The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 13
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, .four yeats ago Ihe O. 6. had a summer house started and there has been delay for one reason or another but it is now completed, with a fireplace and patio nearby, Mrs. Laing suggested that I name the summer house so 1 came up with "Kool- Aid", and While we didn't use champagne June 25 we did have plenty of coffee, roast duck, and all the picnic fare to start things off at a fine tempo. Joining us were Mrs. M. L. Bruch and son, Bill, Mrs. Clark Orton and son, Webb. It was an ideal picnic day. Nolt being pnotogenic, I wondei vhat'1'11 look like in the snaps ».aken. And rtow to make youi mouth -water and take you back to the good old days, home-made ice cream-ycssir-made in the freezer that has a crank to grino around and around. « » * • What fun it was visiting with former Algonans whom I had not , seen in over half a century. Irma Pratt, Burt, came in the other afternoon and with her were Mr. and ^Mrs. Dick Anderson, El Cajonr Gali£, arid Lloyd Anderson, Eskridge, Kan* I cai- led. Lloyd byi .name/ribefore. Irma mentioned it,' for ' he still had a look of the little boy who was a classmate so many years ago. The .;sister Hazel and I were playmates. Dick, who is foul years older than Lloyd and 1, •was "big brother" and I never knew him except as he'd dash in and out of the house. OUi acquaintance went as far as ''hello". Four years then was a wide, gap. Four years now doesn't mean a thing. Hazel was back here from California in the mid- fifties and came to see me: Lloyd and I went over the classmates and it is amazing- how many he recalled. I have been here all these years and coula only add a few to his list. He inquired about Lucille Grose, Lavmia and Rose Kinney . and the Smith- sisters. By them I am sure he meant Juno, Pearl, Maud COPYRIOHT lial.THI OOUIRT COMPANY and Rosie. He had ftr.gotl'en their) first names but remembered) where they lived.. They moved to Minnesota many years ago. Ht» asked about Miltdrt Norton,, and Vern and Vera Wilbur, Walter- Turner, Quinn Albright, Ruth Walston, and Vera Kimbftll, : «-.«•*. II was interesting talking with Maude Dorweiler, who told mfc* abbut the visit beitig made by her cousin Evaline McEirea, ot New Zealand. What fun it Would be to travel widely as sh6 is doing. From all the sickness that has befallen the families since she has been here, she will al* most thihfc_the United States i& an unhealthy^ place to live. » . » * Yup—the wool blanket went back ori for the FOURTH, time I! * .»•.'"••* , • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Llnd- quist'and Susan j Polly and Sally vacationed in Chicago and Michigan pity, Ind., where they vis ited relatives. » » * Mrs. Francis Fitzgerald telephoned me the< other morning with a message direct from Elizabeth. Rpwe, Atlantic, former resident here. Mrs.'' Fitzgerald was there to attend funeral services for her father, Leonard Gaines, and at the dinner, given saw Elizabeth, a mutual friend. Elizabeth had her come to her apartment so Mrs. Fitzgerald could give me a first hand report on her dwelling. I was glad to hear from "Bets" in this manner. '» * * Thursday, June 22, was ban ner day. I had flll the fried chicken I could eat, and believt me, for chicken I have a big appetite. Mrs. Elton Pratt brought me : a whole bird, deliciously brown and so tasty. I am ashamed to tell how many pieces I ate. •. * • » I know how Theresa Oslwinkle feels with wide open spaces after a sale of household goods that cluttered the place. We, had a barn loft full at .one time ana more than was needed in ths house and a sale cleared the decks nicely. • • •. . •'• Speaking of houses—there have been quite a ' few changes. Mr; and Mrs. Charles Fox have ptu> chased the Specht home on east North street and Tom Rich has purchased the Fox home on Wood worth-street. This seems to be moving time for members of the Fox family—their son-in-law and daughter Mr. rind Mrs. Jim IVan Allen are moving from Des Moines to Aurora, 111., where Jim will continue in the same work as at Des Moines, motel management. The son-in-law and 'daugh . ter Mr. and Mrs. Keith Campbell have sold their house in Des Moires and are moving to Sheldon' where Mr. Campbell is reorganizing the defunct bank. »' • • Lizzie Post has been an angei of mercy so many times it isn't surprising to find her in that role again. She recently went to Minneapolis to visit with her sister, Mrs. Mary Walzwick, and when the sister complained of an aching arm that had troubled her for several days, Lizzie per Heat Got You Down? There IS A Solution To Your Problem ... The heot of the day is qgiekly forgptten when you are preparing to go qn a vacation. And when you're getting rea^ dy, b« sure t9 stop end »e* u« - We're HEADQUARTERS FOR VACATION SUPPLIES e Cameras t Sun Classes t Cosmetics • Fresh Film « Suntan lotion • First Aid Kitf • Insect Repellents Algona Man Is ' Given Promotion WHEN IN DOUBT - TRY YOUR DRUG STORi S FIRST, B Rusk Drug & Jewelry | | HF |$i»t Stete CY 4-2349 J, N. McFarland Joseph N. McFarland, pictured above, who has been representative in 'this area for rthe past five years for. the A,: Y. McDonald Mfg. Co., has .recently beea promoted to sales manager of tthe Sioux City territory of that firm. Mr. MeFarlarid with his wife and tw>6 children, Sheila, 10 and Neil, 8, who now reside here are mov- ng July 11 to Sioux City. (UDM Engraving) suaded her to go to a doctor There X-rays revealed a break, so, Lizzie stayed on to assist in the house work. . • . • * . '• With the needs in the world, the craving for more schooling by many who can't afford it, the need for so many worthwhile things. I'd been ashamed to admit "I had squandered a million dollars on a coming out party! So much for my ideas on the Mellon affair of recent date. . * * * Olive' Horbst has returned from Los Angeles, Calif., where she was called by the sudden death June' 15 of her brother-in-law, Nicolas Furjanick, 57, widely- known in music circles there., He married Mrs. Herbst's , sister, Priscilla Southgate, who survives him as awell as a son, Nicolas, Jr., and Molly Jo. Death. was due tc>.a-'heart attack. Since.Sep- tember, 1937, he had been'; Wilson high school music! ; teacher and was widely known as vio- linst and conductor. Among his many activities he was director of the Arrowbear "• Summer' Music camp in the San 'Bernadino mountains. His T wife "* " * T ' " remembered here ^ - iJK ^ i , when her late' parents, Itev.- Mrs. Sptlthgate, served the Con r gregatiohal church. Mildred Robinson and her mother and aunt, Mrs. C. N. Robinson and Mrs. Pearl DeMuth, Milford left June 24 for Sarasota, Fla., for a two-week visit with Mrs. Robinson's 97 year old mother-in-law, Mrs. N. R. Robinson and the daughter, Mrs. Nelj Sands. They are making the trip via auto. In spite of her years* Mrs, N. R. Robinson is in good mental health and quite well physically. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wicks have as guests the letter's mother and sister, Mrs. Clara Holm •and Mrs, James Dodge, Los Angeles. There is another daughter, Mrs. L. E. Rasmusson of Iowa Falls, and she and her sister, Mrs. Sands, have not met in 19 years. Thanks to Charles Hamilton and his assistant, Adele White was able to-attend a family dinner recently when her sister. Mrs. Edna Hagg t was here from Dell Rapids, Minn. Adele is a second-floor resident here and confined to a wheel chair so it is quite an undertaking to get up and down the stairs. Orchids to the men who so ably took care of the mission! * * * When Olga Jordon and her sisters, Alma and Ellen Carlson, came home from a visit with relatives in Cambridge, 111., they stopped at Cedar Rapids to see Bertha Johnson and her sister,' Mrs. Marshall Brown. Both are well-known former residents here and for several years Bertha was Kossuth county auditor. For several years slie has been assisting her sister in managing a rest home. Bertha is convalescing from major surgery. « « * Hasel Lusby brought her house guest, Jessie Skorseth, Los Angeles, to ctul on me the other day I had met Mrs. Skorseth a few years ago before becoming a resident at Good Samaritan. In the meantfjne,, she and her husband Carl, hive enterecj a hpme at Los Anples, operated similarly to .Friendship Hayen, Fojt Dodge Mir. and Mrs, Skorseth are 'in very good health 'and entered the home merely to get awa* from, home pares and the iiievit able yard wark. They prefer to enjoy themselves with plenty ol leisure. And, I don't need to tell you again how content I am here. I don't min4 confessing I'll be glad when the baseball season is over—Too loud, too much anc too close TV- Not knowing s thing about the game, nor want ins to. 4t' s hard for me to set 9 what is so interesting to the men • I'll take Lawrence Wclk! (Edi 5 tor's QQte—jt depends pn wheth- 1 er you like bwfcbtes w bate) " » t » How tie spring—When fishermen begin to .get that faraway lake irt theif eyes." ' , . Ha«e you ie*n 'em? "She walks the way that make* a Kilt lilt. 1 ' * , * '* I've just finished "By Lava Possessed," a book as fat a$ "Gonfe With the Wind' but hot nearly So good, I never did get "Anthony Adverse" finished. Lost interest less than mid-way. And after years of trying to wade through "The Mouse- of Seven Gables," I saw it on TV. Saved a lot of my valuable time! Harold Angus Of Algona Is Wed Janice Marie 'Wallace, .daughter of Mr. and Mrs\ Edwin Wallace Winnebago, Minn., and 'Harold (Ton!) Angus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold- Angtis, Algona, were married June 26 at 3 p.m. in 'thr Blue Earth Baptist '>chiirch with Rev. Bernard Fr'ye bfficiating" a( the double ring ceremony. The. bride's attendants were Carole Wallace as maid of hortoi and Sharon Wallace as bridesmaid. The groom was attended byhis uncle, Claude Whitehill, as best man and his cousin, Jerry Angus, as groomsman. Ushers were Loren Stevens and Lowell Wallace. . ! The bride is a graduate of Delavan high school arid attended Pillsbury College. The bridegroom graduated from Burt high schoo 1 and attended Wheaton'and Pillsbury colleges. Following a wedding trip; te northern Minn, the couple Will be at home in Algona. Two Injured In Falls, Ottosen OTTOSEN — Ted Perry . of Long Beach Calif., who.with his family has been visiting the Howard Hellicksons, fell from .his vyheel chair as he was going.down a ramp aifr the Hellickson faftn' Saturday. He was taken! to the Vdterans hospial in Des Moines I Saturday afternoon. He suffered a spiral fracture of both boneB in his left leg. Pins and a cast were used to set the bone and. he are- turned home 'to ithe Hellicksons Tuesday. - * . ; '• Viator MeyeWell ,from a load Of balled: hay (on the '(tongue;, of .the hay rack Tuesday. He ;tore:s'ome muscles near his ribs, which have, Caused him considerable pairi. Nancy Wefee^ Bancroft, Weds Fort Dodge Afon The wedding'-bf Nancy Lynne Weber and Kef'ml t Lafabti 'was solemnized June 17, at First Evangelical United Brethren church at Bancroft. Parents of the couple afe £>r. and Mrs. Ralph Weber, Bancroft^ and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Larson; Fort Dodge, Iowa. •• • \ The double-ring rites were per-! formed by the Rev. A. W. Nelsoni Mrs. BeUlah Ericson was organ-1 ist and Rex Worlarid sang. j Attendants to the bride wcrtJ Mrs. Charles Schwab, St. Paul matron of honor, and the bride's* sister, Linda, bridesmaid. The groom's attendants wen- his brother, Verlyttj .best man and Bob Algoe, groomsman. Ushers were Larry 'Kirehbergen, Jer-: ry Mozena, Jim AWrt' and 'Johns Weber. About 225 attende/1 the fgcep- lion in the church paflOfsY, after the ceremony. After a wedding trip te northern Minnesota the couple will be at home for the -summer at St.: Paul, where the groom is employed by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company. In the fall, they will live at./WfiSt Branch, Iowa, where the')'bride will teach English while the groom completes his sehlbr.year in accounting at the' j University of Iowa. ' „ ' . • The bride was graduated June 12, from Wheaton college, Wheaton, 111., with a major in literature. She is a. graduate of Swea City Community schools. The groom is a graduate of Fort Dodge high school and Junior college. LEDGER SHEETS — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. " .". . 30 YfeARS Leonard Davids, of Kanawha was graduated recently from Georgetown University, with A Doctor of Philbsophy degree. .Mr. Davids thus culminates with this advanced academic'degree a period of 30 consecutive years in Which he has been registered in an accredited school either full time or part time, • Thursday, July 6, t?61 Al«hna .(Id.) Upper DM Malna-S < „. ^ a:f * ..^'.- --v ^-- g.--u..ff- n -^ -L_L.P A 1 -« r ^- -=--'•»-liritj 1 - — • •*•'"••'* tfi '1 ^-'V'"' * ••*•'•'»• T Science Shrinks Piles New Wky Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain (**» f«ffc, f». *, <»»•»(.»-For Ui* fast time iel«n«« hi* fonnd a ntW h*»Hng itttaUftc* tfttfc th« MtbA« liklttf ability to »hrlnk h«mor- tholdi, itop Itchlhjf, aad Mitt** fain - without »«t*tf • 1* eai* after «**«, Whlta MlUtltitf patn, actual <»hrltikage) took pl«c«. to thorough thftt i«ff*Nt« U«6* tutonrttt llk« "Pfltl to b« i t»f6fet«ttl* «t * «otld-f tmotui «m«h Itutltut*. tbtt ittbittaec U flo* »t*ll»W« In **tpp«rii«<? «r tfafmtfti /«+•»* under th« ntna Pr«p*r*lit* JIM, At til dtut MEN FORT EUSTIS, VA. — Army Pvt. Donald D. Fritz, whose wife Charlene, lives in Algona, Iowa completed the aircraft rotor and propeller repair course at The Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Va., June 22. Fritz received 15-wceks of instruction in the repair of aircraft propellers, rotor blades and al- aed equipment. He entered the Army last Do cember and completed bas:c training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo, Large Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At All Times Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Phone CY 4-4326 Algona. la FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 Burt Phone 233 • • ! HOME LOANS - Low Cost to Build - PURCHASE OR REFINANCE your PRESENT LOAN. Printipal and interest plus your taxes and property insurance can be combined into one easy payment like rent, Come see us before you build or buy. Perhaps your present payments are too high? MAKE THOSE NEEDED REPAIRS NOW - See your material dealer or contractor, our Association has a very special plan for handling loans to help you- Write Of (all on Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n AlOONA (Since 1917) IOWA Savings & Investments — Accounts Insured to $10.000 BY F. & L. I. C. Hiking your city i bolter p!«c» tq liv«, work ind ulsi^i family- th« result of . GROWING lavlngs anil Loan 'WINTER' Has Gone At Last! SUMMER Is Here To Stay! YEAR-ROUND One Rooiri This Summer ELECTRIC ROOM Air Conditioners Cost Less Than You Think! When You Walk Out of Doors On a Summer Day After a Thunder Shower . . . and breathe deeply of the fresh, cool, clean air, you say "that's wonderful!" Would you like to breathe that kind of air in your home every day — all summer long — and have that same cool comfort? How do you get that kind of fresh, clean, cool air at the lowest possible cost? With an Electric Room Air Conditioner, of course! You get a lot with an Electric Room Air Conditioner. You get cool, cool air that lets you laugh at the summer sun on hottest days. You get crisp air — even the most humid days outside become pleasantly dry and comfortable inside. You get clean air, too — most unhealthful air-borne dust, bacteria and pollen is trapped by the Air Conditioner. You get all this with an Electric Room Air Conditioner. Why be without this cool summer comfort, when the cost is so reasonable and when you can have it so quickly. from carton to comfort in minutes! See or call your favorite Algona electro J»ppli»nee dealer now. He has an Electric Roern Air Conditioner to fit your need*. He can install it in your home in • m«tter of minutes, and ypu're in business — you have AIR CONDITIONED hgme comfort at it's b<jst, for less. MUNICIPAL "AMU Means You Own It" •£^£*23iiiHl

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