The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1936
Page 7
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JElil FAUE'SEVKN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally tale per line for consotu- Ui'u Insertions: time poi lino unc umc p«i lino 10e 1'na times per line per day ,. 08c "'tirec times per line pel day . occ Els limes per line per day .. 05o Mimlh rnle per lino 600 Minimum cnarge (iUo Atls orccrco ror tnrco or alx limes and stopped before exptra- lion will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and -^jusimciil of hill mmlo. All Classmcd Advertising copy nibmlllcd by persons residing out- Blac of me city must be nccom- ixvnlcd by cash. Dates may be easily computed from above table Advertising ordered lor irregular Insertions lake tho omj Unie rate No ics(iunf.iDlti(.y n-lll Ofl taken (or more than one liKorrucl In- Krtlciii of any classified ad. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONKS' HACK fiiJAKANTEK \Vilh Kvery I!, tt <•• Or Scillare Heal (Jar Itonglil I'rcuu riiilli|i!> Mutor Co. 19311 I'(Ml I) V-S T I.' MO U i TOUItlNC. Color lilac. Lo M' Mileage. A K c a I . Buy SM.I >'J'1> CIIKVHOMvT C () U P li. Xew Tainl ami ycat Cov- ei.s. i\lo(«r and. Tirtis OK WtS i'.r.K VOll 1) iHODKL 1! 1»E I.-IIXK KOADSTUK. Nu« Tires and I'aiul. 193U l.iccnre. Only S2;iS lilo^ Clli;Vlt()L!iT I'lCK-UI'. iVlclnr Ovcihauled. Now I'ainl. A Good Farm Truck SK', Jjlicral Alrou'ui;t:b t)n Vuiii 1 I'rcs- ciii Car - - Lou- Finance CliarRC TliroiiKli II C. C. Open KvcninRS for Your Convenience. IJrivc by Luis and Gel Acniiainlcd. Call Sill - Sit tor Di-jDGi^lralion or Infnrinafiun. Ask for Graves, Shanl;s, Calvin iir -Uarljci'. M ' CAR LOT 5fh ^ Walnul 1'liulio olO or 811 For Keul 2 room FURNISHF;D apt. call 083, 108 Kcntiickj'. Mrs. Elva 1'oc. 23-k-S Business Directory > 'Barber Shops Sale GUARANTEE!:) E 1, li C T R I <J A, I WORK, reasonable. Prank tla blc. 1'liOHc 218, Osceohi. HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINK Open D?y hurl Night , i 1W:SH cnAl'PJK 35e I Every Friday, Saturday &, Sunday I LION Si TEXACO CiAS ! 16.80 gal. HOLTS HAIiltHK HUOl' 101 Sonlli ^nd SI. IIAlRCtIT 200. BHAVK IU Bath—Close U n m.—Shino jJatteries BE'lTEIl BATl'KRY SHRVJCK Call J. B. dune AI 'I'oiii Jtifk.soii's Service Slallon Lost LOST I1EUK l,AST NIGHT, nil terrier "Trixy." Loni; tail. HE-j Srj:>,W crciiii mi Kt-w CliKvi'olt't or used car. vnllic $'100.00 ur uui 1 :>. to buyer having no iradC'iu. (V .:<! disc'i'UMl for cash. Uox "AH 1 '. Conner News. dli If 1JKAH ,v TOMATO STICKS, li & « IT. I.ONCi, Hie EACH. G'lHl.V.cO .Mlt.f,. Certified PofauTPlaiits Tomato. C, WT ,V USB I'lllllts <i. ('. ll.mlis Cur. Lake & Main or :!ii-i'-(Hl Poultry Cash Feed Slorc ^ I'nys 1'op Prir.os For Egjjs & Poultry i Tin- imllvtf impulnilou of AIIS- Ivallii luw (li'dliwd [rum alKiii . In 1780 (u «2.»IW In I0'«j BO.OOO If Imlf-ewli's niv inclinl.' ianrcttcs 51.25 Gallon terrier "Trixy." Lome tail.' HE- i '/1 1 II t"m f~~ .o .,A™L GAME, ^fsteeic, Mo' n ' ompso "' l ' !l " won Used rucks KVERV SUNDAY -J , ^ KVERV SUNDAY Phone 10(I5-1''-1 or _ Jinst Prices Paid For 7 SCRAP IKON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Hlyllievillu Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry AVK BUY & SKU, HAY Aiul we handle nil lending brands of High Civndv Coal: SUMMIT, GKKAT IIKART. BRILLIANT, JIONTICULLO ETC. Superior Coal & iUininn Co. IMionc 7(10 Brown lealhpr grip oiuilnljuni; - inun'.s clot'iips, Snndiiy on clear Lake road. REWARD. Mollic Taylor, IJJrkimm. 27-|)k-30 Slioc Repairing Slices Half Soled, 65c& up Slrinjs with job. lc extra SATISI-'ACTION GUAKANTKKD TIUIK HLUH SHOli S1I01' Nest to 13. T. Worthy's liar.— I'.; Ion i-urd IMS— i;. Ton i Hi-,] i-idi-d|i 111.11 — I;; Ton Clirvnih-l Bibv Chwkn "AY OLD. ,v'na; M.MMI.YN' II.VIX.-MLIIY I'Olll.TKY IKHIGHT ,t HOI n lillillcsl. 1'itee.s I'.ilJ ». T. VVOH'l'IIY—1115 K. MAIN ill K. Muln -Head Coin li-r Nuws CliissllU-u OI'HN ALL NIC]]') 1 I'HILLll'K SKUV1CK OCNTKK IMioiU's "17 - DID Go LKONAKlJ ivIricL-ralni-. 76-Ib. TENNIS ni't, ELKC'I'IUC sewliiit nla- thanc. Call :!(>•>. or -1M8-W. n-ck-' II ymi liiivi; :i burial nssodntiuii "cortil'u-iili! of ;uiy liiiid on y 0.111- (dvi'd ones wliun they ii;isrt awjiy, wo \vil|-;iocc|i| it at. full , Vi ,l lu , on ihu iViniTnl - [nty us miidi a.s ?, r )0 or mori- in COBE FUNERAL HOME 1'IIONK 2(i Wanted to Buy Or Lease My ll!H!,V (111. (III! B|lll-er nine; In I'rldo Ailclltlon win explri' Miinlly and dniii-r will oa-iniy I am Ihi-refori- In UK -lli'-t <<» '«')'. If n bmijiiln, »r |ea:v a ,)ii«lmi IIOIHS. Almiii uv<> voiiiiis. In ,oj- m .,,r (own. Koo'ii for clilcki'iiH mid nimlblv -i cow, ' Musi, be clean plm-i'. (i (Kl ,i iiel!!lil:mhoiul. himlly ,,r u,, vu <-r four )u'<u)L'. n,, children. A. F. Dietrich I'llono 11)0 oi' 1172 (IB STOP SKHV1CK STATION 'I'OIl YODK CONVENIENCE',, SINCLAIR GAS ; AND UJimiCATION WYSK j'KKUY in clmi'KC ol SiM'vtyii Department. I- ". JOHNSON in' of Jiwly -BATTKIIY SKItVICK ' -KAIIIATOIl ItHl'AlIt — uonv WOIIK •"•'i — l-'Ii.NWill \VOKK -CLASS INSTALLED • "AUTO I'AliTS •"> W, T. BARNtTf ALTO SALES , Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired I'HOME 10 Character Loans from Slop lu - $2000. repaid over a |)cri(xl.,u( lli:lo BO ninnllis. No i'c<|;.ta]x;iiiiKt low sovcnnncnl rate. Sec E. C, Robinson Lumber Co 3 room FURNISHED apartment, Mrs. Mary llollinghworlh, 613 Cliickasawba. ' 29-p-k-l •3 or -1 UNFURNISHED rooms, reasonable. 511 Park. 28-pk-2 INGRAM apartment, Inquire at Parkluirst Co. 28-ck-lf 4 loom house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. Call 274-W. 23-c-tt 3 FURNISHED Rooms, modern. Sink in kilchcn. 014 Hcnrn. 2 room Furnished apartment. Lights, \vatcr free. Reasonable. Call U7.1. 22-c-tf 8 Room HOUSE, US S. Division. Ideal for tourists. Low rent. Max B. Reid, Phone 882. lOc ktl COOI, bedrooms, rca.sojiablc. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 000 Main, Phone TK. 3 room house, furnished or uniur- nlsVicd. 2 baths and slccpim: porch. 911 Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call HO or W. c-fc-13 3 room FURNISHED apartment, modern. 1117 A:;!i. Mrs. George T.IatUir.-.v.i. Call 201. ck-tf Modern fiirnisJarrt liou.'ic for sum- n,cr. KcasonaWe. Mrs. Cross. 300 L;ikc. C-ck-tf 2 bedrooms or a two room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment with bath. Call 327, or 55 at nlEhl, 12-ctc-tf Furnished 3-room house. 508 N. Fifth -St. Couple Only. dh •" Icown A|iarlm?iiv, 4 rooms tur- nlslicd. J. Jr. Smiirt, Gail S05-J "c ktl SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper .VJi^' I'ATTKIliVS—I.OW PRICES CANVAS, I'ASTE AND TACKS ASK AHOUT I'l'tTSmiKGlI'S NEW TAINT FINANCE I'LAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'bunc 40 Free E&tiuiatcs WA«IE» — ,-,r,l. KINOS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to S^ ton Aliunlnum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Kc Ib. Copper \Virt, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4'Ac Ib. HIDES & PURS WOLF A1DAN I'HOME 17C 128 E. MAIN BUT FHAT'UL HOLD 'IM FOR A SPELL DUTA MY HAWDS-- mi'iiKj^ m^^m^^'^ • •'••'• 1.1 ••'••:..• .'i lyi-'.; ,>i,.. >..•;•... '" HOOTS AND IIUU~ BUDDIES l I JUW TV \OU6\\T 0V SaM\^WN6 ».VAl\\V NOT VtfWU V01U.VE VVV VOO IM StNJCH Of woo WNOW fs, QWVJCt "\UISV I. M REO, u, Sri'AT. Ofr Jl :12i < ' nv ii£*stnvicc. ii GEE? WE SURE V HUMPH.'GITTIN' TMOUfeKT YOU S DASSN't ST1C.K rAV ,VO?E WEI2E A &ONER,) OUTER DOORS WITHOUT v LULU BELLI-/SOMEBOPy 51 IOOTIN' A J HE BANDfTS, WASH UOOK' CAPTURED ANOTHER, .,.. .) ME , ye HOOT OWL .1 KNOW WHY/HE-y WHEN I BIN A POOL. ANj..., AT-ME.I'M6UNNER6!T AMD WE RECOVERED I "» 1 ^IJ'-J 1 "*'*^' 'V»-/*-^«TC ti»C. I 1 CK ' \\HUS11E THAT MONEY IDA , \\BAN^-Pri.^ ^ A TilOKOUtil! .lOli! .,-. We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 STOVES STORED FOR SUM- MEB . . Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I Ircal . You White JOHN' BCCHANAX— I'HON'E > 507 UOOM, ^fK• 22 oy 50. ucxl ',o lliibbnvd Tire & iMllcry, newly ilccoralcd. Tom Jackson, phone R. 25-ck-U •I room FURNISHED np.irl- mcnt. rlniilex. Shntlc. very cool. All conveniences. Boss Hall. Call =8". 23-c-k-tr Wanted -- Used Furniture Spol Cash Pair] Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dotlson Mrs..L.I. Davis — S[iciiccrt;orscl!crc Call 12I-W for aupoinlnicuis Auiomoiive Found Arkansas TntcJ license N'o. 217-733. Owner may have same by calling 'at Courier News office and pay- Ing charges. J'KICES CUT O.V.A1ITO Tires, Tidies. Batlcilcs, ' n Tiwls. .Molor Oil, Flcior Mai* Scat CovctS. Gel our prices before you buv. Save Money! WOLF ARIAN Phone 17S - " 128"E.' Main ')! ^^iilK ^-^:^/IC ^S^ypAitV "'. S^-C^'""' T.M'.REQ.V.S.'pAlCo^ I l~_)^tvj»" •/ y ^S. ai838By»CASCBVIC£. ITOcJ HOV/'LL JUST GIVE HIM YOUR ] ACLUE^WD MUTT /' HE'LL FIND kwow YCURB[£ARDED , MIM Sa/IETHII-JG BELOWGED , TO I-IER ' ^x.^.^- *' : HERE. MUTT.... TAkE A GOOD LOOk AT THESE ' THEY'RE V/HISKERS THE BARBER CiJT OFF V/HEtJ HE GAVE. THE EEARD- ~^~ —( ED LADY A BEARD -TP.M ! J Vr , u -,-.,..- . '"^^^^J^SP 1 ! YEAH,TAKE A vSas^a^is^»;j LOOK AT HIM GO.' HE' HELLO, POLICE? A BIG,;.V, COS JUST EWTERED M/ v YARD! i V/AS SOI-1E OF M 1HIWGS AND HE TOPE ALL TWE SaiFFIWQ OUTpF A HAIR MATTRESS^ GOOD SM1FP MUTT, ASID THSM GO OUT AMD RIJD HER .' ~ ., /~ . GOT THE SCENTj I j, BET. 1 THAT CLUE "'7 W\S ALL HE ; v WEEDED .' POODLES .' SMIFF 'El/! REAL GOOD! at We Fill Prescriptions Cheaper Than Any Dnig Store In BlytheviU&

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