-4369 | iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiil Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona jiiiuiiiiiuiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales tt Service Id MKIHUJUIUI iwntnu Phone CY 4-3S01 Algona Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Frideres. Livermore, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Kathryn Ann. shown here, to Laurence J. Heinen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferman Heinen, Algona. Miss Frideres is employed at Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. and Mr. Heinen is stationed at Kincheloe AFB Mich. A double wedding ceremony, including Catherine Mary McCarthy and James A. Heinen, will take place August 29 at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, Algona. (UDM Engraving) Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing . 8f»ttM 8h*»i K*U) OM Q* Oil Punpt CompUt* Fixtures ffrwe CV 4-1149 Out on Diagonal street on the CNW tracks you will find ERNIE WILLIAMS FARM MACHINERY, pictured above. The firm was established in Algona twelve years ago under the partnership of Ernie Williams and Cecil Taylor. In 1953 Ernie became sole owner. Andy Anderson is manager of the firm, having had over 20 years' of continuous service with John Deere. Andy stresses service . . . and a main featuve in his service department is that all servicemen are factory trained by attending an annual John Deere Service Training School. The personnel at the shop consider it an honor and pleasure to serve your needs. IJ is a policy of this firm that the customer is satisfied in every way and the service department is available at any hour of the day or night. The firm handles the well known John Deere equipment mainly, however you will find other equipment as well as a very fine selection of used farm machinery. Each customer of Ernie Williams Farm Machinery is a V.I.P. (Very Important Person). For highest quality equipment, and prompt, effecient service, call on Ernie Williams Farm Machinery. YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR • ! i Meet L. N. Bormann Of LuVerne L. N. Bormann, who farms in the LuVerne area, ha* been a Country Neighbor for almost 59 years • in the same neighborhood. Mr. Bormann has lived on the same farm, 3'/? miles west and 3 miles north of LuVerne, all his life. The ion of the late Mr, and Mrs. Nicholas Bormann, Mr. Bormann was born Oct. 18, 1902, He and Mrs Bormann and four of their five children, Leo, Alvin, Ralph and Beatrice .live in a new home, built on the 240 acre farm in 1958. During the present growing season, Mr, Bormann has 47 acre* of corn, 29 acres of oats Wd 70 acres of beans under cultivation and there are a)so 8Q acres ol pasture on the plwe, Th» Bornvjan* normally raise 50 head 9 f fo«4*r cattle, 100 hog* and 12-00-1300 chicken* annually. He con- ilders bpw}in» »»* *W»ir4f W* favorite hobbies* •Mrs. Bormann is the former Julia Thilges, daughter of Mrs. Eva Thllges, A»fO,na, an* th* late Leonard WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR ShTwaTborn at St. Joe and became the £ride of !U there in 1S98, N. Besses »h» f our children at home, the Bormanns also havf a daughter, gdna (Mrs, Robert Kirsch)- at St; Joe, Mr, Bormans has five brothers. Matt and Mike, Algona, Eraftlc Jrvtaelen, John, Livermore, arid Edward, Bodej tlWft lW«* WM* SW|«ir Kohjhaas, yvejrnoje, Anna Al?9»«r and Mrs. Matt O'Conn*r, Par»on» y (WBH Kelley Lumber Co. Our Business IB Building" . , ,. 1 Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moliirt - kiiiy-Ryiii ^ New Idea Farm Machinery Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardwort: A Complete: (.in* Of Hwdwart t HeUMWdNM Phone CY 4*4630 ALOONA Reblntoh Construetion Co,

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